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REVIEWS OF Inman Park Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Nusrat Hogan

We have 3 pups and we always have a good experience when visiting Inman Park Animal Hospital. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Dr.Fowler and his team are knowledgable and make our pets feel welcome and secure.

Jane Matejcik

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone I have worked with at Inman Park Animal Hospital. My kitten is a new patient of theirs, and I was able to get a quick appointment here while other area clinics did not have any openings til a few weeks out. On top of that, when I show up, I did have to wait more than 10 minutes to be seen. The front desk is approachable and easy to work with, the vet tech, Natalie, is super sweet and affectionate to my new adoption, and Dr. Greener is very knowledgeable, caring and has gone out of her way to help me navigate the process of caring for my new kitten, Wolfie. I highly recommend Inman Park Animal Hospital, and look forward to my next visit with little Wolfie!

Pamela Hartley

Took our 7 yo long-haired feline and everyone from the office staff to the vet tech Brittany to Dr. Kumar was attentive, kind and competent. Would recommend and return without hesitation.

Ann Bennett

Dr. Fowler is a fantastic veterinarian! My two staffies have two very different personalities. One is absolutely terrified of going to the vet, but Dr. Fowler is very sweet and gentle with her. The other has had a bad experience in the past at a different office which causes him to be reactive to his paws being touched. Dr. Fowler is very patient with him and knows how to handle him in order to cause the least amount of stress possible. All of the techs are incredible, as well!

Robert Hamel

Very considerate team. Very friendly team. Dr Fowler took his time with us , and having the assistant working with dr Fowler was a great asset as well. Extremely pleased with the clinic!!

Erik Baumann

2 cats 2 shots each. 300 dollars here. My wife loves it here. I, however, feel like they charge too much.

Aubrey Bowen

Dr. Fowler and Sherry are a fantastic team. Love that you get the VIP treatment and are able to go to the back with your pet for a Birdseye view of what's going on. Dr. Fowler always gives a thorough explanation and is very easy to work with. Tech staff and Dave are also awesome!

Teri Anvid

The care & attention that was given to Oscar was outstanding, I have already told 2 other pet owner about the clinic, Thank you Dr. Kamar and staff, please keep that good energy up!

Lynne Splinter

Have gone to Inman Animal since 1997. Love them!!!

Mark C

This is absolutely the best place to take your pet! We have 2 Rotties, and started them both here. The techs and Doctor both make sure the pets are comfortable and they listen to your concerns and answer all your questions. They let you come to the back with your pet, which most places don't , so it's great to be able to do that!! This place gets 5 Stars!!!! Thanks so much Inman Animal Hospital!

Wayne Brawner

Lil pricey but they are wonderful

Jessica Kane

Wonderful experience, every one was warm and inviting. The Dr Fowler was very thorough and kind.

Susan Archie

Dr. Fowler and his team have been caring for my dogs and cats for as long as I can remember. They've always gone above and beyond any expectations I might have. They are good people and love what they do. I highly recommend. Give them love and they will return it tenfold.

Sarah Huling

There is no comparison to this place!!! The entire team is just spectacular - from Dr. Fowler, to Sherri and Dave, to every vet tech! I have been coming here since my puppy was 10 weeks old (she turned 4 in April), and have had an exceptional experience every single time. They have comforted a worried mommy, fit me in when they felt there was some urgency to our visit even when the schedule for the day was packed, and provided wonderful insight and advice every step of the way. I live in Roswell now, about 30 miles away, and still make the drive because they are the only people I trust with Liesl. That says it all!

Chrissy Flicker

A very insightful, careful veterinarian. Atlanta needs more like you. Dr. Folwer counselled me about my newly adopted dog and the aggression and dominance problems he was having for nearly half and hour, answered all of my questions and gave me some really appreciated advice. He did not tell me not to keep this dog, but he admonished that because we were not the right owner/pet match, it would be a long uphill climb.

Alfred Alarcon

Yay pets.

Ty Richey

Everyone on the staff deserves 5 gold stars. My animals have been Inman children for the past 12 years. The staff is incredibly caring and professional, they have helped me through the passing of two of my dogs and continue to care for the two cats who joined my family. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and recommend them very highly to all my friends.

