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REVIEWS OF All Pet Animal Hospital IN Pennsylvania

susan olar

The most caring team around. I'm a former client with an emergency and they welcomed me back immediately. I am now a current client.

Amara Neligh

Dr. Bennett is incredible!! We've been taking our animals to him for years. I recently was seen by Dr. Pease and she in just as wonderful. I would never take my animals anywhere else they treat them like family. They pet and talk to them as they are doing the exams. They never push un needed expenses on you. You can trust them with your animals, both you and them will be treated like family here.

gerryann sekowski

Service is always great at Alll PET. The pets love it and are very happy and when we go.

Brent Doe

Couldn’t have picked a better place to bring my pet. Everyone that worked there was friendly and did their jobs exceedingly well. I won’t be going to any other vet from now on.

D Shedwick

Dr. Bennett and his staff were absolutely wonderful helping us care for an extremely ill Leopard Gecko. He gave us information about reptile care that is not common knowledge. Our only regret was that we didn't find him sooner.

Russ Belles

My dog was sick took him in and his doctor was on vacation and the doctor that was there stopped his meds he was on for two years. Cause of cost I couldn't get a badly need chest x-ray. Took him back the next week and they did the x-ray and it was bad and they had to put him down. They ran other unnecessary test and ran my bill up to $750. Make sure they do one test at a time or you will be stuck with a big bill. I feel my dog should of been given the chest x-ray on the first place, instead of making him suffer for a week .

Barry McCarthy

Our visit as always was great! We have been taking our guys to All Pat since "Hector was a pup" as the saying goes and would not go anywhere else. They were very professional and caring about Pepper's ( our cat) health and well being.He has been having some behavior issues lately and they gave some information on how to correct it. Peps was given a clean bill of health a pat on the head and good to go for another year. We can recommend All Pet to everyone! Thanks guys, Patsy and Barry

Lorie Bowers

Alexis P.

Dr. Bennet is the best. I will always trust him with my pets - never pushy with tests and/or medications. Dr. Carolee Switalski on the other hand is a nightmare. I had to take my dog in quickly but Dr. Bennet wasn't available on such short notice (understandable) so we had to see the the other vet. She was rude, condescending, and guilted us into spending hundreds for absolutely no reason. Completely opposite of Dr. Bennet's approach so I can't believe she is here. Once Dr. Bennet retires (that will be a sad day) we will have to find another clinic.

Abby Barker

I stumbled upon Dr. Bennett when I was looking for help with my dog's allergies. He was fabulous, and I intend to switch from my current vet practice to Dr. Bennett for both my dog and cat. He couldn't have been nicer or more interested in what was happening with my lab. I also appreciated him being very forthright about the value of testing, various treatments, etc. - all of which had been pushed by my previous vet. I appreciate that Dr. Bennett was so down to earth, willing to discuss things with me, and that I didn't feel pushed out of his office at all. The staff was also great. I've only been there once, but would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a truly caring vet!

Cassie Kermiet

This past month, my chinchilla Steve has seemed ill and was not eating. I brought him here and have never been here before. The staff was super welcoming and kind. The doctor discovered that his teeth needed trimmed so we went through with that thinking it was probably the reason he wasn't eating. The doctor even stayed past close on a Saturday to help my little guy. Unfortunately, a week after the visit I found Steve barley responsive and rushed him here. They squeezed me in at the last second and were super sympathetic and treated my little Steve as if he was their own. He unfortunately passed away but the staff here did the best they could to comfort me and Steve in his final moments. They took care of the cremation and even sent me a sympathy card in the mail. You can really tell that all of the doctors and staff here have a true love and passion for all animals.

Samantha Mosley

Morgen Kelly

Very caring and skilled vet. Possibly the best exotics vet in Pittsburgh.

Jayme Wilder

Short version: Now that I have found Dr Bennett, I will never let him go!! He truly is AMAZING!! Long winded version: As a pediatric RN, not having children of my fur babies are my "kids". After moving back to the area 4 years ago, I found myself at 3 different vets before I found Dr Bennett, who stole mine & my Bulldog's heart the minute we met him. I cannot praise Dr Bennett & his staff enough! Always kind, always helpful, always heartfelt, always caring...going above & beyond!! My Bullie (Primo) needed to have his tail removed due to it being "wound to tight". I asked Dr Bennett to do it right away. He had never done such a surgery & consulted a specilaty/ surgical vet who explained how involved the procedure actually was. Dr Bennett referred me to them for the procedure because they were the "experts". I did not feel comfortable with a "chop shop" where my furbaby was "just another dog". I had taken my Bullie there (specialty vet) for Emergency care at one point & was turned off by the staff/care that was received. It took me a little over a year to get the infection cleared up & for Dr Bennett to "agree" to perform the surgery. I knew that even though he had never done this specific surgery before, he would take as much care, consideration & precision for my pup, as I do for my own. Primo gets all excited when he knows we are going to see his "friend" Dr Bennett, he'd even wag his tail....if he had Primo's case....he wags his whole butt!! :)

