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REVIEWS OF Pol Veterinary Services IN Michigan

Andrea Chiles

Dr Pol is the BEST! He has been my vet for over 30 years. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Steven Powers

Not accepting new patients but love the clinic and the staff!

Sebastien Vendette

Horrible vet. Only place near Mt. Pleasant that sells specialized dog food but won't sell it because they don't take new clients... worst vet services I have encountered.

David Sayre

If you are going for a “meet and greet” make sure you have a “meet and greet” appointment

Mickey Arcy

Yes I love that place

Gary Rosenberger

Great street tacos!!!!

Molly Musgrove

Dr pol and Charles and Charles mom work together nice and each there show on national geographic it is amazing even my dad likes it

Talesa Wanless

Love Dr. Brenda!! She is the only vet that has helped Jake with him allergies and not being sick all the time. Thank you so very much!!!!

Camden Crain

I love this place so much! They are so helpful! I would really recommend this place, all they vet are super nice, they try and help and save all animals!! Love them!

Kathy Cunningham

Kind wonderful and knowledgeable people. I highly recommend this place.

gina kramer

Magnificent Vets and staff!!

Felicia Daniels

I personally love watching Doctor Pol, Doctor Brenda and Doctor Emily on all three of the shows. I only wish Michigan wasn't so far away for me to bring my three fur babies to see Dr Pol in person. Superfan

Jess Mo

Wonderful people! They were very caring when I lost my cat a few months ago. Dr. Pol was a very kind man. Thank you.

Kris Los

Wonderful place to take your pet. Been our family vet for over 30 years

Kay Bug

Very friendly, makes time for and and work, the most lovely family, cares just as much about a chicken as a cow or any other animal that is a pet. Very down to earth and reasonable.

Linda Page

Very caring and compassionate people there. Vets are very knowledgeable

Fingertips AD

Different and better approach to veterinary services. Doctors always get along with my pet just fine and are very knowledgeable and helpful.

sue lindgren

Can't go in but at least I found it!

Gloria Frazier-Szalay

Called because my newfie was sick talked to Brenda and we lived to far away and they weren't taking any new patients. Brenda was great.

Chelly Davenport

Was visiting from Florida big fan of the show

Saucy Rossy

I've been bringing my animals here for my whole life and this is a one fantastic Vet!

Nancy Bogart

It is a pleasure working with this vet service. All the staff are nice and helpful. They work you in to their busy schedule. They are understanding and sympathize when the outcome is not positive.

Chris Scriber

Interesting to see in person.

Todd Graham

Doctor Pol has always been a great help. He responds to veterinary emergencies 24/7. Great tv show too.

horse lover

It is awesome great service

G-Sneaks. Com

I’m in Canada and I’m watching your show right now on Nat Geo. Great show

Lisa Sims

Dr. Pol, Dr Brenda & Dr Emily are the best vets to work with. They truly care about the animals, and their owners, regardless if it's your beloved dog, cat, cow or goat!

Rosemary Meehan

I honestly believe that the animals come first with dignity and love for there job.

Stur War

So I call to just simply get puppy shots, and a lady asks me if I have an account. I tell her no and that I would like to create one. She says we aren't accepting new clients for months. Very incredible of you, Dr. P. Very awesome way to drum up business. I didn't even want to be filmed, just wanted puppy shots for Jesus Murphy's sake. He's the only vet I want to go to in my area and what if it's life threatening next time? I went in there and got worm medicine for my cats no problem. But oh no, puppy shots are just a whole new big huge deal. If this is how you are going to turn down aspiring paying customers that just want their animals alive then I do not want any part of it.

Joan Robinson

Everyone polite and explained what my cat needed. I asked about being fixed. Doc Brenda went out to counter with me made the appointment and asked what day good for us...dr pol same way..we have seen all dr for different cats. Love going there

Kelli Bridget

Verry helpful and reasonable prices

Julie Alderton

1st. Issue 2017 Pony sick, vet diagnosed with founder. Farrier comes 4th day, says not founder, She died 5th day. 2nd issue. 2019 Asked to do autopsy on 9 month old cat that died night b4. They said within 2 hours. I left. 6 hours later cat has decayed in their garage, (forgot to put in cold storage)? Told nothing in Xray, yet another vet i took xrays to saw broken neck! 3rd issue 2019 Percheron limping. Vet diagnosed tendonitis. 8 days later horse getting worse. Farrier back from vacation. Diagnosed horse with thrush in foot. 3 days horse better. But I'm concerned with a different symptom. Called pohls after hours emergency # I get same vet who misdiagnosed horse. She said pohl cant come and she has projects. I say what does that mean, you can't come? she said no... Apparently she doesn't care to make it right.

