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anthony stachowitz

I could not be less impressed with the tech I just talked to on the phone. 5/26/15 10:30 pm... I have just came to the extremely painful decision to put my dog down and she replied with, "You're not going to try and treat her"? This is after I explained that she was 1) old, 2) has been convulsing on my floor for 4 hours non-stop, 3) this is a recurring issue... There was no emotion in her voice, no hint of compassion. I felt like she was trying to guilt me into prolonging my dogs suffering in order to get an appointment. She was quite frankly the most heartless person I have ever talked to in my entire life... I would explain more but I need to go and be with my dog in the last hours of her life. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this place!

Erin Fragoso

This place does not care for animals they just want the top dollar from you. I have been bringing my dog here for seizures because I have to and I cant even get a call back for medicine unless I spend at least 500 everytime to bring him into the emergency. Then they act like this is the first time they have ever seen my pet or ever spoken to me. I was told it would be $90 to see the emergency doc, that's a lie. They charged me $150 upon leaving and they told me, "well we can see if we can fight it but I doubt it." I have no where else to bring my dog and I am forced to pay them. I'm reporting them to the BBB.

Sharon Henry

I had the misfortune of having to have a cat euthanized on a Sunday morning when my vet's office wasn't available. Everyone in this office demonstrated great care and compassion. Even though they didn't know me, they treated me as if I were family. I honestly hope I don't have to use their services again, but am glad to know that they are there if I do need to.

Rhu Riv

They have awesome staff here.. The medicines are not crazy expensives .. They save my Wild Kitty :) Thank you so much.. He is doing fine after the surgery from his leg.. thank you so much !!!

Robi Love

The medical personnel were very sensitive to our feelings and pet.

Glenna Taylor

This place is amazing. Quality care and professionals. They took really good care of my pug. (even though it cost a fortune) I'm very thankful for the care they gave our pug. She is home doing fine now. Thank you to the staff at this facility!!

marissa donato

Sam Mondragon

Great service! I walked in at 2am with my puppy and they took care of him right away. It cost $90 to be seen and extra for diagnosis/tx. I told them my puppies symptoms and they new what it was right away. They gave me the option to have him treated there or me treat him at home. They explained everything thoroughly. I chose to have him treated at home but the cost of everything came to be $408. I told them that I only had $340 and they were willing to work with that! They took some costs out of the bill but still gave me some of the supplies my puppy needed. They were caring, patient, and empathetic. I would come back again. Oh! they also gave me a FREE follow up vet visit for my puppy at any of the participating veterinary clinics near me.

Dustin Taylor

Between the oncology side and the VECC we have had really good service... Dr. Vaughan has been amazing along with their entire staff.

Amy Sloan

Life had not been easy and than my dog got sick at the worst time possible. The vet told me he could have one of two things one fatal and one managable. By the time my dog got here he couldnt even hold his head up. The staff where all beyond kind and acted quickly and efficiently. They took time to reassure us and even gave love to my dog when he was so weak. In one night they had my dog back to normal. I went to visit him as well and I cannot express how impressed I was with staff, with not only me but everyone their kind touch makes it easier to deal with problems our fur babies have which is not easy at all and never once did I get an impression they were irritated or not in love with their job. This place saved my dog Django's life and I cannot thank them or express enough kind things about them. Thank you for saving my family member.

Mel Mallia

Erik Kelley

Lance Tharp

Friday December 8TH i took my Mini Dachshund Maxxie she was the sweetest little girl. walked in doctor immediately took her to the back for examination when there is a table in the room said she had pain in her tail area, was not the area or the problem we brought her there for i told him she had pain in her neck area and was having problems walking on her right front leg also walking with her back hunched up and was running a fever. So you guessed it he had X-Rays done (200.00) for 1 she looked perfect clear lungs great heart. Now i haven't seen her in over an hour . So after he gives her a shot for pain he brings her to us and she is out of it mind you she only weighs 6&1/2 pounds. gives us her scripts and directions. We gave her the medicine just like they said too at 11:00am sat. my wife and i stayed with her to make sure she would be ok. At approx 2pm she went into a seizure and died at 2:30pm Sat. These people are not vets. this little dog was only 2yrs old and was my little princess i can not the devastation her loss has caused i feel like i have a hole in my heart empty. i called them when she was seizing and they put me on hold. I took her body to them they said i needed to give them another 50.00 for her disposal. DO NOT TAKE ANY PETS TO THESE POS's THEY HAVE NO COMPASSION OF ANY KIND. BE VERY CAREFULL

