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REVIEWS OF Animal Hospital of Dauphin County IN Pennsylvania

Deborah Moore

The doctors are very caring and compassionate. They take awesome care of our furbabies.

Jay Losiewicz

Excellent and knowledgeable staff who take great care of your pets! Highly recommended!

Kim Mumper

Wonderful people and care! Great rehab therapy program!

Scott Szelewa

They are great there. Dr. Zajac is very personable and caring

John Tucker

Elwood Zook

I feel my cat Rosie and myself were treated professionally and with great kindness. And as promised a follow up call to my home the next day by the attending veterinarian in regards to a lab test report and an explanation on how I should handle the situation. I am very pleased!

Marc Ferraro

Caring staff very knowledgeable doctors

James Nestler

Fair service. Always tries to get unnecessary procedures. Excessive prices for common items and prescriptions.

tinamarie true

I just love all of the doctors and staff here. They took such great care of our other dog from puppy to end of life....I would never choose another practice. They are all so kind and ❤ caring.

Thomas Basham

We love these gals, and so does our doggy

Hannah Hockenberry

They are very thorough and caring. Clean and the office staff is very nice.

Lisa Adams

Pet care

Angela Burns

Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else

Kay Foltz

HORRIBLE. Their vet spent about 2 minutes to do a first check up on our pup. Didn’t notice the hug ambilical hernia on her stomach. Didn’t check her ears or teeth. Will NEVER return, I beg you don’t risk your pets safety, do not visit this establishment!

Cupkake Mosley

Bob Green

Very friendly and professional people. A great place to get your pets cared for and taken care of. I highly recommend them if you are looking for quality pet care for your four-legged loved ones.

Jennifer Szelewa

Everyone here is incredibly professional, friendly and fantastic! Our puppies actually enjoy coming here. The staff are courteous and really work with you and your pet to make sure they are happy and healthy.


This is the best animal hospital I've ever been to! I'm very impressed with their level of efficiency and organization. I was in and out in under an hour! The staff are very professional and caring. The two ladies (vet techs I believe?) who did the initial exam for my cat were awesome. The one lady even cleaned my cat carrier because my cat had made a bit of a poop mess. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. Awesome client and patient care! As far as cleanliness, this is the cleanest vet clinic I've been to. There weren't noticeable odors or tufts of animal hair drifting around. The exam room was spotless, including the floor, which made me feel better about letting my cat jump off the exam table and explore the room. It's never appealing (or sanitary, let's be real) to walk into an exam room and see hair/dander/paw prints from the previous animal, so I really appreciate that the staff takes time out of their busy day to keep the place clean and presentable. Overall, highly recommend this place! :)

Nancy Hull

Great your animal as if it was there own.

move hbg Laureen

Dr. Zajac is the best vet we have ever had. Truly cares about our pets.

Cindy Baer

Got appt within the day and Dr. Fletcher was great with our cat Mango!

Wayne Watkins

Same day appointment, friendly staff. In and out at a reasonable price.

Cj Stevens

All of their Veterinarians are excellent and very caring! Dr.Sarsfield, Zajac, Wolfgang, Reitz and their Cardiologist Dr.Goodwin, to name a few. We have never felt rushed and they take their time to thoroughly explain things. Very accommodating day's/hours and they make house calls.

kain sweet

The staff was incredible. Prices were reasonable. I will be making them my regular vet and recommend them highly

Chuck Lopert

They were my vet . My dog got hurt. They were open and wanted to double the fee just to see the dog . Then they added many extras to the bill. The amout they were asking for was outrageous. We left went else where ,had it taken care of with a out all the extras added in . They made helping my dog a money issue. Thankful for another vet that actually cared. I would have given them a 1 star but the vet tec did try to help.

Chad Kuhn

Scott Fry

Very good vet.

rainbow bucs

We found ourselves well-served by going here. The staff was more than friendly, very competent, and completely compassionate. We are very grateful and would recommend them to anyone.

Bob Halula

Goody Goody

Took good care of my Jenny!

scott epler

I am 46 years old and I've been to several different vets, from Palmyra, Hershey, Harrisburg. By far Dauphin County Animal Hospital is the friendliest, most thorough, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinary office/clinic that I have been to. My family would recommend them highly to everyone.

