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REVIEWS OF Society Hill Veterinary Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Craig Hamblin

The Vet Tech Tom is awesome and the Dr.'s and all the staff are great, love them!

Dave Bry

This has been my cat's vet for a few years now and have no plans to change that. Everyone is so pleasant and nice, and everyone is a big fan of my cat (she doesn't fight or hiss, so I'm sure that's a nice change of pace for them :P)


Only trust Society Hill Vet with my pet. Always have a great experience.

Madeleine Vescovacci

The most patient and talented people in the city. Dr. C and his team have been in charge of BB's health for the last five years. I am more than grateful for them. They have always been diligent, attentive, professional and, above all, very patient with me and with BB. Thanks to Dr. C and all her staff. GREAT JOB! WELCOME TO THE 50TH!

Celia Hutchinstein

Heshie Zinman

We put Hamlet, our Jack Russell/Terrier mix, to sleep yesterday. He was 13 dog years old - 91 in human years. We, our cat, Bubby, and our families and friends loved him dearly. Until recently he had been happy, lively and content. In recent weeks, Hamlet had become incontinent and seemingly demented. After many tests and poking and prodding by doctors and technicians to determine the cause of his symptoms, medication was prescribed to stop the incontinence. It worked for less than a week and the symptoms, and his obvious discomfort, grew worse. As a result, Hamlet had to be walked every two hours and, when in the apartment, had to be kenneled to avoid further damage to the furnishings. After many anguishing discussions, we finally decided that the best thing to do was to put him down. It was clear that Hamlet was suffering. When we reached out to Society Hill Veterinary Hospital, we were told that euthanizing him was not indicated and that we should take him to a prostate specialist for more tests, including an ultrasound. Fully aware of the fact that Hamlet was 91 years old, incontinent and demented, we considered SHVH's advice and still came to the same decision - it was in Hamlet's best interest to be euthanized. We called back to SHVH and made an appointment for the following evening to have Hamlet put to sleep. The next morning, however, Hamlet woke us at 3:00 am, needing to go out. After his walk, it was clear that something was even more seriously wrong. Hamlet refused food, which is completely out of character for him. He was shaking uncontrollably and was having throat and tongue spasms. We calmed him the best we could and decided to call the SHVH at 8:00 am to see if they could put him to sleep that morning. The vet tech to whom we spoke said that he needed to check with the doctor. When he called back we were told that rather than bring Hamlet in to be euthanized, the doctor required that we take him to another vet hospital to undergo more tests. This was to include a quality of life assessment!! We were told that based on those tests, a decision would be made by that hospital as to whether we would be allowed to euthanize our dog, who was clearly suffering. We told the tech that it was our decision to put Hamlet down so he would not continue to suffer. The response was that Society Hill Veterinary Hospital, the practice that had cared for our pets for years, would not respect our decision to euthanize our dog. Faced with this trauma and pain, we found another hospital that helped us and showed the compassion and kindness that we so desperately sought for Hamlet. Clearly, end-of-life issues are not Society Hill Veterinary Hospital's competency. Five years ago, the same clinic botched euthanizing our cat, requiring multiple, painful needles full of sedative to complete the task. We should have learned our lesson in dealing with Society Hill Veterinary Hospital in the first place. We made the decision to continue to bring our pets to SHVH because of what we perceived to be good quality care while they were alive and healthy. Please don't make the same mistake that we made, especially when considering end-of-life care for your pet. Based on our experiences, we do not believe that Society Hill Veterinary Hospital is the best choice for your pet, or for you, when dealing with end-of-life - or any other - issues.

Megan Hull

Society Hill has been wonderful! Before I was even a patient here they went above and beyond when a kitty of mine went missing last year, posting the missing information on their Facebook and taking the time to give me advice on how to go about finding him. Since then I've become a patient. When I moved I tried out a vet closer to me but they just didn't compare. I now make the half an hour commute for a much better experience. The staff is kind, helpful, and it's obvious that they care!

maria Duran

Professional people

Claudine Schleicher

Yoko Grosshans

Dr. C or Claudia...the most beautiful and kind hearted person is the only person I would allow to take care of my babies...she is remarkable....she really cares...

