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Where is Petco in TRUSSVILLE?


Que Cee TSN

Ok could have a better selection but very clean

michael black

Everything you need and huge variety of blue dogfood!

Tom Ogletree

Very informative, genuine concern with our pup!!!!!!

Service Dog Paws

We went in twice in one day because of how much we enjoyed their service. And have went in multiple other times since they opened a little over a week ago. A complete preference over PetSmart. They take amazing care of their animals, and care about their customers needs. We will be going here from now on.

stephanie lorino

Very clean and organized store

Kimberly Kinder

Very helpful employees because sometimes you just don't know exactly what you need for your fur-baby.

Matt Brown

Dangerous to have this store so close to my house. I might start getting my mail there. ; - }

Paul Gleaton

Very clean and neat location. Looks like they are still setting everything up.

Sonya Franklin

We was checking on food good price

John Angelette

Everything you'd want in a Petco

Shera Woodruff

Very helpful and knowledgable staff.

mark Frost

Great selection and friendly workers!

A'Kaycia Quinn

I love it here !!!

Jon Burns

Nice store. Friendly staff.

Stacy Brunner


Panick Panda

THIS HAPPENED JANUARY 4TH 2018. I went into the store to buy my cat a tag for his collar and a new leash and harness. I bought the tag first cause that was my main goal, however in my search for a new harness I was going between the cats and dogs section comparing the neck size cause I was wanted my cat to be well fit and not easily able to escape his harness. Just as I was about to walk to the counter happy with my decision the Manger tells me to drop what I have and leave. I asked if I could buy the leash and harness and she said she already called the cops and that I was forever banned from the store and while I'm completely lost I walked out of the store trying to explain that she could search me that I didn't have anything besides the tag I had bought when I first went in. The cops met my friend and I at the car and the manager is steady accusing us of stealing and that she had it on camera. The cops separated us and searched the car and us and nothing was found because we didn't steal anything. Why then the harassment? Well I'm gothic and I was wearing a black skirt with a black tank top and my friend was in normal jeans and a jacket. WE DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING IN FACT I WAS ABOUT TO DROP A LOT OF MONEY ON THE LEASH AND HARNESS BEFORE THE JUDGEMENTAL MANAGER CHASED ME OUT OF THE STORE. THIS STORE IS THE WORST AND I WILL NEVER EVER RETURN THERE OR RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. IF ANYTHING I WOULD WARN PEOPLE OF THE POSSIBLE HARASSMENT OF THE MANAGER.

Hunter Counsell

Easy to find what I'm looking for. The staff gives great advice.

Paula Hays

Friendly staff wonderful service

Jackie McKinney

The store is very clean and well laid out. It is just 2 blocks from my house and very convenient. Employees are helpful and courteous. I prefer to do all my shopping for my pet there.

Russian Tortoise

It's really sad that your mom gets a turtle instead of a hamster

Tessa McCown

I love how open the store feels and the products, however there is often no one at the register when I go to check out

Jan Bailey

Great store, they go out of there way to help you.

April McGowan

The manager was super nice, however they are always super short staffed, the cashier had no idea what was going on and she was the only one up there. There are always employees standing right by the door smoking which is ridiculous and inconsiderate of customers with kids.

Justin Adams

The staff was very helpful and enjoyed thier work, everything was easily located. Awesome pet supply store.

Allie Cat

Customer service was slightly slower than I would have preferred. Overall, I got what I needed, without any problems.

Patrick Rhodes

Store is well supplied and help you with the right products

Kevin Nelson

Great store

b grrtt

Friendly staff. Good selection. Clean store always. Staff is good about letting you know about deals.


I had great service and now I know they are there they will see a lot more of me

Yolanda Johnson

I am sold. Tiffany did an excellent job with my Westie Mix. Since it was her 1st visit, she came from behind the counter ad set on the floor to get to know her and discuss my expectations. She was very knowledgeable of grooming cuts for her breed. When I went to pick her up, her next appointment was already set. Great customer service something not rendered at PetSmart.

Camille M

Great place, has everything we need for our dog!

Ross Williams

We have visited this store a few times, never had a problem. Booked our first grooming appointment and got to the store at 8:00am (as per instructed). Danielle the “Manager” arrives late, extremely rude, goes on to tell us it will be about 15- 20 minutes before anyone from grooming will be there because she stated “they are always behind”. My post isn’t to ignore that no one perfect and people don’t run late. But as a big as Petco is as a company it shocked me they don’t have better employees to know that if you open at 8 maybe getting to work at 7:30 would allow for a proper opening. And FYI if you’re late and store is empty with only you there BE NICE to customers. And don’t acknowledge the lack of professionalism with your grooming department. We will not return, and hope this helps improve the conduct of employees so someone else doesn’t have to go through the same thing.

Shyann Medina

The people are great love this store.

