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REVIEWS OF Metairie Small Animal Hospital IN Louisiana

Gwen met Dino

Anna Turner

Sheila Vincent

Dr. Rene Baumer, Corey, Barbara, Britney and the entire MSAH Robert E. Lee team are amazing and I personally can't imagine having anyone else care for my two boxers. Their professionalism, personal service, warmth and friendliness, in addition to Dr. Rene's medical expertise and caring bed side manner set them apart from any other Animal Hospital.

rae macafore

Dr. Joe is AWESOME. he took great care of our foster mom and all her babies. She had 14. He is a very kind and compassionate vet. I would recommend him to anyone needing veterinary services in the area. He is great with people and our pets.

Carrie Anne Cramer

I was very pleased with the care my beloved Baxter received. He was bitten by a dog and had a puncture wound in his chest. It was an emergency situation. I was terrified. The staff made me feel at ease they were very professional and it appeared like they know their stuff. I was not pleased with the price. I never dreamed a visit to the vet would cost more than it does for ME to go to the doctor. However, you get what you pay for. And Baxter is priceless

Chloe Chaisson

Brought in my little dude for an emergency around 8-9 at night. So thankful they took great care of him and got him back on his feet the next day

Melinda Brown

I love my vets at MSAH. They give pets and their people the best care anywhere.

Erica Denoux

Wish I could give this place 0 stars! My dog had an appointment at the Kenner location and I will never step foot in another MSAH ever again. My poor dog is so lovely for the vet the 3 years I've had him. He LOVES going to the vet, we've never had any issues before. All the vets he has seen at his previous vet in MS, said he was so lovely and well behaved and he made friends with all the techs. I was lectured in the office by the receptionist that he was difficult and "did not like restraint, mouthy, not aggressive but not trusting" You mean like a normal dog with people he doesn't know? Also, very upset they had to "restrain" him in any way. They told me he snapped at them so they had to muzzle him and that I should not bring him around small children. This dog has never so much as snapped at a fly, let alone a person! Then, it gets worse because I let their butcher of a "groomer" touch my dog. They complained to me that I should have brought him to another location because they do not have a ramp and they had to pick him up and put him in the tub. It is not my fault that when I told you I was bringing in a 90lb golden retriever that you said "Okay that's fine." If you're not equipped to handle a big dog, then don't tell me to bring in my big dog. I also only stated to trim my dog's feet, not anything else.

Anne Bouchie

I was pleased with the medical service my dog received until I got the bill and realized I was overcharged. I was charged for 2 days worth of intensive care when my dog was in less than 24 hrs. When I spoke with their billing department, the were rigid and did not want to hear me. Be advised, your pet will get great care but you will feel cheated after leaving. Props to my doc for helping my Lula.

Valentine Orgeron

All of the vets and faculty at MSAH are a joy to see! No matter how busy they've been, we've always been happily greeted and seen as quickly as they could manage. The quality of their services, including their customer service, has been wonderful every time I've visited. Dr. Alex has always been thorough and attentive when we have had to drop in for an emergency. My most recent visit we dropped in around midnight, but he did not hesitate to take my girl back as soon as possible and had her examined, anesthetized, stitched up and woken up SUPER quickly. Our entire hospital visit only took an hour from the moment we walked in, and the stitches looked great! Dr. Samantha has been awesome for many of my preventative care visits with my two Shibas, and she even went out of her way and worked with Dr. Siggy to have an alternative spay procedure done on one of my girls when I requested it. My other girl isn't exactly a pleasure to work with, but Dr. Samantha has always been very calm and patient with her (even through her classic "shiba scream"). Dr. Mary and Dr. Meredith are also both wonderful, caring vets that I've had the pleasure of seeing. Overall, I'd gladly trust any of the vets here with the care of my pets!

Peggy Keller

Went to see Dr. Joe Vaccaro at the Freret Clinic of the Metairie Small Animal Hospital with my 18 year old cat, Rose. I received EXCELLENT service from an EXCELLENT doctor. Dr. Joe's thoroughness and extremely knowledgeable veterinary care answered all of my concerns and fears about caring for my elderly kitty. I couldn't be happier or more pleased with the care and service I received for my Rose. I am so glad that Dr. Joe is caring for my fur baby!

