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REVIEWS OF Southside Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Mary Miranda

Just wanted to thank the staff and Dr Bowls for giving my dog a thorough wellness exam. I appreciated his input about flea, tick, and heart worm preventions. Our vet tech was also extremely knowledgeable and so good with our dog Rosie. Their pricing is competitive and are happy to provide quotes.

Britney Williams

Email is a great tool to have to ask a question about your pet. I’m a huge since the vets here was able to me why my Boxer dog was losing hair! Hate I’ll be moving soon!

Elizabeth Stowe

Katie Miller

Southside is such a wonderful place. The staff is always friendly and remember my pup from previous visits. I've seen two different vet doctors and they have both been amazing. Really no complaints about this place. Definitely recommend them for vet care!

Amy Lynn Larwig

This veterinarian office is very close to our home and had good reviews, so we began taking our cats there about a year ago. Last December 2011, our 7 year old domestic was losing weight, vomiting, and refusing food, so we brought her in for an exam. We were told that she seemed fine and was probably having some acid reflux. There was nothing more than a physical exam performed; no bloodwork, ultrasound, etc. She continued to lose weight and get sick over the next few months and developed lumps under her skin. We had also been taking our other cat there multiple times due to some urinary problems and were getting no answers, so we decided to switch to another vet all together. Unfortunately, our sweet kitty lost her battle with cancer in Aug 2012, which explained her weight loss, vomiting, and refusal to eat back in December. I can't help but feel like the vet at Southside didn't dig deep enough to investigate the cause of her symptoms and instead dismissed them, leading to her disease progression. Had there been further inquiry when we brought her in, we may have been able to do more to help her. Overall, Southside doesn't seem to have adequate ability to diagnose and offer solutions for sick pets.

Nancy Smiley-Stein

This was our first visit. I was impressed with Dr. Haney and his assistant. It is such a chore for me to take Gray to the vet, this was the best yet. Gray, my cat, loves attention, and he sure got plenty with this visit. Some test were run, and sent off for testing. Dr. Haney was very prompt to call and explain the results. The entire staff was a delight. Thank you!

Tessa Schoepke

Your office is so great. The best I’ve had with a vetnerarian office. I love that you have a separate corner in the waiting room for nervous kitties. The vet tech was sweet and brought in a towel with feliway to calm my poor scared cat. And the vet was so nice and helped explain the diagnosis and treatment clearly and genuinely cared to get to know me.

Mary Miranda

Just wanted to thank the staff and Dr Bowls for giving my dog a thorough wellness exam. I appreciated his input about flea, tick, and heart worm preventions. Our vet tech was also extremely knowledgeable and so good with our dog Rosie. Their pricing is competitive and are happy to provide quotes.

Charis Knight

My baby and I love this place ❤

Melissa Stamm

I can't recommend Southside Animal Hospital highly enough. I've had 6 cats and 4 dogs seen by them since I became a client, so I've pretty much seen every vet on staff since 2004- and all have been amazing. They really take time to talk to you at whatever depth/length you need. I am always able to get an appointment promptly. They are compassionate and considerate - especially when the news is bad. There's just no place I'd rather take my babies. I love Southside!

Madeleine Donovan

The entire staff were welcoming, courteous and knowledgeable.

danielle lewis

We love Southside Animal Hospital! Our dog, Briley has been going there for almost 7 years and we can't imagine taking her any place else. Everyone knows Briley by name and they are so sweet to her. Briley enjoys going there, too, in spite of her anxiety issues. Everyone on staff is super helpful and friendly. They offer solutions to any pet concerns. We always board Briley at Southside Animal Hospital when we are on vacation, we take her there to get baths, she's had her teeth cleaned, and we've had check-ups there. I'd recommend Southside to anyone with a pet because of their expert advice and care of your pet!

Donald Goodwin

Laura Virgin

Great doctors who really care about my cats . All of the staff are courteous and caring .

John Hawks

Just a note for my dog's former vets at Southside Animal Hospital: In the future, please remember that some of your clients struggle paying our bills month by month, and it's a huge stretch for us to pay for the treatments, tests, and medication refills that our pets need. We're not stupid - we trust what you're telling us, but when it's a choice between the rent and my beagle's heart meds, there will be months when he'll have to wait a couple of days before his next refill. I mention this because (a) when you step outside the exam room and shut the door, you may not be aware that I can still hear you when you're standing in the hallway talking loudly with your techs about how sad it is that I'm not taking better care of my dog, (b) when you tell me in the lobby, in front of other clients and the front desk workers, that I should consider "giving up cable and maybe not going out as much" so that I can afford the meds, that just embarrasses me to my core, and (c) when you sent me home last night with this month's refills in bottles with labels that carried new instructions - in ALLCAPS, so I wouldn't miss them - such as "NEED TO REFILL SO HE DOES NOT RUN OUT," the only thing that snark accomplished is that I took 5 minutes at the office this morning to call the vets on Murphy Road to set up a new client consultation next week ...

Britney Williams

Email is a great tool to have to ask a question about your pet. I’m a huge since the vets here was able to me why my Boxer dog was losing hair! Hate I’ll be moving soon!

