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REVIEWS OF The University of Oklahoma IN Oklahoma


Very kind people! A lot of the students knew I was a visitor and offered to help me around the campus even though they had to get to their classes! Also, very clean campus. Although yes, the amount of trash cans they have on campus is cheating but still, clean! The students take very good of their university. Awesome education too. You'd expect for it to be bad due to the Oklahoma school system but nope! Totally opposite.

real reviews

don’t remember but yea its university

Christopher Laney

In love with the campus and all things OU. The heart of Oklahoma to some. Boomer sooner country is a trip and a treat

Alexander Aguilar

(Translated by Google) Mucane memcanta (Original) Muibueno memcanta


Great campus and great learning found here.

Jason Smith

I love the campus. I love OU Football. I love Price College of Business. I enjoyed my college experience at the University of Oklahoma as well as being an alumni. BOOMER SOONER!

Daniel mcfadden

I am a sooner :)

Andrew Kirksey

It is true worst college ever


This is a great education place. Many students work together and collaborate to create amazing things. The buildings are very well maintained. I highly suggest this place to attend and tour.

Sumit Sumit

I love it !!! Everything is just awesome !

Landon Alexander

Boomer sooner and it is a very pretty university

Lacey Jahnke

BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!! Don't listen to those haters☠️

Roger Dodger

This campus is beautiful from top to bottom, I will consider enrolling here for its advance education.

jenil dholakiya

Nice campus


Good university spacious have old and new buildings. Owns a radio station for students. A huge library with lakhs of books and much more. A copy of bound theses of every ms student is available in library.

Gabrielle Beard

pure okie amazing ou forever


Great Friendly Place - Right Sized University - Excellent Programs

Lauren I. Hill

Beautiful campus. Polite and welcoming staff on the campus. The tour was great. Any upcoming seniors must take a tour of this campus. :)

Michael Moreno

It's OU

Bob Song


Maria Estrada

ok its nice but its poop

Brewer Stinson

Their college football is great

Gray Gib

Stadium is amazing love the team

J Ar

I liked the school but hated the state. The state gets 0 stars. The school gets 4 stars. I finished my Bachelors of Arts Crim Major at OU. GREAT criminology program. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Too bad the school is in Oklahoma. The campus is trying really hard to weed out the good ole boy network and make the campus more normal people friendly. It is too bad that off campus if you don't look like them, act like them, think like them, and for god sakes you better go to the same church as them you are treated as less than a normal person - less than human with limited or no rights. For the most part Oklahoma does not welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, twospirited, Black, Mexican, African, etc people but OU is trying to swim against the tide. Good luck to them. Its like a mouse trying to survive in a snake pit.

richard carroll

Its all o u man meme Go Sooner

S. B.

Having had 2 kidlets, graduate from THE University of Oklahoma I can say that it's a pretty great school! Both were afforded a great education. Keep in mind it is a secular university and some of the activities on campus may not sit well with conservative tuition paying parents! (But this seems to be the norm these days for many universities)However I expect a university to challenge their students, and their students to challenge them as well:)And in addition the town of Norman is very nice, and easy to get around.

Terran Landrum


John Hamlin

boomer sooner

Ryan Fuller

Rating to offset everyone who commented "racist"

Elite Gamer


B. Good

Always expanding with excellence. New addition on Owens field is top notch. Great atmosphere

Bobby Mangum

rating to off set racist

mc c

OU is an excellent university. Don't punish everyone for a few on a bus. How many lives have you screwed because of a poor decision. Punish the ones that did it (and the one that publicized it) and not everyone that had nothing to do with it.

Nathan Ewing

Excellent University

Mike Yost

Boomer Sooner! I can't wait to go here!!

Tiff Mtz

Nice campus! Very big. Great stadium. Very homey, small town feel.

A Clouddancing

If you want to be a little fish in a big pond and you have great scholarships, very nice facilities, or a free ride - this the place. Let just say, if you want to save $65,000 go to UCO or a state regional for two years then OU At OU you'll meet a ton of middle-upper class kids and legacies. New Lexus and Mercedes sit in the parking lots covered in dust and expensive mountain bikes lay on their sides with rusted chains and flat tires. There are huge class sizes, and lots of fun activities like ice socials and protests.

Jerry Meyer Jr

Boomer Sooner! Great Football atmosphere great fans!

Junyang Zhan

I graduate from university of Oklahoma. The campus is really beautiful and quite. The grassland in front of library is really good place to sit on and read book or play with your friends! If you are visitors, I suggest you go to the art museum! Boomer! Sooner!

LR Supreme Goku


Corey Abernathy

Has been an incredible experience, both academically and socially, thus far.

Jason Camacho

Such a beautiful campus! Clean, bike friendly, and everything is close to together making it easy to walk around.

Herman Farley

I greatly enjoyed attending OU majored Civil Engineering. Great campus and great university along with greatest football team.

Ron Johnson

Can be hard to deal with the staff. The campus is amazing.