Some One

Dr. Pol, I know you personally aren't responsible for this, but I just have to post about the experience my daughter's friend had today when she called your office for HELP, and was RUDELY turned away. This poor girl has called every vet in the county, as well as Gratiot county and Montcalm, and ALL have turned away her pregnant cat because she only has $100 down (until her Friday check). This poor cat is less than a year old, is PREGNANT, and is NO LONGER ABLE TO URINATE! She called your office in desperation, and not only did the woman on the phone turn her away, she was RUDE, and DID NOT EVEN SYMPATHIZE with her and the AGONY this poor expectant mother is going through! Over the years that we have been watching your show, we have heard you say many times that the animal comes first. Well what about THIS animal? Just because she isn't your patient, you're not accepting new patients, and the girl only has $100 (until Friday), she, and her unborn babies, may have been sentenced to DEATH. And not just death for the mother, but an AGONIZING DEATH! The owner has been trying since Monday morning to find a vet, ANY VET, to help her suffering cat, and just like every other vet in THREE COUNTIES - YOU TURN HER AWAY! I realise that you aren't accepting new patients because you're already so busy, but we thought maybe an exception would be made in the case of an emergency, and this is definitely an emergency. They are desperately trying to raise funds, but as you know time is not on their side. Because of this, I will never be able to watch your show in the same light again. I'm not even sure I'll be able to watch your show at all.

John Krout

Love the show, Jeeps all the way !!!!!

Olivia Oswald

I have no personal experience with Pol veterinary services, but from what i see on tv , Dr. Pol and his staff are amazing , with a deep caring and love for all animals... he should be called " The incredible amazing Dr. Pol " I love the show , im just wondering why it is no longer on . If anyone knows , including Dr. Pol and staff , please post and tell why he is no longer on .. The show is terribly missed by me , and im sure alot of other people as well ...

marsha divelbiss

They take real good care of your pet. Compassionate people


Great people and most after vet around.

Cerynna Athena Tanzy

Pet vet around the state.. I'd drive 12 hours to to use him again.. thx again Dr. POL

Sharon Dalessandro

Awesome vet and staff total animal lover awesome show too

John Steele

Great show if you like vet shows. Not really sure how visiting thier website qualifies me to review their services, but google is asking for a review. What I can tell you is that doc Pol appears to be quite the vet and a character to boot. He and is family seem to share many of the things my wife and I live by. I think I would really enjoy meeting them. If I lived closer I would take our lab to them as they truly seem to care for the animals.

Connor Gooding

I think your shows are the best I think they're just like awesome because of the way how you treat because of the way how he treats animals and to help them it's just beyond cool I think a lot of you guys can agree on that special lotta Animal owners I like cats and dogs cats the best I've had two dogs they're really cool their names were Tori and Mae Mae my cat name is Jasper maybe one day all of the other TV show it's just a possibility but I just was possible he doesn't mean it can't happen

John Hackman

Absolute first-rate veterinary services

Nick Main

My wife and I take our dog here to keep his shots up to date because of the reasonable prices. The staff have always been very helpful and friendly. The facility could use some cosmetic updates though.

Kim Johnson

Always takes good care of animals. Sees a very wide variety of patients. Any staff I have dealt with have been friendly and helpful. Also doesn't cost a arm and leg just to be seen without any care.

Jamie Schumacher

Great services. No wait to get my pup in and out

Denise Shears

Love taking our pets here. Everyone is amazing!! They truly love their jobs, and it shows.

Joseph Richards

Excellent care quick service highly recommend

Brenda Burger

I called looking for a vet for my sick chameleon. The lady who answered the phone rudely said “no, we don’t take look at chameleons” and basically hung up on me. After this experience, I will never call this office for advice or watch his show again.

