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REVIEWS OF Avalon Veterinary Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Amanda Beck

They were very compassionate and understanding. One of my dogs had been abused as a puppy and wmdidnt not trust people especially men. The vet and the tech sat on the floor with her, let her sniff them and took their time with her. They did not push surgeries and were very nice and informative.

Dan Welsh

The staff and the veterinarian could not have been any more helpful, they went above and beyond. Our twelve year old dog was in a desperate condition and we needed to make her comfortable and end her suffering. We had hoped for some more time with her but things deteriorated quickly. The staff fit us in last minute and were so kind to not only our beloved dog but to her family as well. They were super heroes to us that day. We will always remember that kindness and compassion they shared. We will be coming back in the future whenever our other two dogs need anything.

Daniel McKelvey

Super friendly staff that provide outstanding service for our pups. They get us in and out in a timely manner and provide great care anytime we have needed to take a trip to the doggy doctors.

Nicole Cochran

Wonderful veterinarians! My dog was having a reaction to his vaccine and my vet was closed. I called about 6 different vets whom I told I was having an emergency and this is the ONLY one who was considerate and helpful and took me in right away. I had to go late at night and no one else would stay open to see me. They made sure my pup was okay, ran a blood test in house in the spot and even called the next day to check in. Didn't cost an arm and a leg either. I definitely recommend them!

Michael Rafferty

Great team. Help Dakota big time still helping n called other day to check up on her my doctor don't even do that

Elva Parker

Very compassionate staff! This was a very sad day for my friend. Her beautiful dog had to be put down that day. The staff were so kind I'll never forget The Gentle Way they treated us

claudia fisher

Best veterinary ever! Been taking my pets there since I was a kid ... That's a long time ago!

Howard Flynn

I'm on my second dog going to Avalon Veterinary clinic. So compassionate and friendly, to me They truly love dogs and animals. A++

Dee Zee

They are great when you have a puppy with all their needs as well as the most difficult time when many deep decisions need to be made.

Amanda Barshowski

Do not take your pet here! If you are new don't bother establishing a relationship. If you have been there in the past, be warned, it's under new ownership and all of the doctors and vet techs that have been there for decades are gone. Prices have increased dramatically with the new owners. My pet's annual visit was over well $100. Outside of annual exams office visits are more than $50 and that does not include anything they may do (shots, tests, blood work) and exclusive of the hazardous waste disposal charge. Also, they quit carrying a lot of medicines and clients are now forced to use a mail order pharmacy. I was a loyal client to Avalon Vet for my whole life, but the changes I've seen in the past year are absurd. Prices increased, cameras everywhere, hiring vets that have decades of bad reputations around this area. Not to mention I had to argue with the manager to get a copy of my pet's records. The last thing the establishment, under the new owners, cares about are their client's pets. Also, do not take their Facebook page seriously. They censor it, removing anything the slightest bit negative, to paint a completely different picture than what they are.

Faith Wyse

The staff handled my very scared little dog with excellent care!

Kristen Slaby

I love the staff here. They're all so nice to us. We have an American Staffordshire Terrier aka a pitbull, & too often do we come across vets who are condescending to us as owners & treat our pup like a villain. Not here.

Paul Hughes

Always an amazing experience! Dr McGowan is the only Vet we let treat our pets. The entire staff is always wonderful, prompt, courteous, & knowledgeable! I've personally been going to this Vet since 2000.

Trin Walagura

Very caring staff, great to work with.

Paul Benko

Great staff and Doctors, clean exam rooms.easy to make appointments.

Bianca Cerio

My Guinea pig passed away a week and a half ago, and we didn't know what to do with her. The people at Avalon were so sweet, patient, and sympathetic. They let us know that we could drop her off anytime with them and even keep the ashes, if we decided to. We decided to keep the ashes and brought her to them. Within a week they had her ready for me to pick up. She came back in a lovely box and the person that helped us was very helpful and understanding. They also mailed out a sympathy card and had everyone at the clinic sign it, even though we had barely interacted with anyone else, given the circumstances. I probably won't be ready to have another pet any time soon, but when we do, I will use Avalon as their vet. I would highly recommend this clinic and the staff.

kevin pieprzyk

Very considerate and helpful staff.

Ronnie A

Very professional and caring staff. My dog had a skin infection and was given pills and medicated shampoo which seem to be doing the trick so far. The staff even followed up with a phone call a few days later to ask if he was improving.

