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REVIEWS OF Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center IN Pennsylvania

P.J. Fleming

Best vets in N. Va.! Always wonderful with our cats regardless of whether it's routine shots, minor problems, major surgeries and post-surgery care, or dealing with critically ill animals. Love them.


First time in 2018, vet forgot to order basic urine test and misdiagnosed the UTI. Second time I brought my pet in, vet called basically telling my cat was near death and need to bring him in ASAP. I got an estimate of $1K to $1.6K. Bill closer to $2K. Additional services added on from 11AM until 10PM that night before the vet even started the “ASAP” procedure. Worst part—vet calls after discharge and all in invasive procedures... states “oh by the way” it was overlooked on the Urine test... your cat has an UTI. We need now to treat for the infection. Unbelievable... basic care 101 to check fir this first before admitting, procedures, drugs. How was an UTI not noted 2x around now? First visit and second visit. I am finding another vet.

Sara Gann

My cat was having breathing issues late at night. She was seen very promptly, and the vet was very thorough in getting information from me, and in letting me know what he recommended after examining her. Kitty is doing better (yay) and the fee for the exam, x-rays and medication was very reasonable; I was not charged an outrageous fee as I would have been at the other emergency veterinary clinics I've gone to in the past in No. Virginia. I felt the care my animal received was comparable and would highly recommend this practice for urgent and emergency care.

Charles Lee

Was our family animal center of choice for at least 20 years. Also boarded my current dog there many times when traveling. I recommend them highly. Like any other type service, pay attention to your bill, ask questions ahead of time. Nothing special just fairly affordable services.

Brian Pierce

Truly care about your adopted family member! Recommend everyone come here for care of their pets!! Very professional and knowledgeable staff.

Shannon Papoulias

Dr. Hall has been our vet since my very first dog when I was 1 year old. Over the past 38 years, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital has taken great care of my parents 14 dogs, my sisters 4 dogs and my 2 dogs. I wouldn't trust anyone else, I even drive from DC just to come here!

Melanie Odria

Dr. Taylor was amazing and the staff they have there were very helpful and kind. Unfortunately my visit wasn't the greatest outcome as I had to put my pup to rest :(. Dr. Taylor made my experience a little more soothing as she was very caring and gave me many options for my pets. She explained everything to me in detail. Best emergency care I have been to and best vet I have seen!

Lynn N

Thank you for outstanding availability AND emergency care! CPAH has gotten my cats through several emergencies. I'm in the process of transferring my cats over from another vet practice because my cats are older and/or have health issues. I sincerely appreciate the convenient hours and location! Holidays, winter storms, midnight health crisis - the vets have been there for us. And of course, routine vet care, shots, and prescriptions. The waiting room is almost always busy, but the medical care is outstanding, and the emergency vet is on staff so emergencies don't often impact regularly scheduled appointments.

Beth Anne

Took my cat to see Dr. Kirchart. What a wonderful Veterinarian, she took her time, and my cat was not afraid. Dr. Kirchart showed my cat, and me such compassion. She was thorough and understanding in how she presented the steps we should take, to make a proper diagnosis & prognosis. I left feeling that my cat was so fortunate to have Dr. Kirchart. Felt trust in the Doctor and the Animal Hospital staff. Blessed and fortunate. Give Dr. Kirchart and staff highest marks. Thanks for your care.

Jeff Williams

Only interested in your money, not your pet! Stay as far away as possible. Our dog, Mako, suddenly fell ill on a weekend. On Sunday, when it was clear that he needed to see a doctor, his regular vert was closed, so we went to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital on an emergency basis. Looking back, I should have known immediately that is was all about the money for them. After his initial exam and blood work showed his liver and kidney enzymes were off the charts and he needed immediate attention in the way of IV fluids and antibiotics for a suspected leptospirosis infection, they did not immediately come to us (still waiting in the office) with the news. Instead they spent nearly another hour focused on putting together a full page cost estimate totaling over $6000. Then they finally delivered the diagnosis (which was dire) and cost estimate. They would not do anything until we signed the estimate and paid half up front. With no other options, we agreed to the treatment and costs. We were told to expect a calls, morning and evening from the doctor with updates. In the 3 days that followed, we got that call from the doctor about half the time, The rest of the time, I had to call, wait on hold to get the operator, then hold again for the doctor. After the 3rd day, there was no improvement in his enzyme levels, and no results from the Leptospirosis test which was supposed to only take 24 hours. They had burned through most of the $6000 estimate running countless non-conclusive tests and Mako was not improving! We couldn’t even see him do to the highly contagious infection that they suspected, but still did not have the test results to confirm. After a heart to heart with that day’s treating physician in which we were told that we were told that continued treatment would run about $1000 / day, there were no other vets in the area that could provide that care, and that Mako had a 20% chance of recovery, I called Mako’s regular vet. I told them about his diagnosis and asked if they were equipped for and could provide the care that Mako needed. YES! We arranged to make the move right away. When we went to get Mako, who was so contagious that we never could see him in the days prior, they walked him right out into the waiting room with all the other patients. WHAT? This was only after we paid the bill, of course. Mako’s story ended well. Within a day under his regular vet’s care, he had already started eating again. This 1 day after being that he would likely not survive. Blood work the next day showed kidney and liver enzymes improving. Malo was clearly on the road to recovery! It took 5 days of treatment, but at a fraction of the cost. Today he is 100%, active, happy, and lots of fun! I followed up with a letter to Columbia documenting my many concerns and issues with Mako’s treatment. Cost, big as it was, was only 1 of many issues. There were a lot, a 5 page letter fully spelling it all out. After 2 weeks we received their response, a very short letter, 2 paragraphs in length, only addressing the cost. Nothing about the many other concerns. Regarding cost, the response was only that we agreed to it and their costs are normal for emergency care. A completely inadequate response, very disappointing! All I can say is, STAY AWAY! If you find yourself in an after hours emergency with no other choice, transfer your pet out of their care ASAP the next day.

Rebecca Small

Great vet office. Everyone from the receptionist to vet techs to the doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Ben Wendell

This vet office is amazing. They are open 24 hours, but they don't charge any extra emergency fees. This allows you to bring your pet in at any time convenient for you. Dr. Mary was the best vet I've worked with in my 11 years of having my dog. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and I could tell she cared about the well-being of my dog. I highly recommend Colombia Pike Animal Hospital for all vet visits.

Diane Davidson

We brought our dog into the hospital at night because he had something stuck in his eye. Even though it looked pretty busy and the parking lot was very crowded, we were in and out with terrific treatment in 45 minutes. That has to be a record for an ER visit!

Erin Painter

Love this practice!! The Staff is amazing from the front feast to the doctors!!

Scott Maurer

Great personal competent care! Dr. Hall and his team cares for your pets as the extension of your family that they are. Highly recommended!!

Chatren Gomes

5am emergency visit——- Took my dog in because he was restless and itching. Vet said it was thunder storm related?? More like quick fix to get me out the door. Didn’t seem like she cared about my pup. Until I asked her about a million questions she would tell me more info/ other options. I said it was grooming related and that my dog wouldn’t stop itching.. and she gave me a ear cream and shampoo. Dog is still scratching day later. And I have read online through my own research that I can buy him hotspot treatment/ cream to help stop itching right away, instead of making my dog suffer more! Instead of trying to sell you extra stuff they should focus on the well being of your pet and explore all options and not just say it’s weather related. I walked out the door with nearly $200 spent and my puppy is still in pain. Bunch of useless products that are not giving my dog any relief. Not returning to this place, waste of money! Banfield cares more about my dog. Do they take returns? Dr was lifeless and could care less about my dog. And reception had 2 people in the front and neither one of them communicated having me wait for no reason. With our any other patients in there! While they just walked around. Useless place and useless people. It was raining outside when I took my dog into the vet he was walking to the car and she said “looks like he has wet paws from licking” OH REALLY???? Did you forget it’s raining outside??? And dogs walk on the ground??? Maybe that’s why his paws are wet not from licking. Why would she even bring that up when I said dogs symptoms were itching and restlessness...I don’t believe the doctor knew what she was talking about. Maybe she shouldn’t work night shift! And get more polite reception people.

Donald Celata a fantastic groomer. Kudos to her

Alexis Barnett

I do not recommend going to this hospital! They will lie about pricing and over charge you! This animal hospital misrepresents its pricing and services, then does not do anything to correct their false advertisement. I was told specifically that I was having my exam fees waived on kittens I was fostering and only after the vaccinations were given, I was told I would be charge over 3x what I was initially told. I requested that the manager give me a call to dispute this and she said "Sorry you were misinformed. I'll talk to the employees for you" and later hung up on me mid-sentence! This is very upsetting as I would have just gone elsewhere had they been honest about their overpriced services. The exam fees were charged when there wasn't even an exam! It is a shame this is how they treat people who foster animals - this is very discouraging. It is no wonder that not more people foster animals. It really is great to help animals in need. This hospital tries to make it impossible to foster $$$.

ursula baukol

Great staff and great Vets!