Nancy Fourre

We love Southside Animal Hospital! When I moved down here 13 yrs ago my first dog choose them over 3 other hospitals. They have been great to work with over the years. The staff and Doctors are all kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. I'm now on my third dog and he loves going to see Dr. Tobe!

Meagan Underwood

Ashley Barrientes

Coti Howell

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Singleton! She's helped my puppy so much, I am so grateful. Today we came in for help learning about IVs and Eric was absolutely incredible. I am so thankful he made me comfortable with the process and taught me what I needed to know. He truly took the time to help us, thoroughly explain everything and answer questions. I love this place!

Nancy Mathews

Southside is the best! I am very happy with the care my pets receive and the staff are always friendly and caring. Dr. Singleton has gone above and beyond to ensure my pets well being. I highly recommend this clinic, you won't be sorry.

Cray Beats

Charisse Merriwether

The office visit and exam were great. The extra conversation about my pets behavior were unprofessional and unnecessary. I hope it didn't hurt the staffs ears or cause damage.

Dawn Doglover

Please do not risk the health of your pet by bringing him/her to this place. I brought my two dogs here two years ago after a recommendation from my former boss. What a conveyer belt! The receptionists are rude most of the time. They charged me for things without telling me about the costs first, later gave me a refund credit. They charged me for annual physical checkup by the vet but did not even examine her or they would have noticed that she's pregnant (I asked the vet to check my dog after she was kicking us out, and only then she finally did that). They only care about money and not the actual care of pets. The vet did not even contact me how my at risk pregnant dog is doing throughout the whole pregnancy, and then I could not find anyone to help me and answer some questions. I took my perfectly calm and healthy dog there for a checkup and they took her away, and I don't know what they gave her or what they did to her, but she was brought back to me all frustrated, and kept throwing up for a few days afterwards. No followups from them, no phone calls to make sure the pet is still doing ok after major surgeries, nothing. If you care about your pet one least bit, do not bring them to this place.

Stacey Leonard

Misty Brown

To say I am disappointed in Southside Animal Hospital is an understatement. I have a 13-year-old Yorkie that has been with Dr. Tobe Singleton from 8 weeks old. She knows how important Ella is to me and treats her like family. I have had animals all my life and have never had such a wonderful Vet that absolutely goes above and beyond to care for her patients. When I found out that she was let go from Southside I was shocked!! Southside was a great clinic before it was taken over by a corporation that now only cares about the dollar, not the care of their staff and patients. Shame on you Southside! You lost an amazing Veterinarian and my business because we will follow Dr. Tobe Singleton anywhere.

John Netti

We take our cat and dog here. the staff is great and the doctors are all fantastic!

Christy Kent

Drip Drop

I was so pleased at how well they took care of my scared kitty that needed sedation to shave his matting off. He's doing wonderfully now! Thanks to the entire staff

Karen Scott

Every single person employed at this clinic does an amazing job. They show so much care, concern and compassion for our sweet little dog. I cant imagine going anywhere else!

Kristy B

A year ago I would never have given Southside Animal Hospital anything less than a five-star review. However, today, I cannot give it anything more than a one-star. My pets have been going to Southside for over ten years and would only see Dr. Tobe Singleton. She is by far the most caring, competent, and experienced vet I have ever known. She provided such amazing care for my cats. I am 100% certain she added many years to their lives. She also cared for my special needs dog. Southside Animal Hospital did not get my two cats to ages 19 years and 20 years. Dr. Singleton did that. And she always did it in a kind, loving way. Sorry, Southside, but I will not be back. Where Dr. Singleton leads, we will follow.

Bruce Burton

Very professional and caring staff. Convenient location

Nicole McGoodwin

Vets are so kind and informative. You can tell they care. We have had to drop in with emergencies several times and you have always accommodated us. Technicians are so friendly, everyone is always smiling. Love the atmosphere and decor. Our cat had several run ins with other animals and we were never scolded or judged for letting him out.

Lori Maddox

I had to have my beloved dog of 13+ years put to sleep. I have never experienced a more loving, compassionate experience. Dr. Bellies and his assistant were so wonderful that it was a peaceful experience. Afterwards, I received a card and Bosco’s paw prints from Dr. B. I will never forget that. Many thanks. ❤️

Debbie Domalik

After two years we won't be back. If you enjoy being talked to in a condescending and patronizing tone, being lectured and generally being spoken to as if your stupid, you'll like this place. As for me and my pets we won't return.

Sarah E. Tinsley

We were a walk-in. I called the evening before when I noticed a lump on my cat. They advised I get there at 8am on Saturday but it could be a long wait. I waited about 5 minutes. They were great about getting me in! They also were super sweet to my cat and very gentle. I was out by 8:45. While checking out a guest inquired about having their cat declawed and the employee provided pricing but also said that the guest would need to consult with the vet as declawing is something they don't recommend and wanted to take time with them to provide them reasons on why they shouldn't declaw and options to help with the cat clawing. I am very against declawing and loved that they are too!!! Everyone is super nice!!! We have been taking our 2 cats there for about 3 years and have also taken our rescue pup since we got her. I highly recommend Southside!!!

stephanie clayton

Christy Jackson

I cannot say enough great things about this office! From the front office to the vets and vet techs, they're all wonderful. Compassionate, knowledgable and always willing to answer as many questions as I may have. When my senior dog was in intensive care in November, the doctors kept me updated. Even going so far as to call me more than once a day to ease my mind. If you're looking for an excellent vet, Southside is the best.

