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REVIEWS OF North Florida Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Jeremy Thomas

My dog can be quite a diva, and Dr. Shelton handled her with the utmost care and attention. I am so thankful to have found a vet that treats my fur baby like the princess she is!


AMAZING!! decided to take my dog to the vet this morning. i called north florida vet and they said i could walk in or they can make an appointment for me that same day. my appointment was at 3:30. i was taken in at 3:36. amazing! they have coffee, cookies, water, snacks, and dog treats free. all the workers were so kind and helpful. i will be taking my pets here from now on. so happy i found north florida animal hospital

Griffin Stark

I would recommend North Florida Animal Hospital to anyone and am very appreciative of them looking after my dogs for the past five years. When I started college, I was looking for a vet in a new city and I could not be happier that I ended up here with Dr. Karis. I am only hoping I can find similar quality service in the city I am moving to now.

Rachel Chalom

I trusted NFAH with my dog, it turns out the very was just our for money as she kept on prescribing medication that perpetuated and worsened my dog’s skin issue. My dog started going to NFAH as a puppy at around 5-6 months. One day she lost a small, thin patch of fur so we came to the NFAH to find out what was wrong. We were told she had an allergy. The vet put her on pills that made her loose more hair and after doing more research on the medicine, I had found out it was not recommended on dogs that young and was had bad life long effects in some cases (which I was not warned about.) Nonetheless I trusted this vet and continued on this path. A few more months passed and my dog had lost all her fur on one of her sides. She was completely bare. We went in for a check up and the Dr was not thorough and said she was healthy without even checking her bare side. When i brought it up, she claimed it was getting so bad that she might need a more aggressive-treatment, the sulfur dip for dogs. This sounded pretty scary (AND PRICEY) as I started doing research so i called los robles animal hospital for a second opinion. They took my dog in right away and within two weeks of natural treatments such as melatonin, fish oil, and prescription shampoo, my dog had more energy and her fur was almost completely back. I would NOT NOT NOT trust your animal there at NFAH. Overall, I spent well over $500 in checkups and medication at NFAH just to find out at los robles that my dog has a SEASONAL allergy that lasts about 2 months of the year but the pills she was prescribed elongated the issue.

ranetta hatcher

Not very organized. They misplaced our cat and put the cat under someone else's name

Sallie Robinson

Used the nonprofit Be The Solution to help my elderly friend get her two dogs spayed at North Florida Animal Hospital. They do these surgeries at reduced rates as a service to our community! What a wonderful place with great vets and assistants!

Cierra Schinto

Absolutely amazing experience here. Would recommend anyone in the Tallahassee area to bring their dog here. The staff is wonderful and works with you on whatever you need! My furry baby is extremely grateful for everything they did to help her!

Margaret Allen

I've taken my pets to North FL Animal Hospital for 17 years. They are extremely good and gentle with the pets. You can tell that they love the animals and love what they do. Highest quality care, all the latest medical equipment and stay on top of latest procedures. Thank you for knowledge, kindness and compassion. I wouldn't go any where else.

Paul Cooper

I previously rated this office give stars, but I'm having to amend me review because of a recent visit. I don't mind paying a little extra for quality care, and that is usually what I've gotten here, but I recently booked my dog for a bath and nail trim, and was disappointed. I told the receptionist, when I called to schedule, that my dog must be towed dried as she had problems with the apt dried m dryer in the past. When I picked her up, I was informed by the tech who brought her out that my dog had pulled and fought against the restraint while being air dried. I'm not sure if there was a miscommunication, or something else, but I'm suspicious of their non medical scheduling as when I arrived they seemed perplexed that I was there, and it took almost thirty minutes before anyone came to the front door my dog. Great medical care... And worth price... But I don't think I'd be comfortable bringing my dog back for grooming or a bath.

Melissa Norman

Super nice staff, took excellent care of my little kitty

Lizbeth Juan

These people are amazing! Please take your pet here. They will do whatever they can to make sure your pet gets taken care of. Their staff is friendly and the place is clean. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more!

Brianna Nicole

5 stars for vet services, 0 stars for boarding services... this is why I put 3/5 stars total. As for the vet, my dog is so happy and very well taken care of. All of the vets and vet techs are very knowledgeable and have always answered my questions and made myself and my dog very happy. As for boarding, I spent $57 for one night to receive my dog super skittish and smelling like she slept in her pee all night. She was also so dehydrated that she fell down the stairs upon arriving home. When I picked her up, I was told that she got nervous when someone went my her crate and she peed a little and rolled in her water bowl and that's why she was handed to me wet. The other news was that she was super good and had fun playing with the dogs outside. However, I did pay for extra play time because I know play time makes her happy. When I got home, my dog got very nervous if my hand was placed even remotely close to her face and she is usually a very cuddly dog, she loves people and all she wants is attention. She was wet, but also there was a bunch of dried pee on her like she wasn't walked when she needed to. Which is understandable to an extent, but if this was noticed, I would have liked a call for the option to have her bathed and would have paid the difference or at least be notified since what she smelled like most definitely didn't happen the day I picked her up. She came out with her face extremely drawn back, the skinniest I have ever seen it, and seemed very disoriented, I'm assuming from dehydration and whatever else happened. Definitely will be going back for the vet services but never again for boarding. As a puppy mom seeing what happened, I wished I never went away for the weekend and never want to see my pup like that again.

