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Herbert Willock jr

I want to say thank you to the wonderful staff for the Excelent service that was provided for my mother-in-law and my wife with their 18 year old Chihuahua named Blanca through the hard times and the great times. I love how you guys are by everyone that walks through the front door they are welcomed with a smile and hello, and I want to say that I like how everyone's personal situation is kept conventional that is kept between the staff and the owners of the animal.

nany vicente

I took my dog there to get her ears cropped by Dr. James E. Nave he did all my sister dogs and they came out really good but other hand I told them I wanted him and DR. Christian Lay stepped in and cropped them wrong he messed up on my dogs ears one is really short then the other very disappointed with his job if you don’t have the experience don’t step in spent a good amount of money. then when I asked him can he post them he told me no so I said ok I’m not from here can you show me he said look it up on YouTube like really that’s we’re u go to learn real bad never again nasty attitude to be honest when he steps in to the room request another doctor don’t let him do anything to your pets.

Lupita cerda

Samuel Ramirez

nancy nakoryakova

Dr Alexander is horrible. She is not even on their doctors list. I took my 3 dog there fir a check up. Once she open the door she got scare of my dog, she jumped back and scared on of my dog and then she left the room. What kind of vet are you if you are scare of animals???? We left and took my dogs to a real vet.

Keefer Cosmo

I've been coming to Tropicana Animal Hospital for many years you will always find the best value and the doctors that care very much so especially Dr Robinson also the front left front desk lady named Beth will take great care of you too

Eddie Van

Took my son puppy in and very affordable care.

Wendy Gonzalez

Shi Kang

Took my 3 dogs to simple bordering and when I was coming back town got phone call one of my dog is sick and vomiting and I ask them what wrong with my dog answer is we don't know what kind of Dr they have down there besides all my dogs was perfect health Just don't trust them all they want money and top of that make me sign the papers it's not there fault wow just stay way from this place

Nancy Alonso

Terrible customer service Judy and I believe Patty is her name are extremely rude no empathy at all nor do they have a clue what customer service is, will never go back !

Smurfing Goderionos

Ana Rubio

Edward Pearson

It was good

Nick B

We have been using T.A.H. for over 10 years. I don't know what we would have done without this place. Dr Evans has gone above and beyond to look after our three dogs. He even has made house calls when our large dog could Batley walk. He has also waived the charges on many of our visits. I would reccomend this place to everyone.

Virginia Rubio Diaz

MiLou kai Muente

So rude. She said she could take my call cause she had an emergency!! What about your other customers? Are they not important too?

Daniel Sells

Mario Sevilla

Erica Bunce

Mikey Langmaid

They took pity on a bunch of poor, broke punks and let us do a payment plan and let our cat stay overnight without a deposit. Thank goodness!!!

Cindy Alfonso

I am very disappointed with my last visit here, they charge me a lot more that I was expecting, and for simple things, if you can’t afford pay too much then find another vet, cause this people here they think you are rich only because you like animals.

Christine Avedician

I am shocked to hear the review regarding being one minute late and having to pay $100? I am not sure if they are referring to this hospital? My fiancée and I are new to Las Vegas. We moved from California recently. We came in with all three pets and was told they are a walk in hospital and open 7 days a week. We were never disregarded and even though we did not have the proper paper work, the girls asked who our Vet was in San Diego and called them for us. The forms were easy to fill out and even though we waited a little to get into a room, we never felt ignored. In California we were paying over $20 for shots and our last pet's blood work was well over $400. We were shocked when we found out Tropicana charged us $10, and 9$ for shots and our one dog's blood work (a full work up), was only $114. What a deal in our books. We do not live around here, but my fiancés boss recommended this place. I admit, from the outside and the inside, it looks a little dated, but the care and compassion of all the staff is there. It amazes me how freely people feel the need to communicate so negatively on the internet. Be

Kenneth Medina

Very knowledgeable and gentle with my cat rate professionals that take the time explaining possible treatments and diet, Dr. Lewis is exceptional in her field of work.