Lisa Patino

We love your show Dr. Pol we watch it everyday AWESOME your terrific⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Olivia Good

My dog recently passed and I never once shared my experience at Dr. Pol's office until now. All of the vets that ever treated my dog, Biskit; Went above and beyond trying to give him the best life possible with his increasingly worse condition. When the time came to Put him to rest Dr. Sharkey who was treating his condition for months was extremely accommodating and helped the process go smoother. I know my family and I are extremely grateful to all who helped our beloved friend during his lifetime, and we continue to rely on Pol Veterinary Services for our other Pet's needs.

Jody-lynn Janisse

Dr. Pol and his staff are very down to earth and welcoming. This is our dog Hercules. An American Alsatian.

Jerry Fulwider

Amazing Show.... Fun true reality tv it's best!!!


Hi dr. Pol. How are you? I love animals

jaime stegall

I have been going to pol for 30years and have never had a problem,they are patient,always kind,and they don't charge a lot

Jordan Doane

I am your biggest fan massage me plz i need tip on how to deal with two thirteen year both zeus the male and zora the female send the tips through messager

Sharon Daniel

As always, wonderful staffing and oh so kind.

William Cook

This place is amazing, people here are wonderful and really nice let our family take a tour and a meet and greet with Mr pol himself if we lived closer he would be our perminit vet

William Foster

My wife and I had to make a hard decision for our pet, we called local veterinarians and we were told the same thing time and time again, "we cannot work with your mini pig". When we called the office and expressed our concerns, we made the trip and Dr Pol spent the time to get to know our situation and our pets situation. Given the hard decision we had to make that day, we were assured over and over that we were doing the right thing. The team is fantastic the atmosphere feels like family. Thank you Dr Pol and team.

Mellisa Bean

Always there to help my fur baby's when they need it , always like family.

Rise Schneider

Watch show and visited - such REAL, wonderful folks!

Susan Rogers

I'm a biggest fan of polveterinaryservices.doctorjanpol.

Victoria Hagner

I thank Dr pol is a very sweet person hope to meet him some day

Robin Mitchell

Always love taking my pets to Dr. Pol's. They are very knowledgeable.

Karen Turner

Best place to go for your pets well being! I'm treated fairly and my pets have gotten treatment that works for them! Pol Veterinary Services staff are helpful and kind. Love the people here! The best in the business! Thank you Pol Veterinary Services for all you do!

Kris Knopp

Dr. Pol is amazing. So kind hearted. Love him and his staff.

jesse turnbull

An amazing facility also they are great people and true down to earth so humble. Also the TV show is amazing the stuff he can do and just know is ridiculous

Curtis Grubbs

My wife and I stopped to take pictures out front so we did no go in. It was a great fun experience for us

Leeann Mann

Hi.I live in California,so I have never been to Dr Pols clinic. If it were here then I would for sure go to his clinic.I want to say I am may your biggest fan. Your horses are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.I have been watching your show all day for three or four days. You guys do miracles. Hi Dr Emily and Dr Brenda.Also Dianne and Charles.You guys are awesome.Your friend Leeann Mann

Marilyn Bassett

Love Dr Pol... To ppl having problems getting appointments ect. I'm a vet Tech. If he's the only Dr around then just show up as walk-in. Have Dr Pol turn u away. Doubt he will. He claims he will NEVER turn an injured or sick animal away.. He's The Boss, Not reception.

Robert Skelton

Wanted to visit while vacationing in Northern MI but were told we would have had to make an appointment to do this. No availability Had both dogs in tow and wanted them to look at the puppy for carsick problems.

Nibor Yrrej

The Incredible Dr.Pol, Debbie, Charles & Assoc.Vets are the Kindest, Gentlest Hearts known to Mankind... You are Loved by ALL for the Daily examples of the Best Humanistic behaviours to exemplify to your young & adoring Fans!

Christina Zahn

Dr Ppl and Diane were awesome

Marly Lawson

We took a trip to Michigan and met Dr. Pol and his wife and Charles. Even got to hold Tater the three legged cat. Every one there was so friendly and made our visit with them something we will always cherish and remember.

