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REVIEWS OF Garden District Animal Hospital IN Louisiana

Beth fleming

Super nice people

Jachob Taylor

Sam Martin

John Braud

Vickie Miller

The care we've received from the staff has been awesome. The staff and the Vets are always nice and very attentive to our dog. I Would recommend Garden District Animal Hospital to anyone that has animals.

Chelsea Allison

We are so happy with Dr. Anderson and the staff at GDAH. Dr. Anderson is really down to Earth, but also shows appropriate concern for your animal and seems to err on the side of caution when it comes to treatment. We are new puppy owners and are new to the area, and she's been happy to answer all of our many questions (many, many questions) and we never feel rushed out of the office.

Kay Cadby

My dog got hurt her paw and I took her to GD last week since my primary vet is on vacations. GD staff are very friendly and very professional!! Highly recommended this place!!

David Abbott

Andrew Johnson

One of the best vet's in town! Dr. Anderson and Day, run an excellent clinic, ask great questions, and put both the owner and animal at ease!

Dale E. Medley

Nice friendly professional staff facility is clean. No complaints with this establishment at all.

Jan Sumrall

They were very helpful and really seemed to care about my dog. He stayed over night and they treated him very well. We will definitely go back

Dorothy Prowell

Dr. Anderson is great! Caters well to my persnicketiness about meds and procedures on my cats and dog. My sister is a vet so I come well armed with information. Wait times have been very short to non-existent lately and technicians and receptionists seem competent and friendly.

Maggie Deville

So glad we found Garden District Animal Hospital. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, we feel like family. Prices are much more reasonable to other vets in the area as well.


I had a great experience with Garden District Animal Hospital. I was able to schedule an appointment for the day after I called. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Brandi G

Everyone there gives us excellent service - always on time and in and out while still providing personal and special care to me and my dog... very reasonable prices especially for Baton Rouge.

Debbi La Rue

Mary Mozingo

Garden District Animal Hospital has always met every need my dog has had. The staff is very nice and attentive and Dr. Carly and Dr. Anderson are amazing. They go above and beyond what I had ever expected!!

Ashleigh Dowden

I have been using Garden District Animal Hospital since 2002 when I brought my one year cat George in to be neutered. At that time the clinic belong to Dr. Stuckey who, along with his staff, made such an impression on me that I decided to make them “our vet.” Through the years they have been there for my pets, giving compassionate care them and support to my and my family. They have been their for our cats through minor illnesses and major surgeries and routine check-ups and quality of life improvements. They have treated our cats for infected wounds, dental issues, two broken legs, urinary tract issues, arthritis and a litany of other ailments. We have depended on them to provide us with treatment options; I always knew they put the well-being of my pets first and I never felt shamed if I had to say “no” to an option we could couldn’t afford. I turned to Garden District when it was time to seek compassionate euthanasia for both a 15 year old cat, Gracie, with age related kidney issues as well as a much younger cat, Tux, whom we only had a short while and tragically came to us infected with FelV. While both cases were devastating to my family, this hospital provided a level of comfort and professional care to us that greatly eased the emotional pain. Dr. Anderson has done an incredible job with the clinic and I would say the care and service Garden District provides has improved over the years under her tenure. She is an absolutely knowledgeable and competent veterinarian with a talent for getting down to business and address my issues right away while at the same time being very sensitive to both your pet and the complex emotional bond between you and your animal. We have also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Harkins who is also an exceptional and proactive vet in her own right and we have been pleased with and appreciative for services and care as well. This weekend I brought George (yes, the same George) in for a check-up with Dr. Pulaski. We have recently had several visits with Pulaski and it is my experiences with her that prompted me to write this review. I have never brought a pet to a doctor that I have truly liked and felt more comfortable with than Dr. Pulaski. Though we haven’t had as much experience using her, I felt confident in saying that I would totally trust her guidance and prescriptive suggestions for the care of my cats in most any situation. One can just sense that she is as smart, compassionate, personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her field as you possibly hope your vet would be. We look forward to bringing our pets to her in the future. Finally, I would be remiss to exclude a “shout out” to Angela Steptoe and the great staff of Garden District. Whether assisting the vet, helping you with flea meds, making appointments or calling you about your pets, this staff is always professional and exceptional attentive to the furry patients. (As a mult-cat family, I want to paws right meow and say how much appreciate Keith) I would absolutely recommend Garden District Animal Hospital to any animal lover looking for exceptional pet care at a competitive price from an office will generous hours and great customer service. I wish I could give 4.5 stars instead of 4-I'm holding back a perfect 5 because this clinic is a bit pricey, (although their new lab test system is considerably less expensive than it was before) the facility is a little dingy and their pet boarding services, while perfectly acceptable, just aren't the best in BR. But hey, no one is perfect. The clinic spends its time on energy on practicing excellent medicine and that's the most important quality in my book.