Bj Martin

Auto Appraisals Las Vegas

This veterinary office and staff employeed here is by far above anything I have experienced. The knowledge, expertise and training is on another level. I took Oreo in at 3:00 am because she could not hold down any fluid, kept vomiting and became anemic. We saw Jocelyn and Dr.Cooper. After 10 minutes of testing, physical exam and Xrays they a had an accurate diagnosis. After 40 hours of close monitoring in Oxygen and IV, Oreo was ready to come home. Heather and Dr. Sherer kept me informed on her progress through out her stay. Dr. Sherer was very educated and well informed. Iam so thankful I took Oreo in that early morning. Something minor could have turned out a lot worse had it not been for Dr. Coopers accurate diagnosis. Don’t take a chance with your loved ones life, have them checked if something doesn’t seem right !

Annette Dunn

My Pebbles was ill, I drove in from Pahrump... I found every single person here... from receptionist to the Vet who assisted me and my baby... to be so very understanding, compassionate and caring. When it was time to put my baby down they were MORE than compassionate and loving. I very much appreciate all that they did to assist my Pebbles in having a good quality of life till the end. I would highly recommend this Emergency and critical care to anyone who has an animal in need of medical attention.


pancho villa

These guys are amazing! Literally saved my dogs life when he was bitten by a rattlesnake last summer. The Staff took him in immediately, we’re able to work within my limited budget and acted compassionately. I cannot recommend them enough. Truly thankful for the service they provide.


Rebecca Teigen

The staff were fast and efficient. Anything in emergency medical or specialized care is expensive (even with humans), I think that's something to remember when your pet needs immediate attention. I would have shelled out everything to save my dog. They were clear and concise, and really helpful. They explained things well even though it was hard to hear. They tried really hard to save our Blue, but unfortunately the unknown mass in his heart must have ruptured early that day. We didn't know it was there as he did not show any signs up until the morning of. I wished I brought him here first before the other 2 vets that day (they each closed for the day). I also wished I could have brought him here as a regular vet as well as the staff is really knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Ingraham for staying with him in his last few hours and helping our Blue.

Ryan Thistle

They saved our dog Bailey! We can't thank you enough.


Only now am I able to write about my experience. Our sweet baby 10 month young, orange tabby, Luke, began sleeping a lot and I noticed his stomach was swollen, so I took him to this hospital. The staff was professional, empathetic and efficient from the moment I arrived. Within minutes we were in a room and they took my baby to triage. Within about 10 minutes the doctor returned to deliver the devastating news. I don't remember much after, I can't remember her name, I don't remember calling my loved ones to come say goodbye, but I remember her saying, "If he was mine, I would let him go." Our baby boy, the sweetest, most beautiful orange tabby, contracted FIP, and now that I've learned more (95% mortality rate and such suffering), I know we made the right decision. I do remember the doctor (I'd love to know her name) administering the medication in the most peaceful, empathetic, loving, caring manner I'd ever witnessed. Because of her compassion, our beloved Luke passed peacefully on Saturday, January 20th at 9:17 a.m. in his daddy's arms. With all my heart, I thank you.

William Butler

It really sucks that these people are the only specialty doctors in the area. I paid $5,000 to have a dog spleen removed tested for cancer. The results came back a month later stating he was cancer-free. He died 4 months later of stage 5 lymphoma, strangely enough never detected in any of their blood work, that was 2016 Trop location... Flash forward to 12-8-17, my other dog has a tumor rupture and she's bleeding instead of another $5,000 surgery and the risk of cancer I take her to the location on Craig and Rainbow. Make the impossible choice to let her go because that's the right thing to do, how do you make a bad situation worse? This company goes through some sorry Crematory called Las Palomas and for an outrageous amount of money I get a tiny box a snippet of fur and an ink Mark that looks nothing like my dog in fact a question of validity and the accuracy of the remains that they handed me. I was never given a choice I was never told they were going to go through this company yet when I pick up her remains and question the immediately tell me oh but we went over that with you, actually no you didn't have you told me that I would have chosen to take my dog elsewhere. The fact that they hide behind the policy so quickly clearly states they were in the wrong. The location on Craig and Rainbow may have a competent enough doctor staff but their front office sucks, way to make a bad situation worse The photo is the joke of a memorial from Las Palomas, why the hell wouldn't you give customers a choice it makes absolutely no sense and has to be a completely retarded policy

Dan Bengtson


Best care get people and they care

Sydney Parks

I was having a hard time with my cat right after she gave birth. So I called at 3 in the morning and asked if I could ask a couple questions. The girl who answered was named Tina and she was so nice to me. She gave me advice and said I could call if I needed anything. I've never been here in person but I can already tell they have a nice staff. Thank you Tina for helping me

Gina C

Cerebro Marketing

Excellent care! they really did care about my dog and went far beyond any reasonable expectation. They may have saved my dogs life. Only time will tell but they are giving him a fighting chance which is all I can expect.

