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REVIEWS OF VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Wynnette Cheek

Friendly Staff & Doctors. They seem genuinely interested in my cat's health as she ages gracefully! She is 17 years young! Efficient in care suggestions. I feel comfortable putting the health if Shebe in their hands! I have used Briarcliff Animal Clinic for 30 years!

Pareesa Amjadi

I am so grateful to everyone at this wonderful animal hospital. All the assistants and techs were so thoughtful and kind, to my dog and also to me. I felt like his care was their top priority, and they were willing to discuss whatever minor …

Pnut Bdr

Dr. Turner took great care of my bunny. Very thorough. The staff was friendly. I'm very happy I found this place.

William King

Worth it. They took care of our pup in a time of need

Cara O'Grady

We’ve been taking our cats here for years and love the team at BAC!! Great Vets who genuinely care about animals and take the time to explain conditions, options and answer our many, many questions. They also may have the best phone/customer service in Atlanta!

Katie Merriman

I had to bring in my pup for an emergency in the middle of the night. They were so kind, patient, and understanding when I was in such a panic. Dr. Gray was so helpful, and asked me several times if I had any questions. She was very honest about all the possible diagnoses (since they weren't my regular vet, and didn't have my dog's records) and potential costs. I'm so grateful for all their care.

Charles Holloway

I am disappointed in this veterinary clinic. If your pet needs dental work, my recommendation would be to go elsewhere. Dr. Hayes was late to the appointment, causing me to wait well beyond my appointed time. To be fair, Dr. Hayes was pleasant and seemed knowledgeable. However, the cost that she quoted me as a "preliminary" estimate for the surgery was over twice the amount in the quoted estimates that I had received from 3 other veterinary clinics - nearly $1400. Additionally Dr. Hayes told me that there was a likelihood of an additional monies that I would have to pay, as much as $600-$800 that might be added on to my bill once the surgery was underway. They would have to "call me" once my dog was already asleep on the operating room table. To be clear, they were quoting me approximately $2000. I went to another reputable veterinary clinic a few miles away. I was able to have my dog competently evaluated and a reasonable price quoted for the surgery that totaled $750 --- that's $750 for the exact same services quoted at Briarcliff Animal Clinic for $2000. What I saw of the clinic facility, including the reception desk, the waiting room, the animal check-in area, and the consultation/examination room were all in real need of cleaning, painting, and general repair. The facility is dated and worn. It occurs to me that having the areas of the facility that were visible to the customer in need of such work begs the question of what their surgical suite might look like. Fundamentally, if they are not taking care of the facility you can see, what about the facility you can't see? The bottom line is that I misled about the pricing, and treated unprofessionally by both the veterinarian and the staff, in a facility that is dated and in disrepair. The price quoted to me for this surgery is 120% more than was necessary. I cannot recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic.

Linsay Reijmer

Great experience!

William Sikes

Our kitty still has her left eye after a scary fight with a corneal ulcer, and we have this vet to thank!

Christine H

I used Dr. Williams to do a final checkup and fill out the EU health certificate. I was visiting Atlanta before a trip overseas so this was my first trip to this office. She was very thorough and even emailed it to the USDA office for their review before I went to get it endorsed. She clearly knew what she was doing and cared about making sure my little guy wouldn’t have any troubles. The office staff were very friendly and helpful as well.

Jeremy Pineres

Dr. Williams and the staff at BAC are great. Special shout out to Sharon at the front and Robin the vet tech. I don't live terribly close to this location any more, but the customer service and friendliness of the staff makes the extra drive more than worth it!

Mariana Kramer

Our experiences have always been the best. Our little Foxy originally saw Dr. Busch when we brought our little baby back from Mexico, where I had been the director of a large shelter in Cuernavaca. Dr. Busch operated on her for an extreme digestive problem and she has remained almost problem free for three years. We have continued to take Foxy there. We love the place and it's doctors.

Lucy Huggins Ullrich

We LOVE Briarcliff Animal Clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful and it is very easy to get an appointment- even outside of normal business hours. We have had appointments with most of the doctors and each has been attentive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic.

Todd Campbell

Great staff, super friendly, and quickly saw my pooch on short notice for an allergic reaction. Will definitely be back, thanks!

K.D. O'Hair

I love this place. Have only lived in Atlanta now for 4 months and have taken my pup here 3 times. Just yesterday she had a full check up, everyone was so thoughtful and welcoming and nice. The vet prescribed we give my girl a tbsp of canned pumpkin with her food being that she has soft dookie problems, and Luna has already improved since yesterday! Also, the fact that they are open through the night at times is so nice being that we had a scare with my pup a couple months ago in the middle of the night. GO HERE! You won't regret it.

Jenn Weizenecker

I have never written a review before about anything, but today was so bad I found it necessary. I have been going to this vet for years and some of their doctors are good. They are always relatively overpriced, but open on weekends, which is why I have stuck with them. Today, when I complained about an arbitrary fee, the response was “Is your dog not worth it to you?” Implying I don’t love my dog because I question an incorrect and unfair fee is the opposite of what a vet should be. I will be finding another vet in Atlanta.

Teresa Barnes

ALL of the staff is amazing! I haven’t met a vet tech or doctor I didn’t trust or enjoy talking to! Highly recommend!

Patrick Wiseman

Open 24 hours a day. The staff is timely, responsive, compassionate, and accurate. Like all vet visits it can pricey, but they provide top quality care.

Eddie Medina

Great service and they took great care of my dog when I went to see them. Dr. Grey was awesome!

RockyRoaderKiller 101

I adopted our AST Daisy from BAC just as I had also adopted Dalton, a Black Lab/Great Dane mix years before that. So greatly appreciative of their love and care towards strays that are dropped off their. After our dogs Dalton and Hannah passed, with their assistance, after a battle of cancer (Hannah) and extremely bad back where he just couldn’t walk anymore, and cancerous tumor on spine (I believe). Throughout their lives, and now Daisy’s life, I know that whenever they were seen for their annual physicals or if they needed emergency assistance, they were, and is, in the best of care. When Daisy walks through the door, she is almost always recognized right away and greeted with enthusiasm and love. I love the doctors, technicians/assistants and the front and the handlers very much. They give excellent care and have genuine compassion for my dog. I’d give them a ten star rating, if available. Thank you BVA, for doing an outstanding job!

Brittany H.

The staff here is incredibly kind, quick on their feet, and full of information. The wait time is not bad at all, and they actually immediately took my pooch to the back when I arrived to get started on his assessment. The only downside to the incredible service here is that it is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than other emergency vets that offer the same services. That is the only reason I wouldn't return here. Overall, the service was fantastic and they got my Boxer back to 100% with their due diligence.

Martin Fry

Rude staff at front desk. Had 5 issues in the first 3 times dealing with them. Never had issues in 15 years at my last vet clinic. Will look for a new one today. Over the lack of attention to details and attitude.