Kathe Kress

Chloe was treated gently and with respect. Both the technician and the vet were familiar with her file, and asked how well her paw had recovered from a prior infection. I was impressed that they did that.

Gabby Frederick

Everyone was super nice and helpful

James Chaney

Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, price was reasonable

David Jenkins

Great place

Joe Taylor

They are very good at taking care of your pet and giving you the info you need on your pet !

Mark Miko

Great care and great service

Adam Obringer

great folks, small business

LouAnn Hays

I have been taking my pets here for over 20 years wouldn't go anywhere else!!! The are wonderful and caring group of staff.. Keep up the great work.

bob orwig

Good job on my pets

Sandi Harrod

Took good care of Rickys cat.

Oma 329

Avalon Vet Hospital is not glamorous or glitzy like many of the other local practices. It is, however, staffed by caring, compassionate and skilled employees who treat your pets as if they were their own.


Great staff, always a positive experience

Joe Izzi

My dog is 16 years old and has always gone to Avalon Vets. They treat her and my family very well. We always feel satisfied when we leave. They answer all our questions. We go and get what needs to be done and they never try to sell us anything more.

Sherry Gedid

We have been going to Avalon vet for many years. They are good at what they do, the staff is very friendly & helpful


Caring, detailed, available, and fair!!! Thank you for taking such good care of my pup and me!!

Paul Dion

Great service excellent care

Cindy Obuchowski

Always very accommodating and very friendly and caring docs and staff

Bobby Ancj


Connie Brutt

Very caring, great people, gave my dog the best care and treatments . thank you so much.

Terry Boles

Very friendly doctors and staff.

Donna Spohn

Good place...very nice.

Ellen Beatty

They treat our furbabies wonderfully!

K Draws

I love the vet and staff. They are very friendly

Matt McFarland

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They won't push you into doing unnecessary things. This is also an emergency vet office.

Raina Collins

Excellent bedside manor and they always seem to know what they are talking about. Improvements to be made would include more parking and a ramp at the entrance for geriatric and vertically challenged dogs. Second favorite vet in Pittsburgh after PVSEC

Mercedes Mckernan

This love bug loves this vet. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. They treat my baby like he's their own.

Hannah Szuch

They were SO KIND to my sick kitty! I was able to tell them how much I had to spend & without hesitation, they worked with me! No questions asked! From the staff at the front desk; To the Veterinary Assistant; To the Veterinarian, they ALL were SO VERY SYMPATHETIC for me! Needless to say, my cat was feeling SO MUCH BETTER within 24 hours! They explained each medication in DETAIL, and gave me different price options for each different type. Overall... These people are AMAZING! Not ONLY to pets, but to their humans as WELL!

Nicolas Aguilar

We only went for a quick check up for a new puppy we had bought in the area. Ease of appointment was great and they work past regular business hours on Saturdays. We saw Dr. Clauss, she was very patience and answered all our questions. We definitely recommend this place to anybody in Pittsburgh.

kathy brophy

Will NEVER go back!

Beth Lastname

kind staff and the female doc we had was empathetic, honest and capable.

Gabriel Caputo

My two dogs needed medication for worms and a Depot steroid shot for itching. I new this is what they needed, but thought that I had to make an appointment in order to get it. Since I made an appointment I had to have an exam, $85.00 (for both dogs). (I didn't need my dogs checked out). I had stool samples of the pets naively thinking that this would help them make a determination as to what the worms were. The stool sample was $56 for them to examine and dispose of it. If I would have known that the stool sample was going to be that expensive I would have simply explained what the worms looked like which is what I did before even handing them the stool samples. Turned out that they didn't find anything and just went with what I described to them in the first place in order to make the diagnosis. I ended up walking out with a $200 Vet bill. Had i just been given the medication and the depot shot the bill would have been $63. After I left, I got to wondering why it was so hi. I went back to speak with Dr. Fitzgerald and ask why I was charged so much when it was pretty easy to determine that all we needed is a worm medicine and a depot shot which should have only been $63. She proceed to ask me if I thought they did this stuff for free. I understand that nobody does anything for free. I responded by saying, had I know that all of these additional fees would have been added I wouldn't have wanted the services done. She told me that since I made an appointment we had to do the examines and since I offered the stool sample they examined it. She said I should have asked what the stool sample examination would cost. She also said that if I would have simply needed the depot shot and the medication I could have just received "just" that as well. Bottom line, be sure to ask what every thing that is done to your pet or for your pet will cost and if it is absolutely necessary. Capitalism is what makes our county great, but if someone at an auto body shop would have tried pulling this same kind of thing with the same mentality they would have been on the evening news.

