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REVIEWS OF Country Veterinary Service IN Michigan

Alex Majewski

Thanks for your service my cat is back to normal now.

Georgianna Pontz

Friendly staff, vwry detail oriented and caring

Kevin Hoekstra Jr.

Rose Ladanyi

The vets are so nice to my dog, wvery time i go for dugie's check-up.

The Plump Pumpkin

Great Vet service. I have been using them for my house pets and farm animals for over 10 years.

Vicki Maples

Vic & Peggy

Have no problems with this office, they took good care of my cat (Vinny) but charged me for a memorial plague before creamation of my pets paw then didnt receive it. Had to call office to get refunded but losing a pet is traumatic enough, would rather of had a nice plaque then $15.00. Very upsetting.

Debra Stoneman

Wonderful people, caring and knowledgeable.

Maryann Castle

I trust these people with my kids(pets);and very polite

Shaun Braley

Took a piglet to them to get him fixed, tagged, and a health check. They are friendly and did a good job.

Shannon Caudill

Brenda Vega

The care and attention givin to my cats is beyond wonderful. Love the doc n the staff!!

Eileen Miller

Awesome vet and staff. My cat's first time there and she was so relaxed and content. ❤️

Jonathan King

These Vets care about animals and helping the community. I only entrust them with my pets.

Kari Billingsley

Great set of people and they r great with my boxers

Sierra Marie

andy jones

Sandra Wright

They were able to get our dog right in to see them the day after Christmas. They were very kind and our dog loved them.

Clifford Santillo


Tracy Wright

Tena Ladner

Moncho Cormendy

Since my review got deleted. Here to make another, i had my wife bring our cat in. Moments later the dogs are like trying to attack our cat in the waiting room, ( cat was inside a carrier) they didnt care one bit but told my wife that it was our cats fault. Then after they took him and my wife in the 1 on 1 waiting room the receptionists start to criticize the name of my cat and were rude and very unprofessional. You guys lost a customer as we will never go back and recommend others to go elsewhere.

Mark Ashworth

The Doctors and entire staff are great with all of our pets, my cat and dogs. They are compassionate, caring, and gentle. I couldn't be happier with the service we receive at Country Vet!

Colleen Webb

James Brown

great service

Richie Obrien

Paid them a bunch of money to leave and within 2 hours my dog died, she sent me with iv fluids and that was it I called her 3 times saying she was going down hill fast she said up the fluids and she just got worst, they don't care about your animal they like money PERIOD!!!!!! They killed my first dog with to much gas upon getting her fixed...please take seriously ill animals elsewhere!!!!!! They won't live here.

Sadie Curtis

They killed my puppy! My puppy got sick Thursday morning and was puking still on Saturday but she was still full of energy going outside eating and drinking on her own but come Saturday I took her in because I was concerned about the puking and the receptionist was very rude and short but anyways they said she had parvo pumped her full of shots and sent us on our way. We got home and she went down hill so fast! We lost her 12 hours after the visit! But what gets me is our puppies brother came over same age same shots and he was playing with her kissing on her and as soon as we were told she had parvo we told our friend with her brother to take him in and he had gotten diagnosed with the "flu".. and is still here healthy and happy!

Brenda Brown

Mary Shyne

Amazing!!! While on vacation, my pomeranian got sick and I needed a vet NOW. They were not only very pleasant they had me bring him in even though they were booked solid. While there heard several phone calls from people with sick pets and every one were told to bring them in, that they would make room for them. Would definitely recommend!!!

Wendy Michalec

Wonderful vet

Sandy Szeliga

I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else. They are the BEST!!

Shaun Killeen

My Collie mix had a heart attack late on a Friday afternoon. I found the closet vet online as I live down state. The doctor and her staff stayed after hours and saved my friends life. I can't thank them enough for what they did and how we were treated.

Niki Lynn

It's awesome. Customer service is wonderful and arrived early and they got us right in before the appointment time. Very skilled and very professional.

Kara Weaver Vega

This place is hands down five stars! They truly care about their patients. They have taken great care of my bunny twice now. They even seen her on a Saturday when I called in concerned about her. The vet I have seen is very knowledgeable of rabbits and the tech working with her was great too and knew what they were dealing with right away.

