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REVIEWS OF Towne & Country Animal Hospital IN Michigan

Elle Times3

Joe Speed

Everyone is very caring, thoughtful and efficient. Taking a cat in a car ride is stressful, but it is a pleasant destination.

Dianne Van Hoosear

GREEDY AND MONEY HUNGRY!!!!! Towne and Country Vet in Brighton is in business just for the money not for our loved pets. They charge more for all procedures than other local vet's do. Even if you walk in and the office is empty and you need service you will be charged an emergency visit without an appointment. Seems if the office was empty they would want to fill that empty spot. They gave me some EpiKlean for my dog and the price is marked up by 70% (should have bought on-line). All vaccines are doubled in price at Towne and Country. Go to Pet Supplies or Humane Society for shots, they are cheap and they give you a hard copy record for your files. Some of the team there is okay it's just to bad they are money hungry. I will have the BBB check into an audit on the prices they charge. It stinks I have to drive across town to get great service and prices when it would be much easier to go to Towne and Country. This site won't let me post without picking a star at the top. They DON'T even deserve half a star from me. Unhappy!

Sherri Sprey

Amazing staff and doctors. Emergency visit in the middle of the night and every one was wonderful. So thankful for their concern and care.

Shannon Smith

This hospital is not focused on customer care or emergency response. Brought our dog in with a gash requiring stitches only to wait over an hour while he bleed. After asking how much longer it would be, learning he was not a priority, we left to go to MSU. They had him in immediately with kindness and care. There is a reason no other vet in Livingston county will refer you to this location - I recommend considering this when choosing care for your pet. Hope to never be in the situation again but will never waste our time or risk our animals health here again.

Gregg Gustafson

Michael Nranian

I have spoken to many other pet owners and pet care professionals. They warned me about how horrible and greedy this place is and to not take your pet(s) there. I had been going there for years, spent thousands but I thought I liked the doctors. I took my dog there, they clipped his nails while under anesthesia for nutering. the very next morning, his paw was in severe pain. So I took him back they charged me for bandaging up the paw said there was a small cut. They missed it plain and simple. take him back the next day and he has a split nail, that needs to be removed. Never had this problem before, he had since they clipped his nails. Instead of owning up to their ineptness, they had the gall to charge another 133 dollars. they are claiming that they did not do it. I should have listened to all of the others. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. THE MANAGER MALISSA SWIMM AND THE OWNER DR. GERSHTER, HIDE BEHIND THE SCENES AND HAVE THEIR UNDERLINGS MAKE THE CALL AND SAY, I AM JUST DOING WHAT I AM INSTRUCTED TO DO. THE TRUE COLORS OF THE OWNER AND MANAGEMENT HAS BEEN SHOWN. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DEALING WITH THEM. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ALL OF THE OTHERS WHO RECOMMENDED OTHER VETS, I HEED YOU TO PLEASE DO THE SAME FOR YOUR PETS SAKE


My dog beauty had a terrible stomach issue. They diagnosed it quickly, got rehydrated and she is feeling much better. Love my vet!

laughlan campbell

Our dog Rufus is a long time patient with T.C.A.H. He has had several problems over the years and Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Gerster have been extremely helpful and kind. Recently Rufus was treated for debilitating back pain by Doctor Lubinski who quickly diagnosed his problem and prescribed treatment that was almost immediately effective. Much to our relief, Rufus is back to his regular Beagle business and making us all happy again. Thank you Dr. Lubinski. Thank you Towne & Country Animal Hospital.

jennifer anderson

Don't don't take ur pets there if u love them they r money hungry n when my dog was hit by a car they sad amputate the leg or uthenize her cuz her femu was broken

Nancy Cheladyn

AFTER POSTING THING I READ THE OTHER REVIEWS - OMG. WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS BEFORE I WENT HERE-MY BELOVED LOLA MAY STILL BE ALIVE.....Arrogant, condescending, rude,sloppy, shady-my dog died because Dr. McArthur couldn't be bothered to listen to why I brought her. Never made a note. She wasn't treated for an infection in her muzzle but her heart (which was slowly dying from not getting sufficient air). He had retorts for everything I said. They sent her to MSU thinking she needed a pacemaker. MSU said she needed a CAT scan and rhinoscopy of her muzzle. They've been nothing but defensive - calling MSU to justify their actions (but only giving them some of the facts). They sent a card over 2 weeks after she died (with a post-it note that read "Patient died after referring to MSU) - never have apologized though justified why the card was late (all the staff who treated Lola needed to sign it - keep in mind - Lola was there 1 day not 1 week). Have yet to acknowledge why they "sent her home" (never done, sent to MSU) with $33. of antibiotics. The front desk staff is rude, the office is chaotic, the owners are only concerned over charges. Through the weeks since Lola died I remembered a checkup in the spring where I wanted a mini-blood panel (runs about $60 done) - I requested in. Owner waltzes in - never introduces himself - but announce a full panel (runs about $170) is in order. That time I put my foot down. I failed Lola on June 19 when I left her there - by June 21 she was dead. Don't take your pets there....I really don't believe they care.


Great staff and my puppy kira and i love going there. Treated with respect and a kind heart every time we visit.

Shelly C

Really awful customer service. I called for help when my cat came into contact with a possible rabies exposure. They were rude and offered no assistance. I called a 24 hour vet clinic in Ann Arbor they were great. Go anyplace else - don’t waste your time with these guys. They don’t have the compassion required to do this job. This place should just shut down unless they can get new staff that actually care about you and your pet. I was treated terribly on the phone.

catherine barrera

I was thinking about taking my elderly dog in tomorrow a Sunday instead of waiting to go to my regular vet Monday I'm hoping he just has an ear infection. I've decided not to go because of the smartass responses to people's complaints left by the vets in response to poor reviews

Dana Forrester

We had to euthanize our beloved dog Max around 2 am. We went to Towne and Country due to their 24 hour emergency vet services. Kristin and the Doctor were patient, compassionate and kind during this extremely difficult process.

Ashley Terry

About 4(ish) weeks ago I had to take my 6 week old puppy in because she was not eating and she was very lathargic. I called them first to see if they had any advice to give me over the phone or if they thought I should bring her in. They were extremely helpful over the phone, but we decided to bring her in anyway because we were very worried. We got there and they had a room ready for her, we didn't have to wait at all. And they began diagnosing her and testing her what they believed was parvo. The staff was extremely caring as I was a nervous wreck. The parvo test was negative (thank god) and we decided to do an outpatient care for her as we just didn't have the money to keep her there for a few days. They said it was probably low blood sugar and they gave us some Karo corn syrup to get her energy back up. They had great advice to give and even called the next day to see how she was doing. I could tell the staff has a deep caring for these animals & Dixie is now better than ever. We got her some canned food which they suggested and she started to eat again! Now Dixie is 100% better & eating completly dry puppy food. Had it not been for this vet clinic I fear we might have lost her. Thank you So much to this amazing vet clinic and the staff! -Ashley & Dixie

Erin Zaluzec

I had a fantastic vet appointment for my cat here. They were able to fit me in for an emergency visit after my cat stopped eating and my cat was seen within minutes of arriving (My normal vet was not able to see us that day). Very little waiting time between the vet tech and doctor and they were able to diagnose my cat and treat him. My cat is now healthy and happy. I was so impressed that I am taking my cat here from now on. The emergency fee is a little high in price but it was well worth it!

Jean Hanka

We took our Yorkie there and they took very good care of him.

