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REVIEWS OF Klaich Animal Hospital IN Nevada

Rachel Martin

I love the people here. They seem like they actually care unlike other clinics I've been too. I enjoy bringing my dog here because I can trust them!

Cheryl King

My dog has always been a wreck going to the last vet. These guys took the time to calm her. No muzzle no wrestling her. And she was happy to be done.

Alexandra Jones

Excellent veterinarian. There seemed to be a bit of a wait even if you have an appointment but the doctors were worth it. We dealt with several different doctors and each one seemed to genuinely care about our pets. We had a good experience here.

Ashley Shurtliff

The staff at Klaich is top notch! They care about all animals and put love into all their service. They have taken great care of our pets, even providing an emergency service which saved the life of our pet! It is hard to get an appointment but it is well worth your wait!

Robin Hamilton

Great urgent service that was priced fairly. Wish they could be my regular vet.

Money Over Men

They checked in my dog who had a severe infection when I didn't have an appointment.

Socorro Conway

Be careful of their scam to do a check-up. Spent 5 minutes with my dog, never checked her teeth, eyes, paws, then charged me for a full visits.

Michelle Simpson

I went here for the first time today, with 3 sick pets. They were so kind and helpful. The staff was amazing and the care I received was the best money can buy. I had all 3 pets seen and medication for under 200$. They have made a forever customer out of me. 5 stars and so much thanks to this clinic. I am so grateful for the care and help you provided me and pets.

Lisa Noon

I love Klaich Animal Hospital. I've been taking my dog for years. They are always kind & take their time with your dog to try and understand the problem. I've never felt rushed, even though they are always very busy! They are gentle and understanding! The pricing is very reasonable, even as a walk in. I will never take my little guy anywhere else, unless I absolutely had to. Thanks Klaich for all your years of care!!

Bobby Allee

Very happy with hospital. Dog's to the left and cat's to the right. Treated my dog Buddy with great care and the things he needed. Good staff and nice building wit nice size parking lot. Recommended

Darcy Salinas

This hospital and it's caring vets and staff saved my dog. I took him in to have a minor breathing issue checked out and they ended up finding a large grapefruit sized mass on his spleen. It was so large he could have hemhoragged at any point. He has surgery, had it removed, and is better than ever. They are super thorough and best of all, half the price of any Truckee vet. Highly recommend this to anyone that has a furry friend.

Billie Ann Watanabe

Thankfully they are open on the weekends and are absolutely awesome! We just moved here and our puppy had a BM issue that needed to be addressed. The staff here are very polite and saw us sooner than we had expected. She is doing great and we are very happy!

Karen Hall

Awesome great people

Robin Spang

They have very nice employees and really care about your animal.


Klaich is an excellent group of veterinarians; every single time I've taken my elderly dog in I've been beyond pleased with her treatments. Everyone that works at Klaich, from the front office staff to the vets, has always been kind and professional, and as an added bonus, this practice doesn't have exorbitant pricing for procedures, testing, or food. I'm grateful Klaich Animal Hospital is in Reno.

Dave Anderson

Going to have to give them a 4 this time. I was told to come back and pick up the dog. Have been waiting 30 minutes, so far, to get dog.

Andrew Davis

I love this place. Very good care for all animals! We have been several times in a fur baby emergency and they are able to fix them right up! They do run on the more expensive side so gear up. But the quality of care you get for your animal is beyond phenomenal! I would recommend them to anyone!


Receptionist didn't listen to anything said when appointment was originally scheduled(& she was the one asking questions);vet didn't listen to anything said during visit(a month later cause that was the earliest I could get an appointment for my dog); dog is still suffering from the same ailments the only difference is I'm that much more broke for bringing my poor dog here to begin with. Please don't make the same mistake I did. If anyone actually finds a vet worth a damn in this city, please post publicly so all us pet owners/lovers can benefit!! Thank you

Touring Twosome

Butchers. Killed two of my animals. Took my 8 year old Lab in to have a skin tag in his armpit removed. It was about the size of a child's fingernail. I was horrified when I picked him up! He had an incision 26 inches long!! Dozens of staples to close it. The story was they " did extensive exploration in case it was cancer". BULL. But they DID damage a main nerve that impaired his throat muscles. He could no longer bark, and a year later I had to put him down because the muscles that controlled swallowing were paralyzed. I took him out for a a.m. walk and he went into RESPIRATORY DISTRESS. His throat had collapsed. I laid on the floor and held him so close that I heard his last 4 heartbeats. My older cat went in around the same time as my Lab. He was prescribed an "antiinflammatory". 4 months later, he too was in distress. Well.. You can Imagine how thrilled I was when an assoc vet exclaimed " This drug is NOT to be used for more than 2 WEEKS!". His kidneys were destroyed. The vet I had seen was a Senior Vet in his 50's. Smacks of NEGLIGENCE. INDIFFERENCE and ROBBERY.

