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REVIEWS OF Avondale Animal Hospital IN Alabama

Maya Madden

Dr. Bridget Stephens has such a gentle bedside manner and her advice works every time. If you want your dog to look forward to his shots and checkups, Avondale is definitely the place to go. Soo happy with how they take care of my pup!

Madison Jones

We have taken our 2 year old dog here for about a year and a half. We switched from our prior vet because Avondale Animal was more conveniently located. After our dog spent 2 weeks in Auburn’s Small Animal Hospital (1 of those weeks in ICU) we brought her home for follow up treatment with our regular vet. Our dog had about 25 stitches and an open wound. After a week of being asked by Avondale Animal “What they wanted us to do” and getting nothing but bandage changes and confused frustration from most of the staff, we decided to check in with our prior vet for a second opinion on how we could approach our dog’s recovery treatment. We were immediately given a treatment plan, outlook, and an estimate regarding the cost of treatment. We wasted a week of recovery time by taking our dog to Avondale Animal. The disorganization, poor communication and less than friendly interactions with the vet were frastrating, but knowing my dog could’ve been further along in her recovery if she had received better care is the truly infuriating part of our experience at Avondale Animal. This facility is probably just fine if your dog needs to update their vaccinations, but I wouldn’t suggest this facility if your dog is dealing with anything past their annual check up.

Mike Cornelison

TA Tipton

They truly respect and care for our furry friends...they've cared for my pets for over twenty years.

Debra Rodzinak

Great staff: upbeat, friendly, and obviously loves animals. Convenient location: only 5 minutes from the house. Lovely facility: contemporary furnishings, free treats, and clean, clean, clean. Glad I found this place!

Joshua Pickett

Going to the vet is always an uncomfortable experience for me, but Avondale Animal Hospital makes the experience better than the ones I have seen in the past. They seem compassionate, fair, and honest. Definitely recommend!

Jennifer Shurbet

Tynisha De’Nae

James Goolsby

Love this place. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Cheyenne Strickland

9/29/18 The staff was amazing, we were in and out in 20 minutes! They were kind and effective with my cat's shots. And the price was about what I expected. Awesome place, will keep going back!

Randy Nunn

Glenda Fuino

Nice facility. Staff was warm and helpful. Dr. Harris seems caring and connected with my pups. He's knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

Amy Eddins

Krissy is always super helpful and nice, and I feel like I'm taking my animals to get the best care in Birmingham with how knowledgeable the team is.

Carolyn Adkins

Jonathan Way

I only have one start cause you can't give a lower score. Was told on the phone by Kristy that the price had gone up cause the original vet did the bushes but "still had pull and is trying to make his money". If your boss didn't believe me then they can check the phone records art 9:15am on Monday Feb11. Then after I didn't like the idea that price going up was more important according to what she told me I cancelled and was then told by her she didn't say that to me and started to interrupt me as I was talking nice mannered to her n got rude with me. Sorry if I choose care of my fur baby over making your vet his retirement fund better. SMH, and I use to love bringing my pets here in the past.

Ashley White

I called with a sick dog one morning and they made time to fit me in. They even came next door to playcare where my dog was staying, picked her up and examined her without me there. Then, Dr. Atchison called to update me and had time to answer questions and make sure I was comfortable with the medications. Would definitely recommend!

Stacie Davis

Great staff. I called one morning and they were booked up but they told me to bring Julio and he can hangout with them & they will squeeze him in. Thanks so much.