Bence S

They killed my dog and now demanding for money which they don`t even explain for what.They said your dog is fine you can pick him up next morning, we were about the leave the house to pick him up and we received a phone call saying that he is very sick and he would need surgery right away, 1 hour later they called and said I`m sorry but we could NOT save him. They sent me a blank invoice for the amount but no explanation. Stay away from them.

Barbara Romero Lopez

Dr Lay has no experience in ear cropping I took 2 of my puppies in one of them was leaving to Florida the other was my husband I specifically asked that Dr Nave Do the cropping he has done my other dogs in the past now both puppies have one ear shorter than the other which sucks!!! Dr Lays responses to my sister was to go on youtube to roll her puppies ears that YouTube teaches people how to do things he is very cocky and rude they had charged me for a parvovirus test when I told them my puppy had a very sensitive stomach to certain puppy food and they didn’t care to hear it he is an all white pit bull


They take great care of my babies, I would not go anywhere else all the doctors have treated my babies and I absolutely have no complaints.

Tyler Gremban

Worst kennel experience my dog has had the misfortune to endure. I needed a last minute place to board him for Thanksgiving, and found out why they "always have room". Upon drop-off, instead of using his normal collar and a leash, a looped rope around his neck was used to take him back. Odd I thought, but we'll give it a chance. On picking him up, he was agitated and unlike he usually is when I pick him up. I went to scratch his chest and was met with soaking wet fur. When they brought a towel out it was clear the liquid was urine, and his entire chest and abdomen was soaked in it as if he'd been laying in it. I took him outside as he was trying to get to the door, and it was obvious he had not yet been let out, even though it was already 10AM. I don't know how this place can even be in business. I will NEVER board here again, and encourage you to do the same for the sake of your pets.

Marsha Radford

Jerry Beamon

Took my cat in, knew he was constipated, explained to the vet the cat was peeing, just not defecating and not eating. The vet did NO PHYSICAL EXAM, no palpating, no looking in his eyes, no listening to his heart, absolutely no physical exam; vet said cat was probably stressed out from moving and suggested putting him in the hospital, putting in an IV and a catheter, keeping him sedated for 3 to 4 days at a cost of $900 to $1200!!! Told the vet I would take him home and the vet then says 'well just as long as you know the risk that his bladder could rupture and that would be then end of him'! Needless to say I took him to a different vet and sure enough he was just constipated, all well now. I will say that while I was very disappointed in the vet's behavior (think he was a new grad from LSU or somewhere down south), that when I called the vet's office 3 days later to complain the office mgr agreed to refund my money for the $42 vet fee and the silly $38 pheromone emitting thing the vet said I should get; Needless to say, I won't be ever darkening their door anymore and with vets who act like that their doors will probably be shuttered in the not-too-distant future.

rich gutay


The staff is always friendly. I have been taking my Dogs to them for over 5 years now and never had an issue.

Michael Ackerman

The best, only seen better care , but that's in war

Rita Kendall

They have been very friendly and my dogs have done well with boarding there, reasonable fees. The wait time may be somewhat long.

Bel Diaz

Even tho my dog didnt make it they did the best to fight for her thank you so much ppl have bad days we are all human we make mistakes it takes a smile to make someone else smile ☺

Yummy Bear


James Carlson

Thank you Tropicana Animal Hospital on how you treated us when we came in to put our Bella down. Everyone was helpful and sympathetic. Also thank you for the card from all the staff, it really ment so much.

Erick Parra

The receptionist there are inconsiderate and stupid I can say that because I can overhear their conversations and the lack of thought process behind them , to bad because the vets are great but all you see and hear is them at the front they don’t inspire confidence in the services they provided because you see how they handle the front is best to assume they are the same in the back they don’t represent the hospital well , they make mistakes and don’t apologize , sad I watched and listen for over an hour . Been coming here for over 16 years .