Anabel Ayala

So far, all of the staff members we’ve encountered are great. And Dr. cage was wonderful with Penelope. We’re new to the area and are so happy to have found a place that we feel comfortable taking our pups to.

Hannelore Everfield

I am more than happy with this animal hospital, especially with our vet Candice Flynn.

Cathleen Brown

I was very impressed with the clinic-caring docs and staff! Found my new vet!

Deborah E. Miller

I have been going to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for over 20 years, and three dogs, two cats. I have always been very satisfied with the care I have gotten from the vets - Dr. Davis Hall, Dr. Reid Hall and Dr. Candace Flynn. I go to Dr. Flynn now. Dr. Flynn does run late sometimes , but that is because she is spends the time needed with you and your I know to call in first to see how far behind she is. She is a fabulous vet. I have also used their emergency vets and have been pleased with them as well. My biggest complaint about Columbia Pike is trying to call in and speak to someone at the desk in a timely manner. The reception desk staff does their best but with so many docs and patients, I am sure that it is challenging to sometimes also deal with the incoming calls. Perhaps, they need to hire a flex staff that they can use when it gets busy - someone who just handles making appointments over the phone and other issues that come in over the phone.

Johnny Bravo

We boarded our dog here overnight; it's the first time we ever boarded her at CPAH -- we typically use Affectionate Pet Care and like them, but our dog came back with some scratches the last time and we've been looking to try out new places. After her boarding was complete, our dog came back from CPAH smelling like cat piss and we found fleas on her (she has never had fleas). We gave her a bath at home immediately and swore we'd never use CPAH again. The vet tech was also very pushy, trying to sell us on a bunch of things we didn't need. However, the front desk staff are lovely!

ketonurse_tinas _table

You care about your fur babies,, do not go here. My cat had full of hair, he is a long hair maine coon for sake. during going here he lost half of his hair. not I dont take him there anymore and keep up with his health and following my heart , my kitty starting to grow hair again. I'v seeing dr.hall since the beginning. I have brough up my kitty's issue , i asked him many time i think he has diabetes. he said not bc the urinalysis said other wise. back than I trusted him what he was telling me that my kitty is just fat guy who likes to eat. and advice me to give him high protein diet so maybe it will kept him full. to me that is neglection. Iv been taking him there and told him all the symptoms. all he did was blood test and give him steriods. my kitty lost hair and has kidney issue. What he need to tell me was next step will be ultra sounds, couple of more pee test just to make sure before ultra sounds. etc. nothing was done just tell me it's better to make him happy which is to give him food than starv him and unhappy. If you have kidney issue, you can't be on high protein diet. I wrote him a email, just wrote me back with all his excuess, so i wrote him back with all the fact and history including my family members. they all remember what the dr said. He never wrote me back . I am never taking my babies here again. WHy the hell would I pay him any money when he is neglecting my baby. Please people listen to your self, don't trust these people all the way. You think there is something wrong, take your baby to another vet. I will continous to tell people not to go here.

Gary ONeilin

Great people to take care of your family pet

Robert Foss

My injured cat received very good care, and the staff were capable and efficient. They were particularly good at scheduling appointments that met the need of the customer. They were friendly, and the prices were competitive. All in all, an excellent experience.

Rhonda Cantrell

Excellent grooming done by Bessie. She is the only groomer that I will take my dog to. She is always kind and does a fantastic job with the cut. Front desk staff on Saturday was better than usual. There were some new faces at the front desk and everyone was friendly and helpful.

Kim Rendelson

Really like Dr. Hall Sr. You can tell he really cares about our pets and we feel they're well taken care of. We've taken our 7 animals to him over the years and trust him. Feel like our animals are getting good care.

katie trap

I was there last night with my dog! I’ve gone back 4 times for the same issue with his paws. The vet i had was beyond awful, pushy and beyond unprofessional! I’m not even sure what the vets name was but I would avoid this place at all costs!! Not only did she show no remorse for my dog or myself but she was pushing everything on me!! I’ve been there 4 times for the same issue and not one of the four different vets I saw were able to figure out the issue. I was told a million different things that I don’t even know what to do as the vet just through a millions things at me at once! It was by far my worst experience ever in going there. The first 3 visits I had the vets were more empathetic but this last time I was beyond annoyed with the lack of empathy. The first thing I mentioned was my dog needed relief instantly and she ignored my request and sent me home the same way we arrived there in. We went there as my fiancé stated he had some better experiences with some of the other daytime staff but do not go there and deal with the night time vets if you can avoid it please do!!

Kristin R

Long time client (25yrs +) and have always had a wonderful experience. We receive friendly check in and out. The veterinary care is superb and honest. I trust them 100 percent with the care of our cats and dogs.

Salem Al

Staff was not helpful at all, seems they were way to worried about payment than helping my friends puppy who is extremely ill:(

Ivy Luong

The vets here have always been good to my dogs, however, every interaction with the receptionists managing the phones has been an exhausting experience. My dog recently went in for emergency x rays because there was concern over a fractured jaw. I left him there in the afternoon and was told I would get a call concerning his status by midnight. I received no call, so I called first thing in the morning asking about his status. The person who answered my call said they had no idea, and that I would get a call back shortly with answers. A few more hours pass and I call again, because it's been 24 hours and this point I don't even know if my dog has a broken jaw or how he's doing. I asked how my dog is doing, and the person on the phone replied with your dog is ready to pick up, but provided no other details. It's been a week since I've picked up my dog, and I just wanted to call and ask when it would be okay to give him a bath since he still has scabs and dried blood in his fur. I was put on hold for over 10 minutes, and when someone finally picked up the phone, they didn't respond to me, and instead remained quiet for several moments before just hanging up. I called back again, and I'm greeted with the reception asking if it's an emergency so she can put me on hold again. I told her I was just hung up on, and she gives me A LOT of attitude says she'll give me a call back. It's been another 30 minutes, and I honestly doubt anyone will ever call me back. You dogs will be taken care of here, but unless you're talking to someone face-to-face, don't expect any updates or support over the phone.

Xena Wilder

My husband and I were happy when we finally find a vet we liked for our two cats Daisy and Tiger when we first moved from Chicago in 2001. We saw Dr. Davis Hall in 2002. When his son became a vet we started seeing him. We have been happy with Dr. Reed Hall and the staff of Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. After Daisy and Tiger, occasion stray, all our cats have been kittens left at the Town and Country Animal Shelter. The Town and Country Animal Hospital and Columbia Pike Animal Hospital are run by Dr Halls. I take my cats to which every hospital that Dr. Reed Hall is working at. I love the fact they are open 24/7 for emergencies. I have to happy with all the vets we have dealt especially doing emergency visits. With our Dr Davis Hall and Reed Halls help, our cats have live 15-21 years. Dr. Reed Hall and the staff at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital have been caring compassionate and professional. My 3 cats did well after their dental cleaning. He can in early on day of dental cleaning just to see out Delilah before the procedure. She is difficult to catch. Though, I think she has mellowed because she was much better than the 2 boys. I like that Dr Hall listens and cares about our cats. He knows they we consider they part of our family. Our kitties are spoiled and pampered. I only want the best for them!

