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REVIEWS OF HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service IN Pennsylvania

Anthony Reed

Had to put our beloved Molly down last night. The entire staff was tremendous from first contact to finally. The doctor and tech were so thoughtful and delicate with our loved one. Thank you for making a heart breaking reality a bit easier. God bless. Highly recommended HousePaws

Caitlin Bell

Becky and Phyllis were incredible. We had to put our beloved cat down today and these two women have offered the best emotional support that we could've imagined. We felt so much less alone having House Paws there to support us. They even gave us a clay pawprint with a sweet poem to remember our kitty by. We would recommend them to anybody!

Barbara Berry

Fabulous people from vets to staff. Everyone works to make your pet (and you) calm. My Charlie has been seen by Housepaws vets for 10 years. Can't recommend them any higher-- they are the very best!!

Davina Henry

Extremely friendly and professional. They worked great with my 15year old and gave me all natural things I can get for his joints instead of pushing drugs he doesn't need yet. Would definitely recommend them if your dog hates the vet visits and car rides it saved me and my dog a lot of stress. I will be using them from now on

Lorian Eck

Dr. Wood and her assistant ( forget her name!) just left. She was great! $25 additional for a house call is worth every penny!!! Our cat is already so upset by the time we get to a vet and it's all downhill from there! They made our cat feel as much at ease as possible. Will definitely use House Paws in the future. Never going back to a regular vet again.

Allison Strough

I had a dire emergency and Dr. Lisa called the vet hospital herself to make sure my pet was taken right in. If you need a good vet Dr. Lisa is the person for the job.

Lanette Aloi

A week ago my husband and I had to make the extremely hard decision to euthanize our dog who had been battling lymphoma. This was my family's first time losing a pet and we did not really know what to expect. After calling around to several other veterinarians who did not have time to come to our home and help us, I called HousePaws. We live in Philly and are not regular patients of HousePaws, yet they did their best to accommodate us same day and in home, both of which were very important to us. Everyone involved was extremely gentle through the entire process. From the staff answering the phones to the vet, Dr. Lisa Hecht, (and tech) who came out to our house to the gentleman that helped me when I picked up her ashes today; EVERY single person was kind and empathetic to our situation. They even gave us a call the day after Penelope's passing to check in on us. I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to HousePaws. They made a very hard thing feel a little lighter. I am comforted by the fact that our dog's passing was handled in the best possible way. I can not speak to their regular veterinary services but I can only imagine that they are wonderful, too.

Terry Gorman

I have just spent 2 days trying to reach this service to speak with someone to have my 20yr old cat euthanized in my home...I decided it would be a better choice for my cat, I needed to keep things as peaceful as I could for her, and I didn't want to be crying and grieving in my Vets office. I finally reached someone this morning, just to have him put me on hold and leave me hanging. I hung up the phone after a few minutes, realizing that if they can't even answer their phones for potential Clients properly, how can I depend on them to help me and my pet thru this heart breaking end of life process. So, because of my experience with HousePaws, I would not recommend this service...Im going to my Vets office where they know my cat, actually care about us both and I know I'll find comfort when she passes....

Rudolph Bescherer, Jr.

Excellent primary veterinary care for your four-legged family members. They also have a great working relationship with NorthStar for specialty or emergency care. Both in-house and office-based experiences have been wonderful. Also, their fees are reasonable for the services they have provided.

Kate S.

We're relatively new clients but we've been very happy with their knowledgeable staff and pragmatic care (our previous place was prone to $$ treats and surgeries even got elderly dogs) It's maybe $15 more to have them come to my house which is worth it for me as not only can I get stuff done while waiting for the appt (they do call to let you know their ETA but every time they were 30-70 minutes late, again I've had office visits be the same!) but also my dogs aren't super stressed out and it's actually pretty quick and their staff is great with apprehensive/aggressive dogs-- they are true dog whisperers

sandie c

Wish I could go above 5 stars! They are fantastic!!

Andrea McBride

My vet could not get us in for an emergency this place was beyond helpful and got us in quick Friendly and amazing

Dorothy Mitchell

Caring staff

William Brockett

Fantastic staff that does their best to make your pet's bad day as comfortable as possible. Normally I visit the Morrisville office and I love them, but Mt. Laurel lives up to the same level of service.

Chris Manzi

We made an appointment for 2:30pm. We received a reminder call the day prior confirming for 2:30pm the next day. The day of the appointment comes around, I called them at 2:45pm asking where they are to which they respond my appointment was at 3pm! No apologizes or anything acting like I made this up. See attached email confirmation stating 2:30pm, no thanks.

Kerry Porreca

Dr Wood is the best! HousePaws is wonderful! Every staff member I have seen has been incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. The mobile service is just spectacular! I'm sure my lab with hip dysplasia appreciates not having to get in the car anymore. So glad I found this veterinary service! Best I've ever experienced.

Michelle Marshall

Truly awesome vet! From the initial phone contact to the doctor and tech leaving my home, we were treated with courtesy and caring. All charges and options were fully explained. Every staff member handled Max's treatment with the urgency that we felt. Dr. Robe and Joe D. went out of their way, extending their day to make Max their priority. We especially want to thank and commend Dr. Robe for her caring and love. Finally, we cannot thank Joe D enough for going above and beyond to help us there are no words to express our gratitude to Joe D for his kindness. Thank you so much for everything, House Paws.

Lisa Sanchez-Knox

I absoletely love the staff at HousePaws. They have been amazing with both of my my fur babies.

Kathy Smith

What an awesome convenient service House Paws provides. I have Pinky a small kitty who is terrified in the carrier. When i called House Paws they sent Dr Matt to our house and he checked her, gave her shots, cleaned her ears and trimmed her nails. Pinky was still terrified but i didnt get scratched up from putting her in the carrier. Im so thankful Robin Wilson recommended House Paws to me

Blair Kuhlwind

Great Doctors and staff. They don't rip you off like My Laurel Animal Hospital does!

