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REVIEWS OF Petco IN Alabama


Very nice. I would give them 5 stars had they had puppies at reasonable prices much more cheaper than that 4 thousand dollars or more that petland charges for theirs.

Lance Noe

Great groomers

Mike Caplan

Great crew working here. The place could use an upgrade, facilities wise .


Size variety, sweet people. Can bring yr dog inside on a lease or put in the buggy

Michael Hall

Nice and friendly

Candis Bishop

I have a cocker spaniel and poodle. They have been groomed at both locations. I do not recommend anyone to the Old Seward Location, however this location is great! They are very caring and always do a beautiful job on the grooming!

Michael McDermott


Margarita Jarvis

I really love coming here. The prices and staff are great! My only complaint is the checkout counters are too small.

Koorosh Nehchiri

Great place to get any animals and great knowledgeable staff.

Bart Colgrove

My dog smells and looks grate !

John Hein

Great vets that take the time to learn what is happening from both the owner and your pet.

Jessica Cathcart

Took my small yorkie there for grooming two months back and she came back with several razor cuts all over her stomach and private areas. Petco paid for the vet bills to get it treated, but we're still never going back there again. I don't understand how you could cut an animal with a razor multiple times and not notice it, especially on a tiny dog??

Stef 2

The staff are helpful and customer friendly. They seem to enjoy and care for the animals in the store and are interested in customer needs and wants. I would have given 5 stars except that sometimes they are very short staffed and so it can be a while to wait.

Yoga Lady

Staff Helpful

James Morris

I was just in petco lookin for a fish tank filter. (My gf and I avid fish keepers so we always window shop pet stores) let me say this I pray they are short staffed but no excuse justifies leaving fish in tanks with algae growing so much it’s on the front glass coated the bottom of the tanks as if you dumped playdo or gelatin in them. These fish were missing fins (they had aggressive fish with non aggressive) the fish hardly moved in their tanks. All I know is I hope this makes its way to managment and they sort it out. Because no animal (fish included) should live in filth. (For those who say the fin thing is natural selection. This isn’t the wild they are fish in tanks. We put them together. Therefore OUR responsibilities to make sure they can live in the same environment)

Misty Kidd

Nice variety of food but pricey

Narkitta Dees Parks

They never have enough staff people are always waiting for help around this store! I like that it's convenient to where I live but I take the extra drive to pet land in east chase so I don't have to wait forever

kevin moore

It's okay but it is little expensive I can get the same stuff I want on Amazon for half as much

Jian-Cheng Lin

The staff is very helpful and nice

Matthew Voke

Great helpful staff. Good supply of fish and other aquatics. The guy working in the fish area was super knowledgeable and passionate about fish things and care. Clean, easy to navigate.

Tina Wordley Diegnan

They always have the Pet food brand that I need in stock. The staff is helpful and provide good customer service.

Sovereign Star

Great place to socialize pets, and find pet supplies.

Andy Nguyen

Visit when I can. Everything is ran efficiently and without question. I love it.

Yoon Lee

Great place

Jean Maccinile

Petco is akway helpful.

Ann Spriggs

Love going here for all our pet supplies. Everyone is so friendly and helpful

Manya Wilson

Petco has an assortment of things for your pet.

Mario Rodriguez

Took my dog to get classes and the main trainer kept messing up the schedule she had me come back 3 times in 3 weeks just so she could tell me come back next week

J Balesteri

Friendly staff and relatively clean

C. Jahnz

Animals loving associates that are willing to go beyond the call of duty to make your visit worth coming back. The children loves to go there, very inquisitive about animals from around the world. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourselves.

Shay burdette

Great place to shop with a friendly environment

Luis Rodriguez

Got What I Needed And Very Friendly Staff

Nathen Hagerty

Brandon Hill

I have never been to a pet store where the workers care so much about the animals. Other places I've been to were just there for the profit it seems, but these guys will help you whole hearted and to the best of their abilities

anna beth .

so rude. i called about a rat and they told me bye and hung up. if i could give -5 stars i would.

Agnes Vitarini

Cayla Armatti

I love Petco, it is my go-to place for grooming as well as foods for all my pets. I love that you get credits to spend on future purchases. They have the best brands in petfoods.

Lisa Mitchell

They helped me carry out the heavy dog food. They stock our of Royal Canin.

Michael Gardner

Awesome place for all your pets needs

Tasha Waldon

The worst customer service I have ever had at a pet store. The scum bag Britney that works there certainly deserves to work there the rest of her life. After being rude about me to other customers, never going back

Taylor Smith

The staff is friendly and they have a great selection!


HippyChicClean Boom

It's ok... the store smells bad almost every time we visit. The selection is pretty good. You can tell the employees are not people persons because they act like they'd rather not help you and communication is awkward. They have a decent enough selection and I keep going back because it's close to my house and not completely terrible.

Orry Bush

Kimberly Page

The associates are always very helpful.

Elizabeth Caroline

Wow, horrible horrible grooming experience. Had to contact corporate headquarters, and they had the manager of this store contact me (which I had already taken that route unsuccessfully and that was why I contacted corporate) the store manager was an absolute rude joke. Won't step foot in this place again.

Heather Hernandez

Amy Venegas

Robert J

Feel like they have limited supple of chew snacks for puppys teething. Friendly staff.

Ed Constable

The groomers have always been very polite and helpful. Only place I take my dog for his spa day.

Greg B.

Great training classes and selection, things you didn't know you needed for a pet.

Iris Scheuerman

Always fun, always helpful!

Jose Montiel


Kelton Smith

Great people. Last visit had only two employees manning the entire store but I didn't have to wait for help and when I got it they were friendly and gave me great advice on things to get to help me with my new dog!

Wendy Kirk

People there are friendly, but they don't have as many pets to choose from as i was expecting.

Herman Rivera

Kymora Wood

It's a good store

Ramiro Garcia

Friendly and helpful staff

anthony adams


Ronald Rimola

Michael Stein

These guys have had everything I have looked for. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful

Jason Bailey

They don't sell saltwater fish anymore. Pricey on all other things for pets. But good selection

Matt Cope

Great place to go for all your pet needs

Katie Halvorson

The manager is great, offered a 50% off coupon for trying something new.

Calvin Phung

Friendly and passionate.

