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REVIEWS OF All Pets Hospital IN Louisiana

Jay Jones

Caring staff and Android Pay accepted

Emily Milesi

The took such good care of my Cupcake and treat her so well when she's boarding!

Michael Raggio

Caring and professional staff. Excellent facilities.

elise patterson

I love All Pets. I bring my 20yo cat, my 2yo dog, and my 7mo puppy there. The hours are accessible and the staff is always super polite and helpful. I am a helicopter pet parent and they totally put up with me. The only downside is that it is definitely not cheap. But aside from that, its great.

karl Gianelloni

Hands down the best veterinarian clinic in town they're friendly understanding and will work with you

Michelle Stein

Great staff,great service. Workers genuinely care about your pets. Call early to book boarding reservations-they book up fast! (Because their facility is top notch). Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Matthew Gordy

Now my cat doesn't ache any more. Thanks, All Pets.

Mindi Keith

My kitty Meeko goes to All Pets. He always gets really stressed out going to the vet and I know he can be mean. The staff always treats him well regardless. When he's had to board there, they let him out of his condo to stretch his legs and play with catnip and toys. He's seems to always return home in good spirits. He's seen Dr Schmidt, Dr. Meena and Dr McMullan and they've each taken excellent care of him. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Fazal Khan

Good service

Jeremy Gentile


Aspen Ruff

I just picked up my cat Milo today and he was the happiest he has ever been after a week of boarding. My little guy is very picky so I know they truly spent the time to care for him! The staff was very personable while maintaining a professional feel! The offices are very pretty and well kept! DEFINITELY going to use them in the future!!!!

J. Daly

Jodie Hebert

Love this office! Great staff. Dr. Gwen took extra time and understanding with my old fur baby. Explained why he may not need annual shots if they may cause too much discomfort. Also, recommended special diet which helped greatly to reduce bladder stones. My boy has pep in his step now and going to be 13 this year!!

Heather Hearne

bridgette bateman

I go here to get my Guinea pigs nails clipped. Friendly people fast service

Dana Agnew

Elliot Rish

Friendly staff and exceptional service. Great boarding facility as well if someone is ever in need of a getaway for your pet. Staff and vets are always knowledgeable of current medicine and modern equipment in the field. Plus if you have some neat exotic pets, Dr McMullan is your man for the job.

Julie Amador

I have been going to All Pets for about 20 years. I switched vets when I saw how wonderful Dr. Schmidt was with my husband's cat. I have never regretted it and would see any of the vets that practice there. Yes it is more expensive than some vets but I have had multiple pets that had severe medical issues and another vet may not have diagnosed the issues as early as they did, possibly shortening their life. They also were very supportive when we lost 4 of our cats in 2 years to various things. And it will always mean so much to me that all the vets and staff were helping out when my poor Penelope was dying, trying to find any way to save her. We still have alot of animals that go there but, knock on wood, luckily the majority have been alot more healthy. I would recommend them to anyone and have done so many times. I trust them with my pets health and believe that they will help me make the right decision for them.

Brandon Malina

Great service, had plenty of knowledge of our macaw.

Trey Donovan

Rachel Villani

They're fantastic. I've seen just about every vet and they're all great. So friendly and quick and great hours!

Donald Heltz Jr

Thanks for being there in our time of need. Thanks also for the 11 years now of helping us keep Rosco the happy healthy pet that he is! He had a few minor issues when we got him. He has now had 2 orthopedic events. Grooming is great. Keeping his ongoing appointments is easy with your friendly reminders.

Benjamin Kirby

Wait is to long

NM Honore

April Crider

Caleb Gauth

molly stubbs

Fabian D'Souza

Stephen Jackson

Sean Drennan


If it were possible to give negative stars I would. This morning I brought my dog to be groomed and because he was old and grooming was very stressful for him, he was sedated. I thought that bringing my dog to this facility was in Bailey's best interest... That I was doing the right thing.. well, this afternoon I brought my little dog home in a box. I called All Pets Animal hospital to let them know what happened.. to let them know that I was told by the vets who treated Bailey when he passed out after I had gotten him home, that one of the drugs they had given him for sedation (Ketamine) was detrimental to older dogs with a heart murmur. The woman that I spoke to on the phone at All Pets Hospital was the most condescending, insincere, arrogant person I have ever had the displeasure to speak with. She is definitely NOT the person they should have handling these types of situations. She basically accused me of KNOWINGLY having my dog groomed at the risk of death. I groomed Bailey only when necessary since it was so stressful to him. He was a long haired mix. He was fine this morning. He was fine... And, now he is in a box courtesy of All Pets Hospital.