Tanya Richter

We had a 10 year old Alaskan Malamute that needed to be transported to the vet because she was sick and could no longer walk. The gentleman that came was phenomenal. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Carolyn Baker

House paws was fantastic! They squeezed my Finley in at the last minute and Dr. Wood and Erika were fantastic. They tried to keep my poor baby calm and treated her as quickly as possible. Can't wait to use House Paws for regular visits so that Fin doesn't have to freak out going to the vet's office.

Pamela Davis

I am new to this practice and they have been amazing. My cat is very ill and Dr. Robe has been very supportive with the decision making process. I want to also mention Alina, Vet Tech who went out of her way to bring me his prescription medication and food on her way home so I would not have to go to the office after a home visit that afternoon. I cannot say enough good things about everyone I have dealt with at Housepaws!

Anthony Trotman

Love this place . You always get a follow up call the next day

Eileen R

Very clean, candles help mask whatever pet smell that may exist. Staff is nice. However, the physical location is not easy to determine because the sign is so small and oddly placed. The other down side, IMHO, is that there are too many vets. I understand they do because they make house calls.which is fantastic, plus the vets are very friendly, professional, etc. The vets should have set territories. For example, one set of four vets share one territory, another set a different territory, etc. This allows for coverage @This way, they become familiar with you and your pets which helps them, you, and your pets.

Michele DiCorcia, Ph.D.

I cannot say enough about HOUSEPAWS Vet (mobile and their brick and mortar office). They have been amazing while trying to save my cat's eye. They are so kind and compassionate from the moment you walk into the office.

Charlotte Grudzinski

I just had these wonderful people out for my awesome, but aging, 12 year old German shepherd. They blew me away! From the amazing tenderness to their knowledgeable answers (to the 1000 questions I asked) I was sold on every second they spent with my dog! They weren't alarmists, but they were THOROUGH! To anyone with a furry baby, I HIGHLY recommend this vet! The topper to it all was I would expect to be price gouged to have such caring doctors and nurses for my pet come TO MY HOME, but instead found a reasonably priced, kind hearted and knowledgeable staff to care for my aging baby! I look forward to a long relationship with Housepaws, and thank you for caring for Aiso like we do!!!

Mary Rabbe

I have been going to HousePaws with both my own dogs and my foster dogs. I want to thank everyone there for all they do for their clients and the community. They have been there for my animals for everything from routine checkups to broken …

Cyndi Luongo

The staff at House Paws treat our animals as if they were their own. Dr. Lisa is wonderful.


These folks are stellar! Very friendly in office. The vet that came to my house was knowledgeable and okay with humans, fantastic with my dog. The vet tech was worse with people but great with the dog too. They were very proficient. This place does a lot of charity for animals. They also have programs for children to get involved with animal care and paths to vet school, which is amazing!

Vicky Olson

House Paws is an excellent vet. We live all the drs there. Very professional. They love our pets as much as we do. It's often so helpful that they travel to you I. Amy situation. When we had to have our dog or to sleep they came and did everything at our house. It was beautiful and they were great explaining everything to our kids and it was such a wonderful experience even though sad. I would highly recommend them.

Scott Eiser

House Paws staff is TOP NOTCH! Dr.'s and staff were always great during home visits when my cat needed attention. Recently had to let my cat go after 16 years of companionship. I called House Paws at 8:30am the morning it was decided her suffering needed to stop and they moved other appointments to fit me in for 11am home visit,when I was told it would be around 1pm at the earliest....House Paws did what they had to do in a sincere and caring way that comforted me and made everything easier in a rough time. Also appreciated the call to my home the following day expressing their condolences,as well as the sympathy card received in mail about a week later.... Can't thank these PROFESSIONAL and COMPASSIONATE Staff enough...

Denise Geraghty

I used House Paws recently for my local neighborhood cat (who owners are neglecting him). I now highly recommend this mobile vet because they were on time and did a great job. I have 2 rescue dogs and would certainly consider changing my current vet and using House Paws. They are very professional and great with their furry clients!

Lisa T

Used House paws back in October for a routine visit at the house, great service and the doc was great with our cats and explained everything we needed to do and change with diet ;-). Had an unfortunate visit this past weekend, they got us in quick and so easy. Our "little" guy is feeling much better. I wouldn't want to go any where else.

Angela Simmons

All of our experiences with this vet has been very positive! We have had in home visits and in office visits. Very friendly staff and convenient services.


Great service. Vet on wheels. Staff is great with pets and their owners. Would recommand to all

Nancy Daly

Housepaws Mobile Vet Service has treated my elderly, socially anxious greyhound in my home and made her life so much better it is hard to describe. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Joyce have been thorough, compassionate, and professional In their care of …

Katy Murray

I absolutely love the doctors of housepaws but a very rude employee by the name of Krista is why I’m not giving anything more. Mid sentence she hung up the phone on me because i requested to speak with someone over her. I called back and then when I spoke with the receptionist, she told me Krista will speak on “my behalf” to the doctor and when I stated that was not what i wanted, that person hung up on me. I called again and when I asked again to speak with doctor Dana, they hung up on me. While they have great doctors, Krista is childish when someone doesn’t find her demeanor confronting. So if you can avoid her like the plague, it’s a great place. If you have to deal with her, be prepared to deal with a childish and rude individual. After reading the below review-no, Krista did not state any of the comments and my voice was not being raised, she called me a liar and when requested to speak with her boss she told me she was the boss and did just hang up. It’s appalling that you would have the distaste to mention any monetary agreements on a site after such an appalling customer service experience . Considering that I was not yelling or raising my voice and such a RUDE individual was allowed to speak with a customer is such a manner is a true sign of what the company allows to be acceptable. She had treated me and my pets as if they were unwanted and uncared for. I have never stated anything other than I wanted to speak with Dr Dana. If you do want this to mannerisms to be reported to the board, I would advise to take your response down immediately. The local newspapers will be contacted about the service that KRISTA has given. I have never been rude or unkind to your staff and it’s apparent that you would rather blame a client then admit that you have such a disrespectful staff member on your team. I am not one to raise my voice nor am I want to treat someone unkindly. It’s very apparent that you do not care for your clients but only care for the money.

