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REVIEWS OF Banfield Pet Hospital IN Alabama

Thirty 850

Mayela Gavidia

Robert Russell

Absolutely love this place! My cat Figaro has been coming here since he was a kitten. He is on the Wellness Plan that they offer and I highly recommend it. Dr. Bently is phenomenal! Very caring and professional. They vet techs also are kind and caring and Figaro absolutely loves them!

Brenda Hopper

Savannah Stamps

I am urging you not to take your pets here. I have a dog myself that I had on the wellness plan for a year. I rescued a stray recently and it was attacked by another dog. We rushed her to banfield and shelled out over $320 for her to be given painkillers, antibiotics, medicine for the "swelling" on her head and fluids. Dr. Houston told us that she was in critical condition and gave us the option of euthanization after we paid. She also wanted to charge us $400 extra dollars to perform an x-ray on her head. They called us back a couple of hours later and said that the "swelling" on her head had went down and she is started to look better, which gave me hope. Dr. Houston had told us that the "swelling" on her head was blood. When I picked her up I went to a different vet (close friend) that performed the head x-ray at a very inexpensive cost. Before the x-ray he told me that there was no way that this was a build up of blood on her head, he also reviewed the papers that banfield gave me and told me that they performed NO tests on her. Are you kidding me? He then explained to me that her skull had broke into pieces and a large piece shifted to the front of her head and that was what Dr. Houston was referring to the "swelling". He also stated that she was paralyzed as well, even when Dr. Houston told me that she was moving around when she started to feel better, IMPOSSIBLE! The vet had to euthanize her because there was nothing that he could do to save her. I called Dr. Houston back and was very upset and asked if we could be refunded some of our monies for the medicine that we never used, she said that the medicine was made specifically for the dog and that they couldn't take it back. I told her that the dog had to be euthanized because there was nothing that the vet could do to save her, and that I was frustrated with Dr. Houston because she gave me hope that the dog was going to be okay. Nothing was resolved and they told me I was just emotional because of what happened. I then immediately canceled my pet plan with my other dog because there is no way that I would want her working on my other dog if she couldn't tell that there was a bone pertruding out of her forehead. So disappointed in the experience and the customer service. And also the front desk lady was on her phone while I had a screaming puppy in my hands and asked me to call my boyfriend for MORE money even though he paid them up front. I looked at her and was about to tell her I can't get to my phone because I was holding the bag of medicines and a yelping puppy, but before I could even say that she answered the phone. I have never been more frustrated with a practice, I have already warned several people about this and will continue to recommend anything but Banfield.

rashundra hardy

Great place

lizbeth alvarado

Cindy B.

I've been taking my dogs to Banfield Pet Hospital for over 5 years now. They've gotten excellent care, I can get them in for an emergency if necessary, and you can go to any Banfield Pet Hospital in the country if needed. We were on vacation with our dog and took him to a Banfield Pet Hospital in Oregon and they got us right in and took good care of him. The staff has always been courteous and pleasant at every location. I highly recommend them!

Kiera Horton

Every single employee is amazing

Kris Haberstroh


Not recommended. We use Lake Crest Vets.

Southern Rider

Great staff and always treated my dog well. She recently passed away and the whole team sent me a card. Meant the world!


Nice people!


Great vet and staff

Mahogany Sharunda Conda

The only place that sees my dogs

Roger Chin

Bert Davi

Mitchell Rosenecker

Thank you!!

Elizabeth Ecklund

I like this vet. I don't understand why it has such bad reviews...the payment plans are very handy and have helped my pets plenty of times. The vets work with you and listen to your concerns and the nurses are always friendly and sweet

Honest T

They need more doctors or book less dogs at time

trevor bullock

Brian Gunn

Lily Rose

The Wellnes Plan is awesome! It's so worth it.

candy weinberg

Meghin Rineer

Absolutely LOVE this place. Great service and patient care! I had to take my dog in for an emergency and they told me everything I would have to pay, insurance plans, etc. They took great care of my dog and made me feel as if they really did care who my dog was feeling after her surgery. I would highly recommend this place to any one!

Jill Holt

So great to me and my pet when I had to have her put to sleep at the Hoover, Al location this week. It was just gut-wrenching and they could not have been more sympathetic and supportive. I'm glad they helped me through it.

