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3780 Riverchase Village Suite 3, Hoover, AL 35244

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REVIEWS OF PetSmart IN Alabama

Sylestina Deese

It's a really nice pet store but it's a little pricey so bring plenty of money!!!

Brenda Floyd

Great place to shop for pet supplies! Has a grooming salon and offers obedient training for dogs and their owners. My dog loves to visit at this pet friendly retail store. She loves sniffing out all the great deals and introducing herself to other friendly canines. Great place to shop and great experience for your dogs. A++

linda stukey

My cat is very happy. We will be back. Thank you for my happy cat. See you again soon.

A Resident

Its a good store for a chain store when it comes to fish and pets... The employees are very helpful and it doesn't take long for one to ask if you need help with something. They are willing to answer any questions and if they don't know the answer they will helf find it. Its the only store in my area that I haven't gotten a sick fish or pest snails from.

Raygen Caldwell

Great friendly staff clean facility nice setup well stocked shelves 5 stars

Deborah Huggins

They guy at the register was helpful and smiling!

Lisa Angeli

Went in today to get cat food today as I do every month about the same time. Had to use the restroom so I left my cart by the cat food knowing I was coming right back . When I came out there was two cops standing at the bathroom door waiting on me. Telling me I passed out in the store on the floor which didn’t happen as I was on the phone from the time I walked in the store to to time I walked into the restroom. The cops proceeded to ask why I was at petsmart. I replied with to get cat food. They asked for my license so I had to go out to my truck to get it. Now think about that for a minute if I had passed out you would think they’d call the paramedics not to police. There was no paramedics with the police earlier. After thinking about it the grouchy older woman who accused me of passing out probably called police trying to make it out I had stole something which when I was looking for my license I had cleaned out my pockets in front of them. Considering I spend so much money there monthly I’d expect a little decently. Taking my business elsewhere

Frugal Granny

Commercial for PetSmart shows Dog's, however this store doesn't have Dogs. The Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Amy Mathews

Guy at the register was the best!!! He talked to my daughter about her new hamster and even showed her pictures of his hamster.

Cherry Maloney

Love those giant size potty pads for dogs. Cashier was really friendly!

Cindy Strickland

If I could give this vetinary zero stars, I would. Ended up calling my vet in Georgia, who was able to tell me what to do, over the phone, for hypoglycemic yorkie puppy.... and in case other vets will not tell you, or don't have appointment in timely manner...just rub honey on gums but do get to REPUTABLE vet when possible.

Georgiana Dollar

My husband and I are extremely thankful and grateful to the staff at PetSmart and Banfield pet hospital.

Terrill Camp

I like the buy online option and pick up instore, just wish they had a dedicated pickup spot.


It had what I needed and checkout was good.

Gregory Bodish

Had a coupon otherwise I'd never ever go there

D Rivers

Friendly knowledgeable staff! My Dog loves being groomed there

dewayne henderson

Great staff. My dog Thor loves The groomers.

Martha Beegle

Staff is very helpful


Great place to buy fish!

Gary Mcallister

Great place . we love the veterinarian there.

Kimberly brown

Always has what I need. The employees are always helpful and polite.

joyouspirit7 .

Always have what I need and helpful staff

John Reese

My wife and I have been taking our two bully breed dogs for training with Haley. Haley is amazing at what she does and I can't believe the progress we have seen with our dogs! Our pitbull could have easily been labeled "untrainable", but she has had many breakthroughs since starting this training. The best part is how much you learn about your dog and see what they are capable of. I highly recommend training at PetSmart with Haley!

Paul Berg

Great selection of pet products

Eric Jacobson

Great service! An employee took the time to recommend and help us purchase a corrective collar for our pooch!

tim jeter

They have knowledgeable people and a large selection

gary martin

The associates didn't have much knowledge of their store or their products. They didn't seem interested at all in helping me find what I needed. Went to wet pets immediately after and got all the help I needed with knowledgeable associates eager to help me with what I wanted.

Filena Craft

We love petsmart!! We find everything we need there!! Just wish they had more things to fit little chi she is only 3lbs but we love everything else

Sonya S

It was ok they don't clip cats nails

Steve Crumb

Great people that love animals.

Doug Johnson

My wife and I made a visit to PetSmart as they were offering holiday photos with ones pets. It's a nice medium sized store with most everything one would need for their pet and a lot you don't need. After spending money on what one of our pets didn't need I toured the store and snapped a few pictures. The employees were nice and offered to help, the holiday photos were taken with an employee dressed as Santa by another dressed as an elf. The store was easily wheelchair accessible though accessible parking was very limited.

Haesle Qualls

Prices too high sales people r pushy

Lena Jones

Great grooming on my cocker spaniel

Karin Lainez

Pet Training Program: Haley was WONDERFUL! She was so patient with my pups and understanding of their mistakes. She taught them so much in such a short time. Hands down would recommend her any day! Thank you Haley!

Mary Dimarco

My dog loves going in there to do his own shopping

Really Jilly Jill

Aquarium workers were very nice. The fish stock could use more variety though.


MY DAISY the dacchsund loved the birds

Kim Owens

All your pet supply needs. This is the place

Joseph Wilson

As usual this store is clean and well staffed. Always have had a pleasant visit.

Tom Brown

Drop by to purchase a gift for someone with a dog and the selection is unreal. Thankfully there was a very kind salesperson that help me out to buy a gift or I would have been there another 2 or 3 hours. Extremely clean and laid out well. Great customer service. E-Z Parking and lots of it. And pet friendly.

Leslie Ann

Everyone is nice. The girl gave us complete details of having a bearded dragon. We decided to wait. Store isn't crowded.

Matt Infinger

Got my dog groomed there. He is a bichon which requires grooming often. I let it get behind and they whipped him right back into shape! He was so happy when I went to pick him up. Recommend!