Barbara Fulmer

Michael Marsh

I had a horrible experience at all pet animal hospital, the female veterinarian had told me that it looked like my dog had gotten into something that made him sick so she put him on 3 antibiotics and told me he needed a blood test every week for 4 weeks, so 6 tests and $1,000 later she gives me no answers, this vet is a scam and I will never go back there again. They are also very unorganized, there had been several occasions that they actually forgot about our appointment and then could not find any paperwork on my dog when I had questions about the blood test, absolutely the worst vet I had ever been to, it seems as tho she has no compassion for animals and has no business being a vet

Lynn Bourchier

denise battista

.dr bennett and staff go above and beyond in all that they do for us and our pets

Korinda Berry

Awesome place!! Dr Bennett is so loving towards the animals. He always takes good care of my ferret Diamond! I drive an hour to this vet. Soo worth it!!

Deanna Zourelias

Dr. Bennett is a great Dr. He is so kind and thoughtful

Rami Rebert

I called to make an appointment and the woman who answered the phone named Dianne sounded so rude. "Can you wait until I get to the computer," is what she said in a very rude way. Definitely not going there.

Ahjot Ahjotson

Crammy Jam

Barbara Porterfield

Dr. Bennett and his staff are fantastic with our eclectus parrot. We travel 100 miles round trip just to have the care that we receive from them. I would never trust anyone else with our bird.

Mc Coop

Friendly and thorough.

Noreen Forsythe

Henry, our Guinea pig, received the best care! We were so pleased with the entire experience.

Dan Schirato

We have been taking pets here for years. Always like the friendly and informative staff. Our pets love Dr. Bennett too.

Krys kay

They saved my ferrets life

Frank Bun

I was very happy with the service that I received from the receptionist, the vet techs and Dr. Bennett. The biggest reason that I like All-Pet is that is clear that Dr. Bennett cares about the animals that he is examining. A person that cares pays attention and is less likely to overlook something significant. That's important because when you care, you want the people caring for your companion to care. And speaking strictly for rabbit people, it doesn't hurt at all that Rabbit Wranglers recommends Dr. Bennett. RW is held in high respect in our community.

Elizabeth Barry

I had a very good experience recently at All Pet Animal Hospital. The staff were polite and interested in the welfare of my pet. The assessment of my bird was thorough and suggestions for further care excellent. Dr. Bennett was patient and kind even though my bird got loose and was flying all around the room. He was truly concerned about the health and care of my pet bird. I would highly recommend this veterinary care clinic.

Jenn Caracciolo

I needed care for my newly-rescued iguana in 1995 and found Dr. Bennett by looking through the phone book. He took amazing care of my Boo-Boo and has been my vet ever since, caring for my iguanas and dogs. He has such a warm heart and a deep love for all of the animals that he tends to. I will never go anywhere else. My pets love to visit Dr. B and his staff!

Cynthia Fillmore

Dr Bennett is wonderful with our birds!

Lee Kikel

Matt DiPietro

Marge Engwer

All Pet has cared for my dogs for 10 years. The staff there are always attentive to whatever I need, and provide great care. They are also very compassionate - in those ten years I have had pups that required care for serious illnesses, and pups that I lost to illness or old age. Each time the team was very kind and made me feel like they too were losing a best friend. Update - July 2015 one of my dogs had a problem on a Saturday morning. At first I thought it was something that could wait til Monday when most vets are available, but as time went on I thought I should see if I could have him seen that day. I called All Pet and they got me in on Saturday. Dr. Bennett and staff were very helpful and diagnosed my boy with UTI, started him on antibiotic, and by the next day he was doing MUCH better. They helped my pup feel much better quickly and saved me a trip to the animal ER. Thank you!

Emil Steinmetz

Dana Sauers

Dr Bennett is amazing. He has such a gift for connecting with the animals in his care. It's amazing to watch. Thank you for caring for our animals as much as we do.