Laura Wester

I love Briarcliff Animal Clinic! I’ve been a loyal customer for four years, and completely trust them to care for my Pomeranian, Nina. Specifically, Dr. Amanda Hayes is our doctor and we just love her so much! Briarcliff is always up front about cost, and updates me via email when my dog is due for shots and well visits. I’ve never had an issue getting my dog in during an emergency illness, and I very much appreciate that they are open 24/7. Highly recommend!

Jane Elizabth Orr

I would not go anywhere else. I pass animal clinics on the way to Briarcliff Animal Clinic. My small dog is over 14 years old and the staff welcome him and make him feel less scared. The veterinarians actively engage to provide positive advice and care of my dog as he gets older. The rates are more than reasonable for the level of service provided.


My daughter and have been bringing our cats here for years. We love the personal care and attention our kids receive. They are the best!

Lisha M

We stopped at Briarcliff Animal Clinic after evacuating from South Florida during hurricane Irma. We had eleven animals (ten cats, one dog) in our care as we foster/rescue. We had been on the road for almost 24 hours at this point due to slow moving evacuation traffic, in the vehicles the whole time as had been unable to find any hotel with vacancies along the highway, and were concerned about the health of the animals who had been carrier and cage-bound for so long. Briarcliff received us with open arms, assessed ten out of the eleven animals (one cat was semi-feral and unable to be handled), provided supportive care to several, then generously offered us complimentary overnight boarding and care for eight of the animals so we could stay with local friends overnight and rest before continuing on our way the next morning. In the midst of an extremely stressful situation, they were absolutely beyond wonderful to us. We had barely slept, we were physically and mentally exhausted and extremely concerned about the health of the animals. The charges we received for the services/care provided to the animals who needed it were extremely reasonable and the staff was patient, caring, supportive and beyond empathetic. Word can not express how grateful we are to Briarcliff and the staff there for being there for us and our animals during the evacuation.

Kortni Kaye

Brought both my cat and dog in for a yearly check up an vaccines. The reception are was clean and not crowded. They offered me a beverage while I waited. The exam room was clean and Dr. Murdock was great with both our cat and our 12 year …

Edi Guyton

They always are very caring about our dogs. The vets take time to explain everything; they never seem rushed. The staff is wonderful and friendly. We wouldn't take our furry kids anywhere else!

Amy Hindman

Braircliff Animal Clinic should get 10 stars! Once you enter there's always someone immediately greeting you. The Veterinarians are tops in their field, but still take adequate time to talk with you and answer your questions. They, along with everyone at BAC, are wonderful and I trust them completely with my 4-legged "kid".

Ka'loni keisha Gadson Nelson

My experience was great from the time I walk through the door. They knew who I was by the time I had arrive, I was offered something to drink and my wait time was less than 10min before we was taking in the back. In overall the experience was great the vet was experience and caring and my baby was treated like a king.

San Kelly

Wonderful clinic with kind and helpful employees. My dogs have always been very relaxed when visiting this clinic because the employees are so gentle and sweet with them. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area looking for somewhere to take their pet - they will be well taken care of!! They also have the 24/7 emergency service which is excellent so you don't have to take your pet somewhere sketchy in an emergency situation. On top of that, they are very upfront about costs and will work with you to best take care of your pet within the amount you can afford.

Sergio Ob

My dog was okay when we went in for emergency due to a rash, came back in worst shape to find out that they cut him and made his rash even worst and the pads or whatever medication doesn’t even work, overcharged me fro some visine eye drops and pads that’s dont work, had to go to a banfield and hear a different opinion and treatment, also I know is late and tiring but tell your employees to be nicer to Clients.

Susan Hall

Everyone is always professional and take good care of our pups. The actually listen to us and make it affordable based off our budget.

Hillary Case

I couldn't be happier with this clinic! We have a great vet there (Dr. McNamee) and my puppy recently had an emergency and had to be kept there overnight. Knowing that my puppy was in such great hands made all the difference- they are always available for calls 24/7 and additionally I was able to visit my puppy any time as well. I met with a couple different emergency vets Dr Reid as well as Dr Acevedo during my puppy's stay and both of them along with the whole staff made me feel at ease and I knew my puppy was getting the best care possible. I can't recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic enough!

Taylor Aamodt

I had to bring my dog in for eating something toxic and they had to keep her there for a day. They were all so helpful and my financial situation isn't great and the doctor worked with me on that. Great service!

Jeff Washburn

I had switched from another vet and I have been here for many years with many cats and dogs. They have always been available, accommodating and most of all, they have been kind. The entire staff and doctors made us feel comfortable, even when my pet was nervous about the situation. I appreciate their knowledge and skills. They always had a solution. Thank you everyone

Lane Holman

We've had great experiences at BAC with our menagerie -- first got to know them through an emergency experience (we were going to another veterinary practice at the time) and after that, switched over all 3 of our pets. Things have not been 100% perfect over the years but they're good about working with us when we have had concerns. Overall, I give them a very high rating.

Leslie Cook

Took my rescued/inherited cat to see them; Since it was a first visit, I had no idea how the cat would act. Well, they are indeed feline friendly, as she had no issue whatsoever. I felt they were up front with what they were doing and how much it would cost; a follow call was a pleasant surprise. Now if only the cat could understand why mom has to cut back on her food..... doc said she was a tad chubby!

Cynthia Manos

I very much appreciated the availability of the urgent care clinic when my kitties have been sick.

JoDi Osborn

I had to use their urgent care services and they took my dog back right away. They were very clear about what tests needed to be done and how much it would cost. They call at the end of every shift to update the status of a hospitalized pet. The staff is very friendly and understanding. I definitely recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic!

Travis Manint

I had a great experience at Briarcliff getting my Lab, Lola, up to date on her shots and tests. Dr. Turner was so friendly, and took her time explaining things, examining Lola, and generally getting to know us. The entire staff was very helpful and friendly, and the facility, though under construction, was clean and organized.

amanda watkins

Everyone went above and beyond to get my pomeranian better and made him feel loved and secure while we were out of town. Exceeded expectations.

Anna Leverich

I am very pleased with Dr. Floyd. It was her first visit with my cat, Sophie, who is 16 and blind. I am concerned about Sophie's recent loss of weight, and Dr. Floyd presented a plan of action for me to follow. I am also pleased with Dr. Floyd's quick report to me abut Sophie's test results.

Nikki C

This location can be challenging in rush hour traffic or even on busy weekends but it's worth the trip. The doctors are friendly and the adminstrative staff is welcoming and kind. This location provides better care than their College Park affiliate in my opinion.