John Romano

Mike Gutkin

Dr. Casavecchia is a caring and excellent veterinarian. She helped manage the care of the final stages of the life of my Bassett Hound, Emily. She was spot on in focusing on neurological issues related to my dog's vertebrae tumor. She also kept in touch with me regularly throughout the whole process, including after Emily passed away. I highly recommend Dr. Casavecchia and her office.

Amy Wilson

We have been coming here for years and years with our dog and our cat. Our pets have always gotten really great care. Recently, we had to put both pets down, a few months apart. Each time, the doctors and staff went above and beyond in their helpfulness, sympathy, and sincerity in assisting us at such a difficult time. It really showed how much they care for their patients and families.

Grace Aquila

The staff and Doctors at SHVH have always been professional and kind to me and my little boy Sammie. I know he is in excellent care with everyone there. Thank you.

Marie Jovino

With two cats and a dog, we have reason to visit SHV often- the vet techs, nurses and veterinarians are always consistently kind, sympathetic, knowledgeable and helpful. They have walked us through lots of issues, and always presented us options and guidance to make the best choices for our furry family.

Lon Levin

This place is a RIP OFF. We got a spay voucher from Morris Animal Refuge today for $40, which Society Hill Vet says they honor,so I made an appointment for my cat. I asked if there were charges on top of the $40 we paid for the voucher. The guy at the counter said there's bloodwork and a pre-exam needed, which were included with our voucher. A NORMAL person would take that to mean we wouldn't be paying extra on top of the voucher which covers the spaying. NOPE! We were handed an estimate bill of $300 (subtract the $$ for her shots, we were still being taken by these crooks). PAWS honors the voucher and doesn't charge for the bloodwork or anesthesia, OR pain meds needed after the surgery so we're goping there and you should too. To top it off, they had the NERVE to call my phone later and say they wanted $66 for the"office visit" for which they did nothing. I went back down, paid it, went off and got my money's worth venting. AVOID these assholes, go somewhere else

Megan Couso

I have taken my 2 y/o Australian Shepherd here since he was a puppy. Society Hill is a great vet and truly cares about the animals.

Heather H. Harris

The veterinarians and staff at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital are the best, most compassionate and caring one could wish for. Throughout the years, they have taken excellent acute and preventive care of my animals--and me, when needed! I highly, highly recommend them. Note: When your dog or cat needs dental care, Dr. Meister is a specialist in this field.

Catinka Risal

Society Hill has been instrumental in helping me prepare for moving my cats abroad. I can't recommend them more. Also, the practice was bright, spacious and immaculately maintained.

Allan Menachem

Outstandingly intelligent veterinarians with a truly concerned and compassionate is neat,clean and organized...there is a well stocked pharmacy.. the staff is accommodating and well informed on pet issues. house call service is a big plus as are the extended hours. my dog particularly loves the treats..

Jon Bass

Dr. Cassavecchia has cared for my beloved labradoodle, who is now 11 years old, since her first visit as an 8 week old puppy. I cannot offer greater thanks or praise for the services provided by Dr. C and her entire staff. Dr. C is not only exceptionally knowledgeable and caring, she is also completely accessible (she even personally telephones with lab results!) and, most importantly, she is on the cutting edge of new surgical techniques and treatments. As a result, she used a unique approach that essentially saved my dog's tail after the surgical removal of a growth. I would not entrust my dog's care to anyone else. I can't recommend Dr. Casavecchia, her technical team, and Society Hill Veterinary Hospital staff more highly.

Lauren Burrell

Very helpful staff, always have last minute appointments!

mark chalmers

Incredible service and wonderful staff. We couldn't be happier with the help we've received for our pup, and more than anything, she (our pup, Kenzie) feels at home and comfortable with everyone, including the amazing, Dr. Byrd! For as long as we live in Philadelphia, we will be patrons of Society Hill Vet Hospital.

