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REVIEWS OF Springhill Animal Clinic IN Alabama

Lisa Stewart

We take all of our dogs and cats to Springhill Animal Clinic. Great staff that obviously loves animals. Even our dog who DOES NOT like the vets office liked the staff. Always very busy when we go. The staff itemizes the costs for whatever is needed for the pet. On our last visit the vet gave me options to help me keep the costs down. We are always happy with our pet care here.

Heather Washington

Sara Kindt

Great, caring vets and staff

Kim Dickens

Great customer service. Great prices. Caring and concerned vet technicians.

steven rawlinson

LeAnn Busby

I would give ZERO stars if I could. This place has NO business treating animals and are extremely deceptive in their prices. They were negligent with a family members beloved pet and due to their unprofessional staff, sadly, her pet passed away during a “routine” procedure. If you love your pet and want the best treatment, I would strongly urge you to seek treatment elsewhere!

luke haddix

If you have a pet and want to make sure they have a long healthy and happy life, this is the most affordable and professional place.

LaToya C.

Priscilla McDonald

Love the vets & staff here! Because they love my animals

Audra Barlow

Alicia Rouse

Johnnie Parks

We've just found our dog a new Primary Care Physician!!!

Barbara Haas

Bailey Ward

They have really affordable options for spaying and neutering, which was really helpful for us with nine cats! The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

mendy jones

Awesome service and my dog is Happy an healthy ♡♡♡

James Dean

Derek Mosley

Very affordable and friendly

Bri Griffin

I love bringing my dog here. Everyone is nice, friendly, and knowledgeable of the animals they serve.

April McLeod

Love this place!!! The entire staff is a well- oiled, animal loving family! They work together, with the pet families, and the pets so well, what a joy to find people who love your pets like you do!

Lloyd Hamilton

Dodie Everett

Very friendly staff! They took great care of my fur babies!

Dawn Miller

They take great care of our pets and they are inexpensive too

Andrea Rainwater

Expensive as all get out

Debbie Wilson

Ninja busness

Saved my dogs life

Tony Atkins

We have 2 Huskies and they love everyone there, as do we. Very helpful and knowledgable. Prices are very reasonable.

Doug Simpson

Friendly and fast service

Nessa Love

Great prices, caring staff this is the best vet clinic in Mobile we will always be loyal to them for all the help with our own indoor pets and strays we have captured got neutered or spayed and released back to our land. Trust me you won't regret going here!

Carrie Harris

Raven Goodrum

As a professional groomer, my clients are always looking for a good vet. I ALWAYS send them here. I trust my babies with them and they are amazing with prices.

qcole42 .

The staff was very nice and the clinic was very inexpensive took really good car of my dog I would recommend


Liz Nash

Jessica Blain

Used to be a place I was happy to take my pets to. Their staff made me wait until they finished their group conversation, then they completely ignored the fact I had told them 3 times, the last time at checkout to to a checkup on her skin... Which was written on her papers to get her surgery. So additional waiting, and they finally do the checkup, where they proceed to man handle and stab the crap out of her trying to give her a shot. And it's not because I'm a crazy cat mom, there is no reason to shake my pet while you're trying to give her a shot. I'm sorry but all their staff is rude and very unprofessional.

Lyla Kisa

My visit ended with just a call. The young girl who picked up the phone was very rude and has an attitudes just because I called and asked about prices on an annual check up. Well if my money isn't good enough for you to be curtious I can always go somewhere else, and I will! New customer lost!