Amanda W

Great place for my pets I've ever been at!

harry wynkoop

Worst vet I ever went to. Very unprofessional and would not go back.

Mecca Bey

Friendly staff

Robert Hardt

So glad I found this vet !!! The staff is top notch and genuinely care about every animal that comes in the door. They helped me during a very difficult time with my pet and were there during his suffering and after his passing to make sure we were okay. No better place to go for pet care

Donald Bohach

The people who work here are great and really care about the animals

Helen Unrath

I have been going here since October 2016.These people are wonderful.You can tell they really care about your pet.The techs are fabulous and the doctors amazing.My little shitzu had to have surgery.DR Verette was amazing.She called me,answered all my questions and really cares.Can't say enough about this place.Thank you Avalon Vet!

Natasha Hazelwood

Incredibly compassionate, helpful and responsive group!

Megan Ward

I used Avalon as my vet for 21 years. After the new owner and her husband took over, there was a mass exodus of vets, techs and staff. I should have followed them immediately. I had an appt with an older gentleman vet. I had a dog in failing health and had a multitude of questions about meds I had read about and a print out of what meds were available online thru Amazon. He basically read my list of questions, told me he didn't know the answers but would research it. He called me back the next evening and read me my list from Amazon I had given him. Yes, I KNOW those are available. I'm asking what you recommend. He couldn't make a recommendation. For this I was charged plenty. While in the waiting room for this appt, I witnessed the owner's husband berating 2 female employees at the front desk over their poor performance the prior day with some computer related issue. It was embarrassing for those of us in the waiting room watching this man speak down to these 2 girls the way he did. I felt awful for them. Once I decided to leave and go to a new vet, I called and asked to have records faxed to the new vet. This was followed by a phone call from the office manager wanting to know why I was leaving. I told her, and I was brutally honest. It was not an easy phone call, this was a hard decision for me having entrusted my pets to them for so many years. She promised to fax the records. A few weeks later, I go to my appt at the new vet and guess what - nothing was faxed over. The new vet calls and is told they have no client by my name, now or ever. They had no patient at my address, my phone number, none of my pet's names were there, nothing. 21 years of patronage and I am told my records are gone. Miraculously, someone checked the "paper records in the basement" and found an old chart that didn't even have my most recent visit recorded. I had no intention of posting a bad review until they played games with my pet's health by denying to provide records of a visit I paid for. Games people play when they are bitter about losing business due to their own ineptitude. I am embarrassed for them.

Donald Nolan

I had my fog Norman here today and everyone was just wonderfull .

Anthony Seeker

The new owners are idiots the staff is pushy and I am looking for a new vet. I will never take another animal here now that they have been taken over by the new owners.

Nancy Glass

I have taken my animals there since 1990. I have had a variety of dogs and cats and they received excellent care at each and every visit. I have had the opportunity to meet each veterinarian at one time or another and they all are very knowledgeable. And when it came time to put a furry friend to sleep, the staff could not have been kinder. I would recommend Avalon Vet Hospital to anyone who loves animals.

Caitlyn Barrett

This is by far the most caring and responsive veterinary hospital that we have ever been to. They were convenient, took wonderful care of our dogs, and were very kind. We are broken-hearted that we had to leave Pittsburgh and leave this vet. But even with that, they have been incredibly helpful in transferring records (twice because our new vet lost the first set). We miss the wonderful staff and veterinarians at Avalon Veterinary Hospital.