Sandy Simmons

I have always been pleased with Southside. They take good care of animals and go out of their way to make them comfortable when they board them. Highly recommend.

Nicole McGoodwin

Vets are so kind and informative. You can tell they care. We have had to drop in with emergencies several times and you have always accommodated us. Technicians are so friendly, everyone is always smiling. Love the atmosphere and decor. Our cat had several run ins with other animals and we were never scolded or judged for letting him out.

Amanda Ryder

Brought our dog here as a new patient when she was acutely ill, they took her right in that morning and unfortunately had to keep her for 36hrs for fluids and antibiotics (but they has no space or time issues doing so). Dr. Singleton was absolutely amazing, so nice, caring, and knowledgeable. She as well as the tech updated me multiple times a day and let us visit and take our pup out on a walk to keep her spirits up. For the first time ever in my dogs life she didn't mind getting walked back into the back, she normally fights like crazy and has to be pulled back. The front desk people were very nice. Their prices weren't outrageous and they didn't do or add anything unnecessary for her treatment. They made great recommendations on preventative products to ensure my pets health. I will absolutely be switching both my dogs over to this vet clinic to see Dr Singleton. Thank you southside animal hospital for taking great care of my girl when she was sick.

Joy Smith

All the Vet personnel were so personable and you can tell they love the animals as well as their owners!

Lori Zimmerle

Hands down this is the best animal hospital! I have been taking my 2 cats there for over 10 years and would not hesitate to recommend any of the doctors there although Dr Singleton is my favorite. Everyone there has a genuine concern for animals and their owners. And besides being a great vet, they have also helped me in situations with stray animals in need. They aren't in this for the money. They really try to help and they care about the welfare of animals in need. Their kindness and compassion set them apart. I wouldn't take my fur babies anywhere else.

Kayla Weber

This is truly the best veterinary clinic in Nashville! From the front desk to the doctors to the technician staff, they all care so much and are willing to go above and beyond for your fur baby. The price things accurately and will give you options for treatments. Dr. Tobe Singleton is one of the best veterinarians I have ever worked with, she really cares about every animal that walks through that door. After moving here and being so worried about what clinic we would go to and starting all over, we were so lucky to find Southside Animal Hospital!

Sharon Terry

I found Dr. Singleton and the team members to be deeply committed to providing quality, caring & loving services so pets could maintain the healthiest life possible.

Colleen Egan

I am so happy I found this place. I needed to take my cat in this morning without an appointment, and as a new "patient". Even though they didn't have an open time slot, they were able to put me in a room right away. After 3 minutes, the technician came in, and the doctor came in no more than 10 minutes after that. Both were so caring and calming, and explained everything thoroughly. When there was a delay in the back, the doctor came out to let me know what was going on and give me options. Although I had to leave her for more tests, I was in and out of there in 45 minutes, and the doctor followed up with me throughout the day. She took the time to answer all of my questions and help set me at ease. This place has won my repeat business for sure. I just hope next time will be for something routine!

Chris Pramas

Brandi Herring

Never had a bad experience with any of the doctors at Southside. I've even gotten follow up calls after appointments because the veterinarian wanted to check on my dog! I won't go anywhere else.

Rachel Hoffman

Southside has provided excellent care for our pets for over a decade. Everyone is helpful and kind. We are so, so thankful for them!

Melanie Smith

The people at Southside genuinely care about your pet and it's well-being! We've been to a few different vets in the Nashville area, and no one went above and beyond our expectations like Southside did (& still does)!!!! Thank you!!!

Kathy Hutchison

Dr. Singleton and Southside is the best Animal Hospital in Nashville. Her personal care was very supportive when one of my Siamese passed away and there is no one else in Nashville that I would take my Siamese too. She is also rescue friendly and that is important to me since I work in Siamese Rescue. I can highly recommend this clinic for all your pets.

Jeff Falone

Tara Lynn

There are too many good things I could say about Southside. Both of my cats, Chandler and Delilah, have been going to Southside since we moved to Nashville about 4 years ago. Between the two of them they've been treated for what seems like just about everything. Not only are the doctors and staff extremely knowledgeable but they are also more than willing to answer any questions I may have. I have always felt like I was a part of team in making decisions in the care for both kitties. Every single person there is friendly and compassionate and that goes a long way especially during stressful visits. Dr. Grigsby loves on Chandler and Delilah as if they were her own pets and I trust her and the rest of the staff there wholeheartedly. :) We are so grateful for Southside and everyone there!

