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REVIEWS OF Allentown Cat Clinic, PC IN Pennsylvania

Egg Tooth

I Highly recommend Allentown Cat Clinic. Ever since I can remember My family has taken our little Panthers here. I have nothing but good thing's to say about the Allentown Cat Clinic and they are: Dr. Paul is a wonderful Veterinarian and the staff is also amazing. The atmosphere is very calm and quiet which helps lower the stress on the cat's and that is very important to me and my three cat's. They specialize in felines. Last year one of my cat's was ill and diagnosed with diabetes. Dr. Paul told us to only feed him wet food that was grain free. She wanted to see if his blood glucose levels would lower on this diet and we would recheck it after a few months. We tried three different expensive wet food brands and our cat's hated it. We discovered Purina ONE grain free wet cat food, which is very affordable, and our cat's preferred it. When it was time for the blood glucose recheck it had dropped drastically. He had one more recheck and Dr. Paul was impressed by how good his numbers were. She told us that he didn't need insulin and was basically cured but he still needs to be on the current wet food only diet. His muscle loss has reversed and we can no longer feel the bones in his hips and spine. See you again at their next check up.

Soozie S.

I have a cat that has been having a variety of problems for awhile now. What other vets have done for him were helpful but not long lasting. I kept thinking what he needed was, a vet that specialized in cats only. Thank God we found Allentown Cat Clinic and Dr. Paul. She was actually describing to me what my cat was doing and how he was acting just from a few words from me. I knew immediately that she knew her “stuff.” I’ve been so stressed with worry for him and it left in an instant. I knew he was going to be helped. Every single person at her practice were so awesome. I can’t say enough good about them. It’s a bit of a distance from where we live, but I’ll never take any of my cats elsewhere again. I HIGHLY recommend Allentown Cat Clinic. They’re reasonable, professional and all very, very sweet people. I thank God I found them.

Toni Fernandez

Chris Sarnicky

Jared Illg

Great People that take terrific care of my cat. Their specialized knowledge and true love of animals shows with every visit.

te a

If you have cats you should definitely go here. The staff is so sweet and gentle with the cats. My cats were at ease in their care. They are well informed in the proper care of cats . I will recommend them to anyone I know with cats.

Scott Snyder

Very friendly, great value, very accommodating

Moriah Thomas

Allyson Hamm

Helped me quickly, even as a first time patient, when other vets could not fit me in. Helped my sick, newly adopted cat. I will be going back.

Jayne Becker


Update May 2018: Allentown Cat Clinic still going strong. Staff always courteous and compassionate. Vets are very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend. Keep up the great work! Prior review: I have taken all three of my cats here for 5+ years and have never had a bad experience. In that time I've used the clinic for annual exams, dental cleanings, and even emergency surgery for a lacerated paw. Dr. Paul is very capable and knowledgeable and she keeps up with current research, including clinical trials and holistic care products/supplements. The staff is always pleasant to deal with and the practice is well-run: when I arrive for an appointment I'm promptly taken to an exam room and don't have to wait more than a few minutes before being seen by Dr. Paul. It's a clean, no-frills facility. I feel grateful that there is a feline-specialized practice near me! I prefer to know that the person providing care for my cats is specialized - rather than someone who sees dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and who knows what else! It also means a quiet lobby rather than one filled with barking dogs. I highly recommend to cat owners in the Lehigh Valley.

Matthew Jones

Bill Bailey

David Paul

A very professional inviting place to take your cat. The staff is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and their services are very nicely priced.

Jeffrey James

Caring people, friendly place.

Abdullah Khan

Cecilia Klager

They speak cat!

Melody A

Matthew Moore

They are so great, very nice staff and Dr. they provided a lot of helpful information and the checkup was reasonably priced.

Michael Jimenez

Bernadette Pierce

Best place to take your kitties in the valley! Reasonably priced and trustworthy.