Stephen Agypt

Very good with people, professional, talented people.

Lynn Zerbe

Staff was very nice & took great care of my bunny

Matthew Zerby


Very good staff and doctors, I recommend this Hospital

Anne Henderson

We had a troubling issue with our Cockatiel on Sunday & were pleased to be able to bring her right in. Dr. Parks was as nice as could be & appeared to be a bird-lover, as well! Our technician was great, too! The exam room was really clean & there wasn't even a whiff of cat or dog aroma in the waiting area either. We left with medication & a treatment plan. I felt the price was reasonable, given the urgency of our ailment. A good avian vet is very hard to find & we are very happy to have met Dr. Parks. We will certainly return & recommend the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County.

Eric Tucker

First visit with new puppy. Probably should have been greeted earlier at front desk because there were three recipients, but no worries. Tech and Dr. explain everything very thoroughly. Both were very nice. Will be back.

Alicia Callaghan

Extremely happy that I made the decision to call and see if they would take my 13yr Husky to see them when my Vet decided that they didn't want to see my dog. They did tests and explained everything to me on what was going on with my dog and told me that they will help make my Damian feel better and that made me happy to see that they care. I appreciate that they care about helping the animals and the owners and that means the world to me. For them to want to know why my dog is sick means a lot and they listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions. They are very nice and very welcoming to taking my dog right away even though it was my first time there with my dog. Definitely a good place to take your animals too. Thank you Animal Hospital of Dauphin County.

Jacque Foster

I can't say enough about the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, especially Dr. Audrey Zajac. I lost my 14 year old cat Kirby on February 28 suddenly after he caught a cold. He had been losing weight over the past few months which Dr. Zajac said suspected kidney failure. 8 days later I brought his furry brother Oliver in who had been very depressed since Kirby was no longer in the house. His appetite had decreased and it turned out that he had diabetes which I was shocked to hear. Dr. Zajac felt that while he had been coping with it for a while, the depressed of losing his buddy pushed him over the edge. It was a difficult time for me to lose my 14 year and 8 year old boys. Everyone we came in contact with at the AHDC was understanding, kind and compassionate. What is incredibly amazing to me is that Dr. Zajac just called me, on a SUNDAY, to check on me and see how I am doing after losing Oliver so soon after losing Kirby. How incredible! And she also wanted to make sure the only kittie left in my home, Jennie, was okay after losing her furry brothers who she only knew for 5 months. Wouldn't it be great if we all cared about each other like that? How wonderful would this world be? I never took Kirby or Oliver there before but yet they got them both in within hours (45 minutes for Oliver) and although Dr. Zajac never met me or my boys ever before, she was the most compassionate person I have ever met. She let me spend as much time with them before and after and gently took them away after they were gone. With Oliver, she hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder. What a special woman. Can you guess who Jennie's new vet is?? Receiving a sympathy card for both my boys signed by the entire staff with Kirby and Oliver's paw prints was such an incredible gesture. Words can say enough thanks to Dr. Zajac and everyone at AHDC for their kindness and caring of not just my furry kids but also for worrying about my well being!

Peg Stump

Always treated like only client

Lisa Schultz

Took my Kitty Max there since we moved here 4 years ago. They were wonderful, caring and sympathetic when I had to have Max down. They loved him. Now we have a 4 month old Puppy and they are just as wonderful with Fancy. Dr. Zajak is a great vet. Very knowledgeable and thorough.

Erika Love

I am more than disappointed with AHDC! We have taken our pets here for over 15 years and today my dog had a cyst that ruptured and was bleeding profusely and was asked to come back in 2 and a half hours because they were dealing with other emergencies. I was offered no help as to where to go because every vet or "emergency" clinic is closed on Sunday's. The hospitality was awful, felt more like an unconvienience and it was very disappointing. I won't be returning and will be taking my dog elsewhere!

Jay Mumper

Great place. Decent prices. Compassionate Care for our animals. Our dog gets excited to go there!

Kristyn Nunemacher

I made the appointment based on the reviews and I wasn't disappointed!