De La Rosa Productions

I have taken my dog here for the past 4 years. It is rare to find a veterinary office full of happy, helpful, kind, and caring staff with great customer service. Klaich Animal Hospital is definitely all of these things. One of my favorite features of this office is the walk-in availability. Whenever I have arrived first thing in the morning they are always able to see me in 15 minutes or less. This is great for me as my unpredictable work schedule makes it very difficult for me to schedule appointments. Thanks Klaich Animal Hospital!

Dina Altamirano

This is where my beautiful dog's max and gizmo been taking care love the flexibility, with that's amazing able to bring my dog's without appointment that's is a plus we need to pay extra fees but the health of you 4 legs baby deserved. You can see what I'm talking about it.❤❤❤

Pranjal Badgujar

One of the worst animals hospital we have visited. Everytime we go here it takes more than 3 hrs. Where the receptionist said it will take 1/2 hr. Every single time we asked how much more time always same answer she gave 30 mins. It was an emergency with my 5 month puppy and they took so long time.. This is not the first time it has happened was our 3rd visit and same experience. Receptionist is very very arrogant and neglejunt I went to ask how much more time it will take she just ignored me and for 5 mins did not respond when the other nurse came and helped me. Worst experience.. never gonna go back there.. I'm going to look for another one for my puppy..


They were nice polite and helped us I would recommend this animal hospital to my friends and family

jane jennings

I'm traveling through the area to see the eclipse and sadly I had to put my 17 year old kitty down this morning.

Katherine Nielson

Super people that really care .

Shavon keith

Very disappointed!!! My 10 year old Doberman has come to you guys for years even had his ears done, the woman at the front said that they were know longer taking walkins okay fine than I’m told they can’t make an appointment but I could come in at 7 am as a walk-in mind you I asked to make an appointment. Thought you were one of the best but you’re front desk had gone down the drain.

Lynn Harris

Very nice staff.

Jackson Marchand

I have a favorite Vet and he is awesome. Staff is friendly in person and on the ohone. It's a very busy place. As with most Animal Hospitals, it's expensive.

Megan Evans

Place is clean and the staff is friendly. My cat is always a bit anxious and they were really awesome with her. She doesnt like shots but the vet was really gentle and took her time, my cat didn't have an episode. They gave me advice and natural alternatives to help with her anxiety. I would definitely recommend this place for skiddish animals.

Tanya Lawrence

The Dr. And staff were absolutely amazing, even though my babygirl ended up passing he Dr. Did all he could do in every possible way to try to save her and then in the end make her as comfortable as possible before going. I got to spend about an hour with my little girl crying and holding her and he came in several times to check on me and give me tissues. I will forever be a number one fan of this office.

Rene Biondo

Dr. Cassie Allen took very good care of my precious Rudy.♡♡

Pauline Rusert

Wonderful staff and doctors. Doctors are vert kind, knowledgeable, and helpful.

denise leavitt

They helped our animals when they needed it.

Vyper_54 Entertainment

Love them, come from California to take our pets gladly.

Teressa Alger

This place is run as if it were an urgent care. They say they're cheaper if you make an appointment, but you never get to see a doctor at your appointment time. They take non appt. pets all along.

Andrew Buffalino

Great experience taking our dog here. Friendly and accommodating staff, prompt service, and reasonable prices. They have walk in hours and provide boarding as well.

Kathy Koehler

Best vets in town. Just make sure you make an appointment. Walk-ins are only seen until 2PM.

Norman Huckle

Very nice staff and they do see birds there.

Barbara Shattuck

Very friendly staff. Clean place. Very helpful with my new puppy questions.

