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REVIEWS OF Oakwood Veterinary Hospital IN Michigan

Donna Gore-Smith

Very friendly. Dr. Drew spent a very long time explaining Kellie's problem along with options.

Jenni Peoples

Most pleasant, genuine, reasonably priced vets' office in TC, and with four dogs, I've experienced a few!

Samantha Fall

Dr. Henshaw and the other vets are the best I have found in T.C. I have been to over four different clinics in T.C. and was not impressed at their lack of knowledge and/or expertise. This clinic truly cares for their patients and are led by extremely well educated veterinarians. Dr. Henshaw is honest, does not try to rack up expenses or over vaccinate, and is extremely effective in his treatments. I have two Bulldogs, a breed notorious for health issues, and this office has been wonderful in aiding their well being. We love going here! :)

Roy Nelson

The staff is marvelous, and the veterinarian's are great. You can't go wrong

Liz Kublie

My friend and I were camping in the TC area over the holiday weekend and we stumbled upon a sickly stray kitten. We immediately noticed some concerning attributes and rushed her to Oakwood Hospital. The staff and doctor were the most accommodating and efficient professionals we had ever worked with. Would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND this facility to anyone with pets.

Joan Cooper

We have chosen Oakwood Vet. because the veterinarians and staff are kind, professional and they have our trust in caring for our pets over many years. Thank you Oakwood Veterinary Hospital staff!

Jenna Veiga

I cannot recommend this vets office enough. We have worked with probably every doctor in here at a different time. We have 2 cats, one of which has a very rare case of Hepatic Encephalopathy. All the vets & vet techs in this office have been extremely helpful with her and her tough diagnosis. Several of the vets have gone above and beyond with her, using any and all resources available to them, including contacting peers at universities across the country. Dr. Durham has most recently been helping us and has worked very hard to make sure we understand everything about her condition and what steps he proposes we take. He has been extremely accesible to us and always takes our phone calls, even for minute questions. Vet Tech Paula has also been amazing with Yara, and takes great care of her every visit, even though Yara doesn’t always remember her manners. The clinic also makes sure that you understand all financial decisions being made and has been very accessible with helping design alternative plans based on financial needs. Again, all our experiences here have been incredible, and we would never take our beloved pets anywhere else.

Meg Green

I’ve been going to Oakwood for years. I love this veterinary office. I love the vets, the care they provide for my pets, and everything else. And up until recently, I have never been treated as if I’m some thief as the receptionist (I’m not a horrible enough person to blast her name all over) treated me. I had called because I received a bill from the office the previous day. No explanation on it, no note, nothing. Baffled, I called the next day to try and figure out what was going on. I explained I had a bill, didn’t know why, and wasn’t sure how it was possible as I have always paid my balances in full. I’ve never asked to make a partial payment or anything of the sort. Right away there was an attitude. Me: Yes, I’m calling because I received a bill in the mail and I’m not sure how that’s possible as I’ve always paid in full. Her: ………okaaaaaaay…….? *que 60 sec+ of complete radio silence* Her: It looks like the last time you were here you only paid for half the services. Me: How? I was told the total and I handed my card over to be charged. Her:…….*sigh* It looks like they forget to add Sophie’s name and so they only charged for Scout. Me: Okay? So what’s with this financial charge? I’m getting charged a fee for not paying a bill I didn’t know about because a mistake was made on your end, not mine. I was told the total and I paid it. Granted the fee is minimal but still. Her: Look, if you’re going to be mean and nasty I will hand you over to my manager. ***Ooooooh, girl. You did not. I’m calling because I’m confused, baffled, and wondering what in the world is going on. I’m not disputing the bill or trying to get out of paying it (because you’re clearly acting as if I’m trying to do the opposite) but when you’re like me, every penny is budgeted and getting an unexplained $70 bill in the mail is a little frightening and your ‘could-care-less’, ‘this-is-your-own-fault’ ‘tude is really starting to make me upset, angry, and hurt. This is how my trusted vet office is treating me?*** Me: I’m not being mean but I can be! Her: *Que another sigh* I can try and see if my office manager will waive the fee. ***You’re acting as if I’m a thief for not paying services I didn’t know I owed a balance on. I was told the total and I paid it. I regularly receive emails, reminder postcards, and phone calls [when an apt. is approaching] and this is the first time I’m hearing about it? No phone call, no apology, nothing. You made the mistake, not me, and yet you’re going to act as if I’m the one in the wrong, have an attitude, and charge me a fee for something I didn’t know about for a mistake I didn’t make? All I’d like is a little understanding, some compassion, and an apology for the confusion. Not this ‘tone’ as if I’m some horrible swindler who can’t be bothered to pay her dues.*** Me: You know what? Forget it. If you’re going to treat me for something incorrect on your end but act like it’s my fault, I’ll first pay the bill and then I’ll go elsewhere. As I said, I’ve been going to Oakwood for years. The veterinarians are great. But not owning up to your mistake and then acting as if your negligence is my fault is not the best way to show compassion. I have a senior dog with skin issues and an autoimmune disease. She requires both medication and thorough examinations for the rest of her life. She’s my baby and I was so extremely grateful knowing I could rest easy because her vet was providing amazing care. Yet now, because of their (read her) unconcerned, uninterested, could-care-less treatment of me, I’m now searching and praying to find a new vet that will provide excellent care for my girls.