Raynard Johnson

Friendly staff answered all my questions unlike Wet Pets

Lupin Dagger

Amazing services I would recommend go there for any of your pet needs!!

Larry Creekmore

Very good variety of pet supplies

Jeff Courtney

They have a nice gromming department with people that really show that they care. Wish that their staff knew more about the items they carry and what was good for different types of pets. Prices are about right, I'm not big on expensive food or toys but rather have good food for my pets. They carry what I use but again, I must do my own research on what is good.

Terrie Cobart

They didn't have the dog food I usually buy. Eukanuba adult 7 years and older 15 lb bag.

jason bruner

Overall the staff members are always super helpful and seem to be very informative about the items they sell and the pets also. They are always very friendly and smiling. Was unhappy with the choice of kitten formula I expected more from a specialty store.

Jeanette Gamble

Things were not priced Right. They would be just sitting any where. The stockers did not place merchandise in correct spots. Made a lot of confusion, when you was buying high dollar items that were suppose to be on sale. Employees stood in groups and gossiped instead of helping serve the customers .

Jon Caldwell

Staff wasn't very friendly

Theresa Goudy

I always enjoy going here. They have everything you need for your pets.

Jazmin Hill

Usually I have a pretty good experience whenever I shop here. The sales associates and cashiers are friendly and helpful.

Sonya Franklin

Only really buy rats for snakes

Thirty 850

Tanks were dirty, dead fish. Never have a good selection. Rest of the store was fine.

Damarius Coleman

I really like this place because they sell fish and have good selections on fish and fishfood.

Mary Vogen

Everyone is very helpful and knowledge abul about pets

Kendall Carroll

Always glad I came in here. The staff Is always helpful and I always find what I'm looking for plus it's a great place to take my dog to pick out a toy.

Ken Headley

Love the Associates there always so helpful.

Keki Onnshay

I absolutely LOVE the PetSmart location right down the street from me in Hoover!! I'm 4mths in as a 1st time fur mommy

Shenequa Ellison

Friendly Staff and a very Clean store

Sulmorko Nightstorm

Place is clean and the staff is doing well for running so bare bones

Eric W

Always has what I need.

April McGhee

Pet Smart, a "female" store, sold me two gerbils that were "definitely" both girls. They were not, and, now, I have babies. Three stars tho cuz I love my babies, and the workers were really nice.

Amy Burdette

I just called for a walk-in for my dog and they said the only walk-in service they do is nail trim. Then why does PetSmart’s website say you can do A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT? Lazy people. I didn’t like PetSmart before, due to their breed discrimination, but that was icing on the cake. Petco for the win.


Have to send out a search party for assistance at this location. Does anyone actually work here? Even after asking employee Michael for assistance, I still waited for 15 minutes while he fumbled with inventory instead of helping a customer.

Olivia Gaskins

I asked to pet a kitten because I was looking to adopt and the lady who was working with the cats or manager or whoever she thought she was. Looked at me up and down and told me to go look somewhere else instead of politely telling me you had to be 21 and not 17.

Jay Painter

Large store high stock levels, fish looked good

Robert Foster

Best Pet Store I ever walked into, the employees are the best at what they do.

Kevin Nelson

Nice store!

Darla McMullen

This particular store is smaller than what I'm used to so the selection isn't as good. Otherwise, it's great!

Chad Golden

Way too expensive

Richard Griffith

Great selection of per supplies and a helpful staff.


They were super friendly, I had a return for a bark collar and the cashier asked multiple questions to see if there was another product that may work instead. I opted not to try another one and got a quick refund. Overall a very friendly experience.

scrump stitch

They seem pretty knowledgeable about their animals and its a large store so they have lots of supplies

Megan Graves

I love shopping at the PetSmart in Hoover! The staff is so friendly & have a wealth of knowledge about the products they sell, the animals you love, and they are always happy to help! I love their brands selections, too.

Reagan Vickers

We are in a training class with our 5 month old puppy. She is definitely a handful. Our trainer is Brianna. She is awesome!! She has helped us so much. We are on week 3. Looking forward to learning more!

Meg Hyde

My dog likes it so I guess that says it all.

Ramonia Hood

Pet Smart is an awesome pet store!! I always shop for my dogs, cats and fish here. The staff are extremely nice and very knowledgeable. They also offer a points system. Thanks Pet Smart for making my shopping fun!

Hunter Cornelius

ADOPT DONT SHOP. But everything else is fine.

Jay Blanks II

Great Place For Pet Supplies!

Jessica Cogswell

They have a friendly pet loving staff & the grooming people were very helpful answering my questions!

Corri Marteny

Clean and friendly staff


Cool pets!

Natalie Bonner

Awesome experience here at the grooming salon! Brandi took great care of our boys, a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. They enjoyed their time here and we look forward to bringing them back! Thanks for the great service!

Sabrina Hanssens

Kind staff, big selection to choose from. My dog walks around like he's in Disneyland.

Tracy Carter

Groomers are wonderful!

Daniel Jackson

Found what we needed and the lady at the cash register was very nice and helpful.

marissa lemons

I enjoy coming to this location! I often buy my dog’s food about every 2 weeks or so. When I have brought him in, employees have been helpful and friendly! I enjoy that they usually have toys and clothes on clearance.

Kurtis Graben

Great store with friendly service. I also have great experience with the animal hospital staff as well.


Very high prices ,I'd much rather us JEFFERS PETS in a Alabama..they ship there kind and there reasonable and cheap on everything not just one thing

Jan Jenkins-Ardovino

Been going here for years. Very friendly and helpful staff. Our pups enjoy they "spa day".

Taylor Clem

awesome help

Herman Mattingly

Greatest PetSmart on planet Earth

Lindsey Herron

Good quality pet supplies. Wide variety of foods for all types of pets, plus plenty of accessories like leashes, toys, and collars.

