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REVIEWS OF Sherwood South Animal Hospital IN Louisiana

Nathan Shelton

I really have nothing negative to say about this place. When all other clinics are closed, they are open. Because of this, you pay a premium. Supply and demand. My 4 month old GSD decided he wanted to swallow a cat toy. We took him there, they got the toy up, and we were out of there in under 30 mins. It cost $220 which is my main complaint. I mean, i get it. You are the ONLY clinic open on a Saturday, and we have no choice. i still think the price was a tad steep, but i was willing to pay it.

Erin Stevens

A little pricey but a great place. They really care for your pet.

T Leigh

We have been using Sherwood South Animal Hospital for about 10 years now and appreciate how professional and how friendly and caring they are toward us and our pets. We're dog lovers and they have seen us through more than yearly check ups. There have been tumors, both a major and a minor, ecoli once, a liver surgery and dental extraction for an older dog, seizures, helped us help an injured dog dumped at our house. And ...We appreciate their gentleness with our senior dogs. This was important to me Because my older Rat Terrier had a sensitive mouth during dental cleaning. They have also seen it to the end for a few. We trust them to help us care for our beloved pets. And it seems like Whenever we need them, they are there for us.

Anna E

I'm not sure how other people have good experiences here. They have been nothing but rude to me, and careless to my dog's health. I've given them chances to make it right, but the "management" I've spoken to does not seem to care either. The staff constantly does not document things I tell them at drop off, and takes zero responsibility for their mistakes. They have even double vaccinated my dog because they failed to verify his records and of course made me pay for it. Said it was "probably fine" when I asked if it was okay for him to get the same vaccine twice within a week. A simple, "sorry for the misunderstanding" can go a long way, but nobody seems to care that much over there.

noah maglone

They are always open. Great for emergencies.


Had my dogs teeth cleaned here, cost $1200 yes, $1200, not only that but worse part was they gave my dog too much anesthesia, almost killed her, took her home and she had repeated seizures had to rush her back cause she was unresponsive and she almost died due to this, and they actually admitted if i wouldn't of rushed her back "it would of not been good "..... Then wanted to charge me more to keep her over night to watch her. Not a great experience at all.

Mantrix Henriquez

So far so good

Dominic Glover

My wife and I have been going to Sherwood South Animal Hospital for years. They are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate when it comes to our dogs. They really care which is something we really appreciate.

Jonna Cox

The staff and doctors at Sherwood South are so kind and helpful. It is a busy clinic, but that’s because they are good at what they do.

sarah raborn

To all the people who give this vet office bad reviews are out of their dang mind. I use to think they were HORRIBLE from what I was told. But I will say this I was totally wrong about everything. We brought our lifeless dog Sassy to their facility this past Monday- ( 10/24/16) and we didn't know what was wrong. Come to find out she had Stage 3 Heart Worm Disease with congestive heart failure and they saved our Sassy's life. I HONESTLY DONT KNOW HOW TO THANK THEM FOR THE AMOUNT OF APPRECIATION MY FAMILY (ESPECIALLY MY DAD) HAS! They Called Us Every Morning And Night To Keep Us Updated On her, They Treated Her and Us with the most amazing welcoming and caring attitudes. And mainly we have our dog back. Yes it was a lot of money but money isn't everything, just be thankful they do their jobs right. We Most Definitely Are Thankful For This Vet.

John Armstrong

Taking advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable by charging them over 10 times the regular cost of readily available medicines. The staff themselves are friendly and helpful, and even the higher cost for after-hours care is understandable. But whoever sets the prices for medicine, and set the policy to not inform patients of their options for getting medicine elsewhere and instead simply charge hundreds of extra dollars without any kind of warning, is doing their employees and the pets of BR a disservice. I shudder to think how many animals will experience pain or lose their lives because their owners are afraid of hospitals like this one milking their love for their pet for all it's worth. I'm ashamed and disappointed to have this hospital in the community. Please consider bringing your pet literally anywhere else.

Maria Laura Garcia

Great staff

Thea D.

They are expensive but not nearly as good as they claim to be in treating animals. Our pet's condition kept worsening thanks to their veterinarian's disinterest and negligence while we trusted this clinic because of their self-advertised reputation. We are full of regrets for not going elsewhere but it's too late now.

Stephanie Tullos

Awesome staff & kind knowledgeable dr....only ran necessary tests to assess problem. Over night stay was not in the budget but felt comfortable taking her home with meds & diagnosis.

Aaron Roberts

Best Emergency Veterinarian Care in Baton Rouge.

Dustin Tircuit

Excellent facility , saved my dogs life on a Sunday evening. Can't thank them enough!! Very friendly and professional.

Ondria Gisclair

We, Maneau(24 yr old cat), Nug (10 yr old boxer) and Taz Lee Gisclair (14 yr old boxer), along with our parents Bob and Ondria wanted to Thank Drs. Alfred Stevens, Stephen Lee, and Hanna Green for their love and care over the years. Dr. Alfred Stevens was our first vet for Maneau who lived to be 24 yrs old, Dr. Steven Lee has been our vet for the last 14 years and treated both of our boxers, Dr. Green was Taz's specialty vet during the last months of his life. Taz was 14 yrs old and enjoyed the last weeks of his life having acupuncture and laser treatments by Dr. Green. He so loved her and his treatments. Bob and I would like to thank them all for loving our babies as we do. Dr. Steven Lee has been a part of our extended family for much longer than 14 years. He has treated other family members, Zeus, Allie and Macea Lee, as well as Nug and Taz. We are very heartbroken at this time in our lives and feel that we will not get another pet; however, should something change we would only treat with Drs. Lee and Green at Sherwood South and Baton Rouge Vet. Most of all we are very Thankful for you and all your staff. We will never consider going anywhere else. Thank you for treating both with your heart, as well as your expertise. You are the BEST! We LOVE you all. Bob and Ondria Lee Gisclair