Lee Hawks

The last strike was when Briarcliff Animal Clinic called me to ask how my pet was doing 24 hours after they euthanized her. Communication, setting proper expectations around when treatment is occurring, callbacks, and general note taking is abysmal at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. I spent ~$5,000 treating my pet over the course of 4 days with the understanding that my pet would be in great care. While I was not promised she would make it, I was told that treatment (medication, checking vitals, etc) would occur in 10-15 minutes after when I asked. In reality it would take up to an hour or more, which is concerning when they had told me my pet was listed in critical condition. I was told I would receive callbacks multiple times to help inform my decision on treatment or euthanasia which did not occur in a timely manner. I had to continuously reach out hours and occasionally days later to get the information I asked for, increasing costs and delaying treatment of my pet. I was told that information would be passed along to the right people (doctors to provide an update, offer options on treatment), only for me to have to call back and be provided excuses as to why something may not have occurred as it should. The lack of accountability by the administration team is not on par with a service that deals with life and death situations. After speaking in detail to their medical staff I believe Briarcliff did their job adequately treating my pet given the circumstances, but their administrative side is terrible. When time is of the essence, these administrative and clerical errors only add to costs and reduce the likelihood of your animal making a healthy recovery. I will not recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic to anyone that needs emergency services, and would recommend going to Blue Pearl or The Ark.

Roxana Shershin

This was my first visit to Briarcliff Animal Clinic and I must say I am very impressed. Everything from the separate cat and dog entrances/rooms, to the friendliness of the folks in the front office to the cleanliness in every part of the facility. Our visit with Dr. Fowler was nothing short of what I would want from my vet -- caring, professional and informative. He took the time to explain the possible causes for my fur child's ailments and proceeded with each test explaining with great care what he was doing. I am happy that my prior vet (who was fine, honestly) couldn't see my little guy. I inadvertently found our new doctor and can't recommend them enough.

Denise Ritchie

My cat was having a bad spell of asthma, I took him to the urgent care at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. My cat was treated and is doing much better. We were treated very well, plans were discussed with us, my cat is feeling much better. I really appreciated the warmth and knowledge of the emergency vet and the compassion of the other personnel at this facility. Thanks! Great job!

Ashley Hall

Dr Fowler is a great vet. He communicates very quickly and clearly. Super friendly and knowledgeable :) The team at the front desk are very friendly and always helpful.

Stephanie Vecchi

The technicians where very reptile friendly which is so hard to find! I loved how welcoming they where to him. I again, apologize for Kaas grumpy behaviour. Will be bringing my cats in for their check ups soon! Thank you all again! If I could give you 10 stars I would!!

Norman Currey

Briarcliff does a good job and your staff is courteous and knowledgeable.

Sherry Baker

I've been taking my pets to Briarcliff for, literally, decades. I am so happy that Briarcliff Animal Clinic is nearby and has emergency service 24/7. I've never had to use it but it is comforting to know. Dr. Hedge is one of the nicest, smartest, kindest veterinarians on the planet, by the way!

Chris Usry

We just adopted a rescue dog and brought him in for a initial check. We both had grown up with dogs, but had not had one in many years. Dr. Busch was great! she took her time with us and addressed all our questions and concerns. This was our first time at the office and I would recommend them to everyone.

Larry Vogler

We have enjoyed great compassion for our two dogs at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. They are very professional and Dr. McNamee, in particular, is very knowledgeable and pragmatic!

Mindy Le

The care and everything here is fine, but the general communication here is awful. The wait to speak to someone each time I came was absurd. We came one night to visit my dog. The tech came and told us that the doctor would come in soon to …

Myra Jones

They are expensive firstly. They also try to cleverly break up the 3 year vaccines your dog needs so you'll have to still get vaccines each year. An exam is like $68 which is way more than I am used to paying but the trick is in the dog gets free vaccines. I don't think I'll be back. The vet and assistants are nice but my dog is fat despite efforts to thin him out and when I asked what else I could do, I was told to "Just keep trying" by the vet. Ouch... ADDED: They replied as to why they break up the vaccines, which to my knowledge isn't a common practice because we've had dogs probably 20 years and never has this been done. Fair enough. They didn't address the disregard of the dogs physical condition by the vet. If a yearly exam is so important, why didn't the vet try to offer any real advice at all to help thin the fat dog? All he said was "I want more tuck here, and a bit less width here." I want that for the dog, too but have tried diets etc and nothing helped. You'd think the vet could do better than "Just keep trying". Suppose he waits until the next yearly exam where the dog has gained ANOTHER 10 lbs, and he tells me again to " Just keep trying. "

Andrea Shepard

Love, love, love Briarcliff Animal Hospital! It's wonderful knowing I can always count on them to be there when my furbabies need attention.

Coraline Van Asten

If your pet is in need of care, go here. They will love on your pet and take good care of them the way you want someone else to. Long post unto why; Its taken me a while to write this review but I feel like it is much needed. I came here with my cat, Lune, at the beginning of the month in the middle of the night for an emergency. He was taken to the back and I was told the doctor will look at him when she could since she was in an emergency. I later found out that the minute he came in she stoped what she was doing and took care of my baby. It doens't matter to me how long I waited as I knew he was being taken care off and I could not do anything for him but they could. Whatever they needed they had the okay from me. And they did, 100%; they kept checking on me (9months pregnant), and reassuring me that they were doing eveything they could. Dr. Byerly was over the top, even when it was time for her shift to end, she spent sometime with me and let me know what was happening with my Lune. They let me go see him in the back, they told me they will call me when they had more news. They did eveything for him and they made me feel at ease and let me cry. They offered him the best care he could have in his last hours. They were there for him with love. That day was the hardest day, I had Lune since he was 2 months old and now he was gone at 7yrs old; due to a heart problem. The staff was amazing under the circumstances. They sent us a letter with their condolensces, this touch me deeply. All in all, I was to say thank you to the staff that was there early Wednesday May1st and to the staff that helped me carry him to the car for his final ride (to another facility) Thank you, merci.


My pets have gotten great care from a dedicated staff. They are willing to answer questions over the phone after hours, and offer sound advice and great care at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Briarcliff animal clinic.

May Burgos

I went last year and should have learned my lesson. These people are animal abusers and have returned one of my dogs physically harmed every time I visited. I have 2 chihuahuas, less than 8 lbs. each. Last year, they returned my dogs with shotty nail trims and bleeding cuticles. This year, they returned my dog with a bruise on her neck/chest. They mentioned having to use a muzzle on my 8 lbs. dog and they never mentioned that there was any complications both times: once last year with the excessive bleeding from the shotty nail trim and this year with the bruising on her chest. No, it's not flea eggs. Her entire skin is bruised. These people are animal abusers who have returned my dogs physically harmed both years after normal yearly routine care tests.

Tara Rae

I've been taking my "fur babies" to Briarcliff Animal Clinic since I moved here in 1997. I've had a dog, cats, and rabbits.. and usually see Dr. Turner. All there are always so attentive and Dr. Turner is very knowledgeable and …

Betty Stoneman

I just adopted, a month ago, a very sweet cat and have been to Briarcliff Animal Clinic twice since then. The first time for a first time wellness exam, and the second time today because I was concerned about her constipation. I was kinda a mess, very concerned about the well being of my feline friend. Today, Dr. Azalia Boyd attended to me and my feline friend. Dr. Boyd was very patient with me, answering my many questions and discussing several different treatment options with me. Thank you kindly Dr. Boyd for your time and patience. Thank you to the other two ladies at reception as well. My feline friend is doing better already.

