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REVIEWS OF Mercy Animal Hospital IN Alabama


The veterinarians are wonderful. Only reason I can't give 5 stars is cost. They told us how much it was going to cost then at check out it was 80 dollars more.

Shiloh Mccarthy

They are great. Found cat and they let me bring there to scan micro chip. They are great with kittens I live with

Kerry Allgood

Wonderful groomers. Overall this is a great place for your pets. Vets are great. Staff really friendly.

Torrey Strickland

Great Experience with a rescue needing a check up . Highly Recommended !

ginger hudon

Love the staff they love there job

suzette colombo

They are wonderful! I've brought 3 cats them !

Jane Doe

Mercy Animal Hospital has been caring for my cats for several years. The veterinarians and the techs are kind, compassionate, and thorough. I'm always able to make appts with a short wait. I sometimes make back-to-back appts. to bring in more than one cat at a time. (I put them in their individual carriers, then stack them up on a luggage dolly!) I recently had to have my 17 yo Maine Coon euthanized. Jake was like my child, you know? It was done with the utmost loving compassion for both Jake and me. Some days later I received a sympathy card from the practice and Jake's paw prints were there on the card. That was a first for me. It's a great place for both animals and their owners.

Sonya Franklin

Would not take my pets any where else

Thirty 850

Great group of vets, friendly staff and good boarding facilities

John Hudon

Great staff. They took wonderful care of our rabbit while we vacationed. We also have our dog treated there as well. Couldn't be happier.

Marieanna Kozodoy

Mercy is hands down, the most amazing office! I relocated to Gardendale and now take my 2 dogs here, as well as a whole litter of 8 pups. I didn't think I could afford to take all 8 pups to the vet, but they made it happen and helped me in any way they could. And then when the vet takes the time to walk you to your car because your hands are full, you know it's a good place. I've seen 4 or 5 different vets at this office and each one has been nothing but caring and informative. I can't imagine going anywhere else!

Marissa Howard

i know i have already complained and i am not one to leave a review at all let alone two but today i was taking my new-ish dog jasper to the vet after three hours of vomiting. we called because we were worried and they said to bring him in immediately because the symptoms could be deadly. so we hurried there only to wait FOREVER then once we went back she kept trying to do things to make it cost more then finally after his shot he got oral medicine but the vet tech just forced the seringe into his mouth and a tooth was knocked out he has been drooling blood for hours now and we will NOT be going back.

Khrystyne Fahey

Been coming here for this year for my dogs vet since I got her. So far pleased with their service provided.

Allison Keller

I wouldn't take our pets anywhere else. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and extremely caring. They always call to check up a day or two after an office visit. They are so compassionate, as well.

stephanie lopez

Absolutely LOVE Dr. Trammell!!!

David Simmons


Ronald Hayford

Tiffany Alexander

These people will go out of their way to make sure I've got what I need for my pups, and by far the best prices in the Bham area.

Mindy A

Dr. Kaas and his staff are wonderful! I am a first time dog owner. Mercy Animal Hospital was recommended by friends. Every staff member was incredibly kind throughout our visit. My 8 month old rescue pup was very distracted and curious from the moment we came through the door. The vet tech that greeted us, Roman, was incredibly patient with her as he got her on the scale to check her weight. I had a list of questions about my pup and how to best care for her. They answered each and every question without rushing. Throughout our appointment, both Roman and Dr. Kaas handled her with care and empathy. She was very nervous to be held down for a vaccination and for a biopsy. However, they took their time and did not lose their patience. Despite her nerves, I think she knew they meant no harm. Each time they gave her a break to settle down, she came back to them to give them kisses. It is so comforting to know that my puppy is in loving hands when she goes to visit the vet. I could not give a stronger recommendation!


Great people kind and compassionate.

amanda patenaude

If your looking for a vet? This is the Place!!! They are wonderful from the staff to the dr. The receptionist got me in a timely manner. The nurses that work there are very knowledgeable and kind. (Dr. Kaas)the vet that we saw went above and beyond what he had too. I was very impressed! Very empathetic, diligent in his job. They guy knows his stuff and he loves it. You can just tell. Very clean environment. Prices are fair. Very happy.

Diane Roussell

I would not take my dog anywhere else! The staff is always very friendly and Dr. Kaas is the best!!

Carol Arnold

We love the staff here. Very friendly and animals aren't afraid to visit.