Kimberly Skertich

I was told that this was the place to go for my dogs skin allergies. What I didn't know was it could kill her. After a week on the medication s I called and told them that it was making her sick. They made me bring her out and she told me to keep giving her medication if I wanted her well. I will never forgive myself. I called again. This time she stopped eating. The vet wanted to me to pay $340 for tests. When I was unhappy with the price after spending over $700 already she said she wanted to just treat her without knowing what was wrong. When I said no I would go to someone else all she said was well her skin looks better. I took her to her regular vet. My little girl has liver damage she could die. I blame myself for trusting that woman. I would not go back to this vet for a million dollars.

John Borcz

We take our black headed caique parrot there every year for a check up. He is very thorough about checking her physically and asking questions about how she has been doing over the past year.

Jen Rath

Dr Bennet was recommended for a rabbit neuter. First it took a month to schedule. Second, I’ve had multiple rabbits and never been charged more than $200 for a neuter. The rabbit was examined first before the surgery. Dr Bennet noted the rabbit was “well fed” (aka fat) and took the rabbit back for the operation. The front desk went to take my payment and said it was going to be $700!!! This is insane! I immediately took my rabbit back before the operation started and was able to schedule much more quickly with another exotics vet in Cranberry. That vet quoted the same exam/surgery at under $200. When examined that vet noted my rabbit wasn’t “fat” but had a very abnormal abdominal exam, ordered x-rays and identified very serious GI condition. I have had animals for many years but have never had an experience like I did with Dr Bennett’s practice and the cost was unacceptable.

gloria bettschart

Dr Bennet and his staff are very caring and make the visits very prompt and will answer any question you might have.

Kelly McFadden

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Bennett and the staff. I've been visiting this same vet since I was a kid and my mom was the client. As an adult, I have driven distances to bring my pets here. Dr. Bennett is fantastic with all animals. Many practices only see cats and dogs, but the wild kingdom in the waiting room tells me there isn't an animal he won't see. I've personally brought him a mouse and bunnies and a lizard in addition to many many cats and dogs. My pets are my kids and All Pet gets that. I also think personality in a vet is important (through good times and bad) and you will not meet a nicer doctor anywhere. This is the only vetrinary practice I have ever recommended.

terry marsh

Catherine Hayashi

I have been going to All Pet for many years and have always been satisfied with the skill and service provided to me and my furry ones. My two rabbits were well taken care of by the detail-oriented and caring vet techs and vets. I always had the feeling that everyone there truly loved animals and caring for them. I owe many thanks to All Pet that my bunnies both lived to the ripe old age of eleven. Now that I have a senior dog, I still see them even though I have moved away and it is now a 35 minute drive.

Sherry Schuster

Tracy Starr

Nicole McDonough

Everyone at All Pet Animal Hospital is amazing! From calling to make the appointment, meeting with Dr. Bennett and checking out...I couldn't ask for a better experience. The office staff are always willing to squeeze me in and Dr. Bennett never rushes our visit. He is very friendly, thorough and great with Nala. I travel almost an hour to see Dr. Bennett and I'm always relieved after our visits. He is great at explaining what's going on with Nala, any medications/care I need to perform and he's very open to answering all questions. I'm so grateful that we found such an amazing vet with great staff!

Steve Grice

Rody Richey

Good service with no surprises

Margret Smith

Took me till now to write this. I lost my little love bug Scooter a few years ago. I took him to see them and the doctor noted how very exhausted and weak my Scooter was and his weight loss and general lethargy. They still stuck him with a needle for blood and shots. Told me to take him home. Scooter died the next morning in my hand. That little bird was my world. If I known he would have just suffered I would have had him humanely put to sleep. Best part is when they FINALLY called with bloodwork results all they could say was "Oh well he might not have been eating right"...HE WAS 8 years old!!!! And then I get reminder post cards to bring him in for a check up to add to my pain... Not to mention the $700 to have my little buddy just suffer with NO DAMN ANSWER. Bird Lovers Beware. I would NEVER trust them again with any of my birds.


Colleen Schirato

Staff is always caring and helpful. Drs take great care with our pets.

Vicki Wilson

maria boscia

Great place! I have taken all my pets to Dr Bennett for 20+ years.

Larry Guerrieri

Had my dog neutered. Staff kept me informed durning and after the surgery. When I picked him up Dr. Bennett explained the ins and outs of the procedure.

serena jenkins

Alexander Doyle

Staff was very friendly and kind, and the Vet clearly knew what she was doing. Unfortunately for a nail trim and 4 minute check up of our rabbit they charged us 95 dollars, which is utterly and completely absurd. Frankly quite upset with the results.