We had an issue with one of our first set of cats (2, same litter & brothers) and we were concerned. My fiance and I Googled Avondale Animal Hospital and decided to go here. I was able to find the place without any issues. I agree with the other reviewers -that the place was clean and organized, one of the employees in the front were very nice and patient with me (she was professional and used a little sign language to make communication a little easier, which meant a lot. THANK YOU!)/ she informed me to complete a front and back form which was short, the wait time for me was not too long at all. I met with veterinarian nurse, Shelby in the room to discuss the issues and concerns we had. She looked at and weighed our cat. The fees were discussed and I did expressed concerns in regards to the costs. She had the time, and patience with me - she was also caring, which meant a lot (THANK YOU!). I met with the veterinarian, Dr. Meyer who showed (2 items were shown) me what was going on with our cat. The news was unexpectedly devastating, which I know she hated to tell me the bad news. She explained everything and told me what our options were. I appreciated the fact that she had the time to communicate with me (allowed me to relay the info to my fiance), she was patient and caring as well. They allowed me time to process and spend time with our cat. Thank you Dr. Meyer and Shelby for making the process comfortable for our cat. Thank you for such empathy, which I will never forget (my fiance thanks the both of you!) One of the employees from the front, wanted to make the process easier for me and allowed me to sign a document in the room (privately, instead of out front; THANK YOU!). The employee came back with the receipt for me to sign and I did inquired if the fee had to be paid upfront or if I was able to make payments. The employee did not really say much. I contacted the owner, Janet and discussed how I felt about the situation that occurred recently - in regards to the financial concern I had. She listened and stated some things, but the issue was not resolved to my (our) satisfaction. The 3 stars is the reason for the financial part - which we (my fiance and I) felt was expensive and regardless of my expressed concern twice...payments cannot be made (which seemed to be the case), but paid. I felt like this could have been taken care of in a better way, considering the sensitive situation. However, from this learned experience, we would make contact first and discuss our financial options to make certain it would match up with our budget. For those of you that have questions or concerns in regards to the financial part - the owner, Janet does explain it more in the Questions & Answers area here (also on their website: click on Our Hospital, scroll down to click on Payment Solutions & you'll get more information). I appreciate the fact that I can contact them any time with questions or concerns and they have the time and patience to communicate with me, which truly means a lot.

Lillian Rocha

I can't rember the name of the ladies, but they were awesome. It was our first visit with our new puppy and explained everything. They seem to care a lot about pets.

Stacey Leonard

Jamey Hurst

Able to get my dogs shots on short notice, very nice staff!!

Blaine Evans

This is the same clinic that operated out of Southside for decades, with the new name primarily reflecting the change of location. Dr. Kendall Harris is still there, now joined by a new veterinarian, Dr. Michael Atchison. While our family have been lifelong patients of Dr. Harris, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Atchison yesterday when our adolescent cat Spike had to be seen for a minor accident. Dr. Atchison was very kind, had a fantastic temperament with Spike, and appeared knowledgeable and confident. The new facility is fantastic, as well. It is much larger, with enough space in the lobby to allow your more bouncy pets to move around a little.

Kelly Marshall

I cannot speak highly enough of all the wonderful, caring folks at Southside Animal Hospital. Not only are they top-notch at caring for my dog, but they genuinely care about him and ME as the owner. They always work with me to fit me in when I over-panic and they carefully explain any issues to me to make me a vital part of caring for my animal. They are all truly terrific people and are super to work with. I recommend them to anyone looking for a caring partner in raising their animals.

Becky Motykiewicz

jeff moore

Expert care at all levels. Kind, compassionate, patient. Every member of this team has my eternal admiration.

Seth Byram

Great customer service. Always willing to try and squeeze our dog in if needed. Communication is outstanding.

dorothy brooks

Dr. Mike Atchison was quick to assess Skid's injuries and was very reassuring in his approach to treatment.

Loving Mother

Best staff ever!!! I LOVE Mrs Janet and Ashley and Dr Harris is one of the best animal doctors ever!!

L Tarpley

Staff was extremely patient with my angry, terrified, & hyperdramatic cat. They helped me find a solution to try next year and didn't make me feel like I have a bad cat (no hard feelings if they thought it). I was able to get an appointment next day & open until 6 gives me flexibility to come after work. I'm so happy to have made the switch to Avondale Animal Hospital.

M Anderson

Ashley Trammell

Dr. Meyer did an excellent job caring for our boxer, Gibson! We decided to drop him off for his visit She communicated well and was very quick to notify us with his diagnosis. Overall, we had a great experience and would highly recommend the clinic in the future.

Brett Ivey

While I have enjoyed this vet the charge for spay is astronomical compared to the market. I will not be doing the spay here. Only get your dog fixed here if you want to pay approx 200% over market value.

stephanie clayton

Connor Self

Great experience with Dr.Stephens! She was very informative and kind. Staff was also great! Daisy and I will definitely be back!

