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REVIEWS OF Prytania Veterinary Hospital IN Louisiana

Peggy Bostick

I can't think of anything new to say. Everyone there is always so nice and helpful. Your concern for my pets could not be anything but genuine. Thank you.

Lea Filson

Prytania Veterinary Hospital is as good as it gets. My New Orleans Veterinarian, Brian Ghere, is knowledgable, caring to my animals, and patient. There is no rushing, no lack of advice, and a lot of friendliness from his staff. I would never consider taking my animals to anyone else. On my last visit, he literally saved my 18-year-old orange tabby's life. Everyday I spend with my Boo Boo is a day I would not have had without Dr. Ghere's help. I will forever be grateful.

William Harper

C. McCool

I could never say enough good things about the veterinarians, vet techs, and staff at Prytania Veterinary Hospital! Having been taking my dogs there for the past 10 or so years, I have continually felt that they have received the best care ever possible; not to mention how generous and caring everyone there has been towards me personally as well...they are like our family. Dr. Ghere is our primary veterinarian who I would trust with my own life :), and he is absolutely wonderful; however we've been seen and cared for by almost every other veterinarian there (as well as some who used to practice there) through the years as it has literally taken a village to keep up with my little 10 year old cavalier king charles spaniel! All are fantastic! If you are looking for a New Orleans Veterinarian, look no further!

Laura Deaderick

I love Dr. Nathan, she is the reason I come to Prytania Vet. I feel that she truly cares about my dogs and gives me every possibility/reason/idea/ect about what to do and how to best take care of my dogs! She is the nicest person and always takes her time with every appointment that I have with her. I appreciate her care and thoughtfullness that she always gives!

Teena Festa

Ryan Mc Carthy

This is my go to emergency vet from now on, for all our pets. They have great service, very thorough, and super nice staff.

Marcella Davis

We love how gracious and kind Dr. Nathan and the staff at Prytania Vet are. They always take such good care of my pets, making them feel more at ease during their exam.

Brian Weimer

Ask for any hidden or extra charges that are not told to you in advance. Otherwise, extremely accommodating and helpful staff. Grey towers as well.

Anne Davis

Absolutely first class care at Prytania Vet. Dr. Ghere is just the best, kind, informative, compassionate. The staff are the nicest staff I've ever encountered. A shout out to Daniel! I have had two sets of dogs over 17 years and they got and get the best care imaginable. Dr. Ghere will come to your house to put your dog down when they are old or too sick and that experience gave a terrible event dignity and my Labrador, 13, got to stay in the comfort of his own home. Liesl, my rescue Pit Bull, had heart worms when I first got her, and now cancer 8 years later. Dr. Ghere is giving me the best and most pain-free options and he removed a tumor. Amazing doctor, so is Dr. B. Can't rave enough.

Eliza Brierre

Words can't express how much I love Prytania Vet. They are always great at getting us in, and they always treat my dog with gentleness and care. I think he actually likes going there because he gets all of the love (and treats!). My family has been bringing our pets there since they opened and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

Victoria McGee

The staff is always attentive and friendly. They are so sweet with our furbabies. Dr. Nathan is our usual vet and she is exceptional! Due to some chronic issues, we've also had appointments with other vets at the practice and each and every one of them are wonderful!

Jessica Eastman

My dog had to be taken to an emergency vet Sunday afternoon and Prytania Vet took her in immediately. The tech and Dr. Charlton came in very shortly after we got there (and they had at least two other patients in rooms at the time as well). The whole staff and Dr. Charlton were very detailed in the plan of care for her and very upfront about costs and being in contact with her normal vet. I feel so much better knowing that in an emergency we have this wonderful facility to bring our dog to.

Dentrell Moody

Great pet hospital

Joost Morsink

Very capable and knowledgeable staff. Everybody loves the animals that come in and they treat you like family. Dr Nathan is fabulous for sure. We went there on a recommendation from a friend who is a vet. I am giving it 5 stars but it's a bit pricey. Yet, you get what you pay for and it's an excellent vet.

