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REVIEWS OF South Valley Animal Hospital IN Nevada

The Health Coach Gals

Dr. Frerking is doing the work of Angels. He is one of the best vets we have ever known. His care is like no other. We treasure him and feel blessed having him care for our beloveds.

Victoria Arostigue

Every question was answered and was given good information for my dogs condition. Treatment plan was explained perfectly and easy to understand. And it was perfect that they were open on Sunday! I am glad to have South Valley Animal Hospital very close to my house! And my dog was seen right away with no wait.

G Bilbo

Always friendly. never a long wait. Our doctor, Sterling Hovel, spends the time you need to feel assured you're getting great treatment for your fury family members. I would love to see them expand to include avian care. A great place to take your little loved ones. Well, not grandma but you know, grandpa might appreciate the treats.

Ike Prinsloo

I took my kitty here the first time 13 years ago. Service was good back then. I took my cat there again in February as he was losing weight fast. They did no tests and all they said was he was not anemic. He was 11.5lbs at the time. I took him back three days ago as he was still losing weight. He is now 5.5 lbs. Again they looked at him, but even though I told them I needed to know what the issue was, I has to ask them to do blood tests. It was not suggested by the vet. They called me the next day with some of the results and said they would call the next day with the rest. Two days later I had to call to find out of the had the results. In my opinion they don’t care about the animals. They want to do as little as possible as collect fees. I had a similar experience with my dog. I ordered medicine for hm and it took me 7 calls over a week to get them to tell me it was on back order. I am never going back as I don’t trust their opinion.

Madonna Hood

I just lost my beloved older Shiba, Sammy. We are patients at South Valley and when I stopped in to see if they could help me with funeral arrangements, they were very helpful. I appreciated the staff's sympathy in this rough time, and the help they gave me to take care of my friend. Follow-ups with the clinic as to when I could pick Sammy's remains up were promptly responded to. I am glad I found South Valley to help me in all aspects of my dog's care. My Yuki is still a patient at South Valley and we will look forward to years of care there.

demie silva

My dog stayed for 3 days and got sick until now. Not happy find somewhere else.

Vicki Ligotti

Susan Cope

Excellent care and great service.

Cooper James

Great vets. Terrible staff. Rude, unfriendly, and unapologetic for being terrible.

Suzanne Jernigan

This Vet facility is close to our home which is why we chose to take our 3 dogs here but I am extremely disappointed in the service. The last few times I have called in to have my dogs prescription refilled the request was never put in. Its not very convenient for a customer to continually have to follow up to ensure things get done properly and efficiently. I also want to mention that their prices are higher than other options we have found around town so for us it will be worth driving farther to find better service and at a more reasonable price.

M Lopez

I can't say enough good things about this place. I literally drive an hour out of my way to go there because it's the only place I trust with my fur babies. The doctors truly care and treat my babies like their own. Thank God for this place and the veterinarians that work there.

ShanaLee Van Rhyn

Very helpful, with everything. Thanks for caring for our animals so well.

beth semuta

Robert Vazquez

I have been bringing my Dog Luna here for 4 years and I am Very Happy with the Professionalism and Care. They have a staff that cares about animals, and I feel that they understand that animals are like family. My most recent visit, my Dog needed a vaccine, and was having the side effect of diarrhea. The Caring Vet, Dr. Julia Soeka, suggested letting her rest for a couple hours in the kennel. They did this with no additional charge. I highly recommend!

Lindsey Raine

I’m going to start by saying we live in Henderson but will be driving to our vet in NLV from now on. I’m extremely disappointed with the services we’ve received multiple times at SVAH. We were just in to have some diagnostic testing on one of our dogs and I asked if the doctor could look at a bump on my dogs tongue. I was told for her to look at it there would be a $50 exam fee (mind you today’s testing totaled $100+ already). I’ve researched this bump and it is very common and an article written by a veterinarian states “most vets can recognize the Classic appearance”. I told him I wasn’t interested in paying that amount for a quick look. They took my dog for testing and the vet came in and I asked her if there was truly a fee to look at it. She said the tech was doing his job but she’d look. She glanced, said she’d never seen anything like it but immediately recommended surgery and anesthesia. ($$$). We also had a similar experience when one of our dogs had vomiting and diarrhea. Beyond the exam and medications totaling nearly $150, xrays were pushed on us for a cost of $200+! Every time we’re in this office it seems like they’re interested in making money, rather than caring for pets. Also, giant pet peeve, if you’re overcharging people that much, replace the light bulbs in your lobby that have been burnt out for over a year.