Rosario Ortega

(Translated by Google) My stay at the University of Oklahoma, has been one of the best experiences I've had in my life, I went with the goal of improving my English skills, but I brought many more teachings, I made excellent friends, the perception of my life change, I learned to value the small moments that at the end of the day is the only thing we have, in short there were many things that I will never forget. I thought that my great dream ended, but now the goals are greater, a great University, I thank God, for making it possible and I will be eternally grateful to all those people who supported me who perhaps shared that great joy ... (Original) Mi estadía en la Universidad de Oklahoma, ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en mi vida, fui con el objetivo de mejorar mis habilidades en el idioma Ingles, pero me traje muchas más enseñanzas, hice excelentes amigos, la percepción de mi vida cambio, aprendí a valorar los pequeños momentos que al final del día es lo único que tenemos, en fin fueron muchas cosas que jamás olvidaré. Creí que ahí terminaba mi gran sueño, pero ahora las metas son mayores, una gran Universidad, doy gracias a Dios, por hacerlo posible y estaré eternamente agradecida con todas aquellas personas que me apoyaron que tal vez compartieron esa gran alegría...



kim n

This is cool

joshua crain

My sister works here. And they play football! So I mean what more could you ask for?

Eduardo Carbajal

Just Graduated in May! Price College of Business prepared me and now if I want I can get a job easily. I am a proud SOONER!




Be careful when sending your kids to Oklahoma, One of the worst educational system's in the country, racist people and it has serious drug problems, a lot of overdoses in the state.

jason benner

It sucks

Jamie Johnson

It's admissions day

Peyton Campbell

i love Oklahoma

Joseph Hall


Kevin C. Burns

Fantastic university with a lovely campus, excellent academics, and a wonderful experience for students and visitors alike

Jake Perdomo

boomer sooner baker mayfield baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaime Reyes Veloz

(Translated by Google) Living in the American union is like living on the moon not there where to go and turn because everything is more beautiful (Original) Vivir en la unión americana es como vivir en la luna no allás para donde ir y voltear porque todo es más bonito

Crystal G.

Awesome University! Go Sooners!

Erlend Bakke

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Price Business School last year and I must say I was really impressed by the staff and how well I was treated! I speak all over the world and have a lot of experience speaking at different events. Great campus with friendly people all over. We had great lunch at a Thai place with great fresh spring rolls! Thank you OU!

George Ermeling

I am writing a complement I have with OU and the person or persons that schedule things at OU how is it that Mothers weekend and the Spring game can not be on the same weekend. Second how is it that spring graduation and bedlam softball are on the same weekend it blows my mind that someone would even think about doing this and not separating them so here is a suggestion to the University have a Gradation in the fall as the same weekend as Bedlam or Red River weekends I mean if you are going to due this in the spring why not just as well due this in the fall also that person our persons need to give back there pay checks for say months to the state as we tax payers are paying there salaries and see that the person or persons must be incompetent in there job by doing this if they are competent witch my gut is telling me they are need to pay closer attention to when Bedlam serious area no matter the sport I am sure coach Stoops would have no complement about having a Graduation on a Bedlam our Red River Weekend during football season. R/ George Ermeling Tax payer and Norman Resident



Rick Jenkins

We were a group of Senior citizens who were treated to an extremely excellent outing complete with a contoured meal. We were picked up by a Chartered Bus service conducted to the Sam Noble museum and the Fred Jones art museum. Talk about feelin like PAMPERED PEOPLE who felt very BLESSED and loved. WOW what an amazingly beautiful experience. Thanks OU for making these OLE Farts feel so importantly special. Shalom

J Lim

Go to Norman, OK and everyone looks like they are out of an A&F magazine.. Middle America y'all

Alexandre taylor

Loved the petroleum school

Hannah Renee


Malachi Haynes

thanks i might go there

Arun Bamne

This is the best place for graduation

Manuel Jacinto Flores

(Translated by Google) Excellent place. (Original) Excelente lugar.

Dalton Savage


Paul Mcgehee

If you are an Okie it is a must see!

Carl Jenkins

The Athens of Oklahoma

Kayla Kennedy

It's beautiful!

Francisco Quintero

Great university

Cody Hale

I work for this university and I have been for 3 months now and I am planning on working here forever

Abigail Nieves

I felt really discriminated against due to the fact that I'm Hispanic but look white, plus some of the staff members are really rude and perverted, in all honesty it's just an uncomfortable setting.

Sam Y

I did my PhD at OU. The university provides excellent services for its students, especially undergraduate students. These services along with the many scholarships available have attracted talented students from around the globe. The scholarships available have made OU one of the best targets for many national merit students. The body of graduate programs is relatively small, possibly due to the difficulties in getting funding for research. Nevertheless, a significant deal of research is carried out on the campus and a lot of papers are published by the faculty and students. The city of Norman is a small, friendly, affordable and quiet place to live. If you love living in small cities, Norman is a good choice. You will have to bear with its short spring and fall, sometimes hot summers and of course potential tornadoes.