Lillian Pierce

The ladies at the front desk are amazing and most of the staff is really great. However, they try and charge you for anything and everything. We are college students and can't shell out 300$ each time we take our dog for a check up. We would take our puppy in for one thing and they would end up suggesting a dozen tests and medicines for really unnecessary things, and without telling us how much everything was. Suddenly they would tell us we owed 300$ for the one visit. The estimate they gave us for neutering was 480$ and we thought that was expensive so we called the Magazine street to get an estimate and they told us 230$! That is a huge difference so I think we are going to officially be switching.

Suzanne Wiley

Shannon Duplantis

I have been a client of Dr. Nancy Nathan for over 25 years. I first met her at the Louisiana SPCA and followed her when she went into private practice as a New Orleans Veterinarian. Dr. Nathan has a true compassion and dedication when it comes to treating animals. She is very genuine and cares about the well being of animals. I feel she treats my pets as if they were one of her own. My family and I trust her explicitly! I would not take my animals anywhere else!! Thank you Dr. Nathan for always being there for us! And special thanks to all of the staff at PVH - they are awesome!!!!

Ryan Percle

Lindz E215

Although I am a new patient, the highlight for me is Dr. Ghere. Not only is he a remarkable veterinarian, he really cares. He is extremely knowledgeable in rare breeds and has a great personality with pets (and their owners)! The best part: if he is treating your pet, he will respond to requests, treatment questions, and other issues during non-working hours!

L. Kyle Roberts

I have been going to Prytania Veterinary Hospital for at least 15 years. I have always had outstanding treatment for my animals there as well as kindness from the entire staff. I would recommend them to anyone in the New Orleans area looking for a great veterinary hospital

Triskell Young

Doctor Nathan is the only vet my dog will go to. She has a great rapport with the animals and so do all the technicians.

Jennifee Swygert

I wish I could give 10 stars. Awesome service.

Micah Martello

Christopher Giordano

The friendly and competent staff always seems to willing to go out of their way to make each visit special for Qtip and me.

Stephanie Dreher

My cat Jerry spent several nights at PVH after emergency surgery. I visited nightly and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the care Jerry received. It's so obvious that the staff there are very caring as they provide professional and topnotch care to our family members. The tech even had a hug for me that first stressful night! Thanks for the TLC for Jerry and me! :-)

Sky Hansen

Called business asking to speak to management or owner and I was hung up on after being told he was going to transfer me. I called back a 2nd and 3rd time and was hung up on each time. I wouldnt even leave one star but it will not let me post a review without choosing one.

Kristin Turner

Dr B is always great; very thorough and caring. We wouldn't bring our furry family members anywhere else!

Hannah Baldo

I appreciate how caring y'all are towards Sebastian. I know he can be unruly and unfriendly at the office, but y'all are so patient with him. I love having Dr. B as my vet for him. I feel like she really cares about his well being and has been so helpful and kind when I have a lot of questions. I feel that the staff as a whole, goes out of their way to be friendly and receptive. Generally good vibes, and I've recommended y'all to my fellow pet owners in the city.

Maggie Bothwell

Lauren-michelle Stevens

I brought my 5yo small mixed breed dog here for his annual physical (his first since we moved to New Orleans). Tech who took initial information was thorough (and not put off by my intense amount of information and vet records). Dr. B was detailed in her examination, and went over his numerous medical issues (he has quite a few) point by point. He had a fractured tooth (which I had suspected), which required surgery. Initially it was thought to require extraction, but then they were able to amazingly save and rebuild the tooth which was FANTASTIC news and reassured me that they're definitely prioritizing my pet's well being over money (extraction would have cost more). The entire clinic staff was very understanding of how nervous I was, even though it was a “routine” (my word, not theirs) surgery. The doctor’s sincere attention to every little detail of my pet’s health, even during a "15 minute follow up" (she dedicated like 35 minutes instead) made me feel sure that I put my dog in the best care possible! Also, they're great at working with pet insurance, which can sometimes be a hassle, but they had no complaints!

Amanda Frank

I love Prytania Vet. I have been going there about 10 years now. The staff is always so friendly. They honestly care and it shows. I have my favorite Dr there but have seen a few others when she has been booked. I've had great experiences with all of them.

