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REVIEWS OF Fisher Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Tim Lewis

Professional staff, short wait.

Tony Johnson

Michael Stewart

The staff is rude as hell!! The big girl at the front desk had the worst attitude I've seen. They're unorganized and don't know what's going on. I had a surgery appt and after getting told by three people there I didn't have an appt someone finally said "yeah we do have a surgery I just forgot to write it down". RUDE AND HATEFUL! You do not feel wanted there at all!

Lisa Brashier

Great docs and staff.

kim smith

Caitlyn C

Dean Jackson

Excellent service.

Amanda Latz

Really nice people and they show that they care about animals.

Glen Lind

Swag Onion

Das Nagel

our 12 year old cat had to be put to sleep recently. the doc was very straightforward and professional. the staff was very friendly, and very sympathetic and very professional through the whole unpleasant ordeal. they are a little pricy, but sometimes the extra expense is worth it for something fuzzy that you care about.

Stephanie jackson

Becky Perry

The reviews are very conflicting - hard to know what to do.

Amanda Hale

Too expensive and the receptionist is snappy but the care of your pet is excellent

June Strickland

Caring professionals who give expert care to your furry children. They listen and make your pet a priority. Very happy with the doctors and staff.

Micheal Blane

Always Professional and courteous

Shannon Murphy

Fisher And Smith Vet .is such a wonderful place to take your pets!! They are friendly ..and treat your pet as if it was their own!! Great prices. And attitudes

Cylena Pitts

They're kind and reasonable.

Jennifer Willis

I always have a great visit with the doctor's and staff. My dogs feel at ease as well. The receptionist is a little moody and seems to get annoyed with questions is my only concern.

Kyle Weitala

They are very compassionate and caring.

Adrienne Wiggins

We always feel like our pets get wonderful care here. We also use their boarding services and I feel that they take great care of my fur babies.

Dee Tyson

Kaylee Walker

Absolutely amazing. Fit us in the same day and were so kind and compassionate. Their prices are incredibly, surprisingly even, affordable. I am so thankful! We truly thought our dog Taco was dying and they just went above and beyond in caring for him. The receptionists were incredibly kind as well! This will be our preferred vet moving forward!

Ron G

linda lovelace

Hobert Butler

Our 18 year old cat started having what we thought was a stroke. of course it was Sunday evening and no vets available. We got in touch with Dr ""Bud" Fisher and he agreed to open his clinic and see us, when we arrived expecting the worse, Dr Fisher quickly diagnosed inner ear problems. 2 meds were prescribed and given to us at the clinic. 9 months later our beloved "Simba" is still with us thanks to THe Smith Fisher Clinic.

Jessica Davis

Everyone here is very welcoming and they really take special care with animals.

Michael Hall

We’ve used fisher smith for 20 years+ Never has a bad experience. They truly care about your fur babies!!! A+++

Jennifer Phillips

They are pretty good

Stephanie K.

I love this vet clinic. Very friendly staff and they have treated my animals like family! Love these guys

Edward Ezell

Absolutely awful experience, awful customer service, and even worse price compared to others in city. Took my 6 year old Siberian husky across the street for a 1/3 of the cost of visit and 1/10 the cost of prescription medications for epilepsy. If there were a zero star option that’s what they would get.

Rachel Alderman

My shihtzu wasn’t due for his rabies vaccine for another year, and they snuck one in anyway with the blood test at checkup. About a month later my puppy developed a terrible skin condition, I believe because of the overloaded toxins from too many boosters too soon. His immune system hasn’t been the same since. Always dirty waiting room, rude receptionists...I always encourage friends to take their pets elsewhere.

Jessie YOUNG

I have observed the staff at the front counter being friendly enough, but certainly not award winning. I have seen them be very rude to others. My beloved 10-year-old dog suffered greatly at the hands of one of the vets and I paid through the nose for it. When I wrote a letter to Dr. Smith and Dr. Fisher stating that since I believed their lack of proper procedure killed my dog, I should get some or all of my money refunded, I got a phone call from Dr. Fisher, but not one cent refunded. I got 2 more notices after she died that she was due for shots. Very painful experience for us and for our poor dog. I ended up taking her to another vet, and he tried to help her but by then it was too late.

Robyn Richardson

Very friendly staff!




adrienne Morrell

Affordable quality pet care!

Karen Ezro

Andrew Castaneda

April Kawalec

Great love these people

Steve Taylor

Excellent place. Extremely caring vets and staff. I cannot say enough good things about this office.