Brandon Bell

Great experience for my pets

Jimmy Sands

Supper place grade A1


We live in Cadillac and usually took our dog to a local vet there but this past year my dog who is now 2 years old started experiencing alot of pain/discomfort after playing. Well long story short our previous vet gave us medicine for her and did X-rays but for some reason could not explain what was wrong with her hips which with the X-rays it was obvious something was wrong. We finally got tired of not getting answers so we decided to try this office and met with Dr. Mason for the first time who was wonderful, he was able to give us a diagnosis, sat down with us and provided education/options for our beloved baby. Needless to say we are very satisfied with the our Dr. and the staff. This is now our primary vet! Would highly recommend!

Erin Jones

Jodi Lindgren

Great doctors and staff! They have taken very good care of my special little guy!

Theresa Brown

They are friendly and understanding

Jacob Edmonds

Staff were attentive, knowledgeable and polite. The building is spacious, gorgeous, and accommodating. Every step of the journey from making the appointment to paying for services rendered was swift and seamless. They also didn’t price gouge me for requesting a quick appointment to address my injured cat, and the final bill was extremely reasonable. I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy a veterinary visit but this place made it happen.

Chas Green

Patti Clouse

Staff and Dr.s are very friendly and caring

Tracey Christine

James Dye

Sarah Parker

This office blows me away every visit that we make (and with a crazy young lab we are here a lot). The patience, compassion, gentleness and attention make this a fabulous office. Can't say enough about the vets and the staff. Top notch!

kelsey henderson

Jeffrey Kneer

Some of the biggest animal lovers around. They have always been so helpful. Whenever I call with issues about my dog they get him in ASAP. Never have I had a bad experience.

Ted Stevenson

The staff and physicians are great. Our dog loved everyone too which is not always the case.

Nathan Boggs

Beautiful place and wonderful staff

Boho Mamó

Britton Dennis

Bunny Rice

Kim Roth-Franklin

Jim Flateau

Best vet in Traverse City

John Dost

Friendly pet loving good people. They give estimates! Recommend.....

Lynnette Wardell

Great with pets. Love the staff!

Laura Matchett

We were really pleased with our first visit to Oakwood. We had been referred by several friends who raved about it and now we know why! Friendly staff, comfortable office, easy parking, and most of all patient and knowledgable veterinarians and staff.


They were caring about every animal that came in, and the vet had knowledge about advice and good candor about what would be recommended best.

Chad Murray

My wife and I have been taking our "fur baby" here for 2 years now and Dr Mason is awesome! The girls at the front desk and the ladies that do the nail trimming can't accept tips, so my wife and I treat them with chocolate because our little monster is "extra wiggly" when she gets her mani and pedi. If you have a "special" pet, make sure you reward them for their kindness because I know some places treat our babies like "it's a dog/cat".

matt indish

William Fuller

The staff at Oakwood is always available for my dogs, and they treat them like they are their own!

A. Van Horn

Oakwood has the absolute greatest staff and doctors we could ask for. They care for our two Germans Shorthaired Pointers and even took our one-year-old GSP in when I had a 3-month-old newborn at home and our injured GSP was too much for our family. I know they are just dogs, but they are family to us, and the doctors and staff really understands that and cares for our pets as such. It still gets me emotional thinking about what they did for our younger GSP when nearly everyone thought her injury would end her life. The doctors stopped at nothing to find a diagnosis and cure for her, all the while calling us daily and presenting all the options. Dr. Henshaw's expertise in orthopedics and his extensive network of colleagues really set our mind at ease, and Dr. Mason was wonderful, as always; and the staff cared for her day and night for a month, and would hug me when I showed up in tears to drop her off. We owe everything to Oakwood Vet Hospital and they have our patronage and highest recommendations for as long as we are in TC. Thank you for all you do and your sincere kindness.