Carolyn Beeker

Such kind people work here, and Dr Fowler is peerless in skill and compassion. My labradoodles actually love going to their vet. Imagine that!

Laura Cobham

Crunch Berry

April Williams

Katy DeBardelaben

The reviews are right - this place is the BEST! I couldn't believe how much they all cared and loved on my puppy when we came in for a mysterious illness. They took such good care of him and followed up by phone to make sure he was okay. Truly have never had a better experience anywhere else with previous pets. I will never go to another practice, even though we are moving an hour away.

Stanton Stebbins

Dr. Fowler is an amazing vet and a gem of a human being! You won’t meet a more caring person. His techs and front office staff are also very caring (and funny)! I drive down from Dunwoody with a cat carrier to see them, but it’s worth the trip!

LeShae Nash

Jon Strudthoff

Colleen O'Rourke

Amazing doctors and staff- they really care about the pets and their owners!

Barbara L. Clayton

The only vets I've allowed to take of my pets for the last 20+ years - they're like family!

Mirja Haynes

Everyone here is awesome! So good to be able to stay with your pet during exam. Techs are super as well, and Sherry in the front office is lovely and has so many helpful tips. I have a dog and a cat in their care, and they are always willing to talk about the best plan for the long and short term care. They don't over treat and I really appreciate that.

Lynda Deccio

Dr. Kumar is a blessing! She is very compassionate and knowledgeable. The entires staff is friendly and very helpful. Thanks for being the best place to care for my fur babies!

Brenda Street

Have been taking my cats here since 2000. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Fowler and his staff. Highly recommended!


Amazingly friendly and competent staff. We have found our new vet.

Kari Bivens

Cameron McCaa

We would go no where else for pet care! Thanks Kevin and Sheri!

Becky Aguiar

We LOVE this place. We have two dogs that go here and we've received nothing but amazing care and service every time we go. We've had a few minor emergencies that landed us in their offices at odd hours of the day and they've been so accommodating and helpful! Dr. Fowler is so sweet and gentle with the animals that it puts us and the dogs at ease when he handles them. A+ for sure!


Extremly caring and knowledgeable team of people. They have provided the best care for my dog. I aam forever grateful! I highly recommend. If you make a Saturday appointment....just be will not be disappointed. Their service is worth the extra few minutes of waiting.

Jeff Krichmar

Let me start by saying that the one time I did see a vet, it was Dr. Fowler, and he was fantastic. His prognosis was spot on, and the manner in which he conducted himself was everything I want in my pet's veterinarian. This review has nothing to do with the quality of pet care administered at this clinic, which from what I experienced was very good. This review is an objective dissection of the shitshow that is the reception process at this establishment. You know the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you..."? Well shame on me for thinking my second experience couldn't possibly be any worse than my first. The first appointment was scheduled over the phone and I arrived 20 minutes early, at the suggestion of the staff I spoke to on phone, to fill out the paperwork and get my dog checked in. I fill out the paperwork, and proceed to sit and wait the forty unexpected minutes before being escorted to a small examination room where I'm made to sit for another 15 minutes. Mind you, my dog doesn't love sitting in vets offices. She gets squirmy, and starts whimpering, and you can tell she can't wait to be done and leave. I then get asked to bring my dog in to another room to see the doctor. Doctor does his thing with skill and compassion like the warm hearted expert he is, and I'm asked to go back to the front to schedule the follow up appointment, and pay the bill. The lady in the front who won't stop referring to every non staff male human as "daddy" - myself included - which was cute the first few times until it became apparent that to this woman I wasn't an individual, but instead just another person who's name isn't worth remembering. She gets called of and disappears while I wait for about ten minutes. She keeps referring to me as "daddy" even through the checkout process while holding a credit card with my name on it in hand. We schedule an appointment for a week later. I, like many, work a 9-5, so my time is valuable to me. I worked from home in the morning so I could bring my dog in for my 11am appointment, letting my team know that I'd be in closer to noon, as my dog seemed improved, and I expected the follow up to be rather quick. I arrive at the clinic at 10:50, where I'm eventually acknowledge by the lady who still refuses to use my name when addressing me. She can't seem to recall me having an appointment. I assure her the reminder card she wrote for me seven days ago is sitting in my car not ten feet away from her confusion. She finds the appointment, and then I proceed to wait until 11:30, where I'm escorted in to the same small exam room, and told I'll be seen right away. At 11:47 I decide enough is enough and I leave. I decide that I'm not going to support a business that has zero respect for it's clientele, and I'm going to hop online and let others know how poorly I was treated twice. If you value your time, and/or your humanity avoid this place like the plague. East Atlanta Animal Clinic might have a waiting list every now and then, but at least they know when you've got an appointment, they refer to you by name, and you're in a room within minutes.