Eduardo Mardeni Chami

Excelent service

Dallas Rua

As good as a chain pet store gets. Fully stocked. Animals were I'm good healthy staff was friendly and knowledgeable

Chuck M

Tonio was very helpful!

Donna Turner

Very helpful

Dumpster Heroes

Love service Lady really nice clean store. And she help use out what need. And duke was really good in there.

tyrone thomas

The casher wasn't friendly to us at all.

Tammy Storey

Easy to get in and get what you need.

Amber Decker

Other than the fact the lady I was trying to get help with a fish from was more worried about her personal conversation she was having with another associate my over all experience with the store it self was great and I love my fish!

John Doe

We love this place.

terrie allen

The people are very helpfull .

Rick Wilson

Called for an appointment to get my granddaughter’s little dog groomed. Was told a 1pm was available. Had the dog there ahead of 1pm. Called around 4 pm to see if dog was finished, nope and was told about another hour to complete but would be completed around 5 pm. Got there around 4:45 and dog was still being worked on and was told at least another thirty minutes. They brought out the dog unfinished and handed it to my wife and started ringing up the bill. Stated they were taking off $5 since not completed. Will not ever return to Petsmart again. $55 dollars for a half finished tiny dog. Have already spread the word to all my friends that have dogs. I guess they have enough business that making customers mad and not doing a complete job does not matter to them.

Kim Davenport

Love to shop here and just look at all the critters. Staff has always been knowledgeable. Prices are reasonable for some things and to high for other things. ( They seem to be way to high on items that are a must for your pet's care that can't be found elsewhere.) Am glad to support PetSmart in their efforts to provide for homeless pets.

Song Chau

Just bought a bag of Simply Nourish Dual Protien Dog food bag tonight. Came home, open the bag and found worms. Going to call and return our bag. Customer Service will be contacted about the issue. 7/11/19 please check your dog's food if purchasing this brand!

Dominiquea Burke

No complaints. Found what I needed and great help

Andrew Sargent

Good place to get some proper items your pet needs

Terria Alexander

Helpful when needed

Patricia Donovan

Order online for in store pickup. Try to return an item the next day and there is nearly a $4.00 price difference. The cashier says I don't have a real receipt (I show him paper that was in bag, order confirmation and order pick up) and he says those aren't receipts and he can't give me more than what it scans. I try to stay cool and ask for a manager. He ends up saying "Oh well, this is what you get" as he counts out the lower amount. He finally got a manager who did refund the appropriate amount but I will NEVER EVER step foot in that store again.

Veronica Fiercely

Good stock, even frozen mice for Abby. Knowledge staff. We are frequent customers.

Traci Brentlinger

Haley is wonderful! She is more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is trained properly. She has taught me several tips and tricks to keep both of our puppies, big and small, happy at home and keep us all safe. Looking forward to starting our intermediate training class. <3

Mike Culber

I came into the store today to find something to keep my dog from digging and barking. it seemed as if I had tried everything. It did not take long to find some help. The most helpful associate was the pet trainer there. She was really eager to help me find the product I needed and give me all of the information about it. Check out was fast, easy, and friendly the girl was super nice and had a smile on her face. I will continue to shop there. Excellent customer service.

Rachel Hudson

It's nice that they have a wide variety of items, but their cashiers more frequently than not show a total lack of understanding of what it is like to try to go through checkout with a dog. My dog likes to bark in excitement when he sees another dog, and instead of being met with a laugh or some joke about how he wanted to meet a friend, I just got stared down by the cashier. It's shocking, unpleasant, and makes me feel more self-conscious about my puppy than I already do. More often than not, my experience here is like that, so I'm about done with this store, despite the great variety of products.

David Hosmun

Got my puppy this awesome harness at PetSmart! Always had a great experience at PetSmart.

Dee Price

Great employee's n beautiful animals in an out...

tammy paramore

I have take my dog here for grooming several times with no problems, took my dog on august 10th wanted a certain cut the groomer said she couldnt do it so that was fine i leave and get a call 2 hours later saying she cant finish the groom cause my dog wont keep still. Well i would think they have dealt with lots of dogs not keeping still and being unruley but to me they should have experience with that . Anway i had to pick him up with half a hair cut and groom not even a good one and they charged me 42.00 dollars for really nothing . Not to even mention were not friendly AT ALL!! will never take my pets there again was the worst !!

Melissa Greenhill

Don't have a good selection on things didn't see dogs didn't have the colored bird my friends wanted.

Megan Lane

I scheduled a planned grooming appointment at 12:00. It has been over 2 hours and my dog has just had her nails trimmed but NO bath. This appointment was confirmed. She was brought in on time and we were told the groomer had an express come in and she had to do that one first. When I looked up express on grooming it’s for certain breeds of dogs who have stress in these situations meanwhile when I brought my dog in she was shaking trying to climb away. Will not use this PetSmart for grooming ever again!!

Kaska Howard

Quick trip for some hermit crab supplies. We found everything we were looking for and it was a quick in and out trip.

Greg Anderson

once again, I did not go to this place. I went BY this place.

evan watford

Very friendly staff and good stocked shelves and products

Gail Fowell

Our puppy had his first haircut. He looks cute! He was matted. Even though we've tried to remove the snarls ahead of time. Lexi took the time to remove what she could, and used scissors to trim what she could. Very satisfied.

Blake Lang

Very nice store nice variety of products in stock

Kevin alvarado

Love this store! Staff is always helpful and friendly!

Jay S

Helpful and friendly staff.

Rozelon Bell

Awesome place!!! Took great care of my little one in the spa!!!! Very professional!!!

James Anthony Johnson Sr

Some deals. Did not find what I wanted.

Erica Glover

The lady that helped us was very knowledgeable in everything we asked, and very kind as well.

Samantha Bearden

The staff helped me find the perfect jacket for my dog for the potential snow tomorrow!