Kenneth Goodwin

Animal Hospital of Dauphin County has provided excellent care for our pets since 2010. Great staff, very caring.

candy cane

The best veterinary care you can get for your animals! I trust them completely with my pets. I've been with them for 20 years.

Daniel Balmer

Great veternarians. Everytime I bring my Bambino in he is treated like a VIP

Harold Reisch

These people are great. We go there everytime we need a vet.

Paul Baughman

My dog is somewhat difficult to deal with but the staff handled him extremely well. I was happy with the front end customer service and extremely happy with the Veterinarians. Thank you for the excellent service.

Chelsea Bradshaw

Everyone is super friendly

Pamela Parson

Always very thorough

Karen Commings

Been going to AHDC more than 10 years and love Dr Sarsfield. He is very good with my cats who tend to be skittish and takes time to explain everything to me.

linda billet

Before we even had a dog, we called this practice to ask for help with a wild animal that needed rescuing. No money was exchanged, they just offered advice because they are good people. So naturally I chose them sixteen years ago when we adopted a puppy. EVERYONE at this practice has been stellar. But then about 9 years ago, I think they kicked into above-and-beyond mode when my dog was in a horrific accident, attacked by another dog. I know that they researched a lot to come up with a plan to heal my dog. Two days ago, she passed, but she was a health happy dog right up to the end. When a sixteen year old dog can still run and play, that is saying a lot. I feel like she (and our family) got a nine year bonus because of AH of DC. In sixteen years of service, there were certainly mistakes made and times that I waited because everyone at this practice is human. THAT is why we go there.

Pearre Dean

Top notch veterinarians

Kathlyn Domitrovich

I've been taking my cats there for almost 40 years and no matter which doctor saw my pet, the exam was thorough.

Lysandra Alexander

Great/compassionate doctors. Awesome hours!


This place is amazing. So friendly and got us in immediately. Love their emergency hours too. Everyone actually cares about our animals. Even wanted to keep my little fluffball haha. We will definitely be returning.

Denise Girts

Great bunch of animal caring people.

Nicole Kirksey

We avoided this place for 10 years because of how we were initially treated. After taking our pup to the ER recently, we were told to follow up with our vet. Since our former vet now has limited hours, we gave AHDC another try.They now have extended hours & they make house calls which is helpful to our older dog with back problems. Service has been courteous, fast, and affordable. Dr. Zajac has been thorough & patient with us and our many questions. She has worked diligently to find the right treatment combo. I recommend their services. If you've had trouble in the past, please talk to them & give them another try.

Chris Baughman

I am always a little hesitant about vets because my pets are what most consider exotic, however this place was absolutely prepared to accommodate the needs of my Chinchilla "Minks", and helped him get through a pretty worrisome illness. The doctors and nurses were friendly and understanding. They gave him a thorough exam, put us at ease, and prescribed medicine all in their clinic. I even went back a few days later for more feeding syringes, and they didn't even bat an eye, just handing me more, free of charge. I'd recommend them to anyone with an exotic pet. The same doctor even specializes in treating lizards and other reptiles. No matter what your pet is, I am sure they'll be the best around treating your pet with care and expertise.

Jeff Grubb

Angela McKenzie

As relatively new residents of the area we were concerned about finding a veterinarian of the same caliber as our previous one. AHDC was highly recommended to us and we have not been disappointed at all. The entire staff, including front desk, vet techs, and veterinarians have provided us with superb care and shown compassion and interest. We have developed a wonderful relationship with them and are extremely grateful to Dr. Fletcher and Marah who have given our senior dog a new lease on life through their amazing rehabilitation services. Thank you for keeping our Airedale Terriers Lexi and Stirling happy and healthy!

Kathy Smith

Excellent care and staff

Betty Mateer

Very compassionate staff. Best vets in area. Love them.

Mindi Waughtel

The staff members are so friendly and welcoming! Been here a few times now with our daughter, and very pleased with each visit.

Ryan Snyder

Great staff! Made us feel welcome and very concerned about the health of our puppy. They were quick to getting us in for an appointment and I was even more impress when they called the next day to see how our puppy fared through the night. I would recommend AHDC to anyone.

Mark Miller

Very friendly people good place to take your sick animal

Sarah Watkin

By far the best veterinary office around!!