Taufiq Habib

Love this older store, mainly because of their excellent grooming services. The groomers are genuinely happy and seem to love their jobs (unlike another pet store chain where I will never return) Kudos to Delfina who always seems to do a great job on my dog grooming him just right.

Anna Gajda

We go there for grooming. They are pretty fast and our dog gets the same hair cut each time so I don't have to fear they will mess up anything.

Peter Andrews

Expensive, rather go through chewy but when you're in a bind it's good.

Frida Benjamin

My neighborhood jam!

Brandon Alloway

Friendly staff and good prices

Zach Timms

Useful little store. Often visit for dog food or toys, and always walk out with more than I intended to. They have everything laid out in a memorable, easy to navigate way, and also are very knowledgeable about their porducts. Great place for dog food!

Bodyrubs Montgomery

Good store, but little selection of tuff toys for German Shepherds.

Belia Vallez

This place was great and everyone very helpful

Joyce Curry

Each time I visit the store, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My pup-pup loves the treats from here!

James Smith

Good service. Expensive food though for a small amount.

Lisa Lane

Great! Just a bit pricey.

Steven Dristy

Good prices and products almost always in stock.

Angela Breland

Very clean and accessible

Jasmine Paquian

Anything I need for the hermit crabs or for the beta fish I got Jayden, I come to this spot!! Very helpful workers.

Barbara McManus

Tschandra Heinze

Great people. Good help with exactly what I needed. Thanks so much.

Steve Jwanouskos

Helpful staff, fair prices, good selection. Very clean and friendly.

Joe Alexander

Great store with friendly staff

Erin Shae

This store has friendly and knowledgeable staff...especially in the fish department. Our beautiful beta fish came from here--we had him for 2.5 years and loved getting moss balls and other supplies from Petco ❤ On out last visit, my son and I got to pet a yeah, A+

bilsan carias

Good service.

priscilla mclaurin

I love to go in this store and just look at the pets

Farid Sanouvong

Really great care in both customer and pets!

Clayton Ellsworth

Great staff that is very informed on anything you may need

Brandon Poe

Friendly helpful staff always around.

Robert Wisdom

Our dog,buck loves u for his ear wipes.thank again.

Eugene Omiak

Easy to find what you are looking for.

Andrea Butler

Peter Lugo

Very helpful staff that's knowledgeable. Great place to get supplies.

Shan Swindell

Clean friendly employees grooming is the best

trfaniel1 .

Groomers are great

Mark Pipkin

I do fish so it's my go to place

David Ransom

I enjoy wandering thru here

Michael Garrett

Always have what I need

Mary McManaway

Associates always ready to help

Renee Rico

I love this particular store because of Brian - big personality and very helpful. Also it’s a large store that stocks a lot of productcsochst is very helpful!

John Doe

Staff is awesome!! Very helpful and curtious. That's why I stop there. Thanks guys & gals!

Liz Madura

Got my yellow parakeet here. Hard to find this one at the other stores. Thank you for taking care of your pets. Very happy with purchase.

Brooke Valero

Everyone is always super friendly when I visit. They don't waste any time asking if you need help

lori knight

New Manager is Awesome. Great customer service

Ben Duke

Good prices and deals, reward cards add up

Mishelle Johnson

Super friendly and convenient The staff here are very friendly and helpful. My cat's favorite food isn't available at the store, only online, so I deducted one star. Still love this place though.

Emily Maxwell

Awesome staff

Jeff Zimmerman

Friendly helpful place for pet supplies.

Aaron Lawrence

It's a convenient pet store

Vicky Johnson

I wish they had had the product I was looking for but I selected a different product for my pet. I will try again another time.

Anthony Cudney

Nice place, clean, inviting to animals, staff are genuinely interested in your pets.

cancernurmouth .

Employee cris told me about a brand of food . Said he had class so he can’t show me food . Hung up on me and started working register. Lied

Jessica Vlogs

Justin Danko

Cat section is lacking.

Sara Abeyta

Alot of variety for our pets customer service good.

Anita S

Extremely friendly staff, very helpful, looking for cat litter stuff

Kara Dawn

Good fish selection for fresh or saltwater tanks.

Amre Shakim

A lot of products for all kinds of pets

Sammarye .

I have found that the staff at the Branham and Meridian store are really helpful. Good customer service...

Dylan Johnson

I can't imagine what these first reviews are talking about. We took our little malchi there and had NO trouble. He looked good at the end and he was not freaked out.

This_be_AlphaSPARTA twitch

Staff was unprofessional and rude when I was inquiring about the fish

Belinda MacIntire

A fun place to go shopping with your pet

S L Kerr

My regular place to shop is their local based competitor. However, they have comparable prices and items. Do you co- habitate with a house rabbit, Guinea pig, or hamster? They have a good selection of supplies, food and treats. I was impressed with their cat litter packaging alternative. I have not tried it yet, but I believe in reducing my households carbon footprint. I have found one brand that works for my needs and the needs of my cat and if this measures up might switch. You buy the cat litter in a container on Your first purchase. After that you bring the container back and refill it!!!! Great idea for the environment and your pocket book. Now if they open a location closer to a bus stop that would encourage me to visit them more. Knowledgeable staff and good products

debra Clarizio



Have everything I need for my pet. Grooming services are great as well.

anneem123 .

Friendly employees who love animals. A well-stocked and clean store. What more can you ask?

Katie Campbell

I could spend all day shopping& talking to the staff! You guys & gals are awesome!

Tundra Queen

Pete Boggini

Good place to get pet food. They let you bring your dog but they got rid of the treats at the register :-(. My dogs were looking for those this time but I was told they can no longer have them there. Booo!

Kristine Kennedy

Smaller store so not as much selection. Best nail trim our dog has received yet, and she's 65lbs of 2 year old pudelpointer with dark nails

Alejandra Vilchis Aguilar

Amazing place for food, accessories and everything for pets

John Capps

Great service

Jeff Tharp

Always out of product

Audrey E

Helpful staff with little knowledge

Patrick Morrow

Too loud and then singers made it way too loud. Food ok.

Yury Velikanov

Relatively cheap crickets

Carmen Cheney

Great prices and helpful staff

Julia Gaines

Great like always when it comes to grooming my four legged daughter

Mr. T.

Good place to shop for our bearded dragon supplies and crickets.

Samantha Bradley

Do not buy live animals from this location. It is questionable of the quality of care for sold animals when they have multiple bags of dead fish that appear to be adjusting to tank temp. Do not buy live animals from this location.