Amanda Knee

We have been taking our dog here for 5+ years, ever since she was baby. They have always taken such good care of her! I would highly recommend their services to any pet owner!

Victoria and Evra Cuevas

Everyone was very nice, my dog usually acts up around me people, but was very comfortable with everyone. The follow ups were fast. I really trust this place.

Katherine Lane

The entire staff is absolutely amazing. We are truly blessed to find such a loving staff. Dr. Benson is such a blessing to myself, husband and 2 dogs i could never ask for such an amazing team to care for my babies. Thank you to the entire South Valley Animal Hospital Family. Thank you Kathie and Charlie Lane

Mel Villalba

I have three dogs that I bring here and they always handle my pups with care! This place is always clean and the staff is so kind. I have been coming here for 3 years so far.

Marcell Gray

Thank you to all if the Drs and staff You saved my Chewy’s life and give home so much love ❤️


I always know that they are going to to take GREAT care of our girl Nala :)

Sherry Jasperson

Priscilla Gomez

This place is not a great experience I got my 9 month old puppy neutered and they send him home with the wrong size cone which is their job to make sure he has no access down there ends up getting an infection all because the doctor couldn't do her job right I end up spending more money for medicine which is great for their business super scam here don't waist your time plus they move slow even with all the staff they have there...

raquel figueroa

Money hungry terrible vets. These people don't care about your pets, I promise you. Take your pet somewhere else, where they cater to the needs of your pet.

sara annunziato

We have been going to South Valley Animal hospital since 2005. Everyone there from the doctors to the assistants, to the ladies at the front desk are always helpful. Spotless as well. Cleaner then most offices for people!. I have 2 cats by the way. Your the BEST!

Cody McGaughey

pamela lapuz

Deborah Clark

Another review mentioned that the staff/clinic are only interested in one thing, money, that review seems to me, on the mark. We just moved to Las Vegas and need to establish veterinarian care. The doctors there are young and inexperienced. I can appreciate that a lot of doctor work is trial and error and even guess work but Dr. Havel ran up an exorbitant bill to tell us nothing was actually wrong with our dog and then had the audacity to suggest we walk her more. She isn’t overweight?!? I’m under the impression that he was high both times we went to the clinic. We will not be returning.

Rose Parisi

Best Animal Hospital I’ve ever taken my cats. Everyone is so professional and helpful. Very friendly and caring. Dr. Huey is the greatest Vet I’ve ever had my animals cared for by. I’ve had probably 10 Vets in my life caring for all my animals and he far out does them all. I would recommend South Valley Animal Hospital to anyone in need of care.

Carlos Franklin

Jordan was amazing! She took great care of little guy. Thanks again!

Gabriela Coronado

hello i changed vets 6months ago and i am very pleased to have found this veterinary i feel comformable that my dogs will get the care they need. the staff is professional and very nice. dr anderson is my dogss dr and she always cares and follow up with me about my dogs recovery at home. i recommend this vet 100%

mario rodriguez

They are the best place I could text me 3 babies...

mystery 478

I went to this vet because my dog was having complications while giving birth.Big mistake. This place is just after money...the doctor was rude and so was the staff. My fear was that there was still a puppy in her. They confirmed there was a heartbeat and we decided to get an x ray too just to be sure. While she was at the vet she gave birth to ONE puppy. The doctor argued with us saying that 2 were born there and then charged us for more then 100$ just for ripping the sac of the newborn. Told me a set price of $133 for the whole ordeal. Went to the front and told it it was gonna be more then expected we asked to talk to the doctor and he refused to talk to us. He had his assistants argue with us in his place. Bad experience for my already stressed family. Won't ever go again and I recommend you don't either.

Brooke McGonigal

My dogs are such an important part of my family. I love them with all my heart. Dr.Benson has been with my family through happy and incredibly sad times with a very sick dog. She has been so wonderful and has always gone above and beyond for my pets. She has taken such amazing care of my babies. I trust her whole-heartedly.The office staff is caring and attentive as well. I would absolutely recommend this facility and Dr. Benson to anyone.

Melissa Anselmo

Warm and sensitive, this is a very nice place to take your pet for quality care. The facilities are always welcoming and clean. The staff is kind and gentle, and the doctors are thoughtful and thorough. Dr. F is a tactful doctor who will tell the truth, but express it with sensitivity. Two thumbs up, highly recommended

WandayCarmen y NINA

Great Service and prices. Doctor and Staff Superb. Thanks.


We were visiting in the area and needed immediate treatment for my friends little corgi. The staff were very helpful, understanding and compassionate.