Stephenie Nash

My first visit was a good experience. They were serious about getting my dog to good health, and advised to do the proper tests to figure out the problems. Communication and care were excellent!

nunya business

Dr. Musick is the best veterinarian I’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing my dogs to.. they are all friendly and they care about your animals my Shepherd got neutered today and they took amazing care of him plus answered all my questions and their prices are amazing if u want a great vet and people you can trust and people who care klaich is the place to go

Marsha Parsons

Dr Nichols is the best Vet. She was with me when I baby boy Otis passed away due to an aggressive cancer. The staff is wonderful very compassionate. The container that I received my baby in is so beautiful along with the very sincere card and love. I have gone to this Hospital for as long as I can remember with my babies and always received kind caring staff.

Taryn Peirce

Always caring and professional. Exceptional care from everyone!!

Jeff me

I wish the front staff was as good as the doctors are! People skills are easy, but not for them! They forget, many people coming in have SICK pets in need of compassion. . The receptionist is the 1st person you see unfortunately. That is besides the usual 10 minute wait to even speak to a receptionist on the phone ..ALWAYS, if they are busy or not. I am a Long time customer looking for a new vet since it got even worse after the place was sold.

Michael Goesch

Dr. Musik and the staff are totally awesome.

Fernando Valenzuela

Is wonderful people's working at that place and helpfully

clint conroy

We have been going to Klaich for around 20 yrs!Does that say enough about them?

Lauren Westmoreland

Klaich is the best! Always busy, but always helpful. We've had many dogs use Klaich and we've had to put members of our family to sleep there- they are nothing but kind and respectful. Two thumbs up!

Ian Collins

Very busy place. Waiting room feels small but they're always just so busy. They have a cat side and a dog side. They're parking lot is very large. They will get you in and out pretty quickly. Happy to recomend them to all my friends.


First time here. Place is well run, very busy. They are open 7 days a week! Sunday is just a couple hrs , I think 9-11, but peace of mind knowing they are there.

Kathrine Rempt

The front desk, techs and doctor showed me so much kindness and compassion. My duck was attacked by a raccoon and he was a complete mess. I called multiple places and no one would treat a duck. I was in with the doctor within 3 mins of getting there. They treated and cared for my duck with nothing but respect and love. The doctor sat with me and comforted me while I cried after finding out he could not be saved. The receptionist even walked me to my car to make sure I was okay. They truly care about ALL types of animals and understand how important they are to people. I highly recommend them to pet lovers of all types.

Susie Moore

Great friendly staff and Drs. They took me as a walk-in after my dog was in a fight. They wait wasn't that long considering how busy they were. Glad to find a good vet for my baby.

Holly C

Great hours! Open early and on weekends.

Angelique Graham

Great place to take you pet

Laura McLemore

The service was great, however the exam rooms are old and smell of urine

Renee Brown

Best care for our animals. My dog says A+.

Christopher Matthews

My dog always gets top notch care and the staff is compassionate. The only thing I dislike is it is always so busy. That's good because it means so many people trust this office with their pets, but it's bad because it means you have long waits and getting appointments means you often have to wait several weeks to even more than 2 months, or pay the walk-in fee and wait for an unknown amount of time. This place could easily double in size (and I wish they would!) and still have plenty of patients. They also deal with other pets like birds and bunnies.

Cinde Earnest

Great doctors, wonderfully trained staff, and kind office people. They all love the animals and offer the best care in Reno.

Devin Howard

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They treat me and my animals with respect. I would highly recommend this vet.

Jessica Bezanson

I have been taking all of my animals here for almost 11 years. I had 4 dogs that were litter mates, sadly I have had to put down 2 so far and an entire litter of kittens (over time, bad previous owner) and this office has always been wonderful. I have pitties. One was diabetic and Doctor Rob would get down on the ground with her every single time he took her blood to check her blood sugar and she would just kiss him the whole time. He made sure he was the one to be there to put her down as well. Dr. Klaich took care of my Lucy. She had terminal cancer and he was more then willing to provide comfort care for her until she passed. The day I had to put her down the tech was amazing, they allowed it to happen outside as Lucy hated the vet (nothing bad ever happened to her there, she was kinda special :)) the Vet was kind and made sure I was ready, they made her comfortable and it was quick. The tech provided hugs and comfort after. They are also great when it’s just normal visits as well. Usually easy to get a call back from a vet. Ruby in the front office is hands down the most amazing human on the planet. She is knowledgeable, kind, will go above and beyond to help you in any way she can. She has been a lifesaver to me. I can’t imagine taking my zoo anywhere else.

Angela Song

Reasonable price

Molly Torvinen

We love them. My family has used them for 50 years. The appointments are pretty booked out but if needed you can walk in and get your pet seen. Dr. Nichols is my favorite.