Karl Grimm

Great staff extremely helpful and friendly

alan diaz

I always have to buy something when I come. My addiction/hobby is fish so I always go home with something for my many fish tanks.

summerstiles4 .

Trussville Petco and team are amazing! They are very helpful and kind. They always are happy to check my water or answer any questions I have. They have helped me so much with my first tank. I’m so grateful to have them down the road from me. Daniele and co workers are the best.

Deworne Sims

Pet store

Lindsay Ellinas

My husband and I were going to pick up food for our dogs, and we have been legitimately considering a specific new pet, which is a social animal. After standing at the case for 20 minutes observing, discussing, and desperately trying to flag someone down to help us, we approached two people standing together stocking products and asked if we could hold the animal. One of them physically sighed and rolled his eyes while huffing, “are you actually going to BUY it?” After my husband explained that he was trying to convince me to get the animal, and I would absolutely have to touch it before deciding whether to spend $50 (on dog food) or $500 (on two ferrets and accessories), they told him they would have to “talk about it and decide whether to allow” us to hold the animals. At that point I was ready to leave, but he convinced me to stay and see if the employees would be accommodating. A separate associate approached us and told us she would let us hold the animals. She answered questions and allowed me time with the animals. But as we were consulting, yet ANOTHER employee approached and interrupted us rudely saying, “you can’t let anybody hold them unless they’re buying one!” The helpful employee explained that we were legitimately interested, and the rude girl again (almost yelled) “I KNOW WHO THEY ARE, and no one can hold the animals unless they buy them!” I have literally never been to a place where someone yelled “YOU CANNOT HELP THE CUSTOMER IN THE WAY YOU ARE HELPING THEM!” There are absolutely more appropriate ways to handle a situation than this. We finished consulting with the friendly associate, and I was so terribly turned off at how abrasive the staff was, I told my husband I wasn’t interested in spending ANY money at Petco, and we drove over to another store to buy our dog food. We will be finding our new baby ferret couple somewhere other than Petco. And I’m not walking back into this store. I’m sure that my money doesn’t mean a thing to your company. But if your employees are regularly treating customers in this manner, I would sincerely be surprised you sell anything at all at this location.

Rodell Alexander

Love all the workers

Baron Hawkins

My wife found a 20$ dog sweater for 4$ there. Same sweater was at Petco on 280 and it was NOT on sale. This store is clean. Friendly.

Taylor Clem

clean, friendly staff

Ricky Blackerby


Robert Eaton

Michael Garrett

Big store with a lot of choices, but didn't have my brand of dog food (Peigree). Seems to be geared to high end and specialty brands. Huge selection of merchandise like leashes, collars, toys, etc. Stuff for all kinds of pets. Staff was very friendly.

Karen Pecoraro

Great place! We bought a Black Orchid Betta

William C

This is the only petshop on my side of town that sells the brand of dog food my dogs need. They are raw fed and need a very high quality specific diet. Thank you Petco!

john woodall

Very versed in knowledge I just bought 2 fish there yesterday this is a home away from home for me

Bogart Daniel

Always a great place to visit. Prices a bit high.

Douglas King

Great staff, great store. Would recommend

Carol Hitt

Everyone was super helpful and really nice. I highly recommend this store to anyone who has pets.

Mandy Nobles

The staff is always nice and very helpful!

Brad Rowan

Excellent customer service and clean building!

Ashley Nicole

This place is awesome. Bought my ball python here. The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable

Deborah Woodard

They're not very friendly when I used to go to Pet Supply Plus they would offer the dog some free treats around Christmas time but they're not friendly like that they just do what they do and go to the next customer I think I may need to find a Pet Supply Plus again

Joseph Duran

Very friendly helpful staff.

Gerald Barber

Clean store and friendly staff

Steven Gill

The employees are great, of course pet friendly. Used to go to the Roebuck Pet Supply Plus but they're closing, the service and care here is great. Of course took me a few times to find my preferences, prices were similar. Cutest thing is there was a station to clean your pet's "gifts," (although I know my pup, have my own paper towels!)

Wayne Plunkett.

Very nice store, well arranged, friendly staff.

Linda Storey Moon

It has it all for your pet. And your pet shops with you.

Joe Dowdey

They had good service and anything your pets could want or need.

Brenda Reid

Nice selection of men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories.

Antoinette Smith

I love Petco they are helpful nice and kindly

Elizabeth Ray

Pet friendly environment

Jennifer Hill

Never have what I'm looking for.

Seize CD

Friendly helpful employees.

Wendy Smith

The employees at this location are always super friendly and helpful. The store is always clean and you tell that all of the animals are cared for. Most pet store fish tanks are terrible. The ones here are always clean and the fish are always healthy.

Danielle Harris

Friendly and helpful staff!! Quick in and out.