Amber Jackson

We have a large dog who can be especially difficult during vet visits due to both her size and her anxiety. Dr. Steele and the rest of the Southside staff always do such an amazing job with her every single time. We would never consider taking her anywhere else. We are so grateful for Dr. Steele for always being so patient with her and treating her as she would treat her own furry family members. She always makes our visits as easy on us and our dog as possible.

Janna Hubble

Dr Singleton and all staff at Southside are excellent. The best animal hospital in this area.

Lori Maddox

I had to have my beloved dog of 13+ years put to sleep. I have never experienced a more loving, compassionate experience. Dr. Bellies and his assistant were so wonderful that it was a peaceful experience. Afterwards, I received a card and Bosco’s paw prints from Dr. B. I will never forget that. Many thanks. ❤️

Marissa Grimes

Everyone there is awesome! The doctors I've had the pleasure of meeting have always taken their time talking with me. I can tell they genuinely care about the welfare of my Buddy, which is why I don't mind driving from Spring Hill for my Buddy's healthcare. Thank you! Y'all rock!

Nancy Coste

Amazing! We have been seeing Dr. Singleton for the past 13 years and can't even possibly list all of the incredible care we have received but to note a few: She shared our sorrow with the passing of our first Golden, Luke. Unfortunately we had to go to an emergency clinic since it was a weekend, but she called afterwards with extreme compassion and followed up with a lovely sympathy card. Our second Golden, Tucker, was larger than life in attitude (& physically at over 100#) & Dr. Singleton embraced his uniqueness. We now have a Golden who we rescued (she weighed 2#), a chocolate lab we adopted from a neighbor and a rescue that is black lab/greyhound. She has commented on more than one occasion about our taking in these animals. We are thankful every day that she graces us with her knowledge and compassion. We are going to be moving soon but will still be making the 30 minute trip to see her! WE LOVE DR. SINGLETON and SOUTHSIDE!

Patty J Dorsano

I’ve been going to Southside for 2 years now and we are in love with Dr. Steele. I don’t know what we would do without her, she is compassionate, super smart, caring and really truly cares about our pets! The staff is so caring and love my blind kitty and my diabetic senior kitty. We board those 2 cats when we go away and I never worry about them because I know they are getting more attention there than at home! We have several cats that recently have had dentals with major bad teeth and after Dr. Steele does her magic they are feeling so much better. Last but not least we have a 7 month old Bernese mountain dog with intestinal problems! Yikes! A puppy with constant diarrhea, thankfully Dr. Steele figure that out as well and that’s under control! The reason I am writing such a long posting is so you the reader probably looking for a veterinarian you can trust with your fur babies will see that I speak from experience. Oh yah one more thing, cats and dogs have separate sides of the waiting room, I think that’s brilliant. Give them a call, Beth and Leslie are great receptionists and will take good care of you. I highly recommend Southside and Dr. Steele.

Kelly Griffor

I have lived in the area for about 2 years and have struggled to find a vet for my dog that I liked. I struggled so much that I actually gave up finding a vet here and scheduled all my dogs appointments with our normal vet back in Michigan for times I knew we would be home. However, my dog got sick and was acting very weird so I had to bring him to a vet down here. I called and told the receptionist my concerns and they allowed me to bring my dog in early that same morning. When I met with the doctor she recommended an x-ray. It turned out my dog had a large mass on his spleen. The doctor was fantastic in talking to me about my options. She sat on the floor of the office and pet my dog the entire time she talked me through my options. She was very patient with me as I asked all of my questions. We probably talked about my options for almost an hour. The whole time she pet my dog and was very sympathetic. I left to think about my options. Later that same day I returned to have an ultrasound on my dog. This time another doctor met with us. Again, the doctor was fantastic and very patient. We ended up having to have surgery on my dog. The doctor called me the night before surgery at 7:30 PM to answer some last minute questions I had thought of. After surgery they called me right away to let me know things went well. They also called later at night, again after office hours, to give me another update on my dog. When I picked my dog up they very carefully explained what I needed to do with the meds. Two weeks later I had to take my dog to have his staples removed. This time, I did not need to meet with a doctor. Instead two assistance removed the staples. Both assistance were very friendly and gentle with my dog. In two weeks I had 8 encounters with this office and each time they were patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Kay Coggins

We used Southside to care for our pets, but we are done with them. Not only have their charges climbed over the past couple of years, they forced our favorite vet out with no notice. We requested our pets medical records and are taking them with us to another place.

Brooke Nemchak

My cat has been to the same vet since she was born, but we needed to find a new one when we moved here to Nashville. After a lot of research, Southside Animal Hospital lived up to its excellent reputation. They were very friendly and welcoming. Will recommend them to all of my friends with pets.

Amanda Newcomb

Best animal hospital in Nashville! I’m a pretty neurotic dog mom and everyone at Southside is always patient with all my questions, and treat my dogs with so much love. I have an anxious dog, and Dr Grigsby and technician Cade are the first vet staff to ever treat him without him being muzzled. My other dog loves everyone and all the techs and receptionists at Southside give him lots of affection and attention every time he comes in. From the front desk to the doctors, I trust Southside with my babies.