Lindsey Knighton

Hands down the best vet clinic we have ever used! They cared for my elderly shi tzu until she passed at the age of 17 and are now amazing with our two new puppers! Dr. Gwen takes amazing care of them and answers all of my annoying questions when I’m there and when I call. The support staff is fantastic and always keep me well informed and love playing with our pups! I will never use another vet again!

Katherine Moen

Amazing staff. Very helpful and always make time for questions or last minute appointments

Christina Jewell

Jeanie Champagne

Sometimes you get, other times - No. The worse offense came from the receptionist - who, speaking to another staff member, stated that my cat's name - Kitty Boy sounded like a hick! So rude and I'm sure this rude remark was not the first for this person -- likely someone overlooked at the expense of the customers/ I know the doctors rotate schedules and all of them are nice but I got attached to one and she was so good with my cats that I preferred her, but could not always see her -- I want to go where I can see who I choose to see. They have done some things that were nice - can't think of them now, but overall they are good and the people who work there are good, also. One other incident (I've been going there for a long time), was when I had a partial feral cat - (a feral cat is one who has no contact with people) - my cat had been living under the bed in my spare room for a year -- would come out to eat, etc., but they would not take her so I had to go to Azalea Lakes Vet who took here with no problem and she was no problem for them. Overall, I prefer a vet who provides full service -- don't really feel you get that with All Pets --- they prefer to treat you as a customer, don't want to get too close to you, prefer you don't get too close to them. I wish they read their reviews, but my guess would be that they don't. Azalea Lakes is a great vet - takes horses, larger animals, but is somewhat further out than most of the time I prefer to drive. Hope this helps.;

Ashley Long

All Pets Hospital has cared for my rats, cats, and dogs for almost 20 years.

Katrina Kieren

Meena is an amazing Vet, she's compassionate and kind to humans AND dogs, which is unique in my experience. We are very thankful to have found this practice and Doctor for our beloved pets.

Monica Holman

All Pets has the friendliest staff. Everyone truly cares about the animals and treats them so well. The vets take time to talk to you and address your concerns.

brMom OfTwo

I had the most hurtful customer experience of my life with All Pets Hospital. Our family rescued a Lab, only to find she had Heartworm (HW) disease. The treatment was extremely costly, complicated, very lengthy, and very hard on a dog physically. I had significant concern and anxiety due to these things, but wanted to do right by this beautiful, sweet animal that my children, husband, and I had fallen in love with. The only issues I can think of as to why this clinic may have treated my family so hurtfully are: 1.) Dr. Braden was our (only) wonderful visit with a vet, and assured me that I would receive a phone call each step of the way to walk me through the next step. The calls never came, so I called them to ensure I was doing the right thing, and mentioned to the receptionist that I was not receiving the calls as I was told I would; 2.) I've always thoroughly researched health care when it comes to my children, myself, and my pets. I was told by Dr. Braden that the HW disease treatment protocol that my dog would undergo was the exact protocol followed by the American Heartworm Association (AHA). Upon researching, I found that there were several steps at APH that were inconsistent with the AHA protocol. I expressed my concern to the tech Brittany. I politely told her I was worried because I did not want my dog to go through this very costly treatment and her body go through so much trauma and have the treatment fail. She said she would call me back. I waited for the return call for close to a month and it never came. I called again, and Brittany said that she had spoken with the vets and they had missed attending the AHA conference the past year and had missed the current updates in protocol. She assured me that the old protocol had proved very successful over the years at APH; 3.) Due to the expense of the HW, I asked if APH would allow me obtain a Rx to order their recommended Multi-Advantage HW prevention drops from a pet supply company; I was told that this was fine, so I've done this for the last 1.5 yrs. Treatment and kennel rest continued for months, and then in July 2014, I brought my dog in for a final HW test and blood work. She tested negative for HW, and her bloodwork looked great! I was thrilled! The tech who gave me the results recommended she be spayed. First I wanted to 1.) give her body a rest after such a traumatic experience; 2.) APH wanted over $400 to spay her and between the HW and my chronically ill daughter's overwhelming ongoing medical bills, I was strained financially and my wallet needed a break too. 5 months later, in Dec 2014, knowing my dog still needed to be spayed, I was still in a tight financial position. Driving by the clinic one day, thought to stop and speak to the office manager Jill. She kindly agreed to give me a 20% discount on the spay. I was very grateful and told her I needed to save up a few more mos & would call soon. Late Feb 2015. I called the clinic and spoke with Jill. She remembered our conversation in Dec and scheduled the surgery for me for March 13. I took the day off work for my dog's surgery. THREE DAYS BEFORE THE SURGERY, on March 10, I received a letter stating that I was no longer welcomed at All Pets, with no explanation as to why! I was shocked, devastated, and extremely confused. My husband was home and we decided it must be a terrible mistake. Several times the clinic confused me with another client with the same owner name and the same pet name. I immediately called Jill to discuss the awful letter and asked if they had me mixed up again with the other client, as I myself had no problems with the clinic. She stated that it was intended for me. I asked why. What was the problem? She refused to explain, and promised to have a vet call me that day. I waited all day at home, and nobody ever bothered to call me! I called the next afternoon, and all Jill would say is that she had passed along a request to call me. I asked again what the issue was, and she then said it was "related to communication". She refused further detail.