Caroline Weber

Been going to them for years. Dr. Sarsfield is too notch

Lonnie Gurreri

On the recommendation of a friend l started taking my dog for annual exams and vaccines. They are a full service veterinarian hospital and carry all the medications your pet could need. Reasonably priced and attentive to pet and owner.

Charles Livering

I'm sitting here now and they are telling me the shot that they just gave my dog I heft to pay for but When we were here a month ago I paid almost 300$ and was under the impression his shot were paid but I guess they were not so make sure u are clear on what u are getting now I'm stuck with a 90 something $ Bill

Lindsay Sheaffer

I recommend the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County with highest regard. The staff was all kind, efficient, caring, and thorough. Thank you for your excellent care to my dog Gracie.

Rev Dr Kathleen Raphael DD LPN

Pets receive quality care here. I moved to Lebanon almost 13yrs ago now, but I still bring my fur babies here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this veterinary practice!

C-Sleezy Chef

We are completely happy with our selection of this veterinarian office, great staff, the doctor was very personable and gave us a lot of confidence in her ability to provide top notch care for my little guy Rico, we look forward to a long relationship with them.

Alysha Danner

Another easy visit to the vets office for my fur baby. Love having a vet that's so easy to work with, so caring with my pets. Dr. Zajac was awesome, she took the time to listen to what was going on, then provided input & treatment recommendations. Facilities are always clean, staff is always friendly. Very grateful for their expertise!

Ryan Kipp

Some of the friendliest and most caring staff out there - my little man sees Dr. Allen and loves her. She, the nurses, and the staff are great with animals, giving advice, and guiding parents along the way of raising a puppy. Very little wait time and comprehensive appointments. Couldn’t imagine brining my dog anywhere else. Thanks so much!

Panhead Kicker

In its early years, it had a loving family feel. This facility has gone through changes, as any business would. Some of those changes were very "cold" and gruff. Heres to hoping their return to a family feel continues.

Gene Martin

They correctly diagnosed my rabbits and worked with me getting the right medication and doing more research even after the bill was paid and didn't charge extra !! Thank you very much !!


Family all uses the vet. I got a pup and the dr could not even do a schedule of vaccinations right. Shes like, "its not a big deal" but fact is, I spent hundreds of dollars for training that now has to be canceled. The small detail of her messing up a schedule makes me second guess her skill with my puppy. Small details are very very important especially if your doing things like surgery, needles, etc. Fallow up. Twice I was told management will call me. They can care less.

Bev Meglio

The vet we were using for years no longer has evening or weekend appointments so my daughter recommended this vet hospital. What a wonderful experience! The staff is very efficient and caring and Dr Wright was amazing! He was so patient and caring and my cat finally had a good experience going to the vet. She was also very impressed

Dom Dominguez

Extremely rude staff.

Jeffrey Kramer

To walk in and get an xray for my cat (didn't even tell us he had water around his lungs) was nearly 400. The nurse was kind but that was the only positive besides the hours.

Kel S

The staff here is very friendly and caring and seem to genuinely adore the animals they work with. I became a pet owner unexpectedly when we rescued a stray kitten and I had no idea how to care for a kitten. I now have two cats and they've been so helpful with all my questions and helped me understand exactly what I needed to do to keep them healthy. My one cat has gotten sick a few times and they've always been wonderful about getting him in to see a vet right away, and the vets always call and check in on him to make sure he's doing ok.

Elaine Kohr

Great place! Love their Urgent care service!

Pete Bottiglier

Excellent staff!

Paula Caruso

Up until a year ago I thought the world of this place. In June my Gracie broke her leg but before that horrific day we took her back three times prior to that breakage and had x-ray after x-ray to see why her front leg looked like it did. Each time Dr. Balmer would tell us that she could not confirm that it was osteosarma and would send us home with predisone and tramadol. Not once did they tell us to take her to get a ct scan of her chest and lungs. Finally in June on a Saturday of this year she broke her leg and we waited through the weekened giving her pain medications. Finally, Monday came and we took her in for what we thought was going to be a surgery for her leg. The surgeon, who was not an orthopedic surgeon would not do the surgery and sent us down to Metropolitan near Philadelphia. The bottom line is we had her leg amputated about a week after the break and Tuesday of this week we had to put our precious Grace to sleep. This is my advice to anyone who goes there just ask all the questions you can and if you don't feel comfortable with the answers and the diagnosis, look it up on the internet and there is a wonderful place in Rye - Animal Hospital of Rye who has the equipment necessary for these types of diagnosis. I regret every day of my life that I listened to them. I now have transferred my records to another vet. Good luck to all.