Sara Rusinek

We were extremely pleased with everyone who we met while there with the two cats. We have a 14 year old cat who does not like going to the vet's office, but once he was in the arms of the vet and the vet tech he felt relaxed and calm. The kitten just loved watching everyone while we were there. They made my fur babies feel like they were at home when sometimes it can be stressful for all. I highly recommend Southside Animal Hospital to anyone needing a new vet or looking for one.

Barry Veterinary Hospital

Linsey Yarbrough

Denton Vet Center

Barbara Jones

It is my understanding that most of the employees that are shown on their website have moved on to other companies. This includes Dr. Haney and Dr. Burch. They really should stay current with their website. It's sad some of our favorite employees like Jennifer, Cade and Maryann no longer work there. :(

Margaret Sanguinetti

I love the care my Dobermans receive at Southside Animal Hospital. My favorite vet is Dr. Singleton as she was the first vet who completed the full examination with them standing on the floor instead of putting them on the table My dogs love Dr. Singleton. Thanks for the great service.

Hickory Plaza Vet Clinic

Hickory Plaza Veterinary Clinic closed in February 2017. We recommend and trust our clients to transition their veterinary relationship to Southside Animal Hospital.

Donna Zwanziger

John Cardoni

A year ago Dr. Singleton performed surgery on our Luna Bella's hind left leg. Within about 6 months you wouldn't have known it. Luna walks normally, able to go up/down stairs, and even tries to run sometimes. :) Thank you so much Dr. Singleton (and the others we've seen over the years). We trusted you, and are grateful for it. There's a reason we travel from Hermitage to still see Southside. Sorry this review is so late.

Marti Laurendine

My oldest dog has been going to Southside for 7 yrs. She sees Dr. Tobe Singleton and I cannot be more pleased. Dr. Singleton has been so so good to my animals. I now have another dog who also sees Dr. Singleton. I must say that I am so glad that I was referred to them. I have not had a bad experience and the staff is so so sweet and kind. I went through alot with one of my dogs and the staff could not have been better. Dr. Singleton even came to the emergency vet in Cool Springs when my dog was there to see me. They are the best!!!!! You will NOT be disappointed if you choose this group of professionals.

Emily Miller

Dr Steele is amazing! We take all of our animals to see her and always get quality and compassionate care!

Courtney McCormack

I absolutely love Southside! Tobe has been the best Veterinarian I have ever some across. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and I always know my pets are in the best of hands with her. She has helped us through some difficult times with a couple of our pets and they have all made a speedy recovery. In general the staff at Southside has always been helpful and friendly. I have never been pressured to do something that was not necessary or they really thought was needed.......unlike other clinics I have used in the past. Southside Animal Hospital is the only place I recommend and the only place I will ever take any of my pets. Thank you for being such an Amazing facility.

Laura Beth Hodge

I do not have enough good things to say about Southside! My sweet Penny has so many different medical complications, so we are there quite often. Dr. Boles goes the extra mile to make sure I understand all the medical options and outcomes, even taking time after hours to call me on my cell; I never feel forced or rushed into making a decision for her. The vet techs are so kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work. I would recommend Southside to any pet parent!

Deanna Smith

I have been in Nashville since 2010 and have taken cats and dogs to various vets around town. Southside is by far the best veterinary office in the Nashville area. I am beyond satisfied with the team of vets that we see and I never feel as if they are up-selling me or trying to do extra procedures without my approval. Their pricing is better than some other area vets and they take their time. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet in the greater Nashville area.

Mobley Veterinary Clinic

Kendall Wheat

Wonderful staff! They're so understanding, and caring. I couldn't imagine taking Meeko anywhere else. Thanks for all you do!

Shannon Howell

We've been visiting Southside since 1995 and quite frankly wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The staff knows me and my pets by name and love them as much as I do. I have recommended them to every friend I have that has a pet. Check this out: A new neighbor was told to go to another vet and she had been doing so for about a year. She was caring for my dog while I was out of town recently and took him to Southside for me, where she met the staff and our favorite vet, Dr. Singleton. She was so impressed by the friendly and professional staff and loved Dr. Singleton's genuine love for my dog. She now takes her pup to Dr. Singleton!

Penny Neal

Dr. Singleton is the best. I can't say enough good about her care of my babies through the years. If you are looking for a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate Vet to care for your animals you will not find better. The entire staff is great, you can tell that they love what they do.

Kevin & Holly Brown

We had a great visit with Dr. Grigsby and the staff. Everyone was friendly and very attentive to our new kitty Milo and explained everything in detail and provided great recommendations. We have heard excellent feedback from David and Crystal Hiller and we have experienced the same each time we have visited your facility and therefore we will continue using your vet practice because of this experience. Keep up the great work and appreciate the level of care you provide to our animals!