Helen Hogan

denise Gray

Friendly. Efficient. Available appts. Easy access. Handicap parking

Terry Lewis

Totally professional

Greg Massey

Very clean up to date. The vet didn't give full details didn't check her teeth didn't cut her nails. No checkout sheet.

Robert Thompson

Great doctors and very clean

Becky Giglione

Great staff, very caring group of people. Reasonable prices .

Lynn Washington

Our dogs look great after being boarded.

Joe Decibel Gardner


Malonee Hnatyshyn

Dr. Mills is a kind and gentle vet. He was so good with our dog Chester. He also has an exceptional assistant. This was am emergency case as my regular vet was away but if I ever needed to find a new one, I know I will be back to Mercy!

David Roberts

Great place, great people

Amber Roche

Ann and staff are amazing with our dogs, past and current. They understand how much our pets are a part of our family.

Joseph Denhup

Kelli Edwards

Love my vet at Mercy, all of the staff are friendly and a calming presence when your fur baby is sick.

Thomas Ferrucci

Jackie Beltaine

I bring all my pets there, especially to see Dr. Metcalf. I always have a great experience and they're willing to work with me within my budget. I adopted an elderly chihuahua with a terminal illness and when she's having problems, we're in constant contact -- even calling in prescriptions to a different state when we were on vacation. They just did an emergency procedure on my other dog and I can't thank them enough for taking great care of him, even though I was unprepared for the financial burden. The bill was paid (thanks to my wonderful friends) and my dog is home but they cared for him even knowing there was a possibility that I was going to have to pay in installments. That's a practice that cares for the animals. A++

Brent Heeke

We board here often and have always had a good experience.

Hai2u Official

Caring and educated staff, have used them for all of our babies.

Glenda Snead

We have had really good experiences with them

Robin Nelms

Love it !!! We went there when out kitty was during and I have never been treated with such kindness.

Michael Philbrook

Can't rave enough. Terrific people, awesome doctors - especially Dr. Richard Kaas, the owner. Reasonably priced. Modern, clean hospital with comfortable waiting room. Full service.

Leslie Sanderson

Dr Parsons took care of out pup who got into rat poison. She is doing fabulous now, 2wks from the incident. Would definitely recommend!

Andrew Gagne

Great staff and vets! Take the time with you and your pet.

Christian Spain

Great people and service. Your pet is in great hands.

Sue McCarthy

I've been going to Mercy Animal Hospital since 2000. I would never go anywhere else. My Patrick (cat) had Dr Kaas until he passed at 17 1/2 years. He saw other Dr,,'s when he needed to and it is because of the excellent care and compassion from all the staff that I had him that long. I now have a New kitten and he's seeing Dr Dopolitto. They are all very professional and caring here.

Andrea Harville

I adopted my first dog 6 months ago. The humane society recommended a list of local vets and Mercy was one of them. As a first time pet owner, I have been very pleased with my experience. I took my dog for a free checkup about 2 days or so after I adopted him. I can't remember the doctor's name (Dr. Brandon?), but he was very helpful with any questions that I had. A couple weeks later, my dog developed a bad cough, and I was very nervous. I called the vet and I was able to get him in very quickly. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious. The staff was very helpful and concerned. I really like this place and will return.

Jared Spates

The staff is always friendly and dr’s are very knowledgeable. The employees genuinely care for pets too. I’ve been using this vet for 4 years for everything to routine checkups, boarding, bark and stretch, and unfortunately having to say goodbye to one of my friends. Every experience has been a good one, even in the rough times. I highly recommend Mercy Animal Hospital.

Katie Dionne

Chris Shultz

The only vet in the area i trust completly

ira lucas

This is a great place to take your pets to. I take all my three dogs here, they are very professional and they're very reasonably priced. They know that I'm on a very strict budget and they help me to work within my means with my three dogs. I highly recommend them. The veterinarians are very professional and all the staff are kind and loving to your pets.

Allie Foster

Great vets!

Susan Smith

I like the staff and veterinarians who work at Mercy. Unfortunately they have more business than they can professionally handle. If you call to ask a question, there is no one to help you. And even if you have an appointment, the wait is comparable to being in an M.D's office. I like a more personal approach for my pets which is the reason we use another veterinarian. As for the comments about pricing, we found Mercy to be no higher than others. Our decision was strictly based on the wonderful caring treatment our pets receive at another facility.

