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2202 M-32, Gaylord, MI 49735

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REVIEWS OF Alpine Animal Hospital IN Michigan

Mick Godd

Wilbur Jones

Victoria Jarvis

Everything one there is so sweet!

Jeralyn Wisniewski

Bryton Sumampow


Mike Heyser

Great vets and staff

Cortney W

Friendly and helpful staff. Answered all the questions we had and were very affordable. Would recommend!

Mallory Lewis

Jacob Skiba

Unless you want to get ripped off and pay a min of $200 + every time you go and get over charged for the same physical exams 2 weeks a part that are totally unnecessary and irrelevant even right after you told all of their faces you don’t want another physical exam done. Then always get treated and talked to like you know absolutely nothing about your own breed and own dog that you have raised and studied for 6+ years. when all they know and want is how much money they plan on hitting you for. Then get mean mugged and very short with and talk to with ignorance and like your kind doesnt belong here because you got the one vet there that’s a feminist buch, and doesn’t like you just because you’re NOT a female ....... then yeah this is the place for you, other than that I’d stay as far away from this place as you can!

Tim McPartlin

Very Kid and helpful staff

Emma Watson

This summer my mom called to ask about how they go about putting animals down. Our dog, Buddy, was getting older and she wanted to be prepared. We had been taking him there since we got him about 10-11 years ago. He never liked the vet so we didn't want to have him layed to rest at a place he didn't like as he would be stressed out going in. With our previous dog (in a different city), the vet came to our house so he could be layed to rest in a place of comfort. The lady on the phone (ROSEMARY) was very rude when my mom asked about that saying "no, we don't do that." Then my mom asked if they would come out to the car and do it so he wouldn't have to go in, and she again said no rudely. Then my mom said she was very insensitive about the whole situation and won't even tell me what ROSEMARY said after that because it was beyond offensive. It was about a week and a half ago that we had to have him put down so we are all still struggling around here. Any future animal will be taken to Hall Vetrinary Clinic as they have been amazing about the whole thing.

Rick Wojtkowiak

Machete Von Kill

The entire staff is amazing. I swear by them when it comes to top notch veterinary care for my babies.

Angelina Pace

Thomas D'Haene

Top notch operation !!!

Annette Dombrowski

Kind and gentle vets and techs. My 2 dogs have been going there their whole lives and are not afraid to go. My black and white gal has had 1 ER visit, stitches, and tooth surgery. She is a happy little camper! My white boy is always well cared for there. I wholly recommend this vet.

Ronda Franchino


Alethea Mshar

They give our pets great care and can always get us in.

Mary Latuszek

Linda Cole

Took my dog to get teeth clean was told maybe 2 or 3 teeth may need pulling so I signed a paper for teeth extraction. Went to get my 6 year old dog and learned they pulled 16 yes sixteen. I should have been called for something that drastic so I could get second opinion. Was told some just fell out but he played tugging on toy the night before and they didn't fall out. Tech first said he pulled some when cleaning but when I questioned him, he changed story to they fell out. He isn't qualified to pull teeth. Bet they don't post. Cost me $857.

Marilyn Neuvirth

Love them

Warrior Dempy

I have been pondering on writing this review for several weeks now. I wanted to give myself time because I thought maybe some of my feelings were from the grief of having to send my kitty to the Rainbow Bridge. Despite my feelings about that visit I was gonna give them another shot, but after a phone call to them the other day regarding my other pets I will not be back. The woman who answered the phone, Carly, was so rude, snarky and “miss know it all” that I was left so angry when I got off the phone that I cried. It’s a shame because nobody really wants to switch vets, but this place has utterly disappointed me with their lack of compassion when I had to put my kitty down and even their rudeness over the phone. I know my animals, and will throughly research their conditions before I even attempt to call a doctor. They are in the business of medical care and to me, I think that takes an extra compassionate person and for them to not show even a hint of it from the time you call or even in your pets last moments is not a place I would recommend. If you’re not on their appointment book you will be treated as the biggest inconvenience even though they charged you $200 to step foot in their door. Until I can find a new local vet I will be driving my pets 2.5 hours downstate where we used to live and we will be treated with respect and compassion. On a side note I did have the pleasure of having Dr. Lewis once and I do believe her services shouldn’t be represented by the other jerks in the office. We had 5 pets, down to 4 and this office has seen every one of them and probably made close to $2000 off us, this is why I will not be back also, our pets are family and we get them medical treatment for things most people wouldn’t and I will not spend another penny at this office.

