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REVIEWS OF Arenac-Bay Veterinary Services IN Michigan

Robin U

Wonderful staff! Dr Jennifer Smith is AWESOME!! "Spunky" recommends her!


candy towler

My dog had been bit by another dog and they were great in the care of her!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Donna Russell

Renae J. N. E

Young doctor Schwab is incredible with the dogs.

Audrey Karnes

Dr Johnathan was great with my mare who was in quite a bit of distress after losing twins.

Alicen Eagleson

Never again.... I called at approximately 10am because our farm animal went down, said they'd call back. Called them again around 1pm and they stated they were busy and haven't had time to call. Called back at approximately 3pm and was told they weren't accepting any more clients, why weren't we told this at 10am when I called? I would have had time to call other vets for big animals but they waited for 5 hrs to say something? The vet did eventually call us at around 4pm. However, by then I was so upset that I didn't care that he returned my phone call. By the time I got a vet to come out I had to pay extra for an after hours call. When the 2nd vet came out he stated that possibly my animal may have survived if we had gotten help earlier. We'll never really know the answer to that possibility but after being strung along for hours, it's a slap in the face.

Amanda Walker

Great vets that put the animals first

Allen Krevinghaus

Best vet in Michigan!!!

Tyler Kirsch

Nathan H

Everyone here is so friendly and knowledgeable and they treat the animals with respect and care

John Wass

Ryan Rogers

Tammy Tomczak

Tina Sullivan

Stevie Jo Williams

Kayleen Ballard

Danette Jenkins

Vicki Groulx

Been going here for years with all my dogs .. would recommend .. great staff and caring dr.s..

Amanda Benmark

They were so good with our dog who isn't a huge fan of doggie docs and worked with in my budget to give excellent service

Sandy Dorian

Diane and Becky are the best!!!!!

James David

Pat Graver

Only place I take my dogs good care amd a vet on call 24/7.

Debra Neveau

Brigette Zajechowski


Beth Ellison

Mary Bernal

Cheryl Sequin

This veterinary clinic is a great place to bring your pets. Everyone is so nice. The kindness they show pets is wonderful!

Brandon Richards

Very friendly and helpful, the vet was willing to answer all questions even gave his personal cell number if we had anymore questions

Caila Studenka

Great place to take ur animals

Kali Kane

I have gone here a couple times, they are very friendly and helped a lot when I first got my kitty (he was sick and I had no idea what to do). They always are gentle and seem to take good care of my little jelly bean each visit. Thank you staff!

Andrea Curnow

Very caring, took really good care of our sick pet

Tom Schroeder

Glenda Ann

Our dogs get very good care!

Kristine Friend

Jasmine Lambert

Melissa Selle

Heather Marie

Had to rush my dog in after hours. I can't remember the vet's name but she was WONDERFUL with my dog. I would take my dog to her again.

lisa simpson

Andrea Gutierrez

I love this place. All of the staff are very efficient and friendly. If your pet needs to be seen right away they get you in quickly. The prices are also reasonable. I would recommend this veterinarian.

Michael Schmidt

Lyn Meihls

Great service!

Michael Merithew

Great Vet

John Beaufait

mary tompkins

Briana Rohde

Been going here for years. Great place to take your animals, the staff is friendly and will even go to your animals level to make them comfortable

Dennis Prescott

Very professional

Kevin kroczaleski

Great place, people that really care for your pets.

David Mason

Great service

Zac Mularz

The only veterinary clinic I would ever consider taking my pets. We drive over an hour just to see the staff here. High quality work at a cost effective rate. The doctors here truly love the work they do and truly care about all their patients.

Chuck Pearce

Great with pets small and large.