T.J. Irizarry

Jeffrey Wu

Dr Frerking is so caring and knowledgeable for my shihtzu! No room for improvement. Allister is a great tech too!

Katie Perkett

This is the only vet I will take my dog to. Dr. Benson is the best! The staff is super friendly. I drive 45 minutes to get there and it is worth the drive.

Melissa M.

My dogs have been patients here for many years now, so my review is real, & honest. With my own experience let me start off by stating It’s a well kept, beautiful and clean animal hospital. However throughout the years they have hired new staff just like many clinics/ hospitals do. There’s a fairly mixed share of friendly staff and not too friendly. Educated & not much. The vets themselves are great with animals and know how to make them feel comfortable. The main big issue however is the lack of education they should provide the clients when it comes to your pet having a serious condition. It almost takes on the approach of wanting the clients money more then actually helping and genuinely caring about the problem itself. Sadly my dog is experiencing a scary health condition. Pets are more then just pets.. in my opinion they are family. So if your taking your pet to get the simple things such as vaccines, it’s a good place to go. However if your pet is experiencing a horrific life threatening condition I suggest getting another opinion or doing the research yourself instead of making countless expensive appointments that aren’t helping they way they should - it gets expensive real quick. Like I said though maybe the outcome will be different for someone else. This is coming from my own experience.

DA Gumerson

I board my dog very frequently at South Valley and she always comes home happy. My only issue is that it is generally almost a 30 minute process when dropping her off. They have all of her information and make sure they keep her up on her vaccinations. I don't understand why it takes this long for drop off.

Beverly Hill

I feel very fortunate to have the staff and Dr's in our community. I've never had a issue getting any of my pets in on emergency situations. And even for regular up to date health maintenance, same day as well if needed. A huge thank you to all at South Valley

Lisa Caterbone

I always get the best care for my fur babies from Dr. Benson, Dr. Faucheaux, and their staff. I have referred friends to them and will continue to do so.

Tamara Fisher

Update: I brought Dayzee in for a foot check. Dr. Frerking was very apologetic for what happened to me. He completely agreed that I should have been given another bandage at no cost. They even refunded me for the 2nd bandage that fell off. I raised my star rating because they went out of their way to make it right. Much appreciated :) We are new to the area. My dog broke her toenail 4 days ago and I brought her here. Their prices were definitely up there . One of the charges was for a bandage priced at $35 for her foot. That didnt go over well with me, but I had to do it. They told me to bring her in for a bandage removal 3 days later, which was yesterday. I brought her in and Dr Miller said it was healing nicely but she would like to put another bandage on it. I asked if it was included in the initial charge of $35 . She told me it was another $35. So I spent $70 for two foot bandages. She has been wearing her cone and has been careful with it. Her bandage literally slipped off her foot when she went out back today. She didnt even chew it off. They told me it would be another $35 to bring her in and do another bandage. They said if i dont bring her in and pay for another one, I have to keep her inside for 2 days. This is very sad since she loves her daily walks. I'm very disappointed in customer service. I wont be going back in the future for further services.

Kai Carra

Unprofessional, passive- aggressive doctor. Talented, knowledgeable w my pets for 2.5 years, but then! Office staff lied that I no-showed--I did have to reschedule but I called the day before. Came to rescheduled appt--she wouldn't see me! Wouldn't even talk to me over this about-face. Drove 15 miles to keep appt. Professionals don't act that way. Moved to a new vet-- old doctor and office continued to be passive-aggressive in transferring my pets' charts. Had to call repeatedly, and then finally spoke to the Office Manager. Took over a week. Shaking my head-- don't know what to think of these people. Crazy behavior.

Deb Devita

Best vet experience I could ask for.

Rafa Calleja

I live far away, but I'll keep taking my dog there due this is an exceptional place

Marek Kuzniarski


Went in for a vaccination. The treatment was prompt and all questions asked were answered.


I adopted my baby about a year and a half ago while I was still active duty in Virginia. After moving back home I was a bit worried about where to take her since she is my world. South Valley Animal Hospital has been absolutely amazing. Caring, compassionate, AFFORDABLE, empathetic. I still cry as a grown man when I drop her off for anything but at least I know she’s always in good hands.