Robert White

Kathy Barnes

Always helpful and to care for your pet.

Lisa W

Our vet was not in the office so we brought our very sick kitty in to Fisher Animal Hospital and we were treated very well with kindness and compassion from the entire staff. We are very pleased with their services.

Haley Nicole

The women at the reception desk are very rude. I didn’t understand something and she wouldn’t answer. They don’t listen to you. They treat you like you’re stupid. I went somewhere else. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Alisha Davis

Dr Fisher & Dr Bell are the only vets I trust with my furry babies. They have both gone above & beyond to help my family with things from simple vaccines to more serious issues we've had throughout the years. We've been going to Fisher-Smith animal hospital for over 10+ years. The staff is absolutely amazing & have been so accommodating to the many visits we've had with our paralyzed kitty to the slough of cats & dogs we've rescued over the years. Thank you again!

Rhonda Mannon

rosanne Gasque

Ben Daniel

Courteous and care for animals

Jeff Allison

Brandi de la Garza

So happy I went here. My dog recently had to have a cancerous tumor removed in what most of the vets I checked with referred to as "a very difficult location." I was originally referred to a specialty surgeon that quoted me a price of $2,000+ to remove this tumor (without reconstructing the lip to make it look normal), which only made me panic more because I don't have that kind of money laying around. Dr. Fisher was very wonderful in explaining his view of what needed to be done, as well as recommending a short period of medication before the surgery to help shrink the tumor. He did the removal along with the reconstruction, and the total cost of the surgery was under $500. His office is an hour and a half away from where I live, but doctors like him are worth the drive.I am so thankful for doctors like him who are interested only in saving an animals life, and not in how much money he can make off of someone. Thanks again Dr. Fisher!

Thomas Horne

I brought 2 of my 3 dogs (all 3 were incessantly scratching) in for excessive itching. Capstar and flea shampoo were giving them no relief. The vet there said they had skin infection and gave me meds. She also said since they live together the other one most likely had the same infection. I could not get the other dog (same size as 1 already brought) there for a couple days so I started both of them on the antibiotic treatment knowing that I would take the other dog in. When I brought the other dog in a different vet said there was no signs of skin infection. I told him that I had started both of them on the meds a few days earlier and was almost out for the other dog, still he would not refill the meds for the first dog. I do not think that was right, if one of his vets said it was a skin infection, at least tell me that this time you would fill the meds and give me a tongue lashing, but don't make the dog keep an issue like that. I have been bringing my dogs there for their checkups, yearly shots, spaying, along with anything else that may happen for almost three years.

Shei Darksbane

Oversold me and tried to oversell more. I felt like they really cared more about profit than helping my pet. He "needed" all these things for an upset GI until I said I didn't have that much. Then suddenly he needed less and it came out to exactly my budget. The people at the front desk made fun of my name when they thought I couldn't hear and they made fun of my dog's breed. I'm not going back here. I love my pup too much to trust him with such callous people. The assistants were nice tho. But everyone else was really disappointing.

Colleen Keen

Serena Nicole Bridges

Had to bring my little dog into emerency surgery on her leg. It was very bad and she could of bled to death. They were very fast and friendly. Surgery costs with meds was $430. Im happy with them.

Shaleigh Miller


Bearbryant Martin

Great service. Affordable. Very respectful.

Allison House

The vets are pretty knowledgeable. The staff is very nice

Daryl Moon

Friendly staff

Jimmie Michelle Ward

LaDarren Rutland

John Sherman

Anna Martin

THIS PLACE HAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!! KIMBERLY IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! SHE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I called yesterday to see what time they would be open this weekend to get my dogs heartgard medicine and she couldn't even tell me that with certainty, then I left a message with the manager that morning because I needed to know when someone will for sure be at the hospital for me to get my dogs medicine since I am driving an hour to get it and I work a full time schedule and run two businesses. I overlooked that. Never got a call back, so looking at the hours online I found they'll be open on Saturday (today) until 12 so I drove an hour to get to the animal hospital and passed a wreck on my way there and so it put me 1 minute past the closing time and so I called the hospital to see if they would please let me get my dog his heartgard medicine that he desperately needed and that I would be there literally one minute after 12 and that I'm on my way and she absolutely refused to wait one minute for me, which is ridiculous considering they are still there anyway (I waited until they left and they didn't even leave the facility until 12:20-12:40) so all they would've had to do is check me out which would just take a few seconds and yet she refused to help me out waiting literally one minute after 12. Seriously, it was 12:01 when I tried to open the door and she made sure she locked it at 12 so I couldn't get my dogs medicine. This is seriously the worst customer service. I work in customer service every single day and I am a manager at my facility and I would NEVER do that to a loyal customer who has been with me for years. I have taken my dog to this hospital for literally years now. And to be treated so disrespectful, inconsideration, rude, and with terrible customer service is absolutely uncalled for. I am very dissapointed in this hospital. The dr I see at this hospital is great but the customer service by Kimberly was absolutely the worst I've ever seen before! To not let someone get their dogs heartgard when he is out and it is literally 12:01, that's not right. I've dealt with situations like this in my work and I would go above and beyond for all my customers and so for Kimberly to not even hold the door open for one minute is truly a disgrace as far as customer service goes, not to mention how rude and disrespectful she was when all I was trying to do is simply get my dog his heartgard medicine.