Caroline Iacono

We love Dr. Tobe Singleton and all of the staff at Southside. They are quick with appointments and responding to emails, and they always make time for emergencies (even if it's only an emergency to us!). Dr. Singleton has been in the lives of all four of the dogs I've owned/fostered as an adult. She has been great with all of them, from the scared antisocial ones to the rambunctious puppy. Throughout the end of our senior dog's life, she was always available to listen to our concerns and explain our options, and we got a card from the whole staff when he passed away. It's clearly a labor of love for everyone involved; Dr. Singleton remembers personal details about both human and canine members of my family, and the front desk techs are always very friendly and accommodating.

jennifer seul caywood

We've loved and trusted Southside Animal Hospital for more than 10 years and happily refer friends and family. Southside has become a reliable and trusted extension of our family; the dogs do a happy dance in the car when I tell them we're going to see Dr. Tobe! We're always greeted by name when we come running through the door and never have to sit in a crowed waiting room. Over the years, we've taken all of our general and acute canine needs into their exam rooms: allergies, arthritis, liver woes, eye troubles, surgeries, dental work, specialty diet needs, nail injuries, even boarding and bathing because I know they can and want to help us. They make life easy and also offer a mail order service for some of our medical care- saves me tons of time! I've paid a lot of vet bills over the years and always feel the value and peace of mind we receive from Southside far exceeds the charges for care.

Its LaceyTime

We LOVE Southside Animal Hospital! We were very nervous to find a vet after moving to Nashville, but were extremely impressed with Dr. Toby immediately. We could tell right away that she has a passion for the well being of all animals. She made us feel like she cared for our little Westie, Katie The Dog, just as much as we did! I am using past tense because our sweet Katie passed away in May of this year. She was 16 years old! Dr. Tobe guided us through that whole process with such compassion. As a matter of fact, the entire staff did. Everyone there is truly wonderful! We can't wait to get a new puppy soon. Without any hesitation, we will certainly begin her journey at Southside.

Jessica Daily

Dr. Singleton and Dr. Grigsby are both absolutely wonderful! Everyone at the clinic has been kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. We took our puppy in for surgery to Dr. Singleton at Southside and loved the experience so much that we will use them exclusively for our other three furry friends. This is hands down the best veterinary clinic I've used.

Richland Animal Clinic

John Wingfield

We have been clients of Southside for many years. They have taken care of our two dogs. Recently, we had to put one down and I cannot say enough kind things about how they handled our dog and family. They truly care for you and your animals. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great vet.

Katherine Allen

Thanks for fitting us in last minute on a Friday evening so our dog could start medication to resolve her problem quickly!

Tbrun B

Donna H

I take my pets to Dr James Bolles at Southside. He is a good listener, a wonderful, and very caring veterinarian. I always trust that my babies are in the best of hands.

Rain Fisher

Sarah Reeves

I could not have asked for a better place for my dog. The staff and Drs. Stumb and Steele are all so caring - you really feel and know that they are doing all they can for your pet. I can't recommend them more highly.

Julia Hickey

The staff at Southside are generally well-meaning towards animals and your pet will (probably) receive at least decent care. However, it is a terrible place to work. With the exception of a few, staff attitudes towards humans are not good. I was given a "training packet" by the very young girl who "trained" me, containing almost 50% information I was later told I did not need to know, and missing at least 30% information I was later told was the entirety of my responsibilities. The receptionists were rude to me every single day, and the staff talked badly not only about me, but about their clients! Instead of correcting me on the spot when I was doing something they didn't like, they talked about me behind my back, in some cases in a manner that was personal and cruel. Obviously, this could have been a bigger danger to the animals than it was to me or them, as open and professional communication is essential in a medical field. While the owners are also well-meaning people and kept the employee discount on my account long after I left, the receptionists have continued to be exceedingly rude to my boyfriend every time he takes our dog there. Many of these people are, for the most part, immature and inconsiderate children. They spend a great deal of their time on and off the job complaining about other people. They also have serious authority/hierarchy problems that get in the way of the job getting done. I would recommend taking your pet somewhere with better staff communication and relations.

Barbara Jones

It is my understanding that most of the employees that are shown on their website have moved on to other companies. This includes Dr. Haney and Dr. Burch. They really should stay current with their website. It's sad some of our favorite employees like Jennifer, Cade and Maryann no longer work there. :(

Sandra Shugart

We've been clients for 16 years. I trust them, they have always treated my animals extremely well and given them the best care. Highly recommend.

Diane Cunningham

Dr. Tobe Singleton is the BEST! She has been taking care of me for eight years, she has watched me grow up. The staff are so friendly, they had treats on the desk today, Mom got one for me. Dr. Tobe is so gentle with me, she gave me treats before giving me my vaccination, I didn't feel the shot because I was still chewing on my treats. Mom asked Dr. Tobe some questions about me, it appears that Mom does a good job taking care of me too, she follows Dr. Tobe's advice, feeds me really good food, has my teeth cleaned at Southside, and buys these chewy treats that help my joints. Oh yes, Mom also buys this "stuff" that keeps the fleas and ticks off of me and because I don't like the heart worm chews, and the "stuff" protects me from heart worms, did I say I am picky. Mom says Southside is so reasonable on the cost of my visits and the "stuff" she buys for me. Mom loves Southside Animal Hospital as much as I do. I am always excited to get there, barking to get out of the car and can't wait to get inside. Take your furry children to Southside, you won't be disappointed, Mom agrees with me, an amazing place! Be sure and ask for Dr. Tobe Singleton, the best vet in town! Lucy and Mom

Mae Harrison

I can not say enough amazing things about Southside Animal Clinic. We have taken our animals to this vet for over a decade and have received the best service and care. Dr. steele has been our most recent vet and she is so caring and knowledgeable, she really goes above and beyond for our fur family and we respect her training and advice for everything related to our cat and dogs health. She makes us feel as though she genuinely does care about our animals health and happiness. They really do give you your options in regards to your financial situation and try to work with what you can afford. We have even had to put down two of our elderly babies here and they were so emotionally supportive and were so understanding to our pain. We feel loved and cared for by these doctors and this wonderful clinic.

