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REVIEWS OF All Wild Things Exotic Animal Hospital IN Indiana

Robin Wilkins

I have had 2 mini pigs neutered and spayed both micro chiped and shots...beth did an awesome job on this place....just wish she was set up for when they got larger.

Barbara Webb

took my rabbit here, great place, would recommend they to anyone with exotic animals.

Keir Kendall Schutte

Kennedy Rogers

Sandy Kemp

Friendly, expert and kind. Spent plenty of time with my pet.

Dagny Colgan

Janet Hair

First time there today and I took a pigmy goat. The doctor was great working with my baby goat, I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and the knowledge and the efficiency. I 100% recommend them

Julia C.

Thank you to the knowledgeable staff for saving my Lovebird Nugget's life! My poor baby girl having a difficult time pushing out an egg and I thought she might be egg bound. After waiting a few days, doing a few tips I looked up online, I decided it was time for some professional help. Luckily I didn't wait longer! She had a blockage that was preventing Nugget to pass the egg. The avian vet was able to remove the "blob" that was causing the block and egg. I'm not going to lie, the visit, procedure and observation was pretty pricey and I'm not sure I can afford this again. That's why I appreciate the tips that the vet gave us lessen the chances of this happening again. :)

Ann Ominos

They were so awesome to my Quaker Parrot Laah (la). They were friendly and really helped me with the situation. They even helped show me how to give her medicine and how to hold her properly in doctor situations. I'm a novice beginner owner so the info was amazing. Thank you All things Wild. From the whole Miers family

Benjamin Floreancig

It looks like a hole-in-the-wall, but this may be the best vet of any kind in the entire city. We first came to them seeking a second opinion for one of our rats. Our previous vet told us she "has some gunk in her lungs" and they this was "the beginning of the end." Our rat was 1.5 years old. We took her to Dr. B here and she explained everything in far more accurate and scientific terms, and then prescribed a course of treatment that worked like a charm. Our little girl lived another year and a half as a result. But don't take my word for it. When you walk in, you'll see a yellow and gray exotic bird (you'll probably hear it, too!). That particular species typically lives 10-15 years. Dr. B's bird, however, is TWENTY-EIGHT.

Emily Webb

I took my chameleon here because he was having issues with his eye. I feel that she had no clue what she was talking about when it came to chameleons. She told me to turn his cage sideways and put the leaves on the outside and also charged me $25 for a bag of saline and $5 a piece for the syringes totaling my visit to $100... she told me to give him saline in BOTH his eyes once a day, but it only made him worse to where he won’t open his eyes at all and now won’t eat or drink or poop or shed. So I am sitting here at avian which will hopefully be better

Jillian Simmons

I took my turtle for a bacteria infection. The vet he used to go to would give him an antibiotic shot that was different from the shot this vet gave him. My turtle was even more sickly after her vet assistant gave him the shot and I had to drive two and a half hours back home to his old vet in order for her to help him. She said the dosage and type of antibiotic this vet gave him was wrong and he almost died. I took my rabbit to her because he was sneezing and had mucus. She did not treat any of his sneezing. All she did was talk about things I needed to buy for his cage. My rabbit continued to be sick for months after and now I have to rush him to another vet 2 hours away on an emergency visit because now he is wheezing. This vet is expensive and always tries to get you to spend money on unnecessary things for your pet. She doesnt seem to know more than what the average person knows about animals and I am not at all impressed with her style of practicing medicine. She spends more time trying to get you to spend money than asking questions regarding your animals current health condition. I would not suggest this vet even though she is the only vet in Indy who treats exotic animals. If you can make the drive, go somewhere else. There is a vet in Newtown near Muncie who is great with exotic animals.


John Suter II

They open up at 8am took my umbrella cockatoo there for foot injuries he needed surgery. He died during surgery and she still charged me full price and charged me for a emergency call. They opened at 8 am and had to call for her to come in. Then had to wait 2 hours for a vet technician to come in and help with the surgery and she still charged us all that money.

nessaVthats me

Friendly staff

Samantha Lantz

Marci Cochran

David Birks

Kestrel Jones

Decent and the only place for exotic animals in Indy. Can be pushy on extra services and a bit pricey.

Lucas Rigdon


Dennisha Wieneke

The front desk clerk was friendly enough, but the female vet we saw for an issue with a corn snake was terrible. Basically had no idea what she was talking about. Gave us contradictory information and instruction that ultimately would have led to a very stressed and possibly dead snake. After speaking with other snake owners who have been to see her, the verdict is the same. If you have reptiles, I do NOT recommend this office.

Alexandra Cowells

Amanda Browning

Took my ball python here for the 2nd time in the past 3 years. First time was for a rat bite that caused her to get 5 staples which healed perfectly btw. The most recent time was for a belly burn. She had her first shed yesterday since giving her antibiotics and daily soaks and now her scales are almost completely healed. Thanks again for fixing my baby. Love this vet

Cheyenne Conn

Little to no wait. Had the best interest of my Amazon parrot

Trish Gorman

PET LOVERS BEWARE When I took my guinea pig to All Wild Things, the service was very poor. It was clear the vet only cared about how much money she could make from my pet. He had stopped eating and was very sick. She wanted me to pay 200.00 a week and keep him in an oxygen tank for months. She ended up selling me a bunch of products to try and keep him alive since I could not afford to do this. Then when I asked her to give him fluids before we left, the vet tech rapidly injected him with fluids in the waiting area. He convulsed and died. They tried to charge me for all the supplies I had bought, but finally agreed to take them back. They also said he died because I would not put him in the oxygen tank and leave her with him (although it was clear he probably had cancer or some other terminal disease). I recently called them to find out where my pet had been sent when he was cremated. The receptionist first told me all pets were sent to Pause and Remember, Inc when my pet died. I asked her to please double check. She was very impatient and said she would check, but then she put me on with the vet. The vet was very rude, telling me that they had no idea where my pet was since they used so many services at that time. I told her that the receptionist should have told me this. The vet was very argumentative and told me that if I really cared about my pet I would have checked about where he was sent when he died. When I reminded her about my horrible experience, she told me I didn't even have to pay for the fluids he was given. How rude and insensitive! If you care about your pet, take them somewhere else!