Leah Cook

The vets and staff are great! They’re so patient with my anxious pup!

Judy Myhand

My favorite veterinarians here over the past 25 years

Karen Bueche

The most awesome vet staff ever. Very professional and knowledgeable, but caring and concerned. Like family to me.

Carly Wayt

The staff at Garden District Animal Hospital is wonderful! They are friendly, informative, and straightforward. After going to GDAH, my kitten is happy and healthy.

John Pierrotti

Great service!

Morgan Wright

Fantastic Service! They made me and my pets feel like family! I'm so glad I found the best clinic in Baton Rouge!

Tiffany Pasco

Nothing but good experiences! They work well with my dog with severe vet anxiety.

Dylan Lee Blanchard

Great people. Very kind to pets. Very helpful

Ivy Creel

Dr. Andrea Anderson and the staff at Garden District Animal Hospital are the best. We have been through several crisis situations and a couple of surgeries with our dogs and cats. They have always treated our animals with love and compassion. Every procedure has always been explained to us very clearly and that has helped us make the best decisions in the care of our animals. We are very fortunate to have someone with the skill of Dr. Anderson as our VET especially in the tough times with our pets. Randy & Sher Creel

Laura Maestri

Mingming Wang


Kelley Moore

Jordan Wilson Sanders

After graduating from High School, I began working at Garden District Animal Hospital, which was the first full-time job that I ever held. It was within that building that I not only learned about responsibility and the working world, but also who it was that I wanted to be in life. And even though I never became the Veterinarian that I thought that I wanted to be, I have however, watched one of my best friends become the Veterinarian that I always knew she was. Who knew that when Dr. Stuckey told me that I had to train the "new girl", that years later she would be the next owner? I DID!!!! Congratulations Andrea, I am truly proud of you. You can look all over Baton Rouge for the "fancies" clinics. Or shop around for the "cheapest" prices. But it is only within the walls of GDAH that you will find people that love your pets as if they were their own.

Hayley Martin

Seriously the best vet hospital I've EVER been to! I've lived all over, San Diego, Boston, New York & this adorable little office in Baton Rouge is the best in the U.S. !!! During the floods, my friend & I took in about 25 stray cats that were displaced & about to be put down in surrounding shelters. With the help of GDAH, & the kind staff, they offered to help us nurse the kitties back to health. I've also used them for my own cats...and I can seriously say the staff couldn't be friendlier, more knowledgeable or more helpful! If you're looking for a place that truly cares for animals, this is the place! ;)

Cameron Perri

Brooke Bell

I took my kitten there for ear mites and had her checked for feline fiv so they needed to draw blood. They stuck her 8 times before getting anything. Holding her so tight she could hardly meow & she was panicking because it obviously hurt her. Also, any time I tried explaining something to the vet she would talk over me. I told her some behavioral problems I was having with my other cat and her answer was "just keep him inside" which doesn't solve any of my problems but she wouldn't know because she wouldn't let me finish my question. I was also told they would call me in 3 days to check on my kitten and they didn't call until 2 weeks later. I will not be going back.

Ereene Barry

Marie-George MUKURI MAKA

Tim Page

We've entrusted the care of our 5 dogs over 16 years to Garden District Animal Hospital and wouldn't go anywhere else. We have complete confidence in Drs. Andersen, Billeaudeau and the staff in giving our dogs the care they need. We're very grateful and we appreciate you very much!

Holly Harris

Been going here for years. They really go above and beyond for my pets! ❤️

staci meares

Sandi Fremont Lucas

Phillipa York


Antoinette Johnson

Very friendly staff..Customer service was great.. The care for my dog was the best!! We will return here and recommend all pet owner's!!

Adam Riche

Helped us out when we didnt have an appointment, and helped make the bill lower than it could of been

Alexandra Miller

They treat my very anxious dog with extreme care! Both the vet and the tech who held my boy still during his visit were kind, professional, and helpful.