Ike McFadden

I hereby award one star for at least not killing my dog. So...does your pet like intolerable post-operative pain? This is the place for you! Here is a summary of my recent experience with Briarcliff Animal and Slow Motion Torture …

sheila cohen

We greatly appreciate Dr. Floyd's professional examination of our dog and prompt response with the results.

Anthony Gonzalez

Love everyone at Briarcliff Animal Clinic! They are so knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. Ready to answer any questions and will spend as much time as you need until you understand everything. Dr. Shannon Turner is wonderful! 5 star rating.

Charles Diener

Very professional, warm and courteous. Quick wait, even without an appointment. The hours are fantastic for working people.

Sharon Fiola

Doctor very nice, informative..front office receptionist and others warm and friendly. Would give them a 10 however communication between discharge post treatment front desk staff and physician could be improved. I had to had to tell front desk staff what medication was ordered. She had to check with doctor to confirm. I had to tell same staff member I needed prescription for HILLS ID canned stew ordered by doctor...had to ask twice....she was sweet just disorganized and not on tap with doctors orders.

Dakota Reed

I worked with Briarcliff when my dog consumed a rather... embarrassing item and the staff were some of the most caring and helpful individuals I’ve encountered. I can’t sing their praises enough!

Todd Sumner

VCA Briarcliff Animal Clinic / Hospital has been wonderful for me and my dog Bentley, a 10-year old chocolate labrador retriever. Everyone there, from the office staff, to technicians, and the veterinarians always treat Bentley like he's their own dog, which I very much appreciate. And Bentley loves everyone there as well. VCA Briarcliff Animal Clinic is always available whenever I need to make an appointment for Bentley, or if I've needed to bring in Bentley in an emergency situation. I can't thank them enough for their treatment and care of my dog Bentley!

Cheryl Hiles Jugovic

Professional, caring, excellent team. Can’t express enough how much we appreciate having them for routine and urgent needs.

Chrissy Salome

I had an emergency situation with a stray cat that I feed and look after. My regular vet was closed and none of the urgent care locations I called could get me in. Fortunately I found the Briarcliff Animal Clinic. They have the best hours of any vet I have ever seen. They told me to come in right away. I made it within 30 minutes or so. They took my cat in to be checked right away. A short time later the doctor came to tell me what she recommended we do. She was very kind and considerate. She knew this was a stray and without me even asking she put together a plan that would be good for the cat but would also not cost me a small fortune. I was in and out in less than an hour. I highly recommend this clinic and I will definitely be back.

Noel Huebner

Excellent qualifications, level of pet care and human service. I've usually preferred a feline-only veterinary practice, but this is a cat-focused practice within a practice including separate entrance and rooms for cats. Pricing is fair and quality of care excellent. Thanks!

Fran Deisler

Our tiny furbaby needed emergency attention late Saturday night. I am so thankful for the caring, wonderful staff that was available to take care of her. I have since spoken with someone else there on the phone, equally as wonderful. I trust them to take great care our pets. Briarcliff Animal Clinic is now our new veterinarian clinic. I recommend them to everyone.

Nancy Powell

I Had been to the top allergy specialist in atlanta and spent thousands on my field spaniel Robert Redford and was at the end of my rope. I decided to return to Briarcliff where I first experienced good care years ago with former pets. With the cuttung edge meds that they prescribed, his allergies became under control in weeks and have been maintained. With Dr. turner’s miracle ear cure, his horrible ear infections are 90% cured. He is a different dog and I can enjoy my guy again. Kudos.

Sarah C

The staff was very kind so that's where the 3 stars come from. THE WORST PART OF ALL OF THIS IS MY CAT GOT FLEAS FROM THE CLINIC! I'm so upset about this. Ever since we got back she's had awful fleas that have been so hard to get rid of. I thought it was a good experience until this happened. She's an indoor cat and the only time she's been outside in the past couple of months is for her trip to the vet. Be wary... ):

Amy Daniel

A very pleasant visit. The wait time was minimal. Dr. Turner took her time with my dog and answered all my questions.

Jen Winters

Being a caretaker for multiple cats, both indoor and the many quasi-feral cats in my neighborhood who adopted me, I spent a lot of time and money over the past 7 years at the Emory/Morningside Briarcliff Animal Clinic. And it was worth EVERY PENNY. I almost always had Dr. Elizabeth Busch attend to my charges because she is absolutely fantastic with cats. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She is calm and kind and methodical, always allowing the kitties plenty of time to adjust to her presence. She always provided the highest quality care, while also offering options that fit my budget. As a rule, the staff at E/M Briarcliff were friendly, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend both the clinic and Dr. Busch.

Josie Capuano

Briarcliff Animal Clinic (Emory Morningside location) is the best vet I've had. Long service hours minimize the number of emergency visits I have to pay for—and it's an emergency vet as well, meaning the service and location is familiar when it is a true emergency. Every vet I've met with takes their time with me, is competent and kind, and prices are fair. Wish I'd found them years ago, I have a feeling I could have saved a lot of money and stress. Facilities are always clean and they have ample waiting room space and even a separate cat owner waiting room, minimizing stress for pets. Can't speak highly enough of Briarcliff Animal Clinic and the services they provide.

Stephany Gaspard

I've been taking my Chihuahua Dusty to Briarcliff Animal Clinic for 3 years now and we love it (as much as a dog can love the vet of course)! I have seen a few different doctors, all of them amazing! They are helpful and kind people! I would recommend them to anyone.

Natalia Hurd

This is a great facility to take your pet to. They are very accommodating and very nice. Everyone is always nice and give dog treats throughout the visit if necessary. The prices are reasonable and the hours are really accommodating. Both of our dogs love it.

David Menaldino

My dog, Gabriel, received excellent care as always during his last visit, which included an annual physical and an unscheduled surgery to remove of a benign mass behind his left ear. The surgery went smoothly and Gabriel is back to feeling …

Kimberly Bivins

Briarcliff Animal Clinic is fantastic and I highly recommend them. They have excellent customer service, highly trained staff that are experts at what they do, their affection for the animals is obvious and they are open at night and on weekends. My first experience with them made a huge impression. I had moved to the area about a year prior but was still using my dog's original Vet. I saw an injured stray limping down Briarcliff on a Friday afternoon in heavy traffic and pouring rain. I and another woman pulled over to rescue the dog. It was obvious she was injured and bleeding internally. Her ABD was swelling and she was having trouble breathing. We called animal control but they said it would take over an hour. We called over a dozen animal clinics and none of them would allow us to bring her in. Except Briarcliff Animal Clinic. They saw her immediately, did a CT and X-rays but were unable to save her. The treated her pain and euthanized her for me. She had no tag or chip so we were unable to identify her or her owners. They gave me a tremendously discounted rate on her care and the Vet who saw us was so kind and empathetic that I knew immediately that this was a wonderful place for pets!

Jean Shadomy

I have been coming to Briarcliff for some 20 plus years and have/had several pets now and during that time. Having had pets for many more years and in many more places, Briarcliff clinic has never failed to be the best, and consider the folks there extremely competent friends.