Karla Centers

We love Mercy, they truly care about our fur babies.

Marcie Byrd

Dr Kaas and team are great people who truly love the pets they serve.

Jerry Nietupski

Boarded our dog there for 5 days, she was sick for a week

Nick Scott

Janice Spurlin

Nice people and very good to all animals

Casey Hooper

Friendly , busy place

John P Daoust

They seem to genuinely care!

Johnny Weathersbee

Did a great job taking care of my dog prices are the best

Angela Hayes

Great with animals and animal parents.

William Pfingston

We have been taking out pets there for about 8 years now. The staff is super kind and always on-time for the scheduled appointments as well. They offer overnight kennels for your pets which is nice at a very affordable price. The knowledge of the staff is impressive and they have yet to disappoint.

Simone Rigden

Always caring. The team here is amazing. Love Dr Kaas.

Chris Wincek

Mercy is the absolute best..Dr Metcalf is the best vet I have ever encountered and the hardest part of moving away from Birmingham will be leaving Dr. Metcalf and Mercy's wonderful staff.

Carol Chaput

Been taking our pets here for years. TOP KNOTCH!

Sylvia Ross

I hate to be what seems to be the one dissenting voice among all the rabid praise for Mercy Animal Hospital, but like most veterinarians in this money hungry country, the almighty dollar is more important to them than saving your pooch. I tried to explain to the staff that I was on a fixed income, but they just got a glazed look in their eyes and ignored what I said as they charged me $297 to neuter my older dog. They wouldn't even discuss my setting up a payment option - and this was right before Christmas. I guess I could have waited to neuter my dog, but an irresponsible neighbor was letting their little dog - which they'd had for years - run around in heat while all the neighborhood male dogs followed her 24/7. My dog never slept, never ate, and rarely could I catch him and make him come inside, so I was afraid he was going to get sick if I didn't have him neutered. Then they lost his leash and collar that had a GPS device on it and accused me of losing it myself, but I know that he was wearing it when the vet tech took him back. Then when I got him back, he developed a bad cough which quickly spread to my other two dogs. They told me I couldn't make partial payment on medications, either, so needless to say, I didn't not have a merry Christmas. But Mercy Animal Hospital did. Oh, yeah, also they tried to charge me $70 at first for his meds and I raised hell about it; come to find out, somebody had "entered the wrong amount" and it wound up being about half that much. Don't know if the person who entered the wrong amount was trying to make a little extra money or not, but I really don't care. I don't trust these people. I think it's abhorrent the way veterinarians and medical doctors gouge their patients. I've done research and vets and medical doctors in Europe make about half as much as they do over here. That's not to say that they're poverty stricken; they live a very comfortable life, but they're just not able to splurge and buy their kid a Beemer for his 16th birthday like they are over here; they just have to settle for a Fiat.

Steven Coonts

Very good vet

Jeremy St.Hilaire

Compassionate and skilled care for animals at fair prices.

Chris Burgess

This is the best Vet around. Very friendly and caring. 100 stars

Scott Lumb

Always the best care for my 4 little ones

Rebel Bazzell

They've been there 4 me & my pets.

M Walbridge

Caring, compassionate, and competent. It's very evident they love animals and want to help make what could be traumatic for some pets (and owners) as comfortable as possible. Very kind!

Joe Hikes

Dr. Trammel'sl the best!

Dino Romano

Dr. Kaas is one of the finest vets in New England and a truly kind and gentle person. I'd trust any of my pets to him.

Natural Nashuan

My pets have been seeing Dr. Kaas for about 21 years. His employees and the other vets that work at Mercy are fantastic! They clearly love working to heal animals and have true empathy for the animals and the human customers. I appreciate their deep modern knowledge of veterinary medicine. I like to ask detailed scientific questions and they always give me a thorough response including statistics. They won’t guilt you into expensive procedures. You’ll be presented with the exact price and procedure details and the choice of how much to do is your own. They won’t push you to euthanize or not euthanize when the time comes. It is your choice to make. Dr. Kaas has several times spent entire days treating my pets for sudden illnesses and he didn’t complain at all. I am completely comfortable recommending Mercy to anyone for their pets’ care.

Christy Winfrey

Excellent staff! Took great care of our Julio. So glad to have found a friendly caring place to take my sweet kitty!