Christopher Weaver

Great impromptu visit with Dr Earley. Thanks for the help

Jeremiah Payne

Nice staff, exactly what I need, and my dog loves going.

Paola Martinez

Took my dog to get groomed today and they did a great job, he looks so cute!

Karen Dichiara

Groomers are very nice loving to pets. My dog looks forward to seeing them.

Joshua Ramsey

Great time at PetSmart. Staff is very helpful but they dont follow you around like some weird places do. Got to see all the cool fish types and the bearden dragons are always cool.

Jay Newton

Employees are nice and store is organized well.

J. Terry McCombs

Ordered online - picked up at store. Highly convenient.

Mary Murray

Great & very friendly. Always very helpful. No lines of waiting. Fantastic prices.

Shaiema Joseph

They love my dog! Every Saturday they bring out the dogs up for adoption. Service is great. I love the vets there, they genuinely care about my dog.

Matthew Morris

Much more clean and organized than some pet stores. Bonus star for friendliness and courtesy.

Ben Kuykendall

This PetSmart doesn't have a large selection of animals. The pet supplies seem well stocked, but this location is not the place to drop in to check out a wide variety of reptiles and rodents. The 3 star rating is strictly based on selection and what the PetSmart a few miles away has available in comparison - not a lack of customer service or other concerns.

Sue Peterson

The young lady at the cash register was very very helpful. I like the fact that if you need someone to help find a particular product and spend the time explaining it to you is great. Stores need to have sales associates that do that and PetSmart does.

Joseph Abboud

Had an appointment to get my dog's nails trimmed and a bath for a really good price. Once I got there early in the morning I was told that the lady tried to called me and told me that my dog's rabies vaccine was overdue by a day or so and couldn't attend to my dog. As I'm walking out the lady at the vet, follow me outside and told me that she could help me with the nail trim, very disappointed that I was not told I could go next door to handle my stuff. She just let me walk out of there with my dog all a mess. (GOT "shame, shame, shame")


The staff are always so helpful and the selection is amazing.

Kimberly Brown

The staff here is always friendly and very helpful. This store has everything we need for our fur babies and our not so furry ones. Thanks PetSmart.

Lori Theodoras

More cost effective than other local pet stores. Sometimes they run out of certain items we need, but I can go online and get them.

Vivian Ynette Smith

We always enjoy our time there. Lots of smells.

Jackie Chaviano

Staff is always very caring and rakes time to discuss my pets wellbeing.

Erin Nicely

I've always shopped at PetSmart but Debra at this location is the best. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Fabulous customer service.

Lindy Williams

Love this store...staff is knowledgeable and very helpful!

Broken Heart

Great! Love the price matching and wonderful people who work here!

Mike Kase

We bring our dog here for grooming and they always take excellent care of her. Due to work, I need to drop her off early before the actual store opens. This is never a problem as they leave the front doors open for access. The groomers all know our dog and remember her name. Good quality service!

Gloria Canul

They were very sweet to my rescue who was anxious and scared about being inside. It meant the world to me.

Sara Jo Roderick

Deborah the costumer service manager is THE BEST!! Very helpful and made our experience the VERY best!!

Jessica Bonilla

To expensive most items can be found other places and much cheaper

Jaris Detroye

Friendly employees, a good vet, and love for sale in convenient size bundles of fur!

Melanie Plourde

I took my adopted bichon and it took 5 hours to groom him. I came back after two hours and could hear him yelping and when I finally asked if I could hold him still they were ready because he has severe anxiety from his previous shelter situation they immediately replied with ”I was about to take him out of the kennel to dry him” so who knows how long the poor dog was sitting in a kennel wet. They were too lazy to dry and untangle his fur which I do every week and I'm not a professional! So they shaved his and even cut the skin all over his tale area. My poor baby has been in pain and cold all day. Another big issue I experienced was that I booked a.specific groomer with good reviews and she did not groom him someone else did. I still had to pay 60 bucks though so please don't take your pets especially if their bichon fise or poodles of any kind. They should get in trouble for the way they treat animals. The dad part is that I sat there for 3 hours and watched and they still did not care.

Ronald Miller

Banfield has taken care of my dogs shots since he was 6 weeks old, my dog will be 7 yrs old this year.

BIll McClain

Good store. Nice selection of food and toys for your pets.

Michael Johnson

The selection of aquariums, aquatic supplies, & fish is great. And the prices are competitive. It's my go-to pet store.

heidi tortorici

I wanted to look at the ball python they had but the guy wouldnt let me hold it. He just held it in his hands in a ball. Im not going to buy a snake that i cant look over because the last one i got from petsmart had mites. So i went to pet co after and they let me hold thier baby ret tail boas and i got one of them.

Andrew Carey

One of the nicest pet stores around ! They were updating the store to Halloween/Christmas items for the pets and every isle was still easily accessible. The work force at this specific store is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful !

Stephanie Davis

Happy with care my out receive. Friendly staff!! Banfield

Mary Jones

Staff very friendly

Brandon Wallace

Selection is bare bones.

Charity Miatke

Helpful personnel

Tony Reeder

Normally I would give five stars BUT the wet food I wanted to get for my dog was totally EMPTY. No one could be found to ask if there was any in the back.

Joseph Lewis

Very friendly staff very large selection of anything to do with just about any pet groomers did a great job also will return to see vet soon

Seth Dietrich

This is one of the friendliest Petsmart's I have been to. The employees were very kind and are very good to pets.

Chryz M

We visit quite often...usually for fish and supplies and for the most part it is great. We have only ever had 3 people help us...there are two that are excellent at their job and will ask my daughter if there is a particular fish she wants from the tank (she has multiple molly and guppy tanks as I guess she has an affection for them idk lol) but the only reason I say 4 stars is that there is the 3rd lady that helps. We try to avoid her now but on occasion we cant help it...she is very rude and seems ill tempered. We told her there was one female guppy in the tank that had black spots on her yellow tail and that was the one we wanted. Instead she grabbed the first one she could...needless to say she was sickly and did not make it the ride home. The time before we had her we said we wanted seperate bags for the molly and fancy goldfish we were getting. She said that was not needed and put them all in the same bag. The poor goldfish were beat up so we separated them as soon as possible.