Janet Cohron

Always love coming here! Adopted a kitten here for my granddaughter a couple months ago. They get all there cats from kitty cat haven. Awesome place!


purrrrrfect place for my dogs and even for cats

reeree madison

Great place, kinda slow in the grooming.


New and nice. Employees very friendly and helpful

Dave Harbison

horrible customer service,. EXTREMELY disappointed in the "store leader" / manager at the Petco in trussville, Jason. After hundreds of grooms of my shih tzu today they say they cant groom him because of biting and i have NEVER had a complaint with any groomer at Petco, Petsmart and several independents. Our family WILL NOT be back to the petco in trussville unless the manager would like to have an adult conversation of his actions towards our family pet of 8 years. and his condescending attitude towards my wife. This is not the end of the issue either...... VERY UPSET.

Adrian Neal

I love the groomer that grooms my Shih Tzu. Her name is Savannah and she has done a FANTASTIC job both times that I have used her. She is so sweet and she makes me feel completely as ease leaving my fur baby with her.

Gina Taylor

I went in for doggie poop bags and found a beautiful leash on a clearance rack also. I'll be back easy to get in and out.

Keith Bice

Very convenient

Violet Smith

Very clean

Heather Barrow

No chicken supplies. Heavy focus on dog supplies.

Fitzgerald Hampton

Went to this location to discuss possibly setting up my aquarium again and restocking fish in it. Inquired about different items and how to clean aquarium after not being used for a couple of months, the associate I can't recall his name answer my question in full when I was pretty much satisfied with the results.

Kandice B

Absolutely adore this place!! Great service, healthy pets, great atmosphere

Curt Hamby

Very pleasant staff

Dwight Graves

Prices are good on dog training treats.

Ismael Torres

Good selection

Brad Meacham

Great place to find goldfish

Willie & Tilandria

Great animal selection for kids.

Michael Gates

We went inside and the lights was not on I asked someone if the power was out and they said no we are just weird it was very hard to find anything and the fish lights was not in either we went to Petsmart

Nikia Taylor

I have shopped and had my pet groomed several times at this location. Today was very upsetting. I had an appointment at 3:30pm for my dog just to get a full bath, nothing more. I understand policy but if your pet is scheduled to be groomed, etc... workers need to explain to people when you bring your pet in for grooming you also need to bring papers (rabies shots, etc..) on dog. This was an inconveince to say the least.

Josh Martin

Helpful employees and good selection.

Lesley Braswell

They’re always friendly and helpful if you have questions

Lorna von Behring

The stuff is really nice and they price match everything!

Randi Lynn McNeill

Great customer service!!

Theresa Palmer

Prices a bit high, lovely new store in new shopping center. Has nice grooming service center in store, pet and people friendly.

Rachel Dunlap

We loved it

Tim Carrier

Had an appointment for my dogs to be groomed when I got there they told me they didn't have enough time after I drove there from pell city and wasted my time

Martin Santana

Awesome service, sorry I can't remember his name but he went beyond any expectations

Gina A

Do NOT I repeat, DO NOT at any cost get reptiles from this place! They have MITES. Mites can be DEADLY if left untreated, and apparently PETCO is either too ignorant or selfish to do anything about it. We have made the horrible mistake of getting a snake there, she has MITES in her heat pits and eye. Absolutely horrible and cruel to the animals. Don't waste your time and money and do not support the sale of sick, contagious animals!

Rachel Bowman

Expensive, not much on clearance rack

Phillip Gurley

They need a better selection of salt water fish

Joanna Franklin

Great store and great staff. Very clean and staff is helpful.

Susan Sandora

I love this store! Everyone is very helpful! On my recent trip, I was looking for a new dish for one of our dogs and Jason was very nice and showed me their choices. I knew what I wanted, anf not finding it, Jason offered to look for a dish on the website. Still not finding what I wanted, I went back to have another look, and found some on sale. He also picked out a new treat for our dogs! Thanks, Petco for being our neighborhood pet store!

Dennis Jordan

Very friendly people and great service

Christine Lichtenstein

The customer service is wonderful, one cashier allowed my daughter to pet the hamster. They have small cages they can put some animals in so that people can pet them upon request if you're looking into purchasing a pet. We like to get beta fish food for our beta fish named Angel that we purchased from the store, along with new accessories for the self cleaning aquarium occasionally.

David Gladd

Phyllis Mark

Very helpful staff. Good selection of products, though somewhat expensive.

Keysha Sims

Always a great experience

Malisa Austin

The employees was very helpful

Florence Stewart

My dog has allergies and I purchase grain free dry food here. They are dog knowledgeable and very helpful.

Amber Gullo

Only gone in once but they where nice and helpful.

Samantha Golden

Clean store. Friendly staff. Great prices. I don't go anywhere else for my fur babies and fish.

Crystal Lee

Very friendly associates

chelsie roman

It is a new store and I love the new layout very clean

Wayne Douglas

They are very friendly and helpful.