Paul Charbonnet

We have taken our various pets here for years. One even travels from New York because the cost of treatment is so much less. However, I'd have to say that the staff TLC stops at the fur line and is the reason for the down rating in this review. I watched two pet owners yesterday (separate clients) receive bad news and collapse at the front desk and in the adjacent waiting seating. After they were ignored by the (fully manned desk) staff for a minute or two, other waiting clients came to their comfort. One was refused the return of his dog carrier until he paid the bill . . . totally unnecessary. I have seen other instances of staff -problems over the years which were totally out of character with the doctors that own the place. I am not expecting professional grief counseling, but there needs to be some sensitivity training of the staff.

renee purdy

This is a direct response to the review posted by Rhonda Delhommer. Her mother adopted this dog from our rescue. When adopted the requirements to keep the dog on heartworm prevention every 30 days was gone over in detail and it is a condition of the adoption contract that they will provide that. They brought the dog into this emergency hospital very sick with symptoms related to heartworm disease. Until testing could be done there was no way to know this right away and the owner was unable to afford any care beyond the exam. He was loaded with microfilaria which means this owner was not keeping him on prevention and now he was having complications related to this and would have died without intensive treatment that night. I will not allow them to bash a clinic and staff for trying to do the right thing and help him. They were told the initial exam by the doctor was $109 and once they saw how sick he was quoted more for needed diagnostics. Had the dog been on prevention this would have been avoided so if they would like to blame someone they should look to themselves. We are incredibly thankful to this animal hospital and their staff for going above and beyond to try and stabilize him so he would be eligible to go through treatment. Rhonda Delhommer and Marjorie Null if you would like to have a conversation about this instead of posting things that are not true and trying to make this clinic accountable for your negligence please do not hesitate to contact me, you have both my number and email.

Jodie Hebert

Even though my sweet pup had to be humanely euthanized, I so much appreciated the professional and sensitive approach here. The emergency staff was prompt and thorough. Gave me my options in a dire situation and an accurate estimate of costs for ICU care. I will surely miss my Bailey. When and if I get another pup, I will seriously consider driving a bit further to use this clinic/hospital regularly.

Kimberly Quinn

Everyone was so nice. They were busy, so there was a wait, but overall, great first experience. Dr. Mclellan rocks!

Blaine Lemaire

This is a great place, my dog ice had got hurt and needed his leg Amputated, after going to 3 vets we was u sure about, and making us wait extar days, we picked Sherwood south. Dr Crawford was really nice, explained everything that was going to take place, we left and they called us every step of the way. I have choose them to now be our normal vet. big thanks to everyone up there.. they saved his life.


My family has used Sherwood South Animal Hospital for decades. They have always been wonderful to work with and will always be the clinic I recommend.

Darren Derricott

I always refer Sherwood South Animal Hospital to everyone and I tell them how caring they have been to us for the long time we have been going to them. I trust them and and thankful for their services.

Floyd Miller

I found their fees extremely high and the staff Vet was rude.

Robert Ailey

This place is the absolute worst vet ever, and their company policy is atrocious. I only gave them one star because you have to give them something. I really wish you could give them negative stars. If your animals ever get sick, this place is your only option, and you don't have $1,000 to $5,000 to spend on their treatment and you don't want to get treated like you are a horrible pet owner, and a horrible person then save yourself some time and your of mind and just go kill your pet yourself. I had adopted my dog 2 years ago where he was taken from an animal hoarder, and I am pretty sure he was beaten a good bit because he was extremely skittish about everything. It took some time, but once he learned he wasn't going to get hit he became the happiest dog I ever saw. These people insinuated that he ate mouse or ant poison, but that would be impossible because he stayed inside except to go to the bathroom (that dog was smart enough that I got onto him twice about using the bathroom inside, so he house broke himself). While he was outside he was always supervised, or on a leash when I would take him for walks. I believe these people know that and use it against you if you don't have enough money on the spot (because you are not a good home for an animal). So they give you a couple of options: come up with all the money for their treatment; take him home and watch him die; euthanize him; or sign him over to them so they can adopt him to a GOOD home (since your home isn't good because you don't have thousands of dollars on hand. They know that you love your dog/pet and don't want them to die so they know you will sign them over to them (and take a complete loss of the tests, and treatment) so they will have a fighting chance. Of course I took the last option because I would rather him get a fighting chance because I do love my little buddy, and don't want him to die. I still miss my little buddy, especially at night because he slept in bed with me every night. I fell asleep every night petting him and scratching his belly. I called the next day because I wanted to know if he lived and if he is still fighting or if he didn't pull through. If he died I would have went and gotten his body and paid them $130 or however much the visit was supposed to cost and I would have buried him in my yard. They would rather incur the loss of disposing of his body then tell me if he lived or died. Also if he would have lived I would find a way to pay for his treatment, even if I had to go to loan sharks. But in their eyes my home is not a good home so they would rather lose money than have me get him or his body back. These people are the worst human beings I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with and that is saying a lot. Especially considering I worked for the state prison and for Angola Penitentiary.

Jeanine Devenport

Excellent care no matter what time you need it. Wonderful boarding experience during the flood for 5 cats and 3 dogs. Have continued to use their services for routine exams, surgery and boarding. Happy pups when they arrive for boarding and when we pick them up so we know they have been well cared for.

Diane Trist

I'm confident in the care my pets get here. We're always greeted when we come in, and they're gentle and caring to the animals. Very knowledgeable and skilled group.

Brad Parks

Dr. Lee and the staff are great at Sherwood South. Our 8 week old puppy needed surgery and they did a fantastic job.

Kurt Benoit

Sherwood South Animal Hospital has been great for me for the last 9 years. They are knowledgeable, the office is very clean and the service is excellent. I highly recommend them.