Scott Santos

I want to thank House paws for their kind service with our pets. They are kind and compassionate and very knowledgeable! In a dire situation they made us feel at peace. Thank you!

Margaret Zabo-Castelli

I am pleased to say that Charlie was happy to see you all when you came to the house for his visit. He was thrilled that he did not have to ride in a car (where he always gets sick). He, as well as I, enjoyed having Dr. Wood and her …

Amanda Flenard

Dr. Kimmelman and Michelle came to my home for well visits for my two dogs. I have a 100lb pitbull that used to HATE going to the vet and was so difficult to manage in the office. These two were so gentle and loving towards my boys, making things so much easier for me. I highly recommend House Paws and I will definitely continue to use them in the future!

N Piratzky

They are so caring an so nice they have been taking care of a infection my dog has. I would reccomend them all around..

Debbie Murphy

Last week, my family and I made the very difficult decision of having our 15 yr old Lab euthanized. I have never used House Paws before but saw that they came to the house to perform this procedure. I called them at 8am and they came out at 10 am the same day. When Dr. Robe and her assistant showed up, my dog started walking, wagging her tail and barking at them. It was the best we have seen her act in over a year. My children and I were so confused. When we called them the dog had not walked, stopped eating, and would not even get up to go to bathroom. Dr. Robe suggested we try some medications for her to see if they worked. She told us to give her a week and see how she responded to them. My former vet refused to give the dog medications for her pain. The medications Dr Robe prescribed for my dog are working wonderfully! I have since phoned them for refills and medication for bladder control and they are very responsive. The receptionist has even done some comparison shopping for me so I could get the most responsible prices for the medicines. Every single person I have dealt with the past week are wonderful, compassionate, and they clearly care about my pet even though they have never met her before last week. I will absolutely be switching my vet to House Paws for all my future needs. In my opinion, this practice literally saved my dog Hermonies life. I can never thank them enough!

michael kalinowski

I have a English Mastiff - My Experience with Dr. Kimmelman and assistant was fantastic! She explained everything and treated my pup like it was her own. She did follow up after treating my boy which shows she cares and loves what she does!!! I will never venture anywhere again when my pup needs the best care house paws it is!!! Oh and they said they would show up at 2pm and they were there early Awesome!! Can't say enough good things about my experience with house paws!!!

Souzan Boutin

Where do I start?! I moved to Nj 2 years ago and was stressed about finding a new vet for my German shepherd. My uncle recommended house paws as he uses their services for his cats. I took a chance and went to their facility, they were very kind and I had a good experience however it wasn’t until I adopted my second senior German Shepherd girl that we fell inlove with Dr Kimmelman!! I can’t speak highly enough of this doctor! I even adopted a 3 dog because I knew I had Dr Kimmelman as an extended part of my team. My girls love her! She is amazing, kind, geniune, and honest! She even calls to check on my girls after hours and goes above and beyond for us. We love her and I highly recommend her! Thank you Dr for caring for my girls like they are your own. I couldn’t do this without you as I have a senior girl and dog with aggressive cancer. Again, I highlighy recommend house paws and Dr Phyllis Kimmelman!

Neil Plasky

The Drs. and technician are fantastic the most kindest people so concerned about the welfare of the animal plus they make a call next day to see how the pet is. I would recommend them to everybody.

Melissa Loringer

Friendly staff. There were amazing with my fur babies

Michele Youngwirth

Loving caring veterinarian. The best around. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

cheryl gomm

What a WONDERFUL group of people!! It was fate that I found them when I did. My cat was in distress, and I called them around 11am.. and it just so happened they were in my area early that afternoon. When Dr. Woods and Lizzy arrived (after …

STEVEN buckk

They took great care of my dog up to the end GREAT PEOPLE

Coleen Griffith

The best of the best. Everyone from the vets, to the techs to the office staff is friendly, professional and excellent at his/her job. I have never seen a vet practice that cares so much about the animals. This doesn't feel like a business at all. On top of that, HousePaws arranges social events for dogs. It doesn't better than HousePaws. Period.

susan dare

I love that we have the option of having the vet come to us OR going to them. Their prices are comparable to other local vet's, with the exception of a $25 travel fee. If you have more than one dog being seen, they only charge the fee once so this makes it even more worthwhile. We have four dogs and sometimes by the time I load up the car, drive to the vet's office, sit around waiting, then wait to check out, I would gladly pay someone $25 to come to me. It's well worth it when you consider the savings in time and aggravation. My only issue is that our dog has been seen multiple times for the same issue and so far it has not been resolved, which is frustrating. But even when we visit their office, they move things along quickly so the wait-time is much less than most vets.

Jason Kelly

Best veterinary service in town/ south jersey. They are also a mobile service, so if getting your pet into the car is an issue, they will come to your house. Dr Lauren and Dr Matt are extremely knowledgeable and make you feel at ease when your furry friend is not feeling well. Nancy is also great with our puppy and treats her like she is her dog. They have a state of the art facility which looks great inside and out. This should be your one and only stop if your pet is not feeling well.

Lori Shiles

Last Friday was such a sad day in our home. We had to relieve our sweet little 13 y/o beagle of her pain and suffering. HousePaws was amazing. The compassion and kindness they offered us made what was truly a sad day, a little easier to bear. We were given all the time we needed to say goodbye. Chicks was made comfortable in her bed, no added stress of going to a vet or a cold and sterile environment. They have called us to check how we were doing and sent a lovely card. While the thought of getting another animal is the furthest from our mind, if we did I would use HousePaws for all their services. I highly highly recommend them. And I cannot thank them enough for the kindness and compassion they have shown us!!