Went to a graduation never realized there was that many Engineers out there. They just kept coming and coming. I thought for sure it was in loop mode there for awhile:-)

Jazzmin Garmendia

Beautiful campus year round

Dave Mccook

Great school to attend. 1987 alum

Evan Grainger

Hates men. Misandric institution of evil

Keaton Z.

Campus beautiful by day or night!

Karra Lugo

I love your collge

A. Gadient

(Translated by Google) The birth of the university, which teaches various disciplines, including architecture, dates back to 1890. At that time, it was opened under the name Norman Territorial University. In 1907 she received her present name. The various buildings feature interesting classical architectural styles that give the campus its own character. Viewers feel moved to Europe when they look at it, with the comparisons most likely to refer to England. In addition to the main campus in Norman, there is a university hospital and medical faculty in Oklahoma City, as well as a field office in Tulsa with several thousand students. (Original) Die Entstehungszeit der Universität, die verschiedene Disziplinen unterrichtet, darunter Architektur, geht auf das Jahr 1890 zurück. Damals wurde sie unter dem Namen Norman Territorial University eröffnet. 1907 erhielt sie ihren heutigen Namen. Die verschiedenen Gebäude weisen interessante klassische Architekturstile auf, die dem Campus eine eigene Prägung geben. Betrachter fühlen sich bei deren Anblick nach Europa versetzt, wobei die Vergleiche am ehesten nach England verweisen. Neben dem Hauptcampus in Norman, gibt es ein Universitätskrankenhaus und die medizinische Fakultät in Oklahoma City, sowie eine Aussenstelle in Tulsa mit mehreren tausend Studierenden.

Derek Eckenrod

Awesome school as long as you aren't white male Christian or have an opinion

Rashele Shoun

OU just feels like home after all the years spent here!

Jeff G.

Boomer sooner

Jose Rubio

Awesome great time!!!

Taylor Kramer

Excellent university- small freshmen English classes, good honors program, opportunities to do research as a freshman, faculty in residence, .... I could go on and on- I love this school. Highly recommend any interested high schoolers to visit. BOOMER SOONER!!

M. Asif-Ul Hoque

Good school


I love

Mister Jon

Totally average college. Benefits of school are the public facilities available. I have no idea why anyone wants to attend this place


The Atmosphere! & The People! & The University of Oklahoma Football Tradition!

Derek Beckham

Poor quality of education, even worse quality of life. Leave this campus & town, and never look back. (Or better yet, don't even go!)

Akshay Gaur

Great atmosphere, nice people!!!

Tisha Williams

(Translated by Google) buddy kept so hot (Original) buddy hield so hot

Corey Markiest

Love It

Joshua Martin

I've known several people who have attended here, and they really liked it. The campus is also nice.

Jeremias Santos

lol this place was lit subscribe

LL Clark

Boomer Sooner. Nice college town, beautiful campus and a school bureaucracy and campus that is easy to navigate. OU has a wealth of wonderful people !!!

Chase Phillips

Great university. Beautiful campus. Nice location. Loved my time here. -Former graduate student in Urban Planning.

Early Bird Germany

I' ll be there

Joel Gwartney


Brandon Dale

I hate this place because it's OU..

Carla Hasley

OU spring game

George Bogaski

Great academics, lovely campus, nice people. There is only one!

Roman Pacheco

I wouldn't have the career that I have without the people of OU. I was treated wonderfully, I was challenged academically, and supported by a great group of people who set me off for a great career. The campus is amazing, and the tradition is second to none. I am so proud to be a Sooner. Boomer Sooner!

Shirshak Tamrakar

Health Insurance plans for employees suck. My wife works there full time as staff and teaches 2 classes as well.. every time she visits a doctor she pays the copay, which is normal, and an ADDITIONAL amount more than $100 for NO REASON whatsoever!! Just for a consult, every time! We didn't realize this before we visited Neurologist, Gynaecologist, and Endocrinologist and also did follow ups, we did consults (not even tests or anything additional), and insurance works out so that we pay the Copay, and additional $110. When I called the hospital they say every visit is this way because of the insurance. It's like OU doesn't care for its sick employees it's like survival of the fittest here.

Shashidhar Pathikonda

Joined School of Industrial Engineering in Summer of 1990 for my Masters degree program. University of Oklahoma was celebrating 100 years that year. Great facilities and loved the campus. Enjoyed working as a Graduate Assistant at ECN. Fantastic Faculty at School of Industrial Engineering.

Andrew Walters

Beautiful campus and excellent education. Of course the athletic program is pretty good too.

Johnny Fortini

The oval! Enough said


Too cold

Amie Brooks RevereTaylor

Thanks and kudos to Dr. Boren. He was amazing in his response to the ignorant and racist fraternity at the University of Oklahoma. I was so impressed with his response. He echoed truth to power. The entire United States heard a real Christian and sincere person take command of a negative experience and turn it into a realm of calm and