Gabrial Copelin

Friendly staff and great deals

Mary Murray

Jennifer Kellerman

This is not my normal Banfield location but they have helped me out on two occasions when my regular location wasn't able to fit us in for an emergency. Two years ago, my newly adopted dog was attacked on Labor Day morning and they were able to get me an appointment same day to get him stiched up. They even recommended combining the procedure with his annual dental that we hadn't yet used to save me some money. Last week, when my 15 year old kitty became sick and I wasn't able to get an appointment at my normal location, I turned to this location again. The receptionist (Kassandra I think?) was very kind and worked us in to the schedule. Our nurse (Laura, I think ~ it's kind of a blur) was also very kind and gentle with my boy. Unfortunately, it was time and Dr. Krohn was extremely compassionate when she examined him and confirmed my thoughts. Our pets are family to us and I wholeheartedly want to thank the entire staff at this location and my normal location on Elliot in Tempe for always taking such good care of my pets for over 15 years.

Kendra Woodley

Had and awful experience with this banfield pet hospital in particular. I have a 3 month old puppy and his primary vet is at the Airline Hwy location in Baton Rouge where the ladies there go above and beyond for myself and my puppy. It made sense to enroll in the care plan for puppies that covers their shots as well as unlimited vet visits to any banfield location, etc. My puppy and I were traveling from Baton Rouge to Virginia for the holidays and right around Birmingham, AL he starts becoming very carsick- vomiting and shaking. I called the ladies up at the location I typically visit and they were very sympathetic and showed genuine concern for myself and my sick puppy to be in a comfortable state. They reminded that I can go to any banfield and they will give him a quick physical and send him on his way with the appropriate amount and type of carsick medication for my pup. I unfortunately happened to visit this location where the lady at the desk was rude. She at first tried telling me they were out of the medication but I asked if he could be seen regardless just to make sure everything was okay , since he had never experienced carsickness before. They said they were not going to take a look at him but they could not elaborate further to me as why not. The vet himself never came out of the office but after multiple back and for the between the front desk lady to him, then back to me, etc. he advises I give him a 50mg tablet of Dramamine and he should be fine. Keep in mind my puppy is 18 pounds, I am 125 pounds and 1 Dramamine pill is enough to take me out for the day. They seriously could not have cared less about a) my animal b) a costumer that has SPECIFICALLY signed up for a program that allows me to seek care at any of their locations. This is no way should be a reflection of Banfield as a whole but is intended to raise a red flag for anyone considering this location in particular. It would never come with my recommendation and I can't honestly say these people care about animals at all...they are their to do their job (poorly) for the paycheck.


Great location and staff

Joseph Abboud

Your receptionist at the front is a God sent! Thank you for the amazing customer service!!

Yoruba Harris

Not nice people at all. Our Chorkie got sick on Christmas day 2017, and they acted as if they were going to keep her if we didn't we weren't going to pay. Smh...horrible customer service.

Michelle Mills

Tara Walton

I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else

Jackie Chaviano

My pet is always well cared for.

Dragon Wil

The staff is like no other! Everyone makes it a priority to take the time to build a relationship with you and your pet. The staff here have truly become valued members of our family!

Rina Bina

I had a terrible experience with my pet. I am veterinarian I just don't practice but I know what to look for. I told the vet who saw my pet at Banfield she had a fractured tooth and informed them that she was painful in her mouth. They supposedly examined her (and even sedated her) and found nothing. Well $600+ later after going to Riverview the very next day (not even 24 hours later) the vet there found an inflamed area/mass and the same fractured tooth. I complained to their corporate office and have yet to hear from their office manager on rectifying the situation. I am never going to this Banfield or any other Banfield.

Lady J Walker

Awesome people who takes great care of your pets.

Jason Patterson

They fixed my puppy

Ronald Miller

Has always taken care of my Rotti. Excellent treatment programs.

Regina Shepardmother living4Christ

I took my pooshu here after I had to walk out of another emergency hospital on Acton Rd in Alabama Jefferson county area.. .The staff at Banfield was so supportive and showed great concern for my pet but, also for me being so upset about my pet not feeling well... Wonderful staff and so caring and courteous... 5stars all the way

Deborah Jones

Lele mc

I trust Dr. Jordan with my cats. She truly cares about them.