Nicole Naszradi

If I could leave zero stars I would. VERY RUDE. I suggest finding a different animal hospital for your pet babies if you love them. I brought my cat there last night hoping to get some answers about her pregnancy, left spending $200 for more confusion and a vet who barely looked at my cat. Called 2 different places today saying more should’ve been done. I’m a college student so my money doesn’t grow on trees and I was so worried about my cat I spent the money to bring her there and i’m regretting it. All they wanted to do was get us out of there as fast as they could. i’m very disappointed that people who claim to love animals and are paid to help them would leave me and my poor cat in the dark. It’s 24 hours later and my cats behavior hasn’t changed so I decided to call them back to try and get more answers.. What happens? They are RUDE AGAIN!!!! I’m actually disgusted with the people that work here, their attitudes are horrendous if your working in a place where you must talk to customers learn customer service it’s not that hard to be nice to people who are just seeking your help. But like I said before being your animals to a different place if you want answers.

Heather McNamara

We were customers with all our family pets (1 cat, 3 dogs) for over 10 years. When one of our dogs had a sudden, unusual reaction to something on her toe (swelling, skin changes) we were told there were no openings for weeks, unless we wanted to come in for an emergency appointment (much more expensive). We felt it didn't require an immediate appointment but asked if there was something available within a week (or even 2!), but were told that wasn't possible. We even asked again (in dis-belief) if there was any way our dog could get in before 2-3 weeks, explained our dog was well-known to vet, we were concerned but it didn't seem emergent, and were told curtly 'no'. There was no compassion, no willingness to do anything to help us get in sooner. If we didn't want the emergency appointment they could not help us. Since we didn't want to wait more than 2 weeks to be seen, we looked into other vets, and were able to get our dog in the next day at with a different vet. In researching area veterinarians we noticed horrible reviews for this office, and to our amazement, even worse comments from the owner in response to the horrible reviews. The replies were snide, bitter, mean and placed all blame on customers, with no acknowledgment or apologies for poor service. We were not comfortable continuing with Town & Country after our experience personally, and after reading about the experience of others. We have moved all our animals to another vet for care.

Rita Gonze

Hailey DeChalk

I would not recommend using this vet. If you ever call to get a same day appointment, they immediately tell you they are booked and they can get you in but it will be a $95 fee. I have a cat with a urinary issues that gets frequent bladder infections and every time I call to try to get him in, it is a $95 fee because they have no appointments. I do not believe this is always the case and they use these opportunities to make the extra $95. How can they always be completely booked? They are more concerned about the money than the animals.

Ashley Kinaschuk

My 8-week-old kitten was having major tummy issues. We made an appt. with Towne & Country and brought her in. They were kind, timely, clean and helpful during our visit. As we were waiting to check out, she had a terrible total liquid diarrhea accident IN her crate. I grabbed the crate and took her to the reception desk and exclaimed "oh my goodness she just went in her crate!!". No questions, no hesitation, they took her crate with her in it to the back, cleaned her and the crate and gave me a new clean towel to lay on the bottom. To me, that is quality customer service.

Anne Smith

Zero stars would be better but......Having recently been here for an appointment for a second opinion and being in the business of veterinary medicine I was absolutely appalled at how this hospital was run. Way to busy and overbook and very little staff. The staff they do seem to have seem very inexperienced and come off as rude. The doctors are incredibly young and inexperienced and do not seem confident at all in what they are doing. And after having dealt with them it is crystal clear the main goal of this hospital is to take as much money from your as possible regardless of the treatment they show you or your pet. The staff seemed very unhappy and that says a lot about a business and the management there. I would definitely avoid this place! For the price of anything there spend your money better elsewhere.....

Sherry Watkins

I remember that place the best Clinic that you could ever find. Don't know what I would have done without them when we lived in Brighton for seven years. Melissa was just exceptional and Sharon too ..and glad that after leaving Brighton 9 years ago still keep in touch.The owners are the kindest most decent people which meant a lot to us when you're away from home. Thank you. .thank you we will never forget what you did for us. John and Sherry Watkins. Grand Island, NY

Maura Chwalek

STAY AWAY! Dog was dying... walked in at 8:45pm & front desk said $125 emergency charge before even asking what was wrong with my dog. I explained that I called earlier & was told it would be $95 if I walk in before 11pm. She said I need to call & make appt over phone for the $95 rate even tho I did call & was told no appt necessary! So I pulled out my cell phone to call right in front of her & she said I can have an appt in 40 minutes. I asked her to check with Manager because my dog was dying & when she asked the OWNER she said NO! WHAT???? That is proof that the owner is in the WRONG Business. NO Compassion! I drove like crazy to Milford Vet Hospital & they were the BEST! Only cared about my dog. Full of compassion and I was glad to pay my bill to them because they were professional and kind!!!! My dog isn't out of the woods but much better thanks to them! What kind of vet won't see a dying dog over $30? Yes! I could have paid the extra $30 BUT at that point I didn't trust them with her! Miss Owner DO NOT waste my time with one of your insincere replies. Start taking responsibility and try to make things RIGHT for the next poor soul that you try and rip off!

JD Brooks

Very caring professional staff.


I've been to Town & Country many times and almost every time has been a nightmare. The Dr's there lie, all they want is your money. They absolutely don't care at all for your pet. There's other Veterinarians not to far away that actually care and less money. If you love your pet, DON'T GO TO TOWN AND COUNTRY!!!

Aubrey Decker

They helped diagnose my sweet Marley dog, when her previous vet didn’t care enough to simply examine her. Unfortunately we found out her symptoms were caused by mast cell tumors, a form of skin cancer. After two absolutely necessary surgeries, she has now made it over a year past her diagnosis. I am so VERY THANKFUL to still have my girl, and a vet that was compassionate enough to get her through this. I absolutely LOVE Town & Country Animal Hospital and can never thank them enough for all they have done for my pup.

Susan Pizzuti

We take our 3 dogs here for vet services and for boarding. The staff is great and great with our dogs.

Stacy Atkeson

Ill start off by saying my mom used to take our animals here when they were in their old building but havent been back since I live a little too north to go here. Took my pup Rufus who was 15 years old into towne & country last night to be euthanized. I've known for about 6 months it was time and after him taking a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon I was glad there was a place close that I could take him even though they werent our normal place. They didn't push anything extra on me when I knew he just needed to cross the rainbow bridge and the staff was so kind to me when I brought him in. They treated Rufus with kindness and were just all around great. I was aware of the other reviews but decided to go and make my own opinions and I am glad I did. Thank you for being so kind to me and my pup. It really means a lot to me

Bree W

Recently found a 4 week old kitten and Towne & Country got us in quickly to make sure she was healthy. They have been so helpful with the whole process, are always there if I have a question and reasonably priced. Thanks Towne & Country staff!

Karlie Gulley

The front desk ladies were not friendly at all. They weren’t personable and treated us like we were bothering them. The doctors were fine, but at one point they took our cat in the back to cut their nails (not sure why we couldnt watch) but they said our cat was rambunctious and we should sedate her next time they cut her nails. We have cut her nails and she has never been very bad. I was petting her today, the day after they cut her nails, and I noticed she has a gash on her lip. Not very happy with the whole atmosphere of this place

Dee Mazzei

One of my cats died there and it was their fault. They did a necropsy free and said she was loaded with cancer. I don’t believe them. I suspect they gave her the wrong blood in a transfusion. Also, the vets I have seen there were cold And lacked empathy for animals. Won’t even go there to put one of my fur babies to sleep. Terrible experience.

Maureen Zadorski

I love this vet! I’ve been going there for years. I actually have another vet right around the corner from me but I choose to drive farther to see them. They have more updated equipment and can do more tests “in house”. No, they aren’t cheap but I’ve compared prices in the past, out of curiosity, and they’re right there. You get what you pay for!

Beth Miazga

The experience was excellent. Tessa my 2 year old doggie was well taken care of. Plus they were able to get her in the very next day. The vet was helpful and friendly.