Lordwinter 15

Amazing vet i will always take my dog here the staff listen and work with different budgets .

Cody Galloway

I love there vet services

Melodee Roman

My first time there and was putting my kitty to sleep. Everyone was so kind and wonderful. Dr. Nichols was so great and helped make an extremely difficult visit better. Highly recommend them!

Michelle King

Friendly staff that cares about your animals. Great doctor's. Never a long wait. Walk-in appointments available for an extra $15

Kurt Medel

I just called about taking 2 puppies to get their puppy check-up's. I was told that the check up is $40 and there would be a $35 dollar walk-in fee, so it would $75 for each puppy. Wait! I'm just 1 guy walking in with 2 puppies. You're charging me 2 walk-in fee's? "Yeah, that's just the way we do business," I was just told. Lol! These guys are crooks..

Michael Custer

Fun for kids and adults


Expensive but good experience with my two cats. vaccinations and getting my cat spayed were quick and they took care of them

Alexa Nakkula

I believe something shady happened with the death of my healthy dog. He was going in for surgery on his knee. They called me two hours after they were supposed to, told me my dog was doing great then they called me 10 mins later and told me he died and they had no idea why and then told me to come and pick up his body. I told them I was thinking of cremation but I’d call with plans. When I called later the next day to have his body moved they said he was already cremated. I NEVER SIGNED ANY PAPERS. I never signed a consent form or a cremation consent form. The ONLY REASON I’m not suing is because they never charged me for his 6k surgery. I’m heart broken because I truly trusted that they would be professional especially since they were so highly recommended.

Mike Peissner

My dog is important to me and this is where I / take her. I have tried a couple other vets that are closer to me but I always end up returning to Klaich. Good waiting area, pleasant staff, nice examination rooms. Just wish they were closer. (8 miles from my house.)

Greg Crezee

The name alone, says it all. They are.. Bar None the place to go in Reno. I had no appt. on a Sunday. They worked me in in less than an hour and a half. Ran all the necessary tests. All came up negative, by the way! Dr. Musik, is the greatest vet on the planet. BTW, yes there fees are right in line with any and all other vets in this valley!!

Ryan Rebo

With the recent demand skyrocketing for vets these guys still manage to put the patient first. There are a lot of great vets in town but these guys are clearly dedicated to helping your best friends.

Jones Davina

My sister has been taking her animals to Klaich for years loves loves loves this place.

Zanetta Terry

Awesome awesome awesome! The whole staff where great, they treated my dad's dog amazing, even though he's a grumpy old man (the dog, not dad lmao) and much much less then other vets I could call I Saturday.. They also took a lot of back and forth calls between me and my dad, it was worth the hours drive. To be sure I'll be back. Thank you so much

Larry Capen

Klaich is the best Vet, period. I loved their knowledge and methods, a great training Vet, also.


They help wild baby birds

Caiti Appell

I have been here a handful of times when in the area and they have never let me down! I love their walk-in policy when I have an emergency and need to see a vet right away. Yes, there is a $15 walk-in fee but that's nothing compared to what it would cost at the animal emergency center! Being from Connecticut (where I'm originally from) vet services at Klaich are half the cost of what I would pay in my hometown. I have seen a few different doctors and they have all been great! They get you in and out of there pretty quickly but are also patient and very helpful with any questions you might have. There was a growth on my dog that I wanted to have checked out and the doctor I saw didn't even charge me! I'm honestly surprised at some of these bad reviews. I've never had any problems coming to Klaich. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences and the girls up front are always helpful! This is a VERY busy animal clinic but they do a good about keeping facility well maintained and clean.

Jan Rudd

Love Dr. Music!!

Steve Casper

We've used Klaich Animal Hospital since 2000. Outstanding vets and staff. They take good care of our dogs. Always busy and a significant wait is common even with an appointment.

Austin Atkins

Very nice people, good prices, great staff.

Will Johnson

I woke up on a Saturday morning only to discover that my precious little

Bruce Gamino

It was my dogs time to go. They were very accommodating and thoughtful. They made a very hard time easier. The're the best.

Karl Holden

They are fantastic. The staff is caring and very compassionate. My dogs and cats enjoy going to see Dr. Music. I highly recommend this Animal Hospital.

tracy smith

awesome Vets here and decent prices ... also handles pet emergencies and wildlife emergencies ... they care about the pets and the humans caring for them....