Glen Wick

Very kind and caring.


The late-night phone was answered by someone calm and knowledgeable, who sounded like she really cared about my pet. I was able to bring my cat in immediately, and the thorough and compassionate care and courtesy from all involved made an anxious night much easier. Our whole family is grateful: we recommend Prytania Veterinary Emergency Services highly.

Elaine Hyland

The best!

Jeffrey Mika

Dr. Foster was great, as always. We, and Pip, love her. We are moving across the river this weekend and, even though it will be a longer drive for us, we will continue to bring Pip to Prytania to stay under Dr. Foster’s care. Thank you for always taking such great care of him!

Barbara Yates

In New Orleans, Prytannia Vet is it. I personally have some great experiences with Dr. Ghere. When my previous cat had cancer in his mouth, I took him to another Vet in the Marigny area. This other Vet was so mean and actually hurt the cat. Needless to say I found Dr. Ghere and not only is he good looking (LOL) but he is one of the kindest men I have ever met, we put my cat down and he hugged me while I cried. His staff is the best you can get and they love my cat Lafitte, especially Ms. Miranda who seems to be able to handle him better than I. Whether you have a cat or a giraffe, Prytannia Veterinary Hospital is where you should trust your pet. There is more love in that hospital than I have ever felt, these guys love animals, so dat's dat!

Lauraline Congleton

Horrible uncaring rude my vet office was out of vetrol 5 mg to treat my pet that has cushings and renal failure I was in Hammond with my Husband that just had surgery and my dog was in Nola with her sitter that is a vet tech they refused to honor a prescriptiom from another vet the sitter was working a double and was unable to take her there to me “seen” basically could care less if my pet died

Brian Laiepoint

Awesome service for my EB!

Angela McGurk

We have an excellent experience every time we visit. Dr. Ghere and Dr. Nathan are our favorites, but we like everyone we meet there. Everyone at Prytania Veterinary Hospital, from the reception, to the techs to the doctors is wonderful. The office visits are pleasant, clean and efficient, and there's always excellent follow up by the doctors. I've been to vets in Philadelphia and Denver and have never been as happy as I am at PVH!

Amanda Munro

Caroline Ferguson

My golden retriever was Dr. Ghere's patient for nearly 17 years. I am very thankful to the entire team at Prytania Veterinary Hospital for continually providing excellent care, and especially for going above and beyond in her final months. I highly recommend PVH to anyone seeking veterinary care in New Orleans.

Skyla Wilson

Just want to give a heads up to you cat owners. My cat for about a year was becoming very picky about her food as well as loosing a lot of hair. She was a long haired that lost all her fluffy coat. The cat vet, Dr B she is called i believe, just always told us to change her food and litter. I knew something was up. This went on for almost a YEAR. My poor cat finally fell terribly to a failing kidney and died. The vet on staff (who was not Dr B) said it was too late. Basically we were given false info to go on and it was too late to do anything (even tho for almost a year we kept questioning it). It was so sad. Not to give you guys a pity story but seriously if you have a cat do not go to the female cat specialist vet there. I don't know about the other vets there so I can't say for others who work there. I have a new kitty now and I def WON'T be going here!

Lizzie Peyroux

Oliver Galicki

Chris Rindone

Andrew O'Neill

Knowledgeable and kind hearted staff. Cared for our dog like she was their own! I am thankful we found them as care providers.

Bailee Bradley

You can really tell everyone here enjoys their job and loves animals. I feel so comfortable leaving my dog with them. I know she’s in good hands!

Eugenie Schwartz

Prytania Veterinary hospital has always taken outstanding care of my pets. The doctors and staff are always kind, helpful, and considerate no matter how great of small the problem is.

Dana Keys

My dog has been a patient since he was months old. I love that the doctors here are very patient and thorough. They are always willing to educate me on my dog's status and proper care for him. Dr. Biondolillo is the best vet I could have ever found!!!!

Logan Myer

They take excellent care of Harry.

Jonathan Clemmer

I wish my personal physician was as thoughtful and thorough as Dr. Nathan and Virginia. They really took the time to get to know me and my pup, making sure he wasn't stressed out or frightened. By the end of the visit they had him eating out of their hands.

