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REVIEWS OF Bayshore Veterinary Hospital IN Michigan

Perry Findley

Great stuff. Very helpful always help you and your animals

Whitney Pascoe

By far the best vets I've ever met. Sincere, patient, and kind. They are fair in their prices and always available in the event of an emergency. I can't speak highly enough of them.

Tim Hainstock

Dr. Tim is awesome

Barb Bowns

Dr. Timm is the only veterinarian I will see he is very good with all the animals he sees and loves them all as his own.

Heather Maki

Nicole Claro

Jeremy Vore

The best veterinary care our animals have ever had. Fantastic staff and docs!


The level of professional care and advice is excellent. Both the veterinarians and the assisting staff truly care for our animals everytime and always make sure they are treated well. Can't recommend them enough.

Sarah Santiago

Exceptional care for your pets! I have a Chow Chow who can be a bit nervous at the vet. Dr Nyberg was so patient and understanding and really took the time to help him get comfortable with her, and listen to my concerns. It was such a positive visit and I'm so happy we switched to Bayshore! It's a beautiful building and everyone was so kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Hailey Kratohwil

Maryssa Mitchell

Mike Peterson

Dr. Tim and his staff are great with animals they'll get you in whenever they can then for mergency zits right away and doctor to make some great food for your animals

Harvey Scherer

Lynnae Branham

Hands down the best Veterinarians in the UP. Always extremely satisfied with my visits and prices when I go in.

Ginger Richerson

Kimberly Browning

Availability of appointments was very good. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone was happy to help answer any questions and, of course, quality of care for my pet was top notch. I recommend them.

John French

Catherine Savela

Caring , knowledgeable staff and affordable prices.

Stephanie Bray

I absolutely love this vet. I've brought my cats to them for everything from shots, fixing and a few small emergent visits. They're always wonderful (both vets are phenomenal), professional, take time to listen and talk about concerns, and timely. Even when we had to go in urgently, they made time. I went to a different vet initially and will never go anywhere else! Highly recommended.

Dave Edmunds

Hannah Lee

Mary Rhodes

Thomas Adolphs

Excellent place. Everyone that works here clearly cares for their occupation. Had an emergency experience with my dog on a Saturday night, and a vet called me back right away.

Pavel Vasin

Sally Johnson

Dee hill

I take all my critters here. They are friendly and I feel like my concerns are being listened to. I wouldn't go to a different practice unless I absolutely had to!

Tom Deiter

J'Amie VerDuin

Dr Nyberg is the best Vet I have ever dealt with! I just love all the staff always attentive and caring.

Zachary Rochon

Very well mannered staff and very caring for ur pets

Debra stahl the FAM

Rude and expensive.

Regan Thompson

Paige Spisak

The new addition looks amazing! The staff are always friendly and super helpful. My dogs love going here.

Carl Morrison

The care given to our

Unimportant Vegans

Kathy Swenor

kathy koenig

Best Vet's in Marquette! Caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable!

Kay Polmatier

Aminda Clark

Stephen Derby

Tom Smith

The knowledgeable and caring staff at Bayshore quickly responsed to a poisoning of our Westy Max, while on vacation. We called in with the early symptoms and our suspicions that he ate mouse poison. They had us bring him in right away even though they already had a full schedule and we were not regular customers. Dr. Tim Hunt and his staff treated Max immediately and scheduled a follow up appointment. The changes for blood tests and examination where reasonable and less than we pay at home for similar services. This vet clinic is one the cleanest and friendliest we’ve been in during our 30 years of pet ownership. Please note that we did had all of Max’s up to date vaccination records with us. All the dog kennels we use along our trip route require copies. You may be required to get your pet’s vaccinations done as part of treatment. We have found that to be common at most veterinarians. Max did recover but was very sick for a few days. Mouse poison bait is very common in vacation cabins/camps. Dogs are quick to find and eat it. It will kill dogs too. So check it out well before you let them in. Max found the poison under furniture.

Kim Carlson

The only place I would take my pets. I haven't had a bad experience ever. They are very helpful and willing to care for my furry friends.