Kari Gwynne

These vets are absolutely amazing. The price is very fair, they are very patient even with my crazy and large dog, and they are thorough. Would recommend them anyway!!!

B Kraft

If you have a House Paws near you I suggest you switch (unless your vet is great). It's a long story but kitten Bonnie just turned 1 on Nov. 15 and she's happy and healthy after a not so good experience with my first veterinarian. Dr. Lisa and all the staff at House Paws in Mt. Laurel are amazing. They will go above and beyond for your pet and while they are doing that they will make you feel at ease. When you leave there (or if they come to your home) you will know your pet received the best care. I highly recommend them.

linis pwetko

Staff is helpful and courteous. It's my first time with House Paws and I recommend their service. They are knowledgeable and answer any questions you may have about your pet or pets. It's an awesome service that they come to your residence to see your pets. I will definitely call them again for my pet's needs. Thank you again HousePaws.

Jennifer Tafe

Dr. Dana and Alina were fantastic. They arrived exactly on time took great care of my two nervous kitties. They even squeezed into my tiny bathroom space for one of the exams since my cat was huddled in the corner and not eager to come out. Definitely recommend.

Lisa Cucinotta

I have adopted a dog from there and they have been very helpful with his Continuing Care

Brad Munkey

Took my dog in for a check up for a 1230 appointment, arrived at 1215, wasn't seen until 1330. Folks that came in after me went back before me. They just seem to put all the folks showing up on a list in no particular order. 3 stars for the actual vets though, cool folks and did a quick and easy job diagnosing and recommending treatment.

Nicole Johnson

I cannot thank the entire House Paws staff enough for their care and compassion. I had heard amazing things from a friend regarding their at home euthanasia services, back when my sweet angel black lab Bella had been diagnosed with cancer in June. I kept them in the back of my mind until almost 4 months later, when it was time to call. From the first person I talked to (Angel) to Dr. Lauren who came up our house, they were incredible from the start. I know Bella went peacefully and it is thanks to House Paws and our encouraged ability to stay very close to her the whole time. They were so kind and there was no rush, they really let us give them the go ahead when we were ready to say goodbye. Making this decision was the most difficult thing, and always will be for anyone having to make it for their loved family member.....just know that House Paws will make it as bearable as it could be. Thank you again for everything

Marion Chamberlain

House Paws Mobile Vet Services is truly outstanding. From the intake process to appointment reminders to the vet visit, their services exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kimmelman and Joe took such great care of my four cats, two of which were a bit temperamental, during the house visit. Both were kind, compassionate and very caring. I highly recommend House Paws. I truly appreciate the wonderful care they provided.

Carissa Schanely

Housepaws (specifically Dr. Eddie) was able to come to our house the same day that I called. We needed a second opinion after our regular vet suggested we spend nearly $1,000 for our dog's upset stomach. They gave her a full, comprehensive …

Sarah Brooks

I took my foster dog of 3 months to HousePaws to be humanely euthanized after being informed by my family vet that his kidneys were failing. (I spent 3 months trying to determine what his ailments were and why he was returned to the shelter 3 times with trial and error of medicines, dieting, and medical tests and made the decision to do this before he started severely suffering.) The vet came in and asked me what his ailments were. I told her the diagnosis from my vet. She began insinuating that my vet gave an incorrect diagnosis by suggesting it sounded more like diabetes, and that he looks happy and healthy (happy, yes. Healthy, no.) We informed her that he has been tested for everything under the sun already, and this was not an easy decision. She proceeded to start the process giving him a sedative needle in his back muscle. We told the vet that he fights these medicines as he is on anxiety medication and is on a higher dosage than most dogs his size. She left the room, while my poor beagle stumbled around the room for 15 minutes, fighting to sit still. When the vet re-entered the room, I asked if this was a normal process for them. I have never seen it done this way, it is usually a 1-2-3 step process, and it was agony for us and our poor dog. She informed us that she is a fill-in and at her hospital they use an IV. She brought in the items to insert the IV to my drugged up dog, while he squirmed and cried as she failed to hit his vein. She finally decided to take him out of the room to complete the IV, but where we could still hear them. He screamed a sound I have never heard come out of him; 3 separate times. She finally brought my poor foster baby back into the room drugged up and finally euthanized him. I will not say humanely, because nothing about this was humane. The entire process took over an hour. When we went to leave, I was told we owed double the amount that I was told prior to the visit. When I told the girl I had in a text message the correct amount, she miraculously found the correct amount on her screen as well. This was the worst experience I have ever encountered with any veterinarian's office. I did this process to prevent him from the horrible pain and suffering of the final stages of renal failure. HousePaws was inhumane to my poor dog during his last and final moments with us.

Natalia Navarra

Dr Rob and Vicki just left our house. They did an amazing job with helping us say goodbye to our old pup, Booie. I highly recommend House Paws to help you say good bye to your special animal.

Veronica Fletcher

OMGosh, excellent facility, excellent staff! They work with local shelters and rescue orgs to provide healthcare to dogs, cats, etc., that require fostering/rescuing. Took our foster(failure) Chance there and it was a great experience. Thank you!

sam nocille

Please note that this is about their euthanasia. I had a mixed experience with HousePaws that is why I am writing this review 10 days after my experience. After a lot of thinking, I thought the bad completely outweighed the good and what was done was unforgivable and I will never recommend them or use them. First the good: They were late. This was good because they did not stick to a schedule, they gave every family the amount of time they needed during such a difficult situation. The vet/vet techs that came to my house were so sweet. One even got teared up as they were walking away because of how upset my family was. The bad: I was leaving the country shortly after all this happened so I requested my dog Dante to be dropped off at my mother’s house down the road. I had the person at HousePaws read the address back to me and the phone number, all was good. Before I left, I called once more to remind them of the correct delivery address. They confirmed, and I left for my trip. Saturday morning my mother received a call that they will be there around 3 or so. The whole family was there waiting. By the time a waiting grace period was over, it was too late to contact them. I told my mom I would call when I got home Monday. After several hours of flight delays, I entered my home at 12:30 am Tuesday to find a bag on my step. It was the ashes of my dog. He was left on my step like a cheap package that you do not need to sign for. He was there from Saturday 3pm until Tuesday 12:30am. I have cameras at my house and saw the person who dropped him off. Came to my home not professionally dressed and gave 26 seconds for someone to answer the door. I had a car in the driveway so it looked like someone was home and yet he knocked once and waiting only 26 seconds before leaving Dante and taking off. This person needs to be fired or their process of leaving a loved animal like that needs to be changed. I spoke with HousePaws before writing this review, I was told they were going to talk to the manager or someone higher up. it’s now one week and I have not received a call back. Their service was very very very expensive and I did not get the result I paid for. You decide if you want to use them on your own, but I will not.