T Nicolas

Some veterinary hospitals just run up bills and this hospital is one of them. We spent about $3,000 for nothing....just because of all the TESTS they have done (which probably most are not necessary). At the end of the day, the vet told us, they don't see anything wrong with my dog. But, there is something wrong with my dog. Still, up to now, he is in great pain & have a hard time walking. They could not find out what was wrong with him. I gave up, I didn't want to spend any more money for MORE TESTS!! for sure...they will run up the bill again. Will never go back to this hospital.


My pitbull had an allergic reaction to something outside, wheezing, hives and couldn't breathe. I walked in for the first time, the staff was on point, quick reacting and extremely helpful. They reviewed all my options and gave me accurate estimates of the cost. I am so happy to have my baby back home and feeling better. Thank you to the wonderful staff and great first impression.

AK Murthy

I am an avid hiker, and I enjoy bringing my Weimaraner with me on treks that are not too difficult. Of course, living in Las Vegas we have to deal with desert wildlife just as they deal with us. On one particular hike, my dog had an encounter with a rattlesnake and was bitten on the face. Luckily, we brought him to VE+CC before any permanent damage could be done to his soft tissue and internal organs. We are so lucky to have a place like this that provides quality care, day or night. Thanks so much, you saved my dog's life.


Back in 2014 my Bulldog passed. She was suffering from seizures. We brought her in and they were most helpful and caring. The staff and veterinarians were amazing.

Yoni Yatasha

I just wanted first start off with my awesome dog, who is a boxer mix. I adopted him august of last year. I've always wanted a dog since I was a little girl and was never allowed to have one. When I moved to my own place, I adopted my baby as a rescue animal 2 years old. He is the most handsome, sweetest, humrous, loyal , and most loving animal ever. I adopted him knowing that I would grow old with him and even may start a family. He has blessed my life in so many ways. My dog had been having major diarrhea and bloat in his tummy for a couple weeks. I was very worried about him and had brought him in. I was expecting nothing severe and I was hoping it would just be a change of his diet to stop the bloat. Unfortunately,The vet had diagnosed him with Heart disease. They said his heart was enlarged and was having issues with pumping blood causing fluid to sit in his tummy. I was shocked and absolutely heartbroken. He was literally like my own baby and son. It tore me to pieces to hear this. They had given me options to what I can do to either euthanize or have x rays to check what further steps we can do to improve. I was not aware that the exam fee was 100.00. I had walked in with only 45.00 on my debit card. After the diagnosis, I was so heartbroken and I felt like the staff were very understanding. The vet was so sweet to waive the exam fee. I am so extremely grateful for that. I'm currently going to try to get him xrays and see what we can do. I don't want to loose him... Thank you Thank you Thank you... I know my Chance is a fighter.

Daniel Warren

These guys are the best vets I've ever been to....first they save my dogs life, let her stay and give her IV fluids and watch her throughout the night....I show up to pick her up this morning and they give me a $250 refund....Delilah's extended stay ended being way cheaper than I could've ever imagined. For something I would've easily paid double. Thanks V.E.+C.C.