Clairene Smith

Rcola viola

Great vet's nice receptionist

Danielle Narhi

Denise Drummond

Great and caring staff. Love Dr Nyburg and Dr Hunt.

Jay Prunick

Very clean and very friendly place.

Tony Peterson

Phyllis James

Great vets and staff.

taiga ninenineseven

TokayGecko 888

Sherri Odell

The only Vet i would go too. Dr. Tim Hunt is an asset to our community with staff that really care and love our fur babies! Top notch

Joel Joffee

The very best, so caring and kind to animals and their owners.

Heather Weaver

After spending alot of money at our local vet just to end up never getting any answers about what was wrong with our dogs leg, we were recommended to bring her to Bayshore Veterinary Hospital. That was the BEST decision we have ever made. They diagnosed her properly and within a month, they amputated her leg with absolutely no complication. Now a month later, our fur baby had a stroke, we rushed her two hours away from where we live just so she would be in good hands at Bayshore. They have gone above and beyond to get our baby back on her feet. We aren't giving up hope yet! I couldn't thank Bayshore Veterinary Hospital enough for all they have done for us!

Clarissa Remillard

Lynn Ball

They care about all pets

Nicole Bal

Tammy Eklund

Nick Jensen

Claudia Cioni

Dr.Hunter saw my cat. He was very knowledgeable and quick to suggest , so our visit wasn't to extrenuous on my cat.

Jodi Rama

Only place I will go! These Vets are the most caring and well trained staff. Very personal and compassionate.

Martha Hinchley

It's my vet of choice away from home. We've had a camp for over 20+ years and we stay there for 3-4 months at a when we need them they are great!

Bret McQuater

Gilda Hoerner

Joshua Reinaas

Been taking our animals here since they opened. Dr. Hunt and his staff are all top notch. I'll never go any other place.

Valerie Goings

Todd Tripp

Dr Tim is the best vet we've ever had (and we've had several)

Kristin Pahl

Bayshore has done a wonderful job with our animals. They are very knowledgeable and compassionate. You can tell they are there because they care, and it's not about the money. They won't try to make you get unnecessary tests or procedures just so they can make more. It is wonderful having a vet we can trust that does such a wonderful job. The whole staff does a great job. Highly recommend.

Karen O

A comforting experience at a difficult time. Thanks to all who helped us... Highly recommend.

Dylan Forester-Timmons

Awesome, compassionate people! The doctor took 30 minites just to describe in great detail the inner workings of our dogs

Michelle Labadie

Very friendly and helpful! Plus affordable!

Colleen Gaffney

Great and caring and affordable! The drs and staff do not try to push the latest trends and procedures on the pet owners. Thank you!

Rheanna Freese

Super nice staff, always answer questions and vet is informative.


Have seen every vet at Bayshore for various problems including after hours emergency for dog bloats and life threatening pancreatitis. We've had lots of experience with them for several years and they are always caring and professional. They have now saved 4 of our dogs lives, not sure another vet could have. They are very good at diagnosing unusual problems, "get" what emergency means coming in at all hours when needed without excuses. The biggest problem is sometimes they are incredibly busy and you may have to wait for an elective surgery (spay/neuter for example) appointment, or general check up. But that's a small price to pay for this kind of expertise in the UP. (I trust them more than my own doctor!).

J. B.

Prices are fair and they are willing to do what they can to see your sick pet. After adopting two puppies from the south, Dr. Hunt was patient and listened to our concerns as our puppies were getting sick every other day including a late night scare. I appreciate their hard work and dedication for animals.

Brian Cabell

Reluctantly, I asked Dr. Nyberg to put down my longtime companion, Lucy, a 15 year old rat terrier who had lost control of her functions and was absolutely miserable. Dr. Nyberg came to my home, sat there on the rug with us in the living room, whispered softly to Lucy, and painlessly put her to sleep with me at her side the whole time while I was able to talk to and caress my companion one last time. It was painful for me but Dr. Nyberg could not have been more skilled, patient, humane and loving in her treatment of both of us. She made a tragic experience bearable. Absolutely superb bedside manner. She cares about the animals she treats, as well as their owners.