Angela Horton

Dr. Evans at Tropicana Animal Hospital is undoubtedly a true hero after saving my kitty who went into congestive heart failure. Last year...out of the blue my two year old cat was struggling to breathe and fighting for his life. Dr. Evans was working after hours on a Sunday (on call) and rushed him into treatment immediately saving his life. Heart disease was diagnosed and my kitty has to take daily meds, but it has been a year of healthy and happy living for my little guy. This clinic is very caring and very affordable, which confirms that they really have their priorities in check and are not all about the money. The rest of the staff are always very friendly whenever I stop in to refill his medicine. I highly recommend this place and feel very grateful for their compassion and services.

Daune Jaimes Diaz

Dr. Day treat my cat Penny and was compassionate about my inability to afford costly treatment and came up with a plan to treat Penny. Shes doing great! Thank you

Sonya Kerdphimai

Susana Davila

Mona Hall

Nice affordable facility. Great Veterinarians here with good reputations for the work they do. Dont have appointments so best to come really early or late.

Zuzuki Carlson

I have been taking my dog max here for 11 years! They saved his life when he was hit by a car....THANK YOU TO THE STAFF. I don’t know what I would have done without my pup.

Smile Solutions

I always have a pleasant experience when I come in with my two boxers. Dr. Brown and Dr. Lay are very knowledgeable and take great care of my pups. I do miss Dr. Evans though. The front staff is very helpful. Ann, Ale, Stephanie, and Darlene are always available to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend this office. Any of the bad reviews look like they are from people grieving the loss of their pets and should not be directly correlated to an office that has done everything they can to save them ----- just saying.

Alejandro Escamilla

Julie Ray

Dr. Ezell is amazing with our pets. I have two English Bulldogs and wouldn't take them to just anyone. TAH has always been there for us.

Kelly Harrington

We had a dog that was a manager or of mixes starting with the St. Bernard. The Drs from this hospital were very kind and careful with our Rufus, they were so helpful in his later days. They were all very much in tune with his needs. And they were there for me personally when I had to put my Rufus down due to his age. Most St.s only live about 14 yrs. My dog was 18 when we had to let him go. I thank God and Trip animal center for everything they do for me and my animals. They will be there when you need them for you animal and you.

mike garrow

The hospital spent more time worrying about money and instead of working with me, they did nothing to help my female husky that was pregnant and just lost the babies, they sent me to another hospital that said they would help her and save her only to run into the same problem at double the price. My husky died Friday 11/30/2018 because they lack of care by the staff

Bmarie Law

My 7 mo old mini schnauzer jumped over the toddler gate on my stairs and broke both front legs. We immediately brought him to an emergency vet to get him meds ($207.00) to keep him comfortable throughout the night until the morning, as they did not have an orthopedic vet on staff. They recommended we take him to Tropicana Animal Hospital as they are the least expensive, and I did not qualify for carecredit. BOLOGNA!!! I brought my baby in around 8:00 a.m, and left him there to do x-rays with mild sedation so he'd be more comfortable ($197.00). I received a call about an hour later stating my puppy would need plates in both legs as there were multiple fractures in each. The vet said she did not have plates small enough for his little legs but she would make some calls to see if she can find a specialist that would. She said the surgery would cost nothing less than 2-3 thousand dollars. I definitely don't have that kind of $ laying around so I got extremely emotional as I know he was hurting, and scared. I then asked what my other options were? She told me to come pick him up and we could discuss that. When I got there and went in the room to speak with her she brought my puppy in and basically said if I could not afford surgery I needed to seriously consider putting him down. This women was looking at my dog like he was already deceased. It broke my heart! I got hysterical and asked her how I could willingly put a perfectly healthy puppy down (besides his injury). Her response was "I'm sorry last time I helped somebody, and did a payment plan for them he never paid me. I've been burned so I just won't go out on a limb for anyone anymore. You can try and find a place that will do pro bono work but I won't. Take your puppy home and make him comfortable, give him a lot of affection, and when you're ready bring him back". Seriously if I hadn't been so wrapped up in my puppy at the moment, and the thought of losing him I would have lost it on her. She had no reason at all to tell me that she could potentially help me but chose not to. I did not expect anything for free! How insensitive!!! I found a vet that actually does there job from the love in their heart, not for $. He allowed me to do a payment plan, and my puppy is at home safe and happy!