Cindy Drechsler

I used this clinic a couple of times for minor issues and I was satisfied with those visits. But absolutely nothing has gone well since then. While the docs and techs seem to be caring and helpful, dealing with the front desk, scheduling and billing has been quite a nightmare. My dog tore her CCL back in May and the doctor ordered some imaging which had to be sent out to be read. I was told it would take 2-3 days to get the results, but it took several phone calls and almost a week for me to hear anything. Based on the results, I was told that the best course of action was probably going to be orthopedic surgery and I set up a consultation with their visiting surgeon. When we finally had the consultation, the imaging we had paid for was not "showing up on the computer", and the surgeon only talked to me about what was going on. He never examined her - we honestly could have had the appointment without her. We were in and out of the exam room in under 10 minutes. We went to the front desk to check out (we have ALWAYS paid our bill in full immediately following our appointments) and we were told there was no charge on our account. The person at the desk got up and walked to the exam rooms behind the desk, then came back out and told us there was no charge for the appointment. We discussed the date for her surgery and they told me they would call the surgeon the next day and get her on the calendar. We scheduled the surgery for the next available Monday and rearranged family vacation plans so we could have her there. I called the clinic the Friday before the surgery to confirm the appointment and find out what we needed to do to prep her. I was told there was a question about the schedule and someone would call me back later that day. No one called back that day. When I called again the next day, I was told that there had been a "clerical error", her surgery had never been scheduled, and there were no more openings on the doctors schedule. We rescheduled for a later date, but had several more instances of "clerical errors" and phone calls never being returned and I started to feel uncomfortable about having such a big surgery at this clinic. So, I called and cancelled the procedure. The woman I spoke to when I called was very irate - she said "okay" and hung up on me. I was not at all surprised when they called the morning she was supposed to have come in and asked if we were on our way because we were late and the surgeon was almost there. They had never cancelled the surgery and it was still on his schedule. This all happened more than four months ago and I thought I was done dealing with this clinic. But, late last week, I opened my mailbox and I had a bill for $200 for the consultation, plus a finance charge, plus a threat to send my account to collections if I did not pay within 7 days. This was the first time I had heard anything from this clinic since the cancelled surgery. I called the clinic and I was told no one could help me but the billing manager, NIcole, and she was not there. They told me she would call me when she came in the next day, but she did not. I called a few days later, was put on hold for more than 15 minutes, then the phone started ringing again but no one answered it. I called again today and I was told that there must have been another "clerical error" when I checked out after the consultation and that I owe the money and there is nothing they can do about it. I asked again to talk to the billing manager, they took my contact information again, and told me again that she will call me tomorrow. We'll see. Follow up: No one called.

Susan Sanders

I have been coming to Columbia Pike for the last 17 years, despite the 36 traffic lights between them and my home. Dr. Flynn has been my vet, and I can't recommend her highly enough. With the exception of one vet tech, who I don't think lasted very long, all of the others have been kind, caring and professional. I've become particularly fond of Danilo, who has been especially good to me, the cat I had and the one I have now. The office staff has always been helpful and polite and even offered price matching on drugs, which lowered the price dramatically.

Dayna Rowden

Can't say enough great things about this practice. Had an emergency and was able to bring my cat in at 2am without being charged extra! Caring, wonderful vets!

Charlotte S

- We have been using the clinic, now hospital, for our pets' veterinary care since the late 1970's. Now our family's next generation is doing so as well. - The team of veterinarians & vet techs are very professional and skilled. They do all that they can to ensure your pet's needs and comfort are taken care of. As advocates for our pets, the doctors are thorough about providing detailed information related to wellness care at all stages of their lives- geriatric pet care has always been delivered in an empathetic manner. The team's sensitivity in delivering tough news is unprecedented; they don't want patients to leave without having certainty that the the human is comfortable about giving proper care at home. The vets & staff do a great job of educating us! - As for a negative comment about the reception team- yes, they had a bumpy run but the situation has been well remedied. The hospital's front line are a kind, courteous, and responsive group manning a verrry busy front desk and fielding endless phone calls. - As long as we remain in the northern VA area, we will remain clients of Columbia Pike Animal Hospital.-

LeeAnn Jennings

I have never had such an enjoyable trip to the vet! Dutchess needed to go in this past Saturday for a few issues. Columbia Pike has been our vet ever since I adopted her and had been my families vet for 40 years. We love Dr Hall. However this past appointment could have been a scary one and Dutch is always nervous. The tech was named Rebecca and she was the kindest, most gentle soul and even though, everyone here is always really nice, Rebecca just had a way and Dutch was immediately calmed. Then we met Dr Waite and I had heard of her from the local Pet Store Manager but she exceeded expectations! I always recommend Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, but this last trip has me highly recommending Dr Waite as well. She will be our Dr going forward:)

Mina Shakib

Was 10 minutes late to our first appt due to difficulty getting our cat into his crate. They made us wait almost 20 minutes and when someone finally came out, we were scolded and told that because we were late we would have to be taken as an “emergency visit” and we would not be allowed to be in the room with our pet, even though this was our first time ever at this place. As they were explaining this, I was clearly uncomfortable with the idea and kept asking if there was any other doctor that we could see. I was uneasy because I wanted to be with our pet as he is extremely nervous and scared. Before I could even give an answer, an old lady grabbed his crate and started taking him toward the back and kept telling me that this was my only option because I was late. Extremely pissed off, I passively agreed. I came to my senses about 1 minute later and asked for them to bring my cat back and that I was going to leave. The second I said that, they told me that they would now see me in an exam room. They suddenly had time for me now that $$$ was involved. They took us into an exam room and the doctor did an extremely brief first exam. Basically just looked at his body and teeth, very quickly and not in depth at all. I’ve been to other vets and they usually do an indepth check up. I thought since it was our first time here, they would do the same. But unfortunately, she just wanted us to be in and out. Our cat has red patches on his skin and the hair has fallen out, we feel it is ringworm but the doctor made “an educated guess” and said that it wasn’t ringworm but actually allergies, but she kept saying that she “can’t confirm, won’t make any diagnosis” I’m guessing to protect herself if anything goes wrong. She recommended we give him one shot of antibiotics and one steroid shot, that lasts about 1 month. ($120) Since we don’t know what he is allergic to, he will probably have another flare up and we’d have to keep coming every month to get shots ($$$$$) Overall, the visit felt cold and rushed. It did not seem like she cared about the animal at all and only $$. We will definitely not return and do not recommend this place to others looking for a new vet.

Ciera Tobey

Not very happy with this place. Brought in a very sick 6 month old puppy. He was puking and had very severe diarrhea. All they did was give a cerenia vaccine for vomit but did nothing else to help with the diarrhea or even figure out what was causing it. They had no problem taking my 284$ though even though my dog was still very ill. My dog deteriorated very quickly and in less than 24 hours needed to be put down. Another very big cost. So thank you for caring less about my puppy and just looking for a paycheck.


Great service, very well train people. Nurses are awesome (Christian was a great help with my dogs first visit). Doctor Waith took care of my dog with patience and kindness. Now he likes the vet office.

Jessica Towers

These folks are THE BEST, HANDS DOWN!!!! No groomer on earth except for the Cat Whisperer's at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital can handle my youngest cat Maggie. I drive all the way from DC just to have her groomed here! Thanks for always taking such good care of my baby!

Anita Vachon

This was our first visit to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. We were very observant of the pets and owners coming inn and the treatment they received and the service of the staff.. The service and treatment was 5 star to us. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and the pets including ours were treated with care and concern . We met our vet who was so knowledgeable and gave us great comfort to put our babies in his care.

Sebrin Adem

Giselle, at the reception took care of us she was more understanding and communicate well. Our cat Milo was sick and Dr. Jonathan did a wonderful job.The best veterinarian hospital & all the staff was professional and caring. Thank you.

Cesar Naveda

I’ve taken all my dogs to Columbia Pike Animal hospital since I was a boy. Always great service.

Tracy Ballard

Loving care for our pets. Reasonable cost for veterinary care.

Elaine Gonzalez

I brought my dog in who has immune mediated hemolytic anemia. She was clearly very low on her red blood cell count: pale, mildly responsive, rapid heart rate, shallow breath. In short, we've been through this at the ER twice before and I knew that her treatment was quite urgent. I told the front desk about her history. I inquired several times over the course of 4 hours about her care. We saw people come and go and still we waited. My girl was in the back and the front desk told me she hadn't been seen. There were emergencies. Still, after 4 hours, with classic presentation of IMHA, with her history, she hadn't been looked at. Finally, a vet gave her attention. Ran tests that put the bill into the $1500 range. Didn't take her IMHA history into account before running tests that told the story I was trying to communicate all along. So, I had her discharged and took her to Southpaws for treatment. They saw us within 10 minutes. They treated her as best they could and didn't run redundant tests. Unfortunately, she passed away the next day. To add insult to injury, Columbia Pike didn't fax in her health insurance claim. I went in person to inquire, I asked their sister hospital to inquire, I called. Nothing. It's been a month that I've been asking for them to submit my claim. Southpaws did it within a day. Town and Country took 3 days. Still nothing from Columbia Pike and now it's quite possibly too late for the claim.

Cecilia Morales

I love how Dr.Waite take care of my dog, she treats my dog very friendly.

Patricia Orellana

They don't care bout your pet. All they care about is the money. My pet was fine, but they wanted me to come back to take the same tests and pay again. Took an x-ray 3 days ago and they wanted to take another x-ray and have me pay again. Asked for the test results to be e=mailed to me, but never received. I recommend going somewhere else.

Lauren Wright

I am very satisfied with the emergency care provided to my elderly dog. She needed stiches late at night so I had to leave her overnight, but I left feeling like she was in good hands as I got to meet the doctor that took care of her before I left. The vet told me exactly what she was going to do, the post-op care they would provide, gave me two price points (low and high estimations), contact information, and a time to pickup my dog in the morning. I received a call early in the morning to tell me how the surgery went to ease my anxiety. When I picked up my girl, a vet came out to talk with me and go over her medicine (antibiotics and pain meds). He gave me paperwork to take to my normal vet (as I was visiting from out of town), and he informed me the price was below the lowest estimation - I was very happy about that as you can imagine. I am extremely pleased with Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and everything about it. Thank you for taking care of my pup.