Ana Gales

Wonderful animal clinic. All of the workers are friendly and considerate. Personally my furbabies see Dr. Putt and I'm extremely happy with her care, concern and bedside manner. Although I haven't been seen by the other doctors there, I have spoken to a couple of them and they seem to likewise be top notch. I'd definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a local veterinarian.

Tim Carre

Currently under remodel. Limited parking. The doctors are animal lovers.

Prem Ruprell

James Cavenaugh

We have been taking our cats to AHDC for many years, and recommend them to anyone who wants excellent care for their pet. Our oldest cat will be 20 in December, and she has a decent quality of life thanks to the vets at AHDC. Keep up the good work!

Madelyn Ayende

while the stemcell therapy really helped my dog. I will never ever ever recommend this hospital! Prior to the hospital getting my money they were all very nice and extra accommodating and helpful. I met Dr. Cooley for the consultation and after that I never saw her face again. which is fine. But the problem was after the surgery in which 1. she told me she removed enough fat cells for 3 viles but, then infact she removed so much that I actually have 9 viles, . Thankfully that mistake worked to my advantage but hurt my dog. The biggest issue that she stitched my dog wrong and his incisions both opened!! and I demanded to speak with her and never ever did she even the least talk to me on the phone! she left me to her receptionist who had no clue what she was doing! Thankfully my dog didn't die . I never ever forget that horrible experience . The only thing Im thankful she did correctly was inject my dog correctly. I never forget she hurt my dog and couldn't have the decency to even talk to me. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS DOCTOR OPERATE ON YOUR DOG! lastly I felt cheated with their charges! The experience was so traumatic for my dog I almost lost him! I promised him I would leave this truthful review!

Marden Miller

Been to a few vets over the years with my dog and cats. I really like this one. They are thorough and friendly. I am old school when it comes to care for my pets. I love them but don't test for things I don't feel are necessary. They do not pressure me to do extra testing, purchase medicine, etc. They offer and do not push if I decline. I appreciate this as other vets I visited gave me the bad pet parent guilt trip. I appreciate that they discuss and ask in the room and don't yell across the waiting room. I highly recommend them.

allyson oneal

When our dog passed the staff was utterly amazing. We recieved a card in the mail and they gave us a special exit to go out of when I was a mess crying. The doctor was so supportive and understanding. We love this establishment and are now taking our new beagle here. I highly recommend this place if you want top of the line treatment for your animals.

Ashley Shugar

Very friendly staff and affordable Care. Also have fantastic operating hours.

Leslie Watova

Have taken all our cats and dogs here since 1985

Kelly Chuba

Saved my sick dog. Love them.

Tony Julian

Only went here twice but will never go back. Fees are ridiculously high and the staff was not very friendly. We were told this by other patients as well so it wasn't just us. Would I go back? NO WAY.

Hank Lahr

I just think this is the most awesome veterinary office. The office is open and light and the desk staff make you feel so welcome. The technicians are caring,knowledgeable and efficient. The vets are amazing and take time to answer all your questions and make sure that you know that your pet is getting the best care available. Also their anesthesia is human grade. That makes me feel so much more confident when surgery is involved.

Dina Pope

Went there for an urgent care for my boss's dog and before I could finishing filling up the paperwork, he had his stitches done! I spent more time waiting on all the paperwork than the dog obviously but the staff was very nice and professional!