Claudia Auger

The staff really loves animals! Very thoughtful and considerate--no rushing people through the door to see more patients, but still very timely and efficient.

linda kelly

This has been our dog care go-to thru' 4 long living BIG dogs. You just cannot go wrong. They not only do best care but extend themselves when you've got specialist and big dog boarders involved. When in or out of town, we can count on GDAH to keep our dogs healthy and safe. All this in an atmosphere of respect and affection for both your pet(s) and for you. Didn't think we would 'survive' when our Dr. Stuckey left, but it is as wonderful as ever!

E Hutton

Tammy Akers

Great, friendly service!

Bryant Awill

Nice, knowledgeable people here! I recommend them to friends too

Brad Armentor

Great facility and absolutely WONDERFUL staff. They truly care about the well-being of every animal they see.

J. Christopher Whitmire

Courteous, profession and compassionate service!

Donna LaCava

Great care and service, wonderful animal care.

Blake Canfield

Kellyn LaCour-Conant

Yadi Suarez

They got my cat in immediately after I called and were very polite. Drs were very thorough when talking to me!

Heather Herring

I love going to Dr. Anderson for my dog's needs. She takes her time and explains things thoroughly. I would say compared to other places I have been Garden district is fair with their prices and the overall experience is great. Have been going to the Garden District Vet the past few years. It was recommended by a friend and I see why!!

Douglas Harper

The vets and staff at GD animal hospital have always been highly attentive, helpful and, most importantly, caring with the fairly serious health issues my pup has had in the last couple of years. Highly recommended.

Terry Thibodeaux

Andy Gutowski

Dr Harkins and the staff are awesome! They went our of the way to make our dog feel less anxiety and comfortable for his check up and shots. We've tried a few Vets in Baton Rouge and this was by far the best experience.

Chelsea Murfree

Best vet we have ever had. Both of our cats love them particularly the older one. They consistently deal with my silly questions and last second kitty problems. Not the cheapest vet in town but reasonably priced for their work and care.

Olivia Moppert

Adam Chachere

Excellent care

Oliver Primeaux

The staff here is very friendly and treat your pet/family member as if it was their own. So much love for this establishment and all the great work they do!

Alison Dreyfuss

It was clean, they worked well with my schedule, everyone was kind, and my new pup got the care he needed!

dave broussard

Brooke Allen

I took my dog to GD recently for skin allergies and he is doing so much better. Cassan really took the time to do a thorough exam and Randy is no longer miserable. Highly recommended!

Katie Keller

The entire staff was so sweet with my kitten, and so helpful. I mentioned at her checkup that she had been coughing, and the doctor asked me to film it and bring it by any time for her to listen to. It turns out that she had a respiratory infection, and they got us antibiotics and now she's doing great. We will definitely continue to take her there!

Laura Palmintier

There is always someone there to help!

Antoinette Ellis

Dylan Sweeney

It is super easy to schedule appointments and they are flexible if times change. Garden district vet has also been really affordable for our new puppy because he has gotten his first couple heart worm prevention medications for free. Everyone at this place is incredibly nice too!

David McLellan

Erin G

After a loose pitbull attacked my small dog, Garden District Animal Hospital treated my dog quickly, efficiently, and economically. My pup had never spent the night away from home and the staff of Garden District was extremely helpful and did not mind that I came to visit every day.

Erin Casey

I have been taking my dog here since he was a puppy (3 years now) and have always recieved exceptional care and a friendly attitude. As an overprotective pup parent I trust this crew completely with my pup. They are both convienent in their hours and reasonable with their prices. Dr. Anderson and staff always does a great job explaining what they are going to do and when certain tests are needed or not.

Jasen Price

I haven't needed any major procedures (and hopefully never will), but preventative care has been great. Very nice staff as well.

Drew Brunson

I took my ACD here because he was having GI problems. They were able to fit me into an appointment slot very quickly that worked great with my schedule the day that I called. We were in and out in about 30 minutes, and the cost was WAY under what I’ve paid in the past at other vets. I have definitely found my vet in Baton Rouge!

Daniel Garza

Incredibly friendly and helpful staff! They treated my pup like one of their own, and I will continue to go back for as long as I reside in Baton Rouge.

Jim Moore

Jacqueline Mendoza-Hayes

Staff are knowledgeable and genuinely friendly

K.N. D.