Rayburn Clipper

Great place to go when you need a Vet after hours or on weekends. They've helped me out of a pinch many times.

Brandi Dupre

Debbie Pavur

I was so fortunate to have my little Shih-Tzu who was in need of a forever home come into my life in November of 2016. We quickly became very attached to one another. In February, I had to travel to New York for a few days and couldn't take my little guy with me. My relationship with MSAH has been over 30+ years in the making so I felt confident leaving my pet with them. Separating was not easy for either of us, but MSAH was very patient and understanding when I called to check up on him. When I came to pick him up he was happy and playful. I could tell by his demeanor that his stay at MSAH had been a positive one for him - and for me.

Jerry F. Pepper

Mackenzie Gray

I came across a stray kitten someone threw out in traffic the other day. I decided to keep the kitty and set up an appointment for friday(today). The clinic was beautifully designed, the staff was super friendly. Megan M. Was our vet, and she was excellent! Found out the kitten was about 8 weeks old, too young to have the full round of shots, so I was told I'd have to come in every 4 weeks til he is caught up on all of his boosters. So today was the FVRCP shot, dewormer, and a little flea medicine on his back. I was sent home with a sample bag of special diet kitten food and a fecal sample cup to bring back for them to test. Everything went great, and so I swipe my card at the desk for $157.00......isn't that a little high??? And I'm supposed to come back for more vaccines, but wow that's a lot for much should this have been? And should I look for another place to take him for his other shots?

Denny McG

I saw Dr. Gordy Labbe for the first time when I brought my 11 week old maltipoo Mimi to have her first check up. He was very nice and kind to Mimi giving her treats when she got her shots. He spent 40 minutes with us going over her care and her thorough examination. Needless to say I was very impressed with the visit.



Matt Brown

I cannot say enough GOOD GOOD GOOD things about MSAH. My poor little Scooter was suffering from a mystery illness until Dr. Brian Melius figured out that he had Meningitis. A quick round of medicine and my puppy was his happy self again! The staff here is attentive and courteous, their love of animals is amazing and I would not send anyone with a pet anywhere else in the city! They are simply the best!

Tracey Tiller

I have dealt with MSAH for years and would trust them implicitly with my dogs. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because they are pricey.

Susan Joffrion

Totally pleasant experience from the moment I walked in the door. Very clean, odor free. Not crazy noisy from animals in the back rooms. All the staff was wonderful and friendly. Dr. Rene was very pleasant and caring about the welfare about my JinkxieCat. He explained in detail what he was doing and what he would recommend for her treatment. I was contacted by the staff after my appointment to inform me of her test results and to make sure she was doing well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MSAH Lakeview. Job well done by all.

Janice Cooley

Leyla L. Feyzulayeva

Very attentive and helpful personal. Wishing them the best.

Gina Maher

The staff is so friendly. The doctors and staff are so good with my Bella that she doesn't even mind going. There is never a wait. I love that it us so close to my house and so convenient.


I presume it's all in who you see. The overnight E.R vet was absolutely amazing! He truly went above and beyond to find out what was ailing my dog. However, on another day visit, we saw another vet, and I was not pleased at all. I felt like I fell into the typical "vet trap" as I call it; cycling through expensive tests, which resulted in my dog having even more separation issues. I brought up my dog's allergies he's been fighting with, but this vet wouldn't even address that concern but pushed the more serious expensive possibility. Turns out, my dog is just suffering with allergies. After these visits, he won't even let other people go anywhere near him now; that is seriously disappointing to watch him run from people. I hope he resorts back to his old ways. This experience will have me seeking out another vet.

Connie Hall

I remember as a young teen in the 60's my dad and brother always brought their pets here. Now, realize in those days we only worried about rabies and injuries (life was so simple then). Pets have become a very important part in many people's lives including their health. Gee! I haven't seen a dog house in a yard around me for many years. Yet almost every household in my neighborhood has at least one cat or dog included in their family. That means humans and animals have to be on the same page as far as health stands. I have shopped around moneywise and didn't see a major price difference but I guarantee the care and love I see in these guys at MSAH outweigh any price . Me & Mel are glad to be a patient here!