Kate August

I just adore these people. I wasn’t unhappy with my former place, but I heard so many people rave about AHDC i thought it was worth trying. Beat decision I made. Like all of us, our pets are our babies and this place has incredible expertise and compassion. You NEVER feel rushed when asking questions. If you have a question they always get back to you immediately and will review pictures and videos of any concerns you may have with your dog at home. If only I could find a doctor for humans that even remotely holds a candle to this place! Enthusiastically recommend!

brett iozza

Susan Wagner

I can't say enough about how wonderful this practice is. Both vets and technicians are very gentle and caring. When I had to put my dear old Sammie to sleep, I couldn't have asked for a more compassionate sending by Dr. Zajac. It was a difficult time made a bit easier. The hospital is a bit out of the way for me, but it's worth it. Thank you, Animal Hospital of Dauphin County.

Jon Arkady

They treated my pets well. When I have a problem they always fit me in. Sometimes I wait a while but the care is worth the wait.

Jerry Guest

Good vets


Great doctors, they now have emergency clinic hours as well.

Cheryl Lebo

Had been a client of Animal Hospital of Dauphin County for years, and then moved from the area. Recently one of my rescue kitties became gravely ill, and we were given a grave prognosis and a huge bill from another facility. Not knowing what else to do, I called Animal Hospital and desperately asked for someone to help me. I was given a same day appt. with Dr. Kelly Allen. She spent two hours with my kitty, performed x-rays, rechecked blood work, rechecked FIV, and dewormed her. She stayed with us and personally went over the x-rays with us, and encouraged us, and gave us hope. The tech working with her that day went out of her way to make my kitty comfortable, was also very encouraging, and helpful. Between Dr. Allen and the tech they devoted the entire time to cover all the bases and perform every test. When we left there, we were hopeful that the kitty would be on the mend, and my bill was only half of what I had spent at another facility for a 20 minute office visit, and my kitty is getting better every day.

Juanita Samick

I was introduced to the Animal Hospital when we received a rescue from a friend. They are very friendly and the office is very clean. They went over all the care for Max and explained the costs. I would recommend them to all.

Audrey Wilson

Helped me so much with my boxer "Zoie" when no one else could. Love them. Thank you so much.

Jennif Epler

My family can"t say enough about DCAH~they are incredible!

Ron Aruda

Great service and extremely friendly staff. They are all very considerate of your pet. All pleasant experience

Brian deBrauwere

Great service. Seamless appointment process and very caring doctors.

Debbie Jansen

My golden suddenly seemed to have neurological problems late on a Saturday night. The staff here was great. Dr Parks related to my concerns, gave us options and after an exam and some blood tests we ruled out anything serious. We took my golden home with instructions to keep an eye out for anything more unusual.

Stephen C. Smith

Great place to take your animals. They got my siamese in right away that day. They didnt try to sell me anything unnecessary and were upfront about his condition. very sympathetic and great staff. Highly recommend.

Kerri L Groff

My retired/disabled father took his 11year old cat in with a severe case of periodontal disease, and the veterinarian team was extremely kind and was willing to work with him being on a fixed income to help Maggie May. They are very compassionate; You can tell that they not only love and care for the pets but their community as well. 5 stars is not enough! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Nicole Luciano

The actual care I received from this vet was fine / on par with what you'd expect, but I have two serious complaints: First, the cost of any treatment, whether routine or otherwise, is not discussed in an open manner. Techs and docs alike discussed various things I "should" have done or that they "recommend" and as a new, and I suppose naive, pet-owner, I agreed to do them without asking what they would be, what would be included/covered, etc. They perform the work and then surprise you with the bill after. I've been better about speaking up, but I wish this vet and vets generally would be more open about costs. Secondly, I had my senior dog in for what was a new case of barking and what appeared to be insomnia. My dog would get up in the middle of the night, barking for no reason when he didn't bark at all before. The problem got progressively worse, so I took him to their office. Without so much as a basic check, the doc printed out some information on "doggie dementia" and suggested maybe a new vet-prescribed ($$$) dog food to help with what was obviously a mental problem in my dog. I paid the fee, but nothing got better. I took my dog back after a couple more weeks with this and they (a different vet in the practice) finally discovered the culprit -- AN EAR INFECTION. Poor dog was trying to tell me BOTH his ears were hurting (probably ringing or lack of hearing anything is why he was barking like a banshee), but the first doc jumped right to DEMENTIA without ever examining my dog. Once we got him on meds and drops the infection cleared right up and so did the barking and insomnia. Needless to say, I take my dog elsewhere now.

