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Lisa Miller

We had to take our dog in turns out he had an ear hematoma. They got him right in answered all of our questions and were all around amazing i would recommend them 100 times over to anyone. The staff was absolutely amazing and they did an awesome job with him!! Thank you so much for helping our dog!!

kari franz

One star is pushing it and throughout the animal community around here the young vet Rogers is cocky , arrogant and totally uncompassionate and shouldn't have a job.the day vet told me to not offer my dog fluids and the receptionist was horribly rude.

rhonda randall

I have been going to Bay Area Hospital for several years for my Dog and Cat. So I would say they were my regular Vet. We have a couple pet but outdoor bunnies and one needed Immediate attention due to over grown teeth that had curled up in to its nostril. Unfortunately, I did not notice this until this last Thursday. I immediately call my Vet (Bay Area) and they state they are all booked up for a whole week and could not schedule me for 7 days! I said “the rabbit is suffering”.The response was due to Cherry Festival, being this week, that they COULD get me In but I would be charged 150.00 Emergency visit, then whatever, it would cost to fix the teeth or uthinize my bunny! I was very disappointed that being a current resident in Traverse City and a regular customer that I wouldn’t be offered a more compassionate alternative, rather than what was offered. Before I change Vets, I would like to commend Mary Peek as being a great technician and full of compassion. I called another Vet and was told to bring it right in, no questions asked and the great part was It was a easy fix and I was charged a total of $10.00 out the door!

RA Nunn

This emergency pet hospital is the BEST! They were open & answering the phone, we barely had to wait. They even checked with us the next day to see how our Buddy was doing! If I ever needed another Emergency Vet this is where I will go!

Tony Pasquino

Bay Area Pet Hospital and their staff have done nothing but give me the fastest and best help in helping me to get a diagnosis for my dog. We’ve gone several times in the past month, and the staff here has been very lovely and honest, giving me advice on the phone and in person, as well as making everything known to me and making my dog feel like one of their own. The experiences have always been genuine, during the day and night hours. And very fair pricing. Would highly recommend, and thank you for all your excellent help and love!

Liz Berlin Hemming

Bay Area Pet Hospital is fantastic. My daughter was in Traverse City visiting from Plymouth with her brand new puppy and Maizie became very ill. We called and they met us outside to administer a Parvovirus test and it was positive. She was admitted and we cannot say enough about the skill and expertise of the Dr's. and staff! Maizie survived this terrible virus and the entire staff was very empathetic and kind to Maizie and our family. They treated us like family and we cannot thank them enough. We would highly recommend Bay Area Pet Hospital

Nichole Jones

We're from grayling and our vets office was closed yesterday (Sunday) and our dog was having multiple seizures over the weekend. We were able to bring her here with no problem. They got us right in to get Penny looked at. In the end we needed to put her to sleep.

Kismet Nicholas

Excellent care for your pet.

Tristan Perez

Our pet Yorkie "Maizen Blue" has a medical condition that requires us to monitor her constantly. We had driven up to our cottage on Otsego Lake near Gaylord from our Canton MI home for the Christmas/New year week and lo and behold our yorkie started displaying signs of trauma so we called around to several vet clinics in Gaylord. We were told no one local was equipped to care for our pet and our best bet was to take her to the Bay Area Hospital in TC. We called "Bay Area" and explained our situation, they were very polite and assured us that they could see our pet and would be waiting for her arrival. In spite of a severe winter weather advisory my wife and I got our yorkie in the car and drove the 1 1/2 hour drive to TC. It actually took 2 hours in spite of the weather but we arrived safely. Upon arriving the front reception desk staff were very polite and said someone would be out shortly to get things started. In the next couple minutes a tech came out to greet us and take our pet into a exam room where we informed her what was going on with our yorkie, Maizen Blue. Then Dr. Prettyman came in and did her exam and later reviewed the blood test results. She even contacted our pets regular vet to let her know what was going on. Thanks goodness things turned out fine for our dog! We are so appreciative of the way Bay Area treated us and our yorkie and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for veterinary pet care for their pet. Thanks Bay Area!

Andrew Grossman

The staff is knowledgeable and caring. The rates are fare. I had 1 bad incident but they were apologetic and admitted to the mistake.