Jena Copeland

Very poor customer service, use to always use them, before my older animals passed away. I called today to get a pill that I have gotten for years for previous dogs. Whom ever answered the phone, pretty much called me a liar, said I haven’t ever gotten anything from there, then hung up on me. Will never go back there.

Buddy Mabrey

Great place to carry your pets for their vet needs

Natalia Bairamova

Cindy Thomas

They are so good to my little fur baby!

Gina Medina

Excellent service and very , genuine and caring staff. You never feel rushed . And you can tell they truly all love what they do.

Von Spradlin

One of the better experiences I have had at a Veterinary clinic.

Tiffany Harris

Clean building very friendly staff took care of my animals very well

Mary Morris

Great vets!When you ask questions.They give you plenty info.

Bill Allen

Very compassionate and loving to our furbaby. Great facility and up to date care.

Christine Pierce

Laura Payne

Very expensive

J Doe

Great service and knowledgeable staff. I recommend this animal hospital for all your pet needs.

Donna Marlin

They take good care of Mack

Jeanne Fowler

Great staff. Take good care of your animals.

Linda Dwyer

Dr. Kass and the other vets in this practice are all wonderful. I've been going there for many years, I think since he opened his practice in Merrimack. He is so good with the animals as are the other vets at that practice. Nothing negative to say about them. They are the absolute best and I wouldn't consider changing where I go or who I see. If I could give them more than a five star I would. They are just the best.

Kim Braswell

Everyone loves your pet just as much as you do here. Can't ask for better care.

Leasi Carby

Best vet care... Staff is sincere and caring.

Darlene Griffin

Had my daughters kitten sprayed here and had no problems with them. She recouped just fine. Friendly people that work there.

jason Fields

Great service

Mr. Essex

If you're seeking professional, caring, and compassionate care for your animals, I highly recommend this place. Not only are they affordable, they really care for your pets. Late last year when our beloved Great Pyrenees, Dolly, was gravely ill (she was 12 years old) and needed to be put to sleep, they came to our home and gently performed the service for us. They were the only clinic I could find that would come to our home and do this, and believe me, I called everywhere else and no one else would come to our house. The problem was that Dolly was very heavy and couldn't move, and I didn't want to hurt her by having her lifted and transported to a clinic. Dr. Trammell and her assistant, Kat, were so gentle with her, and we can never thank them enough for their kindness and professionalism.

Jason Letanosky

Friendly staff - great vet and great place to board your pet.

Allison Portwood

They take very good care of my animals!!I called and asked how much it would be , and at checkout it was more money and I didn't have it so they were going to keep my sweetheart so I had to use grocery money to get him , I'm not a person that is well off so have to borrow money, so be very aware that they tell you one Price and charge another!! The office manager is not a nice person!! Just saying, has no concideration for anyone!!

Tracye Bowins

Clean, efficient and affordable services. I had a great experience.

Michele Harris

We love our Vet Mrs. Miranda she is awesome she is so loving and caring she goes above and beyond for the fur the babies she she takes care of.

Byron Stevens

Staff is on it ...pretty buliding,, many veterinarians on staff to handle all needs... And great access for boarding went on vacation you can even sign on and view your animal and it the plexiglass kennel and see what's going on no matter where you are on your vacation

Marjorie Green

The best. Waiting is a little too long but that's because people trust this place with their animals.