Maria Ulrich

Harry Rodgers

The whole staff are friendly and kind. They understand how important pets are.

gerald Jenks

brian smiers

great people, took care of my cat well, surgery went great and let us make payments

Under Ach1ever83

We brought a kitten into Oakwood on Friday, May 25th. My parents arrived to their new cabin in Irons in 5/24, and watched as a kitten fell from a tree, about 40 feet, and hit the ground. The local vet in Irons wouldn't even look at the kitten. It's back legs wouldn't work, but it didn't seem in severe pain. We waited until Friday and took the kitten to Oakwood, an hour+ away. We didn't think that it was appointment only. Oakwood staff advised us that Friday was by appointment only, but they would check with the doctor to see if they could look the kitten over. The doctor did. And he did x-ray work to see if anything looked to be broken. We had wanted to see if it was feasible to somehow get the kitten healed, or if it's quality of life would be so poor that it would be better to humanely euthanize it. Doctor checked the cat over, and said it didn't appear to have a broken back or broken bones, but it could be a nerve issue from the fall. Maybe bruising of the spine. He suggested the cat could bounce back with time, and we could try a steroid shot. He also explained to us that a Vet Tech of his, Anna, would want to keep the kitten if we didn't want it. We all have pets, and we WOULD have kept it, but Anna volunteering was a godsend. A vet tech taking the kitten and nursing it back to health was perfect. The staff were unbelievably helpful and friendly. Compassionate. Understanding. And in the end, they charged us nothing. This place is a place that cares for animals, not just money. They went well above and beyond what anyone can expect, and we are super thankful for them.

Kenneth Davies

Nice staff. Building is a little dated.

Cornelius A. Zanzibar

I have had nothing but superior experiences at Oakwood. The vets have always been very engaged, informative and patient with all my questions. And special props to the front desk staff. There is one woman in particular who always makes me feel that my dog is her FAVORITE dog in the whole world, hands down. (I know that she probably likes other dogs--- even her own--- just as much, but her sincerity and warmth is a high point of every visit.)

Shane Ware

Everyone was so great there. Our cat was very calm and relaxed. Dr. Mason was really good with him. The prices were extremely low compared to the other place we took our cat. I highly recommend this vet. Thank you to everyone there for taking such good care of our furbaby!

Zeb Krumlauf

Michael Lloyd

Joel Ayala

Jamie T

Great clinic for my furbabies. I recommend Oakwood Veterinarian Clinic to everyone I come across that has pets. Thank you Oakwood! :)

kim fish

Jared Hurlburt

Kelley Churchill

Super friendly and caring. I was nervous finding a new bet when we moved here. Glad we found them.

Jim Wright

A very good and helpful vet office!!!

Shane W

Anndie and Erik Jacobson

My visit was just amazing the staff were friendly and very caring. Dr Vanfleet gave me a lot of good advice and gave my puppies the best of care while we visited. I will be going to be using them as my regular vet. I highly recommend this veterinary clinic.

Jasmine Colon

Steve Bodamer

They are wonderful, Jimmie loves them!❤

Alan Cheney

awesome staff,great vets

Andrew Castine

go-to place for vet services for our 2 cats and 2 dogs. we live in Kingsley and have tried a couple different places in GT county and these guys are the best. excellent customer/pet service, reasonable prices because no pet visit is cheap, and recently upgraded to a paperless record system so makes the process simple, easy, and painless! worth the 25-min drive every time.

Richard Paff

Very professional and didn't try to spend any extra money for us!!!

Brittany Combs

We take our kitties to Oakwood and have seen every vet there at one point or another. They are all great. They seem to really care about your pets--they are always glad to answer any questions I have and give thorough explanations. I have always found the techs and front desk staff to be friendly and helpful as well.

Jesse Morris

Drew Gentry

Dr Drew and staff are so compassionate and will treat your kitten or puppy with the greatest care!

Kristi Barton

Very helpful! Awesome staff! Wonderful setting!

Buddy Rattray

Took my dog overnight, cost $300. Sent me home with her on a Saturday with special food. I was told she was getting better. That afternoon I had to take her to the animal E.R. on Munson ave. They told me that she needs to be on an I.V. for DAYS!!! Took her to Mancelona vet hospital the next day. As an emergency case. They couldn't believe that they had sent her home either. She died days later. I will tell this story as I have been forever. They DO NOT care about your pet.

Leslie Chemacki

Could not be happier with the vets & staff! Very friendly, caring, helpful, informative & when my son's cat was attacked, they saw him right away and worked with me on payment as it happened 3 days before I got paid. If that weren't enough, their prices were actually reasonable, unlike 4 other vets in the T.C. area I had called a year before asking for prices on shots, office visits, etc;

Rachel Laurain

I am so glad we chose Oakwood for our cat. He had a skin allergy that turned into a sore, and they were able to figure it out right away. The staff is great, and my cat is feeling so much better after getting treatment. I feel like the pricing is always fair, too. We will recommend this place to family & friends.

Bob Doty

We have brought all of our dogs there for almost 20 years. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Kelly Zoellner

BEST EVER VETERINARIAN AND STAFF! Everyone is so helpful and understanding about your family member. A lot of years with a lot of animals, I would rate this office as my #1 choice of go-to. And I travel 4 hours to go there.

Janelle Clouse

Thank you for taking such good care of Smokey! He was sicker than I thought, but you all patched him up and didn't break the bank doing it! Thank you!

Betty Callaghan

Great staff and Dr. Drew

Susan bassett

I have had only positive experiences with the friendly staff and caring Veterinarians...they all really made me feel that they truly care about my pets!!!

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