Tony Pienkosky

Very polite staff

Nathan Satan

Great place...loved the staff

Tristessa Slesinski

You will not find a more compassionate vet. I came here nearly 2 weeks ago to say goodbye to my beloved 20yr old cat Gabby. Even though I was early for my appointment and unable to speak to the woman at the desk, they knew why I was there and got us into a room immediately. Nicole and Dr. Sudberg gave me all the time I needed with Gabby, and let me stay for the whole procedure and even gave me some time after. They also made payment as easy and convenient as possible. What meant the most to me was how they talked to her during her final moments, they told her how beautiful and what a good girl she was. They spoke to her with the same kind of love I did and words cant express how much that filled my heart. Not only that but when I went back to pick up her ashes 10 days later (exactly the day they said to expect her returned) I noticed they had a sign and candles in the waiting room that said "if this candle is lit someone is saying goodbye please be respectful" which I've seen online and I think is such a beautiful thing to do. And finally, I got a card from the office in the mail yesterday signed by the staff, and Dr. Sudberg wrote a beautiful note on it that brought me to tears. With the card there are seeds on a heart shaped little fabric to plant and it says the flowers will bloom every year in memory of Gabby. I'm so grateful for the people here, and I couldnt have found a better staff to help me with saying goodbye. I look forward to coming back here with my dogs and having much happier visits in the future. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart Dr. Sudberg and Nicole for making the hardest thing in my life so warm.

Jessica Bennett

I like the staff here and I founcmd their prices to be more than reasinable for the car that they provide. I had to put my dog down this past August and they were very compassionate. They even sent us a mould of my dogs paw print and a card that has seeds embedded in it to plant in honor of my dog.

Winifred Quinn

They were great with my Little Fluff. He has trust issues with people, and they treated him like the little prince he is. He even made a cat friend named Chetter. I liked how they put all the animals names who had appointments that day on a dry erase board. Prices are very reasonable.

Cassandra Stahl

I started going to the Avalon vet a few years back after a friend referred me to them. I have completely switched vets and will go to no other place. They love animals there and you can tell. Anything that makes the vet going experience easier is A-OK in my book. They recently came under new ownership-the facility has been updated and looks state of the art. Every visit is less expensive than I budgeted for and they do what is right for the animal. If you are looking for someone to take care of your pets, I would highly recommend them. They make sure to see my pets asap when there is an emergency and that alone is worth it's weight in gold.

Lauren Landsberger

Avalon vet is wonderful. They got my cat in quickly and provided excellent service.

Karen Zeitlman

Friendly staff. Great Doctors.

Diane Brink

Always taken care of here. Very accommodating with my busy schedule.

МистЭр Джалилов

Well we had to pay up front. What if our animal was dying and we didnt have money until tomorrow?? They finna let it die?? Damn

Patricia Jones

Usually not a long wait for scheduled appointment staff ate very friendly

Virginia Adamiak

Caring, kind, compassionate care.

elaine fornuto

I’ve been coming here for the last 2 years since I moved from NY. I’ve dealt with 2 emergency surgeries on my golden retrievers and the staff and vets have been extremely caring and knowledgeable. I had to put one sweet golden down and they were amazingly compassionate with both the dog and me. They are conscious of the cost factor- let’s face it vet care is expensive- and offer options in treatment. I would recommend them highly.

Josephine K

Overlooked renal failure in my first cat. When I found her and had to take her to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, they were amazed that she had just seen a vet a week before and they hadn't seen that she was EXTREMELY ILL & DYING. Thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt when I adopted my second cat. I took him for his 2 week post-adoption follow-up, and they somehow missed that he needed 3 booster shots, which I found out 6 months later when I tried to board him. I'm sorry, but how hard is it to check a date on a record? He was 5 months overdue on his RABIES vaccine! I tried to keep an open mind, but this clinic is full of incompetent people who can't be trusted to do the easiest part of their job.

Dale Perrin

Great Doctors and Amazing Techs

Maxx The Madd

Caring and professional. We were seen quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Rob Orwig

Love it they were so helpful with my aunt's dog

Tracy Ranalli

Absolutely love it here and reasonably priced

Denise Shields

Great Staff!

kristilee williams

New owners are horrible, refused to euthanize my extremely sick and suffering dog unless I paid upfront .....had been going there 6 years as a regular patient and always paid bills on time!!! Took my poor cancer ridden puppy out of there and she lived in pain for another week until I could get an appointment with a responsible, caring vet. They DO NOT care about animals. Then the vet harassed me on Yelp trying to get me to take down my review.

Jeanene Krupa

Excellent doctor's and staff!!! Helped our kitty when he had a cold. Would reccomend them to everyone. They even called the next day to see how he was feeling. Awesome!

Kim Pendergast

Love this place. They are kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend.

Kelli Collin-Negle

Always have had a good experience here... Meiko has always received good care and attention!


