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REVIEWS OF Auburn University Veterinary Clinic IN Alabama

Cindy McGuire

Very caring, very knowledgeable, had gone to them swveral times for my various animals.

D Hatfield

Great customer service, nice and very friendly people.

Debbie Dunaway

They take wonderful care of my fur babies.

Vic Persampiere

AU Vet Clinic took great care of my cat when he had urinary problems, and although they were VERY expensive I felt that he was well looked-after and the visit was worth the price. A year later, I rushed him in in the middle of the night after he collapsed, and three clinicians took him back immediately to perform CPR. When it became evident that he was not going to make it, they were wonderfully kind and compassionate about my grieving. They gave me time, explanations, and reassurances. My only complaint is while the DVM was talking to me about options for discontinuing life support, a rude tech in pink popped into the room unexpectedly and announced to the room at large "uh....the CPR isn't workingggg" in an accent. It was very off-putting, as the vet had been handling things so gently and we'd been reaching a comfortable point of knowing when to let my baby be at peace, and then this girl came in and made me feel very panicky and upset. Everything other than that was so compassionate and loving. They let me hold him and say goodbye and were so respectful of how much hurt I was in. Thank you Auburn Vet Clinic for trying your best to save him, and for being so good to me in my grief-stricken state. EDIT: I unfortunately did not end up having a good follow-up experience with Auburn vet. I told them several times that I had a new address, and even wrote the new address down on a notepad for one of the techs and verified it at the front desk. They still shipped my cat's pawprint to the old address, and it is now missing. This last item I had of my cat which I told them repeatedly meant so much to me is gone forever. They did, however, send the large bill to the correct address. :(

courtney jones

I don't post bad reviews unless I have to... but people need to know what to expect if they come here! First we go in super nice! Our Chihuahua boo 2 years ago had a melting ulcer on his left eye, boo also has a multitude of other issues as we told the 4th year interns! Boo is a puppy mill rescue! So long story short from 11:30 -3:30 we waited for the ( dog opthamology department to come in) which I had no idea seriously that they had this! I thought a vet is a vet and they took care of your animal, not to come in and try to tell my husband and I that our vet needed to do this and that! So basically the doctor came back and told us the same thing that our vet did...small ulcer...not melting...thank in 4hrs they finally answer the question we started with, was boo going to be Ok through the night until this morning with his eye being a little swollen? Yes his eye pressure is fine...4 hours for that answer...our vet could have told us that in 15mins....then they wanted for us to have his blood drawn for pain meds...I said is he in pain that you can tell?...answer I kindly asked for my baby as we would take him to his regular vet in the morning!!! Icing on the cake was the extremely RUDE girl that checked us out.. may I say she won't get anywhere with that piss poor attitude...500$ later we are headed home, no pain meds and boo ate wanted his treat and wanted to sleep... This momma knows her baby...please spare your fur baby a long wait for no answers

Cody Nichole Dallas

I had to take my 5 month old Lhasa Apso for radiation and chemo, and they were amazing. She fell inlove with them and they with her. I can't say enough about the wonderful care and amazing individuals there. Its worth every penny.

Leslie Spurlock

Awesome place!!!!! They really care about you and your pet. They made sure they explained everything to me and my husband. As well as answering all of our questions. They took their time with us to make sure we knew and understood all of it. We needed to see a dermatologist for our dog. They've got a dermatology department!! I just can't say enough good things about this hospital, students, residents and staff. They're just awesome!!!!

Nicole Smith

They don't help wild song birds

Tina Womack

I was looking for a place to take all my foster animals & wildlife rescues but after reading ALL the reviews I won't be going here! Just wanted to let AU know that bad reviews really can effect your business! Js.

Barry Coronado

This place is A+ to take your pets to. They are decently priced for the quality care you get.

Sharon Elliott

My fur baby, though no longer alive, received the best care from, not only students attending veternairian school, the resident vets.