Kelly Haddock

Great experience. All four cats go to T&C. Very very happy with Ren who is a Veterinarian Technician. Ren handles cats very well and is a pill pro. I’m always nervous about my older cat Fancypants just because of her age and she’s getting more fragile. Ren said she was a perfect patient. I know that has a lot to do with how she’s handled though! It goes both ways. Ren was even able to shave her belly that had mats which even an experienced groomer couldn’t do. I’ve always been happy with any of the Veterinarians. Just like any medical experience with humans or animals, speak up and ask questions. They can’t read your mind, or know exactly what is going on without tests. Just like any doctor, they only know signs and symptoms from what you tell them and what they can see. The ladies at the desk are nice too. I had a bunch of questions and was given good advice. If you are hesitant or a little bit of a nervous nelly like me, ask for Ren. She’ll give your cat a great experience. **Update on Fancypants. She pooped outside the litter box a few times the last few weeks. Wasn’t as social then started having a harder time breathing and didn’t care much for food or treats. She was roughly 16 years old. I was able to get an appointment right away because someone canceled, however they would have seen me for an emergency visit. They are open 24 hrs for emergencies which is a huge asset to Brighton. After a physical exam the doctor suggested an X-ray to see what’s going on. The X-ray showed a few masses which were cancer. Her stomach was extremely swollen, intestines were pushed back and her lungs were cloudy. The doctor gave options on what he could do to give her quality of life, however the cancer wasn’t going to get better. She could have had prednisone to treat what was going on, possibly helping her to breathe, and painkillers to ease her discomfort. At this point keeping her alive didn’t seem like quality of life for her. It broke my heart that she was in any pain at all, so prolonging that just seems cruel to do. The doctor explained euthanasia which I was a little familiar with since I watched a utube video last summer to try and prepare myself knowing she was getting older and I wanted to educate myself. Two injections were given. The first will sedate your pet, similar to what is done for a surgery so they don’t feel pain. It puts them in a pain free sleep state. The second injection will stop the heart. I was offered to be present during the injections but I couldn’t do it. It was just to painful for me. I know she was in good hands in her final moments and no longer in pain. I’m sharing this in hopes that this will help a fellow pet lover. The doctor’s name was Kurt. The vet technician was very kind, I don’t know her name. Both were supportive and informative. Even though I had a blood panel done a month ago which showed that everything was normal, it doesn’t always show signs of cancer. The reason I did a blood panel was because she was older and I wanted to try and stay on top of any sickness or organ failure. An X-ray might have shown the masses but typically you don’t get X-rays unless there is a need. My husband and I acted quickly by taking her in when she started showing odd behavior. The best thing you can do is take your pet to the hospital, explain what isn’t normal behavior, ask questions and start tests and possibly X-rays. The vets do their very best to problem solve from the symptoms and behaviors you share and from tests that they can perform. Sometimes it might be best for your pet and time to say goodbye. Thank you T&C for taking care of my beloved Fancypants, “Fancy” for the last 10 years.

ivy Glynn

ays had been treated very well until tonight when I called with a question regarding my dogs medication. It was clear that I had't been given enough for the 10 days it was prescribed for. Very rude person on the phone, abrupt and telling me what I needed to do instead of answering my question which was 10 days or 10 doses. I had enough for 10 doses, but not 10 days. He said I had to measure out the liquid medication and see how much I was given. What??? Shouldn't it say in your records what I was given? There was more, but I'm tired of typing. Very rude. Instead of answering my question he interrogated me and finally said that I needed to bring the medication back so they could see how much was left. I find all this careless and then to be rude with me..... C'mon.

Gavin Rye

heather martinez

Ethan Dean

Natalie Moore

Venissa Thumm

Very inappropriate. When I called to bring in my animal for pain relief I was immediately responded with euthanasia as my option. Too soon. Additionally when I called a second time confirming I would bring my animal in a bit .....once we could compose ourselves and drive into town.......I was scolded and reprimanded by the same woman. I chose not to go to this facility based on her actions. The bedside manner is/was terrible. She should work as a dishwasher away from people’s feelings. I can not imagine this person is compassionate towards animals with her demeanor. Something for all to think about when lookIng to have their animals cared for.

Chris W

I'm fostering a feral dog. Going to the Vet (or any change in his daily routine) is very stressful for him. The staff here were all amazing. They got down on the floor to do his exam. They let me walk him to x-ray and they were able to walk him back (first time he's ever walked on a leash with anyone but me). I was worried about him seeing a male Vet, but Dr. Perkins came in quietly and calmly. Used a soft voice and didn't rush anything. The whole experience was amazing. Everyone there, the Vet, the Vet Tech, and the Office Staff were friendly and professional. Thank you!

Jasper Balsamo

I have been to 3 different vets in the area, Town & Country is the best!!. My cats received excellent care. Dr. Perkins is wonderful. I would not go any where else.

Nick Bell

Robert Johnson

You advertise that you are a 24/7 vet hospital. This is not true. Went there on 8/14/18 with our cat in distress. Big sign on sidewalk, OPEN AT 7AM. Luckily, the vet hospital in Novi was true to their advertising about being a 24/7 hospital. By the time we got there, are cat was in extreme distress and we had to put him down. Brighton Town and Country Vet Hospital is full of "bling" but evidently lies about its hours. Maybe the time it took to get to Novi, would have been enough to save out cat, if you were truly a 24/7 facility.

Betty Mannarino

If you don't care about your pet or how much they charge you, by all means use this place. I took my 8 year old yorkie poo there. She was diabetic and having issues. They kept her for 2 1/2 days. When I picked her up it cost me over $2800 for those days and had to pay before they brought her out. When they brought her out her eyes were so caked up, they didn't bother to clean them. She died 3 days later. My cousin took her dog to a different vet, they diagnosed him as diabetic and kept him. They found a mass and removed it. He was there for 8 days and didn't make it. With the 8 day care, surgery and cremation it cost $1500. This place is a rip off.

Andrea Calhoun

Janice Brown

I was informed of a very old and very sick dog in our community. The owners could not afford to have the dog euthanized so I went with the owner and paid approx. $115.00 to have the dog euthanized so as to end his suffering. When I called Town & Country Animal Hospital they told me that the charge would be $84.00. Upon my arrival, I was told it would be $115.00. The poor VERY large dog was in my vehicle. I had no choice but to pay the $115.00 so as to end the dogs suffering. I went back Town & Country and politely explained the situation to the woman at the front desk and suggested that they refund me the difference. She said that because the dog had never been seen at their office I had to pay the higher charge, and that the person who quoted me the price on the phone had made an error. Had I been quoted the higher price, I would have taken the dog to my vet and paid only $83.00. This was not my error, but their employees error. I left my phone# and name and was told that the owner of Town & Country would call me. That never happened. Very poor business practices. I should mention that the dog was put to sleep in the back of my car by their vet. The dog never even entered the building, nor will I ever again.


As someone who has been involved in rescue for over 12 years, I've had more experience with veterinarians and animal hospitals than most. Town & Country is top-notch. From the doctors to the staff, everyone is thorough, professional and caring. I've been to vets who were good but support staff not so much, and the reverse. From top to bottom, these folks are all about providing the best care for the animal yet being supportive and understanding of the owner. My first experience was with my own old pup - and they saved him. Back again with a feral stray and they were just as incredible. A lot of vets treat rescue animals as second class, but everyone went out of their way to take it slowly, gently and softly so as to minimize the stress of our very fearful boy. Thank you Dr Gerster for setting the tone and helping to minimize the stress for this human too.

Jill Gualtieri

Had to take our dog to Town and Country on Saturday at 11pm for an emergency visit (she ate something she shouldn't have). The staff was amazing. I'm so grateful to them for taking such good care of our dog and being so kind and concerned about her. I can't say enough good things about this practice! A special thank you to Kristina, who was extra caring and helpful!