Shauna Stickney

Bay Area Pet Hospital will withhold your baby from you for MONEY, while charging you more to house them.. I understand that they need money to operate BUT at the expense of ANIMALS WELL BEINGS is not right. They have lack of room and space for the amount of animals they house (as many animals were on blankets and in the hallways while my baby was in there care) If they MAKE YOU leave your baby there, because you can not PAY IN FULL, for 5 days. They have the right to dispose of them as they see fit, is what their policy states. If you can avoid taking your baby there I would advise that. They are EXPENSIVE AND MONEY HUNGRY. From A Concerned and Alarmed Animal LOVER.

Ryan Didur

Best animal hospital for many many miles

Scott Hyatt

It was the last day of our vacation (and a Sunday night right before Labor Day, no less), and our Jack Russell, Bolt, starting exhibiting signs of HGE. This can progress quickly, is scary, and it came at quite possibly the worst time. We were even in Petoskey, which was far from any emergency vet. I decided to make the 1.5 hour drive in the middle of the night to Bay Area Pet Hospital, and I'm so glad I did. A quick call ahead as we were starting our drive and they were waiting for us when we got there. The super friendly and knowledgeable staff examined him (no easy feat - he's an anxious boy), kindly consulted and listened to me, and got Bolt the shot & medication he needed to calm his belly to avoid dehydration, get some sleep, and any worsening. Long story short, he's now chasing squirrels and barking up a little terrier storm here at home again in Columbus. Could not have done it without Bay Area Pet Hospital - the service you guys provide is nothing short of amazing, we'll always be thankful for this visit. I'd say "We'll be back!", but I hope we never are (if you know what I mean!).

Karen Gardner

Great staff. Great doctors. I have been going here for seven years with my entire menagerie of cats and dogs. If you are looking for an inexpensive vet visit, this is not the place for you. If you want quality care any time night or day, it is.

Kayla Comai

One of the most important things for me is recognition of my dog, and they always knew him when they saw him or talked to me over the phone. I love that they are like a normal vet, so you can make appointments but they are open 24/7 just in case. My pug Enzo has protein loosing enteropathy, and when I was concerned about what was wrong with him, before he was diagnosed, I brought him in and they took amazing care of him. There was someone with him all night, and that is so important because I called the amazing worker that night a few times to check on how he was doing, she was so patient with me and watched over my sweet baby. I have never had a bad experience here or ran into a meaner person. Literally, everyone who works here is amazing and the doctors really know their stuff. They take time to explain everything to you and answer any questions! I recommend them to everyone I know!

Kelly Cassady/Ackerman

The staff was very accommodating, attentive and compassionate. Their kindness was much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Patti Lovette

When we were visiting in Traverse City our dog jumped out of our RV and caught her toenail. Blood was everywhere. We took her in and they were wonderful. She actually had ripped her whole nail off which was a blessing because she didn’t have to have surgery. We were all concerned because she has a heart condition and a spot on her lung. They bandaged her foot up to stop the bleeding and told us how to take care of it. The staff was very friendly and kind. We could have been easily taken advantage of but weren’t. A few days later they even called to check on her.


This is a great place!!! The staff was sooo friendly and helpful and Molly was very informative and Dr. Rogers was the best!!!! Thank you, From Zoey too

James Gavigan

Wonderful people we had the unfortunate experience that our loving Shi Szu was at the end of her life. However the Dr and her staff were excellent

Jess Sheteron

Wow! Awedome care for my dog we were in horrible auto accedent they kept him for 3 days and brought him back to us!!

Janet Oppedal

I have 9 Dogs.. 8 Dobermans and one corgi.. Dobermans have Breed specific health issues. As a breeder I need a vet who will listen and learn what I need for my breed. Bay Area Pet Hospital.. Has done this... NOT every one know and understands the Genetic issues and testing required prior to breeding healthy puppies, And I have the support and resources I need from them.

Debbra Steffes

The Drs and staff have always taken good care of our little Papillon. They listened to what we had to say and answered all our questions. We recently saw Dr Morgan and Dr Whitney and would recommend either one !