I just took both my dogs there this past week.Amazing doctor and staff.So friendly and caring.My dogs are my babies and they made me really feel that they cared.So glad I found this for my shepherd and shitzu! Will recommend to my friends.H.B.


Richard Schwartzmier

Very friendly staff. Small feel ,small town veterinary experience .

Maggie B

Staff is so nice and very caring. I know I can depend on then to make sure my baby is healthy!

dj gooch


Anthony Ganzak

They take care of my babies. Great doctors who care as much for your pets as you do. Nobody better.

Prashanth Murthy

The new owners have made some great changes to the hospital and the quality of care. The level of medicine and the standards of care are considerably higher than before. I recommend anyone with preconceptions of this place try them out and see for themselves.

Phil Lenz

First class

Becky Tomasino

We love this vet. The entire staff is amazing. They send out reminder cards, call to confirm appointments and do follow up calls after appts. I will never take my pets anywhere else.

Beth Tucker

They recently in the past few months completely replaced all of their staff. I have taken my dog there for years. They were careless with his records, they made mistakes listing the expiration dates of his vaccinatons. They used an extremely long needle on my yorkshire terrier to give him a vaccination to the point where he yelped, normally he is fine with his shots. All of their vets are young and recently out of vet school so there is no senior staff member to refer to if questions arise about patients. DO NOT GO HERE. I am sorry but I have worked in medicine for years and they are absolutely terrible. THERE ARE METH LABS THAT OPERATE MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN THIS PLACE!

Robert Lanious

This is where we take our animals. Under new management a few years ago it lost its close family atmosphere but the staff there still generally care . Pricing is not expensive.

Kristin Mayberry

I love them pets come first in there eyes

Olivia Chambers

We love this vet. We have seen Dr. Clauss for all our visits but have had various techs and a different vet do our puppies neutering. Everyone is so friendly and I feel like my puppy is always in good hands with their staff. They have appointment scheduling online and a pet portal where you can access records. I would absolutely recommend Avalon Vet Hospital to any pet owners.

nancy Clifford

This is a wonderful place to take your pet to. We are always treated so very nice by everyone there. No pressure to purchase unwanted items or useless treatments.

Callan Kerley

Great care and staff

bob Kelly

Great staff, great care of all of my pets for the past 20+ years

Eric Battista

I'd give more stars because our first experience here was good, but when I called yesterday to see how much they charge for a simple bordetella shot the girl on the phone said I'd have to bring my dog in for a checkup to see that he is healthy enough to get the shot and that it would all cost me about $80. I don't freakin think so chickadee. He's had this shot several times between another vet and 2 daycares and noone ever once told me he needs a checkup first nor did they try to gouge me. They give the shot for either $15 or $20, done and done. If my dog has a medical emergency and this is the only place open, I'll take him there. Otherwise we'll just travel to his original veterinarian.

Kimberly Rothert

I had an 8:00 evening appointment. I was checked in at 7:50 and put into a room with my cat shortly after. While waiting in the exam room with my petrified cat, hearing other pet owners coming in with their cats and dogs..then hearing the pets being called into rooms to be seen and we still have not been acknowledged thus far. At 8:48, I told the receptionist that we were leaving because we were still not acknowledged and I was furious hearing people that came in after us were already leaving. Poor customer relationship and service. I will be finding a new vet tomorrow. HORRIBLE experience and my last time here. They couldn't even find my information for my other cat that I had there 3 weeks ago.

Carma Palonis

Great care highly recommended

Sarah Berry

I've had really great experiences here. I've been talking my animals to Avalon Vet for 20+ years and the current owners/managers seem to be even more conscientious than the previous. I find their prices typical for a vet, but their service is outstanding. And you can't beat 9AM to 9PM office hours Monday-Friday! I will continue to make the drive from Swissvale to Avalon because of their incredible service and knowledge.

Liz Mazzocco

Been taking my dogs here since I was a kid. I would rather drive a half hour to go to them then find another vet closer by.

Kalven Afjeh

This vet is awesome. I had emergency (Urin blockages) with my cat, Kaluha and took him to Northview animal hospital and they did a very bad job and then they told me he needs surgery ($2500-3000). Then I talked to our own vet and since he did not have immediate opening, they talked to Avalon and I am happy that I decided to choose them. Everyone in here have great heart and passion for their main customers, cats & dogs. Keep up the good work.