Brian Mooney

Robert Bewick

Friendly staff, excellent vet

Sirus LaVey

Staff was very caring ov my cat (who needed extensive work on his mouth) and reassuring towards a very worried me. They have also always taken great care ov my girlfriend's ferrets and cats.

TM Will

Lots of good personal care for your pet family and you!

Sharon Lininger

Today my lab pup ate a bee and had an allergic reaction that I thought was going to cost her her life. I am so thankful Dr. McMullan was working and took care of Sadie. He is a great vet.

James T Stodd

My wife and I are "parents" to two small dogs, one an elderly rescue puppy, the other came to us as an infant. Both have been cared for exclusively by All Pets Hospital. We are very happy with the all the Vets, staff and services, especially Dr. Meena Braden who serves as our primary veterinarian. Big Cheers!

Samantha Hatfield

Yvette Skinner

I've been using All Pets Hospital for a few years now and I have been very pleased with their service. They came recommended to me from a friend and I would recommend them to my friends too.

BR Bandfan

Stesha Heselius-Mashinchi

Mary S

All Pets Hospital is a wonderful place to bring your pets. I called in a panic when my dachshund jumped out of my arms and was limping and whimpering. They took me in right away, and they were so nice and comforted both me and my dog. Luckily she didn't hurt herself too badly, just needed some medicine to alleviate the pain and was running around in no time. It's nice to know there is a place such as All Pets Hospital that treats both animals and their owners with the care and respect they deserve.

Carmen Spooner

Christi G

They are so helpful and so nice! As a first time pet owner I call with a lot of questions and they always go above and beyond to help me out.

Paula DuPont

I had to drive my cat in from New Orleans for I-131 treatment for hyperthyroidism. The doctors and staff were very caring with my girl while she was with them and were happy to answer my litany of questions.

Jill Thaller

Stephanie Peneguy

Dr. Fred is amazing!

keith yates

Sheila Bradley

Kalei Peel

I absolutely LOVE this place. As my animals get older, their health and care become more important. I used to take my 2 pups to Dr. Davezac ...who was AMAZING but unfortunately moved a few months ago and is no longer at the practice. However, Dr. Gwen Fusilier has recently joined the staff and she is equally amazing. Whenever she did my dogs dentals after Davezac left, she came out and wanted to introduce herself to me and thank me for letting her take care of them. Also, after the floods BOTH of my dogs were extremely ill...i rushed them in, no appointment, and Dr. Gwen was more than happy to take them immediately into her care. I cannot say enough good things about her!!!! The staff is always friendly and helpful...they are a bit pricey...but it's worth it to know your pet is in good hands!

Anna Diep

The staff at All Pets Hospital were absolutely wonderful. They took me in as an emergency walk in after my dog had a fall & dislocated her hip. They took very good care of her and had her out pretty quick. The receptionist was the sweetest thing and she was so so nice, I can't stress that enough. The Vet techs & Dr. Gwen were excellent & gave me a lot of info on the damage & what recovery would be like. In my time of panic and stress from my dog being in pain, they were so wonderful and perfect.

Lindsey Hoover

Once my 14 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I started googling veterinarians in the area that offer radioactive iodine treatment (which CURES hyperthyroidism). Dr. Schmidt's name came up and I contacted her. We spoke on the phone and through email and ultimately decided that my cat was a candidate for the treatment. They were very patient with me and worked with me to schedule this when I was available. Their office is setup for separate entrances for dogs and cats, which is great because cats are usually pretty nervous about being there in the first place. Dr. Schmidt was very nice and informative. My cat was given the treatment and stayed there for about 5 days for observation. The staff called me everyday with an update on how he was doing! He's doing great now and is cured from his hyperthyroidism! I would recommend anyone looking into treating their cat for hyperthyroidism to contact Dr. Schmidt. Why go through the hassle of giving your cat medicine twice a day when you can cure him?

Heather Nettleton

Great vets who are knowledgeable and caring

Aubree Aucoin

Cory Hulsey

All Pets is full of amazing people. The doctors, their assistants and most of all the front desk people all make this place seem like home. We have four dogs and it's just amazing to me that the ladies at the front desk not only greet my wife and I by name when we walk in but they know all of our fur-babies by name and their individual personalities. From the second we walk in, to the final goodbye on our way out- All Pets check every box for amazing customer service and making the experience one to remember. Thanks so much All Pets!