Rita Filek

DR Grigsby is the best! She takes care of my 3 girls as if they were her own. The front desk staff go above and beyond always! I love Southside Animal Hospital!!

Hilary Stapleton

Staff at Southside are ABOVE the bar. They love the animals, one and all! Dr Bolles is a caring, considerate and conservative professional. Ive brought my pets to them over 10 years and wont go anywhere else.

Dianne Shelbrack

Thanks to the Saturday, June 8, 2019, crew for working us in before closing time. We appreciate your staying late to find out what was causing our fur baby difficulty in walking. Everyone has always been so caring, so not surprised at all.

Dee Conaway

Lorinda Weiss

If you are looking for a vet that will take care of your pet/pets, Southside animal hospital is by far the BEST place to go. They have been taking care of all my critters for 15+ years and the service they provide is impeccable!! From the reception staff to all the vets - Dr. Singleton has been my primary vet and can't be more satisfied.

Terri Phillips

Chris Bozman

Worst vet ever hurt my dog ears

Molly Brooks

We love the doctors and staff here. Dr. Singleton was very thorough with both my dogs and clearly has a passion for their well being. The office is clean and cheerful. Prices are very reasonable! Response time to questions and concerns has always been very prompt, and follow ups are always done as well. Very happy with this clinic and how they take care of my girls.

Marissa Young

I've been going to Southside Animal Hospital the past 13 years with my dogs. We primarily see Dr. Singleton, she is amazing. Kind, great with my dogs, and I always feel like she gives me options without trying to push me to do anything. Front desk staff is friendly and helpful. The vet techs are great with my dogs. In particular, I was there yesterday with my oldest dog and the vet tech Eric was super nice during a tough situation. I would recommend Southside Animal Hospital to any of my friends.

Velma Van Ault

They know their stuff. Dr's Napier, Steele, and others are all caring and knowing individuals. They're nursing staff are super efficient and helpful. Now if only I could get my pets to their appts on time so as not to inconvenience anyone

Tina Brooks

Dr. Singleton at Southside Animal Hospital is exceptional. Everything you should hope for in a veterinarian...

Julie Cosby

We love Southside Animal Hospital! Dr. Napier has been an angel helping get our sweet Duff back to normal! Her bedside manner is wonderful, and she really listens to us and explains everything she is doing throughout the process. It is because of her that we continue to go to Southside!

Tanya Stone

Dr. Grigsby and the staff are awesome and make my dog feel like their favorite.

Connie Moore

This was my first visit to Southside with my newly adopted shelter cat and I wasn't disappointed. From the moment I walked in, I was met with friendly, exceptional staff. The layout of the exam rooms offered a privacy I have not experienced before. Dr. Bolles took time to diagnose Marabella's condition (parasites) and made sure I understood what to do. I will definitely return to Southside when needed. This is Marabella's go to vet!

Cindy Lopez

Excellent vets and staff. They really care about your fur babies as much as you do and they have excellent service and facilities.

Mary Abkemeier

We are happy with the courteous, friendly, professional, caring staff at Southside Animal Hospital. The prices are in a normal range and the facility is clean. Great service!

Anne Tyler

We have been going to South Side animal hospital for 7 years. We have loved having Dr Steele as our doctor but several dealings with them have made us finally part ways. The first was when we had an emergency when our dog suddenly fell seriously ill in the car. We happened to be going by so we stopped for help. They were closing in 10 minutes. The receptionists barely stopped talking to each other to awknowlege us and told us to go to an Emergency Vet. I get they were closing but had she really had something life threatening another 30 minute car trip could have made a difference. They weren't doing anything and certainly could have helped a long time client. Slowly after we have noticed the HUGELY INFLATED BILLS. $17. 50 for a nail trim they don't warn of the high charge just ask if you want your dogs nails clipped to $20 for a single benedryl. Finally we noticed the vaccinations were literally twice as much as other places so the last few years we would go elsewhere for vaccinations. The last straw was dealing with their VERY RUDE and short employee named Jennifer. We had to get an international health ceritficate for our dogs. They slapped us with a $460 for 2 dogs and mind you our dogs already had vaccinations. When we talked to the APHIS department when getting our paperwork done they said a vet up the road did it for $50. So we called and asked why we were charged so much when everywhere posted was a fraction of the cost. Jennifer was rude and short. Didn't care when speaking with me or my husband. The place has gotten so greedy we are sad to part ways. Dr Steele herself is wonderful and Beth at the front desk is amazing. We have been through a lot together in 7 years. We will NOT be back anymore. We are not appreciated and definitely taken advantage of. I have read through other feedback they were taken over by a cooperation and now only care about money. I can attest that is true!