Jessica Elzer

They took care of my Thor just like he was one of their dog's, wonderful staff. My other dogs love going here couldnt ask for better people to care for my babies❤❤ Dr. val your the best!

trisha young

It was horrible. Although my pup was only a few days old and not much can be done at that age, the way we were treated was terrible. I won't go into detail and name said people on here but I will never be visiting again. I paid 200 for them push me out the door. The vet didn't listen and just kept moving her head up and down agreeing with whatever I said. I took the same pup to a vet out of the area and they found the problem and it only cost me 40. Very disappointed!!!! I would really like my money back as you did nothing but collect the money and push me out the door.

Kelli Shafley

I normally don’t write reviews online but I felt that this experience was so terrible that I had to say something. I have been going to Bay Area with my dog for about two years now and have never had a problem when it comes to checkups and his flea/tick medication. However, recently I went there because my dog had a growth on his tail and we ended up seeing a different vet than our usual woman who helps us. I’m not sure if this gentleman was new or just did not possess the knowledge that our previous vet did but I will never go back to him. Not only did he make us pay hundreds of dollars to send a sample to a pathologist who ended up telling us that doing this pointless because they could never tell anything from the type of sample he chose to send but he also admitted he didn’t know what he was doing. They did not offer to reimburse us for his bad decision and then recommended we just amputate my dogs tail to be on the safe side. Being in the situation is stressful enough as a dog owner but then paying money for answers and ending up back at square one because the vet we saw was incompetent is truly the worst. I will not go back here again because of this experience and I warn others to question the vet’s decisions instead of trusting that they are a professional and should know how to do their job.

royce Deegool

Have been taking my dog here for years love the staff and the way they treat my dog. 5 stars. Today I took my dog in to get his blood work checked to see if the medication I have been giving to him for more than a year has done any harm. When the blood work is done I finally meet the doctor that requested it and she had the worst attitude. I understand people have bad days but this was uncalled for. She sends my boy out saying we’re cutting off his anti anxiety medication which I use daily for traveling to work with him and the large apartment complex I live in he gets rowdy. And when I leave him home he will occasionally bark to neighbors and make a mess. After explaining this to the doctor Kristina, she shrugs and continues being rude with no refill on the anti anxiety meds and the living and work situation my dog needs some sort of medication for him to stay calm. Tanks for nothing Kristina today’s visit was a half a star.

Jil Johnson

Love that Kenny Rogers. He is fantastic!

Kim W

We had set up a series of appointments that were necessary for us to obtain an International Health Certificate for us so we could take our feline Sasha. Everything was perfect, which to say the least was BEYOND important. Prices were very reasonable, the staff, as always, are the best around. Dr. Val is a treat! We arrived in Costa Rica and not an hour later she called to check up on Sasha. Apparently, these folks care. 10 star if I could.

Cody Gillespie

Angela MacLachlan

Took my pup in there for porcupine quill removal. 2 days later I found an additional quill that was missed. I called and was told it would be an addition $300+ charged as this would be a completely new encounter visit for my pup. I was so disappointed in that mentality from a customer service stand point. It was outside of the 48 hour window by about 8 hours. I luckily was able to remove the quill on my own but I was pretty bummed they didn’t feel around a little closer while they originally had her sedated, and then had zero loyalty to the job when contacted. Disappointing.

Colleen Jones

issues with prescriptions on a regular basis, not enjoyable when you have an animal who needs 2 different meds on a daily basis but the techs and doctors can't seem to make a note and or read a chart. They have a lot of different vets and techs in there and are never on the same page. I can't get anyone to listen to me and my feelings on my animal, because they know best... but then agree with me after. But next time I call it's the same old routine of not listning with a different vet but same outcome. I wish they would just take the time to read the notes in the chart before they make a decision. The only positive I can see it the 24hr service.

Jeffrey Brandon

I brought my dog in, who I think ate something toxic while we were up north on vacation. The staff was great. They checked him when I walked in to make sure he was stable. The tech and vet were both excellent and caring people.