Jon Bross

Heather Reeves

Gavin Glenn Harris

Jamese Abrams

Brent Davis

reynaud chaney

They take great care of my dog, but do your own research of treatments and beware of the oversell !!!!

Ryan Heinrick

Waited for an hour for a prescription refill only to have the tech come out and say the Doc “still needs to review” the script and couldn’t give me an ETA. It’s Rimadyl. Dog ibuprofen. It would literally take seconds to review and sign a refill of one of the most commonly prescribed meds in all of veterinary medicine. Ridiculous.

Melinda Kay Miller

Immediately helped our guinea pig

Lucy Blackmon

Great pet hospital.

Jessica W

Caroline Stewart

Very professional

T Burr

Claire Gidaly

I had a great experience with Dr. Houstin and Dr. Byrd. They both are loving, focused, and answer all my questions as a first time puppy owner.

Denise Miller-Trammell

Always gives great service!

Kai Smith

Felicia Briggs

Shannon Murphey

Sara K

I took my cat here for a check up and nail trimming. The doctor only trimmed one paw and said he will not be able to finish because my cat looked at him the wrong way. Waste of time. Had to take my cat somewhere else to get his nails trimmed.

Tori Satariano

Sky Jett

Michelle Moeller

Rip off

Regi Palmer

Howard Suzuki

Wow this location is the BEST. I lost my beloved cat of (16 years) two weeks ago to renal kidney failure. They did everything in their power to let me have one last day with her. Low and behold I got an entire week to say goodbye to her. I cant express how much this really meant to me and my family. When the day had come to put her down they did nothing but insure that everything was right. Then came today I opened my mailbox to find a letter hand signed at that from them and their entire staff with her paw prints. THANKS YOU ALL! She will be missed.

Meghan Price

Betty Valdez

JoAnne Worley

Love their training!

raven500 ward


Kylie Jerkins

We've seen all three vets at this location and loved all of them. They all have a massive love for animals and it really shows through their work.

James Faison

Katie Rat

I made an appointment to have the vet remove a tick from my dog and all they did was take bloodwork and not remove the tick, mind you my boyfriend took him to the appointment, I wasn’t there, when I heard that the vet didn’t remove it I called and asked why and the girl on the phone said it wasn’t requested, first of all that was the reason for the appointment! Then she said I can bring him back in but will charge $51 to remove the tick, I said absolutely not as I usually go to the one on Power and Southern and they only charge $18, when I ask why they charge so much all she told me was “I don’t know that’s just what we charge” so you’re going to charge me over double than what my original Banfield charges me? No thank you. All they want is your money and I will never go back there again.

Seppe Ramaekers

This place is amazing. We have a dog with special needs and the team here goes above and beyond every single time to help. We have been to different vets before going to the Banfield Pet Hospitals, but the doctors and staff at this location are extraordinary and kind. I am recommending them to everyone!

Harold Watters

Excellent service and pet care. Highly recommended.

Cherryl Young

Everyone was so great with our dog

Mr JustPassin

Great place

Marina Gonzalez

Danny Miles Isbell II

The staff was super nice to me and Lil' Bit (my 8 yo Boston terrier). The veterinarian was, well , to say "cute" would a huge understatement. Good for me , they sent home written instructions cause I have no real clue what the vet had instructed me to do about Lil' Bits medicine.

Tony Acosta


Friendly staff. Prices are higher than my local vet, however.

Michelle Griffith

The Redding family would like to thank Dr. Duncan and Brittany and the entire team this afternoon as we had to put our amazing 15 year old yellow lab, Tara asleep.Tara has been with Banfield all of her life. We give them five stars for their expertise, professionalism but most of all their care and compassion to all of our pets as well as us. Thank you for the excellent care! We will always trust you with our pets!!

Glenda Cook

Have had excellent care from the female vet. my cat is not skidace around her she talks to him like he's able to understand her. The male vet. is a good vet. also but does not show any affection for the animals he's with. He is swift and efficient.

Ryan Oneil

I had my lab on the wellness plan for a year and i spent just as much as without it. He goes right in and pees everywhere. I canceled the plan and switched vets.