Leigh Ann Wheeler

I LOVE Briarcliff Animal Clinic. This is where I rescued my dog from (Egypt) at the time now (Beckett) and they were so warm and welcoming from the beginning. The receptionists are very sweet and attentive and the vets were very comforting …

adelaide b. hanson

Dr. Sandra Hedge is the jewel of Briarcliff. I have been bringing my dogs to her since she arrived there (in the mid-70's). I'm sorry to see that she's only working two days a week now as she is the only one I ever want to see and trust with my dogs. She's the very tops! And now I hear she'll absolutely retire Jan. 1, 2019. I don't know what I'll do!

Kelly Freeman

I bring all four of my cats here and I love that the wellness exam includes the cost of any necessary vaccines. They also provide a print out of rabies certificate, envelope, and form to fill out so I can easily send my pets registration to the county. Dr. Hayes is great with all my cats and makes sound recommendations but isn't pushy.

Helen Atkins

Dr. Murdoch makes you feel like she has something better shed rather be doing when seeing your pet. She is too quick on the draw to charge for any and everything. The rest of the staff I'd give 5 stars though! All very genuinely nice, and informative. I trust them with my dog!

Stephen Weil

My girlfriend and I were thrilled with our experience taking our dog here for the first time. We recently adopted a terrier mix from the Dekalb County Animal Shelter, and he's a sweet dog but is often nervous in new places and around new people. The staff at the Briarcliff Animal Clinic did a wonderful job making him feel comfortable. Dr. Murdock was very warm and gentle with our dog, and he immediately went from nervous to calm and happy. Dr. Murdock and the rest of the staff were very helpful with getting his medical history sorted out, giving him a thorough checkup, and getting him up to date on his vaccinations, which were also complementary with the wellness exam. My only marginal complaint is that we were left to wait a while at a couple points while getting paperwork sorted and then again before we could check out after our exam, but all together, we had a great experience with our Vet here and will certainly be coming back.

Taylor Goldman

I went into Briarcliff Animal Clinic last night with my 2 and a half year old pit bull pup that had hives all over his face and they did not seem to be going down. I was very nervous, but when I walked in everyone was so nice and welcoming and personable that my nerves immediately went away. My dog is very very protective of me, but they were never weary of him and were very patient. Once they took him out of the room (away from me), although still nervous, when he returned to the room his hives looked 100x better and was acting very comfortable there and with the Staff. When it came to payment, I wasn't sure what to expect. You never know with 24/7 vets because they can change their visit fee tremendously. But the fee for a visit was $85, plus the treatment my pup needed. It was not bad at all, and I could have easily paid much more for the emergency visit. Additionally, the entire visit took me at most 1 hour from entrance to payment. The waiting room was not too busy, so that had a little to do with the time also, but last time I was in a situation like this one it was at least an hour and a half for them to even tell me what was going on with my dog. Between the reasonable price, but even more importantly the AMAZING Staff that I encountered, are the reasons I gave this vet 5-stars. If you have an emergency in this area or are looking for a new vet, I would highly recommend this place. Thank you so much Briarcliff Animal Hospital! Taylor and Banks

Todd Jackson

Have had good experiences overall with their care at the Johnson Road location. Not so much at the College Park location. They seem to send their least qualified and most inexperienced staff to that location.

Philip Church

Reliable, friendly, professional. Had to go multiple times (unfortunately) but staff truly cares and does their best.

Inga Ashford

The staff was extremely nice, Dr Scott Fowler was very informative about what was needed for my dog. Prices are reasonable and as expected. I had a great experience. Definitely recommend.

Philip Claborn

I bought my very ill Boston Terrier to here as an emergency on Memorial Day. They did not triage her, scooped her up and stuck her in some room and left me outside. After 2 hours, I told them I wanted to see my dog. They stuck me in a …

tracy marcano

Briarcliff Animal Clinic is the top of the top. I am part of the 3rd generation of my family using this clinic. There are doctors available to address every need. They take their time and are very empathetic with pet owners in crisis. The support staff (especially Ms. Christmas and Terry) are just awesome. I have always trusted them with my most beloved.

Adam Blatt

I remember taking our family pets as a child to Briarcliff Animal Clinic and now my own pets are treated there. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff has always been helpful and caring. The doctors are the best in the city. Thanks to everyone at BAC - Love, Bailey and Bear!!

Peter Melton

I am a very big fan of Briarcliff Animal Clinic. Have been taking my dogs there for 20 years. It is the small things they do that are so appreciated. After my first dog died of cancer, I received a condolence card signed by virtually every member of the staff. Humans could not receive any more care and concern than their canine patients do.

Kang Tchou

Went for Emergency care near midnight and was seen by their Medical Director. The bad news and options were given in a very clear and humane manner. Highly recommend!

Y Sandridge

Vet was very nice. Services are overpriced. I was charged for a fecal exam but my dog was not given one. Every time I’ve visited I spent hundreds of dollars for a healthy pup. A lot of the practice seems ingenuine Also, the groomer is scarily rude. She shaved my dog though I asked for him to just be trimmed. Then she sent me texts trying to convince me that his fur was marred/he must be shaved. Very creepy experience. Will find new vet and groomer.

Dana Rubin

We had a cocker spaniel for 15 years that we always brought to Briarcliff Animal Clinic. Our little "Sugar" would get so excited to visit her doctors and everyone else there! The staff were always very accommodating and helpful, and she …

Tracy Turfait

We have been bringing our dog and cats here for over 10 years and we love this place. They have saved our dog's life with an emergency surgery, they were there when we had to let one of our cats go due to aggressive cancer, and they "introduced" a good friend to his very own cat. I can't say enough good things about Briarcliff Animal Clinic!

Sam Cannon

I brought my Russian tortoise here earlier this week. He was in desperate need of a beak trim and nail trim. It was his first time to the vet since I got him and I was so nervous. I called ahead for a quote and the estimated cost was around $105 (including the exam and trimmings) but once i got there it ended up being around $140 because he needed to be sedated in order to trim his beak. A slight price jump, but very worth it. Cats and exotic animals have their very own entrance which is nice. We were greeted with awesome smiling faces and they treated Liam (my tortoise) like a celebrity. Dr.Fowler gave me some great tips to improve his enclosure and printed it off for me so I did not have to memorize it. They warned me that the sedation would take a couple days to fully wear off and get him back to normal. It has been a few days and he is doing great. Everyone was very respectful and helpful. Will be back.

Patti Ellis

I am so pleased with the service and staff at Briarcliff. We are always greeted with a loving smile. We have been going there for many years. Most recently my beloved 13 year lab mix had a stroke while walking her. By the time we arrived at Briarcliff she was in really bad shape. They took us back and did all they could for her and let me hold her in the emergency area while she passed. Just broke my heart. Everyone was so gracious and kind... I will not forget that. We see several different vets there. I love them all. Just cannot say enough good things about them.