Ciara Dellinger

Tessa Castle

I loved the service! Everyone was so nice! Very professional staff and friendly, fair prices better than competition!

Sydnie Crump

Nicole S

We came home from vacation to find our hedgehog very sick and suffering. Called the after hours service who took some information and called Dr. Beth Breitweiser. She called back in no time flat. She was compassionate, honest, friendly and took her time explaining all of our options. I couldn't thank her enough helping us with the horrible situation we were in. She is wonderful! She has always given excellent care to our animals, but she far exceeded any other interactions I have had with other vets on a Saturday night. They even called the next day to see if they could help in any other way. Excellent vet and staff!

Leslie Nagel

Lynne Ledet

Best vet ever! It can be difficult to find one who can treat rabbits properly - they do an amazing job helping me keep my bunny happy and healthy, and they always find ways to make it affordable, as well.

Tonya Adkins

The veterinary doctors are all great very friendly nice place

Brody Gaff

Christina Albarran

I had brought my two mini piglets to the emergency vet here due to multiple bites from a dog that came into our premises. The by we saw was absolutely amazing and did everything she could for our piglets. One of our piglets (female) did not make it but our male did. The vetenarian did everything she could and was very compassionate about our piglets. She helped me understand that as much as I did not want to let my piglet go that she was not going to make it. She came to meet with us within 30 minutes and she was amazing and we definitely appreciate her time and the hard work she did to save our male piglet Chico. He now is doing wonderful and that's all thanks to her hard work. Love this clinic and now we will continue to take Chico for all future appointments here :)

Ian Barker

Bethanie Collins

I have a Polish rabbit that has visited wild things animal hospital. several times and each visit was very comforting. The veterinarian is a remarkable person in a amazing veterinarian.


My baby red eared sliding turtle was showings signs of a respiratory infection so I took her to All Wild Things. They diagnosed and prescribed antibiotics for my turtle. The staff was very friendly and highly professional. My turtle is doing much better and I expect a complete recovery. I highly recommend them for turtle care!

Alexis Collins

Matt Brooks

Steve Wooldridge

E Evans

Al Downhour

Kind of expensive

tim barton

Daxe Exad

blythe breit

Jessica McKamey

Angel Carbone

This vet saved all of my bearded dragon babies . I recommend if you have a hero that you see her for your needs .

Farrell Howard

This place is MARVELOUS! Couldn't find a better place than here.

Michael Jacobs

Jerica Ruebens

Thank you for the great attention and for given me what I was looking for, I was in and out in no time!

Sean Moore

Romona Wilson

Love Dr. B!!!

Stephen Schroeder

I liked this place very much!

Jarod Wilkerson

The veterinarian was very helpful while caring.

Doug Porter

Helpful and knowledgeable staff, short wait times and affordable.

Heather Myers

Harley was neutered on Friday 11/3/18 and they did amazing.

Alysha Gil

Dr. Breitweiser and staff have been wonderful with our bunnies. They are accommodating, flexible, and personable. They also helped us out when we had a baby raccoon needing rehabilitation. Highly recommended!

Nick Gubbins

K The Finest

My hedgehog was sick and they took great care of him. They were super informative and nonjudgmental. The Vet was friendly and more than willing to answer any questions we had. They worked with me on price and told me to call with updates on how he was doing. I would highly recommend this vet.

S. E. Rider

Dr. B saved my bun's life- and he had something very strange going on with him. I truly don't know how she manages it all- she has so much to do and so many "patients." She does an excellent job and I'm grateful for her.

D. Ferguson

Took my rabbit in and wasnt eating or passing anything and ph was really off. Our rabbit pulled through after seeing the vet and following her directions. Was very expensive and was kind of pissed how they added charges before asking and letting me know before moving forward. The rabbit did survive and is healthy today, but was it worth a $600 bill?

Mary M

Absolutely wonderful care and attentiveness.

Bryan Harp

didnt care for services, they tell you they can take you but then they want you to just leave pet there cause doctor is to busy out running errands, then came back as i got back and acting like they were doing all these things, she then prescribed meds for my tortoise and he died the next day. this isnt the first time animals have died in her care. a past associate has even told me about issues of animals dying, how she is never there, how she charges people and other things. better off finding another place. try avian, much better

Connie Harmon

David Byron

The doctor may be knowledgeable but after listening to her complain to her staff about being over scheduled and exhausted, and I was her FIRST appointment today, I just wasn't comfortable having her do surgery on my hen. I'll find another vet.

HLS Rabbitey

Chayna Renee

Joshua Otterson

I love this vet! My only regret is not switching over sooner.

Brittany Moore

This was the first vet that I took my bunny to and I think it went pretty well. The people are nice and there's a bird in the lobby area that I talked to because I'm a totally normal human, that's why. I plan to take my other bunny there soon. (Sorry my pics are trash. You aren't supposed to take pictures or else is have a load from the visit.)

Therese Brosmer

matt miller

Awesome doc!

Rachael Burt

I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. Two of my ferrets lives were saved by the work of this hospital!

Jennifer Harden

The Vet was so knowledgeable about our Bearded Dragon. Even found out that Spike was really a girl. Lol. So happy we finally found the answers we needed to get her well!!

Rhonda Doane

Staff is so friendly. Let you know what is going on.

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