Jesse Lofton

Lori Kern

Great staff

Ali Williams

Brian Ferguson

Most knowledgeable staff and not over the top expensive

jeff harper



Tina Carter

This place is a disgrace to animals!! I brought Oreo (my springer spaniel) here on June 10, 2019 due his head swelling because of a snake bite. I gavc the receptionist $180 and stated please save my Oreo no matter the cost and I will pay balance on friday when I get paid. We left about 12:30 am. At 3:00 am the sherriff is beating on my door-flashing a flasshlight and I immediately start crying because my daughter is in the Air Force and I'm thinking something happened to her. The sherriff hands me auburn universitys number and says They want you to call them asap. So I called right then for Casey to ask and ask and ask about them getting more money or for me to gie them a credit card number. I believe her name was casey. She insisted that I hang up and apply for a Care credit card to pay for Oreo. In addition, she asked if they could shave Oreo to determine/confirm it was a snake bite. I couldn't believe they had done NOTHING for OREO and its 3:30 am by now. I told them to do whatever it took to save my dog and to PLEASE not make this about money. I was very upset and handed the phone to my friend, Chris. She insisted on Chris giving them money NEVER ONCE mentioning my precious Oreo that I'd had since he was 10 weeks and he was 12 years old. I went to work Monday morning and called @ 10:00 am where the doctor told me she had NOT given my Oreo the anti-venom because she could NOT confirm it wasn't ants, wasps, yellow jackets due to the 2 punctures NOT being symmetrical!! She made a convincing story while telling me she wanted to put him in the O2 chamber due to the swelling of the hread and felt that would speed up Oreos' recovery. I ask how much. She said 85.00 and I said absolutely do it as many times as needed. Again stating whatever the cost to save my Oreo. 2 hours later she called me and said she went to pick Oreo up to take him to the O2 chamber and he was dead. My Oreo is DEAD to to not receiving the anti venom because the staff at this so called "vet school" cares more about money than the animals them selves and will NEVER go back there and niether will anyone I know or who I can share my experience with in Oreo's honor!!!!!!!!!!

csl mom

Love it here. Dr. A. Is awesome!!!

Carma N97

Chris Woods

I can't say enough great things about the staff here, Dr Johnson, Candace and staff have been taking care of my sweet Pekingese after we rushed her here from Pensacola, Fl for emergency surgery for IVDD. They have been amazing at keeping us in the loop on her progress and they have put up with my repetitive questions and calls (I have been such a worried momma). I am so glad that we drove the distance to put her in such AMAZING care. I can tell they genuinely care about her and that means everything to me. I highly recommend this veterinarian hospital.

Nancy James

The facility itself is amazing, but the best part is the staff. They have been so kind and caring and accommodating! I highly recommend them!

Macy Fenn

i can't believe they had us wait an hour on antibiotics instead of telling us to come back and pick them up when ready. never going back even though the vet seemed great.

Judi Patel

The absolute best vet clinic I have ever been to. I have went there with my exotic pets many times. We get the utmost great care. Dr Oster is by far the best exotic vet ever. Love Marsha as well she treats our babies as her own. All of the staff are caring and friendly.

Briana Arrington

Always so helpful

DIY Tutorials

Noah Thompson

Charged me 250 to clean my cats wound. Didn’t prescribe any antibiotics or whatever so now it’s infected bad the day after they treated him. Over priced and didn’t even help my cat. Do not recommend

Aniyia Weed

Sheila Free

It's a wonderful vet for all types of animals they love what they do and they are great at it. I recommend anyone to go there.

Heather Allen

The small animal teaching hospital is amazing. They did a procedure that literally saved my dog's life. Her doctor called me directly and explained every thing on more than 1 occasion. The doctor's 4 year student was so nice and helpful too! I called back several days after discharge with a concern and the doctor spoke with me directly. The other staff were friendly and helpful as well. *Military be sure to show your ID for you check out!*

O. Hix

Angela Moss

The staff were very welcoming and knowledgeable. The doctor took very good care of my fur baby and was friendly as can be for a late night ER visit. Quick and prompt.

george williams

Outstanding diagnostics and caring service

Lisa Lee

ravi ramdular

Terry Eubanks

Monica L. Shears

Lora Campbell Roberts

ray pouncy

Andy Spero

Our boy didn't come home but his care and the staff's dedication, compassion and skills were all we could ask. Wonderful people--especially 4th-year student, TJ--in a state-of-the-art facility.

