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REVIEWS OF Radnor Veterinary Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Pokelectronics LLC

The exotic vet here is extremely passionate...knowledgeable... And kind. It is hard to find an exotic vet with this much knowledge. She even did a surgery on a bat's wing! If you have a sick exotic. Go here for sure.

Michelle Gross

Staff and doctors are always very friendly and knowledgeable. I have 3 pets who have all been seen at their practice now and all have been well cared for. Quick responses to schedule appointments and have been able to be seen the same day on 2 separate occasions. It is a bit of a drive from my home, but after attempting other practices in a pinch, I will be sure to continuing scheduling here whenever possible.

Sierra Clark

I've been going here for a couple years now. They are always pleasant and caring!

Jennifer Ad

Who ever knew a person in the main line of all places can be scammed!!! I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong at Radnor veterinary Hospital. The only thing I can think of “ I got scammed” I was stunned.I went back home and looked over the Internet for some other reviews about this business and I was even more stunned to see how accurate some reviews are about the vet personality and manners. He was very cold and lack feelings.I took my cat there because he had a lump on his side. I got the same tall doctor everyone is complaining about here and I couldn’t agree more. He was rude and bossy. He charged me more money claiming that their prices are the best in the area. I later find out after reading those reviews that I’m not the only one complaining. He still didn't figure out what's wrong with my cat.I was not going to write a review but I changed my mind after reading and learning about their business. I don’t know how they treat other animals but I do not recommend them to other people with cats. Jenny.

Merritt Hansen

I have been taking my parrots and dogs to see Dr. Len Donato for 10 years now. I am very lucky to live nearby to an Avian specialist which are hard to find. The staff at Radnor Vet has always taken great care of my parrots and dogs, including emergency situations with my birds. In response to some negative reviews: Radnor is not the cheapest vet you can find. But I don't want the cheapest vet. I want a vet with up to date equipment and testing available on site, such as blood work. I know that if Len recommends a surgery or blood test, etc it is in the best interest of treatment and not money. I have learned this through first hand experience. Dr. Donato does have a business-like attitude most of the time. I think this is because he is a man of science, focused on gathering evidence for diagnosis and doing his job. I don't think for a second that his demeanor is because he doesn't care about my pets or their well-being.

Alex Decker

Dr. Donato is arrogant and risky. My pet had an emergency surgery done by him and a cut he made ultimately killed her. She died overnight with no one around. Now, I understand these things happen but this result was beyond what the vets told me could potentially happen and it was his mistake that killed her. They proceeded to send me an enormous bill that included the procedure that ended her life. When I picked up her body, I was told that I could deal with billing later. It took a month for the bill to come because they had my address wrong, and it came over Christmas when I wasn't home. They called, but I waited until I got the bill in the mail so I could review the charges and process before calling back. Every time I called, I spoke with a useless secretary who can't give me any information or answer my questions, and they tell me a vet will call me back. The vet who calls me back has absolutely no say in billing because Donato owns the practice. I was told by the secretary at one point, Donato would take additional money off of my bill. I told her I needed to discuss this with my partner and I would call back. There's some more phone tag, so I made an appointment to see the vet because it's easy to talk in person. I actually took two of my other pets for appointments today, giving Radnor the benefit of the doubt. Today, I go to pay my bill and they take away the discount I was told I would get AFTER being told what I owed by the secretary and she doubled checked with Donato. They also couldn't offer me a payment plan because I took too long to pay my bill. So why did they see me today for appointments? Just to spite me for taking so long to pay this huge vet bill, Donato took off the discount he offered for killing my pet. He has no compassion and takes risks because he is arrogant. He thinks because he is experienced it gives him the right to take risks. This isn't the only bad experience I've had with Donato. I've been treated poorly in another visit with him with foster pets. He openly appeared annoyed with my questions and wasn't as thorough with the animal's exam like the other vets in the practice typically are. And I've seen all 4 vets. One of the fosters I had was spayed by the other vets at Radnor and it was an odd case. They all told us another surgery was too risky to finish the first procedure. But of course, Donato wanted to go in and try to finish it himself. Like I said, arrogant and risky with other people's beloved pets. It's shame because Dr. Ehrlich is a WONDERFUL vet and very knowledgeable, but Donato ruined my experience at this office.

Spiros Mancoridis

Dr Meister is a terrific vet.

Richard C

I brought my dog to Radnor Vet Hospital to have a skin issue looked at. The vet, and all the technicians worked seamlessly to diagnose the problem and to begin immediate treatment. It turned out that Max had a biological skin infection and was put on antibiotics. Even though just two days have passed, his skin is showing marked improvement! I can't thank the vet and staff enough for the expert help they provided and the speed at which they were able to see him after calling to make an appointment. In the past, they've treated two of my parrots with equally excellent results. They are great in every respect and are highly recommended!

Lindy Snider

I have had nothing but incredible experiences at Radnor vet. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. Over the years I’ve had birds, fish, lizards, mice and other pets.This is the most caring group of dedicated doctors and staff. The medical care has been so superior and I always feel very secure in the diagnosis and treatment my pets have received. I’ve had experiences at other vets where it just wasn’t even close to this type of care. I love the fact that the doctors here show such affection to my pets as it makes it clear they love the animals and truly care about them. All of the doctors are great and Dr. Len Donato is flat out brilliant. I’d never go anywhere else. By the way.... they also give time to area wildlife rescues and other amazing initiatives.

Debra Alberti

I have been going to Dr Donato for over 10 years now. He and his staff never fail to follow up and answer questions even when it's outside of a scheduled appointment.

Davina Hagan

Dr. Donato was very patient and kind, taking his time to answer my questions, ensuring the best care for my dog. I felt confident that he and staff were doing their best to make my pup Phoebe as comfortable as possibe (given her anxiety issues) during her visit.