Mark Coulter

Very friendly and caring staff! They took great care of our pet. Their prices better than some other 24 hour animal hospitals. I just wish we lived closer to them.

Randy Evans

My 13 y.o. cat had suffered from mild respiratory issues all her life. When she suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic, I took her to see Dr. Ceyda Bilgir, or as her staff calls her: Dr. Ceyda. I knew my cat was in trouble. I was thinking she would not last much longer, and that I may not leave the vet with her. Dr. Ceyda would have none of that. She was all about finding the issue and fixing it, and until she had more proof she would not give up. She proposed a care plan including overnight boarding. When the x-ray was done it was clear that it was more serious, and she had a new plan to pull out all the stops, but she refrained from presenting it to me because she sensed my despair. She told me my cat was hurting, and the prognosis was not good. She was only very consoling and kind to me and my cat. Euthanizing a pet is tough and heart-wrenching. She helped me through the whole process. I cannot say enough about how professional, kind and caring she was.

Hye Young Lee

Friendly staff members and the Vet! Very convenient, they are open 24 hrs! I love the fact that they open on Sundays.

Kate Bond

At a time when my dog was having awful pain, Columbia Animal Hosp. was ready to help. Everyone was professional and took great care of us. I highly recommend them.

Julieta Dawes-Jones

The technicians & Dr. Navarr were patient with my cat's anxiety at being handled, & mine over concern for their welfare. This takes additional time, so I appreciate their care & efforts to distract him with treats rather than categorizing him as an intractable cat on his first visit. Thank you all!

Bridget Merz

We rescued a Blue Tick Hound who has severe ear infections. I knew if I took him to Dr. Hall, all would be well. Due to Todd's conditions, Dr. Hall gave me an appointment immediately. I feel confident that our Todd will be fine soon. Both Fairfax and Colombia Pike are filled with caring staff who are willing and able to go above and beyond to help your pet.

Jennifer Pena

Have taken my pups there for emergency services as well as dental care multiple times. The staff is amazing, professional. Wouldn't choose any other vet for the care of my K9 babies. Thank you for everything you have done for our doggies. I recommend without reservations.

Emmah Lynch

We have been bringing our cats to CPAH for years now. My cat Luna is 20 years old. I brought her in for a UTI, and was very concerned about her. She looked miserable and was clearly not feeling well. Both the tech and Dr. Reinhardt were so good with her, handling her gently and with concern. She received an antibiotic shot and an anti-inflammatory shot, and when I brought her home, she curled up and went right to sleep. Her fur was filthy, and she had no interest in grooming. By this morning, she was up eating and drinking, she had cleaned herself up and was using her litterbox again, and back to her usual spry self. Having and elderly cat is stressful, and having an elderly cat who gets sick is even worse! I cannot thank Dr. Reinhardt enough for her concern and attention to Luna. I am so happy to have such a wonderful veterinary practice so close by, and recommend CPAH every chance I get. Luna and I thank you for all your wonderful work, and your lovely, caring staff!

Brian L

I went here when I couldn't get into my regular vet for what I thought was an emergency. When we arrived, they promptly took my dog into the back and examined him. They couldn't have been any better. I am seriously considering making this the full-time vet that I bring my dog to. Was very pleased with the service.

Madde De

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital is the only place I trust to treat my dog and cat. They have 24/7 onsite personnel - most other vets do not provide this. A few years ago my dog Mimi had a problem with her rear paw. I took her to a vet who referred me to a surgical service - which would cost $5-10,000. I decided to get another opinion and took Mimi to Columbia Pike and saw Dr Hall. He was kind and gentle and reassuring. He suggested waiting to see if her paw might heal itself. He gave me some meds for any pain. After a week, Mimi was fine - still is. Honest and sensible - they provide the best service.


It is evident from my first visit that this animal hospital holds the treatment of animals above all other priorities. Thank you for treating my sweet dog and taking the time and patience to work with me. Thank you.

Jaimee Wise

I have been taking my dogs to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for at least 10 years and they take amazing care of my pets. The physicians are amazing, the techs are friendly and super helpful, we are always seen in an appropriate amount of time (lets face it, no doctors office, human or otherwise EVER runs on time, its pretty naive to expect as much), and the pricing is honestly not bad at all. They give fair warning when a medication is going to be expensive and the pros and cons of such medicine. They give detailed estimates when surgery is required and I have rarely paid more than they quoted me. My ONLY negative feeling about them is that, as a medical administrative professional for over 15 years, their front desk staff could use a little polishing. They have never been blatantly rude, but I wouldn't call them professional either. Ask for an itemized reciept? "I guess." Make a passing comment about payment plans? "We aren't a bank." Need to be placed on hold? You won't get any warning. I have experienced much worse as a client/patient/employer, but I've also had better. Go in with a grain of salt and know that they are there and have an honest desire to help you and your pet, but you won't get glittering smiles and chipper politeness. All of that said, it is not even remotely enough of an issue to keep me from coming back. I will continue to come here as long as they are available!

Leslie V.

I heard so many good things about this animal hospital. The animal hospital Dante and Princess go to is Fairfax Animal Hospital, but they were very busy and couldn't take Dante in for an appointment at the time I was available so I called Columbia Pike. They were able to take him in that day at 7:30 PM and I was so happy! The place is clean and very big! Some of the staff were nice and some were... I just assumed that some were just stressed. There was a nice gentleman that loved Dante and helped me out to sign-in. I came 10 minutes early, and they took Dante in exactly at his appointment time which was great! The vet came in 7:40 PM and made her diagnosis for Dante. She was going to give him medication. I waited for my medication in the diagnosis room for exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes. I wasn't sure if the vet was going to come in and explain the dose and time to give Dante his medication like they do at Fairfax... but I finally stopped someone and asked if I wait in the room or outside. She said, "Ohhh I was going to come in and check on you," and then she asked, "if the vet finished with me?" Clearly there is poor communication going on, or they forgot about me. The vet technician told me I can wait up front and someone will sign me out. I was supposed to get a new patient from before my appointment, but they forgot to give it to me, and this added more time. I would have given this place 2 stars, but because Dante is a new patient they gave me a free doggy bag poop holder with a lot of bags which made me happy, as well as a Columbia Pike Animal Hospital bag with a folder with information and coupons!

Debbie Sullivan

Brought our cat into the emergency clinic yesterday. She received excellent care and treatment. Everyone was very professional and very knowledgable.

Jennifer Smith

Great Staff!!!! Very Well Trained Receptionists. And Dr. Hall is amazing. Love it. Could not say enough of this hospital. Will recommend this hospital to all my friends. Huge shout out to Dr. Davis Hall, the morning receptionists and night time receptionists. Thank you for all you do for me and my furry pet.

Amanda Aguilera

Dr. Tango and all the vet techs are fantastic. Dr. Tango performed a neutering procedure on my dog and he had the best of care. The next morning he bounded out of the kennel, seemingly without pain or discomfort and his recovery has been a breeze. I was impressed by the skill of the stiches to close his incision. Could have been made by a plastic surgeon they were so perfect. Dr. Tango called the next day to check on my dog was doing and her call was so appreciated. The vet techs were kind, friendly and made me feel like my dog would be well taken care of from the moment I dropped him off to the moment I picked him up the following day. Cannot say enough good things about them.

Joshua Gibbs

I was initially pleased with the service I received when my dog was brought in for an emergency. Since then the quality has declined. My dog is going to our regular vet to have her splint changed on her broken leg and they needed a copy of the x-rays. I have had to call 3 different times and was placed on hold for over 10 minutes every time and just gave up with trying to get them. I will not be returning.

Santiago Gasca

We used them for the first time in the middle of the night when our dog was in pain, but we intend to switch over to them as our full-time vet because the experience was so positive. Everyone we met, from the vet techs to the admin to the doctors (Dr Beckford in particular, who was so thorough and thoughtful and good at explaining things!), was so sweet to our dog and showed a genuine interest in him and cooed over how cute and sweet he was. Every doting dog owner wants compliments on their dog, so they made us feel totally welcome and at ease loving on him. Our dog ended up having surgery there a few days later, and everything went smoothly. We really appreciated that Dr. Hall took the time to speak with us after the surgery and show us pictures and diagrams of what had been completed. The follow-up advice for medication management was very clear and helpful. Thank you for the positive experience!

Becky Covington

The drs and staff always take excellent care of our dog!- and the Tuesday Thursday bath special is awesome!!!