Will Butler

Jennifer Spears

Dr. Harris is the best vet. I've been taking my pets to him for over twenty years. The new location of his clinic is nice. It's much larger than his previous building and his new partner seems knowledge.

Elizabeth B

I've been going here for 25 years and trusted them with all my pets. Thank you, Dr. Ken Harris, Janet, Ivey, and Krissy!

Daniel Witteck

Tiffany Waller

Dr. Michael Atchison has taken great care of my two, and now three, huskies for some time. He is thorough, knowledgable, and has a great bedside manner. He gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions on your fur babies' treatment.

Amanda Bradley

Ali Morani


Staff is very friendly & helpful! Office & exam rooms are always clean & neat.

Ally Brinson

I was immediately impressed as soon as I walked into the clinic. It was clean, up to date, and everyone was welcoming. My dog was very nervous but Dr. Stephens took time with him so that he would warm up before looking him over. We went for simple eye irritation but Dr. Stephens was thorough, answered all my questions, and listened to my concerns. I'm very glad to have found a vet full of competent doctors and technicians who genuinely care about my dog.

daniel smith

Always great!

Saralyn Martin

Heather Lee

What a wonderful experience! This place is a gem!

Marilyn Long

My little Shih Tzu mix Beau dayboarded for six years until we moved to Montgomery last year. We still come back for follow-up and periodic day boarding when I'm working in Birmingham. Dr. Harris and his staff treat Beau like he's their own. When Beau was paralyzed by a ruptured disk five years ago, Dr. Harris got us to a surgeon who was able to reverse the paralysis. Dr. Harris' kennel and office staff loved on Beau during his recovery when he had to be crated for twelve weeks and wasn't allowed to play with the other dogs. I don't know what we would have done without them. Just can't say enough about how great they are!


The staff treats me & my dog like family.

Crystal Trinidad

ToBeAnonymous NA

I asked my family members how the visit went & this is what was discussed: 4 star: location, the facility was organized & clean, the staff was professional, completed a front & back form which was brief and the wait time was reasonable. 5 star: veterinary technician & veterinarian. 1 star: $$$$$ Do not expect a payment plan regardless of the pet's situation & your type of income. Be prepared to pay, period (main reason for the post). I would have liked for my family members to come back, but $$$$$. So, I will be looking elsewhere for my family members to go (this was the most expensive animal hospital that they have ever been to).

James Milio

Very expensive vet care. Quite a few hidden fees.

Anna Elizabeth

Samantha Sims

Chris Peeks

great place to take animals

Jane Hiles

Dr. Harris is a wonderful person and an amazing diagnostician. Almost 20 years ago we brought a cat to him for a second opinion on treatment that wasn't working. He identified the real problem and had our kitty on the mend right away. He has looked after all of our cats since then. He is wonderful with each cat--kind and caring--and they all like and trust him. He has seen us through illnesses and adoptions, and we wouldn't go to anyone else. Wonderful vet; wonderful person!

Laporsha Evans

Bagel and I loved the care we recieved from Anondale!! I recommend them to anyone looking for a great vet!

Tony Hillard

j p

Excellent veterinary clinic to take your fur babies too. Doctors take their time and never make you feel rushed and they often call you after a couple Weeks to check up on your animal. Highly recommend!

Eric Behanna

Jo Hofmann

Have been taking our Italian Greyhounds to Avondale Animal Hospital for 2.5 years and we think they are the best. The staff and vets are caring and we hope we have many more years of visiting them.

Nathan Altena

After going to seven different veterinary clinics, I drive an hour out of my way to come here. Not only is the staff friendly, relatable, and kind; they truely are amazing people that work with you and are empathetic and knowledgeable in their work. An underrated business for sure, they will always have my reccomendation!

Uab Otolaryngology

jane smithson

Kimberly Wynn

We love these people!

Tammy Johnson

Dr. Harris and company are very caring and compassionate people. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. A wonderful place to take your pet.