Arvydas Didas

0 Stars if possible. I took my rescue husky as he needed check up and vaccines. He was diagnosed with hearth warms. Besides treatment $$$$ they tried to sell me lungs X-rays (+400-500) which I declined. Afterwards I discussed the matter with another vet -- pointless procedure, there's absolutely nothing you can do if the lungs are damaged. Year later dog got sick, started loosing weight rapidly. Took him in. His tooth/mouth was bothering him too. I end up leaving him for a few hours. Once I was back, blood work was already done - something I agreed on doing already, however vet was insisting on doing x-rays again and leaving him at the clinic for observation. When I asked about his teeth /mouth vet's response was - HE WOULD NOT LET ME LOOK AT IT !!! Is this for real ??? I was furious ! Took blood-work print out, paid the bill and stormed out. Hour later I was at another vet on Columbia drive. 5 minutes in dog was sedated, mouth wide open to examine. Briarcliff Animal Clinic, please don't tell me how much " We really care about your pet" ...

Laura Thompson

Fantastic top-notch veterinarians and clinic. I've been bringing my canine here for years and obviously overdue for a review. Although my dog doesn't like going to the Vet (even though he gets treats every time by the nice staff!), I'm confident bringing my Dog here knowing he will receive top-notch care at a reasonable price with a great staff of caring individuals. We were just there for annual check-up and vaccinations and the front-desk crew even knew him by name! Unfortunately it was a stressful visit for my Dog, but the staff all handled it well, Dr Williams was so empathic and gave us extra time, saying she understands that Dogs can have bad days too. Dr McNamee and Dr Williams are two stand-out Dr's that we've met, but everyone has been great. Bottom line is, I've needed a Vet I could count on for a few emergencies and routine care, and I highly recommend ALL of the Dr's, Techs, Staff and Briarcliff Animal Clinic as a whole. To everyone at Briarcliff Animal Clinic - THANK YOU all for taking such great care of my canine kid!!

Virginia M

I've brought 2 dogs and 2 cats to BAC over the years and have been happy with the service. The dogs always wagged their tails when visiting thanks to the warm reception.

laurie mckenzie

Wonderful experience with Drs.Bush, Hayes and the entire staff! We relocated from out of state where several friends of ours were vets--to a area where we did not have any personal referrals. We are so happy we brought our cat here. He …

Nate Wright

During my last couple of years in Atlanta I took my cats to Briarcliff Animal Clinic. I was quite impressed with the facility, as well as the veterinarians and the technicians who work there. The clinic was always clean and the staff highly professional. They always seemed to find an open appointment for me on short notice, even the highly sought after Saturday appointments. One of the staff even provided pet sitting services for me when I went out of town on short cats certainly appreciated getting to stay at home rather than being boarded. Thanks Briarcliff Animal Clinic!

Norman Walton

Everyone was friendly and professional and very sensitive to my needs. Great Job!

Sung Han

I walked in through the doors of Briarcliff Animal Hospital at around 12:50am with my 13+ yr old shihtzu. I broke down in tears at the register explaining that something was wrong. The emergency doc on for the night was Dr. Bezdek. She came in and explained all the possibilities and brought 3 treatment plans depending on cost. Dr. Bezdek’s first suspicion was pancreatitis and she turned out to be right. My baby had to be hospitalized for 2 days while getting IV fluids, pain meds, and other meds. She was discharged on a few different medications for 3-5 days. I visited her a few times while she was in the ER. They let me visit all hours of the day/night. And they’d let me stay in a room with her to spend time. The vets and vet assistants were so nice and caring... I felt at ease that she was being well cared for. I see a lot of reviews referring to cost and lack of communication with their bill. For me, that was never the case. They were upfront about all the costs, brought me an itemized statement with that day’s estimated cost as well as future costs. And explained of the possibility of changes and that they’d call me if anything were to change with my bill. I noticed a sign in the rooms as well— to ask if you have any questions or concerns on the bill. If your pet is without insurance, I think it should be expected that the cost/bill will be very high. The vet called 2-3 times per day with updates at the beginning and the end of their shift. Communication was great from beginning to end. They also sent me a picture of her in her cage on one of the days ! I thought this was such a sweet thing. The docs I most communicated with was Dr. Bezdek, Dr. Powell and Dr. Rehm. They were all very nice and thorough and it was easy to trust my baby in their care. They even called twice to follow up after her discharge. She is currently doing very well and is almost back to her normal self. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied and my sweet girl would agree. They always answered the hundreds of questions I had or led me to someone who could. If anything were to happen again (praying not), I’ll definitely be taking her here!

KIm Schmidt

I have used Briarcliff Animal Clinic before they changed their name, or business structure. They are always very professional and work with the pet owners very well. I would recommend them for all your pets needs. Outstanding.

Katherine Lean

Dr. Byerly took such incredible care of my pup Gracie this weekend. I absolutely could not ask for better care. She was knowledgeable, reassuring, and made what was a stressful time very manageable. Her vet techs are so kind and I enjoyed chatting with all of them as Gracie was being treated. Can’t say enough about Dr. Byerly and her team. Also a huge fan of Dr. Fowler at Briarcliff. Choose one of those two vets and you will be so glad you did. Thanks to everyone for loving on my dogs so well! We’re lucky to have found you.

Tyler Stephens

Very professional and fast. Super clean office, very friendly staff. Separate entrance and waiting area for cats. We’ve found our new vet.

Lauren Brown

I boarded (and treated) my elderly dog there several times and was happy that she'd be near a vet if anything happened (instead of just a boarding house). It was also relatively affordable. However, during my most recent experience, I called to schedule my dog to be boarded over spring break. They scheduled her as usual (she had been there last in July 2017 - less than a year before), no problem. I show up to drop her off & they tell me that instead of $40/day, it would be $7 PER HOUR to board her because she us on medication for seizures. I'll do the math for you - instead of the usual $350-$400 for the week, $7 PER HOUR turns out to be over $1,300. For boarding. For one week. No one told me this when I scheduled the reservation - keeping in mind that my dog has been going to this vet FOR YEARS and was prescribed medication by the vets AT THIS PRACTICE. And they tell me this WHEN I ARRIVE TO DROP MY DOG OFF. So here I am, on my way out of town, with no other real options. All I got was a "sorry they didn't tell you" and "we'll see what we can do." And then make me wait over 30 minutes to "see what they can do"...since I had to leave to go on vacation, I left and had to beg my in-laws to keep my dog for the week. And I'm not going back after that experience. I was also told that the practice manager would call me to discuss the situation - no phone call. Big surprise. This place is awful.

Kate Brien

The vet care is top notch and they work to make the vet a positive place for your pet. they are very expedient too.

Sara Castro

I’ve seen great reviews and horrible ones which is why I believe as much input by customers is crucial. I had a unexpected emergency visit with my dog a little over a week ago and this was the closest facility to my home so I took a chance since it was rated well. The staff was excellent and walked me through what to expect upon arrival as well as super caring with my animal and myself during check-in and getting him seen as soon as possible. Not only was I in and out of there in less than two hours but they were able to work with me on the cost for something that was quoted at almost $1,000.00 and I only ended up paying $340.00. I was updated often and My pup has had a full recovery so I will be back to follow up and hopefully have a long term vet office.