Elliot Rish

Friendly service and exceptional quality of work

Terrie Gaddy

Don't take your beloved animals here if it is an emergency. Staff more concerned with stocking the shelves than preserving the lives of others animals. Took my dog in at approx. 4 pm on one day and was told that my dog was diagnosed with hemanogiosarcoma and needed a splenectomy. Diagnosis was that the tumor was large, however had not ruptured. I was told that my friend was anemic and that they needed to run blood work to make sure that he would not bleed out during the surgery. Forgot to say that I waited in the waiting room for over an hour and then was taken to an exam, where I waited or anther hour, before the doctor came in. Again, after explaining the diagnosis to my family and took another 30 minutes to work up a bill (BECAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, RIGHT). They finally told me that my friend was stable and that I could see him. They brought him to me and I got to spend the last 15 minutes that I would ever see him again, before I left. The vet called at approximately 9:22 PM later that night and left a voicemail. I called back and the vet told me that my friend had died. They told me that they were giving him fluids for surgery and he died. They billed me $101.00 for less than 30 minutes of CPR. What did they do for him from 6PM to 9 PM. They knew he had the potential for the tumor to rupture and his health had deteriorated rapidly that day. If you value your pets, which if your seeking medical attention you must, seek out other facilities for your animal medical emergencies.

Robert Earhart

Everyone was friendly

Herb Tucker

Dedicated caring and competent staff. Very clean and modern facility. We come here whenever our fur babies need doctoring.

Ryanne Madigan

Great vets but very pricey. If you are in need of a specialist for you fur baby I would highly reccomend but for routine care they are too much for me.

B Jones

Brought my dog in for her eye. She already had to have one eye removed due to glaucoma. Her eye was red, bulging, and she could not see out of it. She was running into things. The vet did an ocular pressure test to check for glaucoma and said the reading was 15 (the highest end of normal). 14 hours later at LSU Vet School Emergency clinic it was 33. The vet at Sherwood looked in her eye w/a light. That was the extent of the eye exam. He did not stain her eye to check for a corneal ulcer or retinal tear. Did not do a tear production test. Instead, he pushed on her spine and she whimpered, understandable considering she can’t see, is in an unfamiliar place with someone messing with her painful eye. He declared that she may have a ruptured disc. When I asked how this would cause her eye problem, he changed his mind to the likelihood that she may have meningitis. This can only be confirmed with MRI and/or spinal tap but can potential he be successfully treated with steroids. Sent her home on steroids, which inhibit the immune system without having ruled out infection. He did not suggest follow up with an ophthalmologist or even my regular vet. I received no discharge papers or follow-up instructions. By the next morning (Sunday) her eye was completely shut with increased discharge. The LSU emergency clinic did an opthalmogical exam: found glaucoma and corneal ulcer (infection). The steroids would’ve made the infection worse. Untreated glaucoma could have blinded her only remaining eye within a few days. I am currently outside the clinic having just asked for a refund of my $230. I was referred to a vet tech to discuss the issue and was told that my dog was given appropriate care! It’s bad enough to have made such a critical error, but people make mistakes. But there is no excuse for the complete lack of professionalism, taking no responsibility, and refusing to refund the charge for negligent services is unethical and frankly, repulsive.

Michael A.

Sherwood South Animal clinic is engaging in questionable and unfair social media practices, "flagging" any negative comments on yelp and other review websites and keeping only a handful of those that are positive. If you look under "not currently recommended" reviews on yelp, you will see detailed descriptions of their negligence and poor treatment. These are the ones this clinic doesn't want you to see and right now there are even 23 complaints they keep "hidden" on Yelp. We are family friends with Cassandra for whom it was painful to even write the review because she lost her beloved dog due to this clinic's misguided and negligent treatment. It was even more painful to her to see that the story she shared about her dog was "flagged" by the very same clinic that was responsible for his suffering and death. You can find it on Yelp under "not currently recommended" thanks to this clinic's "intervention" to hide it and I will repeat it here out of respect for our family friend, her pain of loss, and as JUSTICE for the sweetest dog we met and who unnecessarily died in suffering thanks to this clinic. Cassandra's experience that this clinic doesn't want you to know: "We thought we had some of the best veterinary service with this hospital when we lived in Baton Rouge but it turned out to be inhumane for our beloved dog. Though he was an older dog, he was quite healthy in every way except that he started to show a couple of symptoms for which we took him to Dr. Alfred Stevens. Instead of giving him a thorough examination and proper treatment, Dr. Stevens suggested a few possibilities in terms of the ailment and, while he mentioned a tumor as one of them, he didn't alert us as anything alarming nor did he attempt to treat our dog for a possible tumor. His general assessment was along the lines that he was an elderly dog and that the health issues are not uncommon at that stage. For months, we helplessly and desperately watched a slow deterioration in our dog's health, who bravely fought it, because of some "mystery" ailment of an elderly dog that could have struck him. Our biggest mistake was trusting this veterinarian clinic and not going somewhere else for the second opinion right away. When we eventually did it after a few months under this clinic's "care", it turned out that our dog suffered from cancer all the time and it was too late to save him at that point. It is inexcusable for Dr. Stevens to casually treat our dog and not to take seriously his symptoms only because he was elderly. For his breed and given his excellent health in every way except for this tumor growth that could have been treated, he could have lived a few more years as a happy boy. Instead, he suffered and paid with his life while all the time we were misled to believe that it was a "normal" deterioration that comes with age. We wonder how this veterinarian would feel if he would be treated that way! If you have an elderly pet, PLEASE read about this experience with our dog. At least that we know he didn't suffer in vain and that his death will save other dogs lives."

Vincent Bergeron

There's no better cat vet than Dr. Lacie!

Amy Coleman

I do Yorkie rescues and I use Sherwood South Animal Hospital and Boarding all the time for my pets. I use everything from annuals, leg repairs to euthanasia and rashes. Two of my dogs have allergies and Sherwood does a great job with treating them whenever it is needed.