Andrea Rios

They had the wrong diagnosis on my 4 month old puppy. 3 times I took her in and 3 times they messed up on her medications and studies. I paod for 5 studies that weren't even needed. I took her to a new place and they were able to determine and fix the problem in the first visit instead of having my puppy in pain for 2 months, giving her medication that never worked. The worst thing is I called them after 3 visits, because my poop puppy was feeling terrible. I wanted an appointment and they were booked for 2 weeks. I told them how she was and they had all her history, they just said "bring her as an emergency and pay the fee". No! I asked if the fee could be waived since she was there 3 other times in the same month for this and they did not want to help me out. What kind of vet would let a puppy be this sick for 2 weeks!?!? Ughh im disgusted by this place, really, go somewhere else

Alex W

My personal experience here was great. First time here, and I had to bring my cat in for gastrointestinal issues during the weekend while my primary vet was closed. Everyone I interacted with from the front desk to the assistant to the vets were super friendly, communicative, and wonderful. The facility was really clean and I felt like everyone was on top of their game and knew what they were doing. It ended up being an overnight stay but they were open with treatment plans and costs up front, and I felt very comfortable leaving my pet there overnight. Process was easy and my little guy is now happy, relaxed and no longer in pain. Thank you, BAPH!

James Marsh

They take late night appointments, 24 hours services, staff is very friendly. The vet is aware of my dogs situation and has taken the time to talk with me on the phone avoiding excessive visits.

Maggie Klopschinski

Cheyanne Banks

Absolutely awesome people! They really have been crazy helpful! Good to know a good vet office after all the problems I had at Banfield pet hospital

Taylor VerVane

Charged us $150 just to take our dogs temperature. Sent us home and said nothing was wrong. Huge waste of money

Lisa Martin

Lucy had come in for her yearly checkup today:) Dr. Whitney and the entire staff at Bay Area Pet Hospital treated my dog like one of their own family members. I am really happy to about the information that I received. Thank you so much:) I couldn't be happier. Lucy loved your entire staff. I am amazed and love the exam and treatment Lucy received today. It made me so excited to learn how I should care for my pet. Thank you Dr. Whitney :-)

Karen Scofield

Bay Area Pet Hospital treated our Doxie .we are fortunate to have a 24 hr. Emergency Pet Hospital in the area. They were Great!

Dan Reiman

We brought our Puppy to this clinic after she inhaled spores from a puffer mushroom. The staff was great. Their communication over the two days our puppy stayed there was amazing. Our Puppy's life was probably saved because this 24hr facility exists. Northern Michigan is lucky to have this resource available to them.

Rebekah McClew

Our experiences here have been absolutely wonderful. Friendly staff, great doctors. They really take care of your animal. Our dog has seizures and they have really been encouraging with her care and explaining anything we needed to know regarding it. We've dealt with other clinics in the past that were simply disheartening but we really love this clinic and will stick with them with all our furry babies!

Memento mori

Brought my cat in after hours for breathing distress. Kenneth Rogers had the worst demeanor and negative attitude imaginable. Told me the cat was suffering and would just die during testing. He blasted me a whole 30 minute spiel about putting him down and there was nothing he could do. Worst vet in Michigan or America for that matter. Highly inappropriate, inexperienced and uncompassionate. Also, office charged $300 for doing absolutely nothing that night. Go elsewhere you've been warned.

David Stockman

The staff here are wonderful people. Thank you so much for all the care and kindness you showed to my buddy. Clyde is feeling much better and I wont forget all you did for us.

Jackie Marcus-Humitz

This was by far the worst experience we have had at a vet hospital! The "vet" in the building was awful, I'm not sure he was even a vet. He was not listed on the website so I dont know who he was or where he came from. I had to call my regular vet at home to speak with this guy as he was doing nothing for my dog who was having a seizure. We took our dog home after an injection to calm him down and the seizure passed but we actually had to convince this guy that our dog was actually having a seizure. I told our vet my suspicions and that this is not the place to send emergent cases to if at all possible. Care and humane concern was seriously lacking. I felt horrible for the other emergancy clients, warning them of my suspicions regarding the "vet". Our visit was in the summer 2016.