Lorri Blankenship

Liz Carter

Horrible! I took my dog here because she had an ear infection. They were very rough handling her even though she is a small dog. They took her in the back for an ear cleaning and she came back out with blood pouring out of her ear! Then the overweight, old woman that is supposedly a vet came back in. She wanted to give my dog ear wash, ear medicine, steroids, blood work, and to examine the gunk from her ear. All of this was totaling over $500! I told her just to examine the gunk and let me know what we can do. It was over $40 just for her to take a quick look at the gunk. Then I opted to get the ear ointment and if that didn't work then we would do all of the other work. She said the ear ointment was going to be almost $70. I asked if I could just have the prescription and I would fill it elsewhere, she refused! When I went to a different Banfield location before and they let me have the prescription with no problem! This time, the "vet" said there is nowhere else to get the ointment. Whatever! I looked on 1-800-pet-meds and they have the EXACT same ointment for half the price but they do require a prescription. So the vet blatantly lied and just wanted the money! She abused my dog and made her ear bleed! I have had other vets clean her ear as well as me and she has NEVER bled before. Also, they made me watch a video about the expensive pet plans and kept giving me the brochure. MONEY HUNGRY! I will never be back nor refer anyone!

Alex Ruiz-Vasquez

This so called hospital, McKeelips and Power, is the most impersonal uncaring facility I have ever been in. I have been going there since 2004. The service was great. Yes, sometimes there were long waits but, my pets were seen when they needed to be seen, sometimes within the hour. Since the new management, things have changed. On Sun, 4/29 I called early in the morning asking for an appt for my Chihuahua. He had stopped eating and seemed to be very uncomfortable. I was met with a cold receptionist who only gave me excuses and lectured me about me having to take my pet to emergency because they did not have any appts until the following Wed. I explained to her that my dog was ill, needed to be seen that day. I pleaded. I told her he had an insurance plan with them.She coldly lectured me that this plan was only for preventive care and did not guarantee that my pet would be seen when he was sick. I went to the facility with my pet to get his rabies proof. I found out that even though he had been seen as per his preventive plan, they had not bothered to give him his rabies shots. My pet suffered for 24 hrs at which time he passed away! I did not know he was dying. I tried to make him comfortable while I held him in my arms. I fed him bone broth to help nourish hoping he would get better! They could have helped him die more comfortably instead of suffering like he did. What kind of hospital is this? This is not the first time they have denied an appt but my dogs were not this sick. I also took 2 of my other dogs for their preventive care. Nobody bother to come out to explain the results. I had to call the next day for an explanation and to find out why one of them had not received all the tests. I was told they could not get a urine sample! She was there all day!!! How is that possible. Finally, after 3 days the doctor finally bother to leave me a message about their tests. I am never going back there. That Sunday I was so distraught that it did not occur to me to call another Banfield. I thought they were all the same. All week long I kept wondering what I would do if this happened again. I could not go thru something like this again. Then, I decided to research and found out that the one in Hampton and Power is not that way. I moved all my pets to that facility. They gave me an appt. immediately this Sunday, 5/5, for another one of my pets. They were courteous, friendly and seemed to care about my pets, not like the people at the McKellips and Power store! In response to the comment below from Banfield, I already called Banfield's customer service and even though Lisa was very nice nothing was done. As a follow up, I went personally and spoke with the Power and McKellips hospital's manager who told me that they are not equipped to see pets when they are sick because the Dr's are too busy. She spoke with me as if she were a robot and did not even show a hint of sympathy!

Felicia Red

Never will I take my dog there again. The young lady named Autumn was so rude and unprofessional with dealing with me and my animal. I asked her about cutting his nails and she didn't even look at his paws she just looked down at his feet and didn't even touch him. She said it would be 14.99 for her to cut them without even looking at them. I asked her a few health questions regarding him and she looked at me and laughed. They are not willing to give any discounts or promotions on their services. Because I asked about discounts and promotions and there was none to be offered she told me I was more than welcome to get up and leave. Rude rude

Kelley Zwiebel

Cancelled after 5 months of service and forced to pay for entire year.

Andrea Leczewski

I take my pitbull puppy Zeus and our newest kitty Zoey here. I love the payment plans. Its nice for my husband and I, especially with us being tight on money, because we are still able to provide our animals with everything (getting fixed/microchipped/check ups). I would have taken our other two kitties to them also, but I had not heard of them at the time. The wait time is sometimes slower then most places, but its nothing that will stop me from going. Its nice to have a vet that doesn't look at your pitbull and instantly judge him due to his breed. Nice people and good vets. :)

Lori Goldberg

Ann Kerr

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