Toya C

Hallie is a wonderful trainer. She kind and patient with the pet parents and the pets. She knowledgeable also.

Charlene Smith

They take good of U & Ur pet!!!

Claudelhia Myers

Wonderful for store to shop in for your pet. Plus they have Dr and grooming right there. I love it.

Charles Koos

I bought my dog a new collar. PetSmart has a machine that makes a personalized metal tag that is then riveted to the collar. My phone number and the dog's name are engraved on the tag. I don't know of any place else in town that has this. The collar and tag are kind of expensive, but I love my dog and I think he's worth it.

Anne Pardon

Got new socks for me!

Debbie Strops

Adopted a kitty. Super staff! Great experience.

Matt Miatke

The staff was very helpful

Randy Windsor

I bought online and picked up in the store, everything was ready when I got there.

Willie Glanton

Love this place.

Tie Lee

I love petsmart! Dropped in to get some new fish. Great, HEALTHY fish and other pets. Wonderful selection of everything.

Autumn Jones

Didn't have what I wanted but had something else that worked.

Judy Cannon

My sister and I went there to get a rescued kitten. We were very happy with the way we were lead through the process. The store is very clean and organized. The staff offered help with locating anything we desired. Alley has been a welcomed addition to our family.

Cindy Bug

Ok, but pricy on hamster cages

Wayne Walker

The store has a strong smell that stinks up the place. Other than the odor the store appears clean and well stocked.

P-lo Walker

Cool place and all pets welcome

Melissa Hix

Love going here to get our dog groomed. They do a great job!

Debra See

My dog is always so excited for his bath and the love and attention he receives and I love the free selfie I received

Deborah Kuettel

Very helpful in fish department. Knowledgeable and available

Rob G

The trip to the store for Gracie was fun and actually stress free due to the organized systematic approach and customer focus clerks make it easy to shop. Also saved 10bucks on points my first experience.

Kady Santiago

Brought my furry baby to be groomed hes 2 and never has had an issue at any groomer. They refused to finish grooming my dog without explanation except they can't finish hes being difficult. Hes been different since, sad, nervous, trembling, eating less and hiding. He was there 30 minutes. Hes the sweetest lovey lapdog ever. His personality is different since leaving there. DO NOT BRING YOUR FURRY FAMILY HERE!! I wish he could talk something happened.

Charles Farish

Awesome lady Krissa helped me. Pet smart ROCKS !

Mark Black

Clean store and good selection,nice people.

Hammer Tyme

Nice layout and friendly staff.

Sharon Pride

Wide selection of merchandise. Some things can be pricey. Customer service is usually really good.

Holly Simms

I've been buying my dog food and supplies here for 6 years. Won't be returning entirely due to the nasty attitude from the blond boy working the register with the "join or die" tattoo. If that's how you allow your associates to treat customers, you dont deserve to be in business. I'll be making all my future purchases from online pet retailers.

Andrew Knight

Banfield wanted to take my cats eye out at the sum of 700 bucks for a fight she got into. We got a second opinion and she is now doing just fine with her eye intact! I am angry that they suggested something like that when it was not needed! The vet told me "they do it all the time". What!? Like it was no big deal. If they try to take out your cats eye, go get a second opinion! It will be worth it. It was for us.

Rodney Ryals

Could not gind someone to help me.

Kendra Mckinney

I’m new to the whole dog and grooming adventure so I don’t really know much to it. However what I do know is it shouldn’t take 3-4 hrs to groom a small pup. Now don’t get me wrong whenever the other groomers have groomed my doggy they finished in adequate time and it was of great quality. On the other hand there is one groomer who always seems to drag out he process i.e taking lunch or starting on my pup and then starting another before finishing one job. I get they are a busy establishment and you get what you pay for. I just feel some methods and strategies need to be reconsidered!

Joseph Fleming

Excellent service. Requested a quick bath for 2 medium sized dogs. Great job., very pleased with results.

Kenyatta Harris

PetSmart offers a wide range of pet supplies. They have a groomer, adoption services and offer training classes as well. They have a great selection of grain free pet food for the fur babies with digestion issues. The staff is always very helpful in finding items and giving knowledge about care of pets.

Unsimply Us

Staff is great and knowledgeable about what your pet will need.

Dalton Andress

This PetSmart is not only a good place to shop for supplies, it also is a great place to come and rescue an animal too! The store offers grooming for cats and dogs along with free water testing for fish owners. On the right side of the store, there is a room with cats where you can come and interact! Overall, PetSmart really is a one-stop-shop when it comes to pets.

AriLisa Smith

They were really professional and on time with everything. I went with my fur baby and he was nervous at first but got to know the beautiful ladies there and he had a blast. Didnt want to leave even when the doora were open

Rachel Barnes

Best pet place ever!

yuppers pizza pick up vlogs

Very good service they have

Jared Vann Chapman

Great place for healthy pet food and safe toys n treats!

Erin Hunter

Better prices for pet products when buying in store.

Pedro Saade

Always kind and helpful customer service

Wendell Ray

Friendly helpful staff.

Melanie Chaves

5 hours and 60 dollars later and not only did they leave my dog kenneled wet for who knows how long but after two hours I came to check on him and I was told ”they were about to dry him” but only after I asked if I could hold him until they were ready because I could hear him yelling outside. He is adopted and gets anxious from his previous living situation. They were too lazy to detangle him which I do easily at home and I'm not even a professional so they shaved him entirely too short and caused his entire back area to have a severe razor burn as you can observe in the pictures I posted. My poor little guy has been in pain all day today and I have been full of rage. This grooming facility should get in trouble for the way they treat animals if it's anything like they treated mine. If you have a poodle, poodle mix, or bichon fise please avoid going to this facility! I hate to see another poor dog have this horrible experience.