Alisa Blanchard

Dr Singleton is great! She has cared for our chihuahua for many years and even though he can be "high maintenance" at times, she treats him with 100% compassion and love. She is very knowledgeable and very down to earth as well. Highly recommend her!!

Lance Osborne

We took our Golden Retriever, Sadie, here for 7 years before moving to Kentucky. Besides offering excellent general care, Dr. Singleton performed not one but two surgeries (ACL repair) on Sadie, both times with amazing results. The costs were always reasonable (believe me - we shopped around since surgery is expensive) and the care was excellent through the years.

Celine The dream

Everyone is nice. They treat nala like she's there own little baby. You can tell they all love animals and sincerely enjoy what they do. This will Always be my vet

Dan Zimmerle

We love Dr. Singleton and everyone at Southside. They really care and have taken excellent care of all our fur babies.

Beverly Borchert

I have been taking my large family of dogs and cats to Dr Tobe Singleton for many years. She is the most competent and caring Vet I have ever known. She has never done anything wrong the entire time I have known her. I adore my animals and she has taken me full circle with many of my pets and was there for my babies every step of the way. To me she was Southside. A couple of years ago, a corporation took over Southside Animal Hospital and it is no longer the wonderful place it was. The new management forced out the very best and most experienced Vet they had which was Dr Tobe Singleton. I was sick when I heard this and very angry at the management. I will not be back to Southside as I will follow Dr Singleton wherever she goes.

Natalie Dill

Great vet and reasonably priced. Danielle Grigsby is so sweet and you can tell she is passionate about what she does and it shows when she is working with the animals and she always has a smile on. All the tech's are super nice too. Clean environment and open on Saturdays!

Misty Goetze

I love it there, the front staff have always been really nice and helpful. All my pups come to see Dr Napier, she's always been extra kind and gentle with them. If your looking for a great vet, then you should come in ask for Dr Napier.

Rita Filek

DR Grigsby is the best! She takes care of my 3 girls as if they were her own. The front desk staff go above and beyond always! I love Southside Animal Hospital!!


Marsha Jones

Southside, the best animal hospital in the Nashville area!!! Dr. Singleton has been our vet for over ten years & she is amazing...along with everyone there!!! So friendly & knowledgeable from the front desk to back kennels. I have recommended Southside to all my friends who have pets.

Kathleen DiCorpo

I have many animals and require a lot of time and attention. The only place in nashville that can give me both is Southside animal hospital. Not only do they take excrptional care of my babies, as if they were their own; they give me the time, attention and care i need when my animals are sick or in distress. They are a family there and when you go there you are instantly part if the family. I just can't say enough about this group of honest, caring and compassionate people, and their front desk staff is the best!

Virginia Alden

The are all caring. Available and up to date on treatments.

Hilary Stapleton

Staff at Southside are ABOVE the bar. They love the animals, one and all! Dr Bolles is a caring, considerate and conservative professional. Ive brought my pets to them over 10 years and wont go anywhere else.

Rebecca Rose Bonneville

I have been bringing my dog here for four years and I won't bring her anywhere else. She's had health problems and all the doctors have been wonderful, front desk staff too.

L Miller

Renee Martin

jill donovan

Dianne Shelbrack

Thanks to the Saturday, June 8, 2019, crew for working us in before closing time. We appreciate your staying late to find out what was causing our fur baby difficulty in walking. Everyone has always been so caring, so not surprised at all.

Clay Wallace

Kelcy Morris

I highly recommend everyone take their beloved pets to Southside! We have been bringing our dogs here for over 10 years and we have referred several friends to Southside. Dr. Singleton and the rest of Southside's staff are more knowledgable and caring than any other animal hospital we visited previously. When we lost our golden retriever to cancer, they made us feel like part of the Southside family. When I've shared that experience with others, they are shocked because they've never experienced the same care and service with their veterinarians. We are forever grateful to Southside for being there at some of our most difficult moments.

Kari Johnson

I had gone to the same veterinarian for 20 years. I took a puppy from a friend and she had taken the litter of puppies to Dr. SIngleton. I decided to try Dr Singleton since my puppies records were already established there. I have not looked backed. She is totally committed. She treats her patients as she would want someone to treat her's. She follows up. She returns phone calls and is extremely easy to talk to. When I first started going to Dr Singleton I lived close to the clinic but we have moved and I pass many clinic to go to Southside. As far as I'm concerned she is the best! The staff is always friendly and loves the animals as well. I have recommended several friends to Dr Singleton and is loved by them as well.

Claire Purcell

Dr. Singleton and Southside Animal Hospital are awesome! Although she is my favorite veterinarian, I would definitely see anyone on staff there with no hesitation. No complaints here. They have cared for 3 cats and 2 dogs for me over the past few years and I recently even adopted another kitten from them that they had rescued. I highly recommend them for not only vet services but boarding too.

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