Diane Chiorello

Loved Dr Joyce. Very comfortable and pleasant visit for myself and my dog.


Always great customer service and answer all your questions.

Virginia Hello

My family has been fortunate enough to have known about this wonderful group of people for 5 years now. HousePaws makes caring for my pets so much easier. They come when ever called, are polite and most of all, care for my pets. They offer a complete office visit AT HOME. Never again will we gather the pets in the car and deal with the stress of the ride there and back. I truely believe it is better for the animal if they are in their own home. Buddy and Lily just had their shots and exam. I thank HousePaws and the wonderful staff for the attention they show and the professionalism.

Autumn Meadows

Convenient home appts!

Elyse Smith

HousePaws offers an incredible service. I used them for the first time several months ago for an in-home well visit for my two cats. I was extremely pleased with their thoroughness and professionalism. Today I used them on an emergency basis, as my cat was vomiting for over 24 hours. They moved their schedule around to squeeze me in, and Dr. Eddy and his assistant Erica gave my sick cat a thorough exam in our home, all the time keeping him extremely calm. Their service is simply exceptional and I highly recommend them. The convenience of having someone come to your house for you and your pet cannot be beat. I recommend them highly.

Nannan Lil Bit

They are the BEST vets ever! Compassionate and caring beyond the call. They helped my Bender Dog go over the Rainbow Bridge,and took care of me! Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. Thank you again! ! !

Katie Hilliard

My new foster fail Ziggy was absolutely traumatized by his carrier after being moved around so much. I knew he needed veterinary care but I couldn't put him through the stress of going into an office. Dr. Mitchell and her tech were life savers. Both very personable and made my cat and myself very comfortable. The whole process was easy. The office staff that I dealt with were all extremely helpful and friendly. I experienced some technical difficulties when reaching the office during one call, but they offer a text message system which worked great and got me assistance right away. Overall very happy and the mobile fee is definitely worth it.

L Smith

Excellent service was provided to me and my little ginger baby in a time of need. I only wish I had heard of this sooner! My cat was always very distressed at our local vet's office because of the dogs barking and different smells etc. If you can afford to use a mobile vet I highly recommend using this service. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the vet, but she was very kind and compassionate and the vet tech Matt was also great.

Christie Peyton

Best care for your pet. They really care and I trust that they are taking care for my fur baby.

Heather Zupsic

We called upon House Paws a little over a year ago when getting our boy Riley into the car and to the vet became a challenge. Dr. Lisa helped us to find ways to keep Riley comfortable, despite his hind end weakness and age. To say Dr. Lisa is passionate about what she does is an understatement, she felt like part of our family and treated Riley like her own. When the time came to make the difficult decision, when the quality of life outweighed the quantity, Dr. Lisa & her staff were absolutely amazing. They were compassionate through the entire process, from making the appointment, to being there at the very end and following up the next day to see if we needed anything - or just to talk. I recommend House Paws to everyone, they truly made the last year with our boy fulfilling, as we can confidently say he was in the absolute best hands. Thank you Dr. Lisa & staff!

Cozmic Pyro

Simply AMAZING people & vets that truly care about your furry family members. We wouldn't go anywhere else & if needed they will come to your home so awesome. THE BEST AROUND NO DOUBT!!!

Debbie Ma

Starting to wonder about their services. Cat was suppose to have 2 teeth pulled for ard $300 then after procedure done found out it was 5 teeth and over $1000....... Then had first issues with fleas on my cats that I have never had. Still waiting since sept for a return call and a response to text I left ( its dec now)Now have called about another issue my cat is having and was told that I would have return call In Half hour. It is almost 10 hrs later, your office is closed and no return call. When I ask some simple questions receptionist tells me she isn't a vet but will have a vet coordinator speak with me but they are always busy on another line. Starting to wonder about house paws ????

Josie Andrews

Dr. Joyce and techs are great but the owner is completely insensitive. My pet was dying of kidney failure. I scheduled tech appointments for a 3 month period 3x a week for 47-55 each for about 5 minutes of their time. When they had us “locked” in they then told us they were going to charge us an ADDITIONAL 55 for a Vet to sit outside in the car for that 5 minutes. This literally means I have to choose between my pet dying or paying 300 a week to them!!! i probably would have paid it if they had been more up front from the start. Don’t use except for one time visits. I am appalled that Dr Lisa so blatantly lied and said I used profanity in my response! A clear typo with a space error in an iPhone message is not profanity. And, it is the exchange after this that was so appalling. I literally felt bullied. I will now see whether there is a Vet or other association to report this to. Again, Dr Joyce and techs are great. I truly wish they worked elsewhere. I have never had an interaction professionally like this one. Follow-up 02/10. We used the “tech” Dr Lisa recommended. She was nice but clearly didn’t know what she was doing. Didn’t make pocket, put needle in going backwards to what others did, and then hit a vein. Cat was completely traumatized and would not let us give her sub as for the first time ever last week. This is our cat’s back after we cleaned it of the blood 2 hours later, still seeping a bit. Again do not use Dr Lisa. She is completely rude and insensitive.