Hildegard Kent

I wouldn't take my Dog to any other Vet. They're the absolute best.. We've been going there shy of 14 Years now. I even Board my Baby @ Society Hill Vet, if I have to go out of Town, & the Staff's just fantastic with her. I don't have to worry, & my mind can be @ ease.

Maureen Luck

Wonderful, caring vets, excellent staff. I sincerely appreciate the close attention and monitoring they provide to my fur baby. Not only the medical care, but the boarding is remarkable. They take such good care of their charges with attention, play time, feeding, giving meds. I never worry about Lucky when he is in their care....he is getting the very best thanks to the vets and the entire staff.

Janis Parrilla

We travel over 40 mins to get here but we know our dog is in good hands with her vet care and when she boards. She isn't the friendliest pooch but Society Hill Vets know how to handle her without adding to her stress.


Have 5 dogs and cats and have been coming here for over 35 years. The technicians and doctors and wonderful and caring for the animals. They also showed compassion and help when our pets were passing. Would recommend for all!

Amanda Torres

I took my cat here for a checkup/wellness exam and we had a wonderful experience. The staff was extremely attentive and Dr. Casavecchia was thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate. Prior to my appointment, I informed the staff that my cat becomes anxious on vet visits and the Dr. prescribed him something to calm him down before I brought him in. This, combined with SHVH's cat-only rooms, provided a safe space for my cat to have a stress free exam. Additionally, the dietary change the Dr. recommended was followed up by a staff member email, containing clear instructions on exactly how many calories my cat requires to be at the optimal weight, with calculations based on his current weight and diet. Details like this are very helpful to anyone with a busy schedule and definitely complete the whole package of a good vet visit. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking quality care for their companion!

Lynn & Andrew Budzynski

We have been going to SSVH for only a few years, but when we had a sudden issue with our cat that resulted in her passing.. everyone made us feel like we were their only client.

SPC Philadelphia

Wonderful, and freindly staff, great waiting room, and nice enviorment! They also have little treats for you're pet's if they want them. It is also a very clean place.

Meghan O'Connor

SHVH has been my veterinarian of choice since I moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Meister does a great job of caring for the animals. It's nice to go to a veterinarian that specializes in feline medicine, and the staff is great about answering my e-mails when I have questions about the cats. The location is nice, but I wish the parking situation was a little better. I also think the prices are a bit high and slightly unreasonable, but at least I know it's clean.

stuart green

This vet is incredibly expensive! We have been taking our dogs here for years, and have always felt like our dogs were being over tested and we were over charged. We spent the past weekend talking to other vets in the area, and now understand that we have been over charged for years. There is no reason why senior dogs exams cost more than regular exams. There is no reason to charge $47 additional to the exam to take the dogs blood pressure!!

Richard Eidelson

I am a dentist in Philadelphia. I found the experience at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital to be very professional as well as personable. Dr. Casavecchia took the time to explain the importance of good dental care for dogs, which as a dentist I found very informative. The staff, Rachel and the front desk were friendly, helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone who cares about their pet's health. This office will put you and your pet at ease if you are a nervous pet owner. Five star service and so much more! Dr. E

Travis G.

Nice, helpful people

Jade Tuff

Natalie Cornell

I moved to Philly in August and needed a vet for a generally healthy 11 year old black lab. He has arthritis in his hips and I needed advice on the best way to relieve his discomfort. Dr. Rose recommended a nearby animal therapy vet who offers physical therapy and acupuncture. Their work helped alot, but more significantly, when the dog got really sick (pneumonia), Dr. Rose called every 3 days to check on the dog. He recently needed to have his spleen removed, and he's only been home from the hospital one day and Dr. Rose has already called to check on him. At Society Hill Vets they have never been anything but kind, caring and thorough. I highly recommend their services.

Denise Flannery

I've been a client of Dr. Cassavecchia's and Society Hill Vets since 1997. With all my dogs since then, I have received the same consistent excellent expertise and caring experience each and every time from the routine visit to advice and help with a serious diagnosis and treatment in partnership with a specialist to the peaceful end. I love that so many of the associates there are long--time employees and really get to know you and your animal family!