Monica Pazos

Brian Wagoner


Mary Sells

We have been patients of TAH for more than 8 yrs. Our pets go for regular check ups, shots etc. 2018 brought a horrible yr for us. December January we acquired a new rescue in desperate need, January we had to put down a 18 yr old cat, Harlie. January brought our new rescue, Missy, ear infections and malnutrition issues. February brought surgery to Harper, our oldest dog, mass cells tumors that had to be removed. Since then we have been back & forth so much with follow-up visits, additional surgeries, finding out part of the malnutrition issue was allergies. Yes our expenses were high but I will tell you, for all the years we have been going it averages out. Dr Brown, Dr Nave, Dr Lazenby are great. Yes it is a walk in clinic, so the wait may be longer but when you see the Dr, there is no "2 minute" visit. They take the time to review everything and answer your questions. Hours are 6-8p almost daily which accommodates many people. Do your pets fear the Dr visits, mine come to get excited & want to jump the line to get in to see the doctor.

Renee Westfall

I took my cat in and they did blood work on her they called me stateing it came back fine.2 days later she passed. Later the vet called back again telling me to bring her in right away I told him she had passed away

Brittny Sanchez

Darlene is top notch, she is the front office manager. The girls in the front are always welcoming and are always willing to help with any questions I have. Jasmine the vet tech in the back is awesome as well. Great doctors at a great price. I've been coming here for years and strongly recommend them!!

Amanda Kay

I bring my 2 cats and 3 dogs here regularly and I always leave satisfied. They handled my kittens very well and every doctor I've met with has shown a passion for animals. One of our dogs got really sick a few months ago and we thought he would die. They took him in for a day and a half and brought him to a full recovery. My cats just had kittens and they will come here too for their check ups and vaccines :)

Joe De La Cruz

Cathy Burr

I want to tell anyone interested: Do not hesitate to take your babies to this Vet. They are so awesome and affordable. Our experience with the group of Vet's has been nothing but amazing. I sought out a new vet when our long time Vet started to get very expensive. Asking other animal owners I decided to try out Tropicana Animal Hospital. At first I didn't like the idea that they did not take appointments but found that it was actually easier just going when it was convenient for me. During the 4 years we took our dogs here we grew to know why they always got great reviews form other animal owners we had talked with previously. THEY are quit an amazing group of doctors. Dr. Pittman was our primary, we always asked for him when we had to go. Amazing, loving and very compassionate doctor. I recommend the Veterinary office to everyone and don't worry they are very affordable too.

Jolie Telios

It has grown too big, too fast to care. Customer service has declined. I've been a customer for 13 years. They use to give nail trims for free, now they nickel and dime you. Front office staff are not pleasant and seem to not enjoy their jobs. You'll wait 10 minutes on hold before they'll help you. I had to euthanize my sick dog and had a horrible experience, not at all peaceful. Looking for a new vet.

Gale Junggren

We took our American Eskimo in to Tropicana Animal Hospital as an emergency at 6 p.m. DrSharon Brown took care of our buddy with professionalism and compassion. There was no saving him but she took us and our 'Dude' through the procedures with kindness. We will always be grateful for her. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who loves their furbaby.

Darren Reed

Eric Palmieri

Got charged 600+ dollars for some unnecessary x-rays and some antibiotics. Could have avoided for a 3$ bottle of pepto bismol. Fooled me once. Will not be returning.

Debra Gomez

Doctor Nave Killed my half-moon parrot many years ago. Right in front of me he killed him by injecting him in the heart with adrenaline, because he had a cold! I have never forgotten or forgiven his cold and calus response. If you have animal you love take it to a caring vet, that specializes in the type of animal it is. Doctor Nave you have NO heart.