Elizabeth van den Berg

Dr. Terhune at NFAH has the best bedside manner! She truly cares about her patients and it shows every time we see her. My 1 1/2 year old cat is now a feline heartworm survivor thanks to Dr. Terhune and staff.

Michelle Treadwell

Amazing vet! Staff is always super friendly and patient with my dogs. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Lois E

I am very grateful to the staff for going above and beyond in caring for Move my grand fur baby that got sick while I was taking care of her

Kari Torgesen

The staff at North Florida Animal Hospital make you feel like your pet is the most important in the world! They are always caring and kind. I would not hesitate to bring my animal to them for care.

Zoe Schroder

I had to bring my dog to the vet for the first time since moving to Tallahassee. I was very nervous about bringing her somewhere that I had never been before. However, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful! Dr. Valentine saw my pup and was so loving and friendly to her. Dr. Valentine was very personable and patient with me for all of my questions. She even called me to discuss test results and ask how my dog has progressed since she last saw her. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend NFAH to any and everyone!

Glenda Cannon

Great staff great vetenarians they REALLY care about your pets

M Garner

Not just animal / pet care but really good people. From the time you walk in they make you feel welcome and when talking with you and your pet they seem very sincere and genuinely care about your "baby". Friendly, personal, taking the time to focus on you and your pet needs one-on-one. It's the first time I've seen a facility with a separate entrance for cats and dogs which to me, even though a simple concept, says they thought about the extra little things to make your visit nice. Just really like the layout and talking with everyone they were kind, courteous, and helpful. Really appreciated their warmth. My best friend referred me and I'm glad she did and I hope you'll take this as my referral!

Terry Coleman

I highly recommend this place to everyone. Customer service is the very best, the facility is very clean. I have a feisty little dog but they handle him with great care. I would not go any where else

Jeremiah Spangler

Always a great experience bringing my dog to this pet hospital. They are the best there is and I wouldn't trust anyone else in town with my dog.

Anita Pearson

They were nice, helpful, seemed sincere in the death of our fur baby.

fletcher macdonald

Top notch Staff, excellent facilities, I really think our pets actually like going there :-)

Jaz R

I was new to the area and took my dog to be neutered at NFAH and was worried about the procedure. The staff was so great not only with my dog, but with me and my son. The vet even opened the door for us when we were leaving and opened my car door for me because I was juggling a sleepy post surgery pup, paperwork, meds and a small child in a wheelchair. This is our new vet! Update: We took our dog for his yearly exam months later and got the same service. The staff here is awesome and so are the vets!

Jim Oppert

Way too many advantages if you switch to NFAH folks. One, which I've never seen is separate entrances for dogs and cats. Extremely clean environment. Genuinely interested and caring staff. Doctors are of high character and want what is best for your buddy. Highly recommend!

Carlos Martinez

I have been to many animal hospitals in my 70 years of life and North Florida is without a doubt the best. Doctors and staff are gentle and respectful of the animals and advise you of the full range of treatments including costs. I am certain that if you want the best professional care for your pet, North Florida is the place to visit.

Jacqueline Hollander

Every time we come we meet with a different vet, but they all have been great! They have no problem explaining procedures and tests, treatment options, and answering all of our questions. Never have felt rushed and always feel our pup is given the best. I'm a first time dog owner so I'm not sure how the prices are compared to other places but they will always go over pricing before doing the procedure to make sure it's okay. And I feel they only do procedures which they think are necessary. We have even gotten a tour of the facility before our pup way spayed.

Mathew Guimond

Excellent care for our dog. Entire staff was friendly and helpful

Marianna Sarkisyan

I've been taking both of my pets to North Florida Animal Hospital since I moved to Tallahassee a few years ago. I've never had anything but a positive experience. The front desk staff is super friendly and always helpful, and the vets have been fantastic in addressing, and following up on my pets medical issues. I have to board my dog very frequently, and have never had a problem. In fact, I think he actually likes the hospital and their staff better than me. The vet services are a bit expensive, but, I think that it's like that anywhere you go. You definitely get your money's worth here though. The groomers are great as well!

Cathy Leggett

We love NFAH!

Trent Meseroll

This morning at 7:30 am Dr. Burkhead & Jody took our best friend Zoe's pain away. They were so thoughtful, caring & loving for our Zoe, me & my Wife Stacey. I want to tell you in the short time Dr. Bulkhead cared for Zoe he always took the time to go above & beyond to help us keep Zoe comfortable. He was truly such a blessing in this tough time for our Family. I want to thank again Star, Jody & Dr. Burkhead again for all you done. We love you, your forever in our hearts & God bless you!!

Jeanine Pumphrey

I having been going here for more than 18 years. I trust them with my dogs!

Toby Chapman

Professional emergency and routine service

Stephanie Gregie

We had to to euthanize our sweet Sammy girl today. The staff were INCREDIBLY kind and sensitive. I was blown away by their kindness and empathy. They made a most difficult situation easier on my soul. They didn’t rush me, let me take my time, and helped me through the grieving process. Thank you you for all that you did, your genuine kindness and empathy truly helped. THANK YOU.