Sara Castonguay

I have been to this location three times for different emergencies, and walked away unimpressed each time. However, this last visit I found unacceptable. My rescue was vomiting nonstop, so I brought him in. He is very skittish and untrusting because he was beaten by his previous owner. They informed me afterward that they had muzzled him because he was growling when they were trying to take his temperature. I understand that safety is the priority, but had they simply consulted with me first, they would know that he would NEVER bite a human being, that he just needs to be held and given love while they take his temperature. And then they seemed surprised that he urinated himself - he was terrified! At least speak with me before you muzzle a rescue - I was infuriated. My pup ended up having to be hospitalized for the night. The following day, they called me to pick him up, gave me no details on what might have happened or what might be wrong, no prescription or special diet, they just took our $2,000 and sent us out. Not even 4 hours after we got home, he started experiencing the same exact symptoms. We called to try to get a prescription for anti-nausea and they refused. We now go to a different veterinarian for both of our rescues. Steer clear unless you absolutely have to go here.

Dan Barracliff

This facility is the best. They cared for our dog like it was 1 of their dogs. Higly recommend. All the employees are extremely nice. Thank you very much. Yours Truly, your buddy Drez.

Wayne Bedenbender

25 Years in Atlanta and all 25 I've had dogs at my side. Briarcliff Animal Clinic is best Vets and best setting by far. Friendly and helpful staff and they have separate waiting areas; one each for Cats and Dogs.

Mary Ann Ginn

I have been bringing my pets to Briarcliff Animal Clinic for about 40 years. Last night my son and I had to bring our poodle to the ER and I was very impressed with the treatment they gave our pet.


I love going to Briarcliff Animal clinic! The staff is always very nice and always answers our questions and if not sure will go ask a vet on staff to find the answers to our questions. I have never had a problem with the staff. We even live around 30+ minutes depending on traffic just to go to Dr. Busch. We had tried other veterinarians in our area, but none compared to Dr. Busch. Our cat loves her and is always relaxed around Dr. Busch compared to other veterinarians. Also, whenever we go to Dr. Busch when our cat is sick the cat always goes out of her office feeling a little better and on the cat's way to recovery. I would highly recommend Briarcliff Animal clinic to anyone who is looking for a veterinarian.

Courtney Hicks

The staff is amazing and caring. They took care of my cat immediately and did everything they could for him, while working with me every step of the way.

Bradford Smith

Clean, smells clean (important with scared animals), staff friendly / kind to me and my pet who did not want to be there. Separate entrance for Dogs and Cats, which I did not appreciate until I noticed the peace now provided. Always kind to my pet, call him by his name, they asked if I was 'ok' with the charges I was going to incur.. which in my younger life would have been important but now I see as a form of business I respect and appreciate. You may find a cheaper clinic, but I feel that Briarcliff Animal is a "Value Added" experience that is more than a visit but a long term investment in not only my pet my own sanity to know he is with professionals.

Patrick Paris

I would never take my little girl anyway but Briarcliff. Dr Rachel and the whole team are wonderful. My dog LOVES going to the vet because of them!

Andy Rodman

Friendly, professional, they know what they are doing.

Ina Stashonsky

Each time I have been here I've had a great experience. The facility is very clean and the staff is extremely pleasant. I never worry about the care my pets get there. Also, it is great that they are open 24/7!

Kayla DiMarco

their hours are great but they’re difficult to work with. I moved to Atlanta and got a heat worm prescription for my dog. We then ran out of heart worm medicine a couple months later and wanted to order via 1800PetMeds but this vet won’t do …

Audrey McGeorge

A few weeks ago my Mother was in town visiting us from Florida. Her (retired racing) Greyhound, Baron, accompanied her, as he always did for road trips. Late that Friday evening he suddenly became ill and we rushed him to Briarcliff Animal Hospital. Sadly, we learned it would be time to let him go as his problems were beyond healing at 14 years old. While this is the most devastating news a pet owner can receive; we were so comforted by Dr. Gray and the entire staff. The situation was handled with great kindness and support. Five out of five stars from our family along with our sincere gratitude.

Suzanne Ecklund

Dr. Williams took wonderful care of my kitty's mouth this week. (Yes, kitties need to see the dentist!)

P Lutz

My labradoodle has been seen at Briarcliff for about 7 years. We are very happy with her regular vet, Dr Turner as well as the others she has seen over the years for a variety of issues. Dr Turner is very thorough and thoughtful. She spent a lot of time figuring out Bella’s liver disease and coming up with a good treatment plan. As Bella gets older, I appreciate her recommendations for sdditional testing so that we can determine what other issues she has. Everyone is so nice....the front desk and pharmacy staff, vet techs and vets. They always tell you how much a test or procedure will cost before proceeding. They follow up after an appointment with an electronic invoice and healthcare info document which are very helpful if you have pet insurance. I wholeheartedly recommend Briarcliff Animal Clinic.

Alicia Lane

We've only had one appointment at Briarcliff Animal Clinic, but we were very pleased with the staff at the front desk and with our vet (Rachel Williams) in terms of their friendliness, efficiency, and competency in helping us take care of our new cat.

Matt K

This Vet is the best clinic I've ever been to. The Doctors and staff are all beyond friendly and truly work to give your animals as much comfort as possible. My folks used this place as I was growing up, and now I take my pet here. Can't say enough.

Tami Brook

Briarcliff always takes the time to talk to you about all of the options available for your pet and the costs associated with each option. They make you and your pet feel loved and taken care of. I have used them for 20 years and highly recommended them!

Michelle MItchell

Briarcliff Animal Hospital is great. We've been clients since we moved to Atlanta more than seven years ago. Dr. Busch added significantly to the quality of life of our geriatric dog and cats, and gave us peace of mind knowing we were giving them the best care and love possible. She has been a superstar with our crazy young dog and arthritic senior baby. We especially love that she is willing to help us with our questions over e-mail and is speedy to respond to all our needs. When Dr. Busch has been unavailable, we have seen Dr. Floyd, Dr. Willy, and others and been impressed with them as well. The staff is always friendly and professional. We want the best for our furry children and feel like we've found it with Briarcliff!

Evan Chames

always quick and pleasant. everyone’s always friendly and i’m always out of there in a very very reasonable amount of time hey terry!

Kirby Bowe

Dr. Allen and all the staff here are absolutely wonderful. I am in and out in a timely manner, and we are always called back at our exact appt time if not before!!! They are very thorough and great at explaining everything, which is especially awesome since I'm a new puppy mom. I totally recommend this clinic. They are top notch!!!

Anna Lein

The team of Briarcliff clinic is very professional.My kitty Lucy was treated for dental and skin problems by Dr. Muller and Dr. Haze who are remarkable in their unique approach toward cat psyche and physical problems. I will continue to bring my cat to the clinic..

Rebecca Hess

I love this vet! I've used it for both my cat and dog. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming, plus I love that they are open 24/7.

Katy Spinks

My vet recently joined the Briarcliff group and I was a little hesitant as he previously had a small clinic. But everyone was great! It's a little bit further drive but I'll do it to keep seeing Dr. Allen and what seems to be a great staff at Briarcliff! Prices are very reasonable as well. Also pleased to see longer hours in case something comes up after typical business hours.