Brad Zalewski

Always good thorough service.

Stephanie Werner

Dr Gerster was absolutely amazing with our kitten. Our barn kitten got into some mischief and gashed his leg really badly. We rushed him to this animal hospital and they took him right back for surgery even though it was late at night. The doctor was so kind and she was generous enough to do what I asked and call when the kitty was out of surgery even though it was after midnight. I am forever greatly for this doctor! She's a sweetheart and our kitty is doing so well now!

Elizabeth Griffith

Excellent staff Dr Kristine Sharbowski and Dr Jennifer Gerster were truly caring and thoughtful during the passing of our 16 yr old red tabby Persians - Perdita and Esmeralda from kidney failure.

peggy mckenzie

Exceptional care and compassion!! Took my dear cat right back seeing her poor condition. Told them no heroics just confirm it was time that she not suffer. We were given a private room to say our goodbyes. Nothing was rushed and were treated with great dignity. Thank you to her staff and the Dr. They listened, they felt.

William McNamee

My dog was recently taken here for emergency help and although he did not make it I was extremely satisfied with how respectful, kind, compassionate, and professional that the staff was. It does seem that they love what they do and it is evident from the second you walk in the door.

Lindsey Nabozny

We took our 6th month old puppy here last night as an error visit. He was sneezing, coughing and very lethargic. The tech was wonderful with him and made us feel confortable. The vet was great too, he gave him a good check over, discussed with us what was going on, and came up with a plan. We were in and out with our little guy on the mend. Happy to say he's feeling much better today. So happy with your office, would highly recommend this vet!!

anna hagopian

My dogs (as well as other pets) have been under the care of Town & country for decades. I would not trust their healthcare to anyone else. From routine to emergency care they are the best. The receptionists, vet techs doctors all are kind, professional and knowledgeable. They treat my animals as they were their own. I would not go anywhere else for my animal's care!

Jyn N.

Expensive but usually worth it

Maryann Duffy

If i could vote lower i would. Money hungry and didnt even tell us what was wrong with our dog. Waited 30 minutes while staff ate talked and laughed! They ignored my mom till she yelled at the lady behind the counter. ( keep in mind she rolled her eyes and heavy sighed when we walked in, And complained to us that it was close to closing time! Rushed us out after giving us the most vage diagnosis and didnt even treat our dog! Very very disappointed! You should be ashamed of your selves along with shouldnt be a vet clinic if you dont care about animals!

Carmen Butuza

I will not recommend this place to anybody! We had the worst experience with our dog! Our Bichon was very sick pooping blood, we took him in on a Sunday, went back on following Tuesday because he wasn’t doing any better, and he would not hold down the antibiotics medicine, the doctor in charge refused to change his medication. Next day, on Wednesday we took Otto to Canton veterinary Hospital, and he got better right away. One star is too much to rate this place!

Burke Davis

I have never "rated" or reviewed anything online before, but I feel with experiences that I have had over the past 3-4 years I owe it to my neighbors to let them know what kind of place Towne & Country is. Over the time that I have been coming here, I have had 2 dogs and 4 cats. First of all scheduling is great. I have had some serious concerns with my animals over the years and have always been able to get into see a doctor within 3-4 hours (at most) without an emergency fee. This is because they are open 24-7, and are always willing to see an animal or even open the door for you to buy some specialty cat food you forgot about till 10pm. And to reiterate what another "Reviewer" has mentioned the staff is always compassionate, caring and understanding. Every time I have been there, every person I have met. I have been to other vets in the past and this one is truly the best I have encountered. I could get into all the positive experiences we have had there, but this would be pages long. The one thing that had brought me to write this is that we recently had to put one of our cats to sleep and I just received a card signed by the staff and a heart warming message from the technician whom we worked with. I will continue to take all of my animals (and kids if they let me) there in the future.

Dena Daher

shaun bhajan

My 18 year old cat tigger was on his last legs. Struggling around the house we decided to take him in. The reception staff, the assistant and Dr.Gerster was extremely compassionate and generous with their time. Thank you for making our final moments with tigger Pleasant.

RnH LaRose

Caring and Compassionate. Our very old doggie was experiencing some issues from cancer, affecting her ability to be comfortable. We knew it was time to let her go, but we didn't want to go to some sterile Vet clinic in a room she knew, so a friend told us about Towne & Country. We could not have been more happy. Having an already terrible day and difficult decision to make, Towne and Country made everything so calm and caring. They have a Family room where our girl was given a nice blanket to relax on, and everyone from the front counter to the Dr was so helpful and made this difficult time well, not so difficult. We were very impressed and thankful. Thank you from Weazy's family.

Martin S

I can not speak for the employees in general. How ever if your hours of operation are until 11pm stay open until 11pm not close down at 1050!! You work at a facility that people trust in you to be open and provide optimum care for their loved one(s). Pets included. I realize people work a long day. Been there and I still do it 6-7 days a week. I will not go to a facility that people count on that closes earlier than time posted. To me that reflects the care my dog would get, and that is below one star. You are a reflection of your work! ****Since this will not Allow me up respond back to the “owner” the appropriate way. I’ll reply this way. It’s not that your employee were “busy working” they were closing at 10 minutes before 11.... lights were turning off. Your facility states “Emergency”, I’ve never heard of an “Emergency” facility that closes before the posted time Unless posted or stated by other means. Maybe you need to change the name of your facility. Bad PR!! Again, a facility that closes earlier then the time posted (as stated above) is a reflection of their business. They want to “rush” to get out and done. ****

Cindy Barney

I had to take my kitty he was very lethargic couldn't poop or pee...the staff was great but the first doctor I had was a male doctor who could not look you in the eye and$400 later told me the kitty had a virus, which I kinda knew it wasn't that... took him back in the next day and saw a more detailed doctor who agreed with me that the kitty was constipated...and had a slight injury to his back.... I took him to another vet only to find out that yes he was constipated and also had a worm in his stool from mother not covered under the worming they get as kittens.... seriously this couldn't all have been done in one visit. The last vet I went to found everything in one visit. As for the first vet I would never go back to the male, but would see the female vet and staff was very nice.. for emergency I would go again great staff but would not ever see the male vet.

Tania Knowlton

Terrible place. Rude staff, over priced...terrible veterinary medicine.

Claire Val

I felt like I was paying for the palace of a place. Care was decent and Gretchen was very empathetic, but whoever the male doctor was was very crass and seemed unconcerned. Granted, nothing they could have done would have saved my pet, but I felt like I was more of a bother to him than a distraught pet owner. Take this review with a grain of salt though, because when I was there, I was extremely upset over my sick and dying pet and there was nothing they could have done for him.

Lou Ann Dauenhauer

I do not want to give them any stars but in order to leave a review you have to select at least 1 star. I wish I had read the reviews before we had taken our sweet baby to Town & Country animal hospital, Brighton. They take advantage of the love you have for your pets to suck so much money out of your pockets. Our 4 year old Maine Coon has digestive issues. He needed to see our vet for an fecal extraction which takes a few hours. We could not get him in so we called Town & Country animal hospital in Brighton (BIG MISTAKE) and we were able to bring him in the next day. We explained that he has had this issue before and what our regular vet would do. They said oh we have a better procedure and it would not be as uncomfortable for him. So we said ok. (ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE) We left him there on Monday thinking we would bring him home later that day or the next. Well we are now on day 3 and he is still compacted. Their "BETTER" procedure did not work and now they are doing the fecal extraction that we requested in the first place. But they couldn't do it right away because they had some emergencies come in and had to take care of them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! But we not only have to pay for the EXTRACTION, we have to pay for the procedure that didn't work and 3 days in the hospital. This poor baby could have been relieved in just a few hours at a cost of about $150.00. But he is still there, still uncomfortable and the bill is somewhere around $800.00. UPDATE: We picked Waui up this morning and the bill was over $1000. After my son showed them the previous vet bills from our vet they adjusted the amount down to $815.00. Never never never again!!! I will tell anyone that will listen. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET THERE!!! Always read reviews of a business. I am sure they will comment on how professional they are and try to dismiss these comments.