Nancy Lentz

The best

Robert Noll

I'm only a viewer ... just a couple years since I found it on cable. I will spend hours and hours watching it ... even the reruns. Love the family and staff ... they all seem like great and caring people.

Jodie Howe

We had to find a new vet of our dog and had watched Dr Pol's tv show and was very happy with what we seen so we took Mia to him. She was spayed and her eye fixed the eye lash was turning inside instead of staying out. So she had surgery on that to. Very happy with the results.

Marilyn Leonard

Fantastic people they realy care about your pet and the people.

Anne Cradit

O love Dr. Pol he has helped my cat Creamora Anne.. he found a shot that kept her alive for 3 more years.. I trust him and his staff.. Dr. Brenda is an outstanding vet!! She put down my cat (creamora Anne) and she was so compassionate about it.. thank you Dr. Brenda and for All that the office staff had done and still is doing..

Ralph Wenger

We stopped there when we went on our vacation to look at the place and we watch it on TV

L Mattesich

Love this show!

Gerard Gardner

We pased by driving from New York City to Alaska to buy dr. Pol's book. We got real lucky in-between clinic hours Doc. Pol was in with his wife and Dr. Brenda, they said hello to the girls, signed the books we even got one for their best friend. What a great guy. The pole is loves the kids, pleasure to meet him. Besides Dr. Pol in in the most beautiful prestine country side.

dianka2 kočka

he's the best vet in the world

don bakunas

0 wait time for our table, waitress was courteous, food was good

Karen Johnson

Thank you for creating such a *wonderful* family-friendly show, with such a great message about the lifelong benefits of having animals as part of our lives. I also love it’s message that animals deserve and *should receive* a reasonable level of medical care throughout their lives! They are *family members* and valuable additions to our lives, not “throw-away” possessions!!

Natalie Foley

I love this show!!!! I discovered Dr Pol on NG a couple of weeks ago and since then I have watched every single show. The love and compassion they have for animals is heart warming. I would love to meet every single person at the clinic, shake their hand, and let them know that they are very inspiring. Each and every day, they are making the world a better place.

Steve Schmunk

Great people simply the Best!!!


Unfriendly and NOTtaking new client. Short and trees on the phone.

Pamela Coughlin

They are wonderful caring vets!

Bryce Lick

We have used dr. Pol as a veterinarian for over 30 years. There is no question why we rate him so high. He knows his stuff.

Kathy Keeler

Great as always been my vet for 30 years

Angie Papenhagen

Recently discovered this show and the talents of the amazing Dr. Pol. We are in awe of the level of knowledge and care of all the vets. I am reading reviews of tours. I am very interested in a tour and meeting the staff. I am in the Toledo area and would cherish this opportunity. If anyone has details of these tours please enlighten me. .

Rachel Gawrysiak Schwister

Dr. Pol is a hoot! Sorry to say but gotta be honest, Charles is useless. He makes me sick. He just stands and watches his dad do all the work and reaps all the benefits. Just him talking annoys me! I don't care if he helped make the show, he's a whiny, lazy, little baby! Love everybody else though ✌️✌️

Diane Maki

Theres on other place I would take my pugs to. Doc Pole cares and listens to us, he's amazing , awesome, comforting, and cares.

Hollie Pisani

I watch doc pol shows and I can tell he’s a great vet I called him to ask a question about my cat and he help me

Vince Gayhardt

Great education show for people that are looking into helping animals in need. And they do the best they can for the sick or injured animal. Glad I got into this. Dr. Pol seems amazing and the rest of the crew.

Thomas Hastings

I love your show Dr. Pol

Gloria Koch

Always helpful and kind

Larry Sadler

As always, a great vet for your pets. No complaints what so ever. A+

Barbara Sardeneta

Love his work how he does it with so much knowledge and confidence

Bill jones

Sure enjoy your show very much! My husband and I look forward to new episodes! Trying to find out when you will return ? I do not watch much TV but your series! Keep up the great work and many blessings to you and your family!

Fighter Pilot C

If people doctors had half the compassion, patience and professionalism these vets have the world would be a better place. My dentist, Dr. Frank is the best people example I can think of who also fits into this model of professionalism!!!