Cynthia Reeser Constantino

I have spent many hundreds of dollars at Mercy Animal Hospital over the years, and have recommended them to my family and friends, but after a recent nightmare experience with them, I will not spend another penny there. Brandon McKim is patronizing and made it clear to me that he did not want or need my business, and he suggested that I find another vet. I have never been treated so disrespectfully or unprofessionally by anyone. I brought my cat in for a declaw of one claw that had grown back after a previous declaw. After I dropped my cat off for the surgery, the vet tech called and said they found one other claw and asked for my permission to have the two claws removed. I gave permission to have the two claws removed. The tech mentioned that my cat was due for updates on her vaccinations, and I gave approval to have her vaccinated for whatever she was due for. After the surgery, the vet tech called and said "the surgery went well. We actually found five claws." They removed five claws when I had only consented to the removal of two. Of course, this resulted in more charges. (Why bother asking for my consent at all?) When the tech told me this on the phone, I said that I had only approved the removal of two claws. She said that I gave her permission to remove as many as necessary. I reminded her of our conversation, and told her that I would only pay for two. When I arrived to pick up my cat, I was billed over $600. I couldn't believe how much they charged for such a simple surgery! I contested the bill with the person at the front desk, and she said I would have to speak with someone in the room when I went back to pick up my cat. When I spoke with that person, she said she had nothing to do with billing and would have to talk with her "general manager." She left the room and was gone for 30 minutes. Then the vet who removed the claws, Brandon McKim, entered the room and the first thing he said was "I'm sorry you're upset." I let him know I was not upset but had a question about the billing. I tried to describe the situation and he continually interrupted me. I could not finish a single sentence. He kept talking over me and saying that he was right next to the vet tech when she called and claimed that he had heard her ask me for approval for all five claws. The entire time, he had a smirk on his face. I kept trying to finish a single sentence, and he would raise his voice and talk over me. I could not believe how unprofessional he was. Finally, I said calmly, "Please let me finish" and he said, "You know what? I can see I'm not getting anywhere with you. I don't have time to waste butting heads with you. You should find another vet." I turned and picked up my things to walk away and he started laughing. He said "bye now. We don't need your business." I'm too dumbfounded by what happened to be angry. I don't understand what prompted such a reaction, but I'm telling everyone I know not to waste their time or money at this vet. I had also requested that my cat receive IV fluids during the surgery, and when she came home, I noticed that they had not given her IV fluids (they shave a portion of the cat's fur from the arm when they do this), and yet I was charged for the IV fluids.

carol huynh

Get people who put you fur baby first.

Caroline Wilkerson

Great friendly people. They have always been very helpful with all our animals

Erin Mcgrady

They care very much about the animals under their care

Susan Vaughn


Maggie Thompson

Front desk associates helpful when I come to get foster dogs.

John Green

Very professional, concerned, and pleasant staff. This is where I'll always bring my pets.

Matt Carter

They are great but watch out for over charging you for something they didn't do make sure u tell them exactly what u want

Kathy Engle

Friendly staff, fast service, good food.

Destiny Fitch

So friendly I lost my dog and trying to find him they were very helpful!!


Great little Vet office. Friendly and reliable staff. Walk ins are okay

Robyn Bishop

The staff is wonderful and Drs are brilliant.

Amy McClellan Aldridge

Wonderful Place. They treat my animals just like I would. I had a scary situation last month. And the people there are so caring. And take there time talking with you. I have 5 fur babies and they all go there. Even the ferrets. Love Mercy

Julia Grappolini

They always take great care of my dog

Dianna Andreasen

Petie Sims

Great place. Love Dr. Trammell

Amelia Garcia

We recently had to put our 12yr old boxer down. They were very kind and gracious through the entire process. The room was very comfortable, and they gave us plenty of time with him. All of the staff were incredible from the lady at the front desk to the doctor who gave great care to Moose's comfort in his final moments.


Scott Plagmann

Super vets and support staff,very friendly and caring! Will only be using Mercy Animal Hospital as long as I live in Jefferson County. Can't say enough good things about our 2 experiences here!

Gina DeFrancisco

April Pearce

The facilities are great and the staff is WONDERFUL

Jean Strong

Donna McNeil

Sheila J Kabat

Xbox 360

This place was great and they help with getting our cat fixed on a low income.

Justin B

Been going here for over five years with my cocker spaniel. The staff here extremely friendly nice and always make sure they do what's best for your dog or cat without charging outrageous prices. One of my favorite things about Mercy is they always try and follow up a couple of days after your apointmen to see how your little one is doing. If you're looking for a vet that cares about your little one like it's there own then I highly recommend this Mercy.

Allen Evans

Great care, expensive service

Brenda Shirley

MERCY. Animal is very good place to take your Pets H

Jenna Greenleaf

We love Mercy! They are kind, treat animals with the best care, as if they were their own, and prices seem to be fair (although we haven’t done much research in that area). We have never had a bad experience or a hard time making an appointment, and have been in quite a few times due to our rowdy pups.

Debbie Collins

Best vet ever. Chelsea is the most wonderful vet tech! She truly loves the animals she works with. She puts her heart into her job

Stephanie Hamler

Great team

Jennifer Abbott

Awesome staff and they love there patience

mike harrell

Great folks that really care about the animals

John Maciejko

The place treats you and your pets like they and you are their only concern, will always bring my fur-family members here.

Debra Cain

Great vets and very helpful staff.

Amy Hollander Butler

Great Vets wonderful office!