Ruso Minnifield

They have all I need for my pets.

Alycia Valverde

Helpful and very clean

Adean Vinson

Great selection of pets needs

Miss Sherry

The ferrets litter box wasnt clean, some of the aisles were unorderly and tidy and it looks like they were short staffed, but besides that I enjoyed visiting the critters

Holiday H

Empty... Completely out of stock when I went !

Joe Morales

Smith Melanie

Super friendly staff, always super clean, good vibes all around. Definitely my favorite in San Jose

Katrina Hurd

I needed a specific product so I called the morning of to see if they had it and the two associates I spoke with were very helpful. When I went in to purchase the item, the associate who checked me out was very efficient and friendly.

night rider

This time better live longer!

Dan Seniff


Samal Maleesha

This place is awesome. Clean and workers are very friendly. Seriously they are helpful. You can ask anything they will help you. But I have to say, there was some problems with the fish that i took from here. They got sick and some of them died. But not all the time. Lot of choices anything regarded to pets you can find.


We love this place!! They maintain their animals and cleanliness. Has great ferret supplies. My ferret, Ferret Bueller has to have his peanut butter snacks for using litter box. He loves them!

Em Lee

I have usually have had good experiences at petco in the past, but recently I do not feel as comfortable coming into the store due to one employee. Her attitude tword me as a dog owner came off as arrogant and judgmental. I had explained I have had dogs for over 20 years I am not new to owning dogs. I recently had my 19 an 18 year old chihuahua litter mates pass away. I waited 2 years before getting 2 new pups who are also litter mates and we are starting to socialize them young. I don't know what issue this employee has with me, but it was extremely off putting and I felt offended and attacked by some of the things this employee said to me for no apparent reason. I did not ask her for her opinion I asked where an item was located and thought I was going to be engaging in a enjoyable conversation with a employee who was previously nice but I was wrong. we will not be returning. The employee who rang us out was very enjoyable and was super sweet which is why this isn't a 1 star review.


Short on supplies

Brenda McCarthy

Great prices and discounts

Teresa Kahn

The girls helping us today we're the best. Greeted us at the door to see if they could help us. And showed us the best things for my new puppy wonderful store

Shannon Foster

Great pet store

John Kaschnigg

Rachael Whitmore

Needs more awareness of pet area activities and pets attention, more often. Otherwise it's fairly reasonable prices and atmosphere. Customer service is good and the location is accommodating.

Jeff Ashe

Marcella T

Juliana Daniels

No one available in the store for help. I actually called out loudly then went to the office for help.

Chuck Bowser

Good selection and friendly stsff

david smith

Way too expensive!

Pamela Brotherton

Nice pet store

Paul Cornils

Friendly staff. Had what we needed at a reasonable price!

Angela Musurlian

I have been taking my dog to grooming here for 7 years. Not anymore. They are short staffed and untrained. I am very unhappy. Trying a new place today.

Bob Boatner

Complete line of things for my pets. Very friendly staff and most helpful

Naomi Maxon

My Sheba girl needed a new a new tower. Its great.

Laurie Pierce

Nice employees ..usually find what I need. Groomers are great.

Ralph Griffith

They always do a great job with our pets. We usually take them there for a bath and nail clipping.

Chris Marcus

My kid loves it here

Garrett Anderson

Very clean and prompt service. Staff was super friendly the only down side is petsmart had a reward club that let me save $70.00 on a ball python and $5.00 on a parakeet. Dry Petco you guys got severely beat on prices.

Caleb Martiny

Azar Afif

Big store with nice staff but it was so quiet and not that much products I expected. Open till 9 and easy parking

Danielle Daugherty

The store manager is a very nice guy, he helped me a lot! Thank you.

Lydie Cakes

Love the military discount. Very few Petco do it and I am so grateful this is one of them. ♡

Vonemetrica Gordon

Love this store

Carol Beaver

Love this place they always go out of there way to help you.

Renee Huerta

Love Jenny the dog trainer & Sarah the dog stylist

Juliana Wilson

Huge variety of pet brands and staff is very knowledgeable.

Witness 93

If I could give this place 0 stars I would! U guys are just horrible! Does my husband need a background check or a screening with overwhelming questions before he is able to get a fish from your store? And finally to be told "No"? By one of your rude associates?This is not our first time buying fish and we take good care of them. Bad customer service!!!

Lilibeth Goodwin

Nice staff

Ilene Clemens

Good customer service and selection. I can always get what I need.

Cynthia Clark

Ok service

Thomas Bolash

Maribella Vida

Anything you can possibly need for your pets you can find at Petco.

King Akira

Every single employee that worked there that came near us offered to help. They have very good services. I always come by here to pick up items for my terrarium.

Colin Rastall

Low on good Quality bird food

J. Elw

so the service is good, and they have a huge selection, but when i got another fish for my tank, the fish had ich and my whole tank died and they refused a refund.

Denise Shelden

Friendly, lower prices and offer Military discounts on products. Petsmart only offers it on services.

Lavincia Harper

It's ok

brandon MORALES

Seems to be understaffed kind of slow service

Pudu Creative

This review is for the groomers. I had been taking my small dog to this Petco for a simple nail grind every two weeks for the past six or seven months. At first, he was doing fine in the hands of one associate (I think her name is Sarah?), but things became progressively worse at each visit. Besides the fact that I never felt particularly welcome there, I felt their treatment of my pup was not much better. After one visit, I was told that his back foot seemed "sensitive", but upon further inspection, I found they had gotten extremely close to the quick on that paw. Assuming that was just a one-time mistake on their part, I returned to find that they had had a ton of turnover and had a set of new grooming associates. This would have been fine except that these individuals were clearly even less experienced than the previous groomers. One month ago, we had a visit that was final straw. There was an associate (I think I recall she was wearing a skirt over leggings that day, didn't get her name), who was assigned to groom him. Because of the "sensitivity" my dog's paws acquired under their care, once the associate started working on the dog's back paws, he became vocal and pulled away. Her reaction was to forcibly PRESS DOWN on my dog. I left there after that visit in shock and needed to cool down. In hindsight, I hope they have fired that associate, my dog and I are both traumatized by the experience. We obviously won't be returning for grooming here ever again.

Rhonda Griffith

Large selection of animal supplys

Michelle Falk

Donna Herrera

Very easy pickup and great people work here!