Kristin Blackwell

RIDICULOUSLY expensive- to the tune of $600 for shots and a bath. I was charged for things I did not request to have done, and would not have approved for them to complete, had they asked me in advance. A staff member talked to the Vet about my bill who told her that she (the Vet) had called me before the exam to ask if she could perform these extraneous items, but could not reach me and left a voice mail. I just listened to the voice mail, and she left me a message AFTER she completed the exam. Her message only said the exams went well and the dogs were headed to grooming for their baths. If she did not have my consent for these outside services, she should not have performed them and then charged me. My dogs are perfectly healthy, and most definitely did not need a $150 "wellness panel" lab test. Nor did they need a Flu shot, or a $90 fecal analysis. Furthermore, an evesdropping front desk staff member chimed in about the dogs needing a full exam each year, another item I questioned. One of the two dogs JUST had an annual exam in their office a few months ago. This same evesdropping staff member also felt he needed to tell me that I am the one who should have called them to see what they were planning to do & charge me for. I thought I was pretty clear when I called and said my 2 dogs needed to come in for their annual vaccinations and that they also each needed a bath. Not only that, but I provided a very specific list of the vaccinations that were out of date by providing last years shot records.

Crystal Minchey

caleb frey

Wrong clinic.

Pat Higginbotham

Love coming to Metairie Small Animal Hospital They are so nice and friendly plus great Doctors! Always clean and not long wait times to see Doctors.

Sheila Combs

I have had very positive experience with MSAH. I have a dog and a rabbit and trust their health to MSAH because of the caring for my pets and their experience. I would recommend them to anyone who really love their pets.

Amy Y

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. I've liked all of the vets we've brought our cats see here. Sometimes the wait to check out can be a bit long. There is a separate waiting area for cats in the back of the store area just check in at the front desk and let them know that's where you'll be. The prices seem a bit high but the expediency of an in house lab is nice.

Heather Troyer

Mary Aubin

The best vets in town - they take great care of my cats every time!

Britt Copelin

Due to inclimate weather, this office was only open for emergencies (which I had). Service was quick and professional. Pleased with results

Esperanza Moore

Geri Coates

I love the service and experience at this animal hospital,Twilight,my Maltese get the best care ever.....He comes in sick and leave well...So happy.

Sonny W

Matthew Kittredge

Really expensive mistake. My cat was misdiagnosed, and after returning, provided sub par care, causing us to have to return several times over several weeks and spend nearly $900 on treating a small cut. The frontline staff and Vet Techs were all really nice, but the medical care was poor and there was no communications between doctors. Also they play really creepy and annoying lullabies day and night. It is one of the few 24 spots so you gotta do what you gotta do in case of emergency, but definitely don’t return for follow-up care.

Nic Chauvin

The vets here are stellar, and they set the tone for all other employees. Customer service here is top notch. More importantly, the vets and techs are some of the best and brightest in the nation.

Chad Dillard

Great staff and Doctors very caring.

Chris Steiner

Awesome place! Had to bring in my best friend at 2am to send him up to a better place worst decision I've ever had to make. Everybody there was very friendly, helpful, and made me feel like they were there for me. Dr A was super sweet. If I get another dog eventually I'll definatly be bringing them here for their vet services!

John P. Fischbach

We have been going to MSAH for at least 20 years. The vets here are perfect for people like us that have exotic dogs. They understand the unusual maladies of these special dogs and know how to best treat them. Our SharPeis got fantastic care by Drs. Brian Melius and John Martin. If you need great vets for your pets, look no further.

Cody Hammock


Roi-Lynne Hulin

Called Kenner to schedule an appointment for my cat that had a raw bottom. They saw me in 10 minutes. I got there and they saw me immediately. Dr. Allison is awesome. She is so good with all my animals. Thank you for seeing me and my cat. She is so much better today.