Cynthia McConnell Munger

My two dogs absolutely LOVE doggie daycare! When I say the words they get so excited I have no choice but to take them. Plus I board there regularly and my dogs share one of the lovely suites. I also love the convenience of vet care. When Chester or Pax need a shot, staff let’s me know and takes my guys to get their shots during daycare rest period, so easy. The vets are thorough, kind and informative. But more importantly, my dogs love the staff and can’t wait to see them. Overall, five stars! Cynthia Munger

Nichole Bethel

Provide excellent care for my pet. Love the pet day care and boarding as well.

Alexandra McLean

I've been with Dr. Donato for 17 years. We started off with a goldfish that had swim bladder disease and worked through guinea pigs, turtles and several cats. My latest cat has unfortunately inflammatory bowel disease and Dr. Donato has been very helpful. His choice of doctors and staff is great and they are always available in case of crisis. I trust him implicitly.

Jane Galli

I have been a patron of Radnor Veterinary Hospital since I moved here from Narberth with my cats, I think it's almost 20 years or so. Dr. Szanto is always completely thorough, caring and straight forward with his diagnoses. He has taken care of my cats, guinea pig and hamsters. Answering all my questions and straighten out any misinformation I received from the Internet (I am an avid researcher) He took my worry about my guinea pig as seriously as he did with any dog or cat. Dr. Dinato and all of the doctors, Dr. Bower, Dr. MacGrath and now Dr. McKee are amazing doctor. Bright, kind compassionate and willing to go the extra mile. They have taken excellent care of all my creatures great and small throughout the years. They have seen my animals for ordinary checkups, taken extraordinary care during sickness, and been so, so, caring when the end of life comes. As to the staff members, the front desk ladies couldn't be more helpful and caring, listening to my tales of woe and making sure I get to help when I needed it. The vet techs are a great bunch. I have never been denied any request to visit my animal if they have to stay overnight, or talked to me when I call to check out their progress. I really have no idea who the people are that had a bad experience, but I like to know the story behind their visits. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Radnor Veterinary Hospital

Michele Trego

Very compassionate people here we lost our baby and it was a difficult time but never have we used a vet that was so caring and compassionate.

Jerald Lastick

Dr. Donato does a great job with my African Grey. Coming here for years.

John mcglade

Best Vet on the whole Main Line. Really cares about the animals and our dog Deuce. Operated on her 3 years ago when was 16 to remove a tumor as big a a grapefruit. The operation went extremely well and Deuce was like a new dog after the operation and she is still kicking.

Dawn Vandevere

Basically paid $840 for dog pepcid. Extremely expensive and vet we had was very young... bill was outrageous for a sour stomach diagnoses.

Carol Bourdon

Radnor vet is an awesome place for my puppy who had nothing normal about him. He's missing an eye and had ingrown teeth and twisted legs. His eye removal went smoothly and they were able to insert a retainer in his mouth which have corrected his teeth so they won't become impacted and have later problems and it was really inexpensive. I called about his swollen eye and got voice mail so sent a text with a picture. They called me back in less than 5 and saw him that night. I drive over an hour each way to have this vet team. I wish I could have them treat me. Better than the human Healthcare system. Yay radnor vet!!

Mary Lou K

Ruth Lazarus

Cat care is outstanding. Follow up calls for major health issues, diet reccomendations and routine visits are timely.

Kat DeLaney

Very friendly and knowledgeable about rabbits which is tough to find. They're worth driving the extra distance for the care of your rabbits

Andrea Serber MSS, LCSW, QCSW

If your dog/cat is a family member and very important to you, I am thinking that, like myself, when he/she/them is or are not themselves, it is comforting to know that you can visit a vet that makes certain to really spend time with your pet before making a diagnosis. In addition to a thorough exam, they are always available for follow up. There is never a question to minute - RVH understands their pet lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cindy lemaster

Such a pleasant experience for our family every time we need to visit! Clean and bright facilities, smiling and kind employees, and competent , smart, professionals make the whole experience excellent. Quick appointments, short or no wait times, and stellar service plus kindness!

Mary Jo Spitzer

Great place - I’m always been pleased with there service

Betsy Cremer

Radnor Vet Hospital has been wonderful for both our rabbit and our dog. Dr. Donato is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and has great "bedside manner" for both you and your pet. The staff is also helpful, and are great about calling you to let you know about your test results, appointment reminders, etc. The prices are fair, and there are almost always levels of care provided as options - depending on your financial ability or comfort level.

Baozi Sa

I just had my pets international travel health exam and certification prepared at this place. The doctor is very nice, but the staff are not so. After filling out all my correct info on the new patient form and handed to them. I found a couple errors on the medical record ,which we needed for the travel. I asked them nicely to change the info, it is very important to have all informed matching what’s stated on my import permit, if something when wrong my pet could have been at risk. But they didn’t want to change it at first, and were not friendly to assist. As an animal hospital, they should have understand pet owner’s concern for their pets safety, especially for an international travel. All I want is to get all paperworks right to eliminate most risk factors. I and am paying over a hundred dollars for this two pieces of paper. This is not the kind of attitude I am expecting from a Vet with such high ratings. I’m very disappointed and would not recommend this vet to anyone.

Genevieve Evans

Staff was very sweet and professional! The vet was very knowledgeable and careful when it came to handling my gerbil. Cody seemed very pleased with all the compliments he was receiving!

Bryan Scheetz

Brad Brubaker

My family has been taking our dog, now dogs, to Radnor Vet for over 10 years. Our experience has always been terrific! Each Doctor we have met, Dr. Donato, Dr. McGrath, Dr. Bowers and Dr. Santos are awesome...fantastic Physicians and compassionate.. I personally credit Dr. Donato and his team with my 13.5 year old lab still being with us today and to this day still enjoying a great quality of life. Our lab tore a ligament in his knee at the ripe old age of 4 doing 'silly runs', Dr. Donato did his surgery. My wife and I were very concerned while he was not home with us for a couple of days following his surgery. Dr. McGrath literally called me each night around 11:00PM to let me know how he was doing. After our lab got home, he slipped on our tile floor and tore open his sutures....of course during a snow storm. I called Dr. Donato at his home and he and Dr. McGrath drove into the office to meet me after their office had already closed. Absolutely amazing! Our lab has battled through epilepsy, knee issues, and most recently cancer (1.5 years ago, including chemotherapy). Not in a million years would I think about taking any of our pets to anyone else. My family constantly sing the praises of Radnor Vet, their Doctors, Staff and facility. We are so grateful for Radnor Veterinary Hospital. Thanks, Brad

Sherrie E

The staff, and especially Dr. Ehrlich, are caring and wonderful with our dogs!