Knowledgeable vets committed to Providingvthe best care. Plesant, patient and gentle staff. Fair pricing. Doctors, vet techs and assistants, and front des staff are easy to contact and keep open lines of communication with. Generous business hours that allow before work, after work and even Saturday appointments. Super convenient location. (parking is kind of cruddy but no big deal) I have been taking my cats here for 15+ years. I guess the best way explain why I continue to return is that I trust the doctors and staff of Garden District. I trust them to make the services as affordable as they can while still upholding their high standards of care. I trust them to have a sincere interest in the health and well being of my pets. I trust them to respect the loving relationship and emotional bond have with my animals. I trust them to do all the reasonably can do to keep a business filled with dozens of animals as clean and sanitary as possible. I trust them to have policies and practices that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to the visiting animals. I trust them to hire a great staff. They don’t sell toys, bedding or Halloween costumes for dogs. They don’t offer grooming services or do poodle blow outs in an on-site pet salon. As far as I know they don’t offer obedience classes for dogs or courses in cat whispering (which would hilarious to me) BUT they do have a variety of “high end” pet foods (including those for special diets) and they offer do offer boarding services at reasonable rates. If I have to be separated from George or Spooky, I like the idea of them staying with their own vet. Nevertheless, when I have to leave town for work or vacation I don’t kennel with Garden District much anymore. It’s NOT because there’s anything wrong with their services. There isnt anything *wrong* at all; it’s just that the accommodations basically meet the standard for “adequate” and thats about it. (But don’t worry -Pets will be visited and exercised by caring staff) I wish kennels were much larger and more comfortable looking, more thoughtfully designed to reduce the separation anxieties of cats and dogs waiting for their owners to return and that they offered the animals a sense of privacy or safety from the sounds, sights and smells of other animals. Also, noise reducing features, the addition of some natural light and the implementation of exclusive cat and dog ares that are located as far as possible from one another are all ideal pet boarding features in my crazy cat lady imagination. However, I do recognize that Garden District is first and foremost an animal hospital and not a not a high end hotel for pets. I also imagine that accommodations like the ones I described would require building and addition and that it would be crazy expensive. I’m sure they have more important things to spend money on that are more directly related to their purpose; they are most focused on improving the long term health and vitality of your animals and less on providing a retail experience for a specialty consumer market. Knowing Garden District Animal Hospital has been around a long time gives me piece of mind.They’re my vet of choice in Mid City and will probably be yours too.

LaTerria Johnson

I love the Dr and her staff. They treat me Duchess so well. Everyone is so helpful and are willing to answer my 1000's of questions. 5stars for sure.

James Ellington

What a wonderful staff couldn't be happier with the service.

Peyton Wood

Marta Richards

I love Dr. Andersen, Angela, and the rest of the staff. They are personal and invested in treating my animals and are always trying to go the extra mile to help the dogs and also to make things as inexpensive as humanly possible. Every vet I've seen there has been wonderful and I'm sorry when the young ones finish their training there and move on. All in all, a great neighborhood institution and always there when you need them, too.

Matthew Bolden

Always a kind and experienced staff. Dr. Harkins has done two surgeries on my dog this year, and she was always professional and up-to-date with my girl. She always treated her with respect. Going on my fourth year with this vet - thanks everyone.

Ann Connelly

Amazing staff and great vets. They always go the extra mile to check in before, after and between appointments, especially when your animal is ill or taking medications. Could not ask for more!

Laura Smith

We've taken our puppy to GDAH for the past year and a half, and we've had a consistently wonderful experience. The veterinarians have been caring and thorough as we've navigated puppy-hood. We highly recommend the clinic!

Brad Weems

Sandra Redditt

The staff was friendly and also they were very nice with my dog which is his name is Caesar so I would recommend them.