Megan Green

Haven't actually bought anything here but I walk around with my very young children and look at the animals and the staff never give me trouble for visiting.

Cynthia Swain

Petco Customer Service is Extremely Helpful!!!!! Very Good Selection for Pets... located on Branham Ln. THUMBS UP !!!!!!

Mary Leith

A very helpful crew here!

Cheyenne Shaw

Grooming experience is HORRIBLE. They cut your pet how they want and expect you to be happy. They have horrible customer service and good luck trying to get someone to answer the phone. The store overall is pretty decent when you can find help. Most of the time it’s always short staffed.

Kim Bell

Nice and clean friendly staff

ReefRabbit Aquaria

Great store for general supplies. Not a good source for saltwater aquarium supplies or fish

Christian Penn

Great customer service. Offered great alternative when out of item I was looking for.

W Barringer

Employees are always very helpful

lilbear Kinney

Works for me

Brandi Morgan

Every trip I make to this location is a headache. The grooming staff is unprofessional and lacks compassion. I have a small dog whom I take there every two weeks to get his nails trimmed. He is very friendly and well behaved but gets anxiety whenever getting his nails trimmed. I believe most of this is due to the staff at this location. They treat him like a huge pain and act as if we are doing them a huge injustice by bringing him there. The last several times I've been in, they have rolled their eyes at me and told me they didn't have time to deal with him. My boyfriend tried speaking with the manager about their behavior and our experience, we were just given excuses and told to come back later. I would not advise leaving any animal in their care and I myself, will not be giving them any more of my business.

Sabrina Hoepfner

Very helpful staff. Clean well organized stocked shelves. I highly recommend this Petco.

1debiann1 .

Employees always happy and helpful

Christiane Craig

They have a higher standerd that recently got higher on the type of food they sell now its worth it.

Nathan L

Always a fun place to bring the dogs. We switched from another pet store after finding that some of the staff here where far more knowledgeable with questions we had regarding food and other things. They have helped us resolve some of the issues we had with our girls that our vet at the time didn't have answers for. The staff is what makes any business and the have some really good ones here.

Todd Seal

The staff is helpful, the store stocked with a lot of options to feed and entertain your pet.

Gary Ragsdale

Kimberly Saulsberry

The store is always clean the staff is always friendly the animals and fish look good, well stocked with quality Supplies

Rodney Bolden

I enjoy going here because of the staff, they are always friendly and willing to help me find anything that I need at the time. The prices are fair, they are neither higher nor lower than anywhere else in town. I never go into this store thinking that it will take a long time, or that there will be a line when I go in.

Daniel Langevin

Thank you Mike

Annelise Evans

Good selection, friendly staff. Would benefit from having more people working at the register on busier days though.

Joseph Lopez

The manager they have there is awesome I believe her name was Samantha

Louis Duffy

Every time go to Petco customer service is great always put me where I need to be and answer my questions

Sai Yang

Have been coming to this store since it’s open. Never have I encounter any one as rude as the lady who approached me and my children when they were looking at betas. If I can give a no star to this review I would. They will not be receiving any business from me or my family. This petco used to be so friendly but now it’s a downfall from what it used to be.

Ruth Johnson

Enjoy shopping at this location but the availability of an employee to help you was not good at all I visit the store before and really got excellent customer service at this particular time I did not don't know if there was short-staffed or what but it was basically kind of left on my own.

Tony Cardoza

Great service

Donna Warren

Grooming Dept. Needs to be closed! Will never use any Petcos ever!

Sherie Williams

They carry the best selection, not to mention quality products with the best prices.

king_ gliscor_77

Horrible employees they make there own rules up for price match's and sales probly to pocket the rest of it and on top of that they have no class or respect always wanting to fight don't get me started on there worker Jason real peice of work while the manager and I handle his idiot mistake he's still talking smack in the background trying to start a fight or a scene on top of that random co workers got themselfs involved and took it apon themselfs to bad mouth me too regardless I reported them and hopefully will see some real much needed improvement about this place the manager Shawn and a few other female employees are the best thing about this place wish they had more employees like them!

Eli McCrory

My dogs love coming here.

Jennifer Newhall

I ask questions about cat supply and they give me there best answer's possible. Ty

Leland Jones

Theresa Hofstetter

We received excellent service from three different employees while shopping for a kennel and or car gate, including a purchase and then immediate exchange. When we finally decided on the car gate, they even helped assemble the car gate. In addition, when the two toys we got out of the 2 for $5 bin rang up as $10 each, they gave us the discounted price, without a problem.

Pernie Smith

Friendly store.

Ed Coleman

Everyone was very helpful and my dog enjoyed his trip to the store. We are not from this area and do not have a Petco where we live but I would recommend this store. A lady helped us pick everything out to keep our dog busy on the road and later we found out from the cashier she was the manager. Made a great stop for us!

Crisler Moor

My experience is that the staff is friendly

Esmeralda Reyes

It was ok, high prices and not very friendly

The Heart of a Homemaker !

Wow a lot of good people work there and the store is clean and orderly. I will shop there again.

Carol Williams

Friendliest place in town. They are soooooo helpful.

Troy Long

went in to buy a rainbow shark in the guy named Chris refused to sell it to me because I was going to fit in a 10 gallon tank I told him it was none of his business what I was going to fit it in if I was going to use it to feed another fish it isn't his safe he informed me that was his say and I informed him that he sells fish all the time for food not only that mice and other animals he doesn't care I will no longer ever ever shop there again

Romeo Uta-Patna


Jacob Cook

Scott Singleton

The fish table look awful, they couldn't find the keys to unlock the cages to look at the animals and when I tried to check out I could not even find someone to ring me up. I finally got tired of standing there and left without buying anything.

Jessica Teague-Beach

I always get great customer service and it's always nice to see other animal lovers not be afraid to bring in their pet (whether cat, dog or others.) The renovations they are doing is looking good and making the store more spacious. This is my go to place for my pets. Clean, stocked and friendly.

Cyndi Street LeTourneau

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I love that I'm able to take my baby girl in the store with me.

dylan murphy

Got attitude when I wanted to look at the ferrets. Then told no one is allowed to hold the ferrets. How the hell do you expect to sell them then?