Juicy LaFlare

Anthony Avvenire

Do not go to this animal hospital! There's something very wrong with the place. Took my cat there with an abscess. They wanted to charge me almost 1000 bucks to test, and cut him open to remove. I could tell they were just trying to squeeze as much money out of me as possible. He was fixed with a 20 dollar bottle of antibiotics. There should be a negative star option for horrible people like this. A truly evil person runs this place. The female doctor was “Doctor” Alexander.

Myname Isgarcia

Customer service is not at all a priority. If you still believe in Great Customer service, don't go there. They dont believe in Great Customer service. And the care for your animal well... almost none existing

Jim Megym


Anon Joe

After ten years of coming here, it's time to go elsewhere. Not only is their staff rude, but they also encourage you to go elsewhere when you ask questions. The also charge about 3 times the normal cost for certain procedures. And on top of it, you get the used car sales lot experience! F***in great! Oh and yes I'm writing this as I sit here waiting for my dog, watching the very pleasant blonde girl tell someone that she is going to charge them $100 dollars for being 1 minute late! Literally 1 minute!

Stephanie Bromley

They were all very friendly staff! Very pleasant place and they got me in and out ... I would recommend to friends and family if they have there loved ones to take them there . .

Diana Hollander

Although this animal hospital has been around a long time, I have not been happy with my last visist when we got our new kitty. It seems that every time I go in there some different vet comes in and tells me I need to do certain tests and when you say you can't afford all that, they make you feel guilty for not doing what they recommend. A trip for vaccinations could have turned into a $200 trip if I would have done what they wanted. And then they tried to take my poor kitty in to get a sample of her poop! I was traumatized by what they could be doing. When it didn't work, they told me I could take home the kit and get a sample there. I had to make sure they still weren't going to charge me for this. It just seems like they want more and more money and I feel like I'm being ripped of.

Dawn Davis

I've been going there for 25 years and totally trust them with my animals. Very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable!

James Falcone

I have been taking my dogs here for years when Dr. Nave was an active part of the clinic. Things have changed and it has become a money grabbing corporate machine with young doctors who appear to be commissioned the way they try to upsel every treatment. It used to be that I'd take my dogs in for a dental cleaning and it was about $70 and now it's over $130 because they want to catheterize (they scare you saying that the dog might DIE otherwise)... and this treatment ended up being $290 because they had to remove a bunch of teeth. THEN they sent me out at 8pm with no meds telling me I should try WalMart (which didn't have either medication!!) I am DONE with this clinic. My pets and my budget deserve better than they give.

Angel Peralta

Curtis Knudson

I haven't had a bad experience with this company however I do have a complaint/suggestion. Their basis is that they are not doing appointments and it's just walk ins - However, I "walk in" to get my dogs ears rolled and they only do it during certain times of the day. Or I walk in to get my dogs ears cropped and they only do it in the morning. It seems kind of like an appointment place, just a little bit annoying - Going in there thinking you can get something done when you never knew that it was a dedicated time during the day. In regards to their service though it's been great.


A dog escaped and none of the staff were aware.The dog ended up across the street. Thank goodness for the people that found him and decided to check if the dog came from their hospital. I don’t feel comfortable boarding my dog there in the future. Their prices are affordable the front desk staff is great.... just that small hiccup.

Willie Edwards

I went to this hospital because my dogs had really bad ear infection and the doctor I seen I wasn’t satisfied with my overall experience and the only thing she was concern about was the price she quoted me which was 689 Dollars and she then said that she was the cheapest hospital in town don’t get me wrong it wasn’t about the money she wasn’t personal enough for me I’m use to veterans giving opinion not her well needless to say I found another vet to go to and she was great and 50 percent cheaper she even gave me 4 options that I could work for me and her doctor visit was only 42 dollars and not 53 if u are looking for a great low price veteran go to pecos and Russell u won’t regret it


Unfortunately we had to put our cat down but they were very honest with us ,compassionate and didn't try to gouge us I would highly recommend and will be bringing my other animals here from now on

Juan Jimenez

great customer service. Have brought our pits and frenchie here for 3 years now. won't go anywhere else.

Aisha Johnson

I love this hospital. Been taking my baby there for the 7 years I've had him!

thomas montana

They are the best. Good to your pet's. Helpful and friendly service.