Mollie Goodman

They saved my dog's life

Kimberly Minton

Service is always tops!


Make sure you ask the doc how much EVERY thing he does is. If your a walk in initial cost is 45 dollars for examination and 15$ for the walk-in fee. Anything after that costs. Tests, xrays. You know. But here's the thing YOU are probably wanting to know (especially if you're broke/poor)... How best to describe this...? Okay so say you're pet is really sick, it needs help. Your options are pretty limited. "I know the feeling." Try to have at least 50.00 on you AT LEAST. They dont like to do it NOR want it talked about, I'm sure, but they DO, make payment plans. (Personally that 'care credit' is such a ripoff.) My friend an I took her dog there once and we had 25 to our name. We didn't really know how it worked so they took us in back, the doc did their thing and gave us medications, and when it came time to leave and pay they made a payment plan and we paid 25$ that day and finished off the rest (like 150$) the next paycheck. And just recently my dog was sick. I pawned my Xbox and got 70$ to take ger in. He had to do a test (which he didnt tell me how much that simple little test was) and the total was like 170.00. I had 70 total. They made a payment plan for me. I have to pay the rest off within 30days. Which is fine. But if you have a pet emergency, take them in with as much money as you CAN get. They'll make a payment plan with you. But if you dont pay it, you'll regret it. As not only will it go on your credit, but they put it on the animal hospital network that you wont pay, and other Vetrinarians will turn you down ooor have you pay in full before they will even see your pet. So just keep that in mind. But as far as Klaich goes its a good place, makes payment plans, prescribes medications for your pet on-site, and has good tech for examinations. The staff are friendly and compassionate. So yeah.. Good luck with your pet. I wish them and you well and good health.

Lindsay Smith

Super long wait. We're from out of town but need a checkup for our pup. We booked about a week ago. Booking process super easy and staff was helpful. BUT now that we're here, the appt was at 3. I'm still waiting to be called in at 4pm, an hour later. Really?! Supposedly appointments take priority. I've watched this waiting room fill up and empty twice.

Patty Snow

Have been taking my dogs there since 1972. Some great doctors there that I have encountered over the years.

Lee Hoffmann

Very buisy. But very thourgho

Amethyst CMT

I love this place. I have brought my rats here for years, now I bring my chihuahua too. They always take such great care of my pets,treat them like there own, plus I have never been over charged for anything. I highly recommend this animal hospital.

Chris Otis

Been going to Klaich for decades now. Exelent, caring, and knowledgeable service every time.

Linda phillips

I go there to get my dog his shots and the the medicine my dog needs for his ear infection. Love the people there

Sheila Ann Hood Alexander

Is our go to for the dogs and cat need. We keep one primary vet,so it make the experience much better. As with all pet care it's pricey, and you have to pay as you go. Which can be difficult if it's a surgery. Their staff is friendly and we'll staffed. They do keep pets over night, but not a place you should leave dogs for long as it is small and not manned overnight.

Gabriella Alvarado

Very friendly people, I have used them since my dog was a pup (13 years). All the docs are very knowledgeable, however, we have stuck with Dr. Musick for the last several years.

Kenna Powell

Doctors stay update on their patients , Doctors all do a wonderful job. Sad thing Nick Klaich retired, so very long waits, many new doctors, can't get an appointment for weeks but they are great!!

John Haines

Dr Furman is amazing. He's compassionate, caring, crazy smart, and a highly skilled surgeon. My Zoey couldn't be in better hands. Thank you, to the whole staff at Klaich

Connor O'Day

For 3 generations my family have used Klaich. Unfortunately, Klaich of today is not what it once was. I understand Reno has gotten much bigger and more help needs to be hired but, that doesn't excuse the need for professionalism and …

Kelly Figueroa

Super fast, friendly, and low prices

Lola Estrada

I paid for a visit to be told what I already knew and the treatment for my furbaby is $300.00 over the rate I've paid for twice with my vet back home. I'm keenly aware of vets that charge the big bucks. I'm waiting til my Vet insurance goes in effect and I'm back home.

Lori E. Dixon

We have been going to Klaich Animal Hospital for over thirty five years. All of the doctors are careful and loving to all of our animals and when one passes away they are supportive and helpful. The front desk staff are top notch. We will keep going there as long as we have pets. Hi. I'm the spouse

Jeff Harris

The staff is awesome and the waiting room is very clean always including the exams rooms as well.