Angela Vereen

Friendly atmosphere, the staff was very nice. I had both my cats fixed by Springhill animal clinic, and both are doing well. I'd definitely go back there again for my cats care

Norma Williams

I wouldn't recommend taking a dead varmint to these ppl. I have taken my puppy there for 3 times. They wormed here the first time and she was suppose to get another worming (3 weeks) when I took her back for her 2nd set of shots. Today she wakes up sick, throwing up. So she finally pooped....WORMS and she was just at this office last week. They (supposedly) did another fecal test for worms. (I really don't think they did it and charged me for it). SO I call and got to speak to the vet (yahoo) and she starts explaining to me the life cycle of round worms......I told her I didn't give a freaking flip about that I just wanted my baby better. She apologizes for my puppy not getting the wormer like she was supposed to get in their office. SO I am finding a MORE DEPENDABLE vet that KNOWS what the hell goes on in their OFFICE. Morons IS THE ONLY NICE THING I can say. If I had not paid attention to my puppy this morning WHO knows what would have happened to her. Bless her heart she loves to be hugged and this morning she didn't want me to stop hugging her.....That told me something was wrong. Stay away from this place if you really love your pet.

shane warren

Kevin Cooper


Melanie Bibby

My babies got spayed and they are doing good.

lydia johnson

have taken all of my animals here for years. i very much appreciate the time, gentleness, and care the entire staff puts into caring for my fur babies and helping me understand what i need to do to take care my creatures. each staff member clearly cares about each animal they attend. one of the things i really appreciate is that they share with you the full range of options for care. they let you know what is absolutely necessary, what is helpful, and what is optional and why as well as any assessment of risks. you can't beat the prices or convenience either! love this group of animal lovers and care givers!

Kim Kay

Autumn McCants

sharron reynolds


They take great care of my Stella

Leah Dees

Teddee Jordan

Great vet, friendly staff, and affordably priced.

tami ellsworth

You could not ask for a better group of people. I have love for each and every one of them and so do Vixen, Rex, Sadie, Ellie, Copper, and Penny!!!!

Jessica Elliott

Hudson Mcgallagher

Jackie Johnson

Love the Drs and staff here. This is where I take my personal dogs for all their vetting needs and I have never been disappointed. Dr. Alston, Dr Prather, and sometimes Dr Edmonds have all helped with my 4 dogs and I appreciate their patience and thorough examinations of each one. I recommend Springhill Animal Clinic for their caring staff and also their reasonable pricing for their services.

Linda Baggett

Excellent service. Friendly staff.

Meg Johnson

Tara Mendel

Miranda Dismukes

I have taken my two pups here for two years and I'm a big fan! Not only is the staff friendly, the doctors always take the time to explain what is necessary and what is optional. I make the decision regarding what I feel comfortable spending versus just being handed a big bill when I leave. I want what is best for my dogs but I also appreciate a vet that's budget friendly.

Becky Jones

My Veterinarian and her staff are awesome people!!! They truly care about my fur babies and me!!!

Michelle Williamson

Love all the vets and front desk staff! They are nice, courteous and make me feel at ease. I have a 6 month old rescue who is a 'wild child ' and they handle her with the greatest love and care...would recommend this clinic hands down!

Jeff Peckham

Very compassionate people and affordable I recommend very much I took all my girls to get spayed there

nicole E

A godsend! Love Mary ,she is truly living her calling. I have read reviews that say ...The employees here are rude. NOT.....If they were giving back to the community as Springhill Vet is/has...they too maybe be overworked and unpaid . But rude and unprofessional they are NOT. They work tirelessly with rescue foundations, offer discount spay/neuter all while nurturing their 4 leg patients. Thanks Springhill Vet (Mary)♡

Mallory A.

Excellent vet care for folks on a budget!

Vickie Darlene

Don't Care for the animals I could hear my dog crying from the back&all I took her in 4 was nail clip I ask was that my dog crying she said no but I no what my dog cry sounds like she's my baby& a mother always knows her baby's cry.

Sharon Dickson

I took my 8 month old inside kitten to get spayed and she came back with a bulbous fluid filled sac on her leg. It's either from a shot or another animal bit her from being so close together? But they want to charge me to come in even tho its their responsibility and technically falls under their free follow up visit as its related to her procedure. The front desk refuse to let me talk to a nurse and just keep telling me to come in. 2 stars for the spay. It healed just fine. But it's like a factory in there. The turn over rate of animals are high. So the front desk is forced to push u in and out and act like it's an intrusion to ask a couple questions about anything. Whether on the phone or in person.

Erik O'Neal

Kiki Dee

Vets are nice, but, expect a wait.