Lisa Dase

This is one of only two places it seems you can take your pet birds. Penn Vet Med was stressful to drive to and hectic. Radnor Vet is always clean, spacious and pretty calm. I had a sick cockatiel who eventually passed but they offered a lot of tests and options as well as education which was helpful. One downside of the cockatiel experience I had is they did some sort of test and Dr. Germano did not call with results or follow up. The cockatiel got better on her own but died a year later suddenly. The initial visits aren't too expensive, $67-$77 in my experience, but tests and emergency medicine are costly. I expect that is true anywhere. (I cannot understand why if every pet store anywhere sells birds, rabbits, lizards, ferrets etc. why they are categorized as "exotic" by vets, and therefore very expensive to treat). I had another issue with a parakeet and while he could not be saved, Dr. Donato was very kind, caring, and told me in advance what he wanted to do and approximately how much it would cost. Now that I live closer, I will be taking my cat to them and look forward to them treating us both with care and respect.

Marie Bare

Took in a lost dog I found on a busy road. Bless them for doing so.

Ashley Ashley

Helen Stead

Brought my new baby bunny there and it was wonderful! Very insightful, and super helpful! Daisy was calm and happy! They really know their bunny stuff! Daisy had the sniffles and they showed me how to give her the proper meds and even gave me bunny advice on what she needs! We love this place! Thanks radnor vet! Dr. Stephanie Principati is amazing and really knowledgable! Thank you so much again for helping us!

Oliver Withstandley

Amy Cummins

The vets at Radnor Vet are all very knowledgeable and thorough. We especially love Dr. DeLozier. The office staff is friendly and it's easy to get an appointment. We always feel like our dogs are in good hands.

Tom Sibley

very nice, and and provides services for small animals.

Susan Becker

The veterinarians and staff are expert and caring. We couldn't hope for more!

Kelley Nigroni

I took my 2 year old rabbit here for a first time visit, and everyone there was so friendly! The vet tech and Dr. Toby were amazing, they handled my bunny so well and gave me lots of great advice (since I'm a first time bunny owner). The facility was very nice and clean. I'm so happy to find such a great vet not too far away.

Christina Lalos

My family and I have been taking our animlas here for over 30 years. That should tell you how we feel about RVH. The staff is amazing and the doctors are one of a kind. They treat your animal as their own. I currently live about half hour away and still come here!


As usual, Dr. Meister and Radnor Vet took excellent care of my cat Nala this week when she developed eye swelling complications related to her chronic Herpes virus. She was so miserable when we went in on Thursday, and now it's Saturday and her eye is so much better already! Dr. Meister ALWAYS knows what to do, treats his animal patients like little golden gemstones! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't trust many people in this world but if Dr. Meister tells me something is the way it is, I believe him. I won't go to other vets anymore because no matter who I go to, I know I just won't think they know enough to be treating my cat with the most up-to-date, appropriate medical care. I know, it's my weirdness, but Dr. Meister is just a cat-medical-investigator-type. He must spend his spare time reading up on every new cat case, because no matter what he's presented with he seems to know exactly what to do, even where other vets will give up and shake their head and say there's nothing available to treat that condition. Dr. Meister always pays attention to the little details that so many vets just don't have the time or attention span to notice! For example, on our last visit, Dr. Meister took the time to advise me to not give Revolution this summer but to give it to the other two cats in our household, since her immune system may be temporarily compromised and the Revolution could push it over the edge -- who would have thought of that?? I would have just gone home and applied it to all three cats out of sheer habit. Dr. Meister seems to truly care about the well-being of his patients, and goes out of his way to make sure that their human companions (like me!) are educated in the complexities of the home care required. I also love how the vet techs and office staff seem to be very curious and experienced, and the front desk people are friendly, good-natured, and very accommodating. Plus they never hesitate to ask the doctors questions if they don't know something, which I have (unfortunately) not found at other hospitals, even when the vets are wonderful it all comes down to the front desk sometimes and some are just plain rude and "protect" the doctors from getting bothered. Not at Radnor Vet, they just would not do that. Nothing but good things to say, sorry I can't offer more critical feedback!

Inderia Chance

If you have birds, this is the only place you should take them. Dr. Misler is kind, concerned, polite, and professional.

Abigail Leigh

The only reason we were using Radnor Vet is because Dr. McGrath was still there. After she left, this place has become a disaster. They are one of the most expensive vets in the area; their fees are really high and are decided by the owner. I won't be going back. Check your wallets before you think about taking a loved one there!!

Tatianna Sanchez

I never had a experience but when I'm older enough I would like to work there and care for all the animals that's thee.

Ken Kistler

Dr. Len Donato has provided our dear "Paw" with 5-Star highly-skilled and compassionate care for thirteen years, including three surgeries. Peggy & Ken Kistler

Elizabeth Ziegler

Great care and follow up. Diagnosed my cat with diabetes and they have been very helpful and attentive.

David Korber

Dr. Meister and the office staff went out of their way to put us all at ease. The diagnosis and treatment for our budgie, Jay, has improved his quality of life. The doctor and office staff have been responsive with folow-up by telephone. Thank you all.

Oscar Eppley

Takes excellent care of my pets!

Debbie Stead

Great Docs

Luisa Ramondo

They are wonderful, provide quick service and take great care of my dog!

