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REVIEWS OF Boulevard Veterinary Clinic IN Pennsylvania

Bethany Ertle

Underwhelming and overpriced. I cannot believe how much they charged just to tell us our 2 parakeets look fine and to clip their wings.

Dale Medvetz

Love the Vets

Emilie Alpert

Dr. Markowitz knows his reptiles! I was going nuts trying to find a vet to treat my baby iguana, and all of them were so expensive, except for this place. Very affordable, and this doctor really knows his stuff when it comes to reptiles and other pets.

Gene Sobon

Mary Alverson

Steven Misiur

Brian Kelly

Dr Furst is the best

Rob York

Lisa Storan

Kristine Garwood

Maria Lopesamaral

Nikki D

Deanna Dolan

We have been coming here since 1991 with our previous dog Mariah and now we bring our current dog Fancy. I highly recommend them.

Karen Villahermosa

Very friendly.

Makaia Murray

Amazing staff! They're helpful and actually care about giving you and your pet the best care

Aidan Paris

Paul Diamond

A friend recommended the clinic to us when our oldest dog developed eye cancer. We wanted a second opinion since the specialist we saw quoted us $3,000 for the procedure. Boulevard charged us $1,200 and the care could not have been better. Coco recovered and had another 2 happy years. Also, when we eventually had to put her down, she later developed an aggressive brain tumor, the staff and doctors could not have been more gentle and understanding. We continue to bring our new puppy there.

Robby Pfeifer

Kristine G

Great vet! They were able to get us in same day and also given great service!

Bill Sickles

Nadia Singh

Rich Eberle

Debbie Kromka

Joshua Rodriguez

José Carvalho

Luis Araujo

I've been taking my dog's and pets there for years and the service we get there is always amazing! The doctors and vet techs are kind, compassionate and caring.

David Rien

I have nothing but great respect for everyone at Boulevard Vet Clinic in Kenilworth, they are the best when it comes to caring and providing excellent care for dogs. I have taken all of my dogs to them since the early 1990's. They have provided excellent care for Polo a Lhasa Apso, Taz a Miniature Pinscher; Jade a Doberman Pinscher; Riley a Labrador Retriever; Asia a Rescue Dog; Dexter a French Bulldog; and Cody a mixed breed. These doctors are the best and they are there to assist you 7 days a week. The support staff are very caring and they treat each animal as if it was there own. A great place to bring your pets for the best in Veterinary Care.

Karen Vari

Ken H

Jamie T. Ranieri

Julie Murphy

Love Boulevard Vet Group!


Great friendly place.

Chilly Bear

DO NOT TAKE EXOTIC PETS TO THIS VET! I'm not the type of person who would ever write a review, but how could you call yourself a vet when you don't even care about animals? If I could give negative stars I would. I brought my chinchilla in to Union Animal Hospital because he stopped eating, he wasn't being active and he was acting weird. I had no idea what it was or what was wrong, so we brought him to Doctor Isabel Perez. She told us our chins teeth were overgrown, and needed to be shaved down. They charged us nearly $400 dollars to fix his teeth. After we brought our chinny home from the "surgery" he looked terrible! He was crying, still in pain, as if they did not use anesthesia when we paid for it. My chinchilla was traumatized after he came back home. A month goes by, my chin still won't eat, he is in pain, crying, symptoms are getting worse, we called and made an appointment again. We brought him in just for them to tell us we needed to go to a specialist. To get x-rays at another place and to get his teeth filed again!! Basically they wanted me to pay for what they were supposed to fix, because apparently they didn't even shave his teeth completely or correctly! The appointment they set for us was 3 days out, meanwhile my chinchilla cannot eat, he couldn't even move. So we called again, and we set an emergency visit, they wouldn't see us at Union Hospital, so they sent us to another vet. So when we got to the other vet Boulevard veterinary clinic in Kenilworth, the staff was rude and displeased to see us again, because it was the same staff as in Union. The vet that attended us this time was Dr. Markowitz. He handled our chinchilla without care, he grabbed him like a rag doll. He pulled him out of the carrier, he held him improperly, ripped clumps of his fur off and said it was normal for that much fur to fall off, and he was forcing open our chinchillas mouth while the chin is in pain and crying. Then Dr. Markowitz grabbed his tools to "fix" his teeth, after we suggested his teeth were what was causing pain, he said that his teeth weren't the problem. Dr. Markowitz then proceeds to shove a wooden tongue stick down my chinchillas mouth and broke his teeth!! Then Dr. Markowitz makes a joke saying " I guess we didn't need the tools to shave his teeth" because he literally broke them with the stick! I am so disgusted with this experience!