Lezlie Bishop

This little darling has been cared for by Kevin and Sherry since she was 3 months old. She is now 15 years old and just had dental surgery yesterday. I was very nervous, but shouln't have been. Coqui woke up and while still wobbly and punch-drunk, was looking for food and water. Today she is back to her old self. I love this place.

Peggy Duszynski

Everybody is always great! I always feel confident bringing my pets there for whatever they need.

Dushyant Dhundara

We moved here from Colorado, and have been looking for a vet that meets the standard of our vet there. They did not force anything on us to make money, rather it was all tailored towards the well being of the pet. That said, they are extremely expensive, after multiple visits the issues still remains with both my dogs and every time the bill is atleast over couple hundred dollars. May be its a trend in Atlanta to charge every time even for a follow up. They seem better than couple other vets i have tried here. Update: I took my dog to their clinic as she had been limping for 2 weeks now. First visit, they prescribed a medicine that didn't help her. So I took her in again, and the vet tells me the dosage given to her wasn't enough to help her out. Then I go in for the xray of her joints( keep in mind I didn't get a copy of xray after paying a good amount till I asked them for it ). Apparently they asked a radiologist(btw they sent wrong age of my dog for the diagnosis), who suggested what the problem could be. I tried to get xray emailed from them which took 3 hours to get to me. In addition, the new meds they gave her are even less dosage to the one prior, I just don't know if they understand what is going on or they don't care. Making this kind of mistake with the age makes me think what if they would have prescribed some med that isn't suitable for a puppy, that would be the scariest thing ever to happen as a pet parent. When I called back about my concern asking what is the cure or next steps, I was given a bucket load of excuses on how busy they are. I thought it is the duty of the vet and their staff to provided the client with the answers they are looking for on time. I have wasted a good chunk of money without any resolution. It goes to show how unorganized their practice is. In Colorado, every time we went to the vet, a complete diagnosis was done on our dog without any extra charges even in a follow up. This clinic is really good at being presentable, and I am sure care for animals, you may have better luck with them, i didn't and won't be using them again. Being from Colorado , our standards for the vets are pretty high, so our search continues. I hope this review helps someone.

Julia Gardner

All i can say is thank you!!! Kevin, the doctor was amazing!!! I had never been there before I just moved here not long ago. I Tried (pets are people too) when i first moved here and it was a awful experience !!! Way Over charged and my dog screamed the entire time at that place! Dogs too have intuition. My little Pomeranian can normally be aggressive when he is uncomfortable, but not once did he growl or snap at the vet techs at inman. Because obviously they know what they are doing, and made Little so comfortable! They are amazing at their job! I'm literally in tears right now because I believe inman vet hospital just saved my dog's life. I can't say enough, other than this is the best vet I have ever experienced and my dogs agree! Thank you for making us feel comfortable. First thing when I walked in, so scared, crying, I got a hug from the rep at the front. I really appreciate people out there like you and your clinic that want to help those in need and treat animals like they matter like they are our babies, cause they are. I will never go anywhere else. So many thanks!!!!!! I never write reviews, but i had to because they are so great. So Thank you all at inman vet and God bless! And Little says thanks too! :) see ya soon, hopefully not too soon though! Lol :)

Joseph DeRose

Our dog needed to be seen as an emergency and was taken in by our dog walker ( which is another fantastic review ). Not only was the Vet able to see her immediately, the office stayed open late to accommodate me getting down there in rush hour traffic. They patiently walked me through her treatment and medications. Very much appreciated.

