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REVIEWS OF Madisonville Animal Hospital IN Louisiana

Maddi B

Had a pet emergency (tree fell on my moms' dog). When I called hysterical, they were incredibly understanding and said I could come in right away. As soon as we walked (ran) in, the dog was whisked back for an exam and xrays. We were kept informed the entire time about his status and the results. He was treated quickly, and it was a huge relief when he came strutting out all on his own. He got meds for any residual pain, and we got a follow up call to check on him. They were absolutely awesome!

Gerald Lawson

Just had my best friend Spike operated on at this clinic! They were wonderful. They take care of both my Bostons and would not trust their care any where else! Would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone. They take care of your family member as if they were their own. The best!

Annie Doyle

Our family loves Dr. McDonald and her staff. It is truly evident that all of them love animals and love what they do. I like the way they call to check up on your pet when he/she has been sick - more than once! When one of our pets died in a car accident, we received a sympathy card signed by all of the staff. That meant so much! We've been to a couple of multi vet practices, and prefer the individualized care and attention our pets receive at Madisonville Animal Hospital. Thank you, Dr. McDonald, Ms. Debbie and all of the great staff!!

Angela Broadus

We love Dr. McDonald and her staff! She takes great care of our babies!

Bobbi Harrigan

We have been going to Madisonville Animal Hospital for years... and have had wonderful experiences with the Office Staff, Dr Mac and the Groomers...When our Golden had cancer we took him there and after it was all said and done we received a box in the mail with a card signed by the entire staff and a casting of our Beaux's foot...and we had only been there a few times. this wasn't an isolated case as a friends dog I was babysitting got out and killed on Hwy 22 and I took the dog to them and they sent the owners the same thing... that made me feel like they really care about their clinics.. I have a special needs child and no matter how busy they are or how loud he gets they are always kind to him...I bring both my furbabies there for vet visits as well as grooming.. highly recommend the group

Brian Bradfield

s w

have been coming here for over 10 years. I tried a vet that was closer for convenience, but nothing compares to the service here from a vet who is truly concerned about the welfare of my pet.

Clint Crain

Nice people and friendly atmosphere

Kathy Chilcote

Dr Christine is an amazing vet. She is compassionate, kind and loving toward all our furry family members. She always goes the extra mile to provide the best care possible. The staff is always helpful.

Tina Walsh

Dr. Christine and her staff are awesome. They are very professional and caring. They know just how to handle my very nervous and scary dog, Bruiser, with compassion and makes our visits with them easier. Definitely recommend Madisonville Animal Hospital to others.

Coleman Stuart

RUN RUN RUN save your money my experience has been the staff and dr. big mac are very pius rude and arrogant. Believe me they ONLY care about getting your money. They charged me 700.00 to come pickup my dead puppy . I asked them what they did? They said nothing, when you brought her in she was already dying after eating fish bones. TOTALLY disrespectful. For months I was considering some sort of legal action. I could have cancelled my check. Looking back now I should have. Im a Christian and that is the only thing that stopped me. Please stay away from these women they stink BADLY. And if you get the impression that they care about you then they have fooled you!!!!!There are GOOD clinics around none cheap like dentists but I now use Animal Care in Ponchatoula they save my sweet german shepherd after he ate tin foil out of the garbage.Please read response from clinic . Lies trying to protect their practice

Rita Knowsnothing

Very rude owner. Told me she hopes my dog dies ;(

Nocal Lobody

You guys are the best. I wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else. They love coming there for their vacations.

Jamie Nauck

Kim Quenzer

Jake Otis

Barbara Morrison

I have known Dr.Christine McDonald for over 20 years. She has treated a number of my cats over the years. I never have a problem getting an appointment. Her and her staff are always friendly and welcoming. When we had to put one of my cats down, Dr. McDonald was very compassionate and helped us through the upsetting process. A week later I received a clay paw print from Madisonville Vet Clinic as a remembrance of my cat. Needless to say, was touched. You can tell that she has a love of all animals. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. McDonald and Madisonville Animal Hospital.

jean orcutt

I have lived in Covington for almost 40 years, always had a dog. Although we are blessed with many good vets close to my house, I choose to go to Madisonville Animal Hospital. Dr. Christine is a refreshing blend of caring concern and common sense medicine. I put down my beloved shihtzu a few years ago, cried all the way there. Dr. Christine assured me that it was time and that I was doing the right thing! I rescued a dog right after with lots of problems. Madisonville Animal Hospital's staff have been wonderful at a very affordable price. Knowing that they are there makes rescue an easy choice for me.