Joshua Spaar

Maria Schintu

Worst experience ever..mostly of staff is very rude especially that Dee person at front Desk.. To get updates on my dog daily hospital staying was incredibly hard ..staff do not pass messages on ,but they all give you attitude and tell you "your dog is very important to us ,but she is not the only patient here.."or when they calling you at the wrong number when you provide them early in the morning a new phone number where you can wait a phone call from your dog veterinary..5 hrs later the doctor still leave a message on your other number..if you point that out Dee will tell you.."I do not know who you spoke with " ..instead of apologizing ..and because of that you missed the daily call nobody calls you back until you really get sick of being treated like they doing you a favor and decide to call and tell them to get ready your dog because you are going to get it out of there...magically the doctor calls you back.. Before of that all the Doctors were busy saving other pets life's..busy with other pets..on a meeting...etc etc Few days later I had to go back there because they overcharged me on the med they gave me at discharge time. I brought all paperwork and original medication in their plastic jar ..I paid for 86 and I got 45 ..wondering why..of course the front desk lady which paycheck is paid with the money we pay for our pet treatment has to give me attitude...after saying ok to all I was showing to her ..she asked me what was the question.. When she got that I was asking why some of the medications they do not match the number billed with the actual number reiceved she went ask the doctor and after giving me no sense explainations she had to refund me some money back. Now my dog she is taking lots of medication I can't stop because it's immune suppressant the sides effects are deteriorating her and she does not have an immune disease sickness. I like to mention some of the the staff the bring you your pets when you visit them when hospitalized..are way far to care about your pets..I wanted to stay with my dog as long as I could..nobody told me she had treatments every hrs..when she came back she told me my dog skipped treatments because I was with her that long.. The next day I checked the time but at the top of the hr..treatment time nobody shows at the room the get her back in even if I recommend the person to please do so..then i had to go to front desk and have them call her... This people have no love for pets they should be working in construction.. There is one positive in all of this ..Carly one of the front desk staff ..very compassionate,helpful sweet and efficient a shiny star ..the only one seems to be a human with respect with other humans being and love and understanding for pets..

BMarie Schmidt

Group of people working with passion. Thanks!

Dani Nur

lk zr2

Clean office friendly staff. Prices were insane however and I was quoted $3100 for a pyometra surgery. Make sure you shop around because the next hospital I checked was $1300-1800. I hope Banfield gets a kickback by recommending them.

Chris Shea

This place is great. Very friendly and knowledgeable . I'm from boulder city and it was worth the drive. Oh and very clean. Thank you all involved with my little girl

Raul Zarate

joel peppo

My wiener dog's face decided to balloon up and here I am at 2 AM. They're extremely attentive and eager to help. Cost is reasonable ($150+90 for late night) considering it's 24/7 care.

Trevor Arnold

Excellent team, very compassionate and attentive to owners and their pets

Rob Korkow

Betta Addict

We came back from vacation and picked our dog up from the boarder, and discovered she was very, very thin. As the day went on, she seemed both restless and lethargic, and was just getting worse. Finally we decided we needed to take her to the vet. This was late Sunday night. Monday was Memorial Day, a holiday. Everyone was wonderful! They diagnosed a possible obstruction, but the thing that impressed me the most was after that, when we were discussing possible treatment options and billing. She was still eating and drinking, and hadn't been vomiting, and they couldn't see an obvious obstruction (we'd fed her a lot that day, because she was so thin, and the food in her stomach messed up their ability to see clearly), so the vet actually recommended against admitting her, even though I originally said, "Let's do it." Galaxy has had a rough life, and it took us a lot of work and a professional trainer to get her past it. She's very attached to us and has some pretty significant separation anxiety. The vet recognized this and said, "We can't get an ultrasound until Tuesday, because of the holiday. She's going to be uncomfortable regardless, but as long as she's eating and not vomiting, she'll be alright until Tuesday. She can either be uncomfortable at home with you, or she can be uncomfortable AND stressed here. Let her relax at home. If she gets worse (and he gave me a list of specific things to look for), bring her back and we'll take care of her." I was so impressed. I was worried af. I'd never seen my dog like this before. If he wanted to, he could've easily gotten more money out of me, but he didn't. He really had Galaxy's mental wellbeing in mind, as well as her physical, and was more concerned about what was best for her, even though he knew he could've easily convinced me to admit her. It made me feel so good about bringing her there. My best friend was in good hands, they would do what's best for her, and they wouldn't try to gouge me for every penny just because they could. Honestly, hopefully I will never have to walk into that building again. But if there's ever another emergency, there is no other vet I would trust with my dog. I can't recommend them highly enough. If you're worried about being taken advantage of when it's the middle of the night and you're terrified that your pet might be dangerously sick, breathe easy. I wish they could be our primary vet. I just found out from the boarder, where they all love Galaxy and know her by name, that our primary vet had marked Galaxy as a caution dog. Then, when the boarder called to verify her vaccination records, they took it upon themselves to warn the boarder that she was a "dangerous dog." You know, the certified therapy dog and titled AKC Canine Good Citizen. I have no idea why they marked her as dangerous. As far as I know, she's never shown any signs of aggression, even though her separation anxiety used to be so severe, she would literally scream whenever they had to take her into the back. If she ever showed signs of aggression, they never said anything about it to me. But they took it upon themselves to warn the boarders that she was dangerous. Luckily, the boarders know her well and didn't take the warning seriously. I can only assume our vet put that in her file because she's a 75lb pitbull whose ears were chopped off by a jerk with scissors, so she looks intimidating. She's worked with children, the elderly, veterans, we even worked with a therapist who had a client who was attacked by a pitbull when she was a kid, and wanted to get over her fear. The therapist said Galaxy is the best behaved dog he's ever worked with. Yep. Super dangerous. But the amazing staff at VECC weren't intimidated by her breed or how she looks. They looked at her and didn't see a "vicious pitbull," but a beautiful soul who needed their help. Seriously, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Your pet will be in the best possible hands.