Philip Cynar

My spouse and I were treated so well by the kind women at this practice when we had to take our dear Siamese, Cooper, there to be put to rest after this 13-year-old body wore out from age and disease. They were so compassionate and gentle with Cooper and allowed us to be true to our feelings. I highly recommend this practice.

Willow Mushinsky

Dr. Verrett and team were so kind and prescribed just the right treatment to get rid of my cats kidney stone without needing surgery. I am forever in debt. Prescription Hills diet really works

Susan K

I highly recommend this place, it's in such a good location just off of route 65 in between Bellevue and Avalon and they also have complimentary parking. All of my visits here with my cat have been very positive, a welcoming reception and very caring staff, I always know the well being of my animal is in good hands! They are also very prompt with returning emails and phone calls to accommodate your appointment and they have good evening hours if you can't make it there during the day!

Dawn Minehart

Wonderful people and great animal hospital. The staff was very caring and the prices are fair. I will definitely continue to go to them

John Boyle

I have changed and made them my new veterinary

Roley Johnson

Saved my dogs life...a wonderful place to take your them!

Tylor Douthett

Amazing group of people. So kind and patient. Took my cat that’s 2 yrs old, first time being sick. So I am such a wreck. They were so nice and informative. Gave me exceptional care and at resionable price. Will recommend this place to everyone!

Karene Meyer

I think they are priced fairly. They let you come in for certain things where you pay only for the service, like a B pressure check, a tech performs it. Just went last night at 8 for Jazzi's B.P. they were running a special. If you picked one of 5 different taped pictures you got a price reduction. Nice feature. Parking lot is small. There is parking across the street. They have great hours. For everyone's schedule. They took over Jazzi's care from the emergency vet, when she was diagnosed with Lyme nephritis. Which was to be fatal. Coming up on her 2 year anniversary! You wouldn't know she had a death sentence. Her kidneys were damaged. They have figured out the dosage of meds to keep her pressure good. She's going to be 9. They do 6 month bldwrk and she keeps improving

Jennifer Marie Reif

Amazing compassionate service

Sally May

Like the flexibility of their hours and care they show the aninsls, definitely not a factory setting

Jody Steinberger

First vet visit ever, for me and my dog. Dint know what to expect. Vet was very informative. Very patient with my questions and understanding of me being guarded/protective of my service dog (wanting the best) went here on a recommendation..was not disappointed. Havent read any reviews, but if there are bad ones..surely a one off, and not the standard they have set with me

Kimberlee Cyprowski

Best veterinary hospital ever ever


They took wonderful care of our German Shepherd Dog, Tatum, and my cat, Kit-Kat. They really care about your animals while also being sensitive to your financial situation. They give you options for treatment and explain the pros and cons with you. They are wonderful and I have never felt pressured into buying anything we didn't need, though the option was always there for convenience. Thank you to the awesome vets and wonderful vet techs!

Scarlett Bridgeman

A cat mom of 5 years, this was the best veterinary experience I've had with my little one. Facilities were clean and welcoming, staff was friendly and actually LISTENED to my concerns, and I feel like the vet didn't run any unnecessary tests which kept my costs low. I showed up early for my evening appointment (evening appointments are so appreciated!) and I was seen promptly. I was in and out of the hospital in about 45 minutes but I never felt rushed or like I didn't have the vet's full attention. I even got a call the next day to check in on my kitty. All around amazing service, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. My only complaint is the lack of parking, which is obviously beyond their control. Plan to show up early so you can find a place to park and you might have to walk a little bit.

Janet Monford

The tech britney was very nice and doctor was nice but took awhile waited 45 mins and always there was no lighting out side when left at 930pm pitch dark couldnt see to go down th he steps my husband almost fell and I a's lmost to couldnt see to go down the steps with my dog yo go to truck it was awful

