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REVIEWS OF Rhode Island College IN Rhode Island

David Spirito

Haji Mesoud

Og Yawa

Trying to find out if you get accepted or not. Haha good luck. They office is run by people that don't know what they are doing. I've been waiting for over a month for a response and every time I call they say I should know by then end of the week by the end of the week by the end of the week. It's absolutely ridiculous how unorganized the admissions office is. Make sure you apply to other colleges just in case they give you the run around.. its good to have other options . Completely aggravating and frustrating process dealing with these people

Grace Monteiro

Brianna dance

Nathaniel Stoy

Andrew Muttiah

Naomi van der Sloot

Nic Dion

Eh. Is good

Erin Coyne-Yahoo

Andres Chavez

Jeremy Doucette

Very liberal teachings but for the price it's worth dealing with.

Luis Gomez

(Translated by Google) By k impart bin el español (Original) Por k imparten bin el english

Louisa Anne

Marilyn Way

sheryl green

Kristin Jones

(Translated by Google) Et al (Original) Jt

Paola Veras

Randi-lyn caya

Christina James

J. Kiff

RIC is a small state college that specializes in teacher training and nursing. Great value for the dollar. Small classes. Professors are (generally) approachable and helpful. You'll get out of it what you put in to it. Parking can be tough at peak hours, though. I got a great education for a great price.

David Carroll

Methuen Police

David Posman

Great price, beautiful campus, and every professor I had was great, expert in their field, and concerned that I got a quality education - especially in film studies, but in all other classes as well. The atmosphere in some study spaces is a little too casual, but if you grew up with a cellphone in your hand, it shouldn't bother you... and you can always study at home. People say parking is tough, and that's partly true, but you can always take the bus. Use the office hours! If you spend your time in the Cellphone Cafe yukking it up with your friends about the latest exploits of Justin Bieber and President Trump's favorite rapper, then of course the classes are tough. Go see your professors. Ask questions. Raise your hand. Hiding in the back of the room and then talking smack about the serious students gets you nowhere. P.S. It must be the Christmas season. I have to say that the library and the academic computer labs are much improved, quieter, and more professional. The process could have been easier, but the results are much appreciated.

R Wheeler

A State College. A very nice campus with all the amenities of a college.

Sergeant Wilbur the Pig

left me in cripplijng debt

David Langlois

David Unruh

Not worth the money.

Melissa Bibeault

Nathan O'Sullivan

I have heard about it from my grandma and I am thinking it should be a good place!

Sean Cournoyer

See for yourself!

Ming Chen

It is an okay college! small classroom size. 2nd cheapest tuition in the state. It is hard to take the class you that actually need it, but you can take it at URI for free. Save dollars live better~

Joshua Correia

It's a nice college, but do your research before you sign up for the professor! It's only my second semester and I had to change this review. Some things have changed, classes are getting better but it was mostly because I looked up the professors on that 'ratemyprofessor' website. Not all of them are bad people. There's a lot of DR. Prefixes in their name but I have yet to see the quality of work. Overall it's not too bad if like I said, you research the professor before you take the class.

