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REVIEWS OF VA Medical Center-Tuskegee IN Alabama

Dominique Brown

Great food!

Jacob Magilicuty

Rodney Hartley

Maria Mckee

T Potts

My experience there has been nothing but professional and positive

Ralph McCoy

Angela Upshaw

Bridgette Stasher-Booker

Cornelius Powell

Two years of unprofessionalism, no police accountability, and too many people employed there who don't do their jobs. Sad thing is there's federal guidelines and loopholes that protects the said employees for any sort of punishment or termination from their jobs. No matter how many "Patient Advocate" forms you fill out. Plus, for those who's reading comsider this...the Patient Amendment process is pointless. Say a provider documents false information on your medical record. You go to Release of Information to get said record. You fill out the Patient Amendment form, go through the procedure...The Chief of Staff of your VA can just agree with whatever false information the provider has wrote on your record without any other hard evidence besides you and the provider's word against each other and agree. Then this false information STAYS on your record which causes other people who have access and looks at your record to view the patient in a negative light. In a short summary, CAVAHCS needs a serious overhaul.

Larry Forrester

Always a great experience. I feel very comfortable at the Tuskegee VA hospital.

Ryan Gueret

Pharmacy takes forever to fill your meditation. I had to wait over 3 hours one time. The pharmacy techs didn't lose my order, they are just very lazy here. The nurses are great, but if you have to come to the VA Tuskegee location, bring you're breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it's going to be long painful day.

Chet Smith

Good professionals and care Really need a map of building layouts so you can park near your building!!!

jeremy Howard

Josephis Wade

Good service overall!

Elvin Philpot

I waited 4 hours on the phone to schedule an appointment only to get to the number 1 spot and the phone go silent! You all claim to have called me to set up an appointment that I have been waiting for since February yet I have no missed calls or voicemails. Very very disappointing!!

Nakia Harkless

Worst place ever. Very unprofessional and has excessive wait times. Many items not in stock and can't fill prescription.

Edward Mosher

Terrible. Long wait to get into my appointment. When I finally do get in, the nurse who builds my patient file is very condescending and judgmental. The Doctor I saw barely spoke a word of English, and I could not understand anything he said. The same doctor refilled a prescription, in which the milligrams of each pill was doubled but the instructions on how many pills to take and how often was not changed. The doctor did not tell me he was doing this and had I not caught it I would have been extremely over medicated. I waited two hours for the pharmacy. Kept going to the window to see why people who had arrived after me were being served long before me. The pharmacist kept saying they were trying to get in touch with the doctor to get clarification. Probably because they thought the dosage was too high too.

Michael Floyd

Apparently they do inventory at the pharmacy on Wednesdays. This knowledge was shared with me after waiting an hour and a half and politely inquiring about the delay (was previously told to check with the window if I’ve been waiting longer than 45 minutes without my name showing up on the board). The lady at the counter had a good chuckle laughing with the next customer about me wanting some kind of “special treatment”. Funny enough the next person in line was waiting for exactly the same reason I was “I’ve been waiting an hour and a half as well”. A sign about the delay during inventory or letting me know when I first checked in would have been nice and seemingly easy to do.

Michael Harper

I walked in, without an appointment, to a very busy Dental clinic. I was told to wait, which I expected. What I didn't expect was, 20 minutes later, being taken into xray and an apology for the wait. REALLY, 20 minutes as a walk-in. I was happy to be seen at all. I later learned they were short staffed with one dentist on leave. The staff, reception, technician and Dentist were was pleasant, very professional, and extremely skilled. My pain is gone, I got antibiotics and a consult to a specialist. Thank you Ella and Dr. Johnson. In this office, Veterans first, is a reality.

Tamika Ashford

I was sent here for my C&P exam. The people that work here are very rude and unprofessional. I walked around lost for several minutes before anyone wanted to help me. I was misdiagnosed by the psychiatrist, even though I throughly told them every detail. I am still trying to fix their neglectful mistakes. They are truly disrespectful to veterans of the 9/11 era.

melissa crawford

Timothy Caldwell

Garron Moreland

There is no service they are going to provide you that is going to take less than three hours of your time. A woefully inept establishment.

Kent Smoaks

Growrena Russell

Rickey Mulkey


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