Vincent Fumo

Excellent doctors, great office, great care! I've been coming here for a long time now and I've always been happy!

Shaq J.

I have had a good experience each time I visit. I would have given a 5 star rating but, at times my bill is a bit expensive, considering the atmosphere& the pleasant personalities of the staff & Dr. Casavecchia, it's another case of; you get what you pay for. My pets are healthy & I wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else....

Tyler Smerlick

Micha Mucha

Dr C is one of the most knowledgeable vets in Phila. My home is filled with many pets; all of whom I consider family. Whenever I have a unique health situation or concern, she has always been able to treat the issue and she looks at each pet individually. I am happy she is just a phone call away ... Thanks, Dr. C !!

Doreen Titko

The staff and doctors really care about you and your fur baby, and take each case as individual. They make every effort to treat your animal with the best of care, and will always put what’s best for their health as the most important factor. They truly love their patients, and that’s very obvious.

Creative Characters Web & Print Solutions

The quality of care at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital is far superior to anywhere I've ever taken my cats and dog. Everyone there truly loves and understands animals, even if they're not very nice to them sometimes, like my cat Penny. They are highly skilled with a ton of experience. They found and removed a cyst on my dog's back. My cat Mango got a knot above his eye that turned out to be cancer. Dr. C did an exhaustive search that only found 2 other cases in the world of this type of cancer in that kind of tissue. With this knowledge, she removed all the cancer, then sent us to VSEC for chemo. Mango is now CANCER FREE which is a very unlikely outcome according to VSEC. SHVH and VSEC worked hand in hand to save Mango. I highly recommend this practice. You will love them!

Joanne Bowes

Excellent service and a great way with animals. Recommend!

Kirsten Houseknecht

Not the cheapest place, but very good. Able to handle very large dogs as well as being well equipped for cats and small dogs. We have been going to them for at least 18 years


Society Hill Vet hospital is the best! Our dogs even love it here. They go right to the steps to the front door to be let in.The people at Society Hill are truly caring and concerned about the welfare of our pets I have been bringing all my dogs here for over 14 years .I first went there after comparing prices of several vet hospitals in the area and their prices were the best. The doctors and staff are top notch. They make suggestions on what can be done but never make you feel pressured into doing them. They discuss the options that are absolutely necessary and the others that can wait. They always call the next day,and every couple of days after,to check up on our pets after an illness was treated or a procedure was done. We even receive calls from Society Hill to check up on our dogs after we've taken them to an emergency hospital after hours as soon as they get the report that our pet was there. I highly recommend that everyone take their pets here if they are looking for the most outstanding,caring and knowledgeable staff and doctors to care for their pets! After all that has been said, 14 years of going to Society Hill really speaks for itself!

Roni Lagin

We are so happy with Dr. Meister and all the staff at the hospital. They've been great with our French Bulldog.

Terri Evanson

Best staff ever! They take good care of your fur babies!!!

Yael Nehama Respes

The doctors here are great! They're really care about your pets techs are super gentle.

Mark Blass

Caring doctors who handle our dog with affection and take time to explain. Knowledgable technicians and polite front office staff. Highly recommended.

Sherri Tiller

This is the nicest vet office ever. I highly recommend them to anyone with pets.

Ashley Joyce

Society Hill is a wonderful animal hospital. The vets and staff are very caring and attentive and we are so lucky to have found them. I'd recommend them to anyone I know.

Jaime Robinson

Society Hill Vet has always been great to my rescue dog! He had to be muzzled for the first two years of coming here and they handled each situation professionally and in a caring manner. It is obvious that everyone who works here cares about our precious animals! The doctors take the time to listen to my concerns and don't push you out the door. Great place overall!

John Portland

Marya Kaye

I wouldn't take my pets any where else. They have such a caring staff - everyone from the front desk staff, technicians, and doctors. The best care available!

Kristina Vitelli

Everyone was so kind and attentive to my baby Carter. I called first thing in the morning after noticing an issue with him the night prior. They got me in right away and every single person was so kind and loving towards him. Due to his anxiety we had to have him put under for some work but I felt so safe and secure leaving him in their care. They had him out and home by mid afternoon and even called as soon as the procedure was complete. The care for my baby was unmatched. He is home and doing wonderful I am so happy we came here to have him helped. It was on the higher side for cost...but you get what you pay for. He was kept comfortable safe and loved and you cant put a price tag on that.