Mollie Plotkin

The BEST Vet Around! We've been bringing our dogs to Radnor Vet for almost two years and truly feel they care about our dogs as much as we do!

Sara Pilko

Same day appointment. Friendly, patient and knowledgeable vet. Treats geckos! Would definitely go again.

Grace Wadell

We have been very happy with Radnor Vet. Our dog was sick for months and they stuck with us until we found the right solution for her (It turned out to be a food problem). Now more than 3 years later, we are sure Ginger is with us because of Radnor Vet and appreciate always that they are available, kind and knowledgeable.

Fred Grohosky

Friendly staff and very knowledgeable doctor for our two new rabbits. We are very glad that we chose this facility.

Chris Maphis

Great Animal Hospital. Doctors are very knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for a trustworthy veterinarian for their pets

Jessica Kurth

Fast and friendly and not too overpriced!

Kathy De Luca

I could not be happier with Dr. Donato and his staff. Everything was top notch. Dr. Dpnato was compassionate, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Donato to all my family and friends. My little Maltese was so sick and Dr. Donato brought him back to the playful and lovable little guy he was.

Susan Gans

Excellent vets, warm, caring practice!

Maria Franco

Very recently I had to say good-bye to my beloved Yorkie Skye and words cannot express the sensitivity and support I received from Dr. Donato and his staff. Dr. Donato was so gracious and informative of Skye's condition which helped me face reality. If I ever have another pet, Dr. Donato will be the vet that I go to. He was tremendous and so caring ever since he knew Skye and Skye was not afraid to be there. The Radnor Veterinary Hospital is the place to take your pet for excellent care.

Jeannette C

Had to take my 10 year old turtle to the vet (for the first time) when she fell 5' and cracked her shell. Not many very will see reptiles. Radnor Vet Hospital was my third phone call, but I chose them because the receptionist was super friendly and compassionate (great first impression!), they were surprisingly economical, and I could make a same day appt (although they also gave me the option of a walk-in ER visit for just $10 more). I expected all sorts of tests, imaging and a big bill, but found it was so simple and no nonsense. The visit and 3 meds were under $150. It takes an honest staff to not milk a desperate pet owner for pricier options! They also set up post-treatment phone calls and asked me to email photos of her wound weekly so they can make sure its healing properly. Was a great experience all around. Would absolutely recommend Radnor Vet Hospital and would go again if needed.

Brooke LeBrun

Our ferret, Kenai was chronically ill. He wouldn't eat, was dropping weight and we were scared we would lose him. Dr. Donato knew exactly what to do. He was very kind during our office visit and took very good care of our little guy. We have to travel a distance to get to his office and he was very receptive of that. He always retuned my calls within an hour of leaving him a message. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Donato to anyone, especially if you have ferrets. I am so thankful for everything he has done, if it wasn't for him, we may have lost my daughter's best friend.

Margaret Ouali

I just love this office. I had been going here for like always. I run a rescue for parrots and they have helped us out a lot. I have never had a problem with them at all. Im always greeted with a smile and a hello everytime I go in. The doctors are the best too. I would highly recommend this vet to everyone.

Alison Hicks Greifenstein

Have always had a great expereince here: excellent practice, nice facility. They took the time on a Saturday to perform a difficult job of stitching up my dog's tail after it had gotten jammed in a door. They had to try many times before the tail bandage stayed on. The tail healed fine.

Kim Hunt

Horrible owner with so many attitudes and issues; the rudest doctor I have ever dealt with. Long story short: I wouldn't take my pet to Radnor Vet Hospital for anything short of basic service. There are plenty of other vets in the area who charges half the amount. BTW, my cat is still sick, thanks to Dr. Donato.

Terry Maksymowych

We've been using Radnor Vet for over twenty years, through five wonderful dogs. They are professional and caring, always explaining every step and getting consent for each procedure. I have never felt rushed or condescended to and they make every effort to get you in for an appointment when it's needed. Even the receptionists are not only friendly and helpful--they saved my Aussie's life when she was having a bad reaction to Rimadyl. The woman on the phone told me that I really needed to act, and it saved my dog's life. I've had to euthanize two dogs, which was so incredibly painful. But the vets were THERE--present and respectful of my distress. I felt their empathy and that helped a lot. I know that good vets cost a lot--they have to make a living. Sometimes the price stings a bit. But knowing that my dogs--who are family--are being treated by vets and techs and receptionists who GET IT makes the cost worth it.

Rodger Cottrell

The doctors at Radnor Vet always take the time to explain everything going on with my dogs. They truly care and follow up personally when there is an ongoing issue. They also have a mobile app that allows me to track status of shots and check appointment times.

Julie Savitch

Quick and easy appointments

Pelin Lemons

Love the staff here. Very knowledgeable and capable. Dr. Ehrlich provides the best care possible for our 3 bunnies.

Dena Honesty

We are having work done at our house and it is so nice to have the option of taking our dogs to doggie daycare rather than crating them all day. The employees are all lovely and really go the extra mile.

Courtney Nemia

Great place to bring your exotic pets !!!


They were able to see our bird on very short notice when other avian vets were asking us to wait 2-3 days and were very compassionate

Robyn Lee

A great experience. The doctor was very caring and thoughtful. When we were given an RX for .5 tablets, they even pre-cut them for us! No one has EVER done that for us before.

Chad Williams

Friendly staff, great vets, very clean. Great for our 2 dachshunds. Waiting times are minimal.


I adopted a bunny from a rescue 2 years ago and was looking for a vet that treated exotic animals. I was referred to Radnor Veterinary Hospital by a friend who also had a bunny. From the time we walked in the door until we left we had an excellent experience. We have been going there for 2 years now. Yesterday we had a check up appointment for our bunny Midnight with Dr. Erlich. She is excellent! She is personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Her approach to a better way do do things is positive....Midnight gained a little weight and she gave her suggestions on sutle changes to make in his diet to help him take off a pound or so, her approach was positive and she tailored her suggestions taking into consideration the individuality of Midnight. The techs were also excellent in grooming our precious bun. I would not take my bun to any other practice. Thanks to everyone!