Randy Rupert

Kind hearted and very professional, I had to make an emergency visit for my male

dave lenker

I have taken my dogs there for over 25 years and they always get good care. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Sarsfield always takes the time to fully explain any concerns and treatments. I would recommend them to anyone.

Blaster 9000

Alex Muddiman

They always get us in right away if we need it, and everyone is helpful. I will bring all my animals here! It's also fairly inexpensive.

Dot Latin

Dr. Balmer takes great care of my cats. Highly recommend.

Maryann Downey

Terrible experience. Over charged.

Jonathan Sartini

Expensive overall but excellent care and attention to our furry family members

The Painted Soldier

The staff was awesome on our time of grief.


Over priced and purely profit motivated business that is taking a corporate big business approach to animal "care". They apparently were owned by a single vet who unfortunately sold out to investors looking to make a buck on the back of your animals. I should have known better when I learned they offer incentives and kick backs for referrals by current customers ($20 credit) and Free first visits too, or so they said on the phone and it was even in the recorded wait/hold audio recording.... but when I showed up they had set 3 individual appointments and tried to charge me OVER $600!!!!!!!! They manager had no clue they were offering promotions of any sort and I had to demand they go listen to their own recording to get a clue. To Ice the Cake they never gave my neighbor his $20 credit . My advice is go find a Clinic like VIP vet at TSC or find a small vet who values you business and doesn't mess with discounts and coupons and instead simply charges a fair rate.

Christine Wilson

Vaccinated for kennel cough nasal vaccine without my consent then proceeded to charge me nearly $25 for that single dose, along with $250 other itemized charges. If they had asked me whether my dog frequents kennels, they would have determined this vaccine was not needed. Either way, they should have slowly walked thru everything before jamming the stuff up her nose. Normally I have no trouble with this facility though. Not sure what was going on last night.

leslie watova

They are the best in Harrisburg area. Wouldn't go to anyone else

Kimberly Lux

This is a wonderful Clinic . They are knowledgeable and took great care of my cats. I will never go back to my old vet.

lori rettig

This is an amazing place very kind and friendly staff this is truly the best place to take your pets. I had an emergence with my dog and not only did they take me in right away on a Sunday with out ever seeing me prior but they also trusted me to pay them after the fact I didn't get paid til that Thursday and all I had to do was sign a promissory note. Also I was expecting an outrageous bill but not at all there rates are very reasonable.. 20 thmbs up if that where possible

cheri greene

My dog Biggie became very ill to the point where he wouldn't eat or drink. The vets kept giving him IVs to keep him hydrated for 2 days. The 2nd day they found a foreign object in his intestines. He needed surgery to remove a corn cob that he ate and couldn't pass. It was a very scary week and I thought I was going to loose him. The vets and staff took great care of him and me. They let me visit him after surgery to let him know he would go home again. They made daily phone calls to me after Biggie came home to check on his progress. Within a few days from surgery he was back to the dog he was. They saved Biggie and I will forever be grateful to them for that.

Debbie Shadle

The vets & staff at this place have been phenomenally thru all of my dealings with them. The good stuff & the sad stuff. Very professional & compassionate.

John Hanson

Competent staff, clean facility, and overall great customer service!

Joanne Craigle

Very Friendly staff and my Dog Henry’s Dr was very nice and efficient

ray mahek

Dr sarsfield was great with our puppy

Cassandra Fenkner

A bit on the expensive side, but a wonderful caring staff. Dr Cooley was willing to take on an emergency surgery to try to save our pet, but it didn't go well. When we came in to say goodbye she cried with us and genuinely cared. It's nice to know that a doctor or surgeon cares about your pet just like you do

Husrav Mahmudov

We did a surgery for our cat and everything was perfect, nice hospital they treat your animals like their own.