Laura Hoffman

Kimberly Williams

Very friendly and accommodating staff. Took my baby(Lucky), that had brain damage and tends to be very grumpy and bite to these wonderful people. They treated him like gold! Extremely kind and gentle with Lucky! Top care all around. Couldn't ask for a better group of folks to care for my little man!

Rebecca Wattier

Lauren Rachel

We have taken our dog, Rowdy, to see Dr Knizley, for three years now and have been exceedingly pleased with the care she has taken of him. She is always personable and professional and the clinic has been flexible with appt times. Also- they have coffee in the lobby which never hurts! Five stars!

Itsjust tori

They are nice and they get the job done

Victoria Anderson

Let me start by saying I went to this location because I needed something cheap for neutering my dog, but with good reviews. It's not a bad group of people, and they didn't do a bad job. However, I recommend definitely checking other options before coming here. Because they are a super cheap option, they break all fees apart. They charge for fluids, they charge if CPR is needed for whatever reason, etc. No e-collar is provided, and they don't have any here. At the end of the day, I have a happy shelter dog and he's alive, so all is well. However, I came in expecting $60+tax, and ended up paying $100+ with some added things (like IV, etc. because I was told it's better not to risk it). I appreciate the work they did, and that our pup is alive, but for those of you reading this, just call around. We didn't go with our vet (that included everything - plus e-collar - for $90) because it was a cheaper option. Lesson learned.

Cynthia Thornton

Norma Casey

Kind, caring & reasonable.


Very considerate and caring!

Alice grayson

This place will always have my heart. It was started by an amazing doctor who made it her goal to provide EVERYONE will affordable quality very care. They are literally no holds bar. The best at spay neuter surgeries. Why? Because they do them all the time so they KNOW THEIR STUFF! You wouldn't want a orthopedic surgeon doing brain surgery on you would you?? That's why if you need your pet fixed. GO HERE. They provide amazing everything. From regular visits to spay neuter surgeries to ask kinds of other surgeries and care. I will literally not let anyone else do surgery on my pets.

Kelly Smith

Josh Altmayer

Jennifer Maliniemi

Dr. Alston is Wonderful. The front receptionists are spot on. They know their stuff. Thanx everyone!

Tawney Thurston

Great staff and very informative

Kim Cross

This is the 3rd cat I had fixed super great place very nice staff

Janese Lyons

Excellent care! Very low prices. I would highly recommend.

Ernique Philon

Steve Martin


John Tucker

chris stratas

I take my cats there and they have an exceptional facility at a low cost.

Rose Moore

Dwain Eckhoff

Very professional and proud to recommend them ,they are very caring and loving veterinarians, I m very pleased to know them

Linh Lam

UPDATE: After a few more months of fostering and having to go back to the clinic for my fosters. They've improved on their bedside manner. Fostered two kittens recently that needed to be spayed and neutered. Took them there and they were very polite and gave us a courtesy call when they we're ready to be picked up. They have mostly improved but they could do a little more smiling sometimes. Took my foster in for her booster shot and that was an unpleasant experience. They took her to the back really quick and took her back out. On the way out the person handling her kicked her and all she said was "oops" and handed her back to me. She began developing a cough two days before we came in so I asked the two receptionists if they could do anything for her and they basically told me to leave because she was only there for her follow up booster shot and nothing else. I was considering taking my dogs here but after that experience. No thank you. Everyone else was great but rude receptionists aren't the first thing I want to see when I walk into a vet's office worried with a sick dog.

Terrie Howard

They have very caring staff.

Brianne Westerfield

I brought my dog in to be spayed Thursday and she has been in the hospital ever since

Judith Hammond

Very good care for both my pets and myself. Any time I've had a concern the vets always called me and/or emailed me to answer my question. Very reasonable prices, just wish they were open on Friday

Preethi Thangovanan

Very friendly people. And extremely affordable Care.

Craig Campbell

Dr. Knizley has been our family's vet for years. She truly cares about the animals she services, and it shows through her work and professional manner.