Joshua King

They where helpful

Theron Burrus

We go out of our way to go to this pet store. Everything is easily accessible and if the staff is needed they are willing to help and friendly. If they can't help at that very moment they're honest about it but make sure you are taken care of. Don't go anywhere else!

eric masker

They always do above and beyond and the staff is knowledgeable in multiple departments. They follow up with any issue, are extremely polite and helpful and are very helpful with kids.

Cheryl Suttles

Awesome oj n person customer service experience and expeditious check out process.

Gian Carlo Carattini

Always a great experience when I bring my Pitties in and Eli or Jared help us.

Millie Taylor

Good setup and the staff is always friendly and fun to talk to.

Panchis 04

Eye pretty cool

Norbert Thomas Faure-Goda

Got the goods and staff

kimberly lara

I was shopping for some fish,and was able to get the things I needed for my aquarium.

Brandon Warren

Great selection

Margaret Mumme

Had a great experience with grooming. Mikayla was kind and understanding about the appt mishap. She worked us in to her obviously very busy schedule and did it with a smile. Rocky never looked better! I will recommend the grooming salon and store to friends and family. This is the only place that carries the Tidy Cat Breeze. The associate actually showed me where they were located and did not just point me in the the right direction. From the time i walked in the door until the time i left each and every associate made me feel like they truly cared. I am very happy with our experience and look forward to our next trip to the store.

Ryan Freeman

I walked around the store looking for someone to help me get some fish with no luck. This is the second visit I had with no costumer service. I tried calling to let them know and guess what, no one answered the phone.

Shelia Jones

I love Petco because they listen to what I wanted for my pet and did exactly what I asked.luv luv it

Carolyn Humphries

Will never return. Manager was rude when she CD. not locate in computer my previous apt. & groomng service rendered for my dog PREVIOUSLY 2 to 3 was ago. Clerk who identified herself as STORE MANAGER Informed customer "it's not my fault, It's computers fault." I have shopped at this store many times, Clerks in he past have gone out of their was to assist me, in every instance.( It's a shame, the Manager can blame a customer; with purchase of previous grooming at this store, it was put in their computer at the counter where I checked out, customer has cancelled check, and groomers would recognize customer who stayed with my dog, and witnessed the info. being registered in the sales receipt!!!) Manager needs to learn basic...." Customer is always right.."! rather than accusing customer 3 times of you don't have to be rude to Me!" I told Manager, "I will not be back!" Many other Groomers in the Capitol City of Montg., AL. The kind Groomers should make their OWN APPOINTMENTS! One Star given, for the Kind Clerks, Groomers, and courteous assistance given me over our years of business with PetCo.

Courtney Moses

Edit: John has left this store and the way the general manager handled my refund for the class has led me to file an official complaint against her. The groomer is still a great girl, but I don't agree with their management here. Once I use up the gift card they forced me to take instead of an actual refund, I won't be going here ever again. ----------------- Old Review: I've been going to this petco for about 7 weeks now and I would highly recommend both Brianna in grooming and John in dog training. I took my puppy to their Puppy 1 class and have had a lot of success with the guidance of our trainer John. He has a great personality and always gives great advice on the inevitable training hang-ups you run in to. He obviously loves his job and it shows in how much he cares about the success of his students. Brianna was a huge help to me when I made a mistake and brought my other dog in on the wrong day for grooming. I was going to leave and come back another day, but she was more than happy to squeeze her in so I didn't have to worry about coming back. We paid for 30 minutes of brushing and a nail trim, and she did an amazing job! I've spend hours brushing that same dog and never gotten out even half as much of her undercoat as she did. I was seriously impressed.

Joseph Lomman

KJ Ugrin

Helpful & knowledgeable staff.

terry brown

Should us our two new "children". Great people!

David Matson

Same thing everybody so friendly eager to help I know they're paid to do that but the atmosphere is very good

James Jones

Great quality supplies and fish. Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Thomas G

I've gone here for a while and everyone there is always very helpful. I've been to other big pet stores where the employees actively avoid me and provide zero information when cornered so I appreciate always getting help when I need it. I came in with expired coupons and they went above and beyond to make sure that I got an updated set.

Robert Halem

Excellent selection of pet products but not enough staff. When you need assistance, people can be hard to find.

Ashlie Leimbach

Customer service has really gotten better. Selection can be hit or miss at times.

Darlene Antila


Jessica McClung

Friendlier, and more helpful than Petsmart

Josiah Uram

Tyler Offenbacker


Jack Daniels

Staff is friendly, just slow to be found and even slower to keep up minimal maintenance on there aquariums and other pet cages / tanks ... a recent visit was even worse then previous visits the staff walks by with out helping and has no interest in you or the general upkeep of the animals/fish!

leolie samson

Great place for all our pet needs. I love the open treat bar. I can get a huge bag of assorted treats for my dogs for about $6! Great value.

Kimberly Ann Graham

Large pet retailer carrying everything you can imagine for any kind of pet. They also do carry some live animals such as birds and small mammals like rats and chinchillas. Great place to take your dog if you have no idea what they may like or what might fit them in the way of a collar

Donovan Dyer

Cat adoption day. Awesome time ❤❤❤

Zack Thomas

The treat bar is the best

Rosalyn Ford

They had nothing we were looking for today everything we asked for will be on the truck next Thursday but I've heard this same thing on our two visits earlier


Better than PetSmart

Melanie Johnson


Maurice Patrick

Friendly and knowledgable staff.

Jared Murphree

I only go in to get fish, so I can't speak to anything else in the store other than they keep it clean and give a nice atmosphere. Each time I go in the tanks look great (other than the black beard algae) and you don't see a bunch of dead fish floating like at petsmart.... The workers seem rather knowledgeable and are very kind. Sometimes you have to wait a while before someone helps you, but that's because they seem to be rather short staffed. They typically have fish in stock and seem to get new stock regularly. The fish look nice and healthy and they have fish and shrimp there that you can't find anywhere else around. Not even in the personally owned stores. Overall great place to get fish and invertebrates from. I just wish they were a little closer.

sheila stinson

Always helpful, got just what I needed

Zachary Monroe

Petco is a nice pet store

Victoria Davis

Waited 45 to an hour waiting minutes for cricket. While waiting she went to the register to help other guests. Tierra forgot what I asked for while looking at me the entire time. The worst customer service.