Jason Kish

I have been taking my cat here to Avalon veterinary hospital since I had him at 8 weeks old. He is now almost eight years old the only thing other than having his yearly shots and every summer him getting worms cause he likes to eat bugs for some reason I've had no reason to have any questions about the customer service the doctors the staff none of them. I took my cat here about a week or two ago one of the vet techs is very good with my cat. My cat does not like females he's a rescue she was tortured by a bunch of women and children that are female so he does not like women at all. I warned everyone here and they treated him very this pleasingly. The way they handled him the way they touched him the way they were acting towards him very displeasing. Next they keep putting my information insane oh I do not exist yet I have a stack of paperwork here saying I'm his owner yet they say that my mother-in-law is his own and keep calling her. Then most recently I took him there because I thought he had a kidney stone or bladder infection. They were so persistent on us pain $200 for cold laser therapy. Then they also were talking about surgery and cutting off his pee bug. I went to a different vet to get a second opinion and with that being said they recommended quite a few little things like change of diet which is what I've wanted recommend but also a change of the water because they said maybe the tap water is not good for him try filtered water as soon as I did that he's been acting a lot better. He also did not need surgery he is an extremely healthy cat other than the fact that he's a little fat like his daddy. I am tired of how these people treat my animal who is not just an animal that a member of my family for the last eight years since he was a little baby and how they treat me disrespectfully. They act like because I'm not educated is what they act like that I do not know anything about animals. I grew up on a farm I know how to help a cow and a horse deliver a foal or any other animal that needs to deliver an animal I know what is 2 check for an animal's problems and things like that but in Pennsylvania you need to take things animals to the vet it's much more proper. These people have taken advantage and make people feel like there stupid and make people feel as if they are uneducated and make people feel as if they are not where they have even owning the animal they have. The medicine that they ended up giving me for my cat at Avalon vet actually made my cat sicker hence why I had to go for a second opinion. I will definitely be reconsidering taking my other animals here because I don't think it would be appropriate to take them here with them being my babies.

Alex Snyder

Terrible vet. I took my dog in to get updated vaccinations and he had a slight cough (from pulling on his leash while walking into the building) so they prescribed him hydrocodone to take every four hours for the rest of his life...without even doing an exam on him! They simply asked why he was coughing, I told them, and they proceeded to prescribe a controlled drug without hesitation. Very poor judgement and certainly not the type of vet I want to take my dog to. I would strongly recommend going elsewhere for any type of service.

Jamie Winters

Had a great experience with the vets. I have a very rambunctious jack russell terrier mix and they really made his stay a lot less stressful than other places we’ve been to. They were extremely helpful and patient. Also, super affordable with very clean facilities. 100% will recommend to friends and family.


Great place, great people. This place is really awesome.

Isaiah Vance

It is my dad

Lezley Hough

Very nice staff

Ronda Flinner

Have been going there for 35 plus yrs, and nothing but the best treatment for my furbabies! Enough said

Lindsay Medwid

Genuinely nice people

Dawn Cziczin

Love the care the doctors and assistants give our pets (3 dogs and 2 cats). I couldn't ask for a better group of people

Christine Schierberl

I have been taking my cat here for several years, never a bad experience. Parking can be a challenge. My cat developed kidney disease a few years ago so I have been here quite frequently for appointments and picking up supplies. The Doctors and staff have always been very kind and I never felt pressured into expensive unnecessary medications or treatments. 2 days ago I had to say goodbye to my furry friend and they were incredible!! They treated myself and Julie with such compassion and respect even though I was a wreck. I highly recommend them.

Kolten Kris Christ

very friendly staff. will care for your pet like it's their own.

Tiffany Cohen

The staff here are always so wonderful and accommodating. Every person I've met has been kind and knowledgeable. I can't recommend this place highly enough if you're looking for a vet!

Jane Nieman

They take great care for my pets. It's very nice place.

Carol Denniston

Great people. Friendly. Vet sat and talked with us about our dog. Made suggestions to help with vet care other than what we were there for. Affordable

crystal delancey

Very caring and informative

Teresa Volchko

They are always fantastic with my pets. Have been going there for about 20 years

Melinda Muzzi

They definitely put what's best for your pet first. I like knowing my dog gets comprehensive care every time we visit.

Eli Royer

Exemplary service and care. I will not take my dog anywhere else.

sause one

They have always treated my pets wonderfully. They also send online reminders for appointments

Bríe Hanna

Best vet hospital ever. They take their time, & listen to me. They are loving, kind, & gentle. Everyone on the staff is like this. It’s like a dream. I wish I had found them sooner.

Shes So

This vet is very caring and knowledgeable. Mr. McGowan is a true healer!