Dr. Paul, the Staff and Management at the Allentown Cat Clinic are beyond caring, professional and compassionate. In the 11 years of family and friends bringing our cats here, we have nothing but praise and gratitude for the thorough, attentive and life saving care received. Wellness, emergency and surgical care are all delivered with excellence from the very first phone call. Dr. Paul spent a weekend personally hand feeding an ill cat with a throat abscess refusing to eat. This made the difference in the cat surviving. She is a still with us 8 years later. Management and Staff have become extended family and resources for pet sitting, home care and emergencies. I wish I could find medical care that made me feel like this place does. We won't move just to stay nearby the Allentown Cat Clinic. Every cat deserves care like this.

Daniel Smith

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who take great efforts to make your cat feel at ease.

Dana Stone

Great cat clinic. They took good care of my cat when I had to put him down. Very caring women.


Both the care and the staff are amazing! You don't have to sacrifice top care for reasonable cost. Thank you all so much. Lucy Cucchiara

Mitch Gold

Great humans caring for our beloved felines. I was really worried when I moved 3000 miles away from my cats' vets. This is a wonderful, caring practice.

Sam Graffman

Amy Danner

Jennifer Johnson

I switched from a local vet to here after my cat was having persistent eye issues. The staff and drs are wonderful, and his eyes cleared right up and my follow up exam was no charge!! What a surprise not the norm we are used to dealing with. They will have my cats as patients for life. Also the exam room we were in had a window with a shelf and bird feeders outside what a great touch to help my cat relax.

bradley rogers

The best place you can go to, they care so much! So reasonable priced because they want to help and get your cat better. We found out sad news the veterinarian had so much of a heart she started tearing up with us.

Thomas Stevens

Amazingly nice staff! Definitely would take my kitties there! I was visiting with Lap of love veterinary hospice and the staff was so kind and sweet.

Glenn Harshman

Nichole Novak

Pam Morrison

Roberto Esaú Molina

Daniel Domperoto

Jean Maier

The staff at Allentown Cat Clinic is fantastic. My cat couldn't be in better hands and he's a grouch! Everyone is so very patient and helpful! I NEVER feel as if I'm being rushed and my cat gets the best of care.

Debra Huyter

Excellent staff and Dr Paul is the nicest person I have ever met..took cat to get euthanized and the experience could not have been better...highly reccomend

Alyssa Luciano

Amazing staff

Jill Beck

David Ramsey

Jessica Dalton

Ambrielle Martin

Staff Bikes Built Better

This is the best vet clinic I have ever known. It's obvious right from the beginning that Dr Paul and her staff love animals (especially cats, obviously) and the welfare of the animals is their first priority. They have saved several of our cats from life-threatening illnesses and helped our elderly cats to get through their senior years with a maximum of dignity and comfort. I can't thank them enough for their loving dedication. Stephanie, Hellertown

Jennifer King

I brought a stray cat who had stolen my heart in yesterday after he began having respiratory issues. He was too far gone to save, but the staff here took great care of my boy. They treated him with respect and love, and when i couldn't find the words to say to him as he slipped away, Dr. Gretchen spoke to him with kind, loving words, as if he was one of her own. They helped make a terrible moment a peaceful one, and gave me all the time with him i needed. I want to thank then for treating every cat and client that walks through that door like they are family.

Robert Layten

We have been there for a number of years now. Hands down they are the best. Dr Paul is absolutely amazing, she is willing to answer any and all questions you have, no matter how strange or dumb. The staff is simply willing to take the time to do what they can to help which is no small thing in today's world. I simply can't say enough good things about them. Even my oldest (Pandora) who is pushing 20 is friendly towards the staff and generally she hates vets. Thank you for being there for the good and especially the bad, Dr Paul. I'll take my kitties nowhere else.

Sue Wallace

I've been taking my cats here for over two decades. I love the fact that they specialize in cats, and especially love how caring they are when treating my furkids. Highly recommend!

Sandra Horvath

Laurie Monaghan

Great place to take your cat's and you don't have to deal with dogs pestering your cat's

Donna L

James Ruffin

M Yakitori

The doctors are caring and willing to spend extra time to explain things I need to know about my cats. They are there when we need help, and I highly appreciate that.