Madeline Rombough

Best quality care. They are amazing when working with my dog. I can always call or email the office when I have a minor concern or question about my dog's health, and they are always patient and gentle with the animals. I recommend to anyone in the area.

Adrienne Parks

I've been bringing my animals to Prytania Veterinary Hospital for ten years, and they are absolutely the best! Warm, lovely staff, very knowledgeable and attentive to detail, and a great "bedside manner" with both animals and owners. They've seen me through three dog and three cat adoptions, a few farewells, dozens of check-ups, and the occasional 'what is that lump" panic (which for the record, turned out to be nothing. Whew!). You couldn't do better than these guys!

Neal Cohen

I don't believe there's anything we don't love about Prytania Vet! Dr. Nathan, all the vet techs, Caroline, Daniel, and the rest of the front desk staff. We feel blessed to be able to put the health of our fur babies in such amazing hands!

Cynthia LeBreton

Quality of care. Time spent with pet and humans is reassuring and at the same time is efficient.

latoya douglas

Best Veterinary Hospital ever!!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff with doctors who truly care. Prytania Rocks!!!

L Mags

So great to us in our little emergency with our sweet kitten. She's doing great now and we were so thankful for their 24 hour care. It was great knowing there was someone the four her during her overnight stay.

Octavia Jones

Prytania Vet is a fantastic pet hospital. Dr. Nathan has been helping our french bulldogs with various allergies and ongoing back troubles for the last few years and I can't tell you how considerate and knowledgeable she and all her staff consistently are. The fact that she personally calls me to check in with our dogs the next day means a great deal and assures me she is willing to go the extra mile to help remedy their issues. PVH is reasonable abut pricing and we appreciate the flexibility of scheduling as well. Dr. Nathan always has time to see our frenchies (or one of the other doctors if she is not there) and in an emergency, can fits us in. The techs up front are very nice and always have a moment to play with our dogs. Our Frenchies actually like going in for their visits and not just because they get to bark at the adoptable kittens in the front pen... Thanks Prytania Vet.

J J Hassenboehler

Great people. Who really care.

Betsy Kenwood

The staff is fantastic - Doodle loves going to Prytania vet. They treat us quickly & compassionately. Dr. Foster is awesome!

Carroll Rooth

I love everyone in this place! Friendly, attentive, caring and knowledgeable Staff throughout. Our German Shepherd, Ivy, is treated with the utmost care. Dr. Nancy Nathan is the best Vet we have ever had; and Prytania Veterinary Hospital is awesome!

Dusan Savkovic

Our Favorite Vet Hospital. Our dogs love amazing staff there

Mike Cyrana

The vets and vet techs are fantastic and knowledgeable. They truly seem to have my dog's best interests in mind. They are all incredibly loving and caring with my dog and truly do all they can to make both my and my dog's experience as best as it possibly can be. I feel as if I can easily get in contact with a vet or vet tech if I have any questions or concerns about my dog, and I have easy access to my pet's medical records. I fully trust the staff here with my pet's well being. This is truly a top notch vet, with a caring and professional staff. I would highly recommend to any pet owners in the area.

melanie christenson

Best vet in Uptown--personalized and professional care for your critters, caring vets, techs, and office staff! Regardless of how busy the clinic is, I am always greeted promptly and courteously. My observations are that all patients and their 'people' are treated with kindness and respect and gentleness.

Amy Neill

I recently switched vets to come to Prytania Vet and I am very happy with my decision. The doctors, techs and staff are all so friendly and accommodating. Everyone remembers us when we come in and provides a positive experience. I would recommend this clinic to friends.

Jennifer Warden

I love the vets and staff and the care they have always taken with me and my dogs. Great communication and loving care!

Phil Blackwell

Found my dog via her chip and contacted me immediately!

Tariq Ramadan

Took our cat was very informative. Did not feel rushed. Service was great

Andrew Day

Professionals, knowledgeable and caring.

Nicole G

Great staff. Couldn't have been a nice group of ppl.