Cheyenne Shouse

Amazing vet. We had to put our American bulldog down a few weeks ago and our regular vet said she would not do it over at healthy pet in Milford Michigan, we took her to town and country and they were beyond great. From the way they treated us and our dog we couldn't have asked for a more peaceful experience. Great prices and people. They actually sent us a card saying how sorry they were for our loss.

Emily McRae

T&C is okay if you want to just keep your dog updated on shots but overall you should probably get a different vet. As stated in other reviews, the front desk is unhelpful and uncaring, and each visit will have you with a different vet. While some are fine, others seem terse and cold, so it's really a give and take with that. However, recently we officially switched to a new vet because of a very stressful experience. After a check up appointment on June 10th to get updated on shots, I scheduled an appointment for my puggle, Gracie, had to have surgery for two tumors on her front legs. My mom took her in for surgery and the woman at the front desk stated that Gracie wasn't scheduled for surgery, nor did she have any upcoming appointments, which is ridiculous because she had a follow up shot scheduled for July 1st. The woman was completely unhelpful and offered no solutions, didn't go to check with anyone, nothing. When asked if she even cared, she stated "Well she's not in the computer". My mom called a half hour after Gracie was scheduled for surgery and asked for an office manager or vet, when the woman said that neither was available, my mom asked for them to call her back. When an hour passed with no call, my mom checked to make sure the receptionist told the vet that she was waiting for a call, and the receptionist said yes, the vet was aware she was waiting for a call. Three hours passed and no call so we decided to look for another vet. Once we found a new vet that day, T&C took three hours to transfer vet records for our dogs and their records had stated that Gracie hadn't been in since 2013 which is 100% false since not only had I just taken her in but she had been there at least 3 times in 2014. I was able to find the receipt from my last visit and get a copy for our new vet and at 3pm we went back to T&C to get an explanation for why, even 7 or 8 hours later, we had no call back. At no point did we ever yell or scream at anyone, but perhaps if we did, they would have been quicker to call us back. Also- our new vet took note of all the bumps and warts Gracie had, which I have never seen anyone at T&C ever do and the high estimate for her surgery from the new vet was only $100 more than T&C's low estimate. Save your money, save yourself the stress, and save your pets: Don't go to Town and Country.

marion deland

We had to have our 12 year old yorkie euthanized in August...hardest thing ever to experience..,we’d like to thank the entire staff at Town an Country for their kindness and compassion they extended to us.They even made follow up contact by sending a thoughtful sympathy card signed by everyone! Highly recommend! We recently brought our new puppy there too. Service could not have been any better! I understand why this hospital won the Peoples Choice Award for 2017! Keep up the good work!


Jill Perkins

Jessica C

I understand the need for an emergency fee. But if there is no customers there and they're going to be there anyways why charge an extra $50?

Lynde Zlamal

We took our cat here as an emergent patient. I called an hour in advance and the receptionist was polite and upfront about all appointment fees. We made an appointment and were taken to a room promptly. We were informed that we would be delayed seeing the doctor though due to an actively seizing dog, which is totally understandable, and we appreciated being informed. Kyle the tech and Dr. Perkins were both compassionate and very professional, giving us fair and balanced advice based on what seemed to be the main issues with our cat, and then talked us through next steps. Dr. Perkins even called the next day to check in on Jenny and suggest repeating blood work due to very abnormal values - but at their expense, not ours. We saw them again and were treated very well. Thank you to the staff at Towne and Country! You have made a difficult time more bearable and thank you for treating us so respectfully.

Kera Reed

My cat was taken there because she was not eating or drinking. We originally went to get her fluids because she is in stage 2 kidney failure, that can be controlled with diet and fluids. The doctor required us to have her examined. Without having her medical records from our primary veterinarian, they proceeded to advise us to put her down. We went to our other vet and they gave us medication and said that she was still able to be treated. Knowing the discrepancy with what I was told by both places I am astounded by the malpractice of this place in making such a drastic call without having all of the information. If we took their advise we would have lost our pet. Thank god for the second opinion and in trusting that this place was not doing their job correctly.

Kyle Wimple

Kelli Kilduff

Great experience and great staff!!! I was immediately greeted with kindness and extremely helpful right from the very beginning. We recently moved here from the downriver area and were nervous to find a new vet office for routine AND emergency care IF needed. We got lucky and found both, my two Goldens will for sure be heading there from now on for all veterinary care!!!

Angella Mickowski

Susanne Towler

We have always had excellent care for our fur babies from Towne & Country. I would not go to anyone else. We moved to Livingston County in 2004 and have trusted Towne & County veterinarians with every dog and cat we have owned and loss.

Henry Benjamin

PET OWNERS BEWARE!!!!!!! What ever you do DON'T take your loving pet to this BUTCHER SHOP!!! They are only interested in your $$$$ money.. I have 3 dogs and finally have accepted the fact that they are rip off artists. Went there with one of my dogs Brody because of excessive itching. PAID there emergency fee of $85.00 plus each time. Was told my dog has an allergy to her food, was given a steroid and an antibiotic.. After two or so weeks still the same and took Brody back another emergency fee plus fees but different vet. Was told he didn't like the previous vet's handling of the type of antibiotics that it would not work and given new antibiotics and new food of course it is the food he said. prescription food needed more money now. Well of course now my other dog has the same itching problem Norman two weeks later. Took both dogs up tonight felling really bad for my pets. Drove to town and country at midnight and I was upset and explained to them that this is crazy and I wasn't going to be ripped off again. Was told vet had an emergency surgery, of course I was the only car there that I had to pay the emergency fee if I wanted to see the vet. I said of course if I pay the extra $85 I could get right in. What happened to the emergency operation I said. $85 or leave, I left thank you jesus. These people are rip offs. I don't care about there response. It seems they have an answer to everybody but the truth will win out. They never have the same vets there always have young vets just out of school. I rather take my loving pets to someone seasoned, THEY DESERVE IT. OH THEY WILL WANT ME TO CALL MELISSA,RIGHT FOR WHAT, MELISSA WASN'T THERE OR DOES SHE EVEN CARE ? TOMORROW COUNTRYSIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL UPDATE THAT YOU MUST READ!!!!!!!! I went to Countryside animal hospital today. What a breath of fresh air. The vet who saw me actually had grey hair, not someone who was just learning to shave. I figured I needed a seasoned professional and that is what I GOT!!! Of course he new what was wrong right away. MITES just in two minutes of examination. WOW it was not a food allergy. You mean I don't have to buy the expensive food from you. No he laughed just a simple application of medicine and we were gone. He said that the other or as I put it THE BUTCHER SHOP would not be able to detect these mites by scrapping something only a seasoned Professional I think would know. BETTER WATCH OUT TOWN AND COUNTRY when I need meat I will call on you my favorite BUTCHER SHOP. BUYERS BEWARE OF TOWN AND COUNTRY THEY WILL KILL YOUR LOVED PET!!!!!!! AGAIN THANK YOU JESUS......AND COUNTRYSIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL IN HOWELL on grand river ave.