Christopher Moghaddami

They unnecessarily run up charges in any way they can. Prey on your fear to add expensive services which a normal vet wouldn't push on you. Avoid this place if you can, they'll milk you if they have the opportunity. 2 years ago, I brought a dog with a limp into my normal vet in the same neighborhood. Physical, X-rays, painkillers & anti-inflammatories. Around $200. That dog had bone cancer. Recently, I brought a dog with a limp into MSAH. Physical, X-rays, $120 single-use sedative (?), 3rd party radiological review (?), painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics - despite having a fresh set available at home. $550. This dog had a sore shoulder.

Ally Coppedge

This “animal hospital” is a murdering facility. Their workers are untrained and uneducated and they endanger the life of everyone’s beloved pets. Our vet had just administered our dog a bordetella shot a week before we boarded her and we gave MSAH the sheet from our vet confirming this. They still gave her that shot, overdosing her on Bordetella, and still attempted to charge us for it. After assuring us that “there shouldn’t be any problem” with this overdose they fumbled around and then tried to pretend like it never happened by all of a sudden saying that they never gave it to her in the first place. However, she has been sick and has gotten so bad that she is in our local animal hospital and our local vets confirmed that MSAH must have overdosed her. If you love your dog as much as I loved mine, then I beg that you don’t send them to this horrible place so that they can escape the fate of my poor Millie. Please pray for a fast and unforeseen recovery for her.


Had a 3am emergency with my dog Brooks passing blood (from both ends) and found this place online. Called, the guy (maybe Mike) was super friendly and I headed that way. The Vet in call and the guy on staff were both great with my dog and helped me calm down down some too. She was treated checked out, treated and given meds and under close watch by me to return if any of the list took place.. She made some improvement but mid-day Gabe me another scare. Once again everything was handled and also a diet for her. By that night she was finally eating and drinking. By the following morning she was doing much better!! Thankful I found this place and I’m pretty sure we just found our new vet office.

Brian D

Always incredibly incompetent. The front desk staff is horrible.

Megan Harvey

Amazing team! We were on vacation when unfortunately our dog started having seizures. The vets (especially Dr. Megan) were great. They answered all of our questions and were available even after we left the state and our dog was discharged and started having issues again. The vet techs and the secretaries were all so nice and caring as well. We appreciate everything they did for us in such an awful and stressful time !

Olandra Lickter

This place is incredible. I called multiple vet hospitals before calling here but no one would see me during my cat’s emergency because I wasn’t a recurring patient. Metairie Small Animal Hospital was able to schedule me for an appointment half an hour out and told me that I could always just show up for a walk-in emergency if they were booked. The vet (Dr Reid) and the vet tech were both extremely professional, friendly, and thorough with their communication with me and their exam and follow through with my cat. You can tell they really love animals. The woman who checked me out was also friendly and helpful. Every person we encountered here gave top notch care, all in a timely manner, and we will certainly be back for our regular visits as well. Also, the waiting room is gorgeous.

Gina Dupart

Our dog Gee was rushed to your hospital on Mardi Gras morning 2019. She was very I'll and we were sure we were going to loose her. The doctors and staff were excellent in caring for her in ICU. Dr. Reed kept us abreast of her progress for the 5 days she was in your care. She pulled through and is doing well for a very old dog. Thanks for everything!

Pat Galloway

I really like MSAH! They treat my dog Cinderella like she is part of their family. Dr. Melius is super, and provides excellent treatment.

Elena H.

Very very expensive. Vet was not friendly and administered an anti nausea medicine that is not recommended for young kittens. My kitten is 2 months old, the drug is meant for kittens 4+ months. He was also very rough. If you love your animals and your wallet, I would not bring them here unless it is a dire emergency.

Kathleen Hooks

Caring ,thoughtful, experienced! I would not bring my Gracie any where else. Best care!!

Michelle Taylor

Metairie Small Animal Hospital was well staffed, friendly and caring. I have a new puppy and he was well taken care of. I was shocked about the price for lab work though. Great location and easy to get to.

Jill Credur

I take both of my goldendoodles to see Dr Joe Vacarro and the staff at Freret location. They are wonderful with my babies. Dr Joe just spayed my puppy and he was so caring throughout the process. Carl at the front desk is personable and knowledgeable. Can't say enough good things. Take your babies to see them. You will be glad you did.