Kookie Playzs

Kristina Gebers

I am one happy mama this morning! My orange tabby boy kitty, Chewy, stopped eating and drinking last Thursday, and just slept all day and night. He had no interest in eating or drinking for the next 3 days. I took him to my regular vets Friday morning and they administered subq fluids and gave him a shot, took some xrays to see if he ingested something or had a blockage, there was nothing. I received the radiologist report later that day stating that my little love had a "profoundly large spleen", so I decided to take him to VE & CC. The staff was wonderful, I lost my other tabby boy there over a year ago from FIP and they were so compassionate, so they already have a special place in my heart. My regular vets had already called and forwarded the xray and reports to them, so they were waiting for us by the time we arrived. Dr. Sherer immediately assessed my Chewy, ordered blood work, and assured us that they'd do everything they could for him. The blood work came back fine, so Dr. Sherer decided on a "wait and see" approach with the promise that he'd stay in touch to follow up. He contacted me on Saturday to follow up and nothing changed, so we made arrangements to bring Chewy in the next day (Sunday) for admission, fluids, and an ultrasound this morning. Although Chewy ate a little, drank some, and showed some energy, we decided to bring him in for Dr. Sherer to assess at 8 p.m. as planned. Dr. Sherer was so please,d took Chewy's vitals and decided against admitting him for fluids and an ultrasound!!!! Can you believe that? They could have made so much money, we were prepared to pay whatever was needed, but nope!!!! He still suggested an ultrasound a little later to get a baseline, and to ensure that there aren't any underlying problems, but that is it! Sure enough, we woke to Chewy drinking for 5 MINUTES, and he ate a little!!! I feel he's coming back to us and only b/c of Dr. Sherer and the staff of VE&CC. We are so grateful and will go nowhere else!!!

Tony Wagner

First I would like to start off by thanking the staff at Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. I was driving on Rainbow near Wigwam when someone hit a dog. The person who hit the dog stopped and I was able to help her. The dog seemed to be in bad shape, but I am not a vet so I am not sure. We were able to get in contact with VECC and I rushed the dog there. They came out to the car and got him. They were very kind to me and to the dog as well as the others that were in the waiting room. The only part I did not like was that I was looking to get updates on the dogs condition, but since I am not the owner I am not able to find out how he is doing. Which for me makes me sad because I wish I would know how this story would end. I hope that he ends up being okay.

Madelynn Meth

Absolutely trash. First of all I called to say I was Bringing my dog who’s eye was bleeding and they say 20-30 min wait. After 2 hours we still weren’t seen so had to leave as my toddler was left with a sitter. We then brought him back at midnight when it died down. We spent $800 on surgery for them to clean it out and do 1 stitch. Not even 24 hours later I was concerned with the swelling & discharge and called. They wouldn’t even let me talk to a nurse and said it would he $150 just to be seen. Are you kidding. How can you do a surgery on a dog with zero follow up absolutely they don’t give 2 craps about your pet and are only in it for the money. Reporting them to the BBB and news agency. Someone needs to stop this corruption.


Might be a good vet, but unfortunately I did not know as one of the veterinarians who got on the phone to answer questions was so rude and unhelpful. I asked a few questions as I'm entirely unaware of anything about this establishment and the replies I received were filled with attitude, sarcasm, and an overall condescending vibe. This alone made me feel completely at unease with bringing my pet here for anything. If I was being treated this way just inquiring as how payment works and describing the symptoms my dog has there was no way I felt safe having this woman take care of my dog. I gave two stars though as opposed to one due to the fact the second lady on the phone was helpful. By then I was already turned off from this establishment and luckily my pet was ok after all. I just believe in better safe than sorry when my family's health is concerned, but I felt safer keeping an eye on her myself than trusting the rude, angry lady with my animals life. It's very unfortunate one person tainted my entire experience with this place!!!!