Kendyl Webb

This is the only store that we will take our sweet Mavis to be groomed! She doesn't mind coming here, but gets very anxious going to other grooming places. The staff are very friendly (particularly Sarah F. and Sarah D.).


Nice professional and employee very helpful

Kumayama Dojo

Cashier barely spoke when my wife and I tried to engage her in friendly banter. The Bessemer store, at Tannehill Promenade, is 100% better.

Valerie milner

Outstanding customers service

Melinda Kay Miller

Sweet attentive sales people. Go out of there way to make you happy.

Francetta Gray

I have had nothing but great customer service at this store. The groomers are very friendly and professional. Anna Lee takes good care of my fur baby and groom him well.

Zack Cannon

Found everything i was looking for very easily due to a helpful staff

Bellas Mom

Good place to go to get anything you need for your pet.

Villeta Pinson

I love the store! The things that I was looking for were easy to find. Everyone was very nice! The only thing that I was disappointed in was how long it took for them to open a second register when there was a long line.

Randy Cooley

Very friendly employess and even the other customers shopping were very sociable. Clean and well organized store

Emilee Duke

I did go in but they had a clean parking lot

MLJ Family

Me and my daughter always go here to get a guinea pig some food and bedding. The customer service here is great and they also all friendly. Keep on doing what you're doing PetSmart.

Arthur Carlisle

Clean and neat

Amy Gonzalez

Just went to purchase our little one a fish and had it was the worst experience. The salesperson basically told us we couldn’t get any fish due to the tank size which we purchased there. It was a 4.5 gallon tank and we wanted a simple goldfish for our daughter to have her first pet. She gave us a 30 min lecture about why our tank was basically inadequate for us to get any fish. We read the labels and noticed that a few recommended tank sizes of 3 gallons. When we asked about getting one of those we quickly got shut down with numerous stipulations as to why this fish wouldn’t work. I know they need to be informative but not letting your customer have a say in their own pet is ridiculous. We went in to enjoy getting our little one a fish and left upset for the overbearing services.

Jessika Reed

After moving here from out of state we decided to give them a try since our old Petsmart worked well for our dog in the past. The groomers working when we dropped off our dog weren't very attentive when we arrived but the groomer assigned …

Audrey Quinn

Great for household items for your pet. The employees are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Brandi Herring

Very pleasant, knowledgeable staff, clean and friendly.

Rubayet Kamal

Just like any other pet smart store

Teresa Hunt

They groomed my little girl and did a great job

erica nelson

Store is nice and the grooming staff was great. I adore Lucy’s new haircut!!

Felicia L Roberts

Retail staff was very helpful. Grooming salon was patient and understanding of my pup since it was his first groom.

C Michelle Harris

Found exactly what I needed. The lady at the register was very nice

Beverly Kirkpatrick

Very friendly groomers. They make sure they have all the details right.

Brett Minter

Courteous and helpful staff. Always willing to show me where something is or answer any questions I have.

Stephanie Swindall

Staff was very helpful and their kitties are so cute

Jenna rileigh and Ellie

Joke. Spent over $700 for them to tell me my dog doesn’t have cancer. He has cried and limped progressively worse since we took him there. Try your local vet, someone with more knowledge. My dog is favoring his leg.......a urine test for $$$ doesn’t seem to be the fix.

Aimee Brand

This one a lot better then the pet smart in McCalla Alabama the staff is friendly and its more open and the next I go hoping to make my dog and my niece dog through pet smart

Cherie Windham

Super friendly service. Very helpful employees and we got to see cute animals why we were there. We got a 60 gallon aquarium and a cabinet for it to go on top of. The employees eagerly helped carry and load both.

Rebecca Lodewick

My doggy is groomed there and I love . Kind to pooch and cut is always awesome.

Kira Renée Darling

Terrible service!! I will NOT come back!! I called and asked if there were any pet rats in stock. I was placed on hold for 6 minutes before she picked the phone up again. Once again I said why I was calling and she started to stumble on her words once she realized she had forgotten about my call. She placed me on hold again, and I waited ANOTHER 6 minutes before I hung up. I drove to the store and there was only ONE customer in the entire store. AND I was told the rats wouldn’t be in the store for a month. SERIOUSLY?! That’s terrible service.


Great customer service, Brook the manager was great.

Tray Sloan

The store itself is great. I had my husky groomed there and maybe it's the furminator shampoo they use or something but now she has chunks of matted fur in her under coat. Not to mention she was still wet when given back to me. Definitely not a good experience for my husky.

Shannon Murphey

Best workers, best place for pet supplies. They do adoptions every other Saturday for dogs and daily for cats. They are the best charity foundation (Pet Smart Charities)

Robert Wilson

Great store, many items that are interesting.

Paige Mavity

I’ve been going to Petsmart since February when I got my golden retriever puppy. I’ve taken her about once a month (4 times) to the grooming salon so that she can be well acquainted there, and each time the groomers have just adored on Lexi and said that she did great. Today we brought her in for her appointment to get a bath and trim. As I was talking to one of the groomers (not the one that was going to groom Lexi), I noticed a golden retriever getting shaved and asked if they think shaving Golden’s is a good idea (because I know it’s not). The lady said no but that customers frequently ask for it so they do it anyways. Skip ahead, I ask her to have Lexis “area” trimmed up and a little bit of her tail. She said that was fine. 3 1/2 hours later, I still hadn’t received a call that she was ready to be picked up. I decide to call petsmart and the lady answers and says “I just finished her” which I am hesitant to believe since it shouldn’t have taken 3 1/2 hrs, plus I had an appt so she should have been taken care of immediately. I go to pick Lexi up and the lady that groomed her said that Lexi was wiggling all over the place and that they had to get another groomer to hold her down and were still unsuccessful with any trimming. She also mentioned that she didn’t think Lexi needed any trimming in those areas (the groomer from March trimmed her up just as requested with no issues). I was still charged completely even though I didn’t get the one thing I brought my dog in to get done. Of course I didn’t get a refund because my dog was “uncooperative” (she’s a sweet little golden retriever...). I didn’t realize that when I ask for services through the grooming salons that they are only taken as suggestions. Will not be going back. Please don’t waste your money here and use a family owned business.

