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REVIEWS OF Brown University IN Rhode Island

Normand Collard

John Wang

shumaya islam

Aurora Vintilescu

Beautiful campus even if for visitors/non students. We walked around while sightseeing in Providence, and it was well worth spending our time here.

Dale Brantley

Stunningly beautiful landscaping and architecture.

Myron Prins

Probably the oldest university of America its founded in 1764 the Colonial Era.

Shang ta Lo

Great university !

David Coreas

They don't pay RI taxes and leech off the state.

Kris Hadis

Lovely campus...

Leonard Russo

Awesome fun place!

Manoj Kumar


Brendan Waters

At last after 50 years and hundreds of years of Maori knowledge scientists form Brown University have found the scientific proof of predicting volcanic activity in New Zealand . Maori knowledge is native knowledge only past on by speech Auckland New Zealand .So grateful for their research .

Rob Destin

Like any truly outstanding school, Brown University's strength lies more in the incredible patchwork quilt it weaves of outstanding students and faculty drawn from around the world. It's academic programs of course are excellent, but students learn far more in the overall social and cultural life fostered by Brown on a 24/7 basis. For me, it was the perfect liberal arts complement to the more career-focused education that followed in law school.

Mukhtar Haider Malik

One of the oldest University in US

Nital Patel

leo wang


Erica Garcia

It's a fun place

Siu Fong Kong


Tylerswag 89

Good Fantastic

Dave Fan

best college experience in the world

Mahmud-Ul-Hasan Monim

Interesting place although hard to find a parking sport.

Edward Walters

Awesome Ivy-League university with the renowned PLME program (< 2% acceptance rate)

mode nakhl

Erik Holland

Proud to be an alum and to have taken classes with Emma Watson... Haha.

Pellet luc

(Translated by Google) Well cute, but not worth the detour (Original) Bien mignon, mais ne vaut pas le détour

Fabian Miller

Great university and teachers but only problem is tuition fee!

khuong nguyen

You can create your own concentration here!

Dian Yustisiana

Beautiful campus located in a beautiful city.

Danny Hausmann

Brown University is an amazing school. You'll meet awesome students, super fun professors, and be in a really nice environment. The focus is on learning, not competing; on satisfying your curiosity, rather than requirements; on helping you achieve your dreams.

George Hill Prod

An incredible, unique undergraduate experience.

Weidong Xu

The view is good at night.

Alexi Santos

Alexi Kshishtovskiy

Check the statue of the Bear at the center yard of the campus.

Badr A

(Translated by Google) Brown University is one of the oldest American universities. Located in Providence in Rhode Island. Founded in 1764 before the independence of the United States of America from the British Empire, it is the third oldest university in New England and the seventh oldest university in the United States. (Original) جامعة براون (بالإنجليزية: Brown University) هي إحدى أعرق الجامعات الأمريكية. تقع في بروفيدانس في ولاية رود آيلاند. تأسست في سنة 1764 قبل استقلال الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية عن الامبراطورية البريطانية وتعد ثالث أقدم جامعة في نيو إنغلاند وسابع أقدم جامعة في الولايات المتحدة.


Emma Watson Went To This University!!!!!!!!!!

Bir Kumar

It's on power with Harvard Stanford and Berkley

Shelby Granger

The only reason that I'm on here is because I looked up where Emma Watson lives and it pulled up this.

Xin Xin

(Translated by Google) Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island, it is one of America's famous eight Ivy League schools. Brown University is also the first American to accept any religious background of students enrolled in colleges and universities. Admission is extremely fierce competition from Brown University, undergraduate enrollment rate of 8%, some professional acceptance rate of less than 5%, which is the nation's colleges and universities with doctoral grant all rights set forth in paragraph 6 of the lowest acceptance rates (Original) 布朗大学位于美国罗德岛州普罗维登斯市,是美国八所著名常春藤盟校之一。布朗大学也是美国第一所可以接受任何宗教背景的学生入学的高校。布朗大学的入学竞争极为激烈,本科生入学率仅为8%,部分专业录取率不足5%,这是全美所有具有博士授予权的高校中列于第6最低的接受率



Arfan Rehab

I loved the green grass and peacefulness of the campus area, that is why I am planning to apply to this school as my first choice!