Stefan Sassic

Had an amzamaz experience. The entire staff was friendly and warm!!! I would recommend this place to anyone that cares about their pet!!!

Lacey LeFebvre

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Dr. Bennett was excellent with my bearded dragon, I will be back. Prices were reasonable, for a specialist. Was 100% worth the 45 minute drive there.

Melissa Krizmanich

Took Buddy our new rescue to see Dr. Bennett... he was so gentle and kind to a shaking Buddy.. I have recommended Dr. Bennett and All Pet Hospital to many of my friends...

Cheri D'Amico

Mike Cook

Cannot thank them enough for helping me and my family get through a very difficult time saying goodbye to our beloved dog, Pumpkin.

Tom H

Jeanne Pyles

We have been going here for 10 years and 7 pets. Linda the practice manager and Diana long time staff member are very special always wonderful. Everyone on the staff that we interact with is wonderful, always helpful, caring, compassionate and flexible to meet our needs. Dr. Bennett and Dr. Switalski are both excellent with are dogs and cats, although they take care of all types of animals. Highly recommend All Pet!

Tracy C

I was very impressed with Dr. Bennett. He was awesome with my leopard gecko and took the time to show me what I needed to do to help her. I found him to be very genuine and would have no problem recommending him to anyone looking for a great vet in the area.

Jeramy Field

Kelly Maloney

All Pet has been my vet for the past 11 years and cared for my dogs in that time. I got to know the staff and they got to know us too. It felt very personal, not just a name on a chart. I recently had to make the hard decision regarding my dog's life. Dr. Bennett and staff were great in a tough time. All Pet will continue to be my vet and I could not recommend them higher.

Robb Ryniak

Kind and caring as well as effective

Christa Channing

The staff has always been so caring and warm, I always left knowing what I was supposed to do with my animal.

Laura Young

All Pet has taken great care of Andy- a wonderful Jack Russell who is not so lovely to pet. They have patience to deal with him. Dr Bennett and staff assisted with an emergency that resulted in my loosing my Andy. They were professional, courteous and compassionate with Andy's passing. Thank you all again. ps Diane no need for party hats!

Cait C

Chuck Michael

I have been using All Pet Animal Hospital since 1997. I will go nowhere else. They have taken very good care of my three cats and the occasional visiting hamster. I recommend them to anyone who has a sick pet or just general care. Dr. Bennett and all the staff are the best. It's not just a job, they really care.


Best experience I've ever had with a vet! They took their time listening to me and examining my pet. They really put my mind at ease about taking care of him and making sure he was getting the right medicine! You guys really are awesome!

Sandra Nalesnik

Pam Gilbert

Dr. Bennett and his staff are outstanding. They show so much compassion with animals and I just love how Dr. Bennett gets right down on the floor to great your pet. You can tell he truly loves his job and the patients he treats. I would recommend All Pet Animal Hospital to anyone that would ask.

Joyce McMullen

This is the best Bet for exotic animals!!

Anthony Hill

ahjotson ahjotson

Edward Spier

The Dr. gave my Cockatoo Romeo a very thorough examination.

dale blausen

Dr lill is the best and the front desk way too awesome!

Beth Hughes

All Pet animal hospital it fantastic! Everyone there is so nice and caring and they genuinely have a love for animals. We first started going there due to an emergency with our cat and the love and care they provided was phenomenal.

Tracy Pielmeier

I took my juvenile crested gecko to see Dr. Bennett and was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable he was about reptiles. He and the assistant were very careful and caring to my little crestie. Definitely recommend!

Caylen Harris

Dr. Switalski has been treating my English Bulldog for about 2 years now and she is awesome! He struggles with skin issues and she's always very thorough when examining and treating him and I always feel so comfortable with her recommendations. All Pet Animal Hospital is always so accommodating when my dog needs to be seen and the staff is so friendly. Highly recommend!!

Lakshmi Vangala

We are so grateful to Dr. Bennett and his team for providing the excellent care to our fur baby, Toby, the bunny. They are the best in providing compassionate and loving care to all pets!