Launa McCollum

Always very thorough and professional. Reasonable prices, can make prior payment arrangements if needed. The staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I take my Yorkies here and my cats, they are wonderful. I trust them completely with my animals care and well being. Highly recommend Klaich Animal Hospital

123 123

Great fast service here. I came in right as they opened to get my dog vaccinated. Did not have an appointment and only waited 30 minutes to be seen. The total cost for all for dog vaccinations was less than $120.

Diana Nakatani

Great service and prices. Dr. Catterson took great care of our puppy! We will definitely be bringing our Bailey back in the future.


I'll be filing a report with the Nevada veterinarian board against Kliach animal hospital, if your animal has gotten sick after a surgery at this vet, i suggest you do the same. Dirty and unsanitary and over crowded conditions nearly killed my cat after a spay and 2000$ later she is finally recovering. Thank you Sierra veterinarian specialist for your help and impeccably clean office.

Angie G

All the docs are very good here. I've been bringing my two pups here for years

JW Incline

Walk ins accepted Wednesdays! Plenty of parking. Around the block hampered by mall construction. Staff is efficient and customer oriented. Doctors Klaich and Furman have helped our many dogs through health maintenance and needed surgeries/follow ups. Thank you.

Derik Sidener

Even on a walk in they are able to see me. Some of the best and most professional vets I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. A bit pricey but they make it worth the little extra.

Melissa Chipman

Klaich Animal Hospital has been taking very good care of my babies for over 14 years now. I feel like we are getting the best medical care there - the staff is always so attentive and caring.

william mendonca

My dog their patient there for a long long time you guys are great

K Miranda

We have an otherwise healthy 12 1/2 yr old Pug with a cyst that began to grow on her chest and who needed major dental work. She just had surgery a few days ago to remove the cyst, clean her teeth and had 9 removed... But everything looks great! She is recovering well and eating without skipping a beat. They were kind, patient and explained everything in detail and their staff is always so helpful... With the best vet prices I've seen anywhere! This a group of vets and tech's who are truly dedicated to caring for our family members in the community that have fur! ❤ ...and they're really good at it! I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!!

Chris Motter

My family and I have been going to Klaich since '79.

Kimberly Rivard

Great vets. I started coming because they have Saturday walk in hours which they've started charging extra for

Dan Duerst

Been going there 41 years and it's horrible... Money hungry and very unorganized! I will never go back!

sarah durns

Love Dr. Musik for my babies teeth cleaning. Always can trust him.

Carolyn Sherve

Great staff (vets, vet techs, front desk people), and they were able to fit me in even though I didn't have an appointment. Great with both of my dogs.

cristal house

The staff and doctors are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. They have a walk in system that is only a few dollars more than if you had an appointment and they do everything they can to get you in quickly.

Lynda Seeba

We had a 1 PM appointment. Didn't get in until 1:30. And this place charges $15 without appointment. Dr. was cold methodical and with two dogs I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Then information on the bill was wrong and got charged $15 for no appointment. Plus my male dog was put into the licence as a female. Office staff not very well trained. It was like an assembly line and Doctor reflected that.

Aland Humphried

The best going there for 14 years

Jody Olander

When you need the best . Here is where to go. They are real . And have a Hart to

libby rheault

I've brought my scaredy cat Truman in as a walk in twice when he wasn't feeling well. The staff always takes great care of him and the treatments are very affordable. Special thanks to Dr. Nichols for being so kind and knowledgeable.

Brian Alexander

Phenomenal staff and doctors. We wouldn't take our pets anywhere else.

victoria koontz

My pup had seen several of the vets here they are all amazing! I'm third generation to use this get in my family! We all love them!

J. Naylor


Michele Dardis

Been to other animal clinics, we’re sticking with this one. They accept drop-ins, and although you may have to wait a bit, they get you in, in a timely manner. They also will let you wait out in your car and come and get you, so that you can save your fur baby the stress.

Sheri Thibodeau

Took my dog in to get spayed, they sent her home with a bandage leg,they told me remive the bandage in couple of hours. When i took it off she still had the IV in her leg AND it had broke inhalf!! My pup was in alot of pain for several hours. Went back next morning to show them, Mark Klaich the owner did nothing except laugh at me! NO APOLOGIES JUST LAUGHTER!!! NEVER EVER WOULD I GO BACK. NO COMPASSION.SAD!!

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