Heather Acord

We had to use Sherwood South's emergency services for the first time on 09/19/18 and we could not have been more pleased with our experience. All of the staff was extremely hospitable and I appreciated receiving the estimate before treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. Our Boston was in great hands and her serious cut was treated and released in an efficient manner. Thank you to Dr. Ryan and the rest of the staff members who were working that night.

James Morenz

My dogs have been going to Dr. Emily McClellan for the past five years. She is always very good with my dogs and cares very much about the well being of all her patients! I have not used the boarding services or the emergency services, but they have someone there 24 hours a day. Overall you can't get a better group of doctors and animal care specialist! I highly recommend Sherwood South to anyone looking for a pet care facility that will give your four legged family members!

Rebecca Riley

Great Care thank you so much

Bridget Lambert

Dr. Green is the best!

Carl Adams

This place I'm at the best veterinary hospitals ever been to I feel they genuinely care and more importantly properly diagnose the issues with our cats.

Paula Crimsy

They're always ready and prepared to help and answer any questions that I have.

Sunny R

I have been going to this vet clinic since my dog was an 8 week old puppy getting his first check up and puppy vaccines. He is now 8 years old and we have been happy every time we come. Dr. Stephen Lee is the best! He takes his time with you and explains everything completely. He even calls or texts to check up on how your pet is doing. The knowledge of the staff, vet techs and Doctors keeps us coming back again and again (and referring friends and family too!) A couple of the friendly staff even helped me take all of my things to the car when my hands were full! If your pet is more like a family member to you than a “pet” need to come here because they truly understand that.

James Reid

I have been taking my pets to Sherwood South Animal Hospital for over fifteen years. I really appreciate how informative and friendly the entire staff is each check up appointment we have. In addition, I really like how they have pets in the waiting area that need to be adopted.

Joni Butcher

Some of the regular doctors here are great, however the staff is cold and uncaring. I agree with the other reviewers about the emergency services. I have been here several times on emergency calls and have always been treated rudely. The last time I went, no one at the desk even made eye contact with me. They just kept shoving forms at me, not even explaining what the forms were or why I needed to sign them. I was very upset and worried about my cat who seemed very near death. No one seemed to care at all. And no one took the time to answer any questions that I had. They did, however, take the time to come out into the waiting area and yell at me in front of everyone else there when my cat bit the vet. I was made to feel like a criminal and suffered humiliation on top of my grief. I felt they could have called me back into a room and handled the situation in private. My cat ended up passing away while in their care. When I came to settle the bill and pick up his carrier, no one even expressed sympathy for my loss. I will not be returning here again. I will make the drive to LSU if I ever have another emergency.

Jonathan Ragsdale

I deal with this place about twice a month or so to get my dogs medicines and the staff has always been friendly and fast. I've used the emergency service and while the doctor may have not been the friendliest person ever , it was 3:00 am and my dog was having the worst seizure of his life . so I'm sure I wasn't either. The important thing is that the doctor knew what to do and saved my dog . I can deal with lost pleasantries because I still have my buddy.

David Kelly

Best animal hospital in Baton Rouge, been using them since 1992.

Rhonda Delhommer

Took my dog in Sunday for emergency. When I called I was told it was going to be $109. When I get there I'm told it was going to be $300 to $400. They called me in the back and told us he was very sick and we had 3 choices, 1) take him home and he'd die before morning, 2) put him to sleep or 3) sign him over to them and they would treat him and find him a good home. Since when isn't our home a good home? I had no choice but to sign him over and give him a chance. It was going to be 109 for office visit, 300-400 for diagnosis and God know how much for treatment. I know I signed him over but they won't tell me if he made it or not. All I want to know is if he's still alive!!!

Kathy Hebert

Very nice and well set up to accommodate a lot of pets at once. Even give free puppy snacks!

Whitley DanYelle

While Dr. McLellan is extremely warm and welcoming, the staff at the welcome desk are very rude. I walked into the office and was not acknowledge for at least 10 minutes. However, another customer walked in and was acknowledged as soon as she entered through the door. I hate to play the race card but I truly feel like I was discriminated against because I had an appointment like every customer that came in, however I waited 30 minutes just to be told I had to drop my pet off while others were helped and escorted to the back for service within minutes of checking in. In addition to that I spent $350 there and was not given any info regarding the services that were provided to my pet. I have no idea if they actually performed the services they claimed to because my pets condition has not improved. I asked for a copy of my pets medical records so that I could find another vet and the front desk representative appeared agitated. I only visited this clinic because it's walking distance from my home and it was an emergency situation for my pet. Needless to say I will not be re-visiting this clinic and I suggest others do the same because they will take your money but treat you rudely and not provide any information about your pet.

Monica Martin

We brought my little 4 pound chihuahua in late last night. Dr. Crawford took a lot of time with us to explain what was going on with Tequila (epileptic seizures) and our options. I didn't want to leave her overnight, but they took me back to see where she was staying and gave her extra blankets because I told them she slept under the covers! They were very caring and assured me she would be ok and sleepy from the meds. Yes, they presented me with paperwork before leaving her and made sure I knew what the cost was going to be. I appreciated the fact that I would not have any surprises when I picked her up. I don't understand posts from people that are offended when their pets can't be treated for free. They are a business. Yes, they love pets, but do you know how fast they would go out of business if they started providing free care? Everyone in town would take their animals there for free care! Having a pet is expensive. Responsible pet owners make provisions. I don't know the details, but while I was checking out, I saw some sort of payment plan card available so I am guessing they will work with you on payments. I'm sure they can respond to my post regarding if this is an option. Once again, I was very pleased with how they treated me and Tequila!

Tracy Howard

Dr. LEE is great. I love Sherwood South is open 24 hours.

Brandi Narez

Love the staff here both grooming and doctors. Also open 24 hours for emergencies. They really care about the animals. My Shih Tzu is 17 years old and they've taken great care of him. He doesn't have to be sedated because they are patient and loving to Keeno.