M Sosa

The best

Sarah Pritchard

Not to expensive and great care I’ve been taking my dogs there for over 2 years

Susan G

We have always taken our pets to AHDC and they have done some heroic things for them. So this review is difficult for me to write. For several months our senior cat was losing weight and had respiratory symptoms. His blood work always was very good. But his respiratory symptoms were never addressed. Finally the Vet told my husband that even though the blood work was very good, his condition was catastrophic. We took him home for another week and he gained a few ounces then again only picked at food but was still drinking water. He became so thin and weak we euthanized him. Afterward I learned that cats will stop eating with respiratory illness and may develop mouth ulcers. At the very least some medicine or antibiotics should have been tried iimo. He was a loving and sweet boy to the very end I will forever feel guilt for not advocating more aggressively on his behalf. You know your pet better than anyone, follow your instincts.

Elinor Uhrich

Brought our cat, Stanley, for his annual checkup. Unfortunately, Stanley, was always terrified and reacted violently. Being aware of this, Dr. Sarsfield took the necessary precautions. This time Stanley was even able to be weighed. I was so pleased that Stanley was not once again traumatized. With Stanley being so much calmer, I felt so much more at ease too. I'm sure the next visit will be even better. What a nice office! All staff are so caring and professional, and the cleanliness of the facility is very impressive. Thanks for being so gentle and caring with Stanley. Elinor Uhrich

Roberta Wege

I have been a client for over 40 years and I an still very pleased with the veterinarians and staff and how they have treated both my treasured pets and myself.

Jay Templeton

They take great care of our rabbits and cats.

Melissa Roscosky

Extremely friendly staff. There is never a long wait and they always make sure your furry ones are comfortable. They have a cat and dog side to help with anxiety. The veterinarian is knowledgeable and kind.

Nick Czajkowski

Great care for your pet but can be pricey. I recommend insurance if you're going to visit this location.

Megan Whiteman

Pleasant staff, care about the animals, slightly expensive

MacKenna Allen

The staff was so nice and gave my Tucker so much love! Dr. Jose was amazing with my puppy and answered all my crazy "first time puppy mom" questions with a smile on his face! I would not recommend any where else!

Donald Gidusko

Excellent care but a bit pricey.

Holly Steckowski

Everyone was very nice and helpful with Freckles, my boyfriend and I. The staff is wonderful. Convenient location.

Dudh Dudhd

Everyone was so nice. No wait time. Affordable compared to other Animal hospitals

Diane Grumbine

I have been taking all my pets here for al least 20 years, dogs, cats, guinea pigs....They are always kind and compassionate & aren't bothered by poorly behaved pets. I can recommend them wholeheartedly!

Roy Genegabus

Thomas Coolbaugh

Great with dogs. Cats so so

Steven Good

Jazz Girl

I think the world of Dr. Sarsfield. He always took his time with my German Shepherd -- and got down on the floor with him (!) -- as well as answering all of my questions without making me feel rushed. It's obvious that he cares very much about his animal patients. I went to another veterinary practice only because Dr. Sarsfield changed his hours to a time of day that doesn't fit my schedule. Still miss him.

Bob Santoro


Patsy Krasevic

They have always given excellent care to my son's pets. Our Ruby Girl, a Pit/Boxer was at the end of her life when we took her there for her final visit, but they left us have all the time we wanted with her. She passed that day in my arms. We are now taking our son's new Boxer Puppy there. They are now under renovation and my only issue is that the day we took Roxy in for her first visit, the waiting area was so full of dog hair that it was everywhere. We were in the waiting room for 40 minutes and not one person could take the time to come with a broom and sweep the hair up. The Staff knew the hair was there because one of them brought a cat in its crate out to the owner. I found this to be annoying. When you have people coming into your establishment, you need to keep the area presentable. This will not stop me from going there with my pet, but that was not a good experience for me. Everyone was remarking about the mess. Hopefully the renovation will soon be completed.

Matthew Harned

We take both of our dogs here. One is a 5 year old Morkie and the other is a Mini American Eskimo puppy. They are always very clear with us on what they are going to do and the costs. This has become more needed because they just found the Eskimo puppy has some type of kidney failure and we are going through the tests now. Both Dr. Zajak and Dr. Allen have been very helpful through this process on the steps we need to take, what order the things should be done in (if we want to try and cut costs and not do all the tests at once), and staying on the phone with me for over a half an hr in some cases to make sure I understand everything that the tests are saying. Dr. Zajak has even now offered to stay later so she could see the puppy and do his tests (we normally can't make it to their location until 7). Wonderful place and wonderful people!

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