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They helped care for my beloved geriatric cat, when she started to get sick with complications. I recommend Dr. Inna & Dr. Larson. They try their best to help you care for your pet.

Jess pena

This hospital is amazing. I have never been to a vet that cares so much about the pets, or the owners. We have seen Dr. Goncharov who was kind, personable and on the level when it came to dealing with my sick 16 year-old kitty. We came here on a recommendation of a friend for a second opinion after my regular vet was price gauging us for treatment. I am so very grateful we did. The Dr guided us in the right direction for our kitty, and gained my business and trust. Recently our Yorkie ended up with a rash all over his belly and not feeling well at all. We decides once again to take him to Warm Hearts. It was such a snap decision we ran down there not knowing what time they closed. We arrived at 5:45 and they close at 6. The office staff reassured us over and over it was ok, and to please come in and the Dr would see us. The amount of empathy and kindness the office staff showed us, was unparalleled. We saw Dr. Larson who completely took care of my baby dog and was knowledgeable and kind. As of today, we got to meet Dr. Codey because my little baby yorkie was still not feeling well. Dr. Codey was so kind that he took the time and care to look over my dog but he was concerned for me too. Mainly because I was a blubbering mess, worried about my lil guy. I have had pets for a very long time and have seen a few vets in my day but the compassion and honesty we received today from Dr. Codey, is something I have never experienced. He not only helped my anxiety about my baby dog but gives me hope for society. ❤ If you're looking for a new vet, please do yourself a favor and try Warm Hearts. They care about your pet, about you, and about doing what's right for YOUR FURBABY, not what's gonna make them the most cash with unnecessary tests and worry. I cannot say this enough, but this place, the staff, and the doctors are amazing. ❤

Leah Sanderson

People are always nice here.

Yana Ryjova


The staff are polite and very nice. The doctors are very knowledgeable and also very polite and kind. They will help you try to make the decision that is best for you and your furry family member. This amazing place also helps and partners with a non-profit animal organization. It really is a great place and they show they are passionate and that they care about what they do.

Alexa McDonald

They did everything the worker's were nice

Kimberly Tingey

Wouldn’t take our dogs anywhere else! They are the best!


Mary Magana

Dr. Ina is a loving, caring vet who will be truthful about any treatment that needs to be performed. She attends to all my fur babies!

stewart robinson


Dr. Inna has helped my old man Dozer so much. She never tries to charge us too much and always gives us options to lessen the payment. She genuinely cares about the animals and that is very appreciated. Thank-you!!

Jason Conte

Gem Daniele

They almost killed my dog!!! I took my dog in to get groomed and they charged me for a parvo and rabies shot. He already had his shots a few days earlier so I was confused as to why they would give him shots again! And why wouldn’t they consult me first. They said it was a mistake and took the charge off. A few days later my dog was sick! He wasn’t eating and he was throwing up water. His stool was real watery. He became worse, and I got scared! I took a few days off from work so I could take care of him. Apparently a dog can die if he receives multiple parvo and rabies shots. I went back to this place and the lady with the funny colored hair had a bad attitude. After I cursed them out they gave my dog some medicine and food! Chicken and rice. I gave him the medicine and pedialyte. After about two weeks he was back to normal. Luckily for them my dog survived their mistake!!!

brian Schaff

Tess Connolly

Tamie Pedraza

Let me tell you this place is great the vet there her name is Inna Goncharov

Oleg Malashevich

(Translated by Google) I recommend, very nice staff, everything is just super .... (Original) Рекомендую, очень хороший персонал, все просто супер....

Connie Titus

This vet caused my dog to die! Run as fast as you can with your pet in the other direction anywhere else!!

Addison55 Martin

This was my first visit and I left feeling even less than when I started with. I took my dog there for a routine exam and immunizations. I was advised my dog had a heart murmur and he would need xrays. The cost $310.00. I didnt get the feeling the Dr, who never introduced himself, really cared about my dogs well being. He gave a rushed explanation about my dogs condition . Which is? In addition, after they took his weight, even I realized he was over weight. You would think if he has a so called possible heart condition, the Dr would have made a diet recommendation. He said nothing. Nor did he say anything my dogs teeth, which even I know needs a deep cleaning. Bottom line, I was very upset after my visit there. And I realized, I just didnt like anything about this place.

Gungan 420Gardener

Icky Slicks

Dr ina is very misleading about my pets condition and did a lot of unnecessary testing. She is very hard to talk to and is very unprofessional.