Julia Hoff

I like the staff at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center. Dr Nguyen is very knowledgeable and professional.

Stacy Hillegass

I took my three-year old cat here for the first time today, and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of care and professionalism. The staff are all courteous and kind, and Dr. Nguyen was gentle and patient with my cat (who does NOT like to be outside our home at all). Part of the reason why I decided to switch vets was so that I could take my kitty in for a bath - and I'm so glad I did. I can't say enough good things about CPAH's staff, who took in my cat, bathed him, and then swiftly returned him to me in under an hour. Next time he's due for a bath, I'll take advantage of their drop-off service and pick him up after work so he has a chance to dry off and relax.

Mesuts Oz

Great service, I’m so glad I found them great doctor. Especially doctor Reed I would highly recommend him. Over all they took good care of my puppy fluffy. He had been sick since I rescued him almost every month . we were visiting veterinarian every month. finally dr. Reed diagonose him correct now on he will be the only one I will be visiting for any concern . Thank you Dr. Reed.

Maryanne Torrey

Took my cat here for an emergency visit at night. Dr Clinton, VetTech, and FrontDesk were all wonderful and compassionate, which I greatly appreciated during a time of stress. The doctor made her follow-up call the next day, as promised, and I was able to move forward with the quick test results. Very pleased all-around.

Kelly Pavela

This vet office was recommended by a friend. Even though I was happy with the practice I was associated with, she convinced me to try Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. Wow! This place is amazing. I decided to change my vet within 15 minutes of walking into their office. Staff is knowledgeable and the doctors take care of the pets, and also made sure all my questions were answered. I am so looking forward to working with Columbia Pike to take care of my dog. Why did I wait so long?

Thomas Tyler

I really enjoy the candid nature of their Vets and vet techs. It is especially easy when dealing with end of life issues with your pet. I've been taking my dog here for 10+ years, never had a bad experience.


[[UPDATE]]:Just came back for another revisit. My female pup was pregnant and Dr. JONATHAN who helped me before (in the review below) and tonight is hands down still the best doctor I've come across. If you go to this place ask for Dr. Jonathan. Hes good! Staff is still friendly. A little bit of a wait this time around while my pup was in labor and I got a bit worried but in the end they reassured me she'd be ok. Didnt pay an arm and a leg either which is the reason why I'll keep coming back here. Hard to trust good vets nowadays. I took my dog to petsmart banfield once and they tried racking in unnecessary things. I really didnt like that. At this hospital I felt like I wasnt getting ripped off and the pricing felt fair. Thanks Columbia Pike for helping my pups once again!! I'll continue to refer you all and be a lifelong customer. Thank you! I just left the vet with my pups mojo and Maggie; after a Marvin Gaye night between my male and female. This is hands down the best veteranarian in the area. The staff has warm smiles, everyone is nice, and they care deeply about each pet that walks in. I won’t dive too much more into my experience but it was unforgettable compared to all the other vets I’ve been too. UNFORGETTABLE. I thought I was going to pay an arm and leg for my dogs issues but it really meant a lot to me they looked into everything and helped me out in my time of need. My dogs are my life. I will now be a forever client of that hospital. Columbia pike animal hospital if you are reading this I just want to say THANK YOU and I love you all so much!

Gini Moore

Dr. Davis Hall has been my vet for four Scotties. He is a real character, with extensive knowledge and is very caring. Very nice atmosphere. Had to board my scottie for an extended period due to my hospitalization. Excellent care.

De Burnett

Dr. Kirchart is the best! I have nothing but praise and respect for her. She takes awesome care of my furr babies and has also gotten me through a couple of really bad times when one of my adorable kitties has left this world. She is thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, and has such a gentle touch towards her clients. I know my kitties are in the best hands through her care. I have been taking my kitties to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital since 2001. All of the veterinarians I have come in contact with are wonderful doctors as well as people. The tech staff is also fantastic.

Zellen Walsh

I was to happy to have found Columbia Pike Animal Hospital when my previous vet retired. I had gone to 3 other hospitals after his retirement and was deeply disappointed in each of them for more than one reason. A coworker recommended Columbia Pike which is where she took her dog. That was in March of 2000. I can't say enough good things about this hospital or my doctors. They continue to grow for the good of their patients and community and are now a 24/7 emergency facility with no emergency fee. I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else. I give them a 15 out of 5 stars!

Christina Mitchell

We were unhappy with our dog’s veterinarian, and our neighbor suggested we try Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. He’s a native of the area, so we took his recommendation and it was the best decision we could have made. The past year has been difficult for our dog: she was diagnosed with Cushing’s last year and frequently suffers from the effects of the disease. We visit the vet fairly often and are so impressed by how caring and compassionate the doctors, techs, and receptionists are. Everyone truly wants to do as much as they can to help the furry friends that come in the door. We’re so lucky to have found them!

Udit Minocha

This place has repeated issues with checking the VetSource application to tell prescription providers that a prescription needs to be filled. If they don't check the VetSource application daily they must check it every 2 or 3 days, right? Wrong. Five days went by and I had to call to let them know a prescription inquiry had been made and I wished they would follow up on it. They did follow up but service outside of animal visits is not their forte.

Deborah K

We have taken our 3 dogs to Columbia Pile Animal Hospital since we moved to the area in 2011. We have been VERY pleased with the level of professionalism of the vets. Although we don’t always get to see our regular vet, Dr. Matt Novarr - who has always been so helpful, every veterinarian we have had to work with has been super friendly and have explained what is wrong/what we need to do to keep our 3 dogs in optimum health. We used to live in Annandale but now live in Alexandria and we happily drive the extra time to ensure we get the level of care we’ve become accustomed to at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital.

MiSchele Anderson

I started going here about 5 years ago. I trust them with my dogs. They are open 24/7 so there is always availability and I can get my dogs in when I need also when there are emergencies you can go right in, oh and no emergency fees! Another plus is that they provide grooming at a reasonable prices. It's everything I need. I moved further away but I still go to them because they are so good!

Chelsey Kimball

By a far the best veterinarian hospital/office I have ever been too. Extremely professional and caring staff that goes above and beyond to care for your pets and you! Smiles from every single person. You can tell they love their job. And that's so great to see. A special shout out to Dr. Amy Taylor she's the most compassionate veterinarian I've ever come across. I would highly roccomennd this place to everyone!

Gwen Williams

I have had my cat and dog since 2009. I transferred to Columbia Hospital because of my job relocation. Columbia Pike Animal Hospital was the closet to my home. It was so warming to know that I didn't have to worry about my babies when I took them in for their check up or if they were sick. I always try to stay with the same doctor because I want whom ever is treating my babies to know there history. Dr. Danoff, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Hall you all are the best. Dr. Hall and Dr. Nguyen was there for my baby Max last days and it meant the world to me. Dr. Nguyen help my baby Max transition from man's hand to God's hand and I thank you. I can't say enough about the professionalism, caring, and just overall kindness during each visit at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. I wish nothing but much, much success for the business. I will stand on a roof top to refer everyone that has a pet to CPAH. Don't stop what you all are doing. God's Blessing upon you. Gwen Williams

Boisseau Woltz

A big fan of this place. Dr. Barnett treats all of our pets with love, as if they were her own.

Virginia Shames

Wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’ve gone to Dr, Hall and this Hospital since it opened. As a breeder it’s great to have a knowledgeable Veterinarian and helpful staff, and now they are available 24hours.

Joan Tortorelli

We were referred by our dog walker and brought our chihuahua in for his annual checkup. The atmosphere was friendly, well equipped with pet foods and our VET was attentive and focused on our dog throughout. The next day we were called with the results of his routine lab work. The costs are reasonable and affordable. I highly recommend.

Marianne May

I tried the groomer. My dog is a schnauzer. His beard, eyebrows, and leggings were all shaved off. Lets say, this "groomer" does not recognize breed of dog nor breed specific cuts. Wish I could post the picture. Awful job. After discussing it with the groomer he agreed to credit back half the charges. I am satisfied with that and will not bring my dog here for grooming. I miss Canine Carousel.

Sue Licatovich

I have been to this hospital twice. Both times were very positive experiences. The vets were very caring and gave me several options for treatment for my cat that had gotten himself in a dust up and had puncture wounds. The most recent visit was for vax & check up. It was a brief appointment, but I was very satisfied with it. My cat was too.

Heather Miller

I had to take my cat Loki here on a Saturday evening for an emergency visit. He had a buildup of fluid in his stomach from an ongoing problem. Everyone was extremely professional and thorough in their explanations. The text results came back on a day the vet we spoke to had off work - but she called us to let us know the results from home! We did a follow up visit there instead of our regular vet since Columbia Pike has an ultrasound tech on staff. Again, everyone was patient & explained our options very well. The bill for both visits weren't any higher than our normal vet, their sister hospital, Town & Country!