Tiki Barber

Suzanne Reichwein

Dr. Regan is very thorough...she dilligently follows up on lab tests and problems that are being monitored with my dog. She is very kind and caring. The practice is on the expensive side but the care is very good.

Marie Turco

My dog came out with same pain she had when she went in. It took four days for the vet to share the radiology results. I don't trust their vets there nor the way the whole place is run. It is also super expensive, not matter what you come in for,

Jandi L

Dr.Matkowski is the greatest Vet in Philadelphia. Extremely caring, gave his personal email address to me so that I could email him with any questions I had regarding my puppy's health. What incredible service! I've never met such a wonderful and loving Veterinarian. The gals in the office are cheery and just as caring, too. A great clinic with an uplifting attitude. I definitely recommend that all pet owners take their animals to Dr.Matkowski.

Jerry serg

Always great care

Roberto Vargas

Linda Meiberg

Jason Hecker

Brianna Morgan

SHV is the best. They are so thorough and accommodating. My pup is dog aggressive and they let her come in the back door and pay in the room, so she can avoid the anxiety of the waiting room. I've been so happy with their care!

Wayne Houseknecht

Lauren Millette

Everyone knows your name, your history and follow up is fab! Dr. C. remembers everything about my dogs. I've never had my vet's office call and check up on my pets after appointments and procedures. Society Hill DOES. They even knew when I had to go to VSEC one night and called me to find out the status. The staff is so personable, too. I feel like my pups and I are not just 'another patient'.

Emme Probst

The staff is always extremely friendly and knowledgable. Facilities are very clean. We are very happy with this vet hospital! A bit expensive, but worth the price for the quality of care.

R P Herman

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!! FOR OVER $130 all MY PUPPIES GOT WERE FLEAS. While you may have read some good reviews, please take my advice and DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. I actually liked the Dr that examined my 2, 9 week old puppies and wish she was located somewhere else. Not only was I told on the phone that morning that their exams would be $37 each and then charged $47 per puppy but my perfectly healthy puppies wound up with FLEAS FROM THEIR VISIT. Their waiting room looked semi clean but as my puppies have not had all their shots I left them in their carrier while I waited. Once I was taken back to a room you could tell that it had not been cleaned at all. The tech. even said to me hold on that table (the exam table covered visibly with a lot of animal hair) needs to be cleaned. He cleaned off the exam table and I held them on my laps until he finally asked to have one to weigh. He put the puppy on a clearly unclean ground and took my 2nd puppy to weigh. They were only on the ground for a short period of time and besides for being handled by myself, the Dr, the vet tech and 2 people that worked their they were only in my care. I took them straight home and bathed them because I was not happy that the floor was so unclean and that they had been on it, bath time, a meal, a puppy pad break and they were worn out and off to bed. When I took them to the puppy pad that night I noticed one scratching behind his ear, it was back to bed and in the morning as we started our day there was more scratching. I thought I must have irritated their skin by bathing them and thought nothing of it until the next day when the scratching was worse. I tried to examine them and brush them to look for fleas but they would barely let me so I brushed them the best I could and did not see anything. That night I noticed I had bug bites on my legs and thought how strange as I had not had one bite all summer. The next day I called the vet and got a phone call 48 hours later at 6pm on a sunday night telling me they likely could have picked up fleas and to treat them. I searched every drugstore and supermarket near me and couldn't find anything safe for them. I called out of work the next day and searched 3 pet stores and couldn't find anything safe for them. I called the vet and was not called back. I then picked up all the natural ingredients and treatments I could find online and treated them and brushed the fleas out, bagged up everything in my apartment and started endless loads of laundry. I cleaned my entire apartment with flea sprays and powders from the pet store only to find out the next day that my pups were scratching again. Finally a tearful phone call got their attention and I was finally told (36hours after I had been told to treat them) that I could use shampoo that said for 12 weeks old and they had a prescription I could pick up AND PAY FOR. The girl on the phone told me they weren't responsible because I could have somehow brought it in on my clothes or shoes after leaving the vet, getting into my car, and taking them home. My family had 3 cats my entire life and we never had one flea problem yet after an 2 hours at their office I am on my 2nd attempt to rid them and my house of fleas. I spent over $130 for them to pick up fleas and have now spent $300, an unpaid day of work and endless time and energy to now only have to go buy medication and more flea stuff to retreat my puppies and my entire apartment. WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Eugene Shargorodsky