Loren Deagro

I am extremely pleased with they way I was treated as well as my kitten. Sadly I was unable to save him due to an incurable issue, but Dr. Austin and the tech (I believe Taylor) were so kind and what I appreciated most of all was the honesty. Thank you!

Monica Webb

I take all my pets here because of the friendly staff and low-cost services! I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Robert Dillon

If you want a vet who truly cares and loves animals and isn't trying to build the Taj Mahal, these are the right people. I stumbled across them, many years ago, at a weekend rabies clinic at the local animal shelter. They are Simply the Best as let me emphasize, they truly love animals and they're not vets just to pad their wallets. I love these people for what they do for me and my adoptees. I have recommended them to many many many people and they all agree, these are the right people to care for the creatures we love.

Low Kee

They love my animals as much as I do! Prices are reasonable and staff are great! Just love this place!!!

Ute Zieglschmidsylvester

To me the whole clinic is extraordinary. Outstanding Staff and the prices are great. I love to go there ,my cat not so much. Thanks for all you have done for my cat and my family

Jade Kleeschulte

I would of gave more stars cause service was fine, my pet was taken care of and prices were great. I was super super upset however that there was not an option to say no tattoo on my pet.(I didn't even notice it on paperwork) I do not agree with tattooing and they tattooed my registered service dog. That just ruined my entire experience and everytime I rub his belly I start to cry cause I can see this ugly green line.

Shawty Yae

They str8


Crystal Coleman

This place is absolutely amazing. I couldn't ask for a better veterinarian than Dr. Alston when I say this lady will go above and beyond for your pet I mean just that!! She is heaven sent!

Damien Dykes

A Person

The people who work and run this place are very unprofessional and rude. They mistreat animals as well as the owners. They are attached to the save a stray foundation who does no sort of extensive checking before giving their animals away. The animals are kept in very tight spaces and look to be underfed. DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY ANIMAL NEEDS.

Alta Knizley

Ok, so you can probably tell by my name that I am a relative of Dr. Jeni. However, I am also a client of spring hill animal clinic, and most of their vets and vet techs have seen my pets over the years. They are all great! They genuinely care about the animals they treat, and they are all very competent veterinarians and techs who have significant experience. They are all passionate about the shelter work that they do and work hard to improve the lives of pets and strays. Thank you for everything you do for me and my three babies!

Kathy Barnard

Excellent and friendly

Juliette Young

Ashjoe Foster

Had my dog and my aunts cat fixed her the volunteers and staff were great deff recommend this place

Glynn Dykes

Chelsea Brown

Amber Pond

Absolutely in love with this place. They really care and love what they do. Extremely professional and friendly and very good at communicating frequently and effectively about pets in their care. Thanks so much from Shinji and his “parents” Amber and Patrick.

Donna Elkins

Tanya Stinson

Every time I have taken my dogs there they have been extremely friendly. They always tell me what to do after each appointment and followed up with me to check on my sweet Sophie after her surgery. I would recommend this clinic to all of my friends.

Franshea Kelly

I just got my puppy from the shelter and they was kinda busy but still made sure Honey was okay before she left due to her just getting out of surgery and kept checking on me as i came was earlier then i needed to but mostly everyone was in and out of there fast would more then likely come back

Katie D

Very nice staff. Affordable prices!