Some One

Never met an exotic pet vet this good. Took my bun and she knew what was wrong straight away. Other vets completely overlooked what was wrong with my bun.

Dana Urso

Excellent staff all around. From front desk to vets everyone was extremely helpful. This is the only place I trust for my bunnies!

David Gibbons

The quality of the pet care is good overall, and the doctor we see is good too. Customer care and service is terrible. Even if you had the worst day possible, overcome obstacles, drive from far distances, and do everything in your power to be there, if you're more than 5 minutes late, you will be charged for an emergency visit. It's not that they can't see you, because they can. They just refuse to do so without charging you 50% more for your appointment. Even if you have a spotless record for being on time in the past. There is zero sympathy or empathy for their customers. Most businesses value their long term and reliable clients, but not this place. They treat you like you live two minutes from their business, have all the free time in the world, have an infinite supply of money, and live in a care free world devoid of problems. It's really just about the bottom line for them. There's no meeting you half way, part of the way, or even an inch to ensure the client's needs are met, that is, unless you pay $$$$$$. I even called ahead to say we would be running a little late, but no one picked up the phone of course. At least they could have saved me 2 hours of driving, gas, and tolls if they had just answered, but hey that's not their problem, right?

Julie Bender

Everyone we interacted with at Radnor Vet was wonderful, from the reception desk to the vet techs to Dr. Ehrlich, who clearly cares so much about animals. She was so great with our rabbit, and took time to tell me what was going on with him and why, and gave me tips on rabbit care as well. So glad to have found them!

Heather Schweitzer

THANK YOU Dr Ehrlic for caring about my bunny as much as I do. I feel like I'm in the best hands possible with our situation. Dr. Ehrlic is so passionate about what she does, you can tell. She was extremely thorough doing her exam,.and spent so much time with me, explaining all the possibilities and my options for proceeding with treatment. Me and Oreo are so happy with our visit today and I am never going back to my former vet ❤️❤️

Aubrey Conover-Gannon

I’ve taken rats to other exotic vets in the past and nothing compares. They were kind, knowledgeable, and all around awesome!

Sally Wargo

The staff at Radnor Veterinary Hospital are terrific! They are friendly and helpful! Our favorite Vet is Dr. Meister, who is wonderful and so good with our dog, Remi! He called him a "leaner" dog, as he slid down to the floor after saying "woof" (his version of 'hello'!!) !! We love to go to Radnor Vet Hospital, and we always have a dog-gone great visit! Thanks so very much for the loving care that everyone has for the dogs and cats and other creatures who come through their door! :) You guys/gals are the BEST!! woof!woof!

Robert Archibald

My family started using Radnor Vet when we moved to the main line and chose to get a puppy for the family. We found Dr. Donato and his staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable in preparing and teaching our family how to raise and care for the new addition to our family. He spent a lot of time with us on our visits and went above and beyond to help us find and select a trainer that worked well with the kids and my wife and I. On several occasions we have had some issues with our dog from a torn claw to wounds and in every instance Dr. Donato got us in without an appointment to provide urgent care and was careful to explain the treatment options, likely outcomes and care required to return our dog to his healthy self. He would even call after our visits to see how our dog was doing! We have been with Dr. Donato for over four years now and find the level of service and care we receive to be consistent and exceptional and have and would recommend him as the Vet of choice to anyone seeking a top notch Vet on the Main Line.

Anthony Falcone

Sadly we had put our dog down this AM. Dr. Allyson DeLozier was extremely compassionate and treated us great. She went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable. It was a sad day but it couldn't have gone any better under the circumstances. been there like 4 times now. Highly recommend.

Danielle AkaBaBiGrl

Very nice people and clean... and very friendly

Kirah Eaton

They take great care of my chinchilla every time I come in.

Jonathan Moody

My girlfriends son's guinea pig was tilting his head and not eating. we called them up and they told us to take him in. He ended up having an ear infection. the staff and doctor were friendly and answered all of our questions. They put him on antibiotics and now he is doing great.

Mike Morris

Called on Saturday (10-28-17)afternoon (1228pm) in an emergency situation for myself, which left me without a way to care for my Dog TT Corso. Left message, not returned-at all. TT’s Vet is Dr Ergwich(sp). Left that info and need for help with TT Saturday afternoon & beyond. I was in Hospital. No reply, Period. I’ll not use Radnor Vet for medical and/or potential broadening needs again.

Jeff Conn

Marji Pendergast

I consider Radnor Veterinary Hospital part of my pets’s caring family! They saved his life 3 yrs ago and continue to keep him healthy!

Carey Wentworth

I drive an hour and a half from where I live to this veterinary hospital because Dr. Donato is fantastic vet and the other vets are great as well. On this occasion dr. Donato was in surgery so we saw another vet which was Becky and she was very knowledgeable and very great with our bird.

Brian Kelly

Betsy Nelsen

Long term clients at RVH. Wonderful service and kind staff who genuinely cares about the animals they take care of. Wonderful waiting facilities and boarding (located downstairs) offers a clean, pleasant environment. Doggy day care is avalible as well. Onsite dog liscencing also a nice perk.