Mary Kay Novak

Very caring staff and willing to work with you for payment of large bills.

Terry S

Great experience here they have taken care of cats health for over 5 years now, we are very pleased!

Wesley DeGarmo Sr

The best place I found, to take care of your Pets when they need it.

Conway McLean

The word is out......simply put, Dr Tim is the best.

A La Mere

The staff was amazing!! We had brought out dog there because he was not moving his back half. We called and they had us bring him in right away. It was midnight by the time we got there. Everyone was soo friendly and caring. The price we paid for the emergency visit and the 5 days our dog had stayed was extremely reasonable! I was expecting a bill for triple what it actually was. This is the only place I will take my pets!!

Virginia Slattery

Aaron Zimmerman


Tine Brandel

erica patterson

This place is FANTASTIC!!!!! They offered to fit us in last minute even as new patients and it being an emergency because where I'm from on the weekends there is no vet clinics open so drove the hour n 20 minutes there and I am extremely satisfied with the services I received and they are all very polite and nice so I highly recommend them...

Connie Huff

Lori Helmila

I bring my kitty Peeps there

Christina Saari

cody smith

Patrick McCoy

Best vets around.

Jim n Jackie Rankin

Would not go to anywhere else.

aaron cutlip


jilly blue

It all started fine. In the end I found Vet Hunt more interested in talking to the construction company that built his new addition than dealing with my Golden Retriever JJ. Time pasted and I spoke with 2 former employees of his. They did NOT have any good things to say about working for Vet Hunt. His HUGE EGO popped up and his private label dog food entered the conversations. The operation that Vet Hunt did in May of 2018 turned out to be a terrible experience for my Golden. It was the turning point in her health. I seriously believe my Golden was misdiagnosed from the very first appointment. I believe she’s had Phenomena all this time. I have entered a recent picture of JJ that looks terrible. Cephalexin and Augmentin did NOT work. I could write a short story about my issues. Instead, I have decided to file complaints with the Michigan Attorney General’s office, the Michigan Veterinarian board, the Marquette Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. I have 100’s of videos, picture and 155 pages of daily notes. Regards, John D. Blue and my beloved Golden Retriever JJ.

Travis East

The staff was awesome and Dr Hunt was very kind and gentle with my kitten Lemur. I definitely recommend bringing your pets to this vet.

Matthew Duckworth

I would give this place less then a star if I could. I will never take an animal here again.

Matt Greer

Carol St. Andre

I have been going here for over 20 years! Best place around.

Adam Kicker

Your animals may not love coming here but they'll be healthier for it. Chances are they still might want to come here because the staff and Doctors are great!

matthew nowak

Very kind and caring

Robert Vogt

Joe Lindquist Regeneration

My dogs love to go here yet at other clinics they are scared to death. Great Vets with excellent people and pet skills!

Ryan & Elizabeth Collins

Tim Thomas

Dr. Tim is just outstanding. They treat your pet extremely well and seem genuinely concerned about giving your pet the best care.

Roni Carter

They are wonderful and very thorough on explaining things. Gentle and patient with the animals especially those who are quite scared.

Danica Thorson

Awesome people and friendly staff

Carmen Kee

Awesome!!! It always is.

Critter Lady


Nonyo Bisnes

Our little Molly a maltese... she's 12 years old and still with us thanks to Dr. Nyberg. We just moved to the area from Chicago and didn't know which vet would be good. On a grocery shopping trip someone suggested that we see her. She had a loose tooth that she couldn't eat with. She was rapidly loosing weight. When I came to see Dr. Nyberg I was in tears as I thought it was the end for Molly. But they squeezed me in for an emergency visit. She saved Molly's life and we're forever grateful. I would highly recommend this business the clinic was clean. The staff was friendly. And the overall cost was low. The best part is that bloodwork results come right away, in Chicago we would have to wait 3 days. Thanks Bayshore and Dr. Nyberg. We will be regulars. ❤

Jerry Hopkins

Modern professional care for your pets Located South of the Mqt welcome ct. On the East side of US41