Karen Stall

Rachael Creech

Kristin Burch

I recommend Dr. McDonald and her staff 100%. I don’t think I would trust any other clinic with my twins. They have always went far and beyond for Bailey & Buster. (No matter what time of the day it was) We travel over 30 minutes to come to see these people, that’s how comfortable we are with this doctor and staff. After reading some of these negative comments, I’ve come to several conclusions. 1) You can please everyone 2) People are greedy & jealous 3) You pay for what you get Again, thank you for all your compassion and dedicated hard work!

Dana Lynn Dufrene

I highly recommend this facility for your exotic pets. Doc is super friendly and knowledgable. She just took great care of my mouse. She didn't prescribe unnecessary medications and was thorough with her exam. All of my exotics will go here when needed.

Nicole Rivette

Brenda Parmentier

We love Dr. Chris and her staff. I feel completely comfortable with my pets in the care of all the staff at Madisonville Animal Hospital! Dr Chris listens to me and my concerns. She is knowledgeable and compassionate.

Ardis Renfroe

Ashley Felder

Appalling behavior. I know of a lady whose cat died in route to another vet because Dr McDonald was about to close and couldn't be bothered with a cat struggling to breathe. This woman has no right "caring" for animals when in fact she doesn't care at all!!

Albert Weysham

My best buddy works here. A great place to bring your pets!

Louise Fischer

I moved to this area two years ago and waited too long to choose a new vet. My dog had an advanced fungal infection and had to be euthanized. I LOVED these people. They were professional and did love my dog like their own. The charges were very reasonable and I'm so happy I found my vet for life.

Sandra Meow

I came in with a budget and i was probably the most annoying person with asking for prices but they worked with me, and they were so sweet and not judgmental at all. I came here for an emergency and i’m so glad i found them. Their prices are extremely good compared to other vets i have called. Momo says thank you!!

Kiley Subik

Great vet and friendly staff

Juan Chavez

Dr Christine has been our Vet for over 15 years. She thorough, caring and takes the time to learn about my concerns for my pet. I highly recommend her, after all I drive from New Orleans to see her.

Lynn Thibodeaux

My dog was very sick which was scary. The staff at Madisonville Animal Hospital not only took care of my fur baby but they also made sure that my husband and I were reassured that he would be ok. They were very gentle with my dog and treated him as their own. The staff followed up on my dog three times in the days after the visit to make sure that he was well and not having any issues with the medication. We truly appreciated everyone's help. Since that time, we took our pup in to be groomed. We were more than pleased with the job that the groomer did. It was easy to tell that my dog felt comfortable with her and we will definitely continue to use all of the services at Madisonville Animal Hospital.


I walked in and there was no one at the counter and I was not able to get a response after announcing my presence several times. I should have left right then and there. My mistake. Long wait times - both before and after visits (trying to pay and leave). Dr. Chris McDonald was rude, inexperienced, and very very unprofessional. Would not recommend leaving your babies in their hands.

Its Me


Just picked up my dog from a bath. After getting a slight attitude from the front desk lady because I came in a few minutes before they closed (which I should have been informed of after dropping him off at 9am), I get home only to find tracks of blood all throughout my house. I understand these things happen, but I wanted to inform them so maybe they could make an effort to be more careful in the future. So after trying multiple times, low and behold, they have NO voicemail. Needless to say I will never take my dog back there. I'd rather drive 20 minutes further to get quality care and service for my baby.

Shannon Eppling

Dr. Christine is a thorough, kind, and fair veterinarian! She has 20+ years of small and exotic animal experience. I've taken ALL my animals to her, and been amazed every time she heals them, cares for them, loves them. She even treats my dogs from out of state since we had to move!! For competent, trustworthy, appropriate care of your animals - Madisonville Animal Hospital is your Best Choice!

Kady Quatrevingt

Katelin Holland

Dewey Morrison

I would willingly go the bat for Dr. Christine McDonald and her staff at the Madisonville Animal Hospital. She is the very best! You can't go wrong bringing you pets to her. She recently treated my cat for a urinary infection. A few days later, staff from her office called to make sure Jodi was ok and feeling better. My medical doctor doesn't do that!

Jay McDuffie

These people are inhumane. If I could rate them negative 10 stars I would. The staff is rude and they animals are neglected. If you love your pet then take them anywhere but here.

Angela Blake

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Madisonville Animal Hospital is with my animals. My dogs are like my children and Dr. Chris really understands that. She worked with me when I was afraid to get my little dog spayed and although it took me some time to agree, when it came time for the procedure they were so kind both to me and to Baby Girl. They made sure she was comforted as she came out of anesthesia and she made a quick recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris and all her staff to anyone looking for a new veterinarian.