Maria Chambers

Dr.pol is the best vet i have seen for all my animals he cares very much for animals i would not want to do anywhere else

Pamela Campbell

I watch your show AND LOVE IT!! I've had animals most of my life. I KNOW A GOOD VET AND YOU SIR ARE A FANTASTIC AMAZING VET! You know your stuff. Its SO OBVIOUS and your care, compassion and love truly shows. Thank you for all you do for ALL of the animals. Anyone that lives in your area are very blessed to be able to go to you!! YOU ROCK......your staff, son and wife are right up there with you. Dr. Brenda and all others that work with you are just FANTASTIC!!! Anyone with a brain can see your skills and say, " these guys are good!". Thank you again and never ever stop!!

Charles Rondeau

I am 14 and I enjoy this show a lot!! I watch it when my dad is at work, so he doesn’t tell me to turn it off lol. Very interesting how they care for the animals.

Tracy Roberts

They took time out of their busy day to sign autographs and chat

Kathleen Rozga

They take good care of our pets at a reasonable rate

Al Assmann

Takes very good care of our pets, good people

Wanda Garrett

Love this show. Watch this all the time. Wish it was on all the time.

Jackie Ovaitt

Dr. Brenda is always so professional and understanding! By far the best, most helpful vet I have ever been to. They're always willing to talk to you about your options instead of rushing you out! I'm not sure that they're accepting new patients, but if they are, GET THAT SPOT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES!

Steven Vanden Heuvel

Simply the Best Veterans, Very Happy with the awesome service

Nico Jung

This is the best animaldoc of the wold Jan pol is the best its nice

Justin Fetsch

What am amazing group of folks. We did the lunch visit and there were about 4 other groups there as well. Dr Pol, Diane and Dr Brenda all took the time to visit with everyone, do autographs and take pictures. The kids asked to see the 3 legged cat and his work vehicle and he was more than eager to teach them all about what he did. The little time I was there I can see these folks are the real thing. Thank you for taking the time with us!

Amy McDonald

I love the show, so when we realized we were close (on vacation) we had to swing by, sadly they were already closed.

Kendale R

Dr. Pol is amazing. His passion for animals really shows. His staff is always great also. We've taken our pets here for years and it's the only clinic I trust with them.

Julie Hagle

They make you feel like your family i am happy with their services

Nichole Cousins

I watch y'alls show everyday that it's on. I'd say im your biggest fan. I've never been to your clinic but my dream is to visit and maybe if y'all allow it to go I'd like to go on runs with Dr. Pol and see him do his work with my own eyes.

Brian Johnson

A great veterinary clinic.

Rob Numerick

Great vets they know there stuff.

Judy Sorensen

Have never been there but NEVER miss a show.I am 75 years old & I am like a kid when it's time to watch all of you save those animals. Never stop doing that &never go off the air. I hope visit sometime. God Bless each of you.

Paula Spangler


Jason Goodson

Love doc pol

Judy Reeves

Everyone has there own opinion, but ours with Dr.Brenda, she was amazing getting us through a very hard time with our fur baby, she is very compassionate, and loves what she does to help the fur babes out, Thank you Dr Brenda !

Karen Sitts

Even though taping of TV show was happening and the small waiting area was full, service was quick and very pleasant. Dr. Lisa even gave "shots" to my granddaughter's baby dolls after our dog got her shots. :)

Pamela Guyer

I absolutely love your show! Your family and Co-workers, the sense of community makes me so happy! I have watched the reruns for hours on end and can’t wait until the new season!

Deb Dennis

Very nice people. Care about the person as well as their pets.

Wendy Johnson

Love Dr.Pol. He always goes above and beyond to help animals.

Ginger Bartlett

Best bet with a common sense approach

kristine gigowski

Just love dr. Pol and his staff they are there for the critters all species they love them all.

Teresa Wojcik

I love everything about Dr Pol!!

Corinna Thomas

Hey! Dr. Pol cracks me up anyways. Love his humor! He's great! My goat and my dog thought so! I guess us Europeans all have that same "dry humor"


Less of that big Dufus chuckles the slow guy would make the show much better. Have to cut the sound when he starts talking.

