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REVIEWS OF Ardmore Animal Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Scott Reynolds

Best animal care around. Everyone at AAH is kind and professional. They have been helpful and supportive through difficult times and through adopting our most recent family member. The doctors, technicians, staff are all first-rate. I can't imagine taking a pet anywhere else.

Diana Keat

Suffice it to say that after 23 years I left AAH for Gladwyne...something has changed since Dr. Bianco left. That something is partially a lack of responsiveness and a lack of compassion. My dog was quite ill and despite my numerous attempts through email and phone calls, FREQUENTLY I received no return communication. It made the entire process of caring for my dog (who ultimately passed away May 5) that much more difficult as I felt like I was managing alone on account of a lack of responsiveness. I am sorry and sad for many reasons, obviously. But I have two more senior animals and will surely need medical help in the future. And I need a more responsive teem with which to work. The change in care is drastic and I cannot help but attribute this to the recent changes in ownership/leadership.

ilene miller

I have been taking my pets to Ardmore Animal Hospital for almost 20 years. I took my first dog there when I was worried that he wasn't being properly treated at another vet. Dr. Peters at Ardmore realized that he had been misdiagnosed and started corrective treatment immediately. Everyone at Ardmore AH is warm and inviting, starting with the office staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Daniel Kim

the absolute best for my pups!! Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!

Bruce Goldstein

Was a client there for many years. In the past I was willing to pay a premium (and they do charge a premium) for what was truly high quality of care. A few recent, unfortunate experiences lead me to conclude that they have mixed up their priorities, placing profit above all else. When questioned about the appropriateness of certain testing or recommended treatment, they don't cite research--they tell you this is the way it is, there is no other way, and you should just take their word for it. I am taking my dogs and wallet elsewhere. There are plenty of capable veterinary providers in the area with integrity.

Angela Pachon

Great service. Easy to schedule appointments on Saturday

Michelle Wurtz

The doctors and staff are always friendly, caring, and helpful with questions. I would recommend this place to any pet owner!

Marcus Acheson

Megan Rodgers

Alisha Blaes

Barb Helpin

If your pets are your family and you love them with all your heart, take them to Ardmore Animal Hospital for care. I have taken my cats there for almost 30 years. Dr. Jim Bianco is the most caring and knowledgeable practitioner I've ever known. His staff is equally as caring, and the office is kept spotless.

Carolin Schellhorn

Dr. Peters is very competent and clearly cares about both pets and their owners.

Susan Newmark

If you're looking for poor care at a high price - you've found the right place. The staff is rude and angry. The vet I trusted from another animal hospital left to come here bc he needed more money. When I brought my pet in after a seizure, the first he ever had, a female vet I'd never seen , came out and said " give him to me, I'll put him to sleep. He has a meningioma"! Wow madame Cleo is a vet here and can diagnose a seizure in a dog she's never examined and could take his life like she was throwing out the garbage? When I voiced a protest after that when the vet I was using wanted him to have expensive tests to squeeze the last penny out of a dying dog, i was incensed! This was building fund time and everyone was Complaining about the unnecessary tests on old and dying dogs. Instead of an apology, I was sent my dogs records by mail with a nasty note about criticizing the vets wasn't allowed and don't come back. They had nothing to lose when you have a dog that isn't worth $$$ to them anymore. Luckily I took him to a neurologist at Penn which kept him happy and healthy for another year.

Vincent Giamartino

Great service, staff and doctors!

Meaghan Jones

There is no where else I would take my pet. Ardmore Animal Hospital is staffed with competent, experienced, and enthusiastic professionals. Their environment is safe, clean , and inviting. I’ve never been to a vet before where the animals look happy and excited to be there! The doctors and vet techs form meaningful relationships with the animals and owners and know everyone by name. Ardmore Animal Hospital is a cut above the rest and truly care about your animal’s health and well-being!

Susan Goetz

Ethan Jarvis

This is a great Animal Hospital. They are wonderful. They provide the best care.

Marie Mattera

My Westies have been patients for over ten years. Would not trust anyone else with their care. The clinicians and staff are well-trained, compassionate and caring.

Jay Margolis

We have been bringing our dogs to Ardmore Animal Hospital for over 20 years and have always gotten the absolutely best care. I wouldn't bring them anywhere else. Both my wife and I are healthcare professionals and we appreciate the time the veterinarians spent at every visit explaining what they are doing and why.