DomhKat Incendia

My feline "kids" have been patients for years (we started at East Bay and followed the transition to this other office), and two years ago we decided to add a dog to the mix (the first of two)...dogs are much more expensive to take care of than cats, which we knew. I never thought to question the charges of each visit until talking with other residents in town that go to other places. Positives of Bay Area: Dr. Dana is amazing. She is no-nonsense and knows her craft inside and out. She is an awesome resource for animal behavior and bully breeds (we have a bully pup). We love her. Molly and Susan are AWESOME vet techs. They were very sweet and understanding when I had to make the tough decision to say goodbye to my Pandora. Negatives: The costs, when compared with other offices in town, tend to be on the higher end. I know they get great care when they are there, BUT... -On several occasions, when we have come in for afternoon appointments during the week, there is a certain pair of receptionists that have major attitude. I'm not sure if it's just towards me, specifically, but they've acted irritated, as if their super private conversation was just intruded upon, and how DARE we do such a thing (mind you, this is at their job, so it's not entirely appropriate to be talking about your relationship problems in that setting). -Terrible about following up. The first of two significant occasions is when I utilized their online booking was more than a week before I heard from anyone, and ended up taking my cat elsewhere, because they needed to be seen. *The second occasion, I had to bring in a stool sample for my pup and--one of the snotty receptionists was involved in this--I'm pretty sure no tests were ever performed on it, and my pup most certainly had a recurrence of Giardiasis -- even "cured", there still would have been residual parasites in the sample, so there's no way the test would have been completely negative. I even looked at his pet records and there was no notation that a stool test had been done. I also had to call more than once to ask for results. Overall, their follow up is way too slow, or nonexistent. I understand they are busy, but when an owner is concerned for their pet's wellbeing, it's important to have prompt turnaround, especially when test results are involved. I know I can simply call myself, but the thing is...I shouldn't *have* to do that. It's been difficult, because I tend to be loyal -- but because of the costs and the frustrations from lack of follow up (which really feels more like we're just a patient number and they don't actually care), we're looking for veterinary care elsewhere. After more than a decade of working with these vets, we're saying goodbye. Perhaps that's the downside of growth -- the smaller offices tend to be more caring and involved, but a large hospital setting takes away a lot of the intimacy.

Maxwell Wolf

I've had animals for many years and occasionally have had to have them seen on an emergency basis. Over the weekend I noticed a large infected sore on one of my dogs and decided she needed to be seen that day. The charge wasn't out of the ordinary for an emergency visit so I guess I don't understand the complaints about price on here. I'm not sure what their prices are for normal visits because my dogs have another vet so I can't comment on that. I thought they treated us fine and fixed my dog up best they could and I was glad someone was available to see her fairly quickly. So I would recommend them if you have an emergency with your pet.

Shelby Skeans

Bunny Simko

We did not visit this facility. I called we were traveling when our dog became ill. The answer to my request for an appointment was “ yes we will see your dog for $175.00 plus tests. Just too callous a response for me. It was a request for an appointment during daytime hours.

Matthew Ritter


I have been showing and handling dogs 51 years. We had an 11 week old pup go flat and spike a 106+ fever - of course at nearly 5PM on a Friday. Her regular vets said "Bay Area" (as they are the ones who do the off-hours hospitalizations.) I have paid innumberable vets bills -- including echo cardiograms. spinal MRIs with a spinal tap, emergency surgeries for life-threatening conditions. I have used Emergency clinics in 5 other states - major urban areas. The pup was hospitalized and put on antibiotics and fluids as they couldn't tell me the problem so we went with supportive therapy. First this place said they were going to do a CBC but only did a red/white blood cell count. Second, I called on the next day and ask for the CBC results only to find out they had only done a partial test. I had to TELL THEM to run a Urinalysis - a standard diagnostic procedure for illness of an unknown origin. BINGO - the pup had a urinary tract infection. What they did for 48 hours was (1) IV fluids (2) antibiotic tablets 2 times a day (3) take her temperature every 4 hours (4) 1 injection of a NSAID for the fever (5) feed her and take her out to potty and (6) a full CBC (duh - basic and one does not just do a blood cell count when trying to diagnose) and a urinalysis plus pulling a clean urine sample to send out to culture. Typically a CBC costs around $75 -100 and urinalysis costs around $35 -55 and a clean catch specimen with culture around $75 -100. A bag of IV fluid retails from the manufacturer for about $2.78. The antibiotic tablet cost $1.53. These people charged me just a few dollars shy of $1000!!!! They quoted $418-458 for the first 24 hours ($105 emergency fee + $65 for hospitalization). They ran up another $500 on procedures which normally cost $220 and meds that cost less than $5. It should have been not more than $290 for the second day - NOT $500!!! I have NEVER been charged such amounts even for emergency surgery for bloat with 3 days in hospital. They charged me more for 2 days of fluids and antibiotics and basic tests than I paid for a spinal MRI by a board certified neurosurgeon. Next time one critter is seriously ill and needs to be hospitalized, we will stabilize and drive to Lansing to the Vet School who charges 33 -50% less than the rapacious vets in Traverse. I once had to give a bill for vet care in Traverse for a dog in breed rescue to our State Rescue Director - both she and our national rescue director nearly passed out as it was 50% higher than anywhere else in the state for the same care. If there is anyway you can get to the vet school with a seriously ill animal do it!