Rekha Pagadala

The entire staff is so warm and nice towards both me and my fur baby. They are all so knowledgeable and the doctors work together as a team. They are also patient and sweet, even comforting me with hugs and kind words when I was so worried about my dog. Dr Kumar is thorough, kind and left me feeling completely confident in her taking care of my precious pup.

Clove Bovee

The entire staff is extremely gracious. It was a chaotic morning, and you could tell they had a few surprises to handle, but the staff was kind and moved efficiently. Dr. Kumar is so wonderful. She took great care of both our kitty girls, and made good solid recommendations on shots for this year in planning for going forward for next year’s wellness visit. We switched to this practice specifically for Dr. Kumar, and we’re very glad we did. Extra special kudos to Tori (unsure of how he spells his name.) He really and truly is a cat whisperer. He had our wild one, Pippa, managed with care and gentleness even though she is a hissing and growling nightmare at the vet usually. And seeing familiar faces all around because of it being a neighborhood practice helped us feel right at home. And their pricing...cost us half of what our previous practice did for more and better service. Love and fluffiness to everyone. Great job!!

Lillian Stockell

Buddy man dog has always needed a lot of medical care. Dr Fowler is the best out of the three states we've lived in. He's excellent professionally, and from what I can tell, personally he seems very thoughtful, kind, and genuinely cares for the individual animals. That's what you're looking for in a vet, right? He's also done a great job hiring very good staff.

Orion Crim

Dr. Fowler and his staff have been great to us and our pets over the years.


daren roberts

Great customer service!

Tina Perez

Dr. Kumar and the rest of the staff at Inman Park Animal Hospital are so kind & experienced. They were amazing with my Blake, and have helped us through a truly gnarly ear infection that two previous vets could not properly treat. We have a new family vet! Thank you =)

Loyal Charles

We've had excellent care for our cats and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Meggie Upchurch

Matt McClendon

Dr Fowler and the entire staff are simply the best. They treat our family as their family.

Hidayt Khan

Frazer Banks

Stephanie McCaa

Amazing staff, friendly service. Solved my dog's skin problem quickly. Love these guys!

Mobley Veterinary Clinic

Lee Brunner

GVida 0825

I brought in my cat for kidney. The doctor and assistants were friendly and the service was very good.

Sivan Fraser

I'm really glad my friend referred me to this vet. Dr. Kumar is amazing. She has been incredibly thorough and transparent throughout treating our 15-year-old cat, Smokey. She was the one who discovered that he had spleen cancer, which had spread to the lungs. She is intuitive, kind, and, patient. She spells out all of your options and makes sure that you have all the information you need in order to make a decision. Because she offered steroids as an option, Smokey is still thriving, though he has cancer. We never thought he would live this long. It is because of her tenacity and commitment to the details that he is still alive. The staff does get slammed from time to time, but if you're patient with them, you will get to meet the very kind, very talented Dr. Kumar.

Sarah Beasley

I love this place. The doctor is down to earth and the staff is very helpful. They are also pretty affordable.

Ashlyn Maguire

Sheri is awesome when we call - she is always being thorough and quick to get back to us! Dr Kumar is so great with our shepherd mix! And the animal care techs are amazing! Everyone is always gentle, patient, and kind with our girl, and thoughtful with carefully considering and answering our questions. They never recommend a medication if there is an at home remedy we can try first (I.e. allergies), which goes a long way with us! They care about the animals first and making sure people are a close second with feeling comfortable and confident in their decisions and our own when it comes to keeping our loved family member healthy and happy! You guys are the best!

Amanda Hoff

Very friendly staff, doc was patient with my frightened rescue. Had to wait 20 mins for my appointment but the exam and visit with the vet overall outweighs the slight inconvenience of waiting.