Caitlin Dechert

We were recommended by our local vet to bring our bunny here for a front leg fracture. For the first appointment the female vet we saw was very kind, and she seemed honest enough when she was talking to us about the surgery and it being very likely to succeed. We left our bunny here overnight for the surgery, and afterwards were contacted by a completely different male vet and we were told they did something completely different then what we had originally talked about. They made me leave her there overnight because she was depressed and not eating, and I told them she had a companion bun at home but they made me leave her there and charged me nearly $100 extra for the night she spent. This entire time I was trusting these strangers with my pet and she was scared and alone. When I took her in for her follow up appointment, the surgery not only didn't work but spread an infection to the rest of her leg. The only options Radnor gave me was to amputate her leg, requiring the money up front, or to put her down which I would also be billed for. I decided to take my bun somewheres else where they did the amputation for half the price, and sent her home with me the same day and she hasn't had issues since, while the entire month having to deal with Radnor vet caused everyone anxiety, and now I'm being billed $100-200 a week randomly to pay off the other half of the surgery that not only didn't work but shouldn't have been done in the first place, and making it difficult for me to pay the nice vets who actually saved my bunny. They're a very clean facility, and other than some of the vet assistants being rude, I thought it looked like a clean and nice vet. But they care more about some people's money than their pets I guess. I'll never go here again

Chris W

We have been very pleased with the treatment of our cats here. Very caring vets, and the vet calls after each visit to check up on the cats progress - and they do this everytime. We have never had another vet that does this. There are some negative reviews posted about this vet, but almost all the negative reviews have commonalities in the way they are written, so it looks like one person, or maybe two, are writing all the negative reviews. You can feel comfortable disregarding those reviews. I am sure whoever writes them is hoping to hurt the Radnor Vet Hospital, but all they are doing is possibly causing some owners to take their pets elsewhere, depriving the animals of the great care they would get here.

Elizabeth McNeil

Our rescue organization has been working closely with Radnor vet for several years and we couldn't be more pleased with the interaction. Dr. Donato works with us constantly on cost saving measures, which is extremely important as we are a small, non-profit group. In addition, he and the other veterinarians will do anything that they can to help an animal in need, even in tough cases. I take my own animals to Radnor as well and will continue to do so because of the top rate service and compassion, as well as competitive pricing. We also recommend Radnor to all of our adopters because of the excellent reputation and quality service provided.

Debbie Bone

Excellent care for my rabbits!

Nicholas Camarata

A fine establishment fit to serve your furry friends

VM Campbell

I have exotic pets that not all vets know all about. But at Radnor I had the best vet experience ever and the follow up contact has been amazing. FIVE STARS!!!

Linda Cors

Excellent care. Compassionate towards pet's feelings. Always amenable to treating in the exam room. I will only use fear free vets and Radnor always comes through.

Robert Nogay

Incredibly nice people, very knowledgeable as well. Highly recommend!

Ellen Jacobs

Went to see the doctor here about my pet who was bleeding out of his butt, doctor told me he will be fine and gave me medicine. Two weeks later he died. Obviously he wasn't healthy like he told me. May 15th, These monster contacted me today stating I didn't pay for the bill and are trying to scam me for more money. But obviously you are unable to get the medicine unless you pay first. I will never do business here again.

Peggy Hentz

We travel 2 hours to get to this vet. It is worth it.


New bird great staff and docs


We have had many many vet clinics over the years and this place was fantastic. Their knowledge on rabbits was far and beyond anyone else we have found. Friendly and compassionate staff. Competent doctors. Very reasonable prices compared to veterinarian chains like VCA. Highly recommend.

Matt O'grady

Very nice inside, friendly personable staff, extremely clean, excellent indoor dog daycare area. Very well maintained building. Up to date on newer technologies for taking great care of your pet.

kristin wermuth

Rabbit savvy vets are hard to come by. Everyone here is great!

helen pink

Radnor staff, you rock! You have helped me out several times with my mini lop and I can’t imagine taking her anywhere else. You all were so vigilant with her colds and calling back post spay to make sure she was doing ok. Thanks for pretending she’s a good client even though I know she’s a scratching, growling b**** fresh out of the carrier. I wish you wonderful folk could reap the good side of helping my monster but optimistically in the years to come I hope you will see that. Can’t imagine bringing the beast anywhere else and you should drag your bun too!

Fractal Universe

I took my two male rats here when they were getting sniffly. The facility itself is very nice and clean. The entire staff was very friendly and the visit was appropriately priced. I will continue to bring my boys back and highly recommend them for exotics!

Mary Smith

Love love love this vet for my bunny!! They love and know their bunny info!! Great staff! I was able to get a late appointment that accommodated my work schedule.

Kevin Michaels

This is by far the worst vet I have EVER had the misfortune of going to. They only care about your money and try to push all kinds of Health programs and diagnoses to get more $$ out of your pocket. After the second visit it was very obvious to us that greed and hunger for more luxurious tests took over their nice and friendly attitude. No wonder why they have a bigger place now, It is probably by scamming people and take their savings away thinking that they are wonderful people who actually cares about your loved ones. The only positive reviews I’ve read about this place were somewhat related to the business. Perhaps a co-worker, family member or the vet himself wrote them. The Vet in charge and I believe his name was Donato is not even close to be a doctor, I have no clue how he got his medical degree!!! take some real medical lessons on how to become a real doctor and run a business. I will never go back to your fancy places and for all other people out there, honestly if you love your pet take it some place else that will care about your pet as much as you do because this place is the WORST EVER!!!

Juliet Stein

My family and I have been going to Radnor Vet for decades. I now live in center city, in Philadelphia, and I make the trip out to Radnor Vet to still bring my cats here even though there is a vet around the corner. That's how good they are!

Noelle Ash

They always treat my bunnies with such great care! They know what they're doing and they enjoy it too. The place is always clean and the staff is always friendly. My buns and I love this vet.

Daniel Zinn

I have moved around quite a bit over the past 5 years, and have taken my dog to see a number of vets as a result of it. I recently moved to PA and needed to get some shots done, so after some research I took my dog to Radnor Veterinary Hospital for the first time a couple of weeks ago. In summary, this was one of the best vet experiences I have ever had. The staff was super accommodating, and Dr. Principati was amazing with Teddy (my dog). Teddy has some behavioral issues (he's a shelter dog), and going to see a vet is typically a nightmare for me. Dr. Principati made me feel so much better, and I'm no longer dreading the next visit!