Crissy Poston

$500 to tell me my cat had a UTI infection no payment plans or nothing ridiculous they just milk you of money and could careless if you can afford it or not. $500 come one now $200 or $250 would be more reasonable!

Buck Keim

Great we have 4 dogs they are getting the best care at Robert E Lee office

Ruth Barrios

Vet was great waiting 20 mins now to check out and pay. No customers at counter just staff talking amongst themselves

David Hall

Such a great hospital!

Tyler McDaniel

We called THREE days ago,because our mini pig lost the use of his legs.First the woman who awnsered the phone told us they don't treat pigs, even tho they were listed on the website. Then We were told that an exotic vet would call us right back. We haven't received a call, and our poor Hamilton still can not walk. Very unprofessional.

DJuan Heno

joannia Buck

Ashley Monson

A bit pricy but great! Last visit we had Dr.Mary and she was awesome!

Javier Ortiz

This is our first time going and we were attended quick, and they were very kind, very nice environment, will definitely come back

Gretchen Gibson

We are long time clients of Metairie Small Animal Hospital. We could not ask for better doctors, staff or care for our pets. The doctors are easy to speak with and are open to discussion. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I love the weekend hours as we have needed them a few times. I love that they open early so I can get my food and meds done after car pool. The boarding is also a great option. I would not take my fur baby any place else.

Laina Gs9p

I called ahead and came in during emergency hours because my pet had a seizure. They couldn't find the key to their pharmacy cabinet. Before they admitted that, she had two more seizures while we waited. If they hadn't been so careless, or at least told us immediately so we could go somewhere else, she might still be with me. The third seizure put her into a vegetative state. She died two weeks later. We'll never go back, and never let friends go. Just go to MedVet.

Natalia Gonzalez

Most caring and dedicated staff. Everyone form he doctors to the reception staff is warm and friendly and goes far to ensure that you are kept informed about your pet's condition. I am indebted to the staff for saving Lucy's life!

Carmen Reyes


Thanks to Dr. Rene Baumer for his professional advice and help for Rudi.

kraig morales

Alex Juneau

The staff is wonderful and I've never had an issue with care provided to my dogs (we have two). The only reason I can't give 5 stars is due to price. MSAH is very expensive. Their services cost double to triple compared to other veterinary clinics in the area. If the pricing were more reasonable, we would consider staying. Unfortunately, the cost is so high we are moving to another clinic :(

Rachelle B., RN

Very personable, experienced, comfortable and clean environment. Brought both of my pets here and was very satisfied. Went after hours and had a short wait time. Very friendly staff. My pet appeared comfortable with the staff. Will be returning.

Donald Blake

Great place for pets.

Lainey Henican

I brought my cat here today for the first time to get her nails trimmed. I was very pleased! The staff was so welcoming and there was no wait. I highly recommend this place. I will definitely continue coming here.

Alana Vaughn

Jessi Sanborn

I should have written this long ago but this hospital, along with my regular vet Susan Bennett, saved my dog in an emergency! Thanks you to both. Astrid went into Anaphylactic shock after being stung by a wasp at a nearby dog park. Both vets were surprised to see this reaction but were prepared and acted quickly. She was watched through the night and she was comfortable there when I went to pick her up. Thank you to all of the techs and staff that were waiting by the door to take her from me and kept an eye on her overnight. You are all her heroes!! Jessi and Astrid

Mary Grant

Emergency clinic terrific and Dr. Oresto was great with Maggie my very active yellow lab. Wonderful experience. Mary

Olivia Mitchell

Pricey but you get what you pay for. Dr. Joe was very helpful and timely. I was in an out with a diagnosis and care regimen in less than an hour. My cat is now doing so much better. Thanks Dr. Joe.