A.J. M

Bridget Coulter

awesome thanks


Great first impression. The staff was friendly and professional. I had my dog groomed but wanted her eyebrows shorter. The groomer offered to trim them more without hesitation and I view that as exceptional customer service. Second encounter to establish an appt was not so great. I drove back to my groomer in Destrehan and have decided to just take that drive and stick with who I know, for now.

Joey Draper

Our little dog was on the verge of dying and Madisonville Animal Hospital turned us away because we we had never been there with our pets before! Thanks a lot UGH !!!

Denise Lloyd

Allie Holland

Jenny Jones

I've driven from New Orleans for over 10 years. Dr. Chris is so compassionate I wouldn't take my pups anywhere else.


Declawed two of our cats, tried to charge us double than what was quoted. Office staff was very rude to me when it was their misunderstanding that, once I explained, never even got an apology. The way that situation was handled left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Mary Lauren

Jason Olivier

Some days good, some days not

Stephanie Baham

My family has been going to the Madisonville Animal Hospital now for over 10 years. We absolutely love them! They take extremely good care of all our animals! When I got married about 5 years ago we got our own white lab, Sophie Pup. They treat her just like she is one of their own pets. Sophie absolutely loves the doggy daycare; She has lots of room to run & they even put a pool out! About a year ago Sophie had a cancerous lump in her leg that was growing pretty rapidly, Dr. Christine recommended surgery, where she said she would try to get it all out but they were not sure because it was attached & growing in her muscle. Sophie Pup came out fine, and Dr. Chris was able to get all of the tumor out & Sophie recovered remarkably! The staff go above and beyond to help us out. They give us reminders when flea & heartworm preventative meds are due, as well as check ups. I just recently had a baby, my husband was very busy with work and one of the staff members actually came by & brought her meds to us! I would recommend them to anyone!

Debra Melancon

Dr. McDonald and her staff has taken great care of my cats!!! Great place.

Demi Reilly

Very rude and unprofessional..

Bill Farrell

James Elliott

They love my dogs and know them. They have done amazing job keeping my pups healthy

Tracy Eady

Madisonville Animal Hospital Dr. Chris and the staff at Madisonville Animal Hospital are the best. I wouldn't take my Pekingese any where else!

Scott McDonald

I would not trust my pets with any other veterinarian. Dr. McDonald is by far the best with my pets. Great staff and great doctor. I owe my cat's life to her.

Stacy Ryan

I am so pleased with the service we got. After a previous vet in the town ofMadisonville was my reg. place for over two years . well we had an emergency bc we found a kitten was about to die. I had called my vet office and they wouldnt see us the next day which was a fri was told to wait out thru the whole weekend...However i was nervous tht he neededd to see a ..we called this office and I wish i wouldnt have wasted two years with the previous vet office. I cant tell u enough how nice everyone was. and the vet was awesome. He actually talked to us and laughed with us and even made small talk.......NUMBER ONE VET OFFICE IN MADISONVILLE!!! THANKS GUYS!!!

Jennifer McCarra

Today my Aussie had his teeth cleaned, his yearly vaccines, and his pro heart injection. Dr. McDonald did a beautiful job on his teeth, and he came home happy as if he just had a day at the doggie park. :)

Dana Duplantier

They miss medicated my dog. I went in with my dog in Feb. to get trifexis. I haven't gotten any notifications due to a past address being in the system and I assumed they would let me know upon arrival if my dog needed anything other than his medicine. They girl behind the counter sold me 1 mo. No problem... So last week i went back bc his fleas were bad again. When I arrived a different girl was behind the counter and explained that I couldn't purchase the medication bc he hasn't been up to date on his shots nor tested for heartworms since 2018..... Last time I was there I boarded him in 2018 and paid for them to give him all his shots and medicine while boarded.... I later found out that the reason you can't give a dog trifexis without being tested for heartworm is bc if heart worms are positive and the dog takes the medicine they could potentially die from blood clots...... I wouldn't be so upset if they would've compensated me.... Offered a free test.... A call....ANYTHING... Instead.... They didn't explain risks and let me purchase flea medication and wanted me to make an apt. With them. Moral of the story..... They are not trusted in my book. I paid last year for shots that I never got and was never notified about serious concerns regarding my dog and bad employment. Be cautious. Sad part is I loved going here and tried to stay with them. I boarded my dog with you in May of 2018 and asked for everything he needed. I will be finding another vet... No need to be rude with an upset customer who explained their concern to a staff member.

