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45 Upper College Rd, Kingston, RI 02881, United States

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REVIEWS OF University of Rhode Island IN Rhode Island

Kristin Sodhi


Jayden Dotts

The Egg sandwich is horrific. I have stage 4 egg phobia now. Good University... Terrible egg sandwich

Maverick Bremer

Confusing? Name sounds like URL

David Coreas

Increase Doe

Milucy Fernandes

Christopher Brodeur

Ersegun Deniz

Stephen Foley

I enjoyed the egg sandwiches. Lots of nice students.

Anja Schwieterman

Went here for 1 year and transferred out. Would’ve dropped out sooner if my loans allowed it. In the middle of no where despite pushing students to not bring cars. Public transportation takes forever. Only way to make friends was through sororities or very specified programs. Nothing to do on campus except watch basketball. Dorm always smelled like weed. Couldn’t take food from the dining hall. Clubs were mediocre and many leaders and participants seemed disinterested. Shared a bathroom with 3 floors of girls because floors were coed but bathrooms were not and every other floor had a different gender bathroom. Very homogenous group of people. Very isolating. Weak history program. Only had 2 dining halls for 15,000 students. And one was closed on the weekends. Dining halls only open until 8:30, even on weekends. RIPTA stops running at 10pm. Commute home on holidays took twice as long via public transportation. Printing was expensive and so was laundry. Met like 2/300 people from my hall. Grounds always had dead grass and beer cans. Quad was always too busy to enjoy. Fine arts center looks like a prison. Many facilities need updating. Academics were too easy and left me feeling unfulfilled. Massive parking problem. Greek life dominates too much. Everyone vapes or juuls or drinks. No sense of community and little school spirit. They overstate concerts, there was 3 the whole year. Feel left out when people go home for holidays since they live so close but you can’t. Never in a million years would I recommend or go back to this school.

Saudi Sadiq

Known for excellent research

Osobu Kunle

Alfred Speredelozzi

My wife and I work at URI, and we are proud of our work to educate Rhode Islanders.

สามารถ ปานสกุล

Mike DeBernardis

Daniel Fedorenko

Bob Robert

The egg sandwich was horrible and made me cringe when I ate it. I dropped out after a week of studying there!

Anita Soyal

This is one of the best university of UK to learn what you want. The faculty and other staff is also very supportive and provide you the best things to learn and earn knowledge not only on your subject but also on other topics also.


Adam Whalley

Tarah Johnson

Beautiful campus

Julia F

went here for a semester and dropped out because I hated it. Everything from the dining hall food, to the unknowledgeable staff, and unhelpful advisors made this school a complete waste of time.

Z Ward


Ahmad Al-Badry

Best University I been in my life. I was here in 1987-1988 I studied fishers technology. I am dreaming in going back here even for one week.

Aida Krisna

Michael Beal

I would give a 5 star review, but the egg sandwiches contained too much bread, please fix. Actually, scrap that, they were awful, also please fix.


Quick response! Highly appreciated!

Steve Haber

Loved the campus. Excellent student services. Faculty, advisement, and student services are caring and dedicated.

Vik Ramachandra

Pat B

Beautiful school! Didn’t get to do a tour but managed to be told about all the hidden gems by the amazing librarian that has worked there for 20 years! Showed us the wall of fame on the 3rd floor. Amazing. Loved the charm of all the nestled buildings. Can’t wait to go back for a tour.

Aaron Callentine

Egg sandwiches were straight garb. Dropped out after a month because I got stage 14 eggphobia.

leon camara

Shannon Davis

Mohammed Alhassoun

Tongtong Lu

Not affiliated with this school. Just wondering how's the legendary egg sandwich like. I guess it must be fantastic. Can anybody post a picture? Thanks.

AbdulMuhsen AlMishari

The egg sandwhich was not vegetarian

Kerry Wilkie

Was very impressed with Athletic Facilities! Only 20 minutes from the Ferry.