Lynne Gatz

I had to bring my cat Rocky in on an emergency basis to Town and Country on Sunday August 4th. From the receptionist to the technician to Dr. Natasha everyone was kind and compassionate. I can't thank all of you enough for your help and time on this day. Even though the outcome was not positive, they gave me all the time I needed with my friend. They treated Rocky so wonderfully and caring and I would recommend Town and Country Animal Hospital to all my friends and family. Thank you.

Carly Rowe

I will never return here. One of my dogs received a third degree thermal burn from a procedure they performed. A week after the procedure, they failed to accurately diagnose the issue, telling me she had cut herself outside. A year prior to this incident,they told me to crate rest my other dog for a back issue for 2 days, when in reality he needed minimum 21 days of crate rest. Do your homework and go somewhere else! They have no clue what they're doing. You rarely see the same doctor twice. Front desk staff couldn't care less that you are - expect to wait. Techs and doctors are judgmental and cold.

Scott Till

My pot-belly pig was 11.5 years old, when I took her for check-up, memorial day 2007. after 5 x-rays, I was advised to put her down. They had a pet pot-belly who had similar symptoms, they had just put down, also born in 1995. I felt my piggy had some time left, and went to Salem vet, where I was told she may just be constipated. It turned out to be a blockage, but no operation was ever performed. This Thanksgiving, Nov 2014, will be our 20th together. But the most disgusting aspect of this vet, was that when I requested those 5 x-rays, only 4 were sent...and the one I distinctly recall...was the one showing the blockage in her bowels. The misdiagnosis I can stomach, but pulling the 1 x-ray that showed her problem is unconscionable. Salem vet on 6 mile... real professionals!

Sharon Byler


Sarah Wakefield

Jennifer Lingenfelter

Never take your pet here EVER. I do not use towne & country for vet care but I did decide to board my dog with towne & country while I was on vacation due to the lower price. My dog was up-to-date on all shots and vaccines with my own vet. When I dropped her off they explained to me that they require all dogs to be vaccinated. That was no problem for me because she was up-to-date on everything so I signed the estimate and left. They did not ask me if it was okay to vaccinate my dog while she stayed at the clinic, nor did they did they tell me they needed her updated paperwork sent to their office. They also made no attempt to contact me or her primary vet BEFORE they vaccinated her. Unacceptable. When I arrived to pick her up they handed me a $300 bill with all of her vaccines, including a heartworm exam, which, even if she had heartworm, is not contagious and not a threat to the other animals at the clinic. I explained to them that I was not properly informed that they were going to vaccinate her and that they also did not explain what they needed from me in order for this not to happen. They told me it was my fault for not providing her paperwork even though they had many opportunities to ask for it (1) when I called to set up the boarding (2) when I dropped her off (3) the following morning when I called to let them know her dietary restrictions. They then told me they were being generous for cutting my bill in half for services I DID NOT NEED. They do not care about their clients or the pets, they only see you as a transaction. STAY AWAY.

Tina Reddick

Heather Johnson

I have been taking my dog to T&C since 2013. The facility is beautiful; however, that is where it ends. The front desk staff is very short with you and the services are considerably overpriced (may be to fund the beautiful facility?). A few years ago my dog developed some pain in her back/lower region. I took her to T&C and they examined her, took her in the backroom, then came back in with her and said they expressed her glands. They gave her a prescription and sent us on our way but not before charging us over $100 for this! I never had a dog with this type of problem so I did some research and learned I could've taken my dog across the street to Bathe Your Buddy and had the service done for $9. Lesson learned. Fast forward to today. My dog needs to have a growth removed from her lip which two vets at T&C have looked at. T&C gave me a quote of between $800-$900. Feeling this quote seemed excessive, I took my dog to Dansville Vet Clinic and my dog is now scheduled for surgery next week at Dansville Vet for $125. Same surgery but $775 less. I feel T&C is more interested in fattening their balance sheet vs. taking care of animals and working with the owners. I even told T&C of the price difference thinking they would come down on the quote but the woman only said "Ok, sounds good". I'm not sure how that could sound good since they're losing my business?

Carolann Plank

Took my dog to this vet because she was limping. Our dog wouldn't let us put a muzzle on and the vet didn't even touch her or examine her but said she probably had a pulled muscle and $133 later she sent us on our way with anti inflammatory drugs to take for a week. We took her to a different vet and they put her out to expat her leg and determined she had a torn acl Completely different way of handling our dog. Just do you know we've taken our dog to the first vet for four yeRs. No more.

Monee Phipps

I have to say that my family and I have taken our animals to town and country for 25 years. 7 animals later it was time to take my beloved Pete the cat to be put to sleep. One of the hardest decisions anyone anyone ever makes. When we arrive with Pete in our arms we were let back to the room that I have sadly been in before. The room is a very comforting space with couches and rainbow bridge signs. The receptionist at the counter came to take our payment before services were rendred. I completely understand that. As she takes our card the vet techs come in with "the needle" at this time we are bawling we know what's coming. But the receptionist hops in front of the vet trecks to get our credit card signed! I think the receptionist needs to be spoken with about customer service and learn a little empathy! The medical staff was amazing , for myself to be mad enough to even write a review is important.

Sarah Heddleston

Cassey Jones

I am so sad to read these other reviews. My dog snuck a corn cob out of the garbage and it caused a bowel obstruction. We took him to Town and Country and they could not have been any better with him. They promptly x-rayed him and diagnosed the problem. He was in surgery very shortly after. The vet was honest and compassionate when explaining what happened and what needed to be done. She was so gentle with him and kind to him, it made everything so much easier. Every time I called to check on him, they had a very clear update with how he was doing. I felt like everybody there was focused on helping him get better. I see a lot of people upset about prices. If you need to have emergency service performed for your dog or cat, it will be pricey. That is a burden that comes with having a pet. I am so thankful for all that the staff at Town and Country did for my pup!

Suzie Townsend

Save your time and money and go elsewhere. I brought my puppy here for all check ups and shots after I rescued him. They quoted me over the phone the prices but when it came time for the bill there were a ton of extra charges that I did not know about. I thought, ok, that comes with owning a pet. I'll give them another chance. I brought up (not the vet) the need for heartworm pills. A dosage was given. To end out the series, he got his rabies shots. The vet never stated side effects or what could happen if he had reactions or what I should do. Well after he started puking non stop later that day they just said bring him in- I take him back and pay more $$. Yet, I still decided to try one more time. I asked them if there was anything else I had to do or anymore treatments/shots he needed. They said no. I assumed I was good for the rest of the year. I am been giving him his heartworm pills regularly and on time. I didn't realize I needed another one for this weeks dosage until the day I was supposed to give it to him. I ran in on my lunch break and was told that he is now 10 months old and that I was supposed to bring him in at 6 months for a heartworm test and they would not give him any pills until he had the test. I told the girl behind the desk that I would make an appointment now but needed the pill to give him today. She said "no, we don't do that." I told her I would make the appointment and she huffed that she would ask the vet. After 1 minute of going behind the door she came back out and said "nope. You have to bring him in first." I then asked her to make a copy of all his records as I was going to take him elsewhere. She was very smug and did not even provide all of the records until I stated I wanted his rabies certificate. There was not even an apology or "how can I keep this customer" attitude. Just plain attitude. This was the 3rd and last chance of receiving poor customer service and the I don't care attitude. Me and my dog will definitely be headed down 23 toward Hartland where they are much friendlier, competent, and an overall better value.