Sheri Andrews

Very nice staff, would trust my dog to them

Sheila Costigan

North Fl. Animal Hospital never fails to meet the needs of our dog and ensures we feel comfortable about his affordable treatments. There is never a wait and the staff does all it can to make the facility comfortable, accommodating, and relaxing. Our pet actually looks forward to his vet visits!

Janet Lunsford

Great friendly service.

Keri Kimball

Very clean and bright center. The staff seems to really care about your animal

Jake Kernen

some of their vets are great and very helpful, others rack up a huge bill for you and don’t tell you until the end. After having a vet offer to “help me out” by wrapping my dog’s paw, they charged me $30 for a wrap when I’d been wrapping it on my own for three days. Additionally, they told me I’d need a rabies vaccination because he was due for one and i agreed, but when the bill came back it showed they had given him multiple shots that weren’t mentioned. Find a vet you can trust every time, not just 50-50.


I used to work at NFAH about 10 years ago when I was in high school. I enjoyed working there then and I enjoyed bringing my 2 dogs in for check ups 10 years later. The vet techs are awesome. My little boy dog gets nervous around people sometimes and Willie the vet tech took great care to hold him close and tell him he was a good boy and tried to comfort him while he got his shot. Dr. Valentine was extremely informative and I felt she actually cared about my dogs. Any concerns I may have had, she answered all of them. Also, the waiting room is awesome. They had free coffee and donuts for clients. You don't see that too often. And its so spread out so if your dog is nervous you can move somewhere where he or she can't see other dogs or people to keep them calm. Great hospital and great people!

Ethan Mcclendon

All my pets go here and my wife works here and even she says it's the best job she has had and loves it! Great staff all around! Front desk is very friendly and patient with everyone. They never disappoint! My dogg Captain loves going to work with her and greeting everyone, as everyone including the vets are very friendly! Even the cat area is awesome! I have a lot of friends that go to this hospital as well and prefer it over any other vet office in central and North Florida!

Kether Mueller

They do a good job. I’ve had a checkup here for my cat when I got her out of a ditch just to make she she was healthy and had no diseases but it all felt rushed and like no one communicated. Kept getting asked the same questions and it almost felt like a waste of time besides getting the shots she needed. Couple months later and I just got her fixed the other day they did suuuuch a good job her belly looks good and they did a gentle job shaving her. (sometimes they cut the nipples with the buzzer not here but other places I’ve been) HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR SPAYING!!! and the stitches are internal so no need to worry about going back or the animal chewing on them.

Ryan Rogers

Thank you for your reaching out to me after I posted an ultimately negative review. Although my last trip wasn’t ideal, Dr. Todd took time to call and assure me of my puppy’s records. I have a happy and healthy dog thanks to the vets. When there, my dog is treated in a calm and gentle manner. Thank you, NFAH for easing my confusion.

Jill Hudson

my Chica got spayed and I couldn't ask for a better, professional, great group of caring Vet and assistants. Definitely have my new Vet

Taylan Clement

Best vet office I've used in Tallahassee. One of the few place where I feel like any of the employees are more than capable of taking care of my dog and I don't need to wait for 1 specific vet vs another. Appointments always start on time and the quality of service is top notch.

Linda Wiggins

Although I have been a previously satisfied, long time customer of North Florida Animal Hospital, I deeply regret boarding my cat Chloe there late last year. It was the first time I boarded her there (we usually went to a regular kennel in town with no issues or incidents). But since she was an older cat and needed extra care, I thought having her at the vet would be the safest place so they could intervene if she needed anything medically. At the time I boarded her, she was doing pretty well for an old cat. She had a good appetite and was drinking plenty of water. She showed no signs of imminent problems and still had a good quality of life. I appraised the boarding staff of her needing large volumes of water verbally, and in writing. During her 9-day stay, her condition deteriorated. Although the boarding staff recorded her fluid and food intake daily, they did not inform the vets or call me that she was barely eating or drinking. They inexplicably let her decline without doing anything to help her. I picked her up normally in her crate without any knowledge or information of what had happened. Very quickly I noticed how skinny and frail she looked. After a short time home, she continued refusing food or drink, and continued deteriorating, so I brought her back in to the vet. While Dr. Barron did everything she could to treat her, it was too late. Chloe could not recover and I was forced to euthanize her a few days later. Dr. Barron and Dr. Fullerton were very kind and did their best to help me after the fact, and I appreciate that. I did want to post this review, however, because I have lost my much loved pet and whatever quality time in her life that was still remaining to due to their staff’s inexplicable lack of concern. I am hopeful their staff thinks twice and pays more attention to older pets or animals developing unhealthy behavior and alerts the vet or the customer ASAP instead of leaving it to linger and telling no one. I am sharing this in hopes that nothing like this ever happens again to someone else’s pet.

Angel Kalfas

They take such wonderful care of my princess! I will never go anywhere else!

Gary Hudson

Excellent and friendly care. Multiple vets means there is always someone there when needed.

Kelsey Smith

Absolutely amazing place. Immediately when you walk in the door, you can tell the staff truly cares about your animal! They made my daughter (my 8 year old Blue Heeler, Kaila) feel right and home and safe! They were a pleasure to work with and a delightful experience! I recommend North Florida Animal Hospital to anyone looking for the perfect vet!