Amy Swindle-English

We absolutely love Avondale Animal Hospital, Dr. Harris has been and continues to be great with all of our dogs. We recently added a pup to our family and he was so great to him at his first checkup. We look forward to visiting Avondale Animal for many years, hopefully just for wellness visits though!

emily dykes

I love my vet! They are always wonderful, give me great advice, love my pets, and help me make the best decisions when it comes to their treatment.

DeeAnne Jackson

Excellent care with great service. They do not do unnecessary tests or treatments and keep the costs reasonable.

V Davidson

New to Birmingham with four dogs and in search of a vet, a neighbor recommended Dr. Harris. That was nine years ago and we’ve been loyal clients since. Dr. Harris and the entire staff at Avondale Animal Hospital are truly the best - knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and professional. I trust them implicitly with the well being of my animals and can't recommend them highly enough.

david schneider

Sarah Brooks SarahB

My family has been using Avondale Animal Hospital for many years, from when they used to be Southside Animal Hospital. They've probably treated two or three dozen animals for us. The staff is very friendly, and the vets always takes the time to answer our questions.

William Thompson

Very kind and caring staff that helped me when my furry bestfriend of 15 years recently passed away.

Mike Williamson

Excellent service. They helped me fly my cat internationally, with all of the records, paperwork, and vaccinations. I would definitely recommend if you wish to take your animal overseas, or if you just need a good veterinarian.

Lacey Bacchus

ethel smith

Avondale Animal Hospital took such care of Lucy. I will always be thankful!

Monica Smitherman

Great Place, nice knowledgeable employees

Rachel Lott

Love these folks!

Larry Myers

Pleasant and efficient.

Page Ribe

Dr. Ken Harris has been my vet for over 30 years. Wonderful vet; wonderful man. Cannot say enough good things about this man and his staff.

Kimberly Dye

John Kinney

Dr. Harris is the kindest, most attentive vet you could imagine.

Tyler Douglas

Everyone was very professional and caring. We left another vet that was disorganized, impersonal and generally dirty. Each member of the team at Avondale knows what they are doing. Highly recommend.

mika carpenter

The front desk is always amazing, no matter who is there. They remember me and are always willing to help if I need records, etc. Dr. Atchison has been so helpful and knowledgeable in treating my elderly kidney cat. It's a tough thing, but he's always been available to answer any questions I have and to offer a tissue when needed. Thank you, y'all really have a great team there. :)

Lindsay Whitworth

M A Celozzi

Adrienne Denise

Mitch Carter

Robert Wilson

Ann Chappell


This is a wonderful business filled with knowledgeable, caring, polite, and professional staff. Top notch care for animals AND people. I can not express in words how thankful I am to have a business of this caliber in the neighborhood! Eleanore says "Thank you!" as well!

Benjamin Gallagher

Excellent care!

Amy Bonka

The staff at Avondale Is very friendly and helpful! I was able to get a same-day appointment when I was concerned about my little guy’s odd behavior, and was seen in a timely manner after arrival. The staff was very thorough, informative, and caring. I’d highly recommend this vet!

Arthur Wade

Great place! Doctors and staff are fantastic. Take good care of my pups.

Destiny Farmer

Ashley's Taylor

Friendly, awesome, professional staff. Very informative. Clean office. You can tell everyone enjoyed their position to make teamwork the dream work!!

James Miller

Ana Travassos

Hannah Deegan

The whole staff was great. I appreciated the follow up call today on my dog Rudy about his blood work. Everyone was so friendly and it was very clean!

V David

Eric Inman

Andrew Jones

Such friendly and fast service. Each staff member has a kind heart.

andrea thurber

Everyone was super sweet and it was a quick visit. Love that they partner with the GBHS and are so supportive of rescue and adoption.

Kim Norris

Great place to take pets

Amanda Evans

We took Dean for his first round of shots back in March. He was so excited to go to the vet, I swear! This puppy is a godsend! We're so thankful for Dr. Harris's kindness and generosity. He's been our primary veterinarian for almost two years now and it's definitely worth the drive from Pell City. I definitely recommend him to any vet-seekers in the Birmingham area. <3

Pye Parson

Wonderful staff to work with! Dr Atchinson knowledgeable , but most of all compassionate.