Erin P

Love working with Dr. Lee and his staff. We have been taking our pets to Sherwood South Animal Hospital for several years. He is the best there is, we were sold the first time we went.


My dog needed emergency surgery a couple weeks ago. Our vet was already closed for the day, but the doctor who worked with our dog also worked at the office we usually take our pets. Sherwood was open late to receive us. Clean, open spaces made the place welcoming, and the staff was friendly and understanding.

Beverly Broussard

The doctor's and tech staff are very kind and loving people. They treated my dog as if he was their own pet. They let me know about the treatment they were giving him. Very passionate about the work they do.

Lindsay Ahern

The facility here is marvelous. It is always kept clean and the service is remarkable as well. Everybody here takes quality care of your animal and love your pet like you would!

Kandi Corte

Can’t recommend enough!

Valerie S. Katz Keller

We have used this clinic several times. But im reluctant to take my pets there now. The last time I brought my dying cat there 3 times. The vet TECH used the largest needle to insert into my very emaciated thin dying cat before putting her to sleep. They should have given her a shot of sleep pain killer first before inserting the huge iv needle. It was horrible for my little dying cat. Also I think it's terrible that in Louisiana they take your cat into another room away from you for blood work. I have to tell them that I want them to do it with me watching. Is this why that vet teck young man used the huge needle on my little thin cat? To punish me? Another time same clinic on one of my dogs the girl brought 2 needles out. Large and medium. I had insisted they keep her with me also. She used the large one first (2x inserted) and my poor dog cried in pain. Then she the tech used the medium one. They should always give the animal a gentle effective shot to sleep sedate the animals first and then used the iv needle. They should know what size is correct for each animal. Why can't the vets do the right thing and stop this horrible iv cruelty? The old way was done correctly and humanely. Now it is not. Give the sedation SLEEP shot first in the muscle. Then next the last heartbreaking part! This clinic is way too expensive! They charge 200.00 to put your pet to sleep. We spent 1000.00 on my cat first trying to get her well so they gave us a 100.00 discount and that was nice. I don't know what to do because we can't afford high vet fees. I have another dying cat but don't want her to be mistreated with the huge needles. She has to pass away at home in pain.

John Geiger

The only place I trust my pups to get taken care of

Angelina Hill

Best place to bring your animals. We have a cat and a dog that we trust Sherwood South Animal Hospital with. Our puppy got the parvovirus after the flood and got really sick. Thanks to the doctors and staff there he's healthy and back home with us. On top of being so proactive with our dog, they were kind and patient with me every time I called, and I have a lot of anxiety so I was calling 7 times a day.

Mark Loupe

I have worked in healthcare for 33 years and when the vet told me that the reason they were giving our bulldog anti-inflammatories to help the healing of a leg injury, I became pretty skeptical about further treatment. I do not know of any healing properties that anti-inflammatories have. Anti-inflammatories for pain control and the swelling Cascade.

Tina Barton

I appreciated how the staff called me throughout the day to give me updates on my pet's condition.

Tiffany Martin

From the ER, to the vet visits, to an emergency surgery- everyone has always been extremely kind and helpful! We love this vet clinic!

Salvatore Culotta

Great service and a staff that cares.


Great service

Katrina Taylor

Staff Awesome, very informative!

James linford

Been taking pets there many years. Great care.

Joanne Hardy

The doctors here at Sherwood South Animal Hospital realize just how important it is to get to know us as the owners as well as our pets as patients. including our lifestyles to help treat them the best they can.

Katherine Glascock

Very rude people, my card would not work due to maintenance of the master card site and the total price was $223. I had $220 cash that I offered and said I would come back in the morning when the site cleared they refused and told me that if I left without paying the total amount the law will be called for theft. Also the prices are very high, triple from any other vet.

Matt Anderson

These guys went above a beyond with our dog. He was bit by a copper head snake Christmas eve and they took him through Christmas to get him stable and back to health. I would highly recommend this animal hospital for your fur babys!!

Terri Monaghan

They are expensive BUT. I could not have asked for better care of my dogs. I have hog dogs and when they get hurt it is a challenge. Thank y'all so much. Well I know this is against your policy but normally go into surgery with my cur dogs. I realize 99% of the folks cant handle it. I can and I want to go into surgery. I give them a 5 star.

Jody Clayton

They are the best! I highly recommend them. They've taken great care of our past and current pets...very happy with all they do for our kids!!!

James Reynolds

I love taking my pets to Sherwood South Animal Hospital for their boarding services when I am away. I believe they receive the best medical care necessary when I can't be there and an overall good experience.

Lynne Campo

I have had to have full mouth extractions on 2 of my cats by Dr. S. Lee. I drive 3 1/2 to 4 hours round trip, that's how much I trust him.

Billie Brown

Dr. Stephen Lee is absolutely the best!! Molly hurt her back and I took her to Sherwood South. They kept her 19 days in treatment so that her back would heal. I cannot say enough about this Clinic, other than I believe it is the best in Baton Rouge. Molly is home now and doing better each day. Molly and I both thank him for taking such good care of her!!

Sean Rowan

Friendly and helpful staff

Jessica Sparks

Great animal hospital, and the staff is extremely compassionate! Everyone there treated both our dog and us like family, and the love and sincerity were truly appreciated!

Josh Belgard

Very kind staff. They handled our last moments with our dog the best way possible. I don’t remember the doctor’s on 2-13-19 at 7 pm but he is highly recommended.

Jonathan Dowling

Uisng for 10 years. The best.

Robert Manuel

Excellent care for emergencies but very, very pricey so be prepared.

James Sheehan

I don't take my Shih Tzus anywhere else. The vets and staff are kind and considerate and professional. The lab facilities make this a state-of-the-art operation. I get the impression that the staff loves animals and is eager to help heal and comfort. SSAH is a little pricey, but I think worth it. I particularly like it that I have been going there so long that many of the staff recognize my dogs and know me when I visit.