Bari Cohn

My dog, Daisy had an eye infection. I noticed her eye was swollen and tearing. I called the office and they were able to see me right away. Dr. Delozier was so nice and thorough. My dog had an ulcer in her eye. I usually see Dr. Donato, who is wonderful, but he did not have hours at the time I needed to get treatment. I would highly recommend the practice.

Kendall Beverly

Kelly Dunne

Such a nice clean place and staff is genuinely concerned for your animal!!

Andrea Tropeano

Professional Staff, Knowledgeable, Very Experienced.

Clifford Ehrlich

I can't imagine that there is a better veterinary hospital anywhere! The doctors are top notch, extremely knowledgeable, caring, and skilled. Many diagnostic studies can be done immediately. Charges are always discussed up front. Our dogs have been excellently cared for, including our 14 year old who has severe arthritis, but nonetheless is active and happy! They have experts in the care of exotic animals as well. I highly recommend Radnor Vet Hospital!!

Brooke Mccormick

Our dog (who is rather standoffish!) just loves coming here, for doggie daycare or boarding! Great staff and we always feel confident that everyone is taking good care of our little guy!

Kevin Martin

THE MOST HORRIBLE PLACE..PLEASE read this before you go here. we lost our beloved pet due to their non existing aftercare...he was sent home too soon after surgery without the correct supporting meds and never seemed to improve.

Hannah Lebiedzinski

This is the best Vet in the area! My dog had an allergic reaction to one of the vaccines, the staff was very quick and caring. They helped bring my pup back to normal and were so supportive while I was worried and anxious. I highly reccommend Radnor Veterinary Hospital.

Brianna Kraft

The vet hospital is great but I don't like their boarding facilities

Gerry Cavanaugh

I have a conure who needs beak trimming in a regular basis. The docs and techs go above and beyond to ensure Zig does not stress out during the procedure. Everyone I see whether it be an employee or a client is always happy.

Trevor McKnight

Every single time we come here we feel uncomfortable and taken advantage of. Dr. Donato is rude, cold, and dismissive. He even contradicts the advice of other doctors at the practice! He will be the first to suggest an expensive exam or procedure without properly explaining the risks or costs. It's hard to trust someone with your pet when you can practically see the dollar signs in his eyes as he recommends more treatment and procedures. Becky Erlich is an amazing person and vet, but she can only do so much when Donato is the owner. We've just had too many bad experiences and had vets switched on us last minute. We will no longer be going here.

Kristie E

The staff is soooo friendly! Almost every time I go there my cat pukes all over herself from the anxiety of the crate and the staff always cleans out the crate, cleans her up, and gives me a new towel so she is a little cozy on the ride home. They really alleviate a lot of the stress of having to go there. The doctors are incredibly smart, kind and communicative about everything in a way you can understand. They communicate via email also which is very nice.

Jill Keller

Best vet ever. They are caring, knowledgeable, informative, and make you feel comfortable.

Amy Chiara

I’ve been using Radnor Vet for almost six years and all experiences are great. I have two labs and the care is top notch. My six year old lab had 2 ACL surgeries with Dr D before she was two years old and I highly recommend his expertise.

Sam Blujovski

I was told that Dr. Donato was the best in Wayne area. How he got that reputation I have no idea. Despite the fact that the staffs were sort of friendly and seemed nice at times, the doctor however was impersonal, unfeeling and uncaring at best. I can't recommend this vet to anyone. We are using St. George Hunt Memorial Veterinary Hospital and we are very happy with their fees and services.

Gemma Barba

Radnor Veterinary Hospital was recommended to me by another Veterinary Hospital because of their specialty in 'Exotic animals.' I am almost a fanatic when it comes to the care of my beloved Guinea Pigs, so finding a good Veterinarian was of the utmost importance to me. When we arrived for our first visit, I was extremely upset and the receptionists couldn't have been kinder. We were seen by Dr. Danato who also couldn't have been more gracious and understanding, he even gave Henry (my guinea pig) a hug. I have raised guinea pigs for over 45 years. Not being a Veterinarian myself, Dr. Danato had no problem discussing with me the information I have learned over the years; that's a good Doctor. There technicians are very pleasant and compassionate. Timothy, another guinea pig was quite sick and had to be hand fed. You would think after all these years I could just do it, I could not, I was to emotional. The technician sat with me and Timothy until I was confident to feed him on my own. It took awhile before I was ready to do it on my own and the technician was kind and patience. I have had quite a few 'geriatric' guinea pigs and some of their conditions required being put to sleep. I have never received such compassion, emotional support and out right love from the Doctors and technicians. All of the staff came in and gave their respects to me, and yes, my guinea pigs. The one Doctor (I'm not sure if I am allowed to mention names so I will not) and the technician who taught me to feed Timothy sat with me, in tears themselves, while I cried. I can not say enough about Dr. Danato's practice. When I saw the chance to tell my story about them, I couldn't wait. I could go on and on but I'm sure I got my point and feelings out there. Thank you so very much Dr. Danato and staff. Please never retire Dr. Danato and all the Veterinarians that work for him! Gemma Barba

David Weiner

Dr. Donato (the owner of the practice) and the other veterinarians are not only true animal lovers, but know how to deal with often very worried pet owners. We're "empty nesters" in our 70s and have had cats in our lives since our marriage 51 years ago. We are presently in the midst of trying to determine just what's wrong with one of our cats. Needless to say we are very worried about that cat. The staff at Radnor has done its best to treat us with patience and understanding and more importantly to arrange for various tests on short notice. It has been a pleasure to deal with people that have feelings for both pets and pet owners. We highly recommend this practice.

Ronald S

My cockatiel need to have a mass removed from her wing. Staff was beyond great. She is at home resting and recovering now. Cant thank them enough.

Tianna Chin

I have had my rabbits for 8-9 years and have been to various vets along the way. Radnor was one of the best veterinary practices for exotics I have ever been to. The entire staff is extremely competent and caring and the pricing is affordable. The vets all took their time to talk to me and I did not feel rushed. They separate the exotics and dog/cats area so your pet will be comfortable. I truly felt for one of the first times that my rabbit was in really good hands. I recently got a CT scan done and it finally solved the puzzle on what was wrong with my rabbit, it was worth the price! The veterinarians at Radnor are a homage to James Herriot's "all creatures great and small" and do an amazing job.