Joshua Luebbe

Very caring and helpful. Awesome vet and assistants. Desk staff were also very helpful and considerate. I will definitely be making them my clinic for now on!

sharon CIUCCIO

Amazing staff . Caters to kitties❤

Incognito Critic

Cannot say enough great things about this practice! First of all, they only attend to cats which is wonderful. You do not have to worry about your pet being stressed out with other animals such as dogs etc. Secondly, they are extremely thorough when accessing your animal. Have been taking my cats here for over 10 years. Other than Quakertown Animal Hospital, I won't trust anyone else with my cats.

Lori Cooke


Very homey feeling, nice staff. Definitely would recommend

Patty Morton

Always a great experience! My three cats are all patients at the Allentown Cat Clinic and it is nice to know that they will always receive excellent care. Dr. Paul and the staff are wonderful and I can trust that whenever I have questions or need to bring one of my cats in that they are in good hands! From the moment you walk in, you can tell this is a business that truly loves what they do in caring for your pets! I highly recommend them to cat owners!

Patrick Hartman

We brought in our cat, Kyo, and they took excellent care of him and were very attentive to our concerns as well. They even called us the night of the visit, and the morning after to help alleviate any worries and to follow up on our little buddy. Excellent customer service! They will always have our business!

super insane

Ric G

Strongly recommend that you see them next time you need some expert care for your cat/kitten. Very caring and compassionate folks. Best in the Lehigh Valley!!!


I fully trust my cats in the care of the staff here. I'm not usually a very trusting person.

Harold Estrada

Isabella DiFranzo

Alina Gutierrez

Yesterday I visited the Allentown Cat Clinic for the first time for vaccinations of my youngest cat Houdini. I was very impressed with the clinic, its staff and Dr. Paul who I had the pleasure of meeting. They accommodated my request for vaccination using a rabies vaccine not offered by my regular Veterinarian and treated us very well. We went home with a folder of very useful information every pet parent should know, a goodie bag and they gave my brave kitty a little mouse to play with. I would give them an A++ for service and professionalism. Well worth what you pay.

Pastor-George Luther

My cats have gotten excellent care.

Bill Dunkle

David Meckes

Katarina Mohr

María Dash

I was nerves at first but Dr. Paul & the staffs were kind & gentle with me & my cat, Orange. The information I received from them was educational. I recommend The Cat Clinic to anyone. ❣️

Michelle Cleary

Chris Stolfi

Is expensive but good


I take my Kitty Snookers here.. The staff are very nice. Snookers likes them too

Amanda Ullman

Tamara Kunklinski

Cats only, it's wonderful. Live Dr. Gretchen!

Barbara Schwartz

The were very kind and understanding . they did everything they could to help my sons'

Christina Belous

I really really liked Dr. Gretchen. She was really sweet & had great bedside manner. I appreciated her taking the time to discuss feeding, weight, & nutrition for my cat in depth with me. She wasn’t judgmental that my boy had not seen the vet in a while. Her scheduling staff was courteous & helpful as well, which is also very important & appreciated. :)

Jennifer Bilbow

Patty Voight

We had a situation with our cat when he was found alive after a fire last year. He needed medical attention and we took him to the cat clinic ASAP - they took him an hour after I called. They were fantastic nursing him back to life - they gave him fluids, an x-ray and even helped board him while my family and I got our life back together and got a new place to live. If it weren't for them, our cat would not be as healthy as he was prior to the fire. My mom would have been a wreck if he didn't make it and the vet understood that - and did everything possible to make sure that didn't happen. My husband and I also adopted kittens that were left off at their doorstep at 4 weeks old. They took care of them and gave them a good check-up prior to them leaving the vet. We now have the most friendly and loving cats in the world and I have them to thank for getting them to where they were! If we didn't live an hour away, I would have continued to bring them to the cat clinic, however, that's a little far for a vet visit. If I could I definitely would have!


I can't say enough good things about the staff and vet at the Cat Clinic.