Alice Choi

The service here is nice so I gave two stars. $160 for first round of kitten vaccination. But I'm never going back here again for this reason: the vet was negligent. When I pointed out my cats breath having a weird odor and making weird motions with his mouth, the vet said "mmm...kittens generally have bad breath" and didn't even check my cats teeth or mouth

Jane Quill

Dr. Reed Hall has taken care of my three cats,,,Maeve (mom) since Molly and Pumpkin were one week old(now 10 years old). He and Dr. Davis Hall have been wonderful to well my two previous cats, Fuzzy and Snowflake. I recommend them without reservation!

Kimberley Yockers Elbin

Very caring staff and veterinarians. Been taking my pets here for 10+ years, and have always had great experiences.

Chris Clarke

I recently brought my two dogs to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. Both are older dogs, but generally in good health. I was never thrilled with the service we received at our previous vet, and after asking around and searching neighborhood groups, I decided to switch over to Columbia Pike. In one hour there, I'm more impressed than I have been in over 14 years at my previous vet. Dr. Novarr sat on the floor to examine my dogs, rather than have them up on that aluminum scale that they hate. My previous vet never did that. Dr. Novarr was kind and informative and very respectful. He was forthcoming with the cost of any tests/vaccinations/other work that might have to be done. And as if that wasn't enough, he called today with the results of both dogs bloodwork and asked how they were doing, etc. I was very happy with the service I received there and am very glad I made the switch.

Brian Woodward

This was our first visit to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. We found it to be very clean and all of the staff was so friendly to us and our boy Duck. The Vet was awesome and so friendly and informative. We love where they are located, and the APP that we can use to keep track of all of Ducks info.

Brian Hood

Been going here since the eighties. Always great vets and staff on duty. Never a bad visit. Awesome they are now 24 hour emergency, for piece of mind.

Maureen Kiser

I have used several doctors and have always had positive experiences. Every staffer there is gentle and caring with our animals. I highly recommend this animal hospital! Too bad I can't use it for myself!

Melissa Kahlke

Very friendly workers and it was such a quick appointment. They were friendly over the phone and I called and in person. I went in for an urgent visit for my cat with a nasty eye infection and they gave me some antibiotic drops and we were out.

Trish Kimminau

A friend recommended CPAH as a reasonably-priced vet. I have been extremely pleased with them, and especially Dr Tango, the vet they assigned to my cat. She has helped us through some tough decisions as my cat is experiencing kidney failure. She is compassionate but also practical, telling me the truth and helping me make decisions on end-of-life care for my pet.


I was recommended to go here with my new dog and couldn't be happier that I listened. So far I love it!

Amanda Hyde

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital took great care of our cat when we had to bring her in for urgent care. The staff was friendly and professional and cared for our cat despite her diva tendencies. Surgery was well done and we were given frequent, helpful updates via phone calls. The doctors, surgeon, and technicians all answered our questions thoroughly and kept our nerves calm. Our cat is recovering well and we will be coming back for a follow up appointment in a week or so!


The butchers of Columbia pike. I will never forget what these people did to my dog. I’m still traumatize after a couple of years. They could careless about you as long as they get your money. I wouldn’t give them any stars! Horrible veterinarians. Never went back and extremely happier with my new veterinarian.

Dann Determan

Our dog Cooper digested Xylitol and was treated by the doctors and staff. I can't say enough about the care, communication, and genuine compassion they gave Cooper. Though the outcome of this painful experience is not certain, my wife and I know that he couldn't have received better care. Thank you CPAH!

Dawn U

Very reasonable cost for urgent care services, excellent vets. Dr Nishi was terrific, very knowledgeable. although I was sure that my cat was just dehydrated and constipated, he cautioned that my cat could possibly have a urinary blockage because my cat had a full bladder and wouldn’t express, it was an astute point, because my 20 year old cat had 2 blockages in the past. Anyhow, he told me to ensure that my cat urinates within the next 3 hours, if not, he needed to be brought back. (Dr Nishi also gave me the option to leave him at hospital for a couple of hours). I decided to take home, thankfully , my polite cat “expressed” himself right away when he got home, although he decided to do so in his cat bed, He is doing much better today and using the litter box. Thanks CPAH and Dr Nishi!

Allison Carmody

Dr. Novar and Ian took care of my baby bear for a blood draw (8 yr old 130lb Malamute) - they did a great job (he's not an easy patient when it comes to blood tests, as he is a huge dog with a double coat). I highly recommend this vet to all of my fellow fur baby parents. :)

Amy Urick

I have a special cat who does not like going to the vet. Dr Shauna Waite works with me to lower my kitty's stress level! She is always so accommodating!!

Nancy Longmyer

I have been going to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for at least 30 years with my dogs and cats. I am very satisfied with the care they have given my animals. Dr. Davis Hall is very knowledgeable and gives very helpful advise when one is uncertain about what to do. Dr. Flynn and Dr. Kirchard are very good also. I give 5 stars

Margaret Malkasian

My favorite doctor is Dr. Nguyen. I wouldn't recommend Dr. Nishi, he adds ridiculous charges to the bill. So I would recommend staying away from Dr. Nishi and always ALWAYS make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen.

Gary Blasser

My four year old doodle has been coming to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for three years for his wellness visits and vaccines. Today was the third visit, and my dog was rather anxious. Nevertheless, Dr. Fink and assisting staff managed to get him through the exam and all the vaccine updates just fine. Dr. Fink discovered and treated an ear infection that I had overlooked, and she helped me plan a better protocol to prevent fleas and ticks. We are good for another year! It is a relief being able to rely on such dedicated vets and supporting staff to keep my pet healthy and strong.


We have 2 kittens and a 5 year old min pin we took them in just for an examination once we filled out the paper work we were seen pretty quickly . Literally every single staff member was super nice especially our doctor C. Bilgir super nice and definitely can tell her heart is in it for sure !!! Too bad we couldn't give 10 star .highly recommended most definitely our new vet

Sarah Sanborn

The staff was so friendly and informative. Short wait time for a walk in urgent care visit, total visit time was approximately 30 minutes and I left feeling reassured and informed on care instructions and what to look out for that would warrant another visit. You guys are awesome, thanks again!

Stephanie Deskins

The only reason I am giving them one star is because I can't give them a zero. My son boarded his dog here while he went on vacation out of the country. He was contacted and told that they could not keep the dog because he would not let the staff near him. I certainly understand the inability to care for a dog who won't allow you to care for him however I question the fact that the hospital took the dog in the first place. Did they not interact with the dog to determine the ability to care for him? We contacted the hospital the next day. Someone answered the phone, asked if it were an emergency and placed me on hold. After holding on the phone for 4 minutes someone answered the phone and asked me to hold again. I held on for another 3 minutes. I explained the reason for my call and was transferred to a staff person who stated that he fed the dog however the dog would not allow him to walk him which hampered staffs ability to clean the cage. I stated that I would come to the hospital to walk the dog and asked if the hospital was able to keep the dog until my son returns as we planned to go out of town next week. The staff person stated that that would be okay. I also asked to speak with the manager however she was off. When I arrived at the hospital I informed a staff person of the reason for my visit. Another staff person said the person I spoke with earlier had 'misspoke' and that we had to take our dog home. I informed her that it was not my dog and that my son boarded him to go on vacation. Another staff person stated that 'we can't release the dog then '. The other staff person said the dog has to leave. The attitude and demeanor of the staff deeply concerns me. The way they spoke to me was very dismissive. The most significant thing is that no one ever asked for ID nor did I sign anything to leave with someone else's dog! I find that to be the worst part of the entire ordeal. In fact the staff person followed me to the car and yelled don't go back inside. I find it hard to fathom that persons who are charged with caring for animals would have such a terrible, uncaring, and unprofessional manner in dealing with people. How then are they talking care of pets? The staff should have known before the owner left if they were able to care for the dog. Do they not get to know the dog or interact with the dog at all? Very unprofessional both in the care of pets and interactions with people. I would not trust my pets care to a place like this.

Elizabeth Jackson

We love Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. We have adopted two dogs in the past 6 years and they have cared for them both. All of the vets we've had are great and we've had a great experience with Dr. Clinton, and Dr. Novarr. Dr. Clinton removed a bb from our sweet rescue when we noticed the lump. Dr. Novarr was very helpful in talking us through our first dog's care through his lymphoma diagnosis at a very young age, explaining the options, and recommending an oncologist and is great with our dog, Milo.. All of the techs have also been great with our dogs, and we do appreciate the extra care.

Claudia C.