The Surftiger

Cheers Chew

OVERPRICED FACILITY! My dog is 13 years old, so his seasonal pollen allergies are nothing new. I only use Inman Park Animal Hospital as a last resort when I can't get to my main vet... and this most recent visit reminded me why. I took my dog in to get a simple cortisone shot (or steroid shot, whichever they use to calm allergies) and walked out with a $150 bill! In addition to the office visit fee, the actual cortisone shot and a bunch of other little miscellaneous fees, they also tacked on a procedure I did NOT ask for (because it had just been done by my main vet) AND they prescribed me this jar of useless topical solution that has since done absolutely NOTHING for my dog. On top of all of that, the guy at the front desk had the nerve to try and pressure me into buying this almost $30 bottle of shampoo, before I finally had to say enough was ENOUGH! He was almost coming across as a used car salesman, trying to pitch something to me that I didn't actually need. Again my dog's allergies come and go every year like clock work, so I usually know what to expect in terms of cost. My main vet would have charged me half of what I paid at Inman Park Animal Hospital... and I wouldn't have had to deal with some pushy front desk sales person either. I left there feeling like I had just gotten SWINDLED! It seems as if they care more about making a quick buck than they do about valuing long-term relationships with their customers. Some people have a hard enough time deciding whether they can even afford a vet sometimes. So it's shameful when places like this take advantage of unsuspecting customers and the love they have for their pets. One thing is for sure, I will NEVER use them again, under any circumstance!!! Overall, Dr. Fowler is a good veterinarian and aside from the high pressured sales tactics, the staff is very friendly. However, there are a lot of other animal hospitals in Atlanta with good vets, friendly staff, better facilities and that are LESS EXPENSIVE. Sorry, but they've seen the last of me and my dog. This was ridiculous!

Ryan Slauer

lillian govus

I cannot say enough great things about Inman Animal Hospital (though I kind of don't want to so I can keep Dr. Kevin and his fantastic team all to myself!). They specialize in truly treating animals - listening to them and understanding them, not over-using incredibly expensive medical devices. I had an emergency with one of my dogs, and after x-rays and MRIs at the emergency vet, he declared that my dog had a fatal tumor and wanted to keep my dog over the weekend. It didn't feel right, so I refused (after having paid several hundred dollars) and got my dog into Inman Park Animal Hospital ASAP Monday morning. Just one look, and Dr. Kevin knew that my dog was in pain. Diagnosis: pinched nerve. A $50 prescription and a few hours later, my dog was back to his old self. Amazing animal care because he truly cares - Dr. Kevin can never retire!

Alexis Hovind

Ayse Deniz Lokmanoglu

Laura Rios

Tim Wood

Dr. Fowler and his staff are fantastic! They are genuine and knowledgeable, and have helped my cat several times over the years.


Leslie Faulkner

Everyone was so nice and took great care of my baby!

Palmer Singleton

Phenomenal vets, techs, + staff. Great for annuals and diagnostics. Trust IAH's judgment on all matters. Have relied on Dr Fowler's expertise and experience for over 20 years.

Jen Staley

Excellent staff and service!!

Jessica Walsh

When I moved here from CT I started going here because it was close to my apartment but I have stayed because of the people. When I moved here I had to elderly cats. The vets - especially Drs Fowler and Ellard - were great with them. Sadly last year I had to put one down and the other one passed away this week, but thanks to the staff I got 2 and 3 more years with my little babies. I have to say this week was VERY hard for me as Sid was with me for 13 years but the staff was very supportive and made a very hard day as stress free as possible. I know that when I'm ready to adopt again I will be taking them here.

Heather Mother of Dachshunds

Pavan Iyer

Great service, kind people

Lady of Cranberry

Dr. Fowler is a true cat-whisperer. No matter what issues your kitty may have, he or she will be completely comfortable with Dr. Fowler and his team. We have taken 2 of our cats to Dr. Fowler, and one has a difficult temperament. Both experiences were perfect! He is caring, knowledgeable, extremely kind, and his experience in the field can't be equaled. Truly a cat-whisperer! We are completely in love with this vet! -- Jasmine and Tibet

John Maxwell

Lacey Bacchus

Tyler King

Mat Grisham

bronwyn robinson

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