Jesse Simon

Thank you Dr. Burkhead for the superior care that you and your staff gave my dog, Sadie. Sadie, is a happy and spayed dog now and she is making a quick recovery with each day that passes. Thank you all for your compassionate care and striving for excellence. I do not know or have I known a veterinary hospital where every person that works there sincerely has a passion for animals. Thank you all again for your work and being a blessing to myself and my family. Jesse Simon


Best animal hospital I have been to in 40 years of owning animals!! The vets are all great, the staff is friendly, they are all very knowledgeable and take their time explaining things in understandable language. They will also write instructions down for those of us (me!) who have a hard time remembering under stressful circumstances. I have signed up for their wellness program, which will help me afford vet visits in the future so I don’t have to have a huge savings plan in case of emergencies. The only thing I wish was different is the waiting room, as other owners with sick dogs don’t keep their dogs separated from yours. They are so patient with me, and I really appreciate that!!

Rachel McGlynn

A staff that really cares and takes care of you and your beloved pet family members. Top notch care that will not break your bank or bleed you dry. Comforting and warm people all around who love animals.

JoAnn Parry

They helped our 16 year old lab with his health issues. He is still alive and doing fine.

Its Tala

When we acquired our rescue, they were very patient and the doctors try their absolute best.

Servanti Riley

Great service and clean facility.

Pat Owens

Excellent vets and staff but they are on the most expensive vets

Allen Calhoun

They was very helpful in time of need for my Katie

hannah brackett

I'm so very glad that so many of you have had wonderful experiences with this animal hospital I however did not have a good experience I had a very traumatic one to say the least. I brought my cat in because he had been vomiting for about a week, I told the two technicians and the doctor that my cat would vomit every time we fed him and I was starting to get concerned because it has been a week and he was still puking. He was still drinking plenty of water and still defecating. Without even touching him she ordered X-rays and blood work and came back in with a quote of 2 to $400 I told her that I don't have a lot of money but if she thinks that my cat needs it I will gladly pay that I can afford it, and they took my cat away, the vet comes back in says she can't tell whether or not there's food in his intestine or a foreign body and that she thinks he needs surgery which took me by surprise considering she didn't even touch my cat but when she saw my face which was quite shocked she said that they would run blood work first to see what it showed. The blood work came back perfectly fine and she still recommended surgery she said they had a "payment plan" which was just a loan with ridiculous interest, I told them very clearly that I would not be able to afford a surgery so she offered why don't they hold him overnight. And then she brought in the new bill which was $800 that was my entire savings all the money I had that I have been saving for months and months. When they rang up the total I was short $56 so I had to call my dad and he had to loan me the money because they would not let me leave without paying them even though I told them I get paid the next day and would have a full payment if they would just wait till tomorrow which they wouldn't do andand that's when they again brought out the loan. I felt very uneasy and very rushed into a decision that I was not prepared to make but I was scared for my cat and so I left in there and when I left I immediately felt bad because not only did I just spend all of the money in my bank account but I just left my cat with people that I don't trust. Long story short I was there for a total of 4 hours they took forever to see my animal evaluate him and then come and talk to me, I felt very pressured into making a decision about treatment that I knew I couldn't afford and that the office was very aware of that I couldn't afford, they were very hard to get ahold of and that they wouldn't let me take my cat home until I talk to the doctor which I understand, when I went to pick him up I had to wait again another hour until I finally got to see him he was covered in bandages completely panicked and the vet still recommended surgery which I had to again tell her I couldn't afford. I felt like I paid for treatments for him that he didn't need they gave him IV fluid even though I told them he was drinking plenty of water and instead of recommending the much cheaper option of giving him some nausea medication and then letting me watch him at home they chose the expensive $800 route which I thought was dick move especially after I explained my situation. I'm so sorry that this is long but I just felt like I needed to write out my experience because it was a very negative one and I really regret trusting that this Animal Hospital would take care of my cat and me because they didn't.

George Ann Bracko

We are relatively new to North Florida Veterinary Hospital - Dr. George Simmons is our wonderful primary doctor - but couldn't be more pleased with the doctors, staff, and the facility itself. It is meticulously clean and well-organized. The vet techs and front desk receptionists are knowledgeable, friendly & eager to be of assistance. We are quite content with our selection, as are our "kids," and look forward to a long & happy association with NFVH.

Elaine Bender

Wonderful place to take your fur babies to if they need a Dr, grooming or sitter. Mine had surgery on his leg, now he is going through Rehabilitation with Jaimey she is wonderful. He has worked out on the water treadmill and has really improved. I would recommend these people to everyone.

Donna Ainsworth

Dr. Simmons was amazing. I was referred and was unsure about going to a new Vet. I received a MinPin for Christmas and wanted to get his ears done and my Vet wasn't comfortable doing it on such a small puppy. WELL, Dr. Simmons is now my new Vet!! He was so kind both with me and my puppy. He explained everything in detail about what would be done and stressed his main priority was making sure the puppy was taken care of and never experienced any pain. Everyone I came into contact with from the office staff, techs and the Dr was fantastic.I have never had the respect, care or concern shown to me like it was at the North Florida Animal Hospital. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. If you want to have the best care, this is the place!!!

Dennis Felton

Careing staff, 1st rate care for your pets.

LeeAnne Wright

Excellent care and staff !!