Justin West

Bishop Wagener

Great staff, fast, reliable care. I would recommend.

cc george

Nice group of people working there. There really seem to care about the pets that come through their doors.

shane boucher

Excellent. Highly recommend this place! Very thorough and much more affordable then others I have been to.

Donald Logan

They were helpful to me

William Hardeman

They are great from doctors to grooming to the secretary up front been taking my dog there for 6 years never had a problem

Dee Griffin


I have been using Mercy Animal hospital for 2 years. I have used almost every service available. The veterinarians are great. The staff is friendly. I also use the boarding and the fun Day dog Bark n stretch. Overall I'm very pleased!!

Mark Wayne Alexander

Have used Mercy Veterinary Hospital in the past and find it to be an excellent place to take your pet for it's health and well-being. Stopped by yesterday to have a new name tag made for my dog. Really prefer having tags made here due to them being able to engrave on both sides of the tag. Have her name (BabyGirl) put on on side and my name and phone number on the other side. The staff and employees who work here are always friendly and really seem to be happy and enjoy being here.

cindy mueller

Eric Harrison

Love this place! The best staff and facilities!

David Fadule

One of the best animal hospital I have ever been to.

Robert Schmucker

The best Vets in Bham area.

Tammy Ciampa

Ars Longa Emowho

Horrible Place. By far the worst Veterinarians I have ever taken an animal to. They do not care at all about the animals. I brought my Cat in here because he would not eat for days and clearly something was wrong with him.. I asked if they could run blood test, etc to see if something serious was wrong with him.. and earlier the day before he has jumped off the porch and sprained his ankle so all they wanted to do was a $250 X-ray to see if his leg was okay after extensive back and forth I said okay go ahead and at which point yes his leg is fine after their $250 xray. Still no help with his eating. And I asked to have his fleas treated as he has never had fleas when we lived on 280 and I took him to the vet on 280. I bring him here and they ignore me about he hasn’t eaten in days to waste time and my money on a leg I knew was okay.. then tell me oh some cats go through phases where they won’t eat. Then two weeks later my cat is still covered with fleas and I call to ask why and the tell me oh well revolution flea treatment doesn’t actually keep fleas off of him it just kills them after they bite him. Oh. Well I asked you to keep the fleas off him. Isn’t that why I paid over $300? And he has never had fleas before in 18 months he has never had fleas on him yet now after changing vets he is covered and when I call I get absolutely no help whatsoever just well perhaps you should call someone to treat your yard. Wow. Is all I can say. I actually thought highly of this place. People spoke good about it. This is the worst excuse for a veterinarian I have ever experienced. Go anywhere but here if you care about your animals in any way. These heartless extortionists don’t deserve to have a practice. Joshua & Kelli B. -June 21st 2018

Eric Upshaw

Great location right off of the Fieldstown Road exit in Gardendale. Awesome doctors, great friendly staff.

Danny Brown

Great caring people. The staff are amazing

Michelle Jernigan

They care about the fur babies

Kelly Murray

We took our sweet Charlie here bc he had been attacked by my neighbors dogs. They took him back immediately and began treating him. He passed away later on and they allowed the entire family to go back to his room and grieve. One of the staff members carried him out to our car and gently put him inside. they have been nothing but caring and compassionate with us. They even sent us a condolence card. I will never use another veterinarian office other than Mercy. These are the sweetest most caring group of veterinarians I have ever met.

lynn murray

Dr. Trammell and McKim take great care of my Bianca and Georgia.

Hannah Baker

The way Mercy Animal Hospital treated and dismissed Dr. Fuqua is sickening. 20 years ago, Dr. Fuqua gave my brother and myself our first dog. She was a stray but he knew she would be a great fit for a young family, majority of my childhood memories are due to him (she sadly passed when I was 15). Although, my family moved throughout the south we always stayed in touch. When I moved back to Birmingham for Law School, I knew there was only one person I trusted with my 15-year-old Maltese, Dr. Fuqua. It’s sad that he mentored and gave his time to employees (some worked for him since they were teenagers including at least one vet) who turned their back on him. I refuse to support a business that lacks integrity. Even receiving my dogs records to transfer to a new vet (obviously Dr. Fuqua) was a challenge. Also, getting the front desk to complete basic tasks can turn into a never-ending struggle. My dog is on multiple medications, on more than one occasion, I have had to call them multiple times for them to simply phone in the refill prescriptions, which Mercy Animal Hospital prescribed to my dog, to Wal Greens. For example, I had to call four days in a row (twice a day) to get my dogs seizure medicine; I finally had to leave a stern voice mail for anyone to take me seriously. I found it very upsetting that they took so long to make a phone call to get my dog a medicine that prevents him from having seizures, something that could killed him. I am sure some great vets work there but I personally refuse to continue to give money to a business who lacks customer service, integrity, and who completely turned their back on the man who mentored them and built the business that they have today.