Let me first say that I was a walk in and am very grateful that they took me in two hours before they close. I am going on a last minute vacation and needed my dogs nails trimmed and a check up done for the people that are boarding him while I’m gone. The front desk staff was AWESOME!!!! So friendly and helpful. I was taken back into a room with my pup. After a few minutes a man came in. This is where things went terribly wrong. He brought the wrong paperwork in for a different dog. I asked him if he could please find the right paperwork, he literally just started writing my dogs info on the side of another dogs chart. I preceded to ask him to please go find the correct file and he told me it didn’t matter and that he will “write it down again in the back” He proceeded to call my male dog a female multiple times. I got very uneasy about my dogs care with him so I walked out the door and asked the very nice front desk staff if I owed them anything so I could just leave. They told me I didn’t owe anything and offered me a different option. I was just really put off by the carelessness of the vet technician. I truly hope they fix the issue of this careless vet technician.

Garth Burnett

Like with any business and any person, nobody is perfect all the time. I have been with these folks for about 3 years. I find the pricing to be fair and the staff to be friendly, helpful and supportive. I recently got a new dog from the animal shelter. The vet nearest me, since I moved, said he had an "extra fang." They wanted a THOUSAND DOLLARS to remove it. So I thought I will go see what SVAH has to say. They said it was a baby tooth that didn't fall out and they would do a teeth cleaning plus pull it for about $250.

T Villarreal

After doing an extensive review of their website, I recently called with questions about boarding our Pitbull puppy this weekend and for one week next month. I also had questions about getting him neutered and a microchip. I informed the person that answered the phone that I had a few questions about services but I wanted to start with boarding. Throughout the call, the woman was rude and unprofessional. She continuously interrupted me during my questions and had to ask people around her for correct information. After a couple of minutes I realized this was not the place for our family and told the woman I am no longer interested. It is unfortunate as we are relatively new to the area and this office is located very close to home. I would not trust them with our puppy just based on how unprofessional their staff member was.

Doug Dulac

The Worse, Unethical , Not Professional, Un-Caring , Money hungry , Had I of known after all these yrs, I would of never of gone here. Even after they by there lack of professionalism Caused my dog to suffer a preventable death. My dog bled to death because of their lack of improper Xrays and Not doing a proper examination. He suffered!!!, was Lethargic and they were force feeding him while in there care for over 4 days...The day I picked him up they said he was doing great ! Not, He was filthy and he couldn't even jump into the vehicle, had to carry him, got him home he threw up Blood and was rushed right back there,( 2hrs) The Girl on the other end of the phone said make sure your here soon or there will be an additional emergency / after hours upcharge!!! I couldn't believe it...While there they did not do a complete exam, they sent me somewhere else. He was in Bad Shape by this time and they let me go as if they wanted to get rid of me. His B/P was around 50 when they let me go... in- excusable, They the Doctor in charge at South Valley was asked by me to call the place they sent us, and forwards all his records so they would have them... She called but never sent any records nor did she speak to the Doctor that was at that facility. I still can not believe this has happened !!! There is so much more! My dog Sir William Cody died that morning ( 3.8 yrs) I have requested a refund of the Money I spent while they cared for him and they have refused !!!

Aviri Rayvek

Elaine Ellis

I've been coming to South Valley Animal Hospital for about 3 years now and from my first visit to my most recent one I've never been dissatisfied. The staff is topnotch and the doctors are so attentive, that I really don't have a preferred doctor; they are all great. Their rates are so reasonable that its not even a consideration. I never have to shop around. Sassy, my female Jack-ahuahua got spayed there when she was a young pup and it was flawless. I recently had her nails trimmed and rounded and they did a perfect job. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

Sherri Michelini

We have been coming to South Valley Animal Hospital now over 2 years, thru good times and sad times this Animal Hospital has been very supportive and caring. We could not be happier with all of the Docs and staff. They have Saturday appointments and late weekday appointment which make it very convenient to get our dogs in when they need to be seen. Highly recommend this Vet Hospital. It is now 5 years later and we are still extremely happy with this veternarian.

Cassieardolla Story

curran adcock

We been going to this Hospital since 2005.We love Dr .Frerking has taken care of our fur babies all these years. I feel safe taking them there. If he not there we went to Dr. Benson when she was there.

Mary Erekson

Dr. Daigle is very kind and compassionate. I have been taking my cat to her for many years.

Deborah Colletta

Highly recommend best animal hospital I have ever been to. Dr. Fairking is amazing with my baby. Dr. Fairking is the only Dr. my baby has ever seen and he is the only one that will ever take care of him or my cat.

Carly Burns

We love this animal hospital!!!! It is extremely clean and they genuinely care for your pets. The staff are always friendly and helpful. I just called to check on my dog and they let me know she was sleeping and doing great!! Highly recommend them ❤️

Zach Fanella

Michael Poggioli

Brianna Eck

Janine Congelliere

I have lived in Henderson for almost 10 years now and finally found a Veterinarian office that I TRUST to give my 5 dogs (2 of which are Service Dogs, I also have a constant stream of Rescue Dogs) the Proper Care at extremely reasonable prices. I Highly Recommend this Veterinarian Office.