Robin Howard


Amazing Vet!!! Staff and the doctors at this establishment are amazing and I couldn't write enough expressing how much me and my fiancee love this place... We have a St Bernard that broke his leg and Dr Hunt and staff did amazing job with him through the whole procedure.... Its been a year and he is just as active if not as more active as when he broke it... We live hour away and now bring all of our animals to Bayshore just to give them business and because we enjoy the staff and drs so much:)

Jenn Marineau

Colin McNaughton

Expert Vets and very

Kayla Herron

Really helps with my dogs and cat. Really understanding

Larry Lang

Only place I take my fur babies

Eric Gort

Susa Swaim

The best.

Joe Eklund

Nice vets and good with dogs. Not cheap.

kathy walther

So friendly. Very knowledgeable. Top rate veterinarians

Danyell Dolby

Simple2 Blink

robert mcquiston

Pam Gereau

Wonderful veterinarians that truly care. Ancillary staff kind, helpful, and supportive. They go the extra mile for pet patients and their caregivers. On call after hours provides care for unexpected illnesses or emergencies. I love that they will call prescriptions into your local pharmacies which is helpful for people who don't live nearby. Can't say enough about them, highly recommended.

Vivian Murphy

I will only let Tim Hunt see my dog's they don't have not liked any doctor besides Tim Hunt the staff is very polite and respectful .

shhjustsmoke 420

caring staff and doctors!

Krissy J

We’ve been taking our dogs here for years Dr Hunt is awesome.

Marla Vancheck

Rodney Short

They treat your pets like they're own

Kyle James

Everyone is very friendly and tries to make your pet as comfortable as possible. The vets are very knowledgeable.

Beth Carter

Jim Weston

Great facility. Doctors are very knowledgable and thorough. We will definitely bring our pets back for care.

Lizzy Cg

Luke Guindon

Dr Tim is amazing. He diagnosed my dog with Cushings disease almost immediately. This was after we had spent a great deal of effort elsewhere trying to find out what was wrong. He also surgically repaired my other dogs knee, and she is back to normal now.

Penny Ray


Joann Wendt

Great service and products. They always exceed my expectations.

Keisha Hawkins

This is an AMAZING vet. We were on vacation and had an emergency with our dog with limited funds and not only did they help us out, but the staff was wonderful and beyond helpful. They cared enough to ask about our funds to make it back home. The Dr. Also spoke personally with me on the phone the next day when another scare arose to assure us that everything was okay. Highly reccomened this vet for your fur babies.

Jamie Easley

The entire staff here is amazing. They are very helpful and caring. Cost of service and preventive medication is reasonable. Remember to grab some Dr. Tim's pet food :)

rebekah helt

Linnea Wyma

I would not take my pets anywhere else. Dr. Nyberg and Dr. Hunt are by far the best vets I have ever met. They will take time to get to know your pets to be able to provide the best possible care. They have been with myself and my family through putting down a cat and dog. They asked me how I would like the original to go and provided as much time as I needed for goodbyes. I would highly recommend Bayshore to anyone looking for a veterinarian.

Starfish Animal Rescue

Five Stars to Dr Hunt. He called us back on a Sunday, was very informative and you can tell he really cares. Thank you.

Ashley Garrison

Could not ask for a better place to bring our dog! They always explain everything well, where we leave knowing exactly what's wrong with our dog :)

Sean Tebby

Heidi Rosenburg

Kevin Fisher

I was recommended to Bayshore by a friend and I am certainly glad my dogs Ivy and Otis are patients of theirs. Incredibly knowledgeable staff and it's obvious that everyone there cares about each and every pet that is brought in.

Matt Mitchell


Great people and service

Cassandra Whitney

My animals mean the world to me and will never go to another vet.. Bayshore has amazing and caring staff. Me, my animals, and future animals thank you!!

Donald Starkweather

Great people. My dog was sick and I was not able to get her into her regular vet for several days and she needed to be seen sooner. Bayshore was able to get her in the next morning. The vet was great with my dog, the front seat staff were professional and friendly as well.

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