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This Veterinarian is classified in the category of Anesthesiologist.

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REVIEWS OF Creature Comforts Animal Hospital IN Nevada

Kathy Tennerson

Great staff who have genuine kindness and care for the fur babies! I am looking forward to using the boarding facilities. Really impressed with these pet caregivers.

Chris Sae

Best VET in Las Vegas! Great doctors that actually care about your little animals that our babies. My fur babies have been very happy to see them for their clean bill of health. Thank you Dr. Gibson you are my hero!

Cp Gelber

Creature Comforts' staff is warm, kind, friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. I highly recommend them! Our 15 year old dog has been revitalized. When she was 14, she developed pyrometria & had to have an emergency hysterectomy. We didn't have enough credit at the time to do. And the dog was on death's door. So, we had to go to a Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic to get the surgery done immediately. The Staff at Creature Comforts assisted in getting All her Medical files over to the Clinic. The next morning, our 14 yr old Baby, was saved. Creature Comforts followed up with her. She is now 15 & alive & well. G-D Bless Creature Comforts.

Zaiga Sears

The front office staff, AHTs, and veterinarians at Creature Comforts are the best! Compassionate and caring and knowledgeable. They always follow up.

George Roller

Everyone at Creature Comfort are very nice and attentive. I have been seeing Dr. Paul for many years and she is great. She was able to do the surgery on my dog immediately and he is doing great.

Solomic Solomon

Very caring staff and doctors.


Dr. Gibson was so thorough in taking care of my Annie. She came in with horrible diarrhea for the last 3 days, and Dr. Gibson put her on some meds and she is resting comfortably for the last 3 days with no diarrhea . I want to say thank you for the super nice techs who cleaned her up and shaved her while she was there :-) and an extra special thank you to Dr Gibson because she was a little under the weather herself when she took care of my girl :-)


Creature comforts has a great and knowledgeable staff!!!! They are a great choice with your fur babies!!!!! They are a Very large expanding facility. And they also have lots to offer!!!! They work on cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets and exotics.

Richard Wood

Great Doctors, wellness program and true panion.

Danielle Thompson

The vet here told me my cat needed emergency surgery or was going to die a horrible painful death within two days. It's been over a week now and he's still jumping, climbing, playing, and cuddling in absolutely no pain. This place, at lest the feline vet, is in it for the money, and not what's best for your pet.

Allison Dacome

They squeezed me in immediately when my baby veiled chameleon was having issues, and even over the phone they were so caring and thorough. No time was wasted, and I felt that not only my reptile baby was taken care of but I was taken care of as well! Everyone was so kind and Dr. Gorman was lovely, knowledgable, and didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing a few things. Ally was super duper kind and the desk staff (there were three girls, I didn't get their names, sorry!) was AMAZING at making sure everyone was helped. I have definitely become a lifelong client here. You can tell everyone here really cares about these animals and their caretakers.

Elena Milano

I have guinea pigs that need the services of an exotic vet. I am so happy to have found Creature Comforts. Dr. Taylor F., has guinea pigs of her own which makes me feel so secure in knowing that she sees my babies as more than just a replaceable pet, but as the dear valuable family members they are. The staff is awesome too!!!

Charlotte Sudakov

Dedicated, kind compassionate staff. Clinucally excellent. They are efficient and spend aporopriate time with my beloved babies. I trust them.

Amanda Gilbert

Princess was given amazing care and they were very affordable! She would not have made it through the weekend if they had not given her iv fluids and medicine immediately. They even called the next day to check on her and it was the weekend

Graciela Pacheco

I want to thanks everybody at the animal hospital for the care you guys put in each customer , was there for the first time they give me a chocolate, a card for my cat they did not charge me for the special food my cat need and for the visit , and Thanks to Dr.Maldonado Nieves he was so sweet ,even I meet a chiropractor she was right there too to help me with my cat so THANKS GUYS

Craig Lists

Best Animal Hospital in Nevada! Had an emergency with my little lap dog and I was just put on disability so my funds were limited. However, the Dr was really nice that explain everything in detail and worked with me on my payments because she knew how much I love my dog. She literally saved my dogs life!!!! She also saved my life because my dog is my baby and I would have been a terrible mess. I give this hospital a 10 star rating - awesome people!

Michele Nelson

I needed a new vet. I saw Dr. Paul. She's very nice and welcoming. They offer first-time clients free pet exam. They didn't seem to be too awfully busy but waited 20 minutes past my appointment time. They don't price match pet meds.

Cade Lott

Took my son's bearded dragon here. We were able to get an appointment for the same day, there was very little wait time after checking in, the veterinarian was very knowledgeable about reptiles. I've only been here once, it was a great experience.

Eric C

I love going to this vet office, they are always friendly and they actually do care about your pet! Dr. Gibson is amazing and she has helped my dog Willow a lot, thank you so much for everything.