Took my dog to a lot of vets before someone recommended NFAH. They managed to diagnose my dog (after several other local vets here in town couldn't or worse they misdiagnosed her) and it was worth every penny. Her condition is now in remission and she is no longer having to take several medications a day. We go to Dr.Valentine though everyone we've seen here is amazing.

James Sawyer

Addressed my dogs issues

Paul Hartman

The staff is very friendly and the vets explain everything in very good detail.

Reina Moyeno

I took my fur-baby in for neutering at North Florida Animal Hospital and they were very courteous, responsive to both my needs and my doggie's, as well as being very professional. They made us both feel calm and relaxed. I brought in a happy pup and picked up a happy pup, which means to me that they treated him very well. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They are efficient and everyone there is personable. I cannot be more pleased with them as my vet!

Stephanie Anderson

They treat you like family

Red Red

Friendly staffing. great people.

Sharon Linton

Caring, loving, extra care for your pets.

Ashley D.

Excellent vet service! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, very caring with the animals they treat. Quick and organized office/service.

BumbleBee Dancer

Amazing experience and very fair prices. I am very happy to have found this place.

nancy fitzgerald

A wonderful staff thank you for all the care that you gave my Rubee .


Friendliest staff ever and we love Dr. Dickey! :) Very clean with separate dog and cat waiting areas/entrances. Reasonable fees compared to others. Complimentary coffee, water, and healthy snacks, as well as Disney videos, while you wait. Minimal wait times and opens early enough to accommodate those of us with jobs. Highly recommended!

Kate Flemming

Dr. Hagood has been our Doctor for 6 years. He's seriously the best at giving advice, answering all my stupid questions and being very personable. My cat's are always in good hands with North Florida Animal Hospital

Samantha Vixama

The best Animal hospital in Tallahassee, yes they are expensive but it worth it.

Patricia Freeman

Our family animal hospital, the best care possible, luv them all!!!

Elisabeth Boyett

Highly recommended! The facility is always clean and organized. The staff is helpful and energetic. It must be a great place to work, because the staff are always friendly, helpful, and passionate about all pets. The vets all have great "pet-side" manner. They all seem to love what they do and are very knowledgeable in their fields, but what I love the most is that they will not hesitate to consult with specialist vets, if needed. One of our dogs had a very rare bone cancer in 2011 and Dr. Hagood and Dr. Burkhead consulted with our veterinary Oncologist in Jacksonville, then carried out the treatment plan in Tallahassee. We have had equally positive experiences with Dr. Simmons and Dr. Fullerton. NFAH is very capable of handling chemo treatments, orthopedic needs, etc. This facility is much larger than it appears! We have been customers since 2008 and have been more than pleased with the care all of our dogs have received..and most recently, our child's ferrets! North Florida Animal Hospital is a superstar in the local business community and also very charitable in the animal community and beyond.

Nicholas Orros

This is my first Google review. I take all FIVE of my dogs to NFAH.... I have never experienced the level of professionalism that I have here. My dogs are always so happy to be there. Dr. Fullerton is a wealth of knowledge and he really cares for all animals, I trust no one else. They are Tallahassee's Best by far !

Lizs Gdrive

My precious love boarded there for five days, the staff handed him to me in his carrier , Dr. said all was fine. I got home and he completely lost his balance and could not walk out of the carrier, and could no longer move - he was lame, severely dehydrated and needed a blood transfusion. For the entire staff to not report this, or to not notice this is negligent. He passed away 7 days later. If person had noticed this or reported this..he could have received iv fluids.

Sue Martindale

Excellent care for pets. State of the art equipment. Would be five but is a bit pricey

Susan Coleman

Some of the most advanced medical care for small animals and 24 hr staff, even when closed for business staff is there attending to your sick/injured critters.

Michelle Render

Very good customer and pet service. Speedy and accommodating

john smith

The doctors and staff at this facility are awesome!! I have so much confidence in their skills, medical knowledge and ability that sometimes I think I should get an appointment for me there rather than going to my normal family MD!! Dennis Foggy

Audrey Campbell

I love NFAH! Every member of the staff is always very knowledgeable and kind. They were incredibly understanding and when my pup had to be hospitalized and every time I came to them for check ups on her hips/fur/everything (my pup likes to get sick and scare us!). They could be considered a little on the pricey side but you truthfully get what you pay for. Love them!

Butler Kimberly

Awesome staff. Great care.

Maribeth Hudson

The doctors and staff a NFAH are the best. I have been using them for the health care of my 2 cats since I moved to Tallahassee 2 years ago. They were recommended to my be a friend and I have never been disappointed in their services. I have also used them to have my Himalayan cat groomed since she won't let me do it. This is the first facility that has been able to get the job done without any sedation. I really appreciate that since she's 13 years old and I used to worry about the sedation process. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who needs veterinary services.

Kassia Scipio

Good doctors...pretty pricey in my option.

GDarla Green

Everyone genuinely cares for all the animals ❤️. Service is thorough and seems to move quickly.

Darlene Burns

My first experience here and by far my BEST experience at any veterinarian ever! Staff is great, hospital is beautiful, clean and properly run. The treatment recieved was the best around. Definitely my new permanent animal hospital!