Jessica Albrecht

My boyfriend brought his small terrier in for her annual checkup. She's a healthy 7 year old rescue. For the annual visit and the lyme vaccine, they charged him over $200!! Then for the booster (which took 5 minutes) they charged him another $60!! They are overcharging more than I have ever seen. If you can't afford outrageous veterinary prices, look elsewhere!

Jinny P

Never had a problem with Ardmore Animal Hospital. I took my senior dog there for 6 years and when I moved out of the area and told them I was switching vets they were super supportive and offered to give their honest opinion of the new vet to make sure I was going to a good place. Staff is friendly and caring.

Stephen Asbel

The doctors and technicians at AAH are kind and caring. I have been bringing my dog there since she was a puppy - now 14-1/2 years old.

Dest Droid

Uncommunicative, lazy staff.

Madeline Perkel

I have been bringing my dogs and cats to Ardmore Animal Hospital for many, many years. Everyone from the office staff to the Vet techs and doctor's are so caring and competent. I would not bring my animals anywhere else!

Vicki Schwoebel

Gina Delia-Sullivan

In December I brought my 14 year old cat in for a senior wellness visit. During the visit Dr. Bianco found a lump on on his liver. He made a phone call and got me in the same day at the Veterinary Referral Clinic in Malvern for an ultrasound. My cat did indeed have a tumor on his liver, however, during the visit they found that he was in heart failure and made me an emergency appointment for the next morning with a cardiologist. I was informed that without having discovered the heart failure he may have only lived a few more days. With the proper medicine and a few more veterinary visits and phone calls, my cat lived another very happy and active 9 months. During the nine months every time I called Ardmore Animal Hospital I was received by a warm, caring nurse who always took the time to listen and empathize with me. Dr. Bianco continuously got back to me right away and I never felt rushed off the phone. In the end, when I called the office crying that it looked like he was taking a turn for the worse, the lovely woman who answered the phone gave me the number of a service (Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice) that sent a Vet out to my home. Several days after having to put my sweet cat down I received a beautiful card from Dr. Bianco. I can't express how grateful I am for the compassionate, caring people at the Ardmore Animal Hospital.

Deborah Robinson

Barry Ergang

I've been dealing with Ardmore Animal Hospital for many years, and recommend them highly. The doctors are all superbly knowledgeable and, like the technicians and office staff, genuinely caring individuals. The facility may not be the least expensive one in the area, but the quality of care one's pets receive justifies the costs.

Ze'ev Pachter

I have been taking my cats to Ardmore Animal Hospital for around 10 years now and in general I am satisfied except for the fact that they are extremely expensive.

Siobhan A

My two dogs have gone here the minute we brought them home. They are loved and well taken care off. My old pug, Teddy who passed away at the long age of 14 died 3 years ago but if it weren't for Ardmore animal hospital I don't think he would've lived that long. The staff is nothing but nice. A little pricey, but worth it for the care you are getting for your pets.

Susan Friel

Valerie Huff

I have been taking my animals to Ardmore Animal Hospital for over 10 years and I have found them to always be professional, caring, and provide us with excellent care. Their office staff is always helpful and cheerful and the facility is very clean. All of the doctors have provided my dog superior care. I highly recommend them. Unfortunately I moved out of town and have to leave them which is sad for us! We will miss coming there! Great hospital! Fondly, Valerie Huff and Ollie

Tyler Reynolds

I brought my dog here for about a year. She suffers from anxiety which requires medication and had a long stretch of constant scratching. The doctors here were always going on about needing another blood test, or skin test for the dog. Most of which seemed completely irrelevant to the symptoms that were explained to the doctor. The costs are also at a premium compared to other vets in the area.