David Findley

I would give less than one star if possible. The vets Prettyman and Rodgers improperly diagnosed demodectic mange on my dog and the Tx worsened her condition. Then when I brought her back, their judgmental looks and comments made me feel like it was my fault, when it was a poor diagnosis on their part from the beginning. I will never go there again.

Jessica J

We have a very senior dog. Some of the other vets in town wouldn’t see him to clean his teeth. These guys worked wonders to get our puppy back. They aren’t just for emergencies.

Gerianne Annie

We are very unhappy with Bay Area Pet Hospital. We took our dog in on a Friday night and spent $700, $105 of which was for a test for zinc poisoning (she decided to chew on a bag of zinc coated nuts and bolts)that had to be sent out to MSU. We were told that the results would be back in 2 to 3 days. When I called them on the next Tuesday I was told the sample had been sent out on Monday at 4:30 p.m. I was shocked that they waited 3 days to ship it! But, when I called back on Wednesday I was assured by the BAPH staff that the results should be back soon. Today, Thursday, I called again and was put off yet again as my dog is knocking on deaths door. I called them back and asked for the FedEx tracking number. They called me back and finally stopped lying to me and told me that the sample had been lost by their office. As my beloved year-and-a-half Spinone's life is hanging by a thread waiting for the results for that test so we know what direction to take for treatment. Our pup is headed to MSU! Pet owners beware! From what I can see from the reviews there are multiple vets who don't have good communication in their clinic and they are untruthful.

elk lake

Our 5 yr old female sheltie suddenly got seriously sick and our regular vet was out of town. We took Mitzy in during the middle of the night. She stayed a few days and unfortunately did not recover. She had a very aggressive form of cancer. We were able to bring her home and our regular vet put her to sleep in my wifes arms. The doctors and staff at this hospital are wonderful caring people. We cried as if we had lost a child. Thank God there were there for us. They are very professional, compassionate, and have hearts of gold. The hospital is clean and very people friendly. I thank God the staff here love dogs as much as we do. If you visit, please ask to see the Mitzy memorial book in her honor. They can always use good clean blankets or fleece's for the little people that they serve.

Diane Calsbeek

The Ninth

These people are just amazing! They work with you and their first concern is not the money but the health of your animal. Thank you for taking good care of my furry babies.

Amber Dutton

Would recommend to anyone who needs advice or care for their pet. I had to take my dog in once when I wasn't sure what was going on. They are open late night when other area hospitals aren't and are so caring. I was able to take him in and they saw him in the waiting room to determine if he needed to be cared for immediately. So grateful for a place like this in the case of an emergency.

Christopher Brunk

First time visit here. My parents are visiting and have their dog, Bella, with them and she started exhibiting signs of a UTI. Since it was after hours we called them and were able to take her in immediately. From the moment we walked in until we left, the staff were great. Very helpful, kind, and quick with the testing and diagnosis. Hopefully we won't need their services again, but if we do, will definitely be back! Thanks so much!