Megan Behnke

I gave this vet's office a second chance after my first time was not the greatest... The first go around I was told my dog needed some shampoo in addition to the meds. I told them I could afford the meds that were a must have at the time of the visit but was going to need to come back for any of the meds that could wait along with the shampoo. They said they understood and that was okay, I could do that. I was checking out and paying when they told me my total and advised me that EVERYTHING was filled and EVERYTHING needed to be paid for that day. I reexplained everything and they started to get attitudes with me and question my ability to take care of my dog. Finally they agreed I could make a payment that Friday and I did. The second go around was good until I needed to rehome my dogs. I called to ask what their procedure was for that. They informed me there was no paperwork needing to be filled out but if I request they call me when someone else was re registering my dog under a different name, they could give me a courtesy call to make sure that was the correct person and I gave my permission to allow it. All my dogs are microchipped to my name so when they came in to be seen. they would know it was my dog. I had a friend watching one of my dogs and they did not get her treatment in time and it caused her to become ill and she passed away without my knowledge. The vet never called to inform me that my dog was being seen, nor did they call to ask if I gave my permission for her to be put down. When I called to question this, they just said she was in bad shape and needed it. I said I get that and I didn't want her suffering if that was truly the case, but I still should have been called. I also verified that the rest of my dogs were still in my name and they told me no, the other dog that was in the same foster home had been switched to another name WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! I asked if they scan dogs that come in with new owners for microchips or lost dogs. The lady on the phone said yes. I asked why they didn't scan my other dog knowing that he had been seen there before? She didn't have an answer. I asked if this case was an different from a lost pet that someone brings in claiming they found them and haven't found the owners? They would scan the dog and then contact or at least try to contact the person on the microchip correct? She said yes. I said then it should have been no different with my dog. And my other dog should have NEVER been put down without my permission. I pray and no one in the area loses their pets, because if they are brought to this vet, I'm sure they won't let you know and I'm sure they won't take the time to scan your dog for a microchip. I would NEVER recommend this vet's office to anyone!

cheryl abernathy

linda burgess

Large and small animal practice. They have multiple vets available.

Ginni Schaefer

Lisa Nichols

Patrick Hentschell

Very friendly and animal conscience clinic.

Ruth Caldwell

Bob Fitzgerald

Jeremy Blohm

Ann O'Daniel

Great service. Nice facilities.

Diane Delling

They are very affordable and are great

Bob Matthews

The place is big with a lot of staff that knows what they are doing. Very friendly

jennifer dady

Hours are very reasonable and fairly easy to get an appointment. Staff is friendly.

Brian DeShone

Natalie Nichols


Shane Werner

This is a good vet treats animals right with compassion and accuracy

Kristen Pearless

Very caring staff. Quiet place given the animals that go here... Yes pun intended. They get you right in so you don't have to wait long but if you do don't worry if you have the 2 legged kids with you and your 4 legged ones. There are books and games to keep the kids occupied. They make going to the vet easy.

Jer Montanez

I made a call to the vet in the middle of the night hoping to get a hold of some one. They answered my call and met me at their vetinary location and saved my wife's kittens life after my dog got a hold of it while were gone. Not only did they keep her kitten over night and tend to it. But they saved my marriage by saving my wife's kitten... lol and the bill that I thought was going to be outrageous wasn't bad at all. They really care and they get a thumbs up all day from me.

Robert Kurowski

Robin Jones

Very good and compassionate Vet's and staff.

Lon Strain

Caleb Schultz


Jared Kuchek

Wonderful vet. Very caring and they take the time to explain themselves.

Josh Bolesky

Greatest vet around I have a 90 lb baby pit bull and he loves them

Jennifer Brent

I have so many good things to say. I have had all my pet's seen here. They treat you and your pet like family. They don't force feed you to buy things or get treatment's for your pet's. It's genuinely in the best interest of your pet's well being and quality of life..

Kimberly Shaw

Best Veterinarian office ever! My dog doesn't even mind going here. My brother and son use this vet too. They're very patient and loving with all the animals.

Jeremy Marchand

Take good care of my animals

Ken Gove

We are visiting the area, they took care of our Lab today. A slight emergency, and they fit her in. Very good care, and very fair price. Very satisfied.