John F

Brought my dog in today for her first Petco grooming. She is shedding her winter coat and it has been horrible. I can honestly say I paid good money for the "Best in Show" package, and a decent tip for the absolute worse grooming I have ever seen. I can honestly say I don't believe they even brushed her out. Brushed her out this evening and couldn't believe the loose hair in her coat. I will never give Petco one dime of money for anything in the future. Horrible experience!

Fedel Sanchez

Cuz a great pet store. They have a large variety of products for your pets. As well as a nice variety have animals for sale. I wish I could take them all home. And the staff was very very nice and attempted to my little dog. I like going to the store

Lyn Barnez

They have oxbow brand for my spoiled chinchilla

Jodie Kinnear


Love the products and customer service

GaJuan DeJesus

Yeah, the people that actually go here are the people that hand their dogs over to the groomer and say “Oh do what you want to with them” because you don’t have a say so obviously. Now I’m not just some customer that removes a stick out of their butt everyday. I’m a very fair and understanding person. But when you explain how you want your dog

Jose Cuevas

If I never need something for me pet I always find it here. Worker are really helpful and nice.

Christa B

This Petco always has my cat's favorite flavors of Applaws in stock all the time!!

Pink Anderson

Fun place, great staff with an abundance of knowledge. Nice options for supplies.

Allison Marie

Customer service is always great. There wasn't too many workers available when I needed help though. Overall, I was satisfied visiting this store.

Marti rhyne

The order was ready for me when I arrived. Everyone was very helpful.

karen sanders

Helpful and easy to find thingdms

Andrew Scott

They had the food we needed when no one else in town did.

Cynthia Herrera

Great customer service. Went in for cat supplies and got some good info on my cat. Thank you

Eduardo Valenzuela

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Trey Kennedy

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Went to petco because they had some items on sale I wanted to get. There were about 12 people in line and the manager just walking around never even opened a register just had one lady trying her hardest. Got to the front rang up item and she said 67 and some change. I told her online it’s 34.99 and that was on petco website I then showed her my phone. She said that’s an online price and cannot sell at that price. I told her it has in store pick up. She said I would have to complete the transaction online then pick it up in store. So I stood to the side and completed it and 10 min later she asked for my ID and then gave me the merchandise. Terrible experience!

Lilia H

Kudos for collaborating with NARF (Nike Animal Rescue Foundation) so that rescued kittens and dogs can find a home. Kitten fairs at this Petco location every Saturday from 11am-3pm.

Lori Hernandez

Very friendly and helpful. I needed live rats for feeding my pythons and I couldn't find them anywhere else. Pet smart asked too many questions and won't sell live rats for feeding. Thanks for the help Pet Co

Phillip Tucker

Very helpful employees and a lot of great items. I have bought stuff for cats, rabbits and dogs. Great selection of fish too.

Steven Hoang Nguyen

I've been coming to this Petco for the past 3 odd years, and this was where I first bought my 15-gallon fish tank and the fishes that I've had (because I noticed they have an awesome selection). I also recently starting buying dog supplies here for my newly adopted Beagle. Why 5 stars? I'm giving this location 5 stars for meeting all my needs and then some with their amazing and knowledgeable staff members. I recently encountered an issue with my fish, and their manager Keith helped set me straight with his expertise in aquatics. I learned a few lessons and will probably be more mindful of my fish. I would highly recommend this store for basic pet needs and their more detailed aquarium side.

Hilaria Sierra

Muy buen lugar se encuentra lo k nesecitas y pasa tiempo agradable para niños

Rebecca Mitchell

Pleasant and welcoming staff. If you can't find it they will help and even order it if needed.

Amador Torralba

Great grooming services

Michael Barker

Wide selection of pet products

Joshua Schelling

It's the best pet store I've been to. Especially the fish section. They help me with any questions I have.

Gail Littrek

Love Petco. Good service, good variety of well made products, good groomers, great dog toys. Prices are just as good as anywhere else.

Anthony Booker

Kind of pricey however they have a wide selection of various types of dog foods.

Jeannette Molina

Pinky's favorite Doggie Store

Rochelle Barainca

Kelley Torres

Just got hung up on by the groomer. Thanks lasy

Jonathan Berkey

Sabrina Shoup

Always friendly

Thomas Bittner

Shampooed the dog there and clipped his nails.

Stacey Edson

Love that my pet is welcome in the store

Lyra Fox

Erul Taqin

Helpful staff

Sophia La Rocca

Nice staff


Went to return an item bought online and the MANAGER on duty said she can’t return it because they don’t carry it in her store.

Mary Smith


John Hines

GreAt service

Matthew Amundsen

Good knowledgeable people.

Jess Hughes

I called the grooming salon for my GSD and booked an appointment for a bath, shed treatment, nail cut & buff. When I brought my dog in, they only had him down for a walk in nail trim in the system. I had to reschedule my appointment two weeks out due to their "employee error".

Lisa Oliver

Some pets didn't look healthy.

M Greene

They have really sweet offers (coupon) on my dog birthday.

Jeremy Warnken

Overpriced! Staff that dont know enough to be helpful. The price online at Petco for mirolift fish bacteria treatment was $6.39 in store was $7.79. Wow over a dollar on a item that is less the $10. What a Ripoff when are companies going to learn that we all have a phone in our pocket and can price check them. I will not be going back.

Lisa Fransson

The employees in there are very helpful but unfortunately the Petco company seems to have a problem bringing fish there there's never any fish it's been 2 months

Gina Sitte

Great selection of products for our pets. The staff in the fish section is very helpful. The cashiers are efficient and extremely friendly. I enjoy shopping here!

Paula Williams

Groomers would not accept a health certificate along with rabies tag. If they had looked closely the shot record was on it. They wanted an expiration date. Can't add I guess.

linda mccain

Very informative. Great people..

Tanya tbaby Robins

Easy to find, Pet friendly and great deals

Sandra Dee Olson

Trustworthy and safe for my pets. Awesome Groomers! Amazing Salon Leader!! Professional friendly service.


Every time I have to make a stop at the craft store Michael’s, I have to have to go into the Petco. I am a huge animal lover I buy my dogs so many treats and toys weekly. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that I love Petco I feel like it offers so many more services then its competitors. They have classes open to the public for Animal training of all sorts. They got animal feed cages close leashes toys if you think your animal would love it it’s probably at the store. I always get the latest Animal treat samples for my dogs now I will say that some of them are pretty healthy as healthy alternatives for dogs so might be too picky dogs won’t need it but I have a pitbull that’s a garbage disposer, & He’s happy to take them all.