Randi Tibbetts


Juro Pup

Bad service: This could be a great place... Unfortunately the customer service from certain people has to improve! Emma in particular almost felt my wrath but I didn't want to put my dog at risk so I was extra polite during her rudeness. If you have a bad attitude and don't like yourself...find another gig... by all means: don't run away paying customers!!!

Taylor Lopaz

My fiancé and I had just moved here and my senior cat had a urine blockage that needed to be taken care of immediately. I was recommended another office (Desert Inn Animal Hospital) that made me wait to bring him in and then when I arrived the bill for IMMEDIATE care was 2k at least and the only comment from them was 'It's corporate". In a panic I started calling around only to be told that some offices don't even give estimates if you've never been there before! I finally got a hold of this hospital and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. As soon as I explained the issue the tech grabbed Dr. Goncharov and she urged me to come in right away and the bill would be nowhere near that amount. As soon as I was there I was in as quickly as they could between the appointments they already had in house. She asked me about his condition and rushed him in for care right away. I even called when I got home to ask a few questions and she was almost done taking care of his catheter. A few days later I came in to pick my boy up and Dr. Goncharov made sure to talk to me about all the meds he'd be taking and even gave me wet and dry food specific for urinary needs in older male cats. (All of my cats are neutered males and I definitely wanted to avoid this prevalent problem!) She even helped me walk everything I needed and my cat out to my car!! I gave up on being a vet specifically for the experiences I had with the first hospital and my hope was restored by finding a hospital that cared as much about my best friend as I do. I loved every part of the experience and will be bringing in my other cats in for her before we leave this state. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Shiloh is a very important part of our family and you were so kind. The world needs more people like you.

rhonda torres

This is the best place to take your animal. The care and cleanliness of this place is exceptional. I highly recommend anyone who is on a budget but wants high quality care to come here. My Theo is forever thankful as well as my family for the wonderful care and compassion they have bestowed upon our family.

Maria Ryder

Samuel Santos

This is a very honest clinic and the service is awesome.

Lisa aaa

Dr Inna is amazingly compassionate; not only to your animal but to your pocket book. 2 years ago I had to bring my mom's dog in and knew she was going to have to be put down. Dr Inna cried with us and after xrays and tests confirmed my fears. Instead of putting my mom's Nana down in the office, dr. Explained that the dog, although dying, wasn't in pain and that we could bring her home to pass quietly near my mom. We did what she said and Nana passed several hours later in bed with my mom where she slept nightly. She is the only vet I've used in the las vegas area who truly does the work for the love of animals. My son also had his water dragon seen by Dr Inna, and although she's not a reptile vet, she sent us to a very good vet who deals with reptiles and probably saved my son's little green baby. Since all of this we've taken all of our animals to Dr Inna and will never go anywhere else.

Lori Gonzalez

I dont like unexpected charges If you give me a price over the phone thats what I expect not hidden fees

Rachael Elizabeth

We love Dr. Larsen in particular but all the doctors seem to be very nice. Every time we go there the front desk people are super nice and friendly and they always treat my dog Bugsy (who's a big moose who likes to swat you with his giant paws) so nicely. And whenever we ask questions and they don't know they always go find out and get back to you. We love them

Lisa Jones

I'm new to the area my 4 legged baby Jazzy was ill. The staff was great! Dr Larsen was warm, easy to relate to about the well being of my pet. Very caring and I felt I made a great decision taking Jazzy there. Dr Larsen called me the next day to give me results of a test that was performed, very professional, affordable.

Heather McLean

Absolutely love Dr. Ina. She saved my dogs life after he was misdiagnosed at another vet in town. We wouldn't take our fur babies to anyone else.

Kevin G

Laura Branham

Watch for the hidden fees. I talked to dr ina and she quote $150 for X-ray and when I got there she want it another $50 for sedation. I had to call her on her bs and she got all defensive. I won’t be taking my dogs there anymore.

Sal Gonzalez

Leave Me Alone

NIna Simao

Dr Ina is awesome. She cares about your animal and you. I am so happy I found them. Very affordable too. Best Vet in Henderson

Michael Ivanov

Dr. Inna Goncharov is an angel. She treats all animals as if they were her own children. You simply cannot compare that type of compassion with any other clinic out here. The other clinics I've been to treat you like a business where the goal is to make the most money. I love taking my pup to her clinic. We are always greeted with a very warm welcome. You can tell and feel that everyone there sincerely loves animals. The environment and the people at this clinic are hands down the best your pet can get!

Irma Kancha

Scott Reid

Awesome vet. Very friendly.