Ross Araminta

did not provide the services they billed for and refused to release patient information

Sheena Elkind

Terrible bedside manner. Prices are through the roof which is understandable as its an emergency clinic, But they have no issue telling you an operation may cost thousands, but to put your dog down will be 50 dollars. Unless you absolutely have to go here, AVOID at all costs. West Russell Animal Hospital is 100 times better, and they actually care about the animals. No one at this establishment cares.

Daria White

Brought in my cat, Ernie, who was severely congested and struggling to breathe. They immediately took him and explained right away how they were going to help him get comfortable. The staff was incredibly attentive, kind and patient. They were thorough in all their explanations, including why my wait time on Ernie's diagnosis might take longer than they anticipated (we came in with a rush of other patients, but the wait time was not long at all). The vet was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. Both she and the techs were so considerate, and insistent about keeping the bill cost effective. Everyone was so genuine in their concern for Ernie. He was sent home with medicine for a respiratory infection and the staff telling him they loved him. I came into this animal ER a basket case worried about my kitty and left beaming, relieved that he was going to be fine. Ernie has been showing immediate improvement and is breathing normally. I can't thank the vet and staff at VE+CC enough for their wonderful beside manners to both human and animal. They are a group who care deeply. The building is absolutely immaculate, no smells, and they even serve coffee. I feel that my pets health is double covered with this kind of 24 hour hospital care available if I can't get to my normal vet. A thousand times thank you to VE+CC!!

Drahcir the gm 66

Choose to let my dog pass away after refusing to send blood because they thought he wasn't worth saving well f you and your whole staff.

Emma Reed

Overall good service. We were seen quickly and informed at every stage, even got a call every morning with updates, and they were more than patient with my evening check-in calls as well. Staff all seemed competent and caring, but don't expect the $90 exam fee to be the ballpark. We paid almost $2,000 for a urinary blockage. It was worth it for our baby, of course and there's no other choice we would have made. Only minor complaint is he came back to us covered in pee and blood stains. He was there Sat-Wed evening, so I don't know how dirty he got how quickly but I imagine that, being in pain already, being dirty didn't make him feel any better. He can't clean himself well with his cone; he needed help. But as I stated, that was only minor, and what was most important is he was taken care of.

Anneleisa McDonald

Mark Flowers

The compassion, care, and professionalism here is A+.

Chris R

I am extremely disappointed with the front desk staff. Despite the absolute professionalism and kindness displayed by the medical staff, in particular Dr. Faust and nurse Megan, the front desk staff had the audacity to ignore 4 of my calls to them while my dog was hospitalized. My call had dropped, which was why I was calling back again and they seemed really annoyed once they finally picked up. Once my dog was discharged they would not let me speak to a doctor in regards to his bloody stool. I was only able to speak to a nurse. My local vet in New York had to send in a prescription for me locally. I am extremely upset and I hope that the front desk staff can be a bit more understanding. Having an emergency with your pet far away from home is a very difficult experience and I did not get the proper treatment at VECC.

Sara Jarvis

Our dog is named Gutta like Gutter. We got him from someone and that’s what they named him. So tonight when he got sick, my husband and I rushed him to VE-CC. The Vet tech and Vet herself was calling him Gutta like Gutta cheese. I’m so embarrassed about his name, I usually tell people his name is Torro. Anyways, thought my dog was dying, rushed him in, turns out to be a back problem. When I say rushed him up there, that means I had time to go over my finances and decided I could afford to spend up to $2,000. For his back problem, I was in and out in under an hour and my bill was..... wait for it..... $164 Our Vet Jung was her name was great as well as everyone there. Clean, no smell, and zero wait time.

Prashanth Murthy

My dog had a late night emergency, and in a panic I brought him into VE+CC. The staff was incredibly understanding and helpful. The doctors took care of the scary situation and my dog is on the road to recovery. Having the specialists next door was an incredible luxury. I hope you never find yourself in my situation, but if you do make sure you go to VE+CC. I want to thank their staff for a great experience in my time of great need.