Charlie Pilato

I always torture myself by looking at the adoption center. Have some nice deals on aquariums if you catch it at the right time.

carolina Aquino

Nice, friendly staff and fast service

Angelia Groves

From the receptionist to the doctors, the experience is great! They are loving and caring with my dog.

Curt McCune

Great store!

Levi Eccles

Super fun place to take your kids. They have lots of pets to look at and just about everything you need for your pet.

Gayle Carson

My dog Duke gets groomed regularly. He loves it!

Stacey NG

I loved it, They Have People Who Will Educate You If They Feel You Might Do Something Wrong. Got To Healthy Black Morre Fish And Asked About Neon Tetras. He Went To Educate Me On Them Two. So I Only Got The Black Mores. Will Set Up My New Aquirum For The Tetras. I'm Glad He Was There Or I Would Have Made A Big Mistake Putting Them Together.

Melissa Cullen

The staff here is horribly mean, especially to children. They have a nasty attitude and act like no one is good enough to own pets. Very slim selection on products, fish and animals.

Thomas Crumbaugh

*Great Location* *Well Organized* *Prices are High* I wanted to find some pet toys and was a bit disappointed after seeing the prices for some of the items.

Crystal Jones

The groomers we're excellent with my cat. We will be going back!

Jennifer Hill

Best prices and selection on dog food and toys! Staff is always friendly and the store is always clean.

James Dillard

They have everything. A great Pet store. I bought rabbit food and cat litter. It is handicap accessible Great service nice people. A very good visit.

Anne Norcross

Went to Banfield for first time, asst. & vet were extremely nice & listened to what I had to say about my dog. Besides going over their pet program everything went very smooth. Felt like they cared about my dog, going over different choices we had to take care of him. Did what could to help me be able to afford meds my boy needed & what other things we were going to have to do in future to help keep him healthy. Everyone was super nice & helpful. Very glad that I picked them as my boys vet.

Lynne Lowenthal

The grooming service is good. My dog doesn't mind going (even though it means a bath) and always looks & smells great afterwards.

Rebecca Green

Wonderful dog.grooming service They were very careful with meeting Jazmines needs ( she only has one eye and needs to be approached on that side) I believe we found our new groomers

Misty Chandler

Prices to high anymore and customer service wasn't to great either

Frank Figueroa Jr.

Quite overpriced compared to many other places and not too much motivation from employees to help you unless you go out of your way to ask. I hate to say that but it's true. Working in customer service, I feel it's my obligation to point it out. Do unto others is the motto.

Tiffany McNease

I love Petsmart but other suppliers sells more crickets. They only give 35. My other supplier sells me 250 crickets for 5 bucks petsmart and per supermarket I only get 35 for 5 bucks worth

TheLucky FourLeaf

Smart pets

Ashley Hogan

You can get just about anything you need or want for your pet. You can also adopt animals from there.

David Sumrall

Great place 4 all ur pet needs

Sylvia Thornton

My grandson likes to go look at all the pets there

Tammy Jones

Always friendly and has the products that I need.

Kay Gellerstedt

Petsmart grooming personnel are efficient and compassionate. They do a wonderful job with the animals and their parents. Highly recommend this store.

Henry w

Pricey but they will have what you're looking for and the employees are very knowledgeable.

Tammy Thomas

Nice Store!

Randy Martinez

Great store in regards to having a few pet accessories. Beware, many items on clearance or marked down they're simply products comparable to quality of larger big box stores. Note: all employees are enthusiastic about their employment. This flows over to their animal knowledge. Please research prior to purchase wherever you go. High prices that cater to the demographics rather then a consensus of average pet owners. Just My opinion.

Darlene Armstead

Service is good. Have products I needed. Provided schedule for grooming. Nice service Lady. Check out Guy was Great.Got us back in the system after moving across country.

lilly Phillips

Nice associate. Didn't have item in stock.

Teri Savell

So great to take my daughters to and be able to look at animals. Also great place to get items for our animals.

Heather Rexon

Staff wasn't helpful. Most items were overpriced, even when compared to their website and especially compared to nearby brick & mortar stores. While they didn't carry the brand of food I was seeking, they do have an extensive selection of pet foods. They also cater to other small animals. However, don't go in there expecting knowledgeable or helpful staff.

Harold Tidwell

A great place to take your pet

Ethan Boatwright

Staff is always helpful and nice.

Jessica Miller

We adopted an amazing cat. She has become an awesome addition to our family. Thank you for all that you do with the shelters and fosters.

Tessa Schulmeister

I bought geckos from this store, yet they're always sold out of the crickets I need to feed the geckos. I quit shopping here and started ordering my crickets online. So disappointing! I would've given only one star for that issue. On the other hand, the grooming service is awesome! They're certain to follow the rules, such as rabies vaccination proof, which I definitely appreciate! My Elsa smells amazing after her session, and I can tell she feels great too! They trim nails, squeeze anal glands, shampoo, brush teeth, brush fur... the works! Oh, and they put an adorable little bandana on it! Definitely worth the money, which is a great price for the services, as well. Definitely recommend the grooming services!

john sellers

Good for rightnow items. But Amazon is always cheaper

Cedric Walker

Love the exotic animals

Nelwyn Luman

Wish the prices were more reasonable, but enjoy the variety.