Hammer Man

Good service but I really feel like they have a lot of hidden prices that you get blasted with after service. Called them for a quote in services and was given one price. Took my pet to get what I'd requested done, and the bill was almost $200 more! I'd only budgeted for the original price plus $50 bt had to borrow the rest to cover. The things we go through to keep our furry family healthy...

Dan Rhoades

Great people & service. Will definitely be using them again.

Robert Wilson

Great veterinarian.

timothy whetstone

Great place to take your pet, the staff is very friendly.

Leah Tolbert

This is great place to keep your pets while your're on vacation.

Steven Aubut

Shea B.

Always such wonderful people and they take great care of your pets.

Elizabeth Staggs

Its very nice, and they will see you without appointment if ur animal is sick

Ray Nocella

Debra Phillips

They were great. They saved our dog.

user J

Took our kitten to Mercy Animal Hospital for her first ever visit a month ago and the vet and staff were fantastic. Since we found our kitten as a stray they checked her for any disease, worms etc and gave her the first round of shots and boosters. Overall the experience was just great, and I would recommend Mercy Animal Hospital.

Tess Muncey

Very nice staff.

Kristin Smith

The vets and vet techs here are AMAZING. They saved my Pitty when he had Parvo, and worked with me on the bill. The prices are affordable, and they take great care of any fur baby!

Debra Shows

Best care for my cat and dog

David Caswell

Very friendly

Kathryn Headley

Love these guys

Robert Wrinkle

Great employes

Jason Tippett

These folks are the best. We take our Golden Retriever here and wouldn't trust her with anyone else. Friendly and sweet staff that go the extra mile.

Sheree J Smothers

Jelly Bean looks beautiful after her grooming today!

Char Pollitz mathews

Tooooo high !!!!

Susan Kittle

They have taken great care of our animals.

James Robbins

Very inexpensive vet to take your pet to.


Was really impressed with the place.They seem to care about your pet as if it was theirs.My dog had some skin tumors removed and teeth cleaned while he was asleep .Yes I do recommend this place.

Sandy Morton

Three weeks ago Dr. Nicole Metcalf and the staff at Mercy helped us to say goodbye to our sweet Atticus. Everyone was so respectful and sweet and made this very difficult time easier. Thank you for taking such good care of Atticus and us! Ya'll are the best!

Tara Kennedy

Very compassoniat and helpful

dwayne braswell

The people at this clinic are in business because they love animals. The fact that they get paid for it is only a bonus to them. They are great vets with a great staff! Dr. Trammell is the best vet in the business and also has one of the biggest hearts. I can not imagine going anywhere else!

Randall Niblett

Very convenient vet with boarding and grooming

Lorraine R

Great service, the doctor's are so friendly and detailed in what's going on with your fur babies. Would recommend to anyone.

Kendra Lamoureux

I brought my little girl Bitsy to get spayed here the staff were phenomenal and made me feel very welcomed at their practice I will most certainly use them again.

Steve Adlman

Boarded my dog and they took good care of her

Cheyenne Batson

Staff and doctors are wonderful! Actually switched my dog, who I had going to another veterinarian over to Mercy, I was so impressed with everything. They take great care of my dogs, and answer all my questions.

lisa ricky Bibby

We took our Pitbull & son's Blue Heelerr. One to b neutered & other spayed. Mercy gave me # to call to get discount off procedures. Staff was wonderful. Mystic, Blue Heeled, had rear Dew Claw removed. Dogs r great & enjoyed their visit . This will b our permanent Vet. Mercy Animal Clinic is FANTASTIC!!!

Dianne Ragland

One week ago, Veterinarian , Miranda Trammell, helped , Lynn and I say "goodbye" to our dog. Precious. Dr Trammell, was so gracious. Caring, and understanding. We thank you, Dr Trammell. and your Staff at Mercy Hospital!!!

Kerry Lea

Great staff, super friendly. They care about your fur baby.