Susan Wardrop

I can't say enough to compliment and thank Dr Shanie Verret and vet techs Zandra and Dolly, new staff at Avalon Veterinary Hospital. This morning we had to say good-bye to our beloved 18 yr old Charlie, an airedale mix. It happened quickly and we were given an appointment within 1/2 hour and met at their back door with a stretcher. Zandra and Dr Verret showed us great compassion and care, helping to soothe our sadness. And Charlie was treated with respect and tender care, a dignified end to a marvelous life. We could not have asked for anything more!!!

Maxine Erdman

The Avalon Veterinary Hospital is such a wonderful place. There is plenty of parking along the streets and the entrance is very accessible. The vets and techs are so kind and are able to tame the wildest of animals in seconds- our sweet cat hates being picked up and will do everything in her power to wriggle free. Without having to grab her neck they easily calm her down and give a full examination no problem! They are very effective, keep up with your pets, and are flexible in scheduling. Prices are great too! $50 for the initial visit and $25 per checkup. It will cost us less than $150 to get ALL of the vaccinations she needs done which is way cheaper than any other place we have found! Furthermore, a while back they treated our elderly cat who we were scared was seriously ill or possibly even dying. Turns out she was just too old and needed a diet to match her age! They were great in calming us down and assuring us our baby would be fine, and ever since they helped us adjust her diet she has been absolutely stellar. We cant thank this place enough!

Dianne Friedman

Prompt Saved my dog's life.

Silent Deer

They ate kind, great with my cat, yes costly.

Vicki Donnelly

Docters are excellent. Staff are animal people. They help pets be relaxed.

MaryJane Gogal

Been taking my dogs there for years. Much nicer since new owners took over. Good prices too. I dont think i will go anywhere else

Rabbit Lover101

I love Avalon Veterinary Hospital! I have a rabbit and they said to cut his nails it was $10! I would NEVER recommend Banfeild Pet Hospital, to get his nails cut it was $20! And before he could get his nails cut he HAD to get this $40.95 check-up every 6 months! That is why I only go to Avalon. They are also very VERY kind.

Nicholas Corbett

Overly friendly and knowledgeable staff that genuinely care about their customers and their pets. Going to a vet is usually a challenging experience - they make it a bit easier. Everyone I've dealt with has been wonderful, but Jen does a fantastic job. Kudos to you all.

Carol Koontz

Caring, knowledgeable staff,there when you need them.My dog was very happy with her examination and excellent outcome. . ng,knowledgeable staff,there when you need them.

BRian Horlick

They were understanding of our dogs needs and very helpful.

Sarah Weber

Not everyone will have a great experience somewhere, however, my experience was much different than the negative reviews. I left my last vet because they somehow missed that our kitten had heart failure and I heard nothing but great things about this place. I took our cat here for a post adoption appointment and they were wonderful with her. The vet completed a very thorough check on her. I was in the room with the vet for about 25 minutes. She checked everything from Annie's eyes to her bum! I expressed any concerns I was having and she immediately addressed them and reassured me of my worries. I am glad I chose to bring our cat here and will continue to do so!

Douglas Edwards

Fixed Chewey tooth infection right up. First visit. Emergency walk in. Very reasonable prices for and very good care. Good follow up. Free lollipops!

Sunshine MacIntyre

Friendly staff, knowledgeable vet. Small waiting room though.

Dennis Heffley

This review is updated from September. 1/9/2017 ABOVE AND BEYOND. They saved my dogs life. After a scary night in the ER, the need for surgery and the shock of what could have been a $7000 bill from another center, Avalon Vet put my mind at ease. I called Dr. Neely immediately when they opened, we talked for almost a half an hour about all the possibilities. She told me to bring Angus in immediately and that they would work me in for surgery. When I arrived Dr. Vought already had a plan and a FAIR price to save my dog. By noon today he is out of surgery and recovering nicely. They CARE immensely. From the support team, to the doctors, I could not be more pleased. They go above and beyond. I can not say enough. I would never go anywhere else. thank you so much. All of the people at Avalon Vet are great. You can definitely tell that they care about your pets. My dog is very nervous, but hes comfortable with the doctors and staff at Avalon vet. Plus they can always get you in ASAP! Their follow up calls are nice too!

Joan Kryl

Had our two fur baby cats for their check up with Dr Shanie Verret. Dr Verret is a sweetheart, She is always kind and listens to the concerns we have with our pets. I got to include the entire staff along with this great service. Avalon Vet has a great team. Joan Kryl

Merv Doerfler

Doctor's and staff are friendly and caring.

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