Shelby Diaries

My dog died this morning after I took him here last night, they said they couldn't help us because we couldn't afford to pay them the 1000+ to keep him and treat him, they said he may make it but there was no guarantee. we begged them to help but they don't do payment plans and that was horrible to have to take my dog home and have to wait until Friday to take him to another clinic. They told us about this free shot that may or may not kill him and we took the chance and he survived but he only had 5-6 fractures in his lower body (pelvis area). If he would have stayed he would have lived but they didn't. We had no choice because we didn't have all the money at one time, now my dog is dead and I am very much bitter about this experience and I hate that money was more important than saving a dogs life,he was healthy and well taken care of until that hit and run, I am pretty sure if it was your animal you would jump to save them. would you turn a human away? I wouldn't think so! I would never bring any of my pet's back there, and I wouldn't recommend anyone either. ~Dissatisfied Customer of Deceased Dog~

Lisa Jefferson

They do a great job even when my pet is not being very nice... Caring Team❤❤

Lesley Fannaly

Dr emelie has been my doggies' vet since 2016. She's always knowledgeable and helpful and I trust her as a doc and as a dog owner herself. Sherwood south is a bit pricey but you get what u pay for.

Jackie Guillot

The vets, techs, and admin personnel are all top notch. This is the only place that I would use to care for my little dog.

Gaynell Michel

Best animal hospital I have ever been to. My dachshund had a ruptured disc and they were able to save her from being paralyzed!

Kim Hammond

I Taken my dog after he was attacked. Upon entering through the door it was so inviting. They treated my little guy like they had known him personally. Great service, great staff, great place.

Erin Casey

My pup had to have an emergency visit here a few weeks ago and ended up having to undergo surgery. The staff was exceptional. They called frequently with updates, let me visit at all hours, and seemed to really care for his well being. Highly recommend.

Sylvia R Sutton

They are AWESOME! Dr. Ward provided excellent care for my baby

Mama Lisa

They seem pleasant but very pricey $1400 for dog that ate half of a ,5oz rat bait

Cline Breland

My German Shepherd was referred to this place by my regular vet because he was throwing up blood. They kept him Saturday, Sunday and Monday until noon. During this time, we never talked to a vet. They called once to give an update but didn't have any other information other than he was comfortable. We called several times and spoke to staff members who were clueless. After not hearing anything, I showed up Monday at noon and they said he was ready to go home. They discharged him with no instructions, no paperwork, no diagnosis and no answers. I paid a $525 bill and still don't know what is wrong with him and have yet to talk to a vet. When my vet called to get some information, they said they couldn't give him any because the vet "didn't write anything down"...REALLY?!? They apparently gave him fluids and babysat him and our bill was $535. This place seems to be all about the money and couldn't care less about the person paying the bill.

Kathleen Gregoire

I am so surprised at the bad reviews of Sherwood south. I have had the complete opposite reaction. I fell on rascal after he scooted between my legs. I thought I killed him. My son and I rushed around trying to find a vet at 630- 800 in the morning. My vet was out of town , the others were either not open or wouldn't even look at him. We finally were told to go to Sherwood south by a vet in Prairieville who would not even come out to the car to look at him. He was bleeding from the nose and not lucid I was thinking the worst. Sherwood south took him from my son immediately as we entered and took him to the back. We didn't wait long when we were taken to a room and were told the Dr was assessing his injuries. The Dr. came in after assessing him and told us what he thought, and what tests he would need, to get a idea what was going on with him. in a few minutes a tech came and told us approx what the test would cost, the highs and lows of what he made need if there were different scenarios. She then asked us what we would like to proceed with. I did see that Sherwood south has Care Credit , which I have but decided not to use. I find that the payment situation is not different then going to a hospital and being asked for payment. My animals are my family and are expensive to own, I would do for them what I would do for any family member. I was also happy and surprised that I could go visit my little guy during his stay, that there is a website to track his progress , altho it does take a day to get authorization through the portal. You can also call 24 hours and ask for a report on the progress of your pet,

Beach Comber

I have had animals all my life and this was the worst experience I ever had or could even imagine and it resulted in the death of a beautiful animal. My cat became seriously ill on Saturday. We rushed him to this "Emergency" clinic. They were more concerned about us signing papers saying we agreed to pay their bill than attending to his condition. Then they started on the paperwork about euthanasia and whether we wanted him resuscitated if he died. My mouth was hanging open in disbelief. We were there for a long time. The vet sent someone else in to tend to the paperwork and never came back to tell us what she would do to address his condition. We left not knowing what their course of action would be. But before we left, they ran my Care Credit card to see what my balance was. The balance was zero and my credit limit was $3,000. The bill came to $2,993.60. After four days, I got a call telling me he was better and I could come get him. When I arrived, a worker brought him in and said, "He took a turn for the worse." It didn't look like he had been touched. He could barely lift his head. I told him I had just talked to the vet the day before. He just shrugged. I asked if a vet was coming in and he said, "sure." I was in the exam room so long I finally called the front desk from my cell phone and asked when a vet was coming in. They put me on hold. Another young worker came in and said she couldn't tell me anything but she would call the vet since he was out that day. She came back and said the vet told her I could leave my cat at the clinic if I wanted, but it would only add to my bill. I was so upset when I left I was shaking. I brought my cat home because I didn't know what else to do since it was obvious no one was caring for him. He died the next day. To read similar accounts on this review page is criminal. I will NEVER bring another animal through those doors.

Paul Plauche

Clinically great, but customer service is poor. There are better places in town for basic needs. Would only use for hospital portion.