Bryan Fisher

We are long time customers currently with 3 dogs. Always top notch care and professional approach. In over 10 years, 5 dogs and many many visits have never had less than great care.

C. D. Wikman

Excellent grooming! My Golden Retriever & Great Pyrenees were both very happy pups! Michelle was an excellent groomer.

Sherelyn Hanks

The people are fantastic! !

Corey Moen

Staff are all very friendly and helpful anytime I come in or call and have been able to give advice over the phone on a few occasions saving me a trip in! Definitely recommend!

Plaid King

The level of treatment here is awesome. They truly care about you and your pets. The entire staff is as pleasant to talk to as they come and the doctors are as knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions and concerns about your pets, no matter how minute or "stupid" you may think they are. I've used several places over the years but I doubt I'll ever need to shop around again.


Erin Murphy

Wouldn't take my Doodles anywhere else. Friendly staff, exceptional service. Its obvious they care about their clients and their families. I highly recommend them!

larry patterson

When losing a pet, its always easy to point a finger. But I think the standard of expertease was lacking at this facility. Plus high prices. Take your pet someplace else.

Peter Zipperer

Woodlandhomeowner association

Profit before pet. Would not recommend boarding here. They did not feed dog to direction and caused pancreatitis in healthy dog. $160 in boarding fees ended up cost $1600 in emergency vet care. They would not accept fault, even after looking at boarding chart and admitted dog was fed incorrectly. Owner was then put on a "alert" list due to voicing concerns.

Anna Zhemaitsiak

Great stuff and personable service!

Lisa Francis

Marvin Manahan

Rachel Wall

All Pets Hospital came to my rescue. My husband and I were going out of town on short notice around the 4th of July. I called our usual place, where we board our babies (2 chihuahua's) and they was booked solid; not even a run for 2 chi's together and even picking them up on the 3rd. So I called All Pets. I had used All Pets when I lived in BR and my parents use to live right across the street, so they were very convenient at that time. I was already in their system. That made me feel really good to know after several years had passed that I'd still be in the system. When I called, they had space and were able to board my babies together in the same run. This was even on a holiday weekend!!! Now, that alone should show how All Pets Hospital goes above and beyond to help their clients/patients/pets/people. My babies stayed 4 days with All Pets. When we went to pick them up, they were so happy and they smelled so good. Sometimes after I board my chi's, they seem a little anxious or stand offish when I get them back. But not this time; my chi's were great. I want to thank everyone at All Pets, the vets and the staff. I spoke with Beth Jarreau, who made my boarding reservations. She was awesome. I spoke with Jill Thaller who was amazing and on top of her game. I wish I knew everybody's name because everyone who works there were very helpful and super nice. I will board my chihuahua's there again, and I highly recommend All Pets Hospital.

Britney Ford

Blaise Calandro, III

Great vet. Very caring and generally reasonable on price too.

Vince Villella

Excellent place, with great service

Rosemary Farr

All pets hospital is more interested in making money than they are for caring for the animal.

J.S. M.

Very caring staff and vets.

Freya Rivers


Great for exotics and great price

Aaron Schmeltz

Always a great experience here. We've brought various animals here and they always seem knowledgeable and very helpful. The best vets that we have dealt with in the area. It's also nice how they have separate entrances for cats and dogs. Usually not much of a wait and they always seem to remember our pets names.

Kristen Rushing

From super friendly phone call reminders prior to appointment to vet, Dr. Brooks, being thorough and genuine, could not have had a better experience. Very excited to call All Pets our new vet clinic. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

Benjamin Granados

Jamie Harper

I went to three other clinics for my kitty before I came here to figure out his problem. These were the only vets that figured out his issue! Dr. McMullen & Dr. Schmidt really are the best and they have your pets interests at heart. It was a very trying and desperate time for me trying to get the answers for my little boy. Unfortunately, he passed away due to a rare fungus that produced a tumor in his brain, but the staff and vets here did all that they could and were with us every step of the way. Thank you All Pets!

Madeline Maestri

Joe Sullivan

All Pets Hospital has been great to my pets.

Patrick Giovanni

Michael Austin

Great Vets for all your pets! Dogs, cats, bunnies and anteaters.

Karen DeDiego

Collette Keith

All Pets is the best! They took care of my cat for over ten years and take care of my two dogs and I am so grateful for everything they do! The people at All Pets are saints, and love the animals who come through their doors like one of their own. The manager, Jill, and owners Dr. Mcmullan and Dr. Schmidt are always accessible and accommodating. I can't tell you the number of times All Pets has gone above and beyond for my babies! I can't thank them enough for all their great service.

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