Catherine Wilkinson

Grace Rogers

I have been taking my dog Chase to Metaire Small Animal Hospital since we got him, which is now over 5 years. We have had nothing but good service and good experiences in treating him appropriately. I like the doctors that I have seen there. We go to the W.Esplanade office. I highly recommend this location and have NO complaints in their care and treatment of our pet.

joseph schlumbrecht

Extremely rude and unprofessional phone etiquette. I called asking if they could take care of an emergency tooth extraction for my dog, as he was in pain with a damaged tooth. After explaining that it was an emergency due to the fact that my dog could not close his mouth, the receptionist was not only unable to give any pricing other than the cost of just the initial visit, but she also checked with a vet who said that it couldn't be a bad tooth and I would have to wait until morning to see a dental specialist. I may not have medical experience, but I am definitely able to tell when my dog cannot close his mouth due to a tooth. After explaining this, the young lady proceeded to keep me on hold for 25 minutes while she tried to inquire as to whether or not they could perform a tooth extraction, only to come back and ask for my number so she could call me back. Incompetence and an attitude are all I got during this entire experience, while my dog has to suffer until morning, when I can take him to a real Veterinarian.

Shelby Fuss

Everyone is so nice and super professional, we've seen multiple vets here and they're all so awesome and very knowledgeable. I have a 15year old pom that has had some major issues and the adressed it right away and she was back home in no time!

Emilia Navas

The best hospital what they did for Gigi is priceless God bless you ,Much love and charity something that is no longer seen...gracias muchas gracias mi corazón eternamente agradecida por MI INOLVIDABLE GIGI

Ella Campbell

kiki, who was the receptionist and the emergency phone service person is AWESOME. (that's what she was doing when i was there, she was in scrubs so i wouldn't be surprised if she works with the animals too) she is badass at multi tasking, and super helpful, and was funny/lighthearted the whole time whether she was on the phone or assisting me in person. the doctor & assistant who were there tonight (1/15/18 around 8pm) talked me through some things on the phone while i was at home, and when i arrived, were reassuring, light-hearted, and helpful as well. i brought them a dirty diarrhea-ing cat, (not cute) and came home with a clean, non-diarrhea-ing cat! just like new! they gave me a towel to put in his carrier for the ride home too. <3 love these people.

Glori Cosio

Alyson Bowler

Dr. Megan is truly amazing. On a trip to New Orleans, we found a very sick and injured little kitten. Being from the northeast, we were nervous that the level of vet care in the south wouldn't be the same. Boy, were we wrong. Not only was the care outstanding, but the price was much less than at an emergency vet in our area. They were able to save her life and get her stable enough for travel, and now she's home safe and sound. Of course, she has a long road ahead, but she's alive and loved. I would give Dr. Megan a million stars if I could, and every single staff member was so caring. We couldn't have asked for better. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Christine Brignac

Despite having a more cost-effective veterinarian I can go to for annuals and basic (non-urgent/generally preplanned far in advance) check-up’s, I had to take one of my babies for an oncology-related amputation surgery elsewhere. As soon as I called MSAH and told them what was going on, they said they would get the oncology nurse, Lauren, to get in touch with me. She called within hours and set us up for consult with herself and Dr. Meredith. Both nurse and doctor were amazing with my cat Buddha and provided advice and information to me. Buddha went for surgery with Dr. Meredith two months ago. After surgery, the hospital granted us permission to see Buddha during her overnight stay, which put us incredibly at ease and we know is not allowed some other veterinary hospitals locally. Dr. Meredith has been taking care of not only us with post-surgery x-rays and rechecks, but now our other two feline friends for sick visits! In her absence or commitment, we’ve seen Dr. Samantha, who is also fabulous and loves the kitty babies! Even the technicians have been nothing but loving and patient with my cat friends; no bites or hisses at MSAH! I feel like I’ve finally found a place that cares for my cats in a way that makes all parties feel comfortable. If you are looking for feline-friendly staff who will make time and room for your cat companions, this is the place. The reason for not giving 5 stars: they lost Buddha’s extracted limb, putting it in discard instead of sending it to biopsy (which at least made the final surgery bill less than I expected but still provided inconclusive evidence of an actually MALIGNANT tumor—thank god for Lauren at least getting me Dr. Overly’s review of Buddha’s files, x-rays, etc. and calming me down about all that). How does one mis-mark a limb of a cat sent in for amputation to remove a tumor and lame limb, though?? And the cost to go here is steep. But when your babies need to be seen same-day and you know they will get proper care, money is not necessarily an object.