Chris Fontaine

Mustafa ÇAY

Jada Pina

Don't attend this college! The egg sandwiches are extremely corrosive.

R Wheeler

One of the best Universities in the state. You will get your monies worth, but watch out for lack of parking.

Nowshaba Malik

Dawn Miller

Amazingly organized

Narendrasinh Mahida


Wretched egg sandwich. Found out they aren't vegan.

Rachel Goncalves

Superstar Brandon

Keep in mind that the Men's basketball team are incredible, probably because the players on the team had a low GPA since high school. But either or, it's still a prestigious college in Rhode Island

Chris Laird

My bf's daughter goes there.

Timothy Robinson

Worst egg sandwich I have ever had

Basim Anabtawi

Zeek Zurita

Jay Patel

peter pella

Rhody Ginger

Not recommended unless you are interested in pharmacy, engineering, or marine biology/oceanography. Many of their other programs tend to be pretty underfunded and ignored, and it shows. If you take a tour of the campus, you will notice they pretend the Fine Arts Center does not exist, showing off other brand new buildings. That's because it's literally rotting and falling apart, and the school does not care. Their students put so much effort into their work and are left with a disgusting mess of a building to pursue their education. The heavy party school atmosphere and stories of unhelpful staff are also an issue. Talk to someone that goes there that isn't close to you. Get the real story.

pooopy pantss

Google User

I have interacted with many of alumn from this institution that are older generation and have had the distaste of most of them acting pompous and having narcissistic tendencies.. One might wonder if its the school or the students they have had the displeasure of recruiting or accepting to the university... Have yet to meet the first good one that is actually a scholar instead of pretending to be one..

cherysh goldstein

When I took this tour at first I was a little worried because how far away from home I was , but then I realized that I'm totally fine with it ! The campus is AMAZING! I fell in love with it right away. I just felt welcomed when I look at someone just because they had a smile on their face . I also love the diversity on campus , it show that this university supports all races. Really looking forward to joining you in 2019 !!!

Shantanu Patra


**STUDENTS BEWARE** Save your tuition money and get your egg sandwiches elsewhere!

Laura Michaud

Tan Cao Nguyen

Nice place

nadr shahab

(Translated by Google) Kukl urI is very beautiful (Original) كوكل urI جميل جدا

Tarek Fansa

Melissa Marcotte

Francesco Cannizzaro


Michael Ricci

Great university with wonderful professors. Particularly great if you want to study ocean engineering or pharmacology