Ciera Ingram

There are so many grooming places in Dothan. Don’t even let PetSmart be your LAST RESORT. I had an appointment scheduled for my dog Beau at 4:30. PetSmart has groomed Beau before when I wanted him cut short. We have since opted to keep him at a typical Cocker Spaniel cut so we didn’t want him groomed. Just shampooed/bathed. The appointment that I booked was for the following : For dogs who just need a bath to maintain a healthy-looking coat, clean ears & trimmed nails. service includes: Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo & blow dry 15-minute brushing Nail trim Ear cleaning, hair removal & flushing (if needed) Scissoring feet & pad shaving Sanitary trim Anal gland cleaning The appointment was for 4:30 so my husband left work, picked up our dog in ASHFORD then drove to DOTHAN for this appointment. Upon getting to the store he was greeted by employees that seemed to basically hate their job. Clearly they just wanted to go home. They stated that Beau needed to be groomed because he had “matted hair near his ears” Ok whatever

Tammy Luther

I love pet smart. We looked at the cats, but did not see any puppies. I think they should have puppies available to adopt.

Robert Barnhouse

Well staffed and service was great

theftothek .

Great store. Prices to higher than I thought they'd be.

John Lott

Good supplies but they need to install an exhaust fan.

Carla Middleton

They were awesome! They did a great job on my babies hair and I loved the little bows! Can’t wait for our next appointment.

Tara Dunn

They had very little animals here. The staff was helpful, but we saw no birds, guinea pigs or snakes available for adoption.

Nameless Faceless

My husband and I adopted a dog and had the WORST experience with your sales associate at checkout. Her name was Tyzarah (or something similar to that). On our receipt it says our cashier was number 602846. The transaction started with a …

Kayla Hoover

I love petsmart! The people at this location are always super helpful and knowledgeable. If you follow them on fb you find lost of awesome free pet and children events as well.

Andrew Holmes

Well. This is a dying Texas Cichlid. I told the woman and she walked into a room and 10 seconds later, she walked out. Trash can? Not assuming but the chances are high.

Eli Rodriguez

Staff is friendly, place is always clean and well organized.

Michael Parks

When looking for fish, this store usually has a good selection of common fish you normally find at a chain pet store; on this visit the selection was poor.

Mandy Talley

We took our dog sadie to get groomed today and they did an awful job. They claim she was too difficult to give the proper i called and spike to nicole who agreed to let me bring her back to give her a proper cut. Totally different dog. Will use again just will be cautious on bringing her home before im satisfied.

sarah jones

I take my dogs here for nail grooming. Sarah is great with them!!

Nellie Woodside

Excellent grooming, the groomers are sweet wonderful people, very informative, they are excellent with animals.

Amber Wisham

Great place


Another lackluster aquarium department. They don't carry ANYTHING pertaining to the healthy growth of plants, and don't even supply nutritious food for fish.

Gerardo Hernandez

Great place to get treats and supplies for your pets. It's nice to also have a rewards considering how much a pet owner can spend on their pets!

Gk Rao

Nice staff !!


This has only happened in recent months. Depends on who you get is going to determined the outcome. This is the part that scares me. The biggest problem I had is when I took my dog on a Sunday one of the earliest appointments and well I had to call them about my dog. The lady basically said she had forgotten. The last two times I went I got a guy named Lamar. Here is the issue. Did a nice cut but due we go to them for their expertise on making sure our baby is cleaned. Well I rubbed on my pups paw realizing geesh his nails are rather long. I go to his tiny little nail and it’s literally CURLING around as if Lamar never touched it. Lamar would write that he dosent like his feet touched, but the vet said he didn’t rrally touch them and my dog LITERALLY let the vet trim his nails in 5 minutes with NO PROBLEM. Not only that my dogs bum was dirty and I know with a short trim like that he usually does not get messy. It scares me because it almost like this. Clean up what only we can see but it’s no telling what hasn’t been. Check before you walk out. If you’re not satisfied SAY SOMETHING.

Dawn Marie

The fish tanks are OVER populated, there were dead fish in a couple tanks. This is cruelty! The staff is fabulous and very helpful. It is because of the over population in the tanks that I give them 3 stars; the staff 5 stars!

T. Parris Stringer Jr.

Pretty good.

Flyaway Soul

I got an unwanted lecture from an employee who then lied to me about their return policy to discourage me from buying the aquarium stock I wanted, even after explaining multiple times that it was for two separate tanks and that I have been keeping high maintenance aquariums for the past 11years. My fiance works at another petsmart and was really upset when I told him about it

angela stewart

Worse place to get your baby groomed... this is the only Petsmart where you take your dog to get a cut and bath and he leaves looking greasy. They will never see my yorkie again

Amanda Etheridge

Having many types of various pets, I shop here quite often. Their animals look much healthier and better cared for than other chain pet stores. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They accidentally sold me a male & a female hamster instead of 2 females, and when we had babies 3 weeks later they were very apologetic, offering to take any or all of them back. When we decided to keep all 5 babies and the parents, they gave us a free cage to help house them all. So nice!

Carrie Fountain

So today I brought my dog in for a bath. I even called and was able to bring her in early. The staff was super nice, when I got there to pick her up she looked amazing I wanna do a special thank you to Sarah D she did amazing with my Tessa and I'm beyond happy and will be bringing her back to you.


Nice selection of pet supplies

Shannon Alfano

Friendly employees great clean store

Yvette Peterson

Awesome customer service. Our cashier was very helpful and saved us money!


Customer service has declined over the years. The staff can't answer basic stock questions and the grooming salon could groom my pup so I did it myself. They had no problem forcing me to pay for a bath, which I could do and DID do before taking him. He needed a haircut.


I bought my Betta fish from this store during the summer and I can still call anytime I have questions/concerns and someone in the fish department is always there with helpful answers! Mr. Bubbles is a healthy, happy, and spoiled fish.

Ruby Howard

Very friendly and helpful staff!

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