Jeff Mcgee

They do everything they can, they have the best teachers and students and only charge the cost of supplies and medication. Even if they cannot save your animal friend, they learn from the occurrence and can much better help the next animal patient.


Wonderful Staff - Very Compassionate

Maggie Raz

John Ricciardi

Professional and first class operation in all aspects.

Megan Phillips

Dave Gilmer

Even though the outcome for our Bella was heartwrenching, our staff was compassionate and attentive. Exemplary customer service.

Joshua Baldwin

This place is by far the best Vet I have ever been too, everyone was so caring and friendly. They did everything they could yo make our kitten feel as comfortable as possible in her final hours. Will use nobody else.

Todd Rice

David Byrd

Chione Armendarez

Jake Stewart

Raquel Forrand-Gradiz

Jane Barfield

We love how they took us right in. And they also listen to what the owner of the baby had to say.

Tracy Eley

My Vet called first, I also called, was very specific during both calls that we need ONCOLOGY. My Vet very specifically told them that prostate cancer spreads quickly and I didn't need to wait two weeks for an appointment which is why THEY (Auburn) called ME and told me to bring him into emergency to get him in. I also advised them when I arrived that we need ONCOLOGY. Get in the room, answer questions with a student then a very young resident only to be told that there was no oncologist there and none on call. It was a complete waste of 2 hours driving time and 3 hours in their clinic. I would NOT recommend. Google a specialist and take your beloved pet to a grown up. She also told me that all pet owners care about their pets and think it's an emergency. So apparently a cancer diagnosis is just not important to these people.

Margaret Bethune

My dog was severely injured, and I got him to Auburn University Vet Emergency, He was in ICU for 4days, they were great and saved him I have used Auburn University Vet Clinic before, not only for my dogs but also for my Horses. Wonderful place to go.

Chris Hope

Gracie Stevenson Padgett

I have had the best experience with the hospital. They treated my baby and me with the up most compassion .I have seen many vets in my life with different pets.i have had good and bad but never have I had a more caring staff of professional PEOPLE making sure he had what he needed and I was informed of his health status at all times.i will use Auburn from here out.i am one very happy fur baby momma for sure.i cannot thank them enough.Gracie Padgett.

Elizabeth Emery

Friendly staff. Teaching hospital that not only teaches the students they take their time in order to teach you what is going on with your best friend.

Jasmine Horton

StevieD and AshleyC

They fixed my

C.H. Stevens

Good Vet! They really took care of our dogs!!!

Robert Parks

Excellent experience! Very knowledgeable and extremely technically competent in veternerian medicine. Very hospitable and friendly staff. Great center of expertise!

Andrew Burleigh

Very pricey but they went way beyond and saved my dog's life.

Malay Foshee

They are always so helpful!

Max Cichon

The staff and doctor on duty the Sunday we had to put my best friend Dozer to rest were kind, gentle and very concerned about his comfort and our concerns for same. Very kind and humane. They provided an avenue for us to do what no one ever plans for to be as painless as possible. My thanks.

Andrea Wright

Love 24 hrs..and the staff is amazing.the doctors are point on.peanut loves

Ginger Nall

San Juanita Coronado

Best place to take your pets.

Charles Morris

If I could give a 0 star I would. $5000 after tests and surgeries and waiting.......still no diagnosis. Young DVM’s that only give you the run around because they don’t know the answers. You will hear the phrase “ummmmm” a million times, with no real medical information given. There is no telling how many pets are euthanized due to wrong diagnosis. Apparently my dog needs chemo and radiation, for a cancer that they have not diagnosed, and biopsy negative!

Olivia Bates

To be frank, they caused the death of my chameleon. I will never go back to Auburn, and I do not recommend them. We kept telling them something was wrong, and we were treated like we didn't know anything. Just because you went to school for it, doesn't make you all knowing about it. I knew my animal and knew something was wrong, and they treated me like I was overreacting. I just hope my baby is resting in peace.