AJ Rednys

wanted to be impressed. highly disappointed i think I will shop around next time.

Carol Montgomery

We had our first visit today with Megan and Dr. Scarlett. The appointment was very easy to schedule and I was provided a cost estimate at that time. An appointment was scheduled for the next morning (wow!!) and the van pulled into my …

Mary Tennison

Just the best pet care I've ever found!

Mary Jane Branda

At House Paws, I feel confident in knowing my pet will be given the best care. The staff truly cares about my pet and the services they provide.

Michelle LaSala

House Paws has an amazing veterinary team who were so gentle and kind to my fuzzy baby during a very scary time for him. I will go there again and again.

sisters vlogz

I had an emergency with my pet the other night and HousePaws was excellent. The woman who answered the phone asked me a few questions and quickly realized it was an emergency... She immediately dispatched a tech to my house to help me get my dog into my SUV (since he's a large breed & I was by myself). She even looked up the closest animal hospitals and told me where to bring him. The HousePaws tech arrived quick. She was patient and very compassionate with my pet. I would recommend this business to anyone.


Providing their patients with the care they deserve....

Carol Neubaur

i heard great things about house paws and when I got a rescue kitten I took him there to try it out. I was so impressed with the caring nature of Dr Joyce and the assistant. In the past my dog has to be fully sedated at the vets due to fear based aggression and the sight of nail trimmers can send my sweet boy into killer mode. I spoke with Dr Lisa and she suggested a home visit. Knowing my dogs issues she left the white coat in the car and came in. The dog was in love with them. I never expected them to achieve anything. His regular vet can't. And granted there was some drama from the dog but with gentleness and compassion Dr Lisa and her amazing tech Stephanie were able to draw blood and trim his nails. I couldn't believe it. Not a drop of sedation. I immediately changed vets. I almost cried when they achieved this. I hated having my dog sedated for simple nail trims and whike it wasn't an easy thing to do. They did it and the dog loved them after. When you vet gets on the floor to treat your dog that says something. Wonderful people amazing vets.

Carole Timmins

Great service! Loved having them come to the house for my older dog and my other one who is a handful. Dr was awesome and the staff was great.

Chuck Young

We were recommended to seek out House Paws by our previous vet Dr. Barnes who had a mobile vet practice, but he left the practice. We had a vet arrive at our house who was Phyliss Kimmelman. first she apologized that she was unable to obtain our cats weight, she said the scale was not working, then when we handed her the glucose monitoring kit she was unable to figure out how to work it. (and it was the kit they recommended we purchase). She later told us she was distracted that day and a tech would be sent to our house free of charge to get her weight and get an accurate reading of her sugar levels. But, the story gets much more complicated. I later went to house paws in Mount Laurel to pay for her stool sample testing. I asked to speak to a supervisor, a woman who was standing behind the desk said she was the supervisor (did not provide her name). I proceeded to describe our experience to her and she was anything but caring. At the same time they were discussing VET Phyliss Kimmelman and the conversation was that the vet can no longer treat dogs, only cats going forward. Don't know what that was about, but interesting how it was this very same vet who treated our cat. Now, the bad part.. We took our cat Maggie to another vet and she was immediately diagnosed with gastro intestinal Lymphoma and it is in advanced stages. So House paws said her weight loss, vomiting, and other symptoms were a result of diabetes. In reality our cat has cancer and house paws never caught it, never ordered an ultrasound, or anything. House paws missed everything and mis-diagnosed our cat, who now is on her last few weeks of life. STAY AWAY FROM HOUSE PAWS

Lisa Hoganson

After 5 years of good care I discovered that Vitrus Vet a third party app used to facilitate communication was used by clerical staff to record “medical notes” . These medical notes were no such but in fact characterized me the client. The notes were disparaging and mischaracterized my attempt to obtain a second opinion and estimate for a an examination performed by HP in February. Erica the office manager deleted these notes immediately and referred my concerns to hospital administrators My concerns were a breech of ethics , and sanctioned unprofessional conduct and a betrayal of a loyal house paws client. I had always enjoyed the care of this facility and have had my animals treated in the office and at home. In these years I have not changed as a client or pet owner in this time but House Paws has grown and changed and standards of professionalism are not as they should be ;this is unfortunate as there are some great people there. Unfortunately my concerns were dismissed and discounted as I pointed a finger at the need to improve protocol and civility . When I recommended supervision for the clerical staff I did not endear myself to Jessica the hospital administrator who informed me that was she! Run don’t walk away . Read the other negative reviews carefully. All clients are worthy of ethical , professional care. If you do not value all clients you cannot value any clients, These vets are forced into a substandard level of care by ineffective, unprofessional support staff and a business model that does not facilitate the best level of care. Stay away.

Harry Faunce

Have been using Dr Lisa for a very long time. I would not trust anyone else to see my dogs. She is honest and caring. She has a holistic approach and has many options up her sleeves. She has assembled a great staff who is thorough, competent, and caring. Could not recommend them more highly. For those of you with big dogs - Dr Lisa is very experienced with the big guys. I have English Mastiffs and have brought many to her.

Michael McNinney

Such a great place nice people

Donya Finney

Love them!

John Smarto

We absolutely love House Paws. They were recommended when we rescued our dog, Gordie. Everyone is very nice and they truly care about their patients, every dog and cat who comes here is well treated. Gordie has gotten all his vaccines here and also got neutered at House Paws, they took very good care of him and were extremely knowledgeable regarding what to expect after the neutering, and the medications for his recovery were very inexpensive. I highly recommend House Paws to anyone in the area, we recently moved and like them so much we aren't switching to a more local vet, we love House Paws so much we'd rather drive 45 minutes so Gordie gets the best care around.

Barbara Konkel

I thought Dr.Aumiller was very good and knows about guinea pigs

Susan Wilson

Everyone was kind and attentive, understanding that pets are part of your family. Went to the Mount Laurel location due to the spay surgery so I didn't use the house visit service and the Mount Laurel location was awesome and I talked to people at the Atco location when I was setting up my appointment and they were awesome too & I appreciated it very much.