Zoy Damas

Never take your pet here. They will tell you that they need to run test after test to figure out the problem and give you an estimate of what the problem is. Only issue is they will try to trick you into more expensive work making you think that they discovered the problem only to say they discovered other problems so they try to squeeze every penny out of you then to say your pet needs to be euthanized. They had made me pay a deposit over the phone in the amount of $600 which is for the surgeries they claimed she needed. Later that night a different doctor called me saying there is no point in doing surgery and its best to euthanize her. They thought they were slick so when I went to pick up my pet they told me I can't have her unless I pay them a balance of $248.00. I explained to them that if you would of told me she needed to be euthanized then obviously I would of taken my pet and left. They did absolutely nothing and they didn't even give my pet food or water. My pet was starving. They even called the cops on me when I said I'm not paying your bogus charges that I didn't approve and I'm taking my cat. I offered to pay for the services I approved which was $248.00 and according to Doctor tuba lard he said he would be able to see what's wrong with her + the cost of medicine but because they got greedy, called the cops on me and threatened to kidnap my pet I have disputed all charges with my credit card and they are now gettting nothing. I should have pressed charges against them for holding onto my pet like that and the fact that they claimed that I approved those charges they are morons. I never signed anything stating I agree and they even wrote the word "verbal" next to signature. That won't hold up in court. They are nothing but a bunch of lying crooks who tried to steal from the wrong person. Oh and by the way, I took my pet elsewhere and they were discusted that they said they wanted to euthanize my pet when she just needed some surgery. I would like to wish them the best of luck because soon they will be shutting their doors for good. STAAAAAY AWAAAAAAY, FAAAAAR AWAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Remember this Town Country, you work for "US" not the other way around.

Michigan STEM Scholarship for Women

If you care about your animals this is a MUST READ. I have been bringing my two indoor cats to T&C AH for 4 years. We started going to them when my older cat was bit by something outside and they took care of him very well. Because of the first successful visit, I continued to get regular vaccines from them annually. Two years ago I noticed very poor customer service at the front desk (waiting a very long time, being ignored, and grumpy staff), which still exists today. This year we went for our annual vaccines and 7 days after my older cat started sneezing, two days after this, my younger cat started sneezing and coughing (they call it cat cough - similar to having a cold, incubation time 6-7 days). I took them back to the T&C AH to be seen since one of my cats was so sick he was no longer eating, drinking and was running a fever! I will never return after I watched the technician take my younger cats temperature (in his anus), and then immediately using the same thermometer to take my older cats temperature not cleaning the instrument or covering it in anyway. I will never take my cats back to this clinic, they spread disease and viruses and have a less than attentive staff.

Anissa troutt

Joshua Young

I would not recommend this vet. After an incident where I needed some help, the clinic seemed more concerned over charging every last possible penny out of me. Rather than looking out for the care of the animal, I had to fight with them just to let me come in and have them give my dog medicine. Over the phone they tried telling me just for them to administer a pill which takes 2 seconds, I would be charged $75 emergency fee, the full cost of a visit, and the cost of the pill. I told them how dumb this was, all that needed to be done was to put a pill in his mouth. No checkup, no exam, nothing just 1 pill. For this pill, they made me wait 45 minutes.

Duke Kelly

We love this place. It is always easy to get an appointment and they are flexible and non-judgemental about options and choices when taking care of your pet. We have not had any issues with the staff or service. It makes us feel better that we have the same place for regular appointments as we could have in an emergency since they are open 24 hours. The staff has even helped us over the phone and saved us some money. Glad we switched!

angie baldwin

*one star selected so I could leave a review, based on reading the current posted reviews, while I was researching a veterinary clinic for my fur babies. In researching where to take and who I would choose to trust with my furry family members, I must say, I am quite appalled at the responses left/given in regards to reviews left by dissatisfied customers. Responses seem to be condescending and audacious, to say the least....

Susan Hughes

I only gave them a one star because I can't give them less to give a review. I called today because my dog was actively dying and we wanted to do a heartfelt euthanasia. I was told that the next available appointment was in 2 days, unless we wanted to pay an extra "emergency" fee. We found another vet that took us in today. Sadly, our guy passed as the vet that took us in was preparing to do the euthanasia.. We are moving our young guy to another vet. All I see is $$$$ and no compassion. It doesn't matter what history you have with this vet's office....they are all about the almighty dollar! My heart is broken as I write this!!!

Pat Rogers

This is the best vet I have ever had, and I pass up 3 vets to come here.

Donna Boyer

They kept my baby. We took her in screaming in pain with a baby stuck. While in the waiting room hearing her scream We tried everything to get the $1800 they wanted to save her. Rather than work with with us they said they'd save her but we would have to give her up. My heart is broken and im sad thinking about how she felt waking up from surgery and daddy and Mommy weren't there. I can't stop crying and I miss my Gracie. I Wonder if these people can even sleep at night. I'm sure they felt they were protecting her deeming us irresponsible pet owners that she was even pregnant in the first place. But when we got her she was already pregnant . She was given to us by someone who could no longer care for her and didn't want her passed around anymore. We were supposed to be here forever home. Who are these people to decide they could provide better for her then we can just because we don't have that kind of money laying around.

Amy Hawker

It's pricey but they care about your pets so much!

Ronda Hawkins

Great staff, doctors & owners!!

Kelly Malewicz

I brought my dog in on the 1st because she was not feeling well. Turns out she was really sick. Her stomach had twisted around. My dislike for this place was the dr herself. I don't know her name because she never introduced herself. She walked into the room and looked as if we were a total disturbance to her. As she was explaining what could be wrong with her, she kept looking at my 12 year old daughter who didn't understand what she was talking about. I was sitting next to my daughter. Couldn't understand why she wasn't talking to the adult. In the end we ended putting our dog to sleep. The dr did seem somewhat compassionate while doing this saying she was sorry. She also was nice enough to give us clay paw prints of my dog. Surgery could have been an option but no guarantee. My thought when surgery was mentioned was the dr is not performing any surgery on my dog when clearly she was annoyed when first walking into the room. How you present yourself it has lasting impressions. If you are not happy doing your job find a different job that doesn't have such an impact on people's life.

Renee Wagner

Chris L

Horrible ... I brought my cat in because he had not been acting right and peeing a lot ... he is diabetic come to find out . First thing Doctor says to me is we can have him put down .... I could have smacked the lady ! Did not even give me options first.. I said out of the question . Instantly I am prescribed the most expensive insulin again without talking other options . Had to bring him back in couple times for blood check and a 12 hour stay .. all $$$ ... I contact the place down the road .. 20 bucks to have him tested that's it .. now is when I got really pissed !!!! They wanted to do another 12 hour check and I had to leave town so I boarded him there !!! HORRIBLE MISTAKE ! .My cat barely ate and was scared put of his mind when I picked him up . How can you get real accurate reading like that?? You can't!!! On top of it HE WAS COVERED IN URINE AND FECES !!!! I WAS LIVID! If you want to know how this place operates look how he responds to his reviewers !!! This place is horrible and is a money maker that's it for them . They don't care about your pets and they are absolutely rude the whole time . Couldn't ever get a straight answer from any of them . Thank God I have a home vets now WHO IS CHEAPER TO COME TO MY HOUSE !!! Response... I left the review after dealing with a new vet and realize how bad I was ripped off ... No , your first response was to put him down ... you didn't mention other options at first . that is a complete lie . Didnt even give me an option for treatment just the most exspensive stuff you could push on me . My cat is still living and going strong thanks to our new clinic at a way better rate and better options for his care . Without the high cost that your clinic charges . More lies ... they lady even told us he would barely eat . He came home with almost the same sized bag of food I brought. Keep trying to cover your butts . All lies . I would never put my cat through the torture of your clinic again . And from the reviews I am not the only one ....

Gerri Killee

We have been going here for nearly one year. I cannot say how much I appreciate their care for my dogs. In addition. They have fabulous time management. I don't think my pups and I have waited in a room more than five minutes before seeing a doctor. Much appreciated, and keep up the good work!