This place is extremely helpful in event of an emergency. I would drive out of town after hours to go here instead of the local emergency vet.

Jessica Bates

I brought my male chameleon in for a respiratory infection. After 3 days the chameleon was not better so I called and was told to call back the next day. A few minutes later an egg can out of my chameleon so that's when I realized my male was actually a female laying unfertilized eggs. Not impressed by the fact that the reptile doctor didn't tell me I had a female. I called the next day concerned about the fact that her eyes were sunk in and she wasn't drinking. Basically I was told not to worry. I called back 3 days after that he was out of town. No one else is allowed to see me. A message was left for him to contact me which he has not and it has been a week. No thanks to him my chameleon died of egg binding. I'm beyond pissed off and devastated.

Maria Rodriguez

Very good

Judson Meherg

The care provided here was excellent. The staff was knowledge and helpful, yet respectful. We ended up having to put our dog down here and the vets could not have been better at being respectful and comforting during such a sad time. If you need normal or emergency vet care this is the place to go. Not to mention you are assisting train and shape the veterinarians of the future.

James H


Tina Cowell

I thought this teaching hospital would have a knowledgeable doctor on hand and then students learning but it seemed like it was just green students running around. We came in at 8 p.m. with our cat and left without her at 2 am they didn't even look at her until 11 pm. I think competent doctor came in the morning. I would not go here. Next time I will go to Inverness. Hopefully there won't be another emergency.

Matt McCune

tyler berkley

Jimmy Sturges

All they want is your money

Chris Mauldin

Debbie Osment

We came to Auburn on July 5 of 2017 and brought our American bulldog to get some test run. She was having some nasal problems of breathing and bleeding from her nose. We were recommended to come to Auburn to have some test run . They ran the tests did a biopsy we pick her up the next day. They didn't give her no pain medicine they did not stop the bleeding they did nothing to help her. But made her be in more pain . By Sunday we had to take her to the emergency room her lungs filled up with blood and she passed away . I wish more than everything we didn't take her to auburn. She at peace now.

Anonymous Xgn

Carol Kalitzke

Wonderful care.

Brit H

Great people!!!!!! Great service!

Davin Bostic

Great place to bring your pet for top notch care.

Joye Brown

Always professional and caring . They are so sweet to my furbaies. They take their time and are very through and explain things well.

Caitlyn Cooper

chris penick

Kim Golden

Richard Eller

Gabi Marie

I just came up here because my dog has thrown up 4 times in the span of 45 minutes and it had blood. I tried to explain this to the girl up front, with short hair and gauges. She just kinda brushed it off and said I could go to my normal vet when they open. I tried to explain he didn’t digest his food from last night and that there was blood and she was like well we can contact our emergency vet or you can wait and talked about prices. I don’t care about prices if my dog is throwing up blood. And if I frantically drive across town for my dog to be seen I expect to be taken seriously. She made me uncomfortable so i guess I’m waiting for my normal vet office to open. Never coming here again.

Christopher Graff

Nanna Moates

Only vet clinic I will use for my parrots.

Brittney Posey

Charlene Rallo

The only place to take an injured pet.

Shae D

Best care we have recieved since our home town vet passed. Will travel back here JUST for this clinic from now on.

Rob Schumaker

One of the best veterinary hospitals around. Superior and compassionate care for your furbabies. Emergency services available, open 24 hours a day.

Angel Foxworthy

Jill Kenyon

They have been wonderful. My little dog has been there for 10 days now and is finally getting better.

Mark Gallagher

Definitely helped us during this very tough time.

Pat Moore


Best place to take your animals in probably the entire state!

Virginia Brantley

Best staff and so helpful and caring to pets when pet parents feel helpless .Wonderful care and good price.

April Gilbert

They took great care of my sick baby! He had ingested some sort of poison, and they fixed him right up in the emergency Clinic.

Tracie Chamblee

We took our 3 month 1 and half pound pomeranian, Colonel Munchkin, over to Auburn to be seen on a Sunday afternoon. They were awesome! If they had not acted as quickly as they did, he would have died. They kept him for a week and called at least twice a day to update us on his condition. Thank you for saving our baby's life. WAR EAGLE!