Cherie Ditre

I love Dr Bianco's care and concern for my many Shelties that he has taking under his care. He was the only one who was able to diagnose my 5 year old Sheltie Gigi with rectal carcinoma after having been treated by a local vet in the Northeast (easier for my parents at that time) with antibiotics for a GI infection. I have had many bad and expensive vets in the past only to have 2 of my beloved shelties pass away after these other vets treated them. One was Dr Herman, who was supposedly a specialist in dental care in Trooper, took out many teeth (they just needed cleaning) in my 11 year old sheltie and she died that evening after he did a followup visit and said she was fine. That was $2,000. Another was Dr Ken Sadanaga who did rectal surgery for my 5 yo Sheltie for her rectal cancer and she died the next day. That was $10,000. When both DR Herman and DR Sadanaga know that the pets passed away, neither of them so much as called and said that they were sorry for their passing. Actually, Dr Bianco (when he found out) sent me a card and donated money to a fund for pets in my sheltie's name. So Dr Bianco (while not the cheapest vet) is certainly my choice when it comes to my pet's care.

Lisa Morein

My pets and I love Dr. Peters. He is so very kind and considerate.

Rachel Amdur

We have been clients at AAH since 1996 when we moved to the area. The office staff and veterinarians are knowledgeable and friendly. We have used them for puppies and elderly dogs. AAH has been there for emergencies and routine care - and are always helpful on the phone. It isn't cheap - but no veterinary care ever is. I have found the cost to be worth their expertise.

Roger Davis

For over 15 years, we have sought out Ardmore Animal Hospital for their expert and loving care of our dogs. Dr. Bianco is extremely knowledgable and cutting edge, using both traditional and wholistic practices. He and his team stay up to date on current breakthroughs and practices, and deliver counsel and treatment with skill and affection. On each visit, whether routine or crisis, there is a feeling of assurance that we are in the best hands. They practice conservatively, not pushing unneeded medication, which we appreciate. We also have had nothing but wonderful assistance from all the staff over the years. Their love for animals is palpable at Ardmore Animal Hospital. Years ago, at another vet, we had a horrific experience when our first dog needed to be put to sleep. Our second dog, who was treated it's entire life at Ardmore, suffered a sudden brain seizure and we had to make the very impossible, difficult decision. Dr. Bianco was away, but an incredible vet stepped in and the entire experience was handled beautifully and with dignity. I highly recommend AAH without reservation, and have referred all my animal-loving friends to this excellent hospital.

Jill Lake

Alisha Tillman

Judy Potter

I have been using Ardmore Vet for years. We currently have three dogs and they have taken excellent care of them! Staff and Doctors are very friendly, compassionate and have your pet's health in their best interests at all times.

Jan Q

My cat is my everything. She is treated so well when she is boarded here. The staff are all so caring and friendly which is important to me.

Stacy Bartels

We completely trust our pets with the wonderful vets and techs at AAH - they are friendly and welcoming and always give us all the details of what's going on with our cats and dog. While they provide options for and recommendations on treatment, we have never felt pressured to have a test or procedure done, nor judged if we decide against one. We've also taken a pet there to be euthanized, and I couldn't have asked for a calmer, more understanding and private environment in which to say good-bye. The only drawback is that services are a bit more expensive than some other practices, but with that knowledge, we know to put a bit more aside for any potential treatment because we value their expertise and the caring environment there.

John Raymer

First off let me say this; I have been going to Ardmore Animal Hospital for probably 20 years and even dated one of the Doctors there. The owner of the practice is an excellent man who truly cares about the animals under his care. But, that said, he also truly cares about making a profit (fair enough) so be fore-warned virtually any visit is going to be an expensive one. And I mean expensive. But the bottom line is you can count on quality care and clean facilities. And at the end of the day, for me, that's worth the premium.


They are knowledgeable but they make you do unnecessary testing just for profit...

Jill Moniz

We always have a great experience here with our 2 dogs and cat. They get us in quickly and have very caring Vets! I have always found they are upfront with pricing and do not recommend unnecessary treatment. Highly recommend!

Cyrille Taillandier

First time ever with our new dog. Everyone made us feel welcome. The practice was easy to find, has good parking. Great experience all around.

Mary Ellen Hartigan

Great Vet care and a great environment for your pets. The assistants are also the best.

Angela Reiher

The staff at Ardmore Animal Hospital genuinely care about my dog. We both feel welcome the moment we arrive until we leave. Her care has been of the highest level and I could not be more pleased !!! Thanks for taking such good care of us!!!

Rebecca Kocsis

Ardmore Animal Hospital is an absolutely wonderful veterinary office. I take my cat there, and they take great care of him. They make sure to remind me about my yearly appointments, and everyone there is extremely professional.

deborah winter

very caring and competent. a bit expensive

Barbara Bartolomeo

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