Jesse Small

The staff is great and DR. Barron is awesome. Very clean office and rooms I would highly recommend

Juan Espinosa

I took my kitten Charlie in today to get neutered, they are the best in town. Very friendly and explained everything. Thank you so much. Great experience

Kathlena Schaub

It’s a good vet but they make it very inconvenient to pick up your pets for boarding on Saturday and Sunday. When I booked for boarding I was not told that I couldn’t pick my pet up after 1200 on Saturday. We came back from spring break on Saturday. Who gets back before 1200 on spring break on a Saturday. We were made aware of this the day we dropped them off and we were unable to make arrangements for them to be picked up before noon on Saturday because of such short notice of this information. So then we were charged a pick up fee for Sunday. And we couldn’t get our animals till Sunday between 5-6. I would of liked to know when we booked for the boarding. When I mentioned this to the staff they were not very receptive to my suggestion and comments. When I mentioned this she acted like it was my fault for not knowing and didn’t apologize. I am a customer here and expect to be treated respectfully. The boarding process is very unorganized too. You fill out a piece of paper so you are prepared to drop them off and it still takes 15-20 mins to set everything up when I have already filled out my paper. The front reception always seems extremely distracted and unorganized while doing the boarding process check in. I always feel like something gets left out or I am not being listened to when I am trying to tell them about my pet. Unfortunately, we don’t like having to board our animals but sometimes you have to. If I have to then I would like it to be an easier process and for the front reception staff to be more respectful.

Sony Stanley

Walked out with a 600 bill and was never notified of what to expect or what the cost of everything they did. Also took an hour when I went to pick her up. That was my first time there and probably will not go back. Learned my lesson.

Michelle Cox

By far the best vet's office I have ever used. NFAH care for all 3 of our 4 legged babies. The staff are always so nice, helpful, and professional. Even if I didn't have an appointment, they have always been quick to get my dogs in to be seen. I recommend them highly and their fees are very reasonable. Dr. Valentine normally takes care of all 3 of them, but for one reason or another we have seen all of the other Dr's along the way and all are so nice, loving, and caring for their patients.

Essie Stull

We have always been pleased with the service at North Florida Animal Hospital. The entire staff is always pleasant and very competent. Also, doctors, assistants and greeters always take an interest in the animals they treat. You build a trust in the care because of their concern for their animal patients. Everyone is neatly dressed, smiling, and portray a ready-to-work attitude.

Danielle Durrance

Great vet office and friendly staff. The business is clean and comfortable and the staff treat my fur-babies well. Wait times with an appointment have never been very long for me, maybe 2-5 minutes at most. I brought my dog as a walk in and the wait was still very short. They have a Keurig drink machine as well as bottled water and snacks for owners in the office. The service fees are great too, not overpriced.

Jeff Wilkins

I switched to it cause I think it's better

Danielle Thomas

The only place to take your furry baby. Everyone is amazingly caring and they truly have a passion for your animals. Service is always great.

Lori Ciszak

We love Dr. Terhune and Dr. Shelton! Best vets in Tallahassee.

Angy Perez

Always great service

Missy Briggs

Staff is super helpful and nice. The pups enjoyed their boarding experience

Tony C

Nice enough people but did not diagnose my cat correctly. Paid (anyway) for a test that was predicted to be inconclusive and was inconclusive. Cat remained close to death until I acted further elsewhere. A waste of money and a lot of stress. Sorry, for the no confidence review!

Yasmin Soto

Nice and professional

Terry Meek

Have been using this facility for our pets for over 30 years. Outstanding doctors and pet care.

Debbie Campbell

They show so love to all the animals

Valerie Gatlin

I have taken my dog here since I moved here to Tallahassee. The vet's, groomers and staff have all been great here. They pay attention when I describe how I want my dog groomed and take special care of him since he is older. You can tell this office truly cares about your pet.

Libby Watson

WOW! A PRIVATE CAT DOOR!!! My sweet 13 year old cat had a very scary illness and I thought I was going to loose her. I couldn't get her in at my regular vet's office. But NFAH fit her in. They are wonderful. The office is clean and bright. the staff is friendly and helpful. I didn't wait even three minutes. How great is it that cats and dogs have their own entrances? The Doctor and Technician were caring, loving and very knowledgable. They diagnosed my cat's problem with in 24 hours and she was prescribed meds that fixed her up and got her on the mend. The front desk staff was nice enough to teach me how to use a pill gun to make the 2x/day task much easier. They also sent me home with special food to get her weight up. I will be going back to NFAH as a regular customer and I highly recommend them to any one looking for a new veterinary home.

Abby S

Visited to get my cat neutered and I had a great experience. The facility is very clean, the procedure was quick and the staff was very responsive and helpful. I don't have any complaints and will hopefully be taking my cat back in the future

emily lazzaro

The doctors there are very nice and helpful. It is a bit on the pricey side.

Daniel Melise

I took my dog there for 3 and a half years. I always felt like they loved him as much as I did and he loved them back. Always took great care and went the extra when I would have to leave him for the day. If I find a place half as great in my new area of the country, I'll be lucky.

Max Conway

I take my Lab mix to NFLAH for everything. Boarding, Vet needs, all of it they have it. I try to board there whenever I need to knowing how much my girl loves it and the great staff that can keep you up to date on everything. I even got to have her stay there the same weekend she got spayed and they kept a special eye on here, it was great peace of mind to know she was in such good hands. All the Doctors are the great and knowledgeable and truly care for the health of your pup!