Emma Rodriguez

I trusted them enough to get my dog's knee surgery done with them by their travelling Orthopedic veterinary surgeon. He gets a check up the day before to make sure he is okay to go ahead with the surgery, and everything "looks fine to them." The next day I am worried all day because I just dropped off my dog to have a major and expensive surgery done on his leg. Nobody from the vet called me to let me know how it went. So I called them after work to ask. It took a while to finally find someone who knew what happened to him. They told me that when the surgeon came in to perform the surgery, my dog was under anesthesia and was prepped for surgery. The surgeon said my dog has a skin infection and the surgery cannot be done at that time. I was not happy that my dog was ignored all day and I wouldn't have known anything if I didn't call. I understand that turnover can be tough throughout the day and they even comped me on his skin medicine. But what I am VERY upset about is that I found an IV still in my dog's arm three days after I picked him up. I don't know much about the medical field, but I know 100% this is not best practice to leave that in, especially if they had no intention of using it again or telling me about it! It shows poor training and a lack of organization and care. The next day I called to inform the office why I am finding a new place to take care of my four pets and also recommend they train their staff to not let a patient fall through the cracks like this. When I drop off my pets, I need to trust they are in good hands and not ignored. That is why I can't trust this animal hospital, will not be returning, and will never recommend it. The staff and doctors are very friendly and did not do this on purpose, but at the end of the day they need to be held accountable, especially when lives are in their hands. I am lucky that my dog is still healthy because it could have been worse, but I hope that nobody else has to go through this.

Malone Screen

We've been going here for 20+ years through 3 dogs. From puppy to the end this is the best quality of care and caring your pet can receive. I trust Doctor Anderson and her staff completely with furry members of my family.

Samantha Perez

Jesse Saska

Great people, helped me several times with my animals when sick

Justin Sowder

Great people, very friendly and compassionate. I was very impressed with Dr. Harkins level of knowledge. Glad to have them caring for our pups!

Zac Lemoine

Attentive staff, excellent care, and reasonable prices ... I never worry when dropping my pup off with GDAH!

Nick Fuhrmann

Knowledgeable and friendly. Wouldn't take my puppy anywhere else in BR!

Judy Francisco


Chris Mestayer

Rachael Upton

This place saved our elderly pug's life. She came in completely unresponsive and we thought we were going to lose her. They had her stabilized within an hour, and were incredibly kind, attentive, and frank with us throughout the whole ordeal. We still have our dog thanks to their quick and expert attention.

Grace Doiron

We haven’t been clients here super long, but every visit so far has been amazing! These guys take the time for you pet. They sat on the floor with my dogs and fed them peanut butter before doing any medical exam so that my dogs were stress free and did not have a negative experience there. This is the first time I’ve EVER had a veterinary office do something like this for my babies! I was so extremely impressed and appreciate their actual love and care for each animal. Way to go guys! Thanks for taking the extra step to make my animals feel comfortable with you.

Rob Wills

My wife has been taking her dog here for years and we're both really, really satisfied with the service we receive. Friendly staff, convenient hours, and reasonable prices. We recommend Garden District Animal Hospital whenever we can.

Will Folse

Garden District Animal Hospital has always been great for our pets. Easy to get a convenient appointment, great staff, and their treatment of our animals has been top-notch. Can't say enough good about them!

Maisa Shelmire

We dropped my dog off on a Friday in order to receive an allergy vaccine. Upon picking her up a few hours later, we noticed her right eye and partially her left were bloodshot. I waited over the weekend to see if it would clear. Monday it hadn’t so I brought her back. I told the veterinarian that we noticed her eye after she left their clinic. The Vet became very defensive and a bit huffy, implying that my dog could’ve injured herself anywhere. Once I told her that we dropped my dog off Friday, she changed her tune and said, “Oh, well I wasn’t here Friday”. She left the room to investigate what happened and came back and confirmed that they indeed caused the bloodshot in my dog’s eye by how tight they were holding her, stating that my dog “freaked out” when she saw the needle. She never once apologized. Additionally, my dog is still showing signs of allergic reactions. I wonder if she even received the shot in the first place and we were billed for it. This is unfortunate because I really liked the clinic initially.

Stephen Hawkins

Friendly, caring staff. Reasonably priced.

Lindsey Short

Leah Moore

Love this place! The staff is so caring and gentle with my pet. Very helpful and kind!

Katharine Volk

Paige Bachtell

Sharon Wright

Bonnie Buckner

i have always been happy with the service and results from this place. even though i don't even live near them anymore, i still send my furry loved ones to them

Rebecca Todaro

I’m very grateful for the kind and knowledgeable staff at Garden District Animal Hospital. From routine checkups to emergency surgery the veterinarians are patient and excellent communicators with animals and their humans.

Felicia Lott

The people were friendly and they handle my bulldog(Bear) with care.. It was our first experience and was very much enjoyable...