Mary Brackett

Our little girl is excited to visit every time I bring her, which makes for easy appointments. She perks up just hearing Dr. Perry's voice.

Eric Lawrence

They took good care of our animals. However, they over-prescribed a prescription diet for one of our dogs that we found out she didn’t need and caused more issues. Also, calling them can be a pain because you could be on hold for 20-30 minutes and sometimes they’ll just pick up the phone and hang up.

Allison Miller

Yesterday we took our new puppy for her first visit. We arrived 15 minutes before our appointment for paperwork and we were the only ones in the waiting room. We were not taken into a room until 30 minutes past our appointment time, then had to wait another 10 minutes before the assistant came in. The assistant didnt take a history but only vitals, then informed us the doctor was running behind. (Obviously). Things happen, but we should have been informed earlier. The doctor was nice but the exam was very limited, there was no puppy talk, no long history, nothing. I was very disappointed with the staff and the lack of education. Every clinic i have been to has some sort of first puppy wellness talk and education whether the owners are new to having a puppy or not. The staff should have told us from the beginning the doctor was running behind and asked if we wanted to reschedule or see another vet. We waited over an hour from the time we arrived to the time of the exam etc, and i had to step out of the room and asked to be checked out and have the vet call us for results because we were there for so long. This was our very first visit at this hospital and we had higher expectations. I would not recommend this clinic just due to the long wait and lack of communication.

David Brooks

I lost my pet to heart disease not to long ago times where hard on cash after soending most my saving to save are boy even though he sadly didnt make it threw his heart disease this hosptial made sure everything was okay comforted me and my girlfriend threw the hard ship we had been going threw god bless this place.

Josh Carpenter

Great place to take care of your pet, caring veterinarians

Keren Or-Kalson

Awesome! Great experience! Loving... Caring. I Highly recommend. They take Exotic pets as well. The veterinarians here are very compassionate and very professional! Especially the owner ;)) They take excellent care of both my dog and my cat and a special care of my adorable guinea pig who is aging now... 6yr.old. / I never had to wait too long for my appointment. Also the location of this animal hospital is good and there's enough parking place. They are open on the weekends too. Oh yeah it's worth it.

Ken Wilkins

Veterinarian has serviced our toy poodle here for 10 years. On occasion we board our dog here because dog exercise area is totally enclosed by walls and our small dog is segregated from large dogs which are in cages in a different room. There is always someone at this location with the dogs.

Maris Brown

We have used Creature Comforts as our fur babies dr for many years. They are always professional and caring. They show pets and their parents the individual attention that makes all feel calm and comfortable. Aside from caring for our personal pets they are also the vet for many of our foster babies. Dr. Gorman and all the support staff are awesome! We appreciate everyone from the drs to the front office staff and everyone in between for honestly caring about all that enter their doors. Thank you!


One great thing I love about Creature Comfort is that the staff, doctors really care. You can tell they love what they do. It can get busy in this office. I came in on an emergency and the wait took a while but it was worth it. I came back two more times. I definitely recommend coming here. They offered me things that I was not aware of. I originally went to there sister veterinarian clinic and what I was offered at Creature Comforts was not given to me at the other location which was available as well. I thank the staff for treating and helping me.

Candace Palmerston

Service was. So quick. I didn't even. Get 2 read. My book..Cat. was happy

Emily Robinson

Everyone at creature comforts treated our pet like their own. Very friendly from the phone operator to all the vet techs. We felt safe & comfortable leaving our baby with them. Facility appeared clean. Will definitely board here again. Thank you creature comforts!!!! :)


What I love so much about their vets is that I know they’re willing to offer multiple forms of treatment for whatever you need. If you have concerns, they have answers and solutions. I also saved so much money with the wellness plan and I feel my cat is in extra good hands. I don’t feel like I’m wasting time or money when I bring her.

jonathan flores

Love this place great service. Friendly staff . Very helpful and knowledgeable. Love taking my dogs there

Annette Wooters

Dr. Nieves is absolutely fabulous. Brilliant diagnostician, amazing with our Rotties. Our Rotties love him so that they think going to the vet is a treat! Creature Comforts staff all were helpful and obviously cared about their patients. Highly recommend.

debra caudillo

So fun for all ages But very loud inside

Andrianna Ritter

Was referred here by my dog trainer who was concerned about my dogs hips. He thought she had a strange a gait to her walk. Dr. Gorman was excellent with the care and treatment plan for her comfort and care.

Jennifer Aleck

everyone was fantastic and didn’t make us feel bad that we had a budget and understood how much our Louis J was very loved despite us not being able to afford everything recommended by the dr. I’ve been to other vets who shame you in your lowest time when your fur baby is sick and you cannot afford the plan of care and pressure you to start asking family to help etc... none of that here! We drove a ways but it was worth the loving care our baby got.