Steven R

Staff is friendly and helpful. Merchandise is always in stock. The live animals are fun for kids to look at.

Coco Pappas

Friendly helpful staff.. Great deals .. My dog and I love to browse the store

Andrea Abercrombie

Great selection of all your pet needs and friendly helpful staff.

Matt Moore

Found what I needed at a good price.

Vanessas Vlogs

Cashier was honest and informative about product !cant say the same for the grooming department...

Adrian Little

Great customer service!

Caleb Ballew

Great friendly people.

Donald Gray

The people come to you as you walk in the door

Lisa Morgan

Very friendly people and well stocked Extremely clean

Scott Braswell

Friendly staff

Brandy Boynton

Tim Ruzzo

Helpful staff, good deals

Howard Young

Just another Peco. Nothing special about it.

shaylea younger

Takes great care of the animals and the customer service is pretty good. =)

Brian Caldwell

George Martin

Excellent help from the people on the floor. Lot's of choices to navigate in huge store

Dave Morris

Petco is a pretty consistent place to buy pet supplies.

patrice jerido

Great customer service and knowledgeable staff, especially Eli.

EmmaG LaRoche

I love it!!!! Best store you ever went to!!!!

becca mahoney

Excellent friendly groomers!

Freddie Landre

Seems they are changing their products, and prices are going up.

Reggie Rivers

Great place to make a quick stop for your pet

Leslie Emanuel

Great place to shop ! got my wild squirrels and birds eating like they 'stars' lol

Keda Collins


Larry Adair

good place to shop

John James

Great place, workers always friendly! Great prices!

Nikki Nikki

Pricey and employees pushy to sell items don't need


Great experience everytime.

Ray Suggs

Good all around pet supply company. Always have what I need.

Ira Sh

Low inventory, poor choose.

Lisa .

I went into Petco tonight to grab a last minute leash for my dog I was picking up from the airport, there was a lady in front of me who after 7 minutes stopped talking about her item she was buying, they had 3 people on one register, my puppy had been on a flight for 12 hours and i needed a leash so as the lady was purchasing what she needed she was getting her change back and they ran out of 5's and they asked her if 1's were okay and she said no because she was traveling, she had 1's already because she pulled them out. Nobody offered to open another register for me so I could go get my puppy who was on a plane for 12 hours, the manager and everyone in there were very rude and unfriendly. The manager ignored me and didn't even apologize for this. Poor customer service.


Very good service and good folks

Michael Bonfert


Vernon Hunter

Great place. Very nice man with long hair helped me with everything I needed and answered all my questions about my new puppy. Signed me up with the store card. Really nice person. I will be using Petco from now on. Thanks for helping me out with the new adventure

Dan McNiff

buster martin

Good for dog toys

Stephen Moulfair

The staff was very helpful and friendly. They're truly animal people who share a love for our pets.

Amy Waren

Very good customer service

benny levy


Gabriela Ornelas

Workers were friendly and helpful! It was super clean - everything organized and categorized properly

James Brantley

Very helpful staff and a variety of supplies for your pets

Patricia Butler

They had loveable male minature pincher.The service was excellent and most helpful

Deanna March

The service was excellent and right on time

john archer

Great service and prices

Suresh Ganjigunta

Got fish tank accessories from here.. working out pretty good

Morrisa Coppage

Great service

Antoinettey Vee Marez

Great employees n great animals in great shape.

Kaylee Martin

Cute birds, friendly staff.

Brittainy Johansen

The girl who helped us was very polite and answered all our questions

Carla Williamson

I buy most of my pet items and toys here. They ship my dog food straight to my house so I don't have to lug it around. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The store has always been clean when I've been in there.

Ashton Cooper Hymas

Decent selection of aquatics but their saltwater section is really lacking

Maren Lassner

Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff + great selection of products and customer service.

Sal O

Dog food shopping

Belinda Wallace

Great quality

Dennis Bishop

Great store.

Anthony Mayberry

I registered my dog for the training classes and it was absolutely worth the money. My dog Honey learned about ten different tricks through the program. The staff, in general, are all very friendly. I love this Petco

Emilee Mann

I drive and extra 10 minutes just to come to this pet store. I have always received such great advice and customer service.

Gail Hines

Don't go by the prices under items. Check them first.

Timothy Hoffman

Can Use help but good store

Kimberly N

Prices have gotten better in the last couple years. This location was clean & organized.

Corkey Hawk

Found exactly what we needed fast and checkout was friendly!

Alvin Parker

Staff was very helpful and knew exactly what I had questions about. Excellent customer service.

garnerdaniel56 .

has a lot of supplies and knowledgeable staff and a great sale on water tanks for this month only. 1dollar for every gallon.

Patrice Johnson-Ray

Loved Petco, but too expensive.

Trfaniel Faniel

Love getting my furry baby groomed here. They do a great job. She is older and cranky, but they get her pretty.

WestCoast Treats

Aquatic pets galore!

Juan Marquez

Love this place .....nice staff and environment

Stephanie Bristow

One of my favorite places to look window shop!!

maz_bass _zim

Clean store helpful staff

Brandy Hunt

The employees are super nice but aren't very professional.

Tony Renteria

Nicolette Adair

Love Petco, they have very helpful and informative employees...they could have more in stock but that is my only con everything else is all pros

By Thao

If I can not give any stars, I would prefer that. I want to inform that customers deserve to be treated better. I’ve come to this petco since the day it first opened and this is the first time I’ve encountered the rudest employee. My family we were looking at the Beta fish and here comes this rude employee- older Caucasian lady with white blonde hair and thick black frame glasses, coming up to us and said “kids can’t touch the beta fish, they have to be 18 years old to touch the fish and left. I’ve come multiple days in a week with my children to the store and visit the beta fish area and I’ve never got a single employee said no one under 18 can’t touch the beta fish. My children are with me under my supervision and I’m not even worried that they will cause any damages to the store. So, with this attitude I received from this employee, I want to make it clear that if the store is not family kids friendly and everyone have to be 18 or older please state so. I repeat...If the store has such rule, make it VISIBLE for your customers. If the store is NOT family or children friendly, say so!

Brandon Swartz

Where the pets go.

Zainab Amara

nagendra sharma

I came to buy Bala shark. Staff was knowledgeable to help me choose.