Paul Hanson

Doctor Fisher(s) and their team are amazing! Sophie got sick and they asked to see her ASAP, so we rushed her in and we were ushered back with in a minutes of showing up. Did an exam testing her for various things and concluded it was something she ate and suggested an IV and monitor her for a few hours. Now after we took her home, Dr Fisher himself followed up several times after she was home. Good folks and great Docs!

ResaLareeOKGmr Jordan

We have been using them for over 24 years. Through good times and tough times they have been there and have always been compassionate. There have been a few hiccups or differences in opinion as with anybody. Overall our many pets have been and continue to be well taken care of. I recommend them a 110%!

Keshia Smith

Very friendly staff. Clean environment

Sonya Mitchell Mewbourn

Dr. fisher and staff is wonderful caring people! Thank you for taking care of Sassy,Leo,Luke,Abbie,Allie and Merr. Sonya&Greg Mewbourn Florence,AL

Snezhana Tuttle

I foster kittens from Florence Animal Shelter and every time I had to take kittens here never Had a problem here. Staff is very nice and really great with pets.


I will never forget how poorly we were treated here. For many years I took my dogs to Hillsboro Animal Hospital in Nashville TN, we were treated like kings, and then we moved an hour away from here for a couple of years, was looking for an AAHA-accredited facility, but the parking lot had manure in it, the facility was filthy, the receptionist was rude, the doctor was curt, I am so glad I live in Florida and don't have to go there anymore.

Joshua Jackson

Always quick to get an appointment and get in. Great service with all the vets. Eager to see the new office up and running

sebacookie halloween

Took my leopard gecko here, they were professional with her care. They did a thorough check up. Just a check up is 47$ anything else is added on to the 47 depending on what they do

Michael Skropka

These people are great

Jeff Farrah

Terrible experience!! when i came to drop off my dog who had just died the 4 people behind the counter were all busy watching a movie on their phone. And when I said I need help bringing a dog in for cremation no one stopped to help!!! Took me asking for help 3times.... Worst staff experience of my life and unfortunately it happened at a terrible time

Jeremiah McCarty

Well trained and definitely empathetic to the patients.

Yung Plug

Jay Forsythe

(Translated by Google) Best know (Original) Best vet

Dustin white

They are good down to earth people. They all cared so well for my dog!

ynot maga

My wife and I love Dr. Bell and her staff! Great prices compared to other vets I have been to in this area. Believe it or not but the dogs actually like going there. And with as much health problems as one of them has, it really helps knowing that they aren't stressed about going!


Best in area

Randy Lovelace

Janice Richardson

Carole Schaffer

Dr Fisher was very attentive to us and our 2 dogs and Bird. He listened to our concerns and acted on them. He even cited on journal articles that were current in his field of medicine. I was impressed with his passion and well being for our precious pets. By the way our parrot didn't bite him, that says alot.

Karen Williams

Annathesa Darksbane

They forgot our appointment, made fun of our names, made fun of our dog, and refused to write down his actual breed. That's okay, though; there are plenty of other animal hospitals in the area.

Lexi Keeton


Kyle Duke

Very nice people

Jordan Scott

Best vet that I have ever been to.

Amanda Bickley

I took my Great Dane there due to a growth on her toe. The entire staff treated my baby like their own. Dr. Bell made her feel safe and Dr. Fisher preformed the surgery on her foot. The staff kept me apprised during surgery and after as well. Dr. Bell called a week later to check on her. I love this staff!

leon lanford

great place for your pets

Sue Lynn

Christie Garner

Dr.Fisher is the best! I have a very high strung shitzu mix. Very hard to deal with. But no matter the problem I can count on Dr. Fisher and his excellent staff. Wouldn't go to any other vet!

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