Christa H

Awesome people! You can tell they really love animals and care. They take the time with you to answer questions and dont make you feel like you HAVE to do extra testing that isn't completely necessary. Also they dont make you feel pressured to clip parrots wings.

Kim French

I love the friendly people. They were very helpful with my guinea pig.

Promise S

Took good care of my animal

Doggie Dayclub Las Vegas

I would have never been to this vet if it wasn't for a foster dog I was caring for through a local dog rescue (Animal Help Alliance) because it's about 30 minutes from me. But since it's their go to, I had the opportunity to check it out and I can't say enough about it. Everyone was friendly and professional. Even when I called several times to reschedule the pup's spay, they were very accommodating and understanding. Facility was clean, comfortable, and spacious. They offered coffees, cookies (it was Christmas time), bandanas, and even little treats for the dogs. They also had lots of reading materials, brochures, adoption info, and cute pictures all around. Vet technicians were very patient and sweet. Restrooms were clean. They even sent our pup home with a swag bag in addition to her care instructions. The funniest thing is that they're called "creature comforts" and when I was there (pick up and drop off) there were cute little chipmunks running around parking lot. Lol! If that wasn't enough, they actively support our local dog rescues by hosting donations for care and events. A wonderful clinic in N Las Vegas!

Tiffiny Karoll

When we moved from California with our 5 pets I did some research on vets. And I was so fortunate that we were moving into an area that was close by creature comforts because they have excellent reviews and they have lived up to them every step of the way for the past year. I highly recommend them.


Wonderful experience so far! The staff are super friendly and considerate. I feel welcome when I come in and feel safe taking my Penelope here!

C Brooks

The people of Creature Comforts are just amazing. My human bestfriend recommended them for my furry bestfriend after I had just moved to the area a few years ago from Henderson. Whether it was a routine visit for shots or a more stressful event for diagnosis, my furry pal and I always received the same amazing energy and experiences. Everyone I have ever dealt with had an extremely high level of care and seemed to care about animals as much as I do. The Vets and techs seemed to be very competent & knowledgable & straightforward. Importantly to me, they walk the line of avoiding the medically unnecessary but not falling into the realm of excessively diagnostic, quite well. Just all around great experiences, every time, even when I found out that I would soon have to say goodbye to my loyal sidekick. Most surprisingly, all of that awesomeness was never cost prohibitive and was always well within the realm of comfortably affordable. When I find my next nonhuman bestie, I will be trusting their care to Creature Comforts as well.

Nicole Rivoli

We just had our first visit to Creature Comforts with our new kitten. Everyone was nice, we had very little wait to be seen, and I felt more informed when I left. We will be returning for all our kitten's needs.

Steven Bryant

We brought our little hedgie in as an emergency walk in. They did all they could but unfortunately there was no saving her. During the time we were there everyone was incredibly kind and caring. My wife mentioned that she was sorry I was there since I hate hospitals of any kind with a passion. But even with being there such a short time I can safely say it felt more like a loving home then a cold hospital. Thank you so much for what you did do, we will be coming again for check ups for our next baby.

Marilyn Martinez

After experiencing a horrible vet visit somewhere else I brought my dog here and was amazed at the quality of the visit. The vet (I think Dr. Perry) did a great and very thorough exam on my dog. I feel like he took his time to really help my dog. Even after the visit when I had some questions the staff was fantastic with helping me in a timely matter, I was shocked again! Overall great vet. Very friendly, competent, clean and great at communicating.

Billie Jean Perrone

Too expensive. Sent me and my cat away sick because I didn't have enough $. They were nice, but could've helped more. Go to The Cat Hospital.

vance Pritchett

Very friendly and knowledgeable

wolflover Allen

It was a sad day for us. 5 week old passes away. The staff was great.

Mark Aranbasich

I was searching for a Veterinarian to check the baby Sparrow I had rescued about a month ago. Very happy to find Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. I met Dr. Taylor Francher and upon checking my rescue bird she let me know that the bird I had rescued was a Finch, not a Sparrow. Good to know of course and she was kind enough to insure me that even with one lame foot, I could still release 'Birdy' back to the out of doors. I was very happy with the service I received and was surprised there was no charge for the visit when I went to pay. I will be taking my pooch Bowie there next.

Cindy Wixom

The best caring staff


Very nice place. 1st visit was free. My ferrets needed a well check.

Morgan Wishengrad

This animal hospital saved my dog and her puppie's life.

April Mayes

My dog had a wonderful first time boarding experience. I couldn’t be happier. The staff here really cares about your dog. I really appreciate that. My dog had a great attitude when I brought him home. I can tell he had a great vacation too!! Thank you so much. Now I can relax when I plan a vacation because there is a great place for my dog to be go on vacation too!!