R Werber

Great doctors

Noah Reed

They have some cute kittens to adopt and a nice boarding area and also a bathing area for hosing down those dank dogs. The staff are extra kind to the animals and I saw happy dogs returning from playtime.

Charles Unruh

Took our Guinea Pig with a cold, and now she is all better. Relatively inexpensive- including two medications.

J Benedict

We were referred to Dr. Donato by our Vet for CT Scan. Everyone was so nice! The office is warm and comfortable and the results were processed quickly. Thank you:)

A Nagle

Radnor Veterinary Hospital has been taking care of my pets for 15 years. They are always loving, caring and competent!

Gerard Donaghy

Compassionate veterinary hospital that cares more about the patients and their families than bottom line!!

J Bohnenberger

I have been coming here for two years since getting my rescue dog. Dr. Donato has been incredibly kind and informative in teaching me how to raise a dog (my first) and providing care to him. He is especially personable to me as well as to my dog, and I never feel overcharged.

colleen k

Everyone there is so nice. This is the first visit with my parrot

Sophia Jayden

Horrible follow up after surgery..antibiotics not given as needed of course, nor other meds..found laying in urine after surgery..i was told one different story every time. it amazes me to see some positive reviews for the vet. I bet your wallet is full from ripping people off of their hard earned money...with today's economy we can't afford that.

Leslie Finkel

Radnor Vet went through some growing pains which could be why some people were dissatisfied a year or so ago. I have been so grateful that they are there. I have an exotic bird (cockatoo) and she has had the best care I think I could get anywhere. The boarding is superb- she always comes home happy and chirpy. Dr. Donato as an avian vet is attentive and has always spent time with us when we are there for her check ups.

Melynda Wilson-Horsch

I had previously given this animal hospital a bad review because of the way the vet tech dropped my macaw on the ground. I take that bad review back and would like to write a good review because I think I overreacted. I know the girl didn't drop my macaw on purpose. Dr. Misler(I know the spelling is wrong) was fantastic is handling what happened to Lou and I even took another parrot there yesterday. He made me feel much better about a sick parrot that I just purchased and he was very helpful and thoughtful. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Misler for any parrots.

Jeff K

These guys have done a fantastic job taking care of my rabbits.

Melissa Joos

I was able to make an appointment with a technician the same day. My pup went in for a nail chipping and a weight check. The technician clipped my pups nails without touching the quick! Wait time was minimal. I moved to the area about a year ago. I am very happy with the care my pup gets at Radnor Vet! Thank you!

sandra mccabe

I have been going to Radnor Vet Hospital for several years. I have cats and rabbits. I think I have seen every vet there for the cats. I have had some emergencies and serious surgeries on my cats there. Each vet has a different personality, but I like their honesty and skill with my cats. Rabbits are difficult patients. I have worked with Dr. Donato and more recently Dr. DeLozier. Both are great with the rabbits. Good knowledge. Good skills. One of my rabbits is very old and he wouldn't be alive today if not for the care at Radnor Vet Hospital.

Erin Soring

Deb Robbins

I have brought several of my birds (baby parakeet, ring-neck dove) to Radnor and each time I was extremely impressed by the skill and knowledge of the veterinarians. Further, they are excellent communicators, and very compassionate. They are gentle and respectful with their feathered patients. (I would assume that these qualities apply to their care of cats and dogs as well.) Most recently, Dr. Donato rendered emergency care to my critically injured ring-neck dove, Rocky. He gave me full information, including a grave prognosis, and offered me all of the options. When I asked him to try everything possible, he did exactly that. Dr. DeLozier was also involved. The docs remained available, kept me updated and persevered. Rocky is now doing nicely at home. This is my compliment: it's like having U Penn-level care, only without the travel.

Adrienne Wright

We have been taking our cats to Radnor Veterinary Hospital for many years and love it! Whether we see Dr. Donato or any of the other doctors, we get wonderful care from them and all staff. On time too! We highly recommend them.

Kristen Stork

I have been bringing my cats and dogs here on and off (because of moving out of state and back) for 11 years. I've always experienced a very clean and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, I had to put my 15 year old dog down about a week ago. This dog was the love of my life and Dr. Carla was so good with both me and him. She gave me as much time and space as I needed in this difficult situation and it was appreciated. I would always recommend this place as I've never had a bad experience. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because I would have appreciated information on a grief counselor, etc that day when I was still there. I did call a few days later and was referred to someone and they did send me a sympathy card. Other than that I couldn't have asked for anything more given the situation of losing my sweetheart.

Matt Zelonka

The best doctors I have found for my guinnee pigs. Gave me some options for treatment and costs and did a excellent diagnosis and fixed the pigs right up... I would give a extra star for the follow-up phone calls if I could.. the service was spot on and they made it convenient to get in that day. Thank you!

Will Towler

The people here are friendly and expedient. I enjoyed each of the three visits I had. The first was a check-up, which was hugely informative and forgiving of a relatively naïve pet owner like myself. The second was a follow-up, which was quick, enthusiastic, and professional. The third was just an easy final treatment, done rapidly and even ahead of schedule. Could not be happier!

Kathryn Philpott

If you are looking for a local vet, I have had nothing but good experience here. The vets are knowledgeable and kind and people I trust my dog with. I will drive out of my way to continue coming here.


Radnor vet is wonderful! I take my guinea pigs there whenever one is sick and Dr. Meister is always so kind, caring, and knowledgeable.

Courtney Douds

Excellent vets. Accommodating, professional, ethical, effective, and compassionate. My falconry birds have been well cared for any time an injury has needed attention, and at least two of the veterinarians are avian specialists.

Dean Connell

The staff here are very friendly and they are very accommodating with evening appointments.

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