Great ivy league university located in a friendly small town- Providence, RI. Beautiful campus, friendly students and faculties.

Independent Journalist

........"Brown University" is tormenting and torturing animals in their "research facility".

Sasha Ershov


Valentina Valdez Vega

(Translated by Google) My dream to study physics here (Original) Mi sueño estudiar fisica aqui

Deandre Brown

I'm brown too boggy

Omena El

We were here on a college tour. Jasmine (? Her last name escapes me) was our tour guide and she did a thorough and fabulous job at explaining the history, motto, and course studies of Brown University. She was very knowledgeable about the student body and overall campus life. Our students though young, had excellent questions and inquiries about campus curriculum, life. The students have a lot of autonomy in the courses or rather the concentrations they take. Their voices are really powerful in the education and experience they receive. Brown is a large campus with a great blend of historical and modern buildings. The most important history that Jasmine shared with our group was that Brown was built by African Americans that were still held as slaves. Before the founders even established Brown University, the land was all owned by indigenous Native tribes. Who had their land taken over by these ruthless English enslavers. The tuition is very high on Google you'll see numbers like 48k for 2015. Now students enrolling in the school are paying slightly under 70k if you're staying on campus. There are also additional fees associated with the tuition. However, if a family makes less than 60k and their child qualifies with phenomenal grades then the child gets a full scholarship.

Karthik Harihar Reddy

Superb experience!!!

David Nelson

Disgraceful, a student is raped on campus and the student is first given a one year suspension and then the administration reduced the suspension to of the year. So, this rapist will walk the same halls, the same pathways, and sit, possibly in the same lecture hall as his victim and Brown see no issue with this. Of course, the President of the University will for a panel to present ideas and that Brown intends to be a leader in the field, all the while allowing a rapist to walk back onto campus as if nothing happened.

Nova Raine

Kiran Satyavarapu

Coming to Brown is the BEST CHOICE I ever made in my life. This place made me to think work and do stuff beyond my abilities and I never knew that I could be able to do that. The campus is so beautiful and you always find inspiring and wants to excel in your life just by being on campus! I am fortunate to be here.

Debra Obinna

One of the finest Universities our country has for intelligent minds. My son is attending graduate school here so I get to go walking all over to experience the beautiful mixture of cultures. While walking through different areas of the campus you might get lucky enough to come across the art sculptures being placed at that time. Walking along Thayer Street there's a different food culture on every corner and in between. People selling their goods - presumably handmade - along the thickest foot traffic paths. The Brown bookstore was amazing! Something for all the students no matter their chosen profession. They didn't leave out the parents either. I got my Brown on! Find the giant blue teddy bear that lights the path keeping people safe in the night.

David Bosis

Awesome experience!

Shalom Chausarira



Omar Imran

Нурлан Кульмаганов

(Translated by Google) Beautiful places (Original) Красивая места

Raymond Sanchez

Wonderful academic environment and community where diversity is valued and individuals have the best support to succeed and excel.

red vines

Hermione Granger went here

Beth Kirk

Emma Watson. Went to brown university for college ..

Joe Deiser

Great place

G Aquino

Beautiful campus grounds and buildings. Grounds are open to the public and are just the right size so it's not intimidating for those who cannot afford to walk a lot. A leisurely stroll should not last more than an hour. Free tours on weekdays. Street parking available for a fee.

Bancroft Wright

The best time of my life

Donald j Trump

It’s Ivy League...not much else to say

Odile Ducout

(Translated by Google) Beautiful campus with a lot of character. Easy parking on the visitor parking. (Original) Très beau campus avec beaucoup de caractère. Stationnement facile sur le parking visiteur.