Adam Kavalin

Gavin Alan

Kate Rappa

Switched to this vet last year and very glad we did. Parking is kind of a pain, but I can usually find a spot on a side street. Reception staff is friendly. Wait time is usually 20 minutes. The vets are very good about telling you the cost of services so you’re not blindsided with a huge bill. I also think this is the first vet I’ve gone to that hasn’t added a bunch of unnecessary shots and treatments which I really appreciate.

Linda Roselle

Christina Montgomery

Dr. Lauren Abdelmessih took such great care of my senior toy poodle for his dental cleaning! My dog had to have several teeth removed, and she took her time to go over his post-op care with me. The day after his surgery he’s already back to himself and quite happy! The office is also very clean and the reception staff and technicians were so friendly. I would absolutely recommend being your fur baby here!

Erma Hennings

Dr Markowitz mishandled and killed my bird last week. We brought him in for an upper respiratory infection and wound up bringing him home dead in a box. But of course he offered to do a autopsy after killing him in his hands. A shameful way of attempting to generate some cash. You should have your license revoked. Stay away!!

Lauren Perri

If I could give zero stars I would. This vet is HORRIBLE. My husband takes his cat here and after she had a dental procedure done, she ended up coming home with ringworm. I also had my husband take my cat here out of quick convenience because she had a lump on her side. The vet there told us it's nothing to worry about and to wait and see what happens with it. Well, I ended up taking her to MY vet to see what they say, and it turned out this lump was an infection that needed to be lanced and washed daily with a medication solution. Had I listened to the vets at Kenilworth, my cat would have ended up with the infection in her organs. This place is filthy dirty, and the vets are what I would hardly call knowledgeable. If you want a good vet to take your animal to, take him/her to Rt. 516 Animal Hospital in Old Bridge, you will not be disappointed there!

Paul Larkin Jr.

Care is ok, but it's annoying when you have a new veterinarian every time, and i ALWAYS wait 15-30 mins even when i have an appt

ro Lo

Rachelle Veasley

They take solid care of my pup and are patient with his Shiba outbursts! Pretty flexible scheduling and they're pretty good about returning phone calls. Not that much space for parking, so give yourself a few minutes ahead of an appointment to look for a spot.

Alexander Balaban

I brought my lovely sweet Tortoiseshell kitten LUCY on August 12 for SPAY/ABORT assessment. Dr. Markowitz made a quick assessment that he could perform the surgery. He failed to inform me of the risks involved with such a surgery. He did not even use a stethoscope in examining my LUCY. I was not permitted to see my LUCY in her holding cage prior to surgery. Even though I informed BVC that I fed LUCY in the morning, they felt that was a non-issue for surgery the same day. They left LUCY unattended all night long post surgery and she passed away the next morning. When they noticed her in crisis the next morning, they failed to call me right away. I shall never, ever bring another animal to Boulevard Veterinary Clinic in Kenilworth, N.J. I lost a wonderful companion due to their lack of emergency response and neglectful actions.

Cynthia Hellen

Tina Roche

Juan Ortega

Andrew Hibberson

Very nice caring people, reasonable prices

Ray Perez

Their service and dedication to maintaining the health of our pets is superb. I strongly recommend this facility for all your pet health needs.

Luke Diano

Timothy Penna

Great Staff. Clean facility.

Michael Alamorian

Great people

Monica Peggins

Top notch staff clean facility.. They really care about your pets.

David Artman

My 2 cats have been going there since They came into our family

Elaine McDonnell

Joanne Lemmo

Great experience - we visited to get a diagnosis for our dog. Dr carefully evaluated the symptoms and has successfully treated him. Friendly staff, convenient location and office hours. Met prices for online prescriptions. Highly recommend!

Ellen Rothbaum

Really like dr frust and staff kind to my dog

Michele D

Great vets. Very caring and knowledgeable

Michael Smaldone

Quality,caring,professional service.