DeeDee Caidin

Friendly people, great service, convenient to I-10


We have a feral cat that we care for at the office and we took her here to have her fixed since they accepted the vouchers. We were prepared to pay the additional costs, however we weren't prepared for the treatment this kitty received. When we picked her up she had a gash on her nose and the assistant who helped take her to the car treated her like she was nothing more than a piece of luggage. Just because this little kitty is feral doesn't mean she didn't deserve the same kind of loving, compassionate care that animals who have owners do.


I recently acquired a white German shepherd from my god kids and my friend brought a red nose pit puppy. We decided to use NFAH because it had so many good reviews. Our first two visits our pups saw Dr. Valentine, our pups loved her. She did a very good job with them and gave me some helpful hints. They received the best care, my Shepherd had coccidia and Dr. Valentine called me at home to let me know so that I could come back and pick up medicine for both puppies since one had been exposed to the other. Our pups are happy and healthy. I would recommend this facility to others.

Elaine Swain

I have taken my animal companions to NFAH since 1965 and have always received caring and excellent service. None of my animals have ever feared going to their Vet friends there as they know they are loved and respected for their individuality. I would never consider taking my animals to any other facility unless forced to by circumstances beyond my control.

Zach Robinson

What a great place for the animals and the waiting room is top notch

Angela Marotta

The best place to take your pet compassion is their priority..The vet Becca Barron. In my opinion she has 10 gold star

Darin Bradley

Took my sick kitten to there facilities and 500.bucks later they couldn't give a diagnosis and kept suggesting we bring him back so they can charge for other test after saying the tests already done would show the problem. I finally ended up putting my kitten down due to what ever it was made him sick after a week and a half. All they cared about was the money, when they tell you they are making a treatment plan hold on to your wallet and hope God cures your pet.

John Ball

. None better personal are on top of your every need. Highly recommend

Isabetta Black

Dr. Shane and staff are awesome. I travel past a dozen other vets to go here.

Melissa Valido

The staff here is always so friendly and helpful.

Bettye Grable

The best vets in town!

Sebastian Bellini

I use to take my dogs to animal aid and hated their service, so I decided to drive down the street to north Florida animal hospital one day and loved it! Their service is amazing and usually quick. You can easily tell they have a love for animals and want what's best for your pet. They also have complementary snacks and water for the owners while you wait.

Tricia Freeman

Great staff, treats us like family, we are family!!! Luv the doctors!!! Wouldn't trust anyone else...

Joshua Hill

Nice folks

Jonathan Romero

Dr. Dickey could not have been a more perfect fit for myself as a new dog dad and my pup, Ryder. She was patient in explaining simply to me the necessary protocol of a vets visit, and took care of my Ryder like he was her own. I am excited about Ryder growing with Dr. Dickey! North Florida Animal Hospital is lucky to have her on their team.

Kip Rountree

Very patient to answer all our questions.

Ali Terrell

Dr. Karis Dickey is an excellent vet. She is so caring, compassionate, and professional! I feel like she loves my dog almost as much as I do.

Annalaura Beason

dr. valentine is the best. seriously. she is down to earth and knows what is best for your animal. she is going to shoot you straight but also empathetic.

Howard Garrison

Howard and Mary has been going to NFAH since the 70's. At that time George Simmons was just a Tech working under Dr. Lee. Now after many dogs later we will continue being a faithful member of their family. The service received from his staff and Vets at times of emergency events has been one of the main reason we will remain a member. George has built a service like may other vet. in Tallahassee with a five star rating. Thank

Bob Kelly

This is the place you want to bring your pet. Starting at the front desk (Kelly) and all the way to the end, they are attentive, knowledgeable and respectful.

Kimi Green

Groomer was friendly and understanding.

Lauren Walker

They did a great job with my dog

Carolyn Duvall

We just absolutely love North Florida animal hospital and the staff! Dr. Fullerton is great with our cats-he is always so calm and kind, and pretty funny too! We had a great experience there yesterday and can't say enough about him, and Willie (so nice!) Very pleasant and pleased , thank you!

Latin Barbie

Great place, well laid out, very courteous staff. There is separate entrance and waiting room for cats and dogs. Vet will speak with you. Check out is a little lengthy, so expect to wait. Facility is very clean and we'll maintained. Highly recommend.

Gary Stogner

Great service and very professional and personable staff.

Roudline Joseph

I've been there twice and so far so good This visit was for grooming. I took one pup here for grooming and one to another place to compare. I wish Jared would have cleaned up my pups sanitary area and the hair around his ear more, like the other place that did my other pup a bit more. Also, which they would have adjust the price because the other groomer I preferred slightly more was cheaper. NFLAH charged me more, I wasn't completely satisfied, and if I would have brought my other pup there also they wouldn't of adjusted the price any lower.