Shaqualla Rogers

Jessie Mae

Military Mom

Kevin Nguyen

Nice folks

Ashley Hufft

Katherine McGowan

Audrey Muzingo

I'm confused about the reviewer from 3 days ago whose cat died during sedation --very sad about it too, but the part that's confusing to me is all the charges for testing. At this clinic, I've had one cat neutered a couple years ago and one spayed just over a week ago, and none of those extra procedures were mandatory (not even rabies vaccination, which surprised me). Everything was an opt-in line item on the form, which I filled out in the clinic. I specifically asked about the 'CPR' item ("Would this charge apply even if you are unsuccessful reviving her and she dies?") and they said yes. So I didn't check it, knowing how rare it is even for humans to be revived with CPR. They did go ahead and give her a flea treatment because apparently her fipronil had worn off and they saw a couple fleas. My total was only $55 tax and all, which I challenge anyone to find non-charity spaying anywhere nearly as affordable. And then consider how much a human hysterectomy would cost. Veterinary professionals have to go through just as much schooling as human-servicing ones, if not more. They have to learn the anatomies and disease profiles of MULTIPLE species mind you, ones who can't speak and describe their symptoms by the way. Vets/techs work for pennies on the dollar compared to MD's/nurses, so let's not assume people go into this field for money, or that they aren't affected by the tragedies they encounter. The fact that this clinic contributes to Mobile by offering such affordable pet sterilization is to be applauded. I observed an all-woman staff working their tails off, and I picked up my cat pretty alert, ready to eat, and her incision is healing BEAUTIFULLY. NICE WORK LADIES--YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED!!!

Jessica McGarvey

Brandon Slade

The most caring staff. Absolutely the only place you would want to take your pet. You always feel like family when your arrive and your pet is treated like one of their own. Also very affordable pricing for routine and complex procedures. Harley is amazing!

Kitty Prince

They were extremely helpful and kind. Their prices are affordable and genuinely are concerned about my pets.

Montez Sartain Smith

KatiaJanovski .

I recently lost my baby Wally and the amazing staff and Superb vet made the incredibly painful process so much better. The genuine empathy and compassion they showed me will never be forgotten. A week later I received a condolence card for Wally signed by the entire staff. Something as simple as that meant the world, they are truly awesome people. They are the best animal care clinic in Mobile, not to mention, one of the most affordable. They are in this business for the animal, not money.

Vee Jackson

They always take excellent of my fur babies

Dustin Judice

debby coburn

Robert William

I'm very disappointed !

R Duhon

Fantastic experience.

Rachel Strom

Alex Calder

I've now taken both of my cats here several times and every time has been absolutely phenomenal!! The women at the front are sweet, the vet techs are sweet, and the veterinarians themselves are incredible! I'm not nervous to bring my cats here because I know they are in safe hands! Thank you, Springhill Animal Clinic!!!

oyindamola McCracken

They are good people that care about your family pet!

Lori Crawford

I love Dr. Edmunds and the staff. Very reasonable prices too.

Irene Golson

Very informative and caring.

Deonté Smith

Such a Friendly Staff! Absolutely wonderful experience for my first time. They truly took the best care for my fur baby and he loved it!

Letha Cantrelle

Ryan Chinnis

They killed my cat and made me pay for it. I've been trying to take care of the stray population around a particular neighborhood by taking in and fostering kittens while getting the adult cats fixed. This has gotten rather expensive between litter, cat food, and vet bills. I had 2 male kittens that had not yet been adopted and it was time to get them fixed. So after researching prices I saw this place only charged $35 for a cat neuter. I made 2 appointments and felt like I finally caught a break. So the 2 males are brought in for their big day and a few hours later I receive a call that one of them did not wake up and they were doing cpr trying to revive him. I have never in all my 30 years of taking care of cats heard of any animal dying during a spay/neuter procedure. It is truly unheard of, and my regular vet agrees. They obviously did something wrong or did not truly screen my pet before putting him under. So after an entire day of crying over this, I go to pick up the one that did survive the hack job these people did, and my bill is over $300. 2 neuters plus cost of meds they used trying to revive the one they killed. So let me break down what it ACTUALLY costs for a cat neuter. $35 - neuter/sedation, $27.50 Prep Profile, $21.50 HM5(CBC), $19.75 IV, $32 Felv/FIV/HW Test. This totals $135.75. I was charged that for each neuter. These extra charges were NOT disclosed to me when I called to confirm their $35 neuter price. They intentionally withheld this information from me. In Summary: the price is the same as going to an actual vet that knows what they're doing and will take care of your pet. Do not waste your money here. This place is a back alley chop shop and it is now my mission to spread the truth about this place so no one has to go through the pain I did.

Soulless Ginger

Horrible service and communication.

Braceface Maya

Jeanette Tunstall

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