Sarah Thomas

In a crisis, this place was wonderful. The staff was warm, informative & took great care of my little guy. Each time something came up, I was informed of the option, the cost & asked if that's what I wanted. It was so refreshing not to feel lost as to what exactly was going on & not be bulldozed. I can not express just how thankful I am to these people!

Melissa LaVanway

My experience was the best it could have been, given the circumstances. The staff were very thorough, very informative, respectful and understanding. The on-site lab means test results come back in minutes rather than days. It is, however, a "get what you pay for" situation, so if cost is your primary concern, be warned. They do make the costs clear upfront though so you know what you're getting into.

Julie H

I have been to Bay Area Pet Hospital twice in the last couple of years while vacationing in Northern Michigan. We are an hour away and so thankful that they are there. It is my understanding they are the only 24 vet in Northern Lower Michigan. First time was for a bladder infection in our senior yorkie a couple summers ago. Last night we had to take our yorkie puppy in for possible "marijuana ingestion" (in photo below). Both times the vets were so calm, professional and treated our pets very well. Would highly, highly recommend! Can you please open a location in Gaylord area?

Nicole Ghastin

My Maddie girl fell out of bed and hurt her back to the point of dragging her bottom on the floor, and when she was able to use her legs she would topple over every few steps. The Vet and the Vet Tech were super friendly and treated her like she was one of their own. The Vet prescribed a steroid with the other meds I had started and she is now up and running around a week later. Thank you for the great care from the team that seen Maddie!

Lindsay Reed

Tammy Clayton

I was very impressed with them, they got my dog in right away and they didn’t try to price gouge me or do any unnecessary work and I would recommend them.

Scott Frank

One of the best emergency vet visits we’ve ever experienced! The tech and doctor were amazing!

Lisa Erickson

Gary Bell

Had to take our Golden Retriever in on Memorial weekend because our regular vet wasn't open. Although not a dire emergency we suspected she had a urinary track infection and didnt want to wait 2 days until we could get into our regular vet . They were very friendly and got us in within 30 minutes. There were others that came in after us that got in before us but thats to be expected in an emergency clinic as some are more pressing. They confirmed that they thought it was a urinary track infection and gave us antibiotics. Just for informational purposes I will mention it was $150 initial consultation and our bill was $260 total. Again, to be expected in an emergency situation.

J McCallie

We recently had a panic with our pup. It was about 8pm, so I called ahead. When we arrived they were waiting with a stretcher, they assisted in unloading my 68lb boxer-pit, and safely transported her to the exam room. They were thorough, and they quickly solved the problem and calmed our fears! The visit was about $150. I would have paid double. 24 hour service, and they were fantastic. We saw Dr. Clepper (could be spelled wrong) and Sarah. Much love!

Phyllinda Painter

We took our 8 week old puppy in 8 days ago for lethargy, rapid breathing, cough and low grade fever. They seemed very concerned that she had “canine influenza” and actually mentioned keeping her over night. After blood draw, influenza cultures/swabs and chest X-ray she was diagnosed with pneumonia which we are aware is a complication of influenza. We were told they weren’t sure how long the influenza results would take but told to isolate her and given antibiotics to treat her pneumonia. They suggested getting our other dogs canine influenza shots but they were already exposed so wait? They were very caring and compassionate while we were there but six hundred plus dollars and 8 days later not a word. Nobody called to check on her or let us know a timeframe on the influenza results. Fortunately it was negative (which we figured as none of our other animal were ill prior to or since) and she is back to her crazy puppy self. I am grateful they were there but also disappointed. I understand it’s a busy place but aftercare calls are just as important especially when it effects other animals the dog has been exposed.

erin ascione

Very helpful and friendly staff

Bonnie Eppler

They have very bad vets there we took a kitty in with a bad tooth that our vet had my son remove as it fell out with just a little pull. Val Prettyman DVM was rude and very uncaring to our questions and just wanted to push us into a procedures that was out of our price range our home charge us 6.00 so I would really like my 150.00 back when you did nothing for us

jaimi callahan

They've always done a really good job with our animals, whether for regular check ups or emergency visits.