Hannah Fan

Friendy staff! Extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Will be going back(:

Minfed 13

Absolutely love this practice!! Dr Elli this evening was amazing with my Bichon and this is the first Vet that told me I could do I light cleaning just like we do pretty much in the dental field (think your 6 mos exam and cleaning) this is under light sedation. This is so much better for the dog and having a senior dog if he needs more than that you can schedule to come back for extensive dental work under general anesthesia. Love this office cannot wait to continue care here. The front office and technician were very caring, knowledgeable and excellent as well.

Zoey Harper

Adraine Deithorn

I do not know how I can show you how much I appreciated your sincere compassion with both Spike and Peanut. Thank you for always being honest right from the start. Thank you for always listening to me and my concerns, for always calling me back promptly and for you personally call me back every time. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of Spike and Peanut. They are both very special to me, their really Michael and I children, our fur babies. Your compassion should not go unnoticed. Thank you from my entire family. Adriane and Michael Deithorn Spike and Peanut too

A Google User

We took our 2 kitties for their yearly check-up. Dr. Pease was excellent with them. The Doctor & the tech trimmed their nails with ease which isn't an easy thing to do with our kitties. Would recommend this practice to everyone.

William Harrison

We have always bee n happy with the service and caring given to our many cats ever since the opening of this well staffed animal hospital.We are pleased to recommend them and give them a 5 star rating,Thanks from Toby,Butler,Muffy and Sheba.

Kayla Yeschke

Melmo Kellner

Dr. Bennett is an amazing vet who clearly loves every one of his patients!

Amina Zamani

Jenn D

Not on long wait, friendly staff, very clear direction from the veterinarian.

gunther Lill


Ed Ripple

Ken Sprouse Jr

Linda Dieringer

Dr. Bennett and his staff are the BEST!! Dr. Bennett was very gentle, very considerate, and made me feel confident that he would keep our 8 yr old Jack Russell healthy. The staff at All Pet Animal Hospital are very friendly and helpful, always willing to go the "extra mile" for you and your pet. The entire All Pet Animal Hospital team have been taking care of our dog since he was a puppy! I will continue to use All Pet Animal Hospital for all of my pet's needs and I would be happy to share my experiences there with my family and friends. Thank you!

Bob and Cathy Holland

Best vet hands down. Treats my Pets like their own. Staff is so friendly and caring. I wouldn't take my Pets anywhere else.

Stephanie Ricart

I (Stephanie Ricart) have been going to Dr. Bennett for over 15 years. There aren't words in the English language to truly tell you how I feel about him since they are so heartfelt, but Dr. Bennett is a Godsend for our animals and their owners. His staff is warm and caring...don't retire Dr. Bennett!!

Timothy Fulmer

Great folks and great care.

rob brain

I brought a sick ferret in and altho we did not receive the best of diagnoses i cannot complain about the staff or facility. Time will tell if my lil man gets better, but overall as good as a vet experience can be. Seemed fairly knowledgeable on my ferret and did not push expensive testing.

Caitlin Walsh

Josh Ventura

I took my hamster in after prolonged abdominal bloating. The vet was very kind and knowledgeable, and while not capable of fixing the cause of the bloating, was able to alleviate the bloat itself. I won't get into the gory details of how, but I trust that he did a good job, and Zen has been doing much better, since. He also did a good job of helping me understand what was wrong, and explaining my options.

Thomas Ostrowski

I take my cockatiel here and the staff is courtesy and work in a timely manner.

Susan Gaghan

Ian Bishop

Very friendly staff. Clean lobby and rooms. Vet had excellent bedside manor.

Timothy Eckhardt

Whitney K

Dr. Bennett has been absolutely amazing! He has been so compassionate and caring since my very first visit with my sick bird. He is so incredibly understanding and kind. He explains everything thoroughly and tells you all of your options. Never rushing and always taking his time. Its hard to find an avian vet. But I can honestly tell you he is the BEST. I live about 50 minutes away from his Gibsonia office and trust me, its worth the drive. I know that when I take my bird there that she is going to the BEST. Not only a great veterinarian, but the sweetest staff I have ever met in an office. Just a wonderful office all around.

Jean Marie Kleppick

Dr Bennett and his staff are kind and caring. Ed Bennett has been our Vet since before he had his own practice. He has cared for our pets for nearly 20 years and I have found him to be kind, ethical, caring, and practical. When faced with end of life issues, I believe he feels the loss as much as we do. The staff, especially Diane and Linda, have rejoiced with us following successful, scary surgery (splenectomy on our 13 year old Lab), and cried with us 2 years later at the same Lab's passing. These are people I trust, because I know they care. Good people, good care. And isn't that what we all want for our companion animals?

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