Chad Elie

Our family can't thank this place enough. 2011 you saved his life and once again in 2018 after being improperly diagnosed from the prior place, this staff on first seconds notice knew exactly what the issues were and the proper treatment. The entire operation from when you walk in to post care is a world-class run operation. I get the remarks about costs, nothing is cheap. With respects to the costs to be able to put together an operation that provides world-class treatment. I hope you don't have to visit your animal in the back, but if you do, you will see the operation in full effect and its nothing short of a rock star run operation. They are not overcharging by any means and if you are reading this before thinking about going in, just go straight there do not go to your vets, save the money from that. They have options with care credit etc. Save the money from the vet which is going to be $300 - $1000 before you go here. Just go straight here. They are the best in all of Las Vegas & Henderson. This operation from the front desk girls to the loving nurses have found the best of the best and this is what you will get. This is what your animal needs. That is what we receive when we go to the hospital. They should get the same care.

Sarah Shumlas

Grace Pamu

A few months ago we took our little chihuahua. He was bitten by a larger dog and broke his rib cage. While there they said that we needed to pay them $2,100 for them to even start any treatment. It took us between 1-2 hrs to collect it. The poor boy was suffering. It annoy me that we were working hard too collect the money and they didn't do anything till we hang them the amount. I understand that we have to pay and we were. But they need to understand that hardly anyone has that amount laying around. He die in there, blaming it on something else. I'm sure if was treated right away, he would still be here with us. Till the end, it was all about the money and not the well being of our fur babies!

Ryan Hash

These people are criminals. Our puppy got extremely sick and all they did was charge us an arm and a leg and try to keep him as long as they possibly could. Two days ended up costing $2000.00 and we still had to take him home sick. They should not be allowed to be open doing this to upset pet owners. I would not reccommend bringing your pet here unless you have plenty of funds to keep paying them up front!

Brandon Sanchez

Beatriz Catanghal

Crystal House

We came home from work to find a super sick kitty and ran her to this Emergency Vet as our regular vet had already closed for the night. We must have gotten there at juuuuuust the right time, as we were shown into a room almost immediately and the front desk/vet techs were very compassionate, detailed and friendly as they checked in the cat and got her in to see the doctor. The doctor came back with a variety of treatment options for us and we felt like he did a great job of explaining what the problem could be. We elected to be sent home with some antibiotics and pain meds for the kitty and she is starting to feeling better already. Yea! The price for the emergency care was very, very reasonable and I never felt like they were taking advantage of our sick-kitty situation. We have used their surgery center in the past for the dog and had the same great experience, so I can fully commit to recommending them to others for both surgery and emergency care.

Bart P

First time I had to use late night emergency services for my dog. Next time I will definitely not go here. Ended up leaving before care was provided, and went somewhere else.

Juni Bessette

We would like to thank the entire staff for providing the best experience in a not so great situation for our Boxer Star. The Veterinarians were AMAZING!! on providing clear and understandable diagnostics for our Baby. The front desk girls on the emergency side were so helpful and very pleasant to work with, the nurses and care staff loved our baby as much as we do. The whole experience was very reassuring and comforting knowing that our Dog was in the best care possible. if we could give more than 5 stars we would. Thank you for making our Family complete again Nick, Judit and STAR

Liz Doucette

Had to put my baby to sleep there. It was horrible, but Dr. Sherer and nurse Kelly were so sweet and kind. Very compassionate, made a terrible thing a little bit easier.

Timothy Pratt

A vet that makes your dog sicker and then charges you for it. As I got in the car with my dog after being looked at for possible chocolate ingestion she started this severe cough. She had come straight from the treatment area when this cough developed. We went back in and they suspected she had pneumonia and wanted to do an X-ray. It came back clean and we were told she had kennel cough. An extra $277 for X-ray and medicine and yet 2 hours later the cough is gone. Kennel cough last one to two weeks so how did a viral infection leave our dog in 2 hours with the medicine unopened... easy, it's from rough handling by staff on her wind pipe. I was already not happy with the Vet who failed to listen to my concerns and fully understand another situation I am having with my dog. I have called twice now to speak with administration but they do not call you back. DO NOT GO HERE!

Nathan Strager

We found a dog on the side of the road that was hit by a car. I called my animals vet that we normally go to and it wasn't about saving the dogs life. The response I received was all of our dr's are busy. I called to this vet at Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care where we had never been before and they told us they would work with us and to get the dog to them asap. We drove straight here and unfortunately the dog passed away minutes after we arrived, but as soon as we got here the staff ran out to meet us and ran the dog back to try and save her. I am changing vets just because of the warmth and helpfulness they displayed. Nate Strager

Jacqueline Hodge-Bridges

Our little Yorkie almost died, but thanks to the wonderful people here they were able to save her. She has been doing well ever since. Excellent doctors!