Dr. David Hall is truly amazing. Nothing compares to the years or knowledge and expertise he has. He loves his job and loves what he does. I recommend him to all my friends because he is the best at what he does. he does not overcharge, and doesn't perform unnecessary test if he deems them unnecessary. He is an honest vet and a very nice person. He has a very special place in our hearts.

Jeanette Dosch

Love Columbia Pike Animal Hospital!! The Drs and staff are amazing. Definitely recommend for boarding and all pet healthcare needs.


I wish I could give 6 stars to this animal hospital and its wonderful staff - they saved the life of our cat and we are especially grateful to Dr. Chad Nishi and Britney (at the reception) for being there when we almost lost hope... We had to have our cat admitted to the emergency room in January and after an unfortunate experience in another local emergency clinic, I must have called every area animal emergency hospital with not much luck. Almost at the final hour, when all seemed lost, I called Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, where Britney picked up the call and within 30 seconds of speaking to her, hearing her compassion and care, a glimmer of hope appeared. She got Dr. Nishi to talk to us on the phone and after getting his very clear and reassuring guidance, we decided to transfer our cat to the Columbia Pike hospital. We met them that evening, our cat suffering silently in her carrier, and us teary-eyed from the ordeal. Dr. Nishi's compassion, amazing enthusiasm, and clear competence changed the dynamic for all of us that evening. Within a few minutes, we had a plan for decisive treatment and knew that our cat was in kind, expert hands. The following days were not easy - our cat developed issues that were not expected - through it all, the Doctors in the hospital were very professional and helpful. Dr. Nishi stayed on top of the treatment plan throughout and we got through it all and took our cat home on a mend. There were some billing issues, as quite a few doctors were engaged in the treatment, but we did not come expecting the services of an accountant and as far as Doctor's care, it was simply incredible, amazing and top notch in every respect. Its been nearly 6 months, and as of this morning, the cat was playing with her favorite mouse toy as we left the house to work. Thank you, Columbia Pike AH; Thank you Britney; Thank you Dr. Nishi - you saved our loved one!!!

Patrick McDowell

Normally a great staff and where I would kennel my dog. Appearantly too busy to answer the phone, after being placed on hold for the fourth time, I am looking at other options.

Eric Wood

I took my Yellow Lab to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital this week for a hematoma in her ear, which had me very freaked out. She was taken care of by Dr Nishi who did a phenomenal job. He explained everything that caused the issue and walked us through the continuing care. She is home and feeling much better. It is also important to note that the entire staff was very friendly and attentive. The facilities are very clean and clearly well tended to. I would absolutely recommend anyone to take their pets here for emergency or regular care. A+++

Joan Kisska

I have been with this practice for at least 45 years and have watched it grow. Dr. Hall is one of the most caring and competent vets in the business. I am so glad I had the good fortune of finding him and his wonderful practice. I can't tell you the number of people I have recommended to his facility. Thank you, Dr. Hall. You and your staff have been a blessing.

Chris Nathaniel

Highly recommend this clinic! I have been taking my dog Bailey here for several years. The staff is very caring and helpful and the doctors are very knowledgeable. My most recent experiences have been with Dr. Waite, who was able to see us for an urgent appointment, get treatment started, and schedule a follow-up with time allotted for a potential surgical procedure (which she unfortunately needed) within a few days. She was very detailed, from discussing available treatment options, to providing updates on labwork and surgery. Overall, this is an excellent clinic with amazing staff and doctors.

Jannaty H.

the doctor was very nice, it was our first time having a pet cat in the house. He was very nice and will definitely come back, This will be our place to go for immunizations and check ups for our cat. He was very patient, and answered all our questions swiftly.

Kelly Hruska

I love Columbia Pike Animal Hospital! The staff is friendly and the vets are terrific! I also love that they're opened 24/7 - it is so convenient!

Maria Farrell

Last week was my first visit to this hospitall. My vet recommended this facility for after hours care and weekend care. I called at 6 pm and they were able to fit me into their schedule at 8:30 that evening. The staff was excellent and very caring. The vet that took care of my cat was knowledgeable and gave my cat just the right treatment for his injury. My cat was seen in less than 15 minutes and we were taken care of within the hour including cleaning his paw injury and administering antibiotics and pain meds. My cat is back to himself and no longer limping after his paw was injured. Their flexible hours and reasonable prices will also keep me coming back the next time my cat needs care. The other animal hospital I called was an automatic 275 dollar walk in fee. Columbia Pike has much better prices and a ton of great staff. Thank you for your excellent service. I will definitely be recommending your hospital to any of my friends with animals.

Lisa Porter

We brought our cat Tom in for an emergency vets following several visits with our regular vet. They were able to get us in right away and immediately took vitals to ensure Tom was stable. The vet took a lot of time to speak with us (on what appeared to be a very busy Sunday) and referred Tom for further treatment (and even attempted to get a appointment with a specialist the next day). She also followed up with us the next day to check on Tom. The prices were reasonable for not just an emergency visit, but any visit. The staff was compassionate and attentive. If I lived closer, I would consider using them on a regular basis.

Maria del Carmen Williams

My dogs have gone to this vet for years. I can assure you that the staff don't care about you or your pet. They only care about what's in your wallet.

Kristen Wohlschlegel

I first came to Columbia Pike when my dog was bitten by another dog and needs sutures. My regular vet wouldn't see us. Rhymes with Urban...anyway Columbia saw us within an hour of calling and were amazing. 2nd time I took my 12 yr lab in was yesterday. He was suddenly having issues walking. What I like is they truely care about the animals and aren't trying to run up the bill.

Annie Burger - formerly Barber

Fantastic veterinary care at prices that seem reasonable to me. Dr. Taylor is fantastic! I highly recommend this vet.

Mara Alvarez

Went in as an emergency and was seen by a vet within 5 mins of arriving. They addressed our issue and answered our questions. Would recommend!

MatNuoc ViAi

I love this place! Place is clean, price is reasonable than the other two place I went, and staffs here are friendly. My husband and I took our dog to see Dr. Andrew Nguyen yesterday. Dr. Nguyen always take the time to talk to us, explained the issues, and make us feel that he cares. He is very gentle with our dog. I definitely recommend this hospital and Dr. Nguyen!!! Thank you Dr. Andrew Nguyen!

Perkins Family

We have been with Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for many. many years. Our dogs from the time they were puppies have always received wonderful care and attention from the excellent doctors and amazing staff. In addition to the compassionate, patient and kind care given at CPAH we also recommend their boarding and bath special services. Recently we have been receiving many mailings from new and other animal hospitals in the surrounding area, but we love CPAH and honestly would not consider going to or trusting the care of our furry family member(s) to any one else.

Jill Kagan

We have been using Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for 20+ years and we have seen several vets, and they were all great, but there is no one other than Dr. Kirchart i would trust with my pug! She has been caring for Daisy since we brought her in as a puppy almost 12 years ago. She is the pug whisperer. I have often told her that I wish my own doctors were as caring, competent, and responsive as her.

Jenna Blanton

I love Columbia Pike AH. I’ve been taking my first dog Simba here ever since I rescued him and we have gotten to know the awesome staff and they really love and care for my pup! I then got a German Shepherd puppy and they are fantastic with both dogs. We usually go to Dr. Novarr but I am happy going to any doctor if he isn’t there, they are just that good overall! Just recently Simba was attacked by an awful dog at the dog park so we rushed him in to get checked, they couldn’t find anything but had him for over an hour and didn’t even charge us! Took care of him and we were on our way! They have everything in house, very fast, you can usually get appointments for non-emergency the same day or the next, and walk in 24/7 for emergency visits with no extra fee. Love Columbia Pike AH and would recommend it for all pet owners for many reasons!!

Shirley Delmundo

Yasuko and Bessie groomed my doggie since TCAH stopped their service and both did a very good job! My last visit ......I was impressed with Molly at the front desk when I checked in. She took her time and listened to me about my concerns ( my dog has epilepsy) I’m worried might have seizures while groomed. Also Yasuko is so sweet to check how my dog is! Btw I didn’t know that grooming charges were based in furbaby gained wt.d/t phenobarbital! Overall I’m satisfied with grooming. I have no contacts with any of the vets here because I always go to TCAH the sister hospital.

Marguerite Curry

I always use Columbia Pike for my dogs Brody and Jager's care, they are truly the best! I picked them up today after an overnight stay and the staff took great care of them as usual! Thank you for your continued service!!!! You should be proud of the kennel staff and their warm and kind manner!