Lisa Mesa

Samuel Montez

Wow all I can say isWOW. Dr. Gaigle is an amazing person. A Dr. who displays the most beautiful love and compassion for animals and people. These animals are our children and family and everything to us animal owner/lovers. We brought our baby in cause he wouldn't eat for 5 days. We were so scared he was going to die. As most people find themselves in these situations it's darn near in affordable to most. Knowing that this place helped us with getting what tests we could afford done and then we were left with that bad news of what was next and knowing we couldn't afford it and hadn't found a place that could help us we were contemplating putting him down and Dr. Gaigle went to work for him and us. She helped us get the help to treat him she told us he was to young to put down and man we got him in a place as he's doing great he didnt end up needing the surgery DR. Me my wife and our family can't say thank you enough for all you did for us and our beloved DOZER from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU AGAIN

Merlyn Dixon

My husband and I are new in taking care of animals. We're new parents to a labrador retriever. We have coming to South Valley Animal hospital since he was 16 weeks old. We trust this establishment and we will gladly recommend it to all of our families and friends. The front desk staff just love our puppy. Go Bama

Tim Harbert

Been a customer for 7 years, always helpful. They manage to "squeeze" me in if needed. Very service oriented. I have also kennel our dogs there. I would highly recommend them.

Scarlett Palomino Barreto

Laura Olidem

Gabriel Rodrigues

I made an appointment for a simple check up and vaccination. They made me wait over one hour and when I told them I had to go they said have a good day. Thats what we call awesome customers service NOT!!! Time to find a new vet that is not overpriced and with better service.

Gulsoom Nezam

I take my cat here, I really like Dr. Havel.

Natasha Gonzalez

State of the art equipment and brilliant staff of veterinarians and veterinary technicians

Keosha Weaver

Everything was wonderful. Didn't have an appointment for our injured dog and was seen right away. Also the bill was very reasonable.

Lynn Alessio

Our first visit to South Valley was in December 2012 when our elderly lab/pit mix fell into her new pool on the night she arrived here from Southern California. The water in the pool was in the low 40s and by the next morning she couldn't move. We took her over to South Valley where she received great care and she was soon good as before. We have since lost her (unrelated to that issue), but our current doggies are happy customers. Petunia (an older rescue dog) came to us from the SPCA shelter with an undiagnosed muscle disorder. Dr. Daigle's attentive care has her up and walking (slowly) without pain again. Highly recommend tor both the professional, yet warm care and comfortable and clean facility.

Marsha Gilmore

Allen Erisman

kristie pike

Thank you Dr Havel for taking care of Cody!!!! Dr Havel Kept me well informed every step of the way in Cody’s care. He even made sure I was called over the weekend to let me know of his progress after surgery!! Couldn’t be happier with South Valley Animal Hospital and Dr. Havel

James Evans


I have used Dr. Frerking as vet to our tribe of ten dogs. He is a caring professional who has a heart of gold as does every single member of his team!! SOUTH VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL IS THE BEST!!!

julie smith

Melissa W

One Each

Done with this place.. Going to find a knew place.. My(3) dogs will never go here again. Will not recommend them ever again. ZERO STARS!!!!. DON'T TRUST THEM!!!!!LIES ALL LIES--- YOU KNOW THEY ARE LYING BECAUSE THERE MOUTH IS MOVING... WAIT FOR THE SMILE THEN RUN AND

Robyn Brewington

Shelby Shanley

Dr. Benson has been our family vet for years and we do not take our animals to anyone else. She is now permanently stuck with us! Thank you Dr. Benson!

Drew Berry

Great, caring staff! Have always felt very confident in the care given here. Came highly recommended by my boss, and I recommend them as well!

Neil Villaraza

Friendly, knowledge staff. Highly recommended!!!!

yolanda standifer

I feel secure, trust and recommend this hospital to any one that loves there dog.

carissa frisbie

I didn't get a good feeling about this place. My dog is older and is requiring a little more medical attention. Much happier after getting a second opinion and taking my dog to Oasis.

Y Louise

Mary Parker

Dr Anderson saved my tea cup chihuahuas eye and she made a complete recovery. I drive all the way across the Vegas valley because I won't take her to anyone else.

Grace t

I love the doctors and staff here. I have 2 dogs and my daughter has 3 dogs. We're all happy patients.

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