Tommy Mcfarland

Anyways attentive and helpful.

Adrean Douglas-Knight

They were super convenient friendly and knowledgeable in all my fur baby needs!

Gene Mohr

Had what I needed at a fair price.

Brett Minter

Every time we go here we have a good experience. The employees are helpful and knowledgeable. The store is clean and they generally keep inventory stocked well. It's a haul for me from Shelby county but when we visit family in the area we generally find a reason to stop in (usually for fish).

Shai White

Staff is always very friendly to my cat and me.

Justin Taylor

We had an appointment to have our dog groomed. The groomer (or staff member) said they would call our vet to get her rabies vaccine. They never called to get the vaccine info so we were not able to get her groomed. I wish I would have known they would not follow through so I could have done it myself.


Awesome store and grooming exceptional. Thanks to Tiffany

Jeremy bearden

Can not say enough good things about this plac

Lynn Gardner

The store and Personnel are great. They no longer carry the particular product I was looking for, but always a very affirming and energetic place to go. Easy parking, no disability hindrance

Janice Quick

Love this store everyone is always so nice.

Jade Holderfield

Petco is a great store if you don't mind spending a little extra for pet supplies. They have a small but decent selection of animals who appear to be in good health and well cared for. If you are looking to buy live feeders for your cold blooded friends (crickets/mice) I would advise calling ahead as they often sell out of these items quickly.

Ruby Hayes

So helpful and great place to shop.

Rex Urbahns

Had my packman frog I wanted.

Daryl Isbell

Great store.

Nailah Johnson

Excellent facility. Excellent dog grooming and training

Tara Flowers

Very nice helpful staff. I went here for an online e return I didn't have any hassle.


Okay place.

Savanah Hatcher

I always go to Petco for my pet needs but I also got my hamster from here. It was a very pleasant experience as the woman let me hold him and interact with him before I made the decision. I've also been multiple times for other items like aquarium supplies/aquatic life where they have always been helpful and knowledgeable.

Ashley JoJo Moore

My boyfriend and I are now "fur-parents". Our 1st experience as a family was to the Trussville Petco, and it was so worth our 1 hour drive. As soon as we stepped into the store, the employees were full of genuine excitement in seeing a new puppy. They were very informative, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. It was a relief to know and feel they actually cared. Kudos to this store and all it's employees!

James Kyser

The people was helpful and nice. Very nice service and just a nice place to shop

Anthony Clarke

Polite staff and knowledgeable.

becca varden

Love coming here, it is my new favorite place to shop at for my dog.

Jack Devries

Very doggie friendly and friendly staff.

Chloe Jayy

Has lots of your pet related needs. Still overpriced for certain items.

Jonathan Stilwell

Always a friendly staff

Shamika Clayton

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Wesley Culver

We went to look at collars. We were in there for 5 minutes and was told to hurry up because they were closing down registers because it was 6pm. The time online said they closed at 9pm. Was very disappointed that I was told to get out because they were closing.

Michelle Foster

Stopped in the other day, very helpful sweet staff... Will definitely be stopping in again.

Teri Freeman

Small, clean store with friendly employees.

Chelle Baldy

Nice clean store

BJ Melton

Good service, friendly and helpful stafg

Timothy Taylor

Absolute worst customer service. All three employees were hanging around a customer buying a reptile. One worker had to be asked to get checked out. They were all too busy with the family buying the reptile. I asked if I could get some help with the fish, the employee started to walk over to the fish, then stopped again by the family buying the reptile, left to get something for them and did not even acknowledge that we were waiting to be helped. We left the store and will not be back. As we walked out, the employee made a snide “excuse me” as she walked by.

Christie Spitzley

Always friendly and helpful staff! If your not sure what you need, just ask a staff member and if they don't know, they will find out!!

Caleb Florence

Ricky guy

Had a great time at training with guss Monica is a great trainer at petco

Vellera Cole

The employees in this place are very good they know your dog by name and welcome you every time you come in the great place to take your pets

jason walker

The employees at Petco are always very helpful and pleasant to deal with.


Very clean, lots of animals to choose from, staff very helpful

W French

Friendly staff and they had the dog harnesses and leashes we were looking for.

Rebecca Ferguson

Came in today. Perfect as always. Friendly and helpful. They really love and care about your fur babies

Samantha Hall

Natalie in the grooming salon is a gem!

Tammy Forbes

That store killed my 6 year old ball python with a tainted rat


Nice experience with so many things to choose from. Prices are not bad! Really enjoyed checking out and the empoyee's we're very friendly.

Ann Kerr

Ashlyn did a great job grooming out dog who get nervous.

Reef He?d

Stay out of. Fish

Dustin Denley

New store need more help

Black Brothers Lawn Service

Very large selection. A little pricey.

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