Alena Stasenko

Super awesome and accommodating staff. They helped me get my cat in ASAP. Dr. Meyer was extremely helpful in explaining all the results, her impressions, and plan for discharge. She took time in answering (the many) questions I had. Really excited to have found this animal hospital and would recommend to any cat parent!

Jeannie Hardesty

I loved the way Buddy felt, or seemed to be OK with, you all. He may have been anxious, but he was cooperative, so I was happy of that. Dr. Atchison did a good exam, to me, and I was glad to see that. Thank you for checking his blood work. He's still going in the middle of the night, BM, too, but guess what? He's learned to use the piddle pads! YEAH BUDDY!! Thank you all very much!

Jacquetta Roden

Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and I love the quick attention to the clients when you walk in even if its busy you don't have to wait long. The convenience of not having to miss work that I'm able to drop Chief off for his shots and the doctor called to ask if I had any concerns or questions. Wonderful!

Misty Cunningham

Sherri Ross

I always have a great experience at Avondale Animal Hospital. Drs. Harris, Atchison, and team treat my darlings so well and take such good care of their needs when I'm there. I've also seen them go out of their way to take care of other people's pets - running out to the curb to help elderly people get their dogs out of the car, taking large bags of food out for clients, and more. The staff and doctors are wonderful!

Carrie Mundie

The front desk staff was very welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed meeting Dr Stephens and appreciated her feedback and medical advice for our new puppy.


Carson Hubbard

Our dogs Rue and Birdie love Dr. Atchison!

Brock Snyder

I give these guys 5 stars and always share my story with others about this place. The staff is super sweet and my Vet Michael is awesome. He always takes the time to talk and share ideas on what's good for my dog. I have an American Bully with allergies and sensitive stomach issues and Michael always has a solution for her issues. My girlfriend and I have tried several vets in the Birmingham area and no one could figure out what was going on with Athena. All it took was one quick visit and my puppy is happy as ever. I love this office and would highly suggest anyone that is struggling to properly diagnose their pet to give these guys a call. They care and it shows even over the phone. You guys rock and we'll see you guys for Athena's next check up!

Elizabeth Wilson

Overall our experience was outstanding. From being greeted at the front desk to Dr. Atchison's personable manner, we felt that our dogs got the best care possible. We chose to come based on a close friend's recommendation, and we thanked her afterwards. We will definitely be back!

Brett A. Snell

Seems to be a good place. My cat loving daughter has taken several of her feline friends there for care.

Rikesha Foster

This was my little Roxie's first post-adoption trip to the vet. I'm a newbie at this and felt like a first time mom or something. I was concerned because while Roxie is a little angel to me, she can become a bit...snappy when it comes to others handling her. I was unsure of where I wanted to take her, so I decided to consult Yelp to give me some advice. After reading the reviews, I decided on Avondale Animal Hospital. The 5 stars for Avondale are well-earned. Dr. Harris and his staff are very caring and professional and helped my little Roxie (and her anxious mommy) to feel right at home. He throughly answered all of my questions and gave me some very helpful tips for my sweet but feisty little Roxie. Upon leaving, my car stalled and I had to wait for roadside assistance. The receptionist came to the car and checked on me and even suggested that I let her know if I needed anything or if Roxie and I wanted to come back inside. That's what I call stellar customer service. I can't say enough great things about Avondale Animal Hospital. I'm so happy I was able to find such a great vet for my little furry baby and we will be returning for all of her future needs.

Kenneth Kunin

Jenna Kelley

Thank you to the Avondale Animal Hospital Team! It was so convenient for me to drop Charlie off for her annual vaccinations and speak with the vet over the phone after he had examined her. I did not have to miss any work. All staff we interacted with were courteous and helpful. Charlie didn't seem to mind going with the receptionist one bit!

Ryan Randles

The staff is so kind and so patient with both anxious cat and anxious mama (me).

Angela Bell

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I have been bringing my pets for years and the service is always wonderful


Caryn Davis

This was my first visit and the entire staff was very friendly and welcoming! The offices are extremely clean and well kept. I look forward to Avondale Animal Hospital caring for my pet. Would recommend to anyone!

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