Leslie Medeiros

Genevieve Medina

kirk masing

Bob Richard

If cost were not a consideration, I can't see why anyone would go to RIC. RIC has gotten into the business of exploiting working/lower middle class "first generation" students, luring them with claims of you're-getting-an-Ivy-league-education-here-for-bottom-dollar. Many other reviewers here are students who over-idealize RIC because they don't know it any other way. As a four-year college, RIC consistently ranks at the BOTTOM of college rankings (not just US News, but Forbes and Wall Street Journal, too). And just look at the graduation rate of 51%. Everyone knows that students trying to put their way through school with two jobs often drop out, but is that the only factor? I doubt it. Look at the average RIC graduate's salary, it's less than $40,000 ten years after graduation! That’s the lowest of all four-year colleges in R.I. Indeed, you get what you pay for at RIC! Never mind this excuse, "our graduates take lower paid jobs as nurses, teachers, and social workers." Other schools, like Salve and URI, have grads entering those fields and their avg. salaries aren't so pitiful! Other than nursing (which does pay well these days), accounting, finance, social work, and the arts majors, most of the other 90 programs are a joke. Why? Sure, there are lazy pothead students, like everywhere else. Other students struggle academically, coming from low performing high schools. But the real problem is the faculty (I mean the tenured ones). Many faculty put little effort into teaching and being accessible to students. Instead, they claim they're too busy with their "research," as if they're "experts" working at a major public research institution (like UConn, Rutgers, or Michigan), where they'd rely on teaching assistants to help teach the class. What kind of research do they do? I really don't know, as you don't usually pick up The New York Times or The Atlantic and read: "according to a Rhode Island College study..." Many of these faculty are pompous, deadwood, liberal elites who use their taxpayer-funded ivory tower as a job for life as they thumb their noses at students. I graduated from RIC 15 years ago, though I took some courses there since and kept tabs on the place. So I'm comfortable saying: math, philosophy, and English depts. were especially bad. Most programs in communications are awful. Political science is very mixed, psychology seemed OK. But what about majoring in education, the biggest deal RIC has going? It got some awful ratings last year when the R.I. Dept. of Ed. did its review. A few School of Ed grad programs lost accreditation and undergrad ones were put on probation. Of course, after many years of bordering on dilapidated, I’m sure the campus is looking better every day, the question is: how it’s ever going to be paid for (the bond issue was only for Gaige, Craig Lee, and Fogarty’s nursing lab). Enrollment and donations were down by the time Carrioulo got the boot 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have much confidence in Sanchez, as all he seems to care about is the politically correct diversity agenda (when RIC doesn't exactly have a diversity problem with so many urban students attending). Regardless of their background, most students should just save their time (as it almost always takes well over 4 years to graduate from RIC) and money. The best alternatives (if you want an actual job after college) are the 2 year career and technical programs at CCRI or NE Tech. Or, just go to URI, which has a much better reputation (and still has in-state discounts).

Shawn Fellows

Sam Cote

It is a good school if you like.small classes and a close community

Jagdish vishwakarma

Carlos Cruz

Great school with caring faculty and good resources for students.

Nicholet Whitfield

Carissa Rojas

Marjorie L.L

Kristin San Bento

Decent in state school. Nice updates completed since I graduated. I just wish they were faster and more accurate in processing paperwork.

Carnell Davis

this school is amazing #wrestling

Kimberly Savinon

Brayan Martinez

(Translated by Google) nooo (Original) Nooo

Ajay Chandrasekaran

Very big college. Students are kind and have a lot of events that happen there.

K a r e. n memories.

My. Boyfriend. R. A. Y. Gave. Me. A. Great. Real-estate. And law. Degree. Thanks. To. Him. .I. own my. Own. Business. In. Warwick. R.I. . Sold. 10. Homes. In. 3. Months. . With the help of. My. Brother-in-law. P o L I. Mortgage. Company. . . We. .ET at. Roger Williams hospital. 2014.....our. lord. Is truly. A. King. .


I do not understand how you can consider RIC a college of quality. Most professors are questionable at best (exception: Mary Anne Clarke was just amazing) and I found out hard to learn anything new and/or useful during the time I spent there. Administration needs improvements and new staff. Buildings need to be demolished. I would not recommend that any student attend RIC regardless of how cheap it is. Transferred to CCRI and have never been happier.

Lucaus Beland

Love the College & Atmosphere of it here. I'm a commuter at this college and although this college is smaller than some. It'll become home in no time for you!

Melissa Marguy

Got a great education for a good price. Some of the teachers were amazing (Prof. Mary Anne Clarke, Mary Baker, Tony Amore, David Sugarman) and some were completely horrible (Prof. Brett Rothstein, Paul Jeffries, Duncan White) they alone are the reason my GPA suffered and the reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5. But other than some terrible professors, overall a great school and a great experience.

Search of Abroad

Beautiful campus and good facilities in this institution.

Johny Ramos

Chuck Branchaud

Marleni Suazo

victor vicente

Rick Delano

Robert Edwardson


Sandro Rodriguez

Rachel Guwoe

Dylan Smith

Gerard Swenson

Great please


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