Early Learning Center

We had to take our dog there after hours when he was unable to breath. (Note I took him to our regular vet 2 days prior and was told he had a cold). The vet at T&C took such great time in finding out what was the problem was. It turned out he had cancer in his chest. At that visit they set up us to see the cancer institute the very next day. When I called the cancer institute in the morning, all my dog's paperwork was there and they were expecting my call. T&C helped us work with institute and them as a team. T&C tried every effort to extend our dogs life. They got him in immediately and were very concerned and compassionate every time they saw us. He had several complications due to the cancer and they helped every time. Every procedure and medication was explained in detail. I believe they were able to extend his life by 5 months because of their accurate and aggressive treatment. When we finally had to make the tough choice to say goodbye. They were so gentle, kind, and caring. I think the vet had a tear in her eye. I do see a different vet every time, but I never ask to see a certain one. I don't mind because I think they are all great. We have never had a bad experience there. I am sorry for the other individuals that have had a bad experience. We were just so lucky to have them caring for our dog in his last months. He got the right diagnosis at T&C, and I loved the card they sent us.

Aubrey Steeves

NEVER BRING YOUR PET HERE. Brought my 6 month old puppy in, with a concern of some type of blockage due to the fact he was throwing up liquid that smelled like feces, and had terrible diarrhea. Me and my boyfriend were treated very unfairly, more than likely due to our age. None of the staff seemed to be concerned, and acted as if we were an annoyance when all we came here to do was make sure our puppy was okay. All they seemed to care about was money, and wouldn't give any answers without me paying for test after test. Ended up paying $85.00 dollars for them to take his weight, temperature and that's about it. Doctor who I don't have a name for because she failed to introduce herself, complained about her 16 hour shifts. Very rude and unprofessional money eating company. Would never recommend them nor take any animal to them.

Fay Anani

I love this clinic! Honestly they are so nice and the clinic itself is so pretty and comforting, I took my dog there for an emergency surgery and they were so accommodating and most importantly they did an amazing job on her, they took very good care of her while she spent the night with them I only wish they were closer to me so I could make them my permanent Venerian office for both of my dogs I absolutely love this place and if I ever need anything else they will be the place I call! The staff and the Dr’s were amazing! Thank you for taking good care of Bella and making her and I so comfortable!

Danielle Glass

Marie Bush

The morning I brought my 16 year old dog there, I knew I would have no other choice but to put him down. I called them on the way to let them know we’d be coming in. Not be too graphic but his insides appeared to be coming if of his back end so I had to carry him in on his bed and literally had to stand in the lobby holding my 70 lb. dog who was most likely in a lot of pain while we waited. When they finally got us into a room, it was so loud and over stimulating with the chatter and laughing from the staff. A tech barged into the room talking so loud about payment that my dog was trying to get up. I actually had to ask her to lower her voice so he would stop trying to stand up. I did not feel that the staff had any empathy or awareness of how hard that experience was. I had never had to put a pet down and I really wish that his last moments could’ve been peaceful and calm but instead it was chaos. I will not be bringing our other pets here.

Joseph Reddick

We have been taking our dogs here for nearly 20 years! They have always been very nice and Seem to truly care about our dog's Great veterinarian's

Rachelle Burrell

I first came to then with a chicken that got attacked and had a terrible head wound and they compounded medication in office for her at a very reasonable price. I soon brought my other pets to them and they have taken excellent care of them. They are average in pricing when compared to any other vet. I find them very competent and understanding of budget limitations also. I also appreciate the long regular clinic hours.

Jennifer Johnston

We took our dog(Rocky) in on 6/6/2016 for an emergency visit. Rocky is dog aggressive due to being attacked when he was 6months old so any vet visit is stressful for both us and him. The staff was great, making sure no other dogs were in the waiting area when we got there and ushering us into a room right way so Rocky was out of sight of other dogs. He came in with some pain to his neck but during the exam the physician also noticed he had some bladder tenderness. After a urine specimen is was determined he had a small bladder infection and was at some risks for stones, which explains why he had been so "off". Happy to report he is back to normal chasing the ducks at home and the pain is all gone in both areas. I was a little worried about what an emergency vet bill was going to be but was very surprised as it was almost half of what I expected and that included the medication to go home with. We will be back and will be switching from Salem to Town and Country for our other dogs! Thanks again!!

nicole helter

Me and my mom have had three dogs over the last 20 years cared for by towne and country. We have had nothing but excellent care for all of are doggies. My moms dog Daffy just recently passed away and it was very hard the staff was great even sent my mom a beautiful card where they had all wrote special things to cheer her up! If I ever get another dog again I would not go anywhere else but here!

Patricia Kelly

Fast and courteous.

ashleigh semrau

Money hungry and play on people’s emotions...BEWARE!

Trombonology Erstwhile

Towne & Country Animal Hospital, on whom I have relied to attend to my dogs' health needs for the last nearly twenty years, recently saw my two Jack Russells through back-to-back bouts of pancreatitis. In the case of the first, I worried that I would lose my little girl, Prudence, when her condition plummeted at home. Comprehensive testing at Towne & Country confirmed the doctors' initial diagnosis of pancreatitis, and an overnight stay at the hospital found Prudence dramatically improved and on the road to rapid full recovery. A little over a week later, Prudence's brother, Aubrey, was stricken with the same ailment. Towne & Country again came to our rescue. Both dogs are again doing beautifully -- now on a doctor-prescribed low-fat diet to reduced chances of a recurrence. I will forever be grateful to Towne & Country, for saving my fur babies -- and for the thoroughness and kindness with which the doctors and staff discussed the diagnosis and treatment options with me.

Heather Hooppaw

Towne and Country has taken great care of all of our furry friends. They are always friendly and patient whenever I call with questions. This past summer, our sweet pup Katie passed away. They helped us take care of everything after and were even kind enough to send a card of love and support. I truly love the staff at Towne and Country. They always make me feel of high priority, whether its for an appointment or emergency situation. I appreciate them and all that they do!

C Kelly

My parents took their 7 year old cat their on Sunday because he was acting out of the ordinary. After arriving we got a call from my step dad within MAYBE 15 minutes telling us that the vet said they needed to put Binx down. (I thought strange how did they know that in just 15 minutes of arriving. But what do I know). The compassion was non existent from the employees. If he absolutely needed to be put down they would of comforted my family but yet they were just worried about how much money they were going to make. They knew what was wrong with Binx and instead of making him better as a Vet Hospital should, they were more interested in payment and offer no options. They were more then happy to put Binx down! My mother is devistated and these people have only cared about making money. Binx is no longer with us a victim of the money machine know as... TOWN & COUNTRY VETERINARY HOSPITAL LOCATED IN BRIGHTON MI.

Keith Ramsay

LeAnne Sharp

I took my dog here to have a lump diagnosed. While the vet and vet tech were reasonably nice, the girl at the desk was extremely rude to us. Then I went to another vet in the area for a second opinion and Towne and Country faxed over the wrong xrays. The sent xrays of a large dogs leg. I have a shihtzu with abdominal xrays. To make things worse, Towne and Country wanted to administer immunizations before they would do the surgery. The other vet office said they recommend AGAINST that as the immunizations mess with a dogs immune system and we are trying to fight a cancerous tumor - not the time to mess with the immune system! Lastly, the vet herself, did not examine the lump nearly as much as the other vet office did. It was as though she was fearful of touching it. The other vet thoroughly examined the lump, being able to describe it as very round and not reaching out - an important factor in determining if surgery is the correct route to go. I do not recommend Towne and Country. Actually I advise against using them.

Babs Rambold

they did a good job on my rabbit's neutering. years ago unfortunately I lost my puppy there due to parvo, but it wasn't their fault but rather the vet before them. they do frown upon feeding raw and being more holistic. so I won't go back.

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