Michelle Radloff

Personal touch. Love our animals

Loni Sprague

Wouldn't take my animals anywhere else..These folks are second to none

Diane VanAntwerp

Shane Belden

Jason Kanouse

Lynn Woods

Best Vet,and groomer.

Jordan Haney

Awesome staff


Only place I will take my pets. Maybe even my mom. Very friendly staff and quick answers to my questions.

Gary Meese

The staff is really nice.

Millie Beach

We have used this vet for the past 14 years if there's an emergency they are always there for you Best Vet that I have had so far

k yorks

Suzie Lange

The vets are very good and compassionate for the animals

Sean Swain

Awesome staff, stayed after hours to help me with my dog in an emergency when my own vet wouldn't, now they are who I go to... Thank you

Lona Miller

This group are awesome with your pet's they treat you like family

Elizabeth Krebs

Best Vets around

Sharon Stevens

Vedra Gant

Crystal Nelson

As an indoor rabbit owner, it is hard to find rabbit savvy vets in this area of Michigan. I'm always very happy with the care and professionalism of the staff. They've saved many of my pets! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

David Sovis

Awesome Veterinarian services

Sarah Bailey

They take great care of my little dog!


Took my grandpuppy and everyone was kind and took time to answer questions. All but about ten minutes of a two hour visit we we're waiting for test results, we had someone in the room working with her

Michael Huss

Lynda Remus

Pukwudgie Halfblood

One of my favorite vet places. Great Vets and nice atmosphere.

Ken Johnson

Pat Simon

Darlene Bowers

They treated my dog great. Now when we get close to there he recognises the location and wants to stop and go there.

Daniel Shockome Jr

heather bultman

DaleJane Buchan

Extremely pleasant and helpful employees. Will let you know more after the visit May. 31st

Kelly Rogers

Helen Croy

Always great service. They take great care of out sir Max.

Laura Graff

Been our vet for 24 years, they are excellent with our horses and dogs. We are an hour away now and still take my dogs to their Dr. We highly recommend their services.

Catherine Wainright

Dr. Blane, Vet and Nicole, Vet Asst. were incredibly competent in diagnosing, prescribing and treating my Dalmation, Jake. Other vet practice staff were rude, insensitive and condescending. Virtually minimal customer service accuem or empathy exists in this animal medical/husbandry practice.

Diane Torres

Took great care of my fur baby

Tina Watz

They are wonderful with all our animals.

T Guild

Doctor Barb diagnosed our Bella with bone cancer. Gave us all our options. She was very patient with us. She did a wonderful job with the amputation. Bella is now recovering wonderfully.

Shannon Homrich

Great vet. I love the staff here. They are so great with my animals.

Ed Schultz

Excellent animal care.

Jon Johnson

Very fast and friendly staff.

Karren Keena

The best place ever. They love all the animals, it's not just a job. Would never go anywhere else. My cat is my life, I trust them 100 percent. If you love your pet, then take them to the best. Yes he is in his mini recliner.

Kris Farmer

Ive always taken my pets here. They are very caring and compassionate.. this is most important to me.

Victoria Mark

Fixed my sick dog was vary up front about his health they did every thing they could to save his life vary grateful for that

Shannon Childress

I've taken all of my pets (cats & dogs) here for years. Knowledgeable and caring staff. You can tell they love the animals they're caring for.

Pamela Sandelius

Alyce Henick

I've used them for fifteen years. They all are compassionate and friendly to everyone, people too!

Kyla Darrow

Jeananne Halfyard

Jennifer Truman

Samantha Laster

Gabe Bushroe

Katrina Fowler

There always someone to talk to for emergency too

Cathy Ross

My dog get very good care. The staff are nice.

Tim Frayer

Great service

Laurie Thomas

Elaine Stillwell

To expensive

Shawn Ward

Great veterinary service. Highly recommended.

Ernie Marsh

They are great with the dogs and your needs

Jeff Yeager

Great places

Marti Vanorder

Wonderful employee's, very caring and great at what they do.

Chad Terpstra

Wonder service, very helpful

Bobbi Hinkley

This is my go to place for the day to day veterinary care of my critters.

Debra Hilts

Just want to thank you for your kindness and your compassion in a time of Sorrow

Donelle Gruszecki

Highly recommend

Sue Watkins

She is the best vet. Ever Barb...they are not to expensive...