Sammy Baez

Plz Die

Tax In

Large campus with a lot of classes

desh the first

A nice adtorium

Rajeev Pahuja, MBA

I enjoyed my visit to University of Rhode Island. Care about students and alumni from foreign countries. National Origin, Race, and Creed is a top priority to University of Rhode Island. Awesome basketball team that made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament. Much a better school than Quinnipiac University. I have first hand experience on Quinnipiac University. QU will discriminate if your Indian, Muslim, Black, Chinese, Mexican. The only reason QU has South Asian students on campus is because the racist Higher Authorities want their money. John Lahey, Mark Thompson, Donald Weinbach, Dianna Pategas, Edgar Rodriguez, Lynn Bushnell, and John Morgan are at fault for all the racism that happens on the QU campus. The QU Higher Authorities mentioned above hate people of color (Especially Brown people-Indians and Muslims). In reality the QU Higher Authorities and Matt Conway QU's Attorney hate people from India. Matt Conway QU's Attorney wrote a death threat letter to end a QU Indian Alumni's life. The QU Indian alumni's mother and father were also present and threatened by Matt Conway at the CCHRO Central Office in Hartford. QU's Attorney is ignorant, a bully, malicious, two faced, shady, erratic, disturbed, unprofessional, corrupt, dishonest, negative, rude, and racist toward Indians. Matt Conway and Paul Stoughton manage an unethical law firm. Conway voted for Donald Trump. He supports the immigration ban and Donald Trump name calling every Black NFL player "SOB's". He has a disdain for Indians. A Quinnipiac University Indian Alumni floored him on the Connecticut General Statutes and Title II Public Accommodation Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. He is incompetent and has no clue on World Views, National Origin, Creed, and Race. Attorney Conway lost a National Origin discrimination case against a QU Indian Alumni in 2015. Unsuccessful in defending a National Origin Discrimination (India) claim and failed to get a "No Reasonable Cause"(administrative dismissal) determination in CCHRO during the Mandatory Mediation Conference for his client Quinnipiac University. 82 allegations were filed against his client John Lahey President, Mark Thompson EVP, Donald Weinbach VP of Alumni Affairs, Dianna Pateags Associate VP of Alumni Affairs, Edgar Rodriguez Chief of Public Safety Quinnipiac University for discriminating, harassing, provoking, bullying, extorting, blackmailing, and threatening an Indian alumni's life. Indian National Origin discrimination complaint easily passed a CCHRO Merit Assessment Review. Complainant's CCHRO Lengthy Affidavit and Rebuttal was much stronger than Quinnipiac University's weak response. The QU Indian Alumni and the Indian family pointed out in CCHRO that National Origin discrimination against Indians does exist at Quinnipiac University and in the small little law firm of Conway and Stoughton. Matt Conway wrote a threatening letter to end a QU Indian Alumni's life thinking that it would solve the problem. It made the problem worse for his client QU. Down below is a comment from the Quinnipiac University google page. A pattern of National Origin discrimination toward Indian people does exist at Quinnipiac University. Vinay Patel 5 reviews · 2 photos a week ago The faculty and campus are amazing, but something about the University itself is off-putting. The lack of any diversity may be a problem but the fact that they group ethnic students together on purpose with housing is extremely concerning. Also extremely expensive and the meal plan is limited as well.

Alex Fijalkowski

Xiaoxia Wang

Donna Faidell

Beautiful campus


Michael Gervasoni

Went to URI in 2002. Campus is in the middle of nowhere. Heavy frat / sorority life since there isn't much else to do. Nothing there is exceptional in any way. Don't go just because it's the biggest school you got into.

Lukas Schoske

John Luca

One of my favorite places on earth, beautiful historic New England campus with great architecture.

Beth Russo Faraday

Never seen my son so HAPPY Proud mom

Edward Huang

Beautiful campus


Dropping out soon, realized the egg sandwich was full of eggs.

Tyler Ferrara

Beautiful campus!

Poopy Pants


Think of you...

Brit Baker

Egg sandwiches were complete garbage. I dropped out 3 months ago. The reason I dropped out was the lack off egg and bread in my egg sandwich.

Tessa Kennedy


Sandra Hamlinnbct2018

A five star university-The best all around experience for aspiring aquatics, or surviving the challenge of pharmaceutical game changing and a hot spot for communication major ...A banquet of course selections surrounded by Salt Water sports, restaurants, and New England beach blanket living-Affordable, aggressive and great for those Basketball hopefuls


Was enjoying the academic atmosphere half way through the semester until I had the egg sandwich, dropped out soon after..

pallavi kanakiya

Jennifer Bandy

Love this school awesome professors+

Greg Ogiba


Andrew Bohnenkamp

Nice, clean campus in a nice town. Worth a visit

Riley FitzSimons

egg sandwiches are not worth it.. were crusty. stage 15 egg phobia smh

Rob Hnasko

Great school

Derek Liu

Wali Mohammad

Jean-Francois Brehany

Likes: some good programs (engineering, pharmacy, nuclear, ocean eng., etc), fairly nice campus, student involvement is adequate, Emporium (Rhode house), IEP house. Dislikes: PC culture (we got an email offering counseling to students after Trump was elected), towing, price of parking pass (over 250$ last I checked), dining hall food, parking availability (parking is the worst), most frats/sororities (some are chill, majority are not).


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