Kidd Death

Mandy Vining

I have been bringing my animals here for about 10 years...They are great with my babies and have worked with me to get the help my animals need when they need it.

tarfishy *

They're great with small/exotic animals! I take my ferrets and guinea pigs here and only have positive experiences. Dr. Christine is very gentle with animals and obviously cares about every pet she treats.

Jenny Keaton

Love this place and Dr Chris and her wonderful staff!!!!!

Douglas Lamalie

Deb Steinhauer

The love they have for my baby "Te", is comforting to know. He's with me all the time, but when I have to leave him, I'm comfortable and confident that he'll be cared for and loved. I've been with this clinic for many years and don't have even one complaint! I read the nay Sayers and everyone knows there are disgruntled employees and patients with bad experiences everywhere. Some may be true, but also, some are hear-say. Please know if you feel your pet is family and should have only the best...THIS IS THE PLACE! Thank you all over there for helping me give my senior puppy guy a long and loving life. For him, we all are family!

Carneze west ,jr.

Patti Darby

Always caring and convenient. Been going there for 9 years

Samantha Rodriguez


Rude, and completely unprofessional. She bad mouths her employees on her personal Facebook page, and is disrespectful to them in the office as well.

Lee Ann Moak

lacey chavers

Richard Dennie

Dr. Chris and her staff have taken care of our dog and cat for over a decade. Last year our dog had to be put to sleep due to a tumor that was causing seizures. The doctor and staff did a great compassionate job trying to give us options while Danny Boy was ill and also when we had to decide to let him go. She also helped our cat that got a bad virus that took a couple of months to recover. Eventually she took the cat into her own home as he couldn't stay in our house.Thanks for all you do.

Sum Holland

Absolutely Positively without a doubt the best Veterinarian I've ever associated with. This Clinic goes above and beyond for your pets! Those of you who have negative and rude comments must be confused. You feel at home from the moment you walk in the doors till the second you leave. I wouldn't allow anyone else to see or touch my pets because this place treats them like family, as do I. Everyone needs to stop by and give this place a try! It will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. You won't regret it! I never have! ❤

Megan Matthews

Been taking my fur babies to Dr. McDonald for 3 years now and I would highly recommend!!!! She is very compassionate and kind to the animals. You can truly see it in her eyes that she loves what she does. They have many precious rescue babies and are always rescuing more!! Her and her staff are always welcoming. Great prices too!

lynn maggert

A great staff and they're great with the animals you can tell they really love them

Daysha Jahns

If I could leave a negative star, I would. Very unprofessional. When I called with a complaint was told it was my fault, when I asked for a Dr was told I was harassing them and then hung up on. After multiple phone calls back I was only hung up on.

Chrissy Bradley

I have been taking my pets to Madisonville Animal Hopsital for years. Dr. McDonald and her staff are wonderful and always friendly. Even though I have moved farther away, I still make the drive because I trust them completely.

Rae Ann Gauthier

I've used Dr. McDonald for minor to major issues concerning my cats and dogs, and have always been very pleased with her professionalism and standard of care. Most recently I happen to come upon an emaciated, tick infested dog on the side of Hwy 22, who as it turned out, was riddled with heart worms. Dr. McDonald and her staff literally saved his life! They treated him like their own and now he is a happy, healthy guy. When I arrived with this poor soul, her staff immediately jumped into action and it was because of Dr. McDonald's expertise and experience that Trooper survived. She even worked with us on the costs associated with getting him healthy again. I think the before and after photos speak for themselves.

Ema Non

I am appalled that this lady continues to run a business the way she treats her employees and customers. Google reviews are a matter of free speech and the best and worst business spreads by word of mouth (or Google). This lady seems to hide behind her lawyer issuing cease and desist orders which is an incredible joke. Luckily I have a great Veterinarian that I would never have to even consider giving a bad review. But after visiting the animal hospital I was absolutely compelled to leave a 1 star review. Tell your lawyer to spare the order; I have nothing further to say.

Andi Lyon

I have been taking my pets to Madisonville Animal Hospital for 7 years. They are caring and compassionate. The doctors and staff go out of their way to make sure my pets have the best care possible. I will never go anywhere else

Dianna White

Wonderful and caring staff.

Patsy Simon

Great Service have been going there for 12 1/2 years with my Maltese Belle and now have my second Maltese fancy who is only three months so Dr. Cristina is very knowledgeable and has been taking care of my babies for the 12 1/2 years she is very patient and loving with my babies

Sonya Moskau

Great place and staff is wonderful.

Ayla Duhon


Mary Brown

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