Chisom Nwaeke

Peter Nulton

I received my Ph.D. here, and have to say, out of the dozens of academic institutions I have been involved in before and since, it was the best. My department's faculty acted almost like a family to me, once even driving me to the hospital when I was unable to attend a meeting because of injury. Brown's bureaucracy was more navigable than that of comparable institutions. From the moment I arrived, I was connected with researchers all over the world in my field. Providence was a fun place to live, with a lively arts and culture scene, which was a comfort, because I had gotten somewhat attached to NYC before I went here. I still miss the Metropolitan Opera, though.

pinkgames msp

The best college ever I can't even describe it thats how good it is

tammie grimes

excited my son has the opportunity to attend such a honorable college

Abhishek Pradhan

This is a beautiful campus with amazing faculty. The computer science department is a solid world class organization that produces excellent research. The HCI group has done some very innovative work. Overall if you visit this campus be sure to check out the Grad Center Bar (GCB), a college run bar frequented by graduate students and senior of the university.

Ryan St. Mary

Really looking forward to attending here!

Technical Suresh kumar Suresh kumar

Sir your school is very smart and technology is the best city Sir very nice

Praveen Sharma

University is great. It's big and offers open curriculum. It's great for self driven people.

Jon Romeo

I don't go to this university but I wish I did. The area is beautiful and the campus itself is stunning. I get a very peaceful but fun neighborhood feel

Samara Hulsey


(Translated by Google) Brown University is beautiful (Original) 布朗大学很美

jianfei Chen

it's wonderful

Armine Black


Bridget Delaney

Bunny Blair

After investing years and dollars in my son's education at BU, I can honestly say it's paid off well.

sophia bailey

Been through Brown University many times. It has a beautiful quad and the surrounding area is great. A walk away is RI School of Design and Johnson and Wales University. Brown U. is walking distance to downtown Providence. The school is surrounded by lovely residential property as well as restaurants, and shopping. The Convention Center and Providence Performing Arts Center is also a walk away. If you're lazy, take an Uber or Lyft. Many of Brown buildings are architecturally beautiful and of course, the school itself, is Ivy League. Go for a tour (especially in Spring/summer) to see for yourself.

Jose Fernando Palomo

I just feel like saying : Let's go Brown ! Keep going in your excellence Brown !

Andrew Talley

Indifferent. Don't like Will.

Luke Camery

Best place ever.

Ken Wagner

James Kasischke

Beautiful ca

Lucca Productions

the gravity pulled my pants down and it turned into a soccer ball

Emre Bulut

Want to get my dream college brown university. I be working for it too.

Sandhya Gopchandani

Loved the campus! Rhode Island is a pretty neat city!

Carbo Kuo

(Translated by Google) One of the most famous Ivy League schools in Providence. (Original) 常春藤名校之一,普羅維登斯最知名的學校。

Shumon Hossain

A nice and beautiful campus. Some of the streets are very hilly. From Train station, take Canal street, then take left on Washington Street -> Waterman street.


Go to this not just because of the education but because Emma Watson went here. The queen

Kevin McKeown

Beautiful campus and an amazing university.

Joe D

Not worth it.

akilimali dunia

Nice place to be

Paula Collins

Yi Vizard

Absolutely a great place!!! The campus is beautiful and people are very cool! Highly recommended!

michael leshinsky

Awesome university.

Jhalil Brown

my last name is brown

S Wadia

Nothing special.

Sasha Liu

Matt Peppes

Beautiful campus with stunning brick buildings.

Sam Hogge

I hear student fee's are going to support the following class "Ultimate guide to prostate pleasure", as a part of the Universities "Sex week" Really? As an employer do you think this might make you more qualified as an employee? As a parent, is there any parent out there that says, Hey this is really where I want to send my son are daughter? As a Man, who's had a prostate exam from a qualified physician I might add, found no pleasure in it. Sad Sad Sad Brown university you reach a new level of depravity.


I love this campus. Very different from the other Ivy League campuses.

Shannon Dodge

Built on stolen ancestral lands.

Dennis Du

it's over

Alex Homan

It has an amazing campus along with a lovely student atmosphere.

Babbu Tyagi

Matthew Sauer



Loved the campus!


John Farr

Jeremy Joachim


Brown University


The richest man of India Mukesh ambani son anant ambani studyed in this university...