Linda Legg-Teeple

Nic C

Janelle Blackburn

Roxann Morin

Nick Beyer

Paul Aubry

Great DR'S an service very clean they all LOVE animals

Beverly Goethals

Love these folks

Katherine Houpt

My dog was choking and had turned blue. Dr Tuck and the technicians were able to save him. Their competence and caring saved his life. many thanks

DeVonna Lancaster

Best vet in Gaylord. Been taking all my animals there for close to 20 years. Dr. Tuck was truly amazing with our epileptic dog.

Robert Pallarito

Etta Ray

They were all very nice and my dogs problem was taken care of

Nicole Bradstreet

We love the whole staff!! Our daisy comes here and we just had our kitty spayed here. She did very well after being in their care.

Ann Eicher

Jeanine Adkins

The staff at Alpine animal hospital are very friendly and helpful. They have treated our cat like he was their own.

Alisha Bancroft

We just moved to the Gaylord area a week ago and had not found a new vet for our dog yet. Last night our dog cut her leg on some glass, and this morning AAH got us in right away and patched her up. They were super quick and friendly. Our dog was very stressed and they even let my husband go back while they fixed her up. It's safe to say we found our new vet!

Carrie Cybulski

brianna haiker

Judy Caverly

Lee Howe

Kelly Branigan

Kristi Finley

Good place highly recommended .

Jennifer Henderson

Great service

Jackson O'Connor

Amy Strohpaul

Dr. Taylor and her staff are absolutely wonderful here! Warm, compassionate, organized, knowledgeable, and talented. I can't say enough nice things about this place. Hands down the best vet I've ever been to.

Earl Sockow

Ken Nickert

Al Blackburn

Very compassionate team, experts for pet care. They treat you like family during routine and difficult times.

Patti Purzycki

Good people wanting awesome service for your4legged friend. They're there to help when sick or hurt . Bring them in an emergency or just for a check up. Peace I'm out Patti420 Patti420high&lovingit

Linda Simcek

It's a great place to take your animals!

Jill Zanger

great staff, friendly. Always there when you need them. Awesome treatment of animals. Very caring

Karen Young

Ed Steinhebel

Very expressive

Anastasia Brookman

Ok so around 11o'clock this morning my family and I brought our dog baby bear in to see the doctor because it was an emergency. My mom went to the store and within the 15 mins she was gone our dog had puked and kept woobling and falling over, her mouth and nose were dry and she had a running nose and her eyes were glossed over. My mom called me and we rushed over and took her to alpine animal hospital in Gaylord. When we first went in they said we couldn't even bring her in to be seen without 170 dollars up front. So we managed to get the money and we got her in. Their attitude was rude and not very friendly. Our dog had not ever been to a vet and was scared so she barked and was a little hard to work with. We tried to get her on the scale to weigh her the nurse was no help and just kept trying to tell us what to do with an attitude. We got her weighted and in to the office. She had a muzzle on and was barking because she was scared. The doctor didn't even try to touch her or calm her down. She didn't even check her ears, eyes, heart, or breathing. She waved a light at her eyes a foot away from her face. My mom explained what had happened and the doctor was going to try to give her blood work but baby bear was barking very loudly and my mom crying uncontrollably tried to get her to be quiet and talked to her telling her that we didn't have much money and we needed her to stop and work with us to fix her. The minute the doctor heard that she left the room and came back with a bottle of pills saying she had siezures. Baby bear is a year old and has never had a siezure. She has to take two pills every twelve hours. She didn't do any testing or anything but said it was siezure. Then my mom tried to pull the doctor out of the room to hear her better because the dog was still barking. The doctor jugded my mom based on her tattos and the fact that we were in our pajamas because we had just woke up and jumped in the car to take her that we smoked pot and said are you sure she didn't get into any pot or pills. Then she give us the pills and we left that's it . They didn't help my dog what so ever they basically called us junkies and because we didn't have much money weren't worth their time.