Jess y

I’m honestly so disappointed I brought my dog here for surgery paid this office over $3000 in fees was told that all post-op care would be covered by the surgeon vet who operated on my dog when my mother along with her friend brought him in for his post op care it was decided he may need an IV for dehydration however my mother was not told there would be any additional charge otherwise she would have called me and would have gotten a verbal okay from me saying that was fine however she was not told there would be any other fees associated with what was suppose to be a post op appointment. I received a bill from them I called their office explained I was not made aware of any charges and I did not agree to any of it therefore these charges were invalid I waited on the phone for about 10 min when finally someone answered they didn’t help me she was extremely rude ended up just transferring me to physicians voicemail. I left her a message and guess what crickets I never heard back assumed it was fine since clearly my message didn’t warrant a call back! Now I’m getting letters from them asking that I call to pay I’m not going to pay for extra service I did not authorize that’s on them on their negligent staff who didn’t do their due diligence and for the physician lying to me telling me post up care would be covered. All I have to say is their staff was less than helpful, they were rude lacked any customer service and there was absolutely no follow up or follow through with any of my billing questions on how exactly you can bill someone for services they didn’t agree to or sign for?? I will be reporting them to the better business bureau for charging me for services I was told would be free and again I reiterate was never made aware of in the first place!!!! If you do go here just make sure you read everything so that you don’t end up with charges you did not agree to and have them hounding at you for more money cause it seems like that’s more important then patient care after they’ve already emptied your pockets.

Sabah Bhatnagar

One of our cats has a serious medical condition and he would not be alive if it wasn't for this place. All the vets are wonderful and take time to explain everything.

John Stewart

Six years ago, I adopted 3 stray kittens from a litter of 6 that found their way to our door. They have always gone to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital where the get the best of care at reasonable rates.

Theresa B

I've taken my pug to this place even though neutered so friendly Nicole at the front desk was awesome and they treated my boy would such care and made me feel better with updates!!

Reyes Holdings PDC

We have been going to CPAH for 4 years now and could not be happier with the level of care that we receive. The vets truly care about their patients and the "parents" of their patients. Our cat has had two surgeries with Dr. Clinton and we knew we were in great hands. Our 1.5 year old dog, Dakota, has extremely high anxiety and we've finally found a match in Dr. Waite who is extremely kind and patient with Dakota and with my husband and I while we work hard to find a solution that works for all of us. The front desk/client relations staff as well as all of the techs are equally as wonderful - they put a lot of care into hiring the right people and it shows. Not to mention the 24 hour availability has saved us more than a few times and allows for extreme convenience with varying schedules.

b c

Great place to take your pups! Staff is great with animals. The Veterinarians are great. It is also a good place to board your pets.

Sandy Abate

This is not my normal vet but i was referred to them by my vet for an emergency situation. The staff was friendly and helpful and I would not hesitate to return to this animal hospital!

alice lambert

We cannot say enough good things about this vet hospital . Although we use the Fairfax hospital, this hospital was wonderful when we needed them.

Victoria Cussolim

I had a nightmarish experience at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. I brought my cat Max, a 16-year-old with advanced CKD. At first everything seemed OK, and we decided to hospitalize Max for 24 hours to get him rehydrated. After the 24 hours his kidney values did not improve much. At this point we were set on just bringing him home and giving him supportive care (Sub-q fluids as well as other medications). The vet did not seem to want to let us bring Max home. She told us the options that she recommended were to continue hospitalization, which had already cost us over 2.000 dollars, or to euthanize him. I did not want to euthanize him and I did not want him to pass while hospitalized, I wanted to spend time with my cat. They reluctantly let us take him home and told us how to give him home treatments. Ever since bringing him home it was impossible to talk to an actual vet about any questions we had about his medicines or anything. We would have to talk to a receptionist, who would talk to a vet tech, who would talk to a vet, then the information would be passed back down and finally we would receive half answers to maybe half of our questions. It seemed like they had no real intention to help since they were not making thousands off us anymore. The final straw that made me leave Columbia Pike and write this review was that one night when I needed a refill for one of Max’s medicines as well as a prescription for a new medicine, I called Columbia Pike and after talking for 10 minutes I was finally allowed to come in to pick up the refill and the new prescription. I came in and purchased his medicine but the receptionist told me that the doctor on duty was too busy to sign the prescription and that I would have to come back in the morning. I was extremely frustrated at this point but I just wanted to get home and give Max his medicine. When I got home I opened the bottle and realized that the medicine looked nothing like how it did when I got it three times prior. It was quite obviously watered down. Thank god I had purchased this medication before and I knew what it was supposed to look like. I went back in the morning to complain, and repeatedly told them that I wanted to buy a new bottle, and I wanted to keep the old one. They took the bottle and poured out the watered down medication, effectively destroying any evidence I had to prove their malpractice. The whole experience was disgusting and I strongly recommend against taking any of your pets to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, they don’t care about your animals they care about your money. P.S. With home treatment, lots of love and a good vet, Max’s kidney values have went down and he is doing much better than how he was when we took him to CPAH. Columbia Pike: 0 Max: 1

Gary Bell

Charged us almost $500 for a visit that included $300 for a simple x ray of a small dog (toy poodle) with no sedation. When I questioned the high cost, no one was available to take 5 minutes to talk to me. You could not pay me to go back.

Dave L

Bottom linee up front: Columbia Pike rushed us out the door without doing what I paid for. Took our ailing cat in. Our normal vet here was not available, so we went to emergency care. Doc spoke at length with me (the only reason this is not a 1 star review) and the way forward initially was a urine test. They forgot to collect the urine, as our cat urinated as soon as he got home. They neglected to tell me the primary diagnostic test was not done until I was already home across town. For an incredibly expensive visit ($486.45 after discount...granted, I did get a bottle of insulin), nothing was really done and I'm expected to make 2 more trips to them now to get them the urine sample. Thus, hours spent, dollars spent, and Columbia Pike left me at square one. Very unhappy.

Daovone Douangdara

I love the quality of care we received from Dr. jones and Ian McCabe!! We just adopted our 90 pound lap dog on Thursday and they were able to fit us in the same day and absolutely took the time to answer every question we had and helped us figure out a cost friendly treatment plan for our fur baby. HAnds down would recommend both Ian and Dr.Jones!!

Kathryn Robbins

I've been coming to Columbia Pike AH for many years. I find the techs very courteous and helpful. The front desk is too busy and sometimes I have to wait too long to check out but I think its a great place and my vet is excellent as well as informative and caring. The best Vet Office.

Nikii Frank

At every level of care, starting even with signing in, everyone is helpful, professional and truly cares about your pet. Best of all is being able to get a last minute appointment, or even seeing a Veterinarian in the middle of the night if needed. I've had over 10 years experience with this practice.

Carol Kazlauskas

Excellent care by Dr Hall. Takes time to listen your concerns and explains treatments.

Cheryl Heidel

For me the convenience is key (24/7 care but not nearly the price of a standard "emergency" vet), but I wouldn't go here if they didn't also provide great care. Dr. Fink is thorough, caring and knowledgeable. When I need some backup meds, they have them onsite for purchase along with pill pockets for sale.

Maria Pereira

Columbia Pike has always been amazing to work with, from desk and tech staff to the veterinarians. Dr. Kirchart and Dr. Nishi specifically, were both not only empathetic, but matter of fact and reassured and supported us in our care for our dog. Columbia Pike and Town and Country are amazing and I'd never want my animals to go anywhere else while we're here.

Dave Bone

Personnel fantastic w pets, reasonable prices, board in confidence - if any med emergency the Dr's are right there, 24 hr coverage. Adding from last review that the Tech Damian took a few extra minutes to help us understand our Maltese Poodle Mix's behavior which has really helped the Owner / Dog relationship and for when we are walking him and we encounter strangers & other dogs. The Dr.'s are all great. I really appreciate the extra time sometimes needed to answer questions.

Hazel Bowen Wright Matthews

I took my dog as a urgent visit.. we ended up waiting 1 hour to be seen, mind you we called in 30 minutes prior to coming in. After waiting for an exact hour I checked with the front desk staff to see what was going on.. turned out that they forgot to check in our dog in their system. We spent over 3 hours there, I understand things happen but no one communicates anything with the customers. We waited another hour alone in the exam room. I only gave the two stars because the doctor was extremely nice. Other than that I would not return here. We got there at 2:30pm and we didn’t leave until 5:30. Staff is every unprofessional. Then the doctor hits me with “ I don’t know” when I ask her questions. Waste of $120


Columbia Pike Animal Hospital has always been fantastic about accommodating our "challenging-mannered" rescue dog. They have a very nice, caring team, and we could not be happier with the treatment!

David Plummer

Can’t give zero stars. Arrived for my appointment 15 minutes early. 10 Min later I was informed the dr is running 40-45 minutes behind. I think they should have notified me earlier and not waste my time. I left to meet other appointments. Will find a new vet.i understand emergencies but no reason not to call me. They have an ER urgent care doc on duty

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