M Dworak

Excellent care for our pets.

Andrew Young

House of paws is truly caring and loving with my girl Gucci she was shaking they were very patient with her they spent a lot of time with her and explained to me everything I can say they truly care about your pets and doctor Eddie and his helper are great and very patient moving forward this is my new veterinary for my 3 dogs its worth every penny.

Colette Nicoletti

Was not to happy about my recent experience. My cat recently ended up passing away. I had called them to come out on monday to evaluate my cat, they had called me and let me know there was an emergency and that they will be running late, that is fine. They came and gave my cat fluids and a shot, which did not help. They said they would call me the next day to check up on him and explain blood test results. They did not call until i called them twice and asked what was going on. Two days later I called again letting them know it was an emergency, and that i was worried my cat wasnt going to make it and they needed to come out asap. Their response was that they do not deal with emergencies. But two days ago they were late for my appointment because of an EMERGENCY their exact words. they told me they could not get out to me until 7pm and this was at 11am. I kept explaining this is an emergency that my cat may not make it. I kept the appointment for 7pm, but ended up taking my cat to the animal hospital down the st from my house which they were of tremendous care and help. House paws is only good for transportation services. They had no care about what was going on, they did not care that my cat was dieing and it made the situation 1000x worse.

Albert Dudley

Great staff

carrie campanella

Quick nail trim! They were so nice and made it really easy for a very scared little bun.


They are my new vet. Love them. Always friendly. Worth the low stress on my animals. All of the vets and techs are super nice. Med delivery for refills make life easy.

George Custer

We had to have our dog put down. It was a heartbreaking decision, but the visiting doctor and her assistant were simply wonderful! They were SO compassionate and caring. The procedure was carried out extremely professionally. Our dog was relaxed and not stressed at all. Housepaws made what was already a terrible experience much much more bearable. I would highly recommend their service. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Heather Matthews

They took great care of my dog who needed surgery.


Amazing place! I took my bunny to get neutered and they were very friendly and lovely towards me and my rabbit :)

Holly Parker

Very cool place for both People and Animals, Friendly and Loving Staff

Mary Cl ements

If you call no one is available to answer the phone. I left a message and still after 9 hours still no response. Supposedly every 15 minutes someone is supposed to check the messages. Very strange.

Amanda Meszaros

Best vet ever! Lisa is so caring. She has been our ver for years been with her since she first started and it's so amazing to see how much it has grown. Her staff is very great also. They saved our little girl when she had a blood tumor. …

Shay Nicole

House of Paws was recommended by a couple of people and when I got my kitten (Max) they took good care of him and this place is very convenient and friendly . I would higher recommend

Stephen Cappello

Very happy with the staff here. They take good care of our pup and they are super easy to schedule in our home!

Steve Memphis Steve

Staff is top notch. Vets take there time and really look after your pet and take the time to listen to your concerns. Excellent service!!!!!!!

Scout Anne

My thirteen year old shepherd mix had been battling cancer for the past few months and lost the fight today. I'd been in contact with the wonderful staff at HousePaws for a week or so, and today when I needed them most, they were there. Professional yet so sympathetic, I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for making the my last moments with my beloved best friend so peaceful.

Natalie Kreiser

They are wonderful! Great experience handled my nervous pup well


Great staff friendly service and quick excellent results.

Jenny Leitinger

Great staff

Jordan Seville

Very friendly staff. Excellent pricing. Five times less than another place I went to in North Jersey.

N Taylor

Dr. Dana was amazing. She and Erin provide extremely kind, competent and painless care for my dying pittie. We are very very grateful.

Kimber Smith

So glad i found house paws as a paranoid parent im always fussing over my fur baby. All the staff at house paws always makes me feel calm and reassured that my baby will be well taken care of. And they never make you feel silly for being overly worried. Prices arent bad either and they will work with you to keep costs low while never compromising on your fur babies treatment. My great dane had a skin issue that i had seen a different vet for 4 times for. They threw all kinds of medicine (very expesive because of wajets size) and medicaided shampoos (that they said you could only get from them) at me. I switched to house paws and found out i could have been using Selsun Blue the whole time! House paws also offers natrual remedies for flea and tick treatments along with the typical topicals and collars. My favorite thing is they come to your house my wajet gets very anxious at thw officw hearing all the other animals. When they see her at the house she just thinks its another vistor that needs to love her lol They qere even able to take an xray at my house! Of all the vets i have been to with my various dogs over my life this one is by far the best!

Jennifer Raively

Wow! I'm amazed at the high level of care and genuine concern shown by everyone here. This is the most impressive animal hospital I've been to. I can't wait to see what they do next.

A Ha

Totally went out of their way for us!!!! Amazing , caring and very supportive. Dr. Robe and her assistant Aliya approached our problem so honest and gave us hope. I suggest everyone go to them!!! Fantastic experience and wish they could come to Florida with us.10 stars from us!!!!!

Marjorie Kellam

Amazing place with extremely knowledgeable doctors, loving and caring staff and a warm and open office . My little ruby who is turning 15 had a rough winter and Dr Lisa came through and brought Ruby back to a happy pup ! I cant say enough about how wonderfully House Paws took care of not only my dog but how well they treated me during an emotional experience

Brian Cutler

Absolutely the best vet our family has ever used. They blow us away. Mobilepaws is the best company we have the opportunity to use in our daily life. We're so glad we found them. Use them, I guarantee you that you'll be happy.

Barbarann Cline

HousePaws is used by my pet sitter, In Home Kitty Kare. When my pet sitter found my dog lethargic and bloody, my pet sitter was able to immediately bring her to HousePaws . The vet contacted my primary vet, called me in S.C. and told me about my pet's status recommending that she go to a 24 hour vet hospital. She even called the hospital the next morning to check on Sandi and called me with a status report. What a wonderful service.