Sarah Horn

Truly compassionate staff

Jim Scheel

kerry sly

Everyone is very pleasant, thoughtful, kind, loving, staff. They take care of all my babies. Very caring place for our animals. Highly Recommended!!!!

Mark Haskell

Kindly squeezed us in for an emergency visit when the pup we were dog sitting punctured her mouth with some bones. The vets are all Michigan State trained and they saw us even though we weren't regular patients.

Jill Reno

Angeline Brown

jack alexander

Roxy like going here. So friendly and helpful. Great critter hospital.

Christina Athan

The scheduling could have been done a little better. Had a longer wait time than usual. Other than that, very nice staff. And took great care of my fur babies.

White Birch Outfitters

Very professional I have a lot of confidence in them

Justin M Turner-Eggeson

Awesome staff friendly staff. I am just re-learning to be a pet owner/parent, and Alpine is very supportive in helping to get me back up to speed and back on the correct path to correctly caring for my dog and cat.

Amanda Carpenter

Love my vets and the care they give!!!!

Jim Kistler

Caring, very friendly. Recommend for every pet!!!

Julie Buttigieg

Best vets and service

Carly Walker

Hunter Gatherer

Theresa Crain

David Curtis

Great service

Carol Hyzer

lori Haney

Always great with our cats

Cynthia Clewley

Ann Bale

Very friendly and the best place to take your cat or dog or any animal

Robert Demaree

Caring people

Marcia Taylor

Everyone here is so caring. My animals have always received top-notch treatment. Hospital is clean and professional. Highly recommend!

Sean Boughner

Ellyn Bills

Great service with compassionate caring staff.

Debbie Furlo

Keep your fur babies in sight at all times. I say this because they took my Lucy to another room to give her shots and take blood. Shame on me, I let them. Very expensive too.

Edward Chang

They killed my puppy and had no shame in anything. They asked me to contact their insurance people only.... no concern for my daughter who was there and no concern for my family. They didn't even call to check up on us... it's been a year and my 5yr old daughter still ask me when we will be getting our puppy back. THESE VETS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!!! THEY CHANGING THINGS AROUND TO COVER THEMSELVES..., I posted on their page and they erased it.... The proceeding doctor couldn't even face or call me.... DONT GO TO THIS PLACE.... my next step is going to the board of Veterinary of MI....

Tim Beattie

Awesome Staff and reasonably priced

Shirlie Murray

Simon Johnson

Fast n friendly great clinic

Brian C

I've used AAH for over 20 years. Friendly and caring staff make you feel at ease when a furry friend needs a vet visit

Karen ODell

Carol Wendel

We're from Naples Florida our shitzu had bad infection on his front paw, they were able to get us right in and taking care of. Very friendly very helpful and highly recommend to anyone

john hess

Margaret Ryckman

VERY friendly and welcoming. It felt as though we've always gone here and this was our first visit!!!

Jane Pearson

James Chalmers

Exceptional care, expierienced friendly an caring staff.

Kelly Johnston

Jeanne Gugel


A great staff, and great care for your pets.

Gmail Email

I Had a cat that was old and became sick. I was able to get him right in. it was necessary to have him euthanized:( the staff were very kind and respectful. They even made a little cement plaque with his name and paw prints. I thought that was really nice of them❤️ I have taken other animals to them in the past and was always happy with the service. Would recommend!

Pam Babbitt

Jasen Jones

Friendly staff, Clean, respectful of animals, and a very good doctor. Your fur friend will get quality care.

Bill Blodgett

The Dr and staff were very caring for my old boy, got some antibiotic pills for him and it cleared up an inflammation on his belly. We are visiting up north from down state. Great place.

Evan Thomas

Nice and friendly

Ashley Hall

Jennette Hanthorne

Awesome team, took care of our emergency with kindness and compassion!!!! Would highly recommend them!

Curtis & Barbara Wells

We called them on the way back from the UP at 10:30 am to get our Abby in we had to have her put to sleep her back legs and hips were completely gone. She stopped eating and drinking water for 3 days wouldn't take her medicine. We could tell she had given up fighting. They were great told us to being her in at 3:30 It was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Everyone was so nice and caring.

Dennisand Kay Jeakle

Doctor and staff took great care of our pup.

John Secord

Great care

Sarah Kitchen

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