Kristen Marshall

I lost my 8 year old lab mix to aggressive cancer but am so grateful I took her to Boulevard Vet over her last few months. My fiancé's family have been taking their dogs here for several years with always great care. After never finding a good vet, I took my Penny to get a lump checked. She needed two surgeries since it was so aggressive and grew back quickly. The staff and Doctors were very knowledgeable and beyond caring. The prices were very reasonable and I followed up several times with those visits not costing anything, just the cost of the meds needed. When my Penny needed to be put to sleep, the staff and doctor were beyond kind and professional during this most difficult time. In the past I needed to suddenly put another dog to sleep at another vet and it was incomparable...not as compassionate as Boulevard. We just received a beautiful sympathy card signed by the entire staff and doctors with such sweet messages. We will only use Boulevard vet. Thank you to the team here!

snow b0arder

My boyfriend brought his Yorkee to the hospital for years, so I started bringing my cats there when i moved in 3 years ago. I should have thought twice though, considering the Yorkee has horrible allergies that they attempted to treat for the last 8 years, and he still scratches himself raw. Yes, this vet is cheap, and has last minute, late afternoon appointments available during the week, but what’s the point if you bring them in over and over for the same problem with no results? The real tipping point for me was when i brought my cat in, for the second time, for a mystery wound. The vet wanted to put the cat under anesthesia to suture it, which she referred to me as “sedation.” I didn’t realize this meant general anesthesia in veterinary language, and was surprised when the office manager brought me the estimate. The manager insisted that the cat was indeed going to be sedated. I asked if the cat was also going to have a breathing tube, and she said yes. So I said, “that’s general anesthesia.” The manager, then, told me to “calm down.” I said “excuse me? Don’t talk to me like that. You have no idea what I’ve been through over the last 24 hours”. (This was our second vet visit, first being an ER visit for the same wound that the cat had re opened. He was also throwing up the night before, and we were told by the ER vet that he might have a rare metabolic disease and we have to see an IM specialist.) The office manager proceeded to say to me “no, YOU don’t talk to me like that”. I was shocked. I had not raised my voice at this lady or anything. I finally asked her to please leave the room and get the doctor. She stood in the doorway and said that no, i don’t tell her to leave the room. I finally reassured her that i will NOT come back to this animal hospital with any of my pets again. She then said to me “this is bad” pointing to my cat, and left. When the doctor came back, i told her what had happened, and she couldn't care less. She said that maybe I should go back to the vet i saw the night before. I couldn’t believe the lack of compassion I received while my cat had a huge wound in his side, and I was so upset and worried about him and his underlying disease. This is after we have been coming to them with our FOUR pets for the last 3 years. As a medical provider myself (for humans), I would never talk that way to any of my patients or their families. I did not deserve to be treated this way, and I would much rather pay a little more and get some empathy and compassion from the staff, than being treated like absolute garbage the way I was. And by the way, the review below by Alexander about his kitten passing away after having surgery there to be SPAYED absolutely broke my heart. We stopped seeing dr Markowitz a long time ago because he just talks AT you, doesn’t give clear answers any of your questions, and doesn’t actually do anything to help the pet’s problem. But reading that... I realize that bad things happen sometimes, but that’s awful. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Matthew Higgins

Erma Sergi

Frank De La Cruz

(Translated by Google) My pets (puppies), they like to be seen here, it's a good place, and very clean. (Original) A mis mascotas(perritos), les gusta que los atiendan aqui, es un buen lugar, y muy limpio.

Erika McLaughlin

Great place! Very experienced, knowledgeable, caring staff, and still affordable. I highly recommend it!

Randall Barney

Caring vets, decent prices

Paul Harrison

Love this vet. always friendly and warm. Dr staff takes their time to explain everything and answer questions. We have a vet right down the street from us but choose to dr 20 minutes to Kenilworth because of their caring and friendliness.

Ana Antuono

Love the staff!! So does our little pug!!

Eddie Brennan

Raymond Poleski

Professional friendly thorough always treated pets well and effectively

Mary Haury

Courteous compassionate understanding staff. My dog & I are seniors. We appreciate all staff very much.

Maria Belardo

Candee Williams

Very kind people

James Petrecca

Donald Pulidore

What a bunch of total rip offs!!!! First let me explain my first time there, I took my 5 year old dog there and they told me he had a neck injury. He wasnt getting any better so we brought him back 3 more times and all they did was give him more pain medication. Long story short he DIED and suffered for months saying it was a neck injury when it was cancer all along. Well we bring a second dog in there yesterday, WHY we dont know, but they tried to scam us for HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!! They took blood yesterday and said they would call us at 10 we never heard from them. We called them and they told us were gonna have to bring our dog back for 250.00 blood work. Then every 2 weeks another 250. They are GREEDY not to mention rude. My dog is uncomfortable and they had the nerve to say ahhh shes ok. DONT USE THEM.

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