Janet Johnson

Great place to adopt a dog. We love our dog blue

Lindsey McCormack

I've used the in-home visits and they're fantastic! The doctors and technicians took the time to get to know my dogs before don't the exam. They even have a portable X-ray machine. So convenient and reasonably priced.

Sarah Skran

I called about a week ago and made an appt for today and specially asked for a vet who had previously worked with my pet. After driving an hour to the vet they told me that they changed who the vet was. Obviously if I say I want a certain vet I don't want a different one. The receptionist was very apologetic I am just saying keep this in mind before your drive to your appt. You might want to call beforehand just in case the appt has changed in some way. With that said the vet is very good with cats and I have no problems there.

Jeff Holmes

Great people who love your animals

Eva H

We have been using House Paws for about 4 or 5 yrs now. The mobile service is fantastic. We have cats and having the option to have the vet come to your home is priceless. But when you have to take your pet to the office it is also a nice experience. Their office is very modern and clean. We have always had nothing but great experience with each dr. and all the technicians. They are all very professional and when we had and emergency with one of our cats they went above and beyond to help him and with follow up care. I was happy to see that they now have another location.

Denise Petti

Love Dr. Lisa and the entire crew at HousePaws! They are prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and compassionate. The fact they come right to the house is a convenience we treasure. It keeps the stress level down for our two cats, who welcome them into our home like family. That would not be the case if we had to pack them in carriers and haul them to a noisy, strange surroundings. Dr. Lisa, Dr. Sean and Dr. Joyce have been so wonderful, treating the occasional injury and illness with poise and confidence. We credit Dr. Lisa with saving our Shelby's young life as she was quickly going downhill and we had no idea why. Dr. Lisa and her team sprang into action to swiftly intervene and determine an effective treatment plan. Also, I should add that their billing process is efficient and environmentally friendly. No paperwork! I can't say enough wonderful things about HousePaws. Everyone with pets should have the HousePaws number programmed into their phone. Love them!

Adri Ambrosia

The staff is great! It's very clear that they care about your pets and the facility is clean. There's just not a whole lot of parking which is only a problem when it's a busy day for them.

m d

Excellent excellent excellent great staff super convenient

bjr adrian

The best in the area. Their fees are reasonable for in home visits. Your feline or canine gets to stay home, and so do you!

Denise Turner

We've used their in-home service multiple times and we continue to be SUPER impressed with House Paws. Each and every Vet we've met thus far has been warm, caring, knowledgeable, and wonderful with our dogs. Their fees are reasonable and scheduling a home visit has been a breeze. Their office staff are also very pleasant and professional.

Maria Severino

They came to my house to put my old dog down. They were fantastic. I would recommend them 100%.

michele algarra

Toughest moment is to say goodbye to your fur baby. Your pets are your children. I had Holly the tiny yorkie for almost 16 years. My college son, didn't remember a time without our pup. Dr Lisa was so kind, compassionate and loving. This mobile service should be commended. Holly never liked the vet. having Dr Lisa here, kept down the anxiety for Holly. I will NEVER forget the kindness. Thank you for being there for us. God bless you and your staff. A thank you doesn't seem to be enough!

Diana B

Love this vet! I've taken several of my pets here over the years and they are always informative, reasonable and don't ever recommend ridiculous, over the top, expensive services unless absolutely necessary. I love that they come to your house and also have offices in multiple locations. They have been great to work with and I look forward to many more years of them keeping my pooch and kitties in the best of health!

J. Ford

Well sadly we had to put our pet to sleep yesterday. The girls from the mobile vet came so quickly and they were so helpful and so compassionate in this heartbreaking time. I would truly recommend them. Wonderful.

Michelle Hodak

Was extremely disappointed with my experience. They have seen my dog a few times and most recently right before I went on vacation. He was throwing up and they said to call back if it continued. I called back and was told a vet would call me. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. Took him to a local vet and they were as nice as could be. Called twice to follow up on him. I will be looking for another vet for my future needs.

Tatiana Chistova

We used HousePaws Mobile service for the first time (they now serve Bergen county). It was beyond our expectations! Doctor Tracy was on time, did a very thorough exam, was very gentle with the cats. Overall it was a great experience. So glad to find them!

michelle laming

Great vets only issue is it is that house do if you have problem during day you go elsewhere

Vikki M

We have an older 16-17 year old cat that has been very rarely seen by a vet. So when we noticed a few things that didn't seem right with our boy, we knew we needed to find a vet that would be good with him. Not wanting to add any more stress to him by taking him out, we wanted to find a mobile vet. I didn't have any referrals, so I asked Google and found House Paws. From appointment making to communication, to care and and knowledge, we have been so very happy with their services. Dr Dana has been so good with our Jack and has helped him get back to the Jack we know and love! She truly cares for her patients and treats them so gently and carefully. We love and trust Dr Dana and the staff is very dependable! I highly recommend!!!

Jenn VanE

I wish I had found HousePaws sooner! They are wonderful.

Petie Carney

Great people, Great place!!

Tara Hirneisen

Was just reading reviews of vets to help a friend find a vet for a new pet... Saw the high rating and was considering sending them your info, until I noticed something very unprofessional. In response to a disgruntled customer, you mention her financial issues! It's nice to hear the Housepaws seems to be willing to help, however any company who is willing to air their customer's financial struggles in a response to a negative review on Google is not representing their best self and wont' be getting my recommendation!

Terri G

I have never met more caring people in my life. I used their mobile service because i needed to put down my Great Dane. The doctor was so caring and compassionate. They truly made a bad time more bearable. I would highly recommend.

Richard Scheipe

This is the best way to have a vet see your dog! My 11 year old German Shepherd cannot safely get in and out of a car anymore due to hip issues, so the vet comes to her. Wonderful service! (also very reasonably priced) Bravo!

Juan Burgos

Great home service with caring vets and support staff

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