Austine Odhiambo

Aim from Kenya, I always enyoy your show(s). You guys have shown great care and friendship that animals and human are now like family members. I must say that is fantastic. I love you guys

Linda Schafer

Watch this show 5 days a week, and totally enjoy it. Some day will take a trip to visit. Makes me miss the years working in veterinary offices. Love you all.

Jodie Romanow

We wish the best for this wonderful family. They are ALL so caring. We are coming from Las Vegas to see them during the Isabella county fair 2018

maria alvarez

Love the family and love they give to every animal. They know our pets are more then just our pets. They are family.

Toni Lester

Took my grandkids to meet Dr. Pol and Diane. They were awesome and kids love Dr. Pol. They learn so much watching his show on TV. My 6 yr.old granddaughter would rather watch "The Incredible Dr. Pol" instead of cartoons

Travis & Nicky Hynson

It’s too bad the only veterinarian within a 20 mile radius of us is too famous to accept clients in their own backyard. Disappointing.


I'm new to the area so I called for info on puppy tail docks. I was rudely told they aren't taking new clients. I asked if there was another vet in the area only to be told 'there are alot of vets, I'll have to call around'. NOT friendly, rude staff!!

Charlie Henry

I have been with Dr.Pols. For over 30 year's Only one time I was not happy, but it was addressed A S A P. He and the staff are ... Shall I say.? AMAZING

Robert Dempsey

I watch your show every chance I can !! I Think that you and your staff do a Fantastic job of taking care of the animals !! I live in Toledo Ohio so I am not that far from you , I would just like to see how you operate it , I am kind of wondering if you ever have abandoned pets for adoption ?? Another thing I would like to know is do you have any suggestions for donating to some type of Charity for Cars & Dogs where the Charity keeps. 100% of the donation for taking care of the pets !! I really hope that I get to shake your hand one day , you seem like a Very Fine Person !!

Wendy Ambs

So kind and considerate of animals, especially Dr. Ray Harp.... The most caring vet!

Christa Cook

Love all the vets at Dr. Pols! Great service

Terry Guoan

Great care , freindly staff and knowledgeable staff. They truly care about your pets and farm animals. Reasonable and always honest.

Jamie Lindsey

I'm hoping someone local to the office can answer my question. Do they allow people to stop by for a quick visit? I have a little girl who absolutely loves Dr. Pol and wants to meet him. I thought it would be a nice birthday trip for her this summer but we live in East Tn. I wouldn't want to drive up there unless I was absolutely certain we could stop in. TIA.

Lucy Lou

Love pol's veterinarian! Always there to take car of my little husky husky

J Santiago

I love your show Dr. Pol greetings from Torreon México Charles

daniela tarocco

Very professional and competent, all the staff of the clinic are very human and friendly

jrkar karcher

Very professional, you cannot find a better vet then dr. Pol,


Dr. Pol and his staff are excellent. Very reasonable prices as well.

Laurie Olger

Love this place great people

Kathleen Noaker

While I haven't had 1st hand experience with the Pol clinic, I watch every 1st run and rerun when on. I had to put my service dog down on January 27, 2018 due to Lymphoma. I thought his death would kill me. Yet you deal with this very subject with such compassion. I wanted to say thank you all so very much. I can see the pain on Dr. Pol's face as he turns and walks away. Y'all helped me to finally reach the point that I am able to talk about Gussie w/out being reduced to tears. For this I thank all of y'all. Sincerely, Kathleen Noaker .

Sandy Stanley

Love doctor poll show and his team you guys are amazing

Ashley Freeman

Dr Pol is an awesome doctor!

Abasifreke Asanga

I live in Nigeria But I watch every episode of doctor pol I want to be vet Doctor pol inspired me to be a vet thank you

jeremy hobson

I love all of the staff that make this practice 'incredible ' the compassion shown let's you know that they care for the animals the same way as their owners do...I read some of these negative reviews and some are ridiculous. ..John Cena. can't make an appointment and expect everything to run up to the minute like maybe your massage with a happy ending does...the vets cannot predict what may come up when doing their work with these animals? Some of these arm-chair reviewers making these stupid comments based on what they see on television? Lol..come on.. Keep up the INCREDIBLE work Pol veterinary

Roy Findley

Dotor emlee is a good vet

Dick Dufault

Top notch and caring vets

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