Brooks Fuller

My family friends have taken pets to Garden District for years. When I moved to Baton Rouge and immediately found myself in a crisis with a pet who needed emergency surgery, Garden District's care team was there to help us. The doctors we met, both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Harkins, were attentive, communicated issues clearly, worked so hard, and made sure both my dog and I were cared for. They've been great to us in the short time we've known them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Asha Murphy

Always can get in to see a vet and they LOVE my dog! Great place.

Daryl Leeson

Sue Weinstein

I've been taking my cats here for years. They're convenient, caring, and reliable - I don't trust my critters to just anyone. Highly recommended!

Emily Katseanes

I've got both cats and a dog and they're all comfortable in this vet office, a real testament to how far the staff goes to be calm and welcoming. Additionally, they're great at talking with the human guardians/slaves about what's going on with their pets, always something that's very important to me.

Laura P

Helpful, knowledgeable, convenient hours. Very concerned about making sure my kitty recovered from his illness.

Ev Olson

A very nice, local, independent animal hospital. The staff are always helpful and pleasant and they handle and treat my pets with the utmost care and professionalism. I haven't given it 5 stars as my only criticism is that the premises could do with a bit of a refurbishment inside.

Megan Miller

Dr. Greene is the best in town!! Genuinely cares about each individual pet that comes in and makes you feel confident putting your pet in his care. Our first visit, he came in, shook my hand, then got down on the floor to interact with Bando! It shocked me for him to be so personable with my dog and because of that I haven’t been anywhere since! Kieth is kindest vet tech ever, he always answers my questions and puts so much heart in his work! Loooove this place

Liz BeBe

Great people

Allison Burns-Selig

Dr. Andersen and Angela have been nothing short of amazing to my pets and myself. They have shown such compassion during tough times, and quality care in every visit. I could not recommend them and the entire staff more in taking care of your fur babies!

Chris Duncan

Elizabeth Desselle

We love the doctor and all of her staff! They take such great care of all 3 of our pups! They are always very accommodating and helpful!

Ellie Young

I really love the staff here. I took my cat here for a problem with her eye, and when I called multiple times for advice and questions, they were super helpful and kind through it all. Much appreciated.

Rachel Fordham

I love this place. I decided to switch from a large, low-priced vet to Garden District a few years ago. I'm so glad I did! I no longer have to deal with rude people, waiting forever, and vets that would only tell me how to treat a problem--not prevent it. Garden District was such a refreshing change. The faces there are always friendly and familiar. They really get to know your pets, and I'm always given a thorough explanation of any problems my dogs are having. I've had nothing but positive experiences here.

Carlie Anne Berard

Friendly staff! Short wait. My puppy husky Piper loved them. They were so great with weighing her, giving shots and clipping her nails. They kept her entertained , she didn't even know what was going on.

Mike Horstmeyer

Without a doubt the best vet I've ever been to. We take our cat and dog here and they always go the extra mile to take care of our pets and answer all of our questions. Highly recommend, can't say enough good things.

Manch Cadwallader

Great care from some really smart people. Also expensive, but if you're willing to form it out then this is the place.

Celeste Ward

Julie Lively

My dogs love it here. Every time we pull in the parking lot for a vet visit or boarding, both dogs get very excited and run inside! I have always been very happy with the service, treatment, and staff.

Stephanie Bernasconi

Really wonderful vet. They took their time to ensure everything was fine with our two cats. Also, the prices here are very reasonable.

Mia Bynog

Best Vet service around!

David Henson

We recently brought all of our miscreants/pets to Dr. A at Garden District for the first time. I was very impressed with the entire staff. They were very thorough in the examinations and offered good medical advice to keep our animals healthy. The overall bill was a bit less than what I had be used to paying also - the main reason for the change to a new Vet. We have found our new neighborhood vet clinic for our dogs and cat.

Gopinath Deenadhayalan

Clayton Smith

They've always taken good care of Rover, even when he gets ornery with having his blood drawn. They're great about keeping track of when their patients need care and reminding you when it is time for a visit. They do not have a 24 hour emergency room, though, so look elsewhere after hours.

Amy Keifner

I've been taking my pets to GDAH since Dr Stuckey owned it and Dr A was a young tech and hadn't even started vet school yet. Now she owns the joint and better yet, she and the other doctors have retained the integrity and professionalism that Dr Stuckey and his wife Kathy instilled from its inception. As long as I'm living in Baton Rouge, I will not take my pets anywhere else for their care.

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