Jonathan Combel

Not our regular vet, but we came in for an emergency a little after 11pm one night. Vet techs and vet on duty clearly like what they do. Clean building. Prices were higher than our usual vet, but it's an ER and also clearly is going for a more high-end vibe than our vet's small clinic. Still wasn't too high (visit and two prescriptions for a sprained tail on our dog added up to ~$170). Person that answered the phone was very up front about visit pricing (pet peeve of mine when people try to dance around how much the trip will cost before you get there).

Anthony Lim

If you love your animal and want to keep some of your money dont bring it to this horrible place. I was charged 2000.00 for eye surgery after my dog was hit by a car. I was told he had no other injuries but now that he is home i see that he has a lame leg. These sorry people wont even call in pain meds for him after they have seen him and had to know his leg was hurt. I cant even pick him up he is in so much pain. Im out of money out of options and dont know what to do. I would not recommend bringing any animal to this place. It deserves 0 stars.

Clint Rogers

Great place, extremely friendly, kinda pricey

Gloria Smith

They were very helpful. and have one of the best places for animal care!

Brandi Van Pelt

A bit on the pricy side, but the care my animals get there is well worth the money. Dr. Green is a fantastic vet and my dogs absolutely adore him. The staff is super friendly and even when they're busy they are very fast. Highly recommend going here.

Wade McCallister

"Euthanized" a dead cat for $260. Unreal!!! We asked for our cat back 3 times after they said there wasn't anything to be done. We wanted to take her home to pass since they couldn't do anything. The vet tech finally came back and said that she had passed. Payed $260 looked at bill and realized they charged for euthanasia and we would have to call in the morning. We did not want her to be euthanized. We went there to remove the conscience "what if?" thoughts. Happy to pay the $105 "exam" fee even with a dead prognosis. But to charge $155 for euthanasia that we first of all didn't want because she was already quickly approaching death and second of all euthanasia usually costs no more than $65. Hopefully this business will allow their customer service to shine and hopefully credit card companies, attorney general, or the BBB won't have to be contacted.

Trent Hill

Staff and doctors were not only helpful, but patient with us. Our 4 month old puppy got parvovirus and took a turn for the worst with secondary infection, sepsis, anemia, and DIC. Eventually made his way through it and came home! Thanks Sherwood South Animal Hospital.

sarah oubre

Dr. Green (his wife also works there and is amazing!) and Dr. Steven lee are life savers! My dog reign was kept there for over a weeks time and was very sick. Dr. Green made it a point to call me and give me updates and actually took my dogs case to a board of nutritionist for no added cost. He treated my lab like she was his own and consider him a great friend and vet now. I will forever be grateful for him and the amazing vets in this facility. May be pricey but very worth it.

Claudia Evans

I took my dog to Sherwood South when she was very sick one afternoon. I was really reluctant to leave her there overnight, since she had never stayed away from me before. The staff out me at ease by taking me back and letting me see exactly where she would be staying. They even gave her extra blankets because I told them how she liked to sleep under covers. They were very caring and assured me everything would be okay. Now my baby is as good as new. Thank you all so much.

Jennifer Nickens

Very overpriced! They forced us to have our dogs vaccinated for the canine flu even though one of my dogs had a reaction to it in the past. Everywhere else we have boarded our dogs did not require them to get the flu vaccine. They do not have pick up on Sunday for boarding even though there are employees there on Sunday. I felt like all they cared about was getting more money. Seriously they charged us $38 for Benadryl and $44 for a bath. We will never use them again that's for sure!

Angela Richard

On 7/23/2018 I took my cocker spaniel in for a cough. They wanted to do an X-ray and blood work which made his bill 453.00. Nothing was found and they diagnosed him with upper respiratory infection. The prescribed him cough pills every 4-6 hours and another pill to crush with water like a furry in a syringe 2 times s day. Well it’s been over a week. The meds are gone and my dog is still coughing. When I called them to let them know I was told I could bring him back and of course they was going to charge me another visit. Why would I bring my animal back when you charged me 453.00 and medicine that wasn’t effective? Then I was told or I could bring to my regular vet. Ridiculous I will never bring another animal here again. I felt it was their responsibility to see my animal with no charge since the meds they prescribed didn’t work!!! Never again!

Sandy Boudreaux

Fabulous doctors

Jamie Conerly

Do not go here! I REPEAT DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! there very expensive and not worth it its a money pit and there work is not good speaking from experience.

Chris Ashbey

This is one of the best animal hospitals I've seen. I have owned dogs my entire life and it's easy to tell when the Dr.s and staff actually care about your pets. This is a place where they really do care!

Keyon Slaughter

They shook my dog back

Charles Alford

Not cheap! Amazing care though.

Erin Veilleux

Great place!

Heath Trabeaux

It made jump jump happy

Wendy Christmann

I love the staff, we have a few pets, therefore, we are there on a regular basis. All vets are thoughtful and never in a hurry to move along. It is wonderful knowing they are there 24/7 and that they know my pets.

Danielle Peters

We are very pleased with all the services and doctors. The addition of the 24 hour emergency has been very helpful in this area too. Highly recommend to everyone!!

Michael Gullett

Friendly staff and helpful information about our dogs symptoms afterhours when we visited. Although they were very against letting us see in the back where our dog was.

D OConnor

If you want vets that really care and take time to explain what is going on with your furry family member, then Sherwood South is the place for you. Excellent treatment of fur-babies and owners, as well as excellent 24-hour care.

Sarah Edwards

Wonderful animal hospital!!! Has normal clinic, 24/7 365 emergency care and a specialist hospital all in the same facility. Best vet clinic in the city!

Michelle Lacombe

After, we were called to the back. We waited over an hr. before we were seen by the Vet. Anyway, the Vets attitude sucked & he didn't even apologise for the extremely long wait. Don't bring your animals here if you love them & don't want to be robbed blind by this Vet.