Oscar Medina

The “Emergency” is NOT the urgency. They are faster to check your payment method. $150 to see him + other medical examinations and tests. If your dog is not feeling the best and you need quick care, don’t take him here.


Thank you so much! The ladies in front were very professional from the first phone call to when I arrived. My puppy left pain free and happy :-)

Janis Gemma

Dell Lasvegas

Roxy blew out her knee chasing toys boxer style. The VECC surgical staff gave her outstanding care and innovative options that have been perfect. She's chasing and spinning like a puppy again, no limp, no mobility lost. Chili, our chi, has buddies in the surgical and oncological teams. Thank you for giving our fur babies an awesome quality of life when life happens.

Xiao-Qing Carrie Lu

I have picked up 2 cats in the late nights. They were hit by cars laying in the middle of the road. I was scared to death to touch them. Instead I called Vet clinic asked if clinic takes them. I hate to have a dead animal be run over by cars over and over again. The lady on the phone was sympathetic, kind and walked me through what to do. This place is awesome!

Lisa Coffey

Went there for the first time as recommended by our vet for IV Fluids and observation when our cat had acute kidney problems. Unfortunately, our cat passed away as a result of his renal failure, but the service we received was kind, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable. I would encourage anyone who had an emergency with their pet to come here!!!

Heather Michel

Amy F

Last weekend I had to bring in my dog for an injury. I was so worried and stressed out, wasn't sure what exactly the injury was or the extent of the injury, and my dog was very uncomfortable when we went it. When your pet is hurt or sick it can be a very upsetting experience and I can say that the staff at Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care were very helpful and made the situation as positive as it could be. Their customer service was great and I especially appreciated the vet tech that worked with us and Dr. Sherer. They gave me all the information I needed, and allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed. Other vets I have felt rushed at and would later feel I had unanswered questions, but not here. I am sure they ended up answering some questions for me twice! Also, I have been to other vets where I have spent a lot of money because they recommended excessive treatments or testing that was not necessary for the stage of care we were at. At my previous vet, I don't think they were as interested in my pet's care as they were in bringing in extra dollars. Dr. Sherer gave me his best and honest recommendation for care, but did not over prescribe treatments that weren't necessary and wouldn't be helpful. I also called to follow up about my dog's progress and was again met with attentive and helpful staff. I would DEFINITELY recommend someone to visit this vet hospital, and I feel very confident and comfortable coming back here again if I ever need to! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us!

Always Roxy

Beyond impressed! Dr. Frank Fasanella took care of my dog. My dog, Baby, came in extremely sick and I had very little money, but he was extremely kind and worked with the little money I had. Everyone was very kind and professional. Baby, is doing great now. A big Thanks to everyone who helped!

Susan Burley

I find extremely ridiculous to have to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes and holding to check my dog out!!! Especially when I told the doctor the night before that I would be at 10:00 am!!

Keith Baudoin

I took our dog there last week and Dr. Canty diagnosed the problem right away, which unfortunately turned out to be fatal. However, Dr. Canty and the staff were extremely kind and showed great care and compassion during our visit. Definitely recommend.


Wyatt Dannels, DDS

Excellent service! From the minute we walked in to the minute we walked out everyone was fantastic. We were greeted by friend staff who immediately took care of us. Our initial examination was quick and efficient and we left soon after. Heather was kind and listened to our concerns. It was the first time we had been to an emergency clinic and hopefully our last, but if not then we will return to this place!

Craig Dennis

Michelle Mcmurtry

The animal hospital help me with my cat Thank you she had a eye

F Thomas

Been there several times with both of my pets. I have mixed feelings about this place. I think it really depends on what Doctor you get & whose working. For being an after hours e.r. the $90 pet exam fee is fairly reasonable, although additional tests & treatments can get a bit pricey, and if you have a cat you will probably need A LOT of tests to find out the problem. Expect to pay $600-1500. Last summer I took my cat there with 106.7 fever & they saved his life. However the last few times I’ve taken him he’s been seen by different doctors. They seemed very concerned about collecting money. I was $7 short for much needed bloodwork. When I let them know they altered the plan of treatment to still make sure I spent The entire $300 but could cover with the cash on hand. The blood work was probably the most important tool for diagnosis. I had to take him back a few hours later & he saw a different Doctor. It’s now a week later & the treatment they prescribed isn’t working & he’s getting worse. I still have no answers to what’s going on so it looks like he’s going back tonight.

missvanessa91 Morales

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