Thomas Baker



Ask for Renee! She was so kind, easy to talk and knew what she was talking about. I normally hate dealing with sales associates and would rather do my research, go in and buy what I need. But she was just so AMAZING, knew everything I already researched about and showed me right where to find it. Best customer service I've had in sometime.

Brando Mesinas

Alma Nunez

Has just aboutn every thing you want for you vest frien pet

Mad Hatter

Very convenient and friendly

Angel Lovee.xOxOx

Great prices and Friendly service.

Jennifer Thompson

I love this place, but it can be pricey!

Eli Collins

Great experience

Tommie Franklin

The cashier was very friendly and courtious

Mark Jensen

Always has the products I want

fefi fofum

Asked for cat shampoo "recommendation",,, and shown shelf. I highly Recommend: Four Paws Magic Coat Tearless Shampoo for cats and kittens,with protein and lanolin, non irritating in Eyes. Over the other I bought: espree Natural Shampoo & Conditioner in one. The results of Four Paws feel so much Better to cat's coat !!

Jae Il Lee

Lorne Bailey

Good reptile supply store

Samantha Chambers

Service is very bad..there are not enough people who are there to help a customer on a big shopping day and stocking the store instead..they need to hire at 2 or 3 to help with costomers Out of stock on some basic items ....poor customer service

Christopher Mychal Hemeon

Friendliest employees, but please do not confuse them with veterinarians.

The Sicilian

Staff is cool and knowledgable their prices, products, selection and service much better than petsmart

Richard L. Satterlee

Only place I go for my special diet dog food needs!

KC Lima

Friendly staff and their animals are well taken care of it.

martin baker

Good selection and good people

I. G.

Joe Aiello

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They had everything we were looking for even some we weren't. Definitely a great place to shop for pet needs. Beware of the super cute kitties. They're kryptonite.

David Witkowski

Good store. It's like every other Petco on the planet.



Elizabeth Mitchell


Teeven Lee

Great pet supply store

Ashlie Smith

I go here mostly for reptile food, but every experience has been very pleasant, very helpful knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend this place!

Eider Oliveira

Ben Allen

I go mostly for fish, which are mostly sick, but they have a good variety of value accessories.

david ash

I love shopping at this store when I'm on this side of town to get my pet supplies


Their Milk-Bones had boll weevils in it

Benny Levy


Dreana Taylor

Love Petco! Been buying my pet need supplies for 7yrs now.

Bernard Sullivan

Thank you good place to shop

Onc Dojo

We love this place and so does our dog. They have a great selection of toys and treats and bowls for your animals. Also like there turtles, lizard's and snakes as well. I only wish pet stores in Montgomery had more plush toys to offer.

Jack Osgoode

Large selection you can expect the price but it's worth it.

Yolanda Serrano

Friendly staff

amber Worthington

Very friendly staff and this location was very clean. Decent prices and the animals that was at the store was well taken care of. Will definitely be returning to this petco.


All the staff was very helpful and outgoing. My dog was always spoiled when ever I brought him.

Larry Beamon

Great service!

Nita Johnson

Nice pet store. Short handed, but, the help was still there.

Terri Cardenas

Excellent customer service.

Taylor Augustin

Standard Petco with standard offerings

Daniel Lucas

Very clean. Staff was great. My son is going to love his bearded dragon

Richard Cobb

Petco on Mt View Dr is provided me the worst customer service I have ever experienced in a Pet Store. We had gone to buy food, half of which I take back because the dog will not eat it. Also. Staff was exceptionally rude. RC

Bryan Murphy

This place is unhelpful and unprofessional, have been here a few times to get grooming for my German shepherd and have always been able to drop her off 10 min or so early so that she can be there and ready to go, today I was told I couldn't drop her off at all until her groomer gets there and she should be there in time for my appointment; the girl sitting there playing with puppies couldn't do the check in at all. When I asked what changed about the last times I brought her she just told me that she couldn't check her in and that I would have to wait for the groomer to come in and do it then. I will not be bringing my pup back

Christy Frost

I come here often to get supplies for my cats. A few weeks ago, I was looking for some litter disposal bags and couldn't find them even after an young female employee told me where to look. When she saw my difficulty, she took several minutes trying to find them for me but wasn't finding them either. Just as I was ready to check out without them, she came running to me with one she had found hiding behind other items. I was impressed with her dedication. I generally find all the employees to be friendly and helpful! They also price match if you have a receipt from another pet store with a cheaper price.

Zack Harris

Terrible grooming service. Bad cut and didnt cut my dogs nails and still charged us full price. Never going here again.

Jisselle Hidalgo

Very organized and items are carefully displayed. Nice people to help you around.

Dashawn Perrine

Chad Hall

I’ve always had great experiences with the staff here. I went in today to exchange some cans of Tiki Cat because they were flavors my old, picky wasn’t into. They let me swap them out without a receipt (because, of course, I threw it away. Nobody returns cat food right?) Anyhow, I got some food the cat will eat and they didn’t make me feel like a con man trying to pull one over on them.

Fla Campoy

Lovely staff and prices are good

Stuart Scott

This Petco is conveniently located for my shopping needs. They have price matched other stores and the employees are totally helpful.

Jonathan Anderson

A couple of the employees really know fish tanks and breed fish themselves.

miranda monet

Best place for Blue buffalo


Only place I go for my dogs needs

chris wong

mike logan

Excellent "large lot" style pet food, supplies, and small animals. From fish to snakes, bearded dragons to cockatoos. They also have on site self serve pet wash, and full service grooming while you shop. They also have dog and/or cat adoption weekends for City pound and SPCA. I believe that they still give a portion of ALL sales, ALL the time, to SPCA! Many locations have a drop in vet in store. Down side, people bring unsocialized animals into store with inevitable "accidents". And if you have a small child who is afraid of dogs, it can be a problem. (This is very rare.) Employees are not always knowledgeable.

Susanne Zorn-Holman

LOVE this place! Wonderful hepl!!!!

Never Known

niggups killed my dog.. oughta bring back auschwitz

Deborah Sparrow

The staff really know their stuff and super friendly

Neil DiGiacomo

Prices are sometimes high on items one week and lower the next week. They have had dog training classes in the store most times I've been there, and the dogs block aisles. Checking out can be slow.

Wayne Anderson

Super friendly

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