Anne Seibert

We've only been here once and it was for rather unfortunate circumstances. Our sweet kitty, Floyd, whom we had only owned for 8 days, was sick and we brought him here. It turned out he had FIP, which is incurable and incredibly painful for the cat, so we had no choice but to put him down. Dr. Laci not only explained everything professionally and thoroughly, but teared up with us and affirmed us as pet owners and in the life we were able to give Floyd for the short time he had on earth. If you're a cat owner, she is the person to see. Hopefully eventually we will come back under better circumstances.

Lana Young

I've been taking my Yorkie to Sherwood South for about 8 years. I love all the services they provide and the doctors, staff working there too. I like that they are very responsive...someone will always answer or call back so you always get answers no matter the urgency regarding your pets.

wendy melancon

We have been taking our fur babies to Sherwood for well over 15 years. Their knowledge, facility and service are exceptional. We trust them over all other vets we have used.

Kerry Terrio

People are awesome

Neil Melancon

Best vet in Baton Rouge, hands down.

Corey Hargrove

Our pet has had several visits to Sherwood South and the veterinarians have always taken the time to fully explain the diagnosis and treatment. They seem genuinely concerned about each animal that comes in and are not looking to over treat each animal.

Stacy G

Wonderful staff that take care of you and animals.

ted redlich

After a whole month of Vet visits and a very sick dog, I took my little man to Sherwood South. In about three hours Dr. Emily McClellan gave me a diagnosis and an estimate of what treatment would cost. My dog is FINALLY well and I can't say enough about the courteous and responsive treatment we received.

Brian Thibodeaux

Large, professionaly run operation. Many services offered. Highly impressed.

Thomas Jolley

Every vet at Sherwood South treats you like family and your pet even better.

Beth Bassy

Overpriced and don't take great care of pets, would do well but owner very greedy and not friendly

Amy Cambre

Best clinic in BR! I love the staff in the front and I love the Dr. Greens :). They were very helpful getting our pup (Great Dane) to a healthy weight and helped clear up her little chin acne. I will not ever go to any other clinic as long as I'm in Baton Rouge!

Savannah Nicholson

I will recommend Sherwood South Animal to anyone with pets. Dr. Lee and his staff took great care of my pet and also me. I have complete and total confidence in everyone here.

Sherry Melancon

The absolute best vet in town with top facilities and a dental suite. Brought my cat through a complicated surgery with flying colors. Also they have their own emergency services which simplifies already hectic moments id you are already a patient there.

James Welch

These guys totally deserve the 5 stars. Sherwood South Animal Hospital has provided me with the utmost kindness and professionalism that I have ever experienced. They have everything they need to help your pet, there is no need for you to get transferred to another vet to get a specific treatment, they do it all here. I have been going to them for about 30 years, and they are simply the best.

Cindy LeBeau

Great service.

erin breland

I had an emergency with my senior dog in the middle of the night. The service was excellent starting w/ the person that answered my call before arriving. Dr Morris really appeared to really listen to me and gave me sound, honest advice and support as I made a very difficult decision. I will never forget how Sherwood South Animal Hospital took care of us during a sad time for me. I have and will continue to share my experience with other pet owners.

Sara S

Extremely disappointed with this place. Was charged for services that were not done! After I confronted them with this I've since turned into a "hot potato" being tossed around form person to person, manager to owner... Getting told different things from different people. No one apparently wants to take blame it or deal with resolving this problem. I'm terrified a medical facility is run like this. I'm sorry to the doctors who may be wonderful, but the staff is too much of an obstacle to deal with.

Heba Torres

We took my friends cat there and they were really caring and nice and got to see the cat right away.

Wilhelmina Schoeffler

They care for your babies as if they were their own and keep you updated . Staff and doctors are wonderful.

Patrice Guidry

My parents evacuated Florida for Hurricane Irma and came to our house. During their stay their dog had a medical emergency. We weren't sure what was going on, but they stabilized her and then really examined her without wasteful spending. We were expected to drop $1K, but left well under $300. The care is great, the bedside manner is great and the prices for emergency services were very fair. Thanks Dr. Schroeder for being so great with Squirt, and my frantic out of town mom!

Eric Passo

SSAH is the best and I highly recommend it. I've always been pleased with whatever the service or appointment was for.

Loria Eddie

I really love this hospital, they take very good care of my baby, and he loves it. always clean and friendly, I highly recommend this hospital if you looking for top rated care for your baby.

Jeff Davert

Your entire staff was so nice and knowledgeable. I had to put my beautiful baby Bella down 7/6/2019 @ 9:42am. My beautiful little yorkie. RIP baby Bel... I love you so very much. You are my heart and soul. Lots of kisses and hugs forever. Love, Daddy and mommy

Melissa Stanley

My family and I love the staff at Sherwood South Animal Hospital. We appreciate that they love our pets as much as we do and we know they will take good care of them. Dr. Lee has provided excellent care and is always available when we need him.

Susan Reeves

Was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Buddy our loving cat. Went for an emergency visit. Everyone was nice.

Lisa Ward

Whenever my family has used Sherwood for boarding or medical services we have been happy!

Ray Acardo

The best care available for your pet's emergency needs. Very impressive. I highly recommend them.

Joseph Lamotta

This place is always great with my puppies. We really owe the life of Patches to the vet here. :)

Joe Sullivan

Excellent care for our dog.

Ana Haget

All vets here are the cream of the crop. Excellent care for pets.

Jamie Love

Dr. Lee is one of the kindest vets in the area. They are easy to get appointments with and treat you and your animals with respect.

Manch Cadwallader

Best prices in town hands down. Sometimes a good little wait though.

Chris Doehler

I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. Everything has been great, the staff are all very friendly and treat all of the animals that come in with kindness.

Danielle Bissett

These people are the best around! Our cat Lucas is being treated by them and what they have done is nothing short of a MIRACLE!! Thank you Dr. Lacie, Natalie and the rest of these amazing people.

Loren Bates

The doctors and staff at Sherwood Animal Hospital are just wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I am always satisfied with the quality of service both myself and my pet receive.

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