Jace Willams

2years ago I would have recommend this place to everyone, this used to be a great place to take your pets. Things change&when I took my 8 year old dog into get groomed here, it was a disaster. I took dog in, I noticed things were much different since the last time I had came in(roughly a year),the groomer they use now is also different then before. The lady at the front (lighter hair; no name tags) was very rude the entire day I dealt with this place. We weren't greeted, just told to take a seat. Dropped my dog off&went about my day, finally got a voice mail that my dog was done& I thought calling them back to let them know I was on my way to pick her up was a considerate thing,since I had missed thier call. The lady with the light hair answered&acted annoyed I was calling to let them know I was coming pick her up&then just hung up on me, very rude to say the least. When it came to paying, i had let a lady go infront of me because her dog was very scared&wanted to leave, so I let them go ahead of me, the same lady with the hair in the front again seemed annoyed&half rolled her eyes. Once I had gotten my dog back right away, (walking my dog to the car), there was something wrong, she keep going towards her privates, she wouldn't walk very far before going to lick her goin area. It didn't become alarming until her behavior had changed once we got home, she wouldn't go pee, she wouldn't play with my other dog, she wouldn't walk around the house, she barely would eat. After 2days I checked her down there&found she was swollowen&very red on pee pee area. I called a different vet that I have used& they said to bring her incase it has gotten infected, so the next day my wife&I did. I ended up paying an extra $139 to fix what warm hearts did. No, I didn't want to take her back to warm hearts for the problem, because the lady in front with the light hair was very rude¬ just to me, pretty much everybody in the waiting area&I don't care to deal with her, or put anymore money towards her paycheck at warm hearts, not to mention they caused the problem and gave lame excuses as to why this happened. It was a very simple thing, a dog hair cut. None of this should have ever happened, my dog shouldn't have had to suffer or be in any kind of discomfort& warm hearts really let me down&my dog. I will never again go to this pet clinic, nor will I ever recommend it again. Even if it's the last pet clinic in Vegas. As for the lady in the front with the light hair, being a little friendly&polite goes a long way, people come there with worry's about thier pet's wellness, a friendly, "hello, how are you today?", could really make people feel more welcomed and feel a bit better. Not to mention you represent your office&the staff that work there, it only takes one person to ruin it for everyone.


This hospital staff is very professional and caring. It is also very clean and has a great boarding facility. I definitely know that this is the hospital for them.

Karen Gonzales


Dorothy D

Dr. Inna is caring person and has a big heart. She had done everything possible to save my kitty and even if there there was nothing more that she could do , she showed an empathy and real human feelings. Thank you Dr. Inna for everything you had done for my baby . You and your team are caring and passionate for what you doing.

Patty White

I had a bad experience here. The groomer is very good and if she moves to another office, I would gladly follow her, but the staff at the office is terrible. Rude to the max. They board dogs and you have to walk your dog to get groomed thru the gauntlet of dogs in cages barking like crazy. My dog was anxiety central. I won't go back there...shame cuz it's right across the street from me and oh, so convenient.

Ronni L. Wayne

We have a rescue Baxter, for two months. The rescue place strongly recommended this vet practice. We had our first visit this past week and they did not disappoint. They are very busy and I can see why. We saw Dr. Larsen and she genuinely loves animals and is kind.

Maiya Lewis

From the phone call, to the initial screening, to actually meeting my dog's Dr., I was met with nothing but kindness and sincere care for his health. If you're tired of dealing with clinics that only care about the money rather than the care of the patients, please take your animal here.

Matthew McDonald

Kim M

We've been to many vets in the Henderson area. We came here because their prices were much lower for a procedure we needed. I was skeptical for this reason, but had no choice at the time. We have been loyal customers ever since, bringing our two dogs and one cat in for vaccinations, groomings, gland drainings, and other services. The service is always good, the staff is friendly and caring. So happy we found Warm Hearts!


Colleen Williams


susan oakes

This place has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. No one can seem to answer simple questions in regards to their rates and they recently added an Examination/office visit fee of 10.00 which is not expensive but in my experience over the 3 yrs I've been going there my dog has never had an exam! I won't pay for something I didn't receive. In my opinion existing and new customers always should be notified of price changes/increases when making an appt. and not told (it's on our website) when questioned. Sad to say I won't be taking my pet back to them!

Sandy Glaubke

Ellysia Banks

Compassionate service and care. This is the place where you will form a close relationship with groomers and staff.

Brittany Scaggs

Mark Mraz

My girl Penny spent a week with the team while I was out of town. They took great care of her. We will return when another out of town trip for work requires it. Thank you.

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