Ryan Colgin

Jean Guinta

My Golden Retriever, Bocce, will be 12 in May of this year. He's been with me thru Katrina and all that followed. He had to see a Specialist recently for his eye. My regular Vet referred me to see Dr Mouney. Dr Mouney was very nice. She operated on my boy and he is home and recovering nicely. I'd highly recommend MSAH to anyone. When I dropped Bocce off I was very nervous because he isn't a regular patient there. As I drove off I saw that they already had Bocce outside on a leash for a walk. Dr Mouney spoke with my regular Vet after our first appointment to discuss the surgery she was recommending. Dr Mouney called me after surgery to let me know how it went. She called again first thing the next morning to let me know that he had eaten and had a good night. It was as if she had treated him since he was a puppy! I can't express how much it meant to me to see how much they cared for him. Thanks MSAH staff for all that you do for your patients and the people who love them. ❤️

Jeryl Parmenter

Really first rate care for our animal. Dr Brewington and the staff at Lakeview cared for our cat for only a few months at unfortunately the end of her life. The contacts that we had at the clinics were timely, professional and compassionate. We could not be more thankful to have them care for our cat at a difficult time. Could not recommend them more.

Adam Maerz

Excellent. Thoughtful, complete, attentive, and very good with my pet. Thank you!

Jeannine Mielkekk obligó t I look iconography

I love the doctors and staff. A bit pricey, but 27/7 emergency care is well worth it. All of the staff and doctors treat you like family. First class service. Remember you get what you pay for. The groomers are awesome too!

Adriana Blanco Marquez

Dana Carbo

I came to MSAH for grooming after a friend recommended me. I have a senior shih tzu that can be very testy while being groomed and they always do a wonderful job. I get veterinary care at an other clinic but if I needed vet care, I would definitely recommend. I can tell the other client's pets are well taken care of. The clinic has a great atmosphere, a little shop, and a nice and knowledgeable staff.

Michael Barrera

I brought my five and a half year old Kuvasz to this veterinary office because he has what looks like an infected bite or scratch. This is not our normal vet's office, but since it was Mardi Gras day it was one of the few open for business. We live on a park, and our dog regularly runs into thick bushes to sniff or chase squirrels. Yesterday morning the scratch appeared after a long night walk. I cleaned it and kept an eye on the wound, but this morning it looked a little worse than usual so I took him to his vet. The staff were very friendly and the lobby comfortable, but the doctor that saw my pet was convinced that the sore on my dog's nose was a tumor. The doctor asked if it was okay to take my dog back to a colleague for a second opinion. I told the doctor that I felt uncomfortable with letting my dog see someone else without my presence, but the doctor insisted that I was not able to join him and his colleague somewhere else in the clinic. I again protested and told them that my dog sometimes gets uncomfortable without me, but the doctor insisted he would just muzzle my dog if necessary (also despite the fact that the wound was on my dog's snout. He tried to write me a few prescriptions for some pain medicine, but I told him that my dog was in no immediate pain (this was also the third time I had mentioned my dog was in no pain....just uncomfortable). I eventually decided to have him take my dog because I felt that his diagnosis was so far from correct that it could not possibly be true. The doctor returned after a few minutes with a microscope slide containing what he claimed was a 'sample'. He said the sample was inconclusive, but offered to do a biopsy for a test. I once again asked him whether this could simply be a bite or a scratch and he was unable to rule those possibilities out either. He mentioned that the mysterious colleague also thought it was a tumor. The doctor never once offered to do a blood or parasite test to see if it was infected. Ultimately, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS VET OFFICE TO ANYONE I KNOW.

Candace Wilsford

We love the people at Metairie Animal Hospital! Our husky, Bella, has been in surgery with Dr. Joe and Dr. Micheal for mass cell tumor removal twice, and when they weren't available to answer a question Dr. Rachel was quick to answer!!! Bella must love them too, because she gets so excited when we pull up for a visit! Thanks for keeping our girl healthy!

Morgan Leboeuf

Small emergency late night when my dog got into our medicine. The staff was very friendly and informative! Dr. Alex Juneau was so great to work with! Very uplifting, friendly, and extremely helpful, especially beings it was 2 in the morning! Thank you again!

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