Janet Pickens

Very good vet and wonderful doctor's. Staff is very good also.

Pat Cleveland

Busy, dynamic place. Smart helpful staff. Great with pets of course!

Linda Grantin

Friendly staff

Ronny Perkins

Courteous and caring. Great with our cats and our dog.

Mike E

Even with an appointment, you'll have a long wait.

Pat Glasscock

Love the Doctors and staff. We have been going there since they opened. When I lost an elderly dog to cancer no one could have been more compassionate than Dr Trammell. She was an angel.

Krissy Hammond

Very nice staff and Vets. Reasonable prices. Very busy but worth it.


Great environment

Morgan Lea

On March 18, 2014 I took my 7 week old Doberman puppy to THIS vet for a hip injury she got from another dog. The hip had a fracture and was told she would need a simple surgery where she would be LIGHTLY sedated, The surgery was suppose to take place at 10 am on Wednesday March 19. I attempted to make my first phone call around 11 the vet tech she was doing great and I was pleased, I made another phone call around 1pm to check on her and was still told she was doing great and was up eating, I made one last phone call around 315 to see when I could take her home I was told it would have to be the following day but she was doing great.....10 minutes later I received a phone call from the vet letting me know that she had passed away in recovery... The vet began to tell me he isn't sure what happened she was doing great after surgery, so good that the vet and the tech went to the break room to brag on how good they did (his words). He came back to check on her and she was dead. It was a 30 minute surgery they were done by 10:30-10:45 I made THREE phone calls and was told she was fine every time but she was actually dead.. I went to the vet office to pick up her little body so I could burry her and was told I needed to take the back door...Her name was Dallas she was a beautiful fawn Doberman that had been health tested and was clear on EVERYTHING. She was in perfect health. there was NO reason she should have died it was pure NEGLECT... they stuck her in a kennel right after surgery and never woke up from her sedation when she was only supposed to be LIGHTLY sedated for that VERY reason.....

Ryan Gravelle

James Caswell

Very nice people who really care about animals

Sheila Fines

Rusty seemed happy when we picked him up!

Emily Harding

Marc Nolin

Michael McVey

On a previous visit,we were assigned a vet we weren't familiar with...our dog had injured his front paw while playing with our other dog...all we needed was an anti-inflammatory to get him some comfort...the vet claimed he had Lyme disease,,,WHAT!!!...not only was that stupid, was also insulting...I was raised on a working farm and have had critters all my life...I told the vet, in no uncertain terms, was I going to be fleeced into unnecessary tests and charges...we received the medication I wanted and left...pissed...a week later,our dog was just Lyme disease,...weird, when, a couple of days ago, our other dog developed a cyst on her side...I was hesitant to call wife suggested I request another vet...I called...glad I did...we were assigned Dr. Vicki Dapolito...freak'in awesome vet...she had a very gentle touch with our older dog who doesn't like to be poked on...she didn't want to run a battery of tests, ie,( run up the tab )...she examined the sore, prescribed an antibiotic, and we were on our way.Her down to earth attitude and demeanor were quite refreshing as opposed to our prior visit...In the future we will specifically ask for Dr.Vicki...she's, AWESOME,...oh,...and a shout-out to her most excellent assistant Miss Ashly.

Pat Haisten

Compassionate with animals and owners.

stacie allison

Love the staff here they are always amazing and take such great care of our pets. I would not go anywhere else.

Deb Lindsey

LOVE them all! They have been our vet of choice for over 20 years. Older adopted cats, deaf and special needs cats with epilepsy, hyperthyroid disease that were loved and well cared for their entires lives. After passing we adopted 2 bonded kittens hoping for a long/healthy life. At 5 months one had umbilical hernia repair and at 7 months the other darling ate something that wasn't food. The doctors saved her by removing the bowel blockage and after 2.5 weeks later she has gained weight, back fighting/playing with her sister!! All along the way no matter what was happening over the years we have greatly appreciated the staff taking the time to make sure we knew what our options were, what the costs involved for those choices and afordded was so very caring/supportive to our family when the time came to say good bye. Mercy will always be where our pets go!

James Couch

Very good with our cats . Reasonable price and friendly staff

Patty Henderson

Grooming services are great

Karlee Thomas

Best vet and staff in the Birmingham metro area wouldn't go to any other vet. They take amazing care of the animals and treat them like they are their own.

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