Thomas Krajewski

The best vet I've been to. Sweet staff, incredibly reasonable vets who take time to talk about your animals individual needs without upselling you. Even got a courtesy call about a couple of prescriptions that needed to be picked up. Feeling very fortunate to have found this spot.

Murelle Farmer

PVH goes above and beyond, particularly in tough situations. Their staff is extremely caring and knowledgeable. We love Dr. Nathan, who is our vet for our dogs and cat. She always has the time to answer our questions and we never feel rushed. I highly recommend PVH to any pet owner in New Orleans.

Katie Mullins

The only place I trust for my cat and dogs. Dr. B. is amazing!

Farris McManus

Dr Nathan is great and the staff is very friendly.

Rob Turner

Gene Jones

I think this vet is horrible. I moved here in January. Needed a new vet-before I went out of town for the 4th, I needed a bordatella shot for my dogs that were boarding. I got it here, no problem. However, after I picked my dog up from another kennel, he was coughing so I decided to give these guys a shot. Came in to discuss his coughing, and a lump under his jaw. They start running through and checking everything else-I stopped them and asked him for an estimate on the total before they did anything...they said $401. I said no, obviously if I was concerned about my dog having cancer with a lump, I want that checked out before you run tests to see if he has diabetes...cancer would probably cancel that out. Then they tell me they are 90% sure that he has cancer-but I should send off for $149 to be sure. Oh yeah-the cough medicine-$70. I felt I was in a new car lot-not a vet that actually cared. Horrible unless you like getting your bank account drained.

Eureeka Springs

Long wait & extremely expensive, but I guess you pay for the convenience of a 24-hour facility. Dr. B was great.

Danielle Legeai

Always friendly. I never feel like I'm being rushed out the door, even when they docs are clearly busy.

lisa barrios

Love me some Dr. B !!

Katy Balma

I love this veterinary hospital. They are super professional, great with people as well as with animals. Their boarding services are excellent, and their veterinarians actually follow up with us by phone to find out how our pet is doing on this or that new medication. I board my cat here and he actually seems to love going. Never has a problem transitioning to or from. Just really great, knowledgeable, caring staff all around. And it's great to know that they are a 24 hour emergency hospital, too, just in case.

Jeff Wayland

These people are FANTASTIC. On my initial visit the vet spent probably 50 minutes just talking with me about my dog's health, nutrition, and changing needs. Without a doubt the best vet in NOLA if not the world.

Penny Thompson

Kim Wise

My initial phone call was great; I wasn't sure if my dog needed to be seen and they offered to speak to the dental technician on staff instead of bringing in my dog at first, which the immediate response from the other place I had called. Ultimately I decided to bring her in just to be safe. We had a wonderful visit; they did a very thorough exam, were super informative and patient. We were in and out pretty quickly and it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. And the other bonus? I didn't have to drive to Metairie to get my pup examined!!!! Thank you Prytania Vet Hospital!!!

Bix Dunn

Great service!

Joy Nix

I have had some great vets before but Dr Nathan is by far the best!! She really connected with my concerns and made me feel at ease while dealing with improving quality of life for my dogs. Her personal touch and sincere concern in follow up appts, phone calls and emails has me sold forever on Prytania Vet being my pet care base.

A.J. C.

Joanna Maynard

so I went cheap with the neutering surgery for my daughter's kitten. And I did take the collar of the animal early and ended up with some complications. The place where I had the surgery done was condescending to me when I called about my kitten's subsequent infection at his suture site. This place was even willing to work with me on getting my kitten in. I called Prytania Veterinary, explained what happened and they saw me the next day. My husband and I feel that Dr. Ghere saved our kitten. They were kind and compassionate and very helpful.

doug brown

Corey Smith

Dr. Taylor Ghere is the best! She went out of her way to make sure my cat had a great dental and put up with his bad behavior. Everyone at Pvh is professional and caring.

Melissa Kolb

Jason Hunt

Cynthia Nesser

Always looking out for my animals and their best interests... They treat my babies like Rock Stars. All of my animals are rescues and I worked hard to save them from their difficult conditions. Prytania helped every step of the way.

Kaitello Stephania

Great service really knowledgeable staff

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