Tammy McCullough

Doctors and the rest of the staff here are compassionate and passionate about animals. AND there's always someone on staff who knows about an exotic animal. I have 3 dogs, a desert tortoise and a bearded dragon and they're all treated here!

Robert Vanguard

Got a call from my training center that my pups rabies runs out in a few weeks and it needs done before the pup enters for the board and train. They suggested doc Gormen here at this place right off the 95. They got my wife right in and it was quick. Now we can start class on time. Thanks for your help.

Michael Plourde

Great staff. Very good prices.

Becky Rings

Everyone from front desk to assistant to Vet was so kind and patient with us. I also learned a lot about my dogs and their health goals. And,finally, people who listen!

Stephanie C.

We love this place! We have been bringing our puppy since she was 9 weeks! We love Dr. Carmody! She takes her time to answer not only my questions but kids’ questions lol! She has been so informative, patient and kind! We love all the staff! We are so grateful to find an amazing place for my fur baby ❤️❤️

Ruth Carter

They really love all pets

Danielle Ward

You guys have exceeded my expectations! I don't have any recommendations that would have created a better experience. Both of my dogs were well taken care for 2 days they were boarded. I'm grateful to have such a caring animal hospital nearby!

Veronica McGraw

Very caring, friendly, and knowledgeable veterinarian and staff. I highly recommend this animal hospital. Dr. Wagner really cares for her patients.

Nancy Wyatt

We were treated very nice. We had to have our cat put down because she was very sick and they suspected cancer. They were compassionate and caring but charged $250 and it seemed a little high since we did have a $50 coupon for the exam. It is a beautiful building and we got in and out quickly. I got an appointment in a couple of hours from when I called. Everything was fine except the price.

NoaLee Chapa

Staff is warm and friendly and seem to really care, and help you find options for necessary procedures and payment options.

Francis Keith Kovach

They are a true caring Animal Hospital. I had to put my dog down because he was suffering

Diana Pinegar

Great service and fast.

Dahlia Olive

What can I say, this place is wonderful. I bought my 10 year old rabbit in because she had a head tilt. The doctor did not play around and gave her a round of meds for anything it could be. My rabbit has E. Cuniculi and is getting better and better each day. I am so thankful that she was on it and helped my bunny feel better. If you want a great place to bring your exotic animal I would recommend this place hands down.


I had a 2:30pm appt and got seen after 3pm. But it was raining and they had flooding so I completely understand. Other than that, everything was great. They have very kind and knowledgeable staff. Difficult to find a good reptile vet. Will be back again. I definitely recommend this place.

James Bravado

My dog was at a local board and train and at the intake evaluation the owner told me my dog had a tooth that looked broken off. I looked close and it is. My regular vet wanted me to wait weeks but the trainer said it could be a root issue with pain. The office here agreed and was able to get me in right away. Sure enough the root was exposed and that’s painful. I appreciate you caring even when I was a new client to get me in.

krystal hill

Highly recommend this vet office. Dr. Gibson is my vet and she is exceptional and gives your pets genuine care, but all the vets here are great, as well as the techs.

Brenda Mauk

Creature Comforts took such good care of my baby. He’s a fussy old man and they happily took care of my spotted sweetheart.

Deanna Guardado

Have always had good experiences here, staff is kind and gentle.

Eddie G

Best experience at a vet I have ever had. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have earned all my business

Nikki Ganger

Every time I take my pets to the vet to get their shots, check-ups, etc. I always have a seamless experience from start to finish. They are always quick, timely, responsive, and passionate, which is MOST important. My favorite part about going to Creature Comforts is because the service is impeccable. Christine is usually the one who ends up assisting me and every time I receive the same service from her, which is nothing shy of exceptionally welcoming, friendly, descriptive and comforting. I will continue to visit Creature Comforts and Christine until it's not possible anymore. Thanks so much guys. See you next time!

Elizabeth Soto

The people that work here are really nice and helped so much when I took my cat WeeMan there.

Deborah Shellard [Substitutes]

I started using Creature Comforts because of convenience of location, and I’m happy I found them. The staff is wonderful- caring and warm. I love when staff members come over and warmly greet my dogs- my dogs love them. My dogs are very well- cared for and they are happy there. Dr Gorman has taken care of some very serious situations (very clever and mischievous dogs), and I always know they are in good hands. Veterinary care doesn’t come cheap, but the Wellness plan and Trupanion has really saved me.

Jan Jenkins

My boy Stash always receives great care here! Dr. Gorman is the best and she works to make sure Stash's issues are treated properly and promptly. Her vet tech, Jen, treats Stash like her own and she always goes the extra mile to make sure things so smoothly. Stash and I love everyone we deal with at Creature Comforts!


Best Vets and staff in Vegas. Been going there for 20 years

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