(Translated by Google) I really like the atmosphere here, the campus is on a hill, and the trees are shaded. (Original) 很喜欢这里的氛围,校区在一处丘陵上,绿树成荫。

Lurjana s

Michael Yang

Jordan Waters

It's Brown

Alyssa Herrera

Cathalena Laughing

Really inspired to go to this college! Extreamly excited!!! (:

james chadwick


Alex Collins

Top-notch Ivy League University with a diverse and interesting student populus. Beautiful campus, especially in the fall and spring.

Zehua Gao

Latham VanHull

Amazing school in the Ivy League. Based in Providence,Rhode Island. Founded 1764.

Elizabeth collins

My father went to Brown in the 1940s. The kindest, brightest, sweetest man I have ever must be said that Brown helped to instil in him the core values that made him the man I so respected.

Samia Saad

hi i am algerian student i hear that brown university is very nice

Damian Aguilar

(Translated by Google) A wonderful university (Original) Una universidad maravillosa

Ian Hovander

Fantastic people and experience, like many universities, too many opportunities to even consider. Almost an overwhelming sense of freedom and trust given to students, but makes you feel like you can make a difference in the world.

Abdulrahman Mohammed Yousef

A really good university



jin kim

College tour was great. All buildins are walkable.

Esther Miranda

Variety of Food Alot Started Vesjetable Great savory food

Ben Jacoby

Corde Babbitt

Your good

Lana Lana Lana

(Translated by Google) Dad, send me here, please (Original) Baba beni buraya yolla lütfen

Josiah Strandberg


Search of Abroad

Beautiful campus and large facilities provided brown university.

Yan Sim

An amazing experience if you're out to explore all there is to offer and find your passions in life.

Yunirang Robert

An amazing Ivy League school historical to the city of Providence. Many architectural builds and modern buildings. Some parking spaces that range 3$/hour and 15$/all day . There are about 7 public lots. Very good tour area

kayla lynn

liz playz_

It's so beautiful

Luke Haruki

At Brown University, a group of students go through the libraries naked while handing out donuts to those studying, typically on the night before the beginning of exam period, in what is called the Naked Donut Run.

Christopher Hopkins

Colin Shaw


Jim Dimitri

I hear it's a good school

B Eplenide

Entire school gives off bad energy and bad vibes. Does not give off a good feeling when I have business in this area.

Alan Hunter

we visited 7 colleges on a tour with my grandson, and Brown was only one of two which put on a great info session.

Jared Smith

Maud Mandel stops research and studies if they might be unpopular with the public. Imagine if this guy was in charge back when Copernicus was figuring out the Earth went around the sun, science suffers great losses when ideas like this are allowed... Universities should be out to seek knowledge no matter whose feelings it hurts. Truth is often uncomfortable but that's no reason to embrace lies. If you care about getting a real education that's not directed by social justice you probably should go somewhere else. If you are into sacrificing reality for people's feelings then maybe this is the right college for you.

Ryan Leahy

Ok i guesss

Chris Brown

excellent and competitive curriculum

Your Knightmare

Scattered around the streets, with beautiful buildings.


never been there but im cool ^_^


Great university. Very modern buildings. Good student life.

David De La Garza

This is the University where Emma Watson studies?

Blackninja 2511

Great place, dorms get hot in the summer but otherwise amazing. It's so close to Downtown it's a 10 minute walk. The campus is built into the city of Providence. Thayer street is so close and has a ton of amazing restaurants. It's a safe environment and caters to adventureous people who don't want to go to crazy. Definetly attend Summer Brown or the University itself.

Tyler Lund

It's the Brown of the Ivy League. I can't speak to the academics here, but rather the campus. There is some nice architecture with the older buildings, particularly around the main quad, but something about the campus is rather non-descript. The landscaping is very plain and devoid of color. Campus was totally empty on a spring day which seemed odd. The surrounding area has some nice stores and is walking distance from downtown, but to me, the campus lacked life and soul. At least the huge bear statue on the main quad was cool and unique.

Yogesh Shinde


Excellent place! People are open minded and kind.


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