Richie Byrd

We took our english bulldog puppy to Society Hill Veterinary Hospital for a routine checkup and to administer vaccinations. They did a full checkup (listened to his heart and lungs) and found that he was a completely healthy dog, with the exception of a possible issue with his elbow. They administered his vaccinations, which included a flu vaccination and a distemperment, and were in the process of preparing him for an X-Ray when he suddenly developed breathing issues. They made us aware of this issue and felt that he was struggling because he was scared of the X-Ray. It never crossed their minds that he was having a reaction to the vaccinations. The only care they provided him was oxygen which did absolutely nothing to combat the effects of his reaction to the vaccination and unfortunately he passed away. When they delivered this news to us the owner of the hospital, Dr. Claudia Casavecchia made a comment to us about how english bulldogs are known to have health issues (as if that was helpful after learning that our puppy had died). They are by far the most inept veterinary practice that I have ever experienced, they administered a flu vaccination, which had known issues of causing swelling of the face and head of dogs and then when the dog developed a breathing issue did not consider that the vaccination was at fault. Dogs are known to survive the flu, so why they are administering an unnecessary vacciation is beyond my comprehension. The owner of the practice (Dr (and I use the word Dr loosely) Claudia Casavecchia) lacks even the most basic bedside manner, instead of apologizing and offering condolences she blames the dog passing on the breed having known health issues. They have not been in contact with us since this incident, they have not been able to provide us with any closure as the necropsy was inconclusive and they have made no attempt to reimburse us the cost of the puppy. I would highly recommend that you do not take your pet to this facility as they are ill-equipped to handle even the slightest medical emergency.

Jonathan Sher

Great vet practice. Dr. Casavecchia is fantastic.

Michael Bove

Shannon Bronico

I am so thankful for the people here. My Frenchie, Howl, is sick alot. The vet staff, vet techs and vets are always super attentive and thorough. Howl always improves under their care. He was so ill Iast year that I thought I might lose my Howl, but Society Hill Vet did everything they could, including calling me several times that week to monitor Howls progress. He got 100% better and I know I owe his health to everyone at this office.

Janice Bryson

I have been taking my dogs to Society Hill Vet Hospital for over 10 years, and I find it to be a wonderful place. They are all responsive, and the vets are very knowledgeable, wonderful people. One of my dogs became very ill with what initially presented as liver disease when she was 12 years old. It was a complicated diagnostic process, but they finally found a treatment plan that extended her life for another 2.5 years that were quality years for her. I highly recommend this hospital.

Laura Drake

I have been coming here with my pets for over 20 years. The medical care that they have received is the very best. The staff are very friendly. The doctors are great and have always treated my furry friends, (and me), with great care and compassion.

Carolyn M

Society Hill Vet went above and beyond for my dog and I, and I highly recommend them. I moved from Philadelphia to Singapore this past winter with my dog, and Lee and the entire staff provided exceptional treatment. Singapore has extremely strict import regulations, including a blood test and numerous vaccines that need to be given on very specific dates in relation to when the dog will be arriving. The tests and paperwork involved are daunting, but Lee was proactive about researching the requirements and provided assistance throughout the entire process. He ensured that our paperwork was in order and that we met all of the necessary conditions for her to be permitted in the country and with the shortest quarantine possible. I was new to Society Hill Vet when I started this process, and I am so grateful that I found them since I doubt any other vet would have provided the same level of care and service. My dog and I will definitely be returning to Society Hill Vet when we move back to Philly!

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