Manuel S

Great care for the animals

Norine Einck

Eusebio Galindo

(Translated by Google) I like it because they take care of my pet perfectly well, the staff is very friendly. (Original) Me gusta porque cuidan de mi mascota perfectamente bien, el personal es muy amable.

Jess G

Dr. Brown is wonderful! She really cares about her patients and she is excellent at what she does. She is currently helping us through an emergency with our cat who developed a terrible abscess from a vaccine she got over at a vaccine and spay clinic. The one bright spot right now is that our cat is going to be ok. We know she is in good hands and that has really relieved some of our stress from this situation.

Lord -V-

Had my first vet visit today. Got my first set of shots. Dr. Day was very nice and informative, finger needed a little salt though


$48 for visit, based on per problem. Subsequent visits are free if it's the same problem. Bloodwork can run from $200-$300 depending on the tests involves. Usually recommended (and sometimes enforced depending on condition of the problem) before any potential surgery or resolution. VETS are nice and caring. Receptionists aren't so great and let the place down, hence the 4 stars. Hope this helps people!

James Barker

My dog SUGAR has only know this vet in her 14 years.

Thomas Bautista

I have been going here for about 6 years now but over the past 2 years I have noticed they had decided on quantity over quality. Scheduled appts are useless, walk ins will have the same priority so be prepared to wait a long time. The office is dirty and literally falling apart. I would never consider boarding animals here. I would assume they would end up sick from what I see as a lacked cleanliness standard. It should be mentioned that the waiting room they put us in had cartoon male anatomy parts drawn/tagged on it in multiple places cabinets/seats etc..... come on now! Put it this way if this was a human doctor there is no way I would go here. What used to be an office full of people that I felt cared for your pet has been replaced with what appears to be low cost labor that hates their job. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because they are usually the cheapest but not by much. That being said with important family members trusting them to care for my animals is more important than price.

Curt Gebers

Dr Nave & Dr Ezell are two of the greatest men I've ever met. Excellent vet's with hearts of gold. I've been taking my dogs to them for over a decade and I am so grateful to them and the consistently thoughtful and considerate staff. Very reasonable fees an a wealth of knowledge!

Victoria Ruíz-Marín

don brewer

people on this animal hospital are heartless, i took my dog for a shot and found out after two months she has a cancer, do not let your dog unseen in they're closed door, cos if you do she might get a virus that will kill her, don't let your love pet be a test animal

Georgia Parker

Best Vets in the entire Las Vegas area

Jessica Smith

Quick, low cost, friendly service but paper work ask for to much personal info.. collecting data lol

James Morgan

Silvia Lomeli

Kimmie Montes

Don't bring your dogs here. We took my pup of 10 years here because she had a bone stuck in her body, they told us it was $2,500 on top of the $475 we paid for the consultation and the vitamin b they gave her. The doctor was supposed to give us financial options but "forgot", we called back and the nurse said they couldn't because my dog's vet wasn't in and the other vet didnt know her case and they'd call us back. Never called back, the vet wasn't going to come back until tuesday. my dog passed away two days after they were supposed to get back to us so we could find out the best options to pay for the surgery. She suffered because they cared more about having the money in hand first.

Jennifer Erin

I drive 35 minutes out of my way just to go here. I truly feel like they go out of my way to help me save money. They are patient with my anxious dog. And the doctor is definitely on top of his game. He noticed her weight loss and let me exchange her heart medication from her prior visit.

Sabrina Weldy

I was rushed out when i had questions about pet insurance and was made to wait a very long time when i just came for a nail trimming the receptionist knew nothing about the insurance though there was a sign up sheet right next to her When I wanted to sign my dogs up I was told i could not make an appointment i had to walk in once again making me feel like my business was not wanted because its a free service exam, the doctor was a bit snobby when I mentioned my dogs weren't current on vaccines he told me "they will die" and all around i felt like my $16 wasn't enough for good service I guess don't go here unless your planning to spend enough to get their attention

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