David Figger

Great food

Jen Jones

This is a great place to take your pets for vet care

Wesley Hibma

Rob Perrin

Good vets. They know their stuff!

Mark Welsh

Jessie Gutowski

I like it here. Ive been bringing my pets here for about 2 years now. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Jake Zwagerman

Great place

Brittany W

I’ve had two of my dogs fixed here. The front desk help was VERY RUDE with both of my visits!! If you have any questions they make it clear you’re being an inconvenience. I just recently had my dog Neutered, and they did an unnecessary surgery without my permission. When I asked about why I wasn’t contacted before they did the extra surgery, I was treated very poorly and given an excuse that was the least bit professional. Overall clean and fair pricing. But from my experiences they are rude and unprofessional. Hoping my dog doesn’t have any complications. Beware of this place.

James Billingsley

Jeff Jobes

Gallen Johnes

Dawn Stauffer

Awesome people!! Great with your pets! Very reasonable prices!

Bob Bryan

Norm Wolffis

Shay Sawyer

Alton Weldon

Great and caring!

Judy Schmidt

They seen my dad's dog when he got tangled with a bigger dog and it was on a Sunday

ashley Warner

Great vet i was treated verry nicely and so was my animals

Stephanie Flowers

Amber Dzikowicz

steve warda

Bruce Williams

It's great to have confidence in our vet and that's what we get here. Friendly and accommodating.

Sue Wirth

They treat your animals great. Take the time to explain what is wrong and how to take care of them at home.

Terry Linda

Good service as always

Bruce Herring

Debbie Oates

Everyone there is friendly and helpful and they love your animals.

JaLynn Booher

Shawn Johnson

Awesome..I go out of my way to go here. I no longer go to the ludington vet...unprofeesional.

Mary McKee

My first visit was great I was treated very well, they took great care of my girl felt very comfortable.

Erica Darknell

Great people! Great service

Lonnie Wolgamott

Called in a prescription refill. They were prompt in having it filled and ready.

Kathy Kauranen

They are very helpful with our deer farm and it's unique needs.

Maryann Pieske

Always take great care of our furry family members, very compassionate

Val Kohn

Grooming here is the best. Andrea does an awesome job!

Jeanette Hellenthal

Great job on my boys

BiopticSphinx76 m

Nicole Sovis

Barb is a great vet!

Jennifer Dennett

I love Barb and highly recommend this office.

Jason McClellan

As always, I'm very happy when I leave here!! Barbara has more compassion for her patients than any vet I know. She takes much pride in her work and it shows. Thank you Barbara for all your help!!

Alaina Modene

We paid $430 for emergency services after our dog met a porcupine. They left over 20 quills in our dog!!

Denise Hall

Dave S

I brought my golden retriever in during the last couple of days of his life. Dr McGhann, although very pregnant, sat on the floor with the dog for over 30 minutes performing exams, expressing the dog and explaining what was happening - great, compassionate care. A day later the dog got worse and I spoke to Dr Todd on the phone and she prescribed some meds and asked the local pharmacy (Patty Drugs in Baldwin) to stay open for an extra 45 minutes so I could get the meds. The care was great and the prices were very affordable.

Jo Gruszecki

TLC always extended. Care for animal and human. I can't bear to see my little guy fearful or in pain. I'm always appreciative of the Drs and staff as they care for my fur baby.

punchdrunkid10t ..

BamsFn7807 *

Rude front desk staff

Melody Newell

Finally found a good vet for the animals. They take the time to care for each and every one

Josh Mortensen

Fantastic people, nothing but the best service

Jordan Spedowski

Great people working with all types of anminals.

Yvonne beemer-bell

Gary Hettel

Another pleasant visit with our local veterinary service & helpful staff. They are a well-trained group that gets the job done. A big thank you from Ben (baby boy) & Bella (busy girl).

Laura Scharich

Dr Barb saved my dog's life while we were on vacation. Called after hours and they saw her right away. Compassionate care and reasonable prices. Wish they were closer to us. Laura Scharich

Bella Harper

Everyone here does their best to help us out. Much appreciated!

Tammy Dyer

They never called me back as the message said someone would....

Steve Garter

Top notch

Amanda LaVoye

Very nice clean and very friendly staff that love to love on your animals. They let the animals get to know them before they treat them!

Chris Radden

Devon Duerr

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