Kristin Golden

I had the BEST experience with this Vet& her staff! I called in because my cat was having problems and they were so kind& willing to help me. I didn't know how to explain my situation& they never once made me feel rushed or unimportant! They really were the best and so professional!!! You will not regret it if you call/go here!!

Kim Harrelson

Great people they keep you updated they really work hard to get your pet back to good help we are so blessed to have them

Sherry Watkins

Gentle, loving care as our pup goes through the process of overcoming cancer.

Haley Lovelace

Kim Sitton

Blue Butterfly

I love this clinic too bring my birds to. Gentle and incredibly knowledgeable staff. Open 24 hours incase of emergencies. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Susan H. Cooper

My dachshund has chronic congestion & unable breathe. I took her to AU as last resort. She'd already seen numerous vet specialists who ran every test & proceedure imaginable w normal results. After a 4 HOUR wait..I met w DR. ANABELLE BOTSFORD who stated after brief exam, my dog most likely had CANCER.. I told her my dog had extensive exploratory nasal scope surgery done 2 weeks prior w biopsy & results were normal! .. They had dogs records w details of procedures done before our visit (verified receipt of records) Clearly DR. BOTSFORD never looked @ the records, as they performed EXACT procedures already done 2 WEEKS prior..My dog was put through unnecessary pain that caused permanent damage her right sinus cavity..My dog is no longer able to SMELL. Her nose bled for WEEKS & NEVER been the same after going to AU..Their assessment cost $2489 with inconclusive diagnosis! I repeatedly reached out to DR. BOTSFORD via email or phone...The FEW times I communicated w her, she offered very little help...I pleaded with her , but she had no interest in utilizing her vast resources available to help diagnose my dog. I paid so much money for their KNOWLEDGE & got nothing ..I am SO BITTER..

Lynn Dickens

Their emergency services are second to none. Good care for the patient and compassion for the owner. They are good about calling to follow the patients recovery.

Mark Sheppard

Great doctors, a bit pricey but all vets are basically.

Karen Donahue

Carol Lisenby

As always excellent care of your pets.

Brandon Pope

Pamela Fansler

Krista Ballard

Friendly staff. Explained what was going on and was able to work with us.

Matt Reincke

Mary Everett

Took amazing care of the puppy I was fostering that was super sick. Called to update me on her progress. Super amazing and caring. ❤️

Sharon Miller

I have had excellent care with Auburn Exotic Vets. I live in Montgomery and there's no Avian vet here. It's well worth taking my Cockatiel on a 45 minute ride each way to see a real vet and not a dog vet. A dog vet in Montgomery clipped my birds wings just because he was scared and so he flew. Then also told me he was taught in school that when chicken's get sick, just kill them. Well, my parrot isn't a chicken and I knew then I was at the wrong place. Montgomery vets say they see exotic pets but they are not certified Avian Vets. Ask for their Avian certification or what training they have had before making an appointment, I wish I had. I had called all over town to find out there's not a qualified vet. Then I came across the Avian Veterinarian site on Auburn. I then picked up the phone, asked questions and made an appointment for my Cockatiel. The first appointment was $75. The bird vet charged me over $100 and scared my bird. From now on, it's Auburn Avian Veterinarian for my Cockatiel. They are professional and very gentle with your bird. The vetanarian calmed my bird down in no time by talking to him. It was a joy visiting such a professional place.

Lauren P

You cannot beat the care your pet will receive from AU Veterinary clinic! Amazing emergency department as well! Staff has always been helpful and friendly!

Toni Nelson Huff

Danny Speeks

Great and caring group here.

Ben Parrott

Simply awesome! Everyone was extremely nice, excellent communication throughout the entire process.

elaine freeman


Nicholas McDonald

Great staff. Very clean and comfortable facility. Only drawback are extremely high prices, and little chance of long term payment options.

Susan Lawson

Most wonderful caring staff, doctors, med srudents and everyone there from the front desk on is so courteous

Christy Saunders


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