Tillis Ward

They are taking care of my body right now. They have friendly staff that keeps you informed and puts your animal first. I am impressed

Hope Lamantia

This was a great place. Vet was thorough. Asked me lots of questions to get a feel for what I was looking for, what I was doing with me dog, etc. Gave me tips about the breed (I have a puppy) and made her feel so good. He kept petting her and giving her small treats. I think she is going to like going to the vet.

tina byrd

When our dog Jazz had a knot on his leg and it ruptured we took him to the folks at this facility. Not only were they kind to us and Jazz, they took care of our baby without question of funds to do so. They will never know how much they helped us out. We made payment arrangements with the team and now Jazz is back to being the wonderful dog that he has always been. Thank you again! Jerry and Tina Kinchen

Paige Hunt

We go to North Florida Animal Hospital with our dog, and they have been nothing but wonderful! Our dog is super nervous going to the vet, and every time we have an appointment either the Vet or the Vet Technician will sit with her on the floor to calm her down. We've seen several of the Veterinarians in this office, and all of them have been fantastic.

Nicole Holland

The staff and veterinarias are very nice

Ean Sadler

I don't really know where to begin with this place, I have very mixed feelings but ultimately the customer service is not satisfactory and the way my dog is treated. This place has a 2 star review from me ONLY because my mom was with them for a decade prior to me having my first animals to take in. I have a pup, his name is Taz.. and Taz is an 85 lb pit mix with idiopathic epilepsy. What this means, is that Taz has seizures randomly, and without severe medication he would have chain-seizures until he has a stroke and ultimately would pass if left alone. Taz has had multiple instances of needing immediate attention and care. This practice struggled to meet those needs, whether it be getting him back in a prompt manner because he is having seizures or refilling his MANDATORY medicine at CVS (thus losing them money). All the way to not returning my phone calls about important issues such as blood work and therapeutic levels. The doctors there are good people, I genuinely believe this but when it comes to the care of my pet that I pay out of the @$$ for every time we go (300$ a pop). The straw that broke the camels back was on 8/13/2018 - I noticed Taz was having some focal seizures and some very low severity seizure activity (mostly wobbles and inability to walk straight) I brought him in to have him checked out, and left him there for the day of the 13th. I got him back at 5:45pm the evening of the 13th, it was clear to me he had not been let out of his crate all day. I don't know what tests they ran or how they helped him at all but I got him back in the exact same condition that I dropped him off in and they helped him none. He was covered in his own crusted urine stains all over his body (he has a white chest, very noticeable) also smells horrible from sitting in it all day. How are you going to go get this dog and return him to his owner without as much as rubbing the pee off of him? We pay all this money for no improvement, what is my money going to? What is the point of bringing him here when he doesn't get better he gets worse? The customer service is a three star, the ladies behind the counter are very cordial and it is a professionally (looking) run business. I see so many reviews, and I am so happy so many people have had such wonderful experiences. But.. with that being said. I would never recommend this place to someone with a special needs dog. It seems to me that if they are too much work to get in and out of their crate, they just leave them in there. If they are too much work to help, they just let them get worse. I will be switching offices at this point, I feel that any further money poured into that pit would be for none.

Pam Peters

North Florida Animal Hospital is great! All of our pets have been or currently are patients there. I won't take them anywhere else. They are so kind and they treat the animals so well. When our kitty got sick with feline leukemia and passed away, they made me a paw print. I also received a sympathy card in the mail from the vet who treated him. It had a handwritten note on the card expressing her condolences. It was so unexpected and so greatly appreciated! I highly recommend North Florida Animal Hospital!

Jennifer Carrell

Once again, they have saved our sweet Boxer Delaney. We love you NFAH

Carl Zoltan

Wide range of services, saved one of my dog's life once. Large practice

David Morris

When our pups need a doc.. We drive about 70 miles one way and have been for the last 11 years. What more can I say.

Suzanne Williams

Kind of irritated i had to pay extra for a Sunday pick up but my cat came back to me calm and healthy.

Fred Williamson

Great Place. Friendly Staff. Love Dr Heather Terhune.

Cauzican Applications Team

The staff and Doctors at North Florida have been incredible to the dogs of Wakulla County (and beyond!) giving excellent medical care and providing them with treatments and surgeries that allow them to get adopted and live long and healthy lives. I cannot say enough about this clinic and the people that work there. We are able to pull many dogs from the shelter due to the opportunity to be able to bring them into North Florida for Veterinary care. We are forever grateful!


Best vet practice on Monroe. Good to our pets!

Lane Stephens

Staff provides the best care...

Sara Jo

Always a good experience here, staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My dog is always well taken care of.

Zandra Wilson

Very compassionate and professional when my daughter had to make the decision to let her best friend go. The staff helped her through the process.

Kara Owl

We had an emergency and our regular vet was unavailable. The office faxed info over to NFAH, and they were able to see us within an hour. It was awesome. The office is clean and tidy, the people are friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming, and I was so impressed. We will definitely go there again if necessary.

Kathleen McConnell

My regular vet recommended North Florida Animal to due to scheduling. They were friendly, professional and helpful at the front desk. They accommodated my needs to schedule a cat to be neutered. The Dr was wonderful, answering all my questions without making me feel hurried or bothersome. The vet assistant was wonderful as well, assisting me when I came and left. The premises were clean and very well laid out for people and pets. Very clean and large. I was very impressed! Thanks to everyone there for a wonderful experience.

Maureen Craft

I highly recommend North Florida Animal Hospital for the care of your precious babies. I've been taking my babies there for quite a few years and have always been treated with kindness and respect! The veterinarians are very knowledgeable and personable, they make you feel like family! I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere for my pets care!

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