Amanda Cissé

teressa donaghy

Frank Storey

Wonderful veterinary! Staff, Doctors and pricing Multiple doctor's easy access.

Lorena Criscuolo

Gary Saunders

Very caring and professional.

Brianna Kuchek

Seriously love this place. Fair prices and super knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Brelle Biscovich

Jennifer Former

emergency situation with a prolapsed rectum on a dog on a Saturday, they would not even see my pet. Thanks for your caring support... Would not recommend.

Richard Misiak

Matt Dewyer

Marc Chapman

S Durand

Dr Jon is by far the most compassionate, knowledgeable and professional vet I have ever been to. I took my special needs foster dog here after my previous vet balked at treating her and recommended euthanasia. Dr. Jon listened to me, did the testing I wanted (which the previous vet didn't want to do) and set her up a course of treatment that has absolutely turned her life around! She has been a complex case with uncommon diagnosis, but she needed a chance, and someone willing to dig deeper than the surface, and this vet gave her that. I will forever be grateful to Jon for saving Sarah Poppy.

Claudia Shoultes

Unknown To you

Bonnie Stpeter

They're very caring and they help you with your animals

Karen Foley

Wolf Plays

clara o

My experience here was very bad, and unwelcoming !!! I brought my dog in for heartworm check and rabies shots.. they tried to push all sorts of other things on me and when I denied it because he already had his 7 way and I just wantes his rabies and heart checked they treated me very poorly after i denied it and i was on a budget for what I came in for in the first place.. they were very short and rude... even the receptionist said "that's $87" no please or thank you nothing! And i was trying to pay for it and my Rottweiler was excited and there were other dogs I couldn't barley get the money with him pulling on me.. they didn't offer to help or hold him they just stated at me with a blank ride gesture.. it was awful I'll never go back!!! They didnt even tell me his heart was okay!! They just asked do their money and I left... I don't recommend this negative place!!!

Roland Barth

My favorite Vet. Always good service with short waits. Recommend making appointments but will get quick service with emergencies

Suzanne Rodriguez

Best Vet ❤

Elizabeth Harzinski

Good for small animals but I have different vet for big ones.

Steve Kraska

Jennifer Eubank

Very caring, thorough and helpful. Totally satisfied!

carrol smith

Treated our little dog with real care and concern.

Phillip Michalsky

Very costly price should be adjusted for more then one pet

Kimber R

Dr Schwab was wonderful!

Duane Yarmuth

Sharon Schmidt

Gary TenBrook

Sue Davis

Prices are way out of control. It cost 450.00 for an eye infection.

Darwin Smith

Paula hood

Just called to see if they could spay my pot bellied pig. The girl on the phone said “we don’t deal with pot bellied pigs”. I asked if she could give me a referral and she said “no”! Please hire someone with more customer service and remove that you deal with “Big or small, farm and all” from your ad. Now you lost the business of my 4 dogs too.

Justin Sharp

These drs are so great, they will even come in after hours if needed.

Grampy Campy’s Bearcreek Homestead

Dr. Schwab is great...but there is a older woman who works there that is very rude and ignorant to customers at times. I do my best to avoid her.

Christina Galvin

They are always friendly to me and my dog.

Leslie Larkins

Edie Gingrich

So friendly and helpful

Shawna Klenk

Janiene Hampton

kelly mackenzie

Debi Watson

Love the care, kindness of entire staff! All the Drs have hearts of gold and my animals love them.

Melissa Guoan

They have all gone above and beyond for all of my animals. Everyone very helpful and explains everything very well. Would NEVER go anywhere else!!!

Salvatore Ala

Dan Nelson

Jessica Romancky

William Harper

Great people and great Vets ..good service

Nick Ostroski

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Zach Allyn

Very good care I was out of town with my dog on a fishing trip and found they were the closest vet when my dog Got sick and they saw her right away

Prince Dogboy

Great service, friendly staff, good prices

John Beacham

Best veterinarian's around ...all around great place

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