Jodi Maslowski

The 2 individuals that assisted me and my fur baby were absolutely wonderful. They were upfront, honest and made us feel very comfortable. If I didn't love our regular vet so much I would consider always going there. Thank you!

brendon presnell

Took my dog in to be put down. He had an awful cancer, and my family and I felt it was better to have him go peacefully. While I thank the staff for being mindful of his aversion to other dogs on the way in, nothing went right after that. When the sedative was administered, he quickly started to squirm, panic, and whine. This carried on loudly in front of my whole family for 15 minutes before the assistant wandered back in from computer work to administer more sedative. Then it carried on for another 15 minutes. I went out into the hall to find someone and could hear my dog the entire time. No one seemed to react to the abnormality of the situation. Because the staff was just going about their shift, delivering bloodless, textbook responses to a horrible scenario, my dog took nearly an hour to pass. While I understand the nature of these drugs, and that they don't always work perfectly, helping to ensure my dog passed peacefully seemed to be a low priority given the response time and preparedness of the staff. The vet didn't arrive to administer the final drug until 45 minutes in, and the overall reaction of the staff could be summed up with a casual, "sorry, this doesn't usually happen." For day to day customer service bay area pet hospital seems fine, but they are far from veteranary professionals.

Ashley HC

The Vet and Staff were prompt at answering questions by phone, which indicated an urgent need for my dog to be evaluated. They were prompt & thorough in explaining care options, and clear regarding the expected costs. I was able to bring my pup home healthy the following afternoon.

Bridget Callaghan

Staff and Doctors are always friendly and caring.

Becky Hudson

I'm a bit torn. I took my dog in to be put to sleep and they did amazing with her and dealing with my emotional self. But on the other hand they told me I could leave her collar on her and they would have everything in the bag for me when I came to pick up her remains after creation. I went and pick her up and her collar wasn't in my bag. When I went back in they couldn't find it. That made me very sad if I would have known that I wouldn't get it back I would have taken it with me. Also they never asked me how to spell her name so it's spelled incorrectly on everything that has her name on it.

Angel Pronger

Dr. Kelly and the wonderful Staff At Bay Area helped us with the difficult decision of putting our beloved pet to sleep. They were very knowledgeable and compasionate and would recommend them for general as well as emergency care.

jamie Beiler

I've never had any problems with Bay Area Pet Hospital, up until recently. A very disappointing experience!! I had taken our Lab mix back in to have scheduled staples removed. Unfortunately, he has to be sedated, due to being a wild man and too which they were very well aware of this. I spoke to the staff FOUR different times before his scheduled date, and each time I was quoted $85.00 for the sedation. There was no office charge, being that they put the staples in. I informed each of the staff that this is what I was budgeting for, and that I did NOT want any surprises. If it were going to be more for any reason, than I needed to know at that time (Sunday evening. Scheduled date was Wednesday.) Issue # 1: The morning of bringing him in, the Vet tech knew NOTHING about his scenario or procedure being done. I work in the human medical field, and you make yourself aware of the daily patients! You DON'T tell an owner, "I don't know much about what is going on." That tends to make staff sound very incompetent! Staff should be reviewing scheduled pt charts and notes in the morning! Issue # 2: Moving right along, I get a phone call at work about 10:00am to inform me that our pup was okay,'s going to cost a little more than quoted! WHAT?? I never once received a phone call BEFORE his procedure, to inform me that they could not use the IV drip for the sedation, due to him whaling around and peeing everywhere. They "apparently" had to use the mask on him, which uses more sedation, and it increased my bill to $125.00! How about stopping, let him settle down and calling the owner to let them know of the situation?!? Issue # 3: I brought my pup into the clinic CLEAN and odorless at 8:15 am, and he was there ALL day, until my son picked him up at about 4:00 pm. The staff brought him out dirty and smelling horrible like urine and feces! They offered no reason as to why they could not clean him up, only that he had messed in his kennel. This is completely and utterly unacceptable. My son called and informed me of this at work! My son ended up having to give him a bath when he got home, due our pup reeking of urine and feces all over his back hind legs. Since this incident, I have lost a lot of trust in this facility. I'm patiently waiting for a return call form the office manager, as I did file a complaint about this! UPDATE: Thankfully the manager returned my call, and accommodated us for the situation. She will also be addressing her staff on the whole bathing issue.

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