Amy Waterman

We have been clients at Briarcliff Animal Clinic for more than 20 years. 3 cats and 3 dogs. Very pleased with the treatment they have all received. The doctors are caring and compassionate whether treating a new puppy or helping at the most difficult time with elderly dogs.

Dale Duncan

My cat wasn't living a good life. Very aggressive behavior was evident daily, and he seemed unhappy. I took him to this vet. They have a special cat entrance. She was very careful with him, and they informed me of the costs upfront. …

Ngozi Ora

Very nice and friendly staff. Bully was well taken care of. Will recommend this vet clinic to anyone.

Melissa Hill

We LOVE Briarcliff Animal Clinic. We have two large dogs and Dr. Hedge is great with them. The staff is always friendly, they love our pets and although it's not the most convenient location (based on where we live), we feel it's worth the drive. The free vaccinations are super helpful too! I recommend them whenever I can!

Chrissy Busz

I was referred here by a friend and I am so happy I decide to go. They took fantastic care of my cat and I will be bringing my other cats here as well. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants excellent care for their pets!

steve eighmey

My wife and I have been going to see them for years and they've always taken such good care of our kitties, and us. We see Dr. Floyd and she is incredible.

Charles Buddy Allen

I had an emergency last night with my one and a half-year-old boxer. I called them they were efficient polite and understood my situation. I was in a panic on the way down there. It was raining heavy and I was in fear for my dog. We are in and out of there in less than an hour highly recommend these people very professional and they love what they do very passionate. Thanks guys. My Bella is In full swing today. Salute.

Amelia Schulz

I brought my cat in on a Saturday to be treated for tapeworms (yuck). I had never been to Briarcliff Animal Clinic before, but was quickly impressed with the staff's kindness and efficiency. I was seen within 30 min of checking in, after calling ahead, and my cat was given the treatment she needed. I will be returning in the future for my cat's health needs!

Ivy Hershberg

Very welcoming and friendly staff! Dr. Warmington took her time with us to answer all our questions. Non-emergency weekend appointment times are much appreciated!

Douglas Thrasher

They are always friendly and available

Sean Evans

Very friendly staff. Helped solve the issue with my dog at the last minute. Great place.

Virginia Abell

My boy cat had lost a lot of weight and was not eating at all. Dr. Busch was able to correctly diagnose him with a liver infection and got him on antibiotics. She was very thorough and helpful in laying out all of my options and in guiding me in giving him the best care. I never felt pressured to buy more than he needed. Dr. Busch saved his life and I cannot recommend Briarcliff enough!

michael marley

Amazing staff. Very friendly. On the pricier side. But you get what you pay for.

Dylan Day

A great place, very convenient and very good with animals. You should feel safe bringing your pet here. I had a great experience.

Piyu Jagia

Absolutely horrible. I went in for "Urgent Care" on Sunday noon. Was made to wait 4 hours before a doctor came in.....she gave us less than 5 minutes of her time. Left and sent a staff member with a 1000 dollar test list. Did not even come back to consult us about those tests. Its a long story really. We left the clinic that evening at 10 pm. 900 dollars and 9 hours later, they had no diagnosis or suggestion, just an IV bag, rather told us to come back for Round 2 - only then can they say why my dog is throwing up food and pooping blood. We went home, did home remedies, and now the dog is better. Ill steer away from these hyenas in future.

Brittney Walters

Dr. Muller was the most amazing Vet today and I couldn’t be more grateful! He was so attentive, thorough, explained everything to me, assured me when I was about to have a panic attack, and especially, worked with me around my financial limitations to ensure we could assess and treat properly but also avoid hospitalization. The Techs are always so sweet as well. I had to put my other dog down last year at Briarcliffe and couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful team of Vets and Techs. Dr. Fowler was amazing throughout that horrific experience and Dr. Reid also was incredibly helpful yesterday when I took my baby in as an emergency patient. So grateful for Briarcliff Animal hospital!

Rachael Konke

I brought my dog to Briarcliff Animal Clinic in an emergency after she ate a bandage off her arm. X-rays showed that my dog had material and gas build up in her intestines but the vet decided to simply monitor her and give her IV fluids. I was not satisfied with the care they were giving my dog, so I decided to move her to the Village Vet (which is where I should have taken her in the first place, but Briarcliff was closer and I wanted to get her looked at as soon as possible). Briarcliff Animal Clinic charged me $1700 for less than 24 hours of nonsurgical care. They took advantage of my situation and price gouged me. Their bill was over half the cost of the extraction surgery performed at Village Vets. Village Vets took one look at my dog and immediately performed the surgery. They could not understand why Dr. Kimberly Reid was wasting time with diagnostics and waiting to perform more X-rays when the obstruction didn’t move for nearly 24 hours. Unfortunately the surgery came too late. My dog did not survive the extraction surgery due to the infection that built up in her intestines. She would have likely survived if she received the surgery when she was originally admitted to Briarcliff. Or if the started her on antibiotics. The doctor at Village Vet told me after speaking to Dr. Kimberly- he didn’t think she was trained to handle the situation. I asked him what he meant and he said she definitely was not a surgeon. According to the website, Dr. Kimberly Reid specializes in DERMATOLOGY and SMALL ANIMAL internal medicine. My dog was a med-large size. Kimberly Reid did not even contact a suergon for a first or second opinion. Because she was not a surgeon, she was not even trained or able to treat an intestinal blockage. She should have referred me elsewhere to someone that was educated and able to help my dog. She had ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS treating my dog. Interestingly enough- the weekend after I brought Gwenivere in- I got an email from Briarcliff saying they are no longer an emergency clinic but an urgent care. Obviously because they are not trained nor equipt to handle emergencies, but they have no problem taking your money and letting your pet suffer while they pretend they do. Taking my dog there was literally the worst mistake of my life. The owner response is also a joke. They’re not sorry at all they made $1,700. Don’t risk it take your animal somewhere else. It is not worth it. They are absolute scum.

Sherri Boles-Rogers

Another great experience at Briarcliff Animal Clinic. My dog even loves it so much that she doesn't get anxious going there. She loves the attention from the very friendly and helpful staff who seem to truly care about the animals. And Dr. Hedge is the best! She listens, advises, and you can tell she enjoys her work with animals.

William Eiseman

The best. Period. My 17yo best friend had to be put to sleep and everyone was so kind and compassionate -- I even received a sympathy card the next week with hand-written messages from the staff. You won't find that kind of care and dedication anywhere and I've been raising dogs for 30 years.

Kevin Alvarez

Late review but took my dog as an emergency. No payment plan or anything. They rather let you take your pet home to die. Which my dog did.

Ashley MacWhirter

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who are very understanding and have an obvious love for animals. They make sure you understand everything they are going to do and what everything means for your pets well being before, during, and after procedures. Briarcliff is a bit on the pricey side for vet care, but I think it is worth it considering their wonderful staff and that they are open 24/7. My baby deserves the best care :)

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