Michelle Derhammer


Dr Paul and her staff are just AWESOME! They deserve more than 5 stars. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for my kitties.

Rose Lawless

I have always taken my cats here, 10+ years. The staff is friendly, kind and helpful. The prices are more reasonable than a average vetenarian clinic. They treat your cat as family. I would highly recommend the allentown cat clinic, if you have a feline. I had to put a cat down in November. It is never an easy process. The staff and Doctor were a true comfort to my cat and myself. I am thankful I took my pet here.

Stephen Hoopes

First time going here. Everyone was friendly and informative, without being too clinical. They made both myself, and my cat feel comfortable. Would recommend.

Kristen Fricke

Great professional team who really care for your pets! They have a boarding service here too if you need it. Great team!

Sam g

Karlee Posivak

Alex Piper

Super kind staff. You can really tell they care about the cats.

Suzanjoy Checksfield

Dr. Paul and her staff are the best. Have been taking our furry feline children there for years.

Ernie Vitez

Ben Anderson

My first experience with the Allentown Cat Clinic was great! My girlfriend and I were going away for a week on vacation and we needed a place to board our two short-haired tabby cats. We were able to get them boarded the day we left and were given nice, big cages for the week. I called it their own "vacation". Since it had been over a year since I had taken them to the vet, they needed all of their vaccinations to be up-to-date, which they were able to do for them. Our one cat has never been able to have an exam given to him at a vet's office before because he puts up too much of a fight, however they were able to give him a full exam, I couldn't believe it! When we got back from vacation, we were able to pick them up right away, all of their vaccinations given to them, and otherwise no different from when we left them. I'll be taking them back there again the next time something comes up!

Michael Then

Excellent in all catagories you can think of. Would recommend to all cat lovers.

Jeffrey Martin

Due to construction we has to board our cats temporarily. The clinic staff were friendly and helpful. Definitely professional and the cats were safe.

Isaac Abraham

If i can describe Allentown Cat Clinic in 5 words, they would be Kind, courteous, professional, friendly, state-of-the-art. This place is incredible as is Dr. Clark. It's very refreshing to meet a doctor who truly cares for your loved one.

Jeff Allen

This place has always treated our cats wonderfully and are reasonable with pricing. Yes some things are expensive but most of the time we feel we are being treated fairly.

Frank McGimpsey

Becky Frank, DVM

As a vet, I like another professional to evaluate my own pets from time to time to make sure I'm not missing anything. From the staff who are always kind and welcoming, to the doctors who are professional and practice high quality medicine, I know I can trust them with the furry love of my life. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them.

Diego Lopez

Linda DeLay

Friendly staff, and knowledgeable Dr. , who took her time to explain .

Donald Roberts

Doctors and staff are skilled and efficient.

aryn coyle

My cat had to be put down after breaking her back in a bad fall. This staff was the kindest, most thoughtful. They gave her something to make her sleepy. She purred herself to sleep rubbing on my. Then they gave her the shot. It was so kind. They even took an impression of her foot to give me as a keepsake. They wrapped her in her blanket with care. I've just never had such a good experience anywhere else.

Jillian Hahn

Great, personalized service! They know their felines, and genuinely care.

Megan W

Alia Greb

Craig Phillips

Great with our 2 cats! They all really really seem to enjoy seeing the cats!

Scott Dundore

Awesome people!!

Anna Steasia

I called last week with an urgent question and was told to bring Dusty in asap. Dr Paul and Staff went to great lengths to help Dusty at a moment's notice. I can't tell you how wonderful they are at ACC :) We were going to Allentown Clinic for Cats with Dr Obenski for years. We moved out of state in 1994, returning 4 years ago. We came right back to Allentown Cat Clinic and Dr Paul. And I'm glad we did.

Walter Decker

Amazing staff

kim gross

Michelle Zahariev

There is nowhere better to take your cat! Calm, compassionate "cat people" who know how to care for kitties. The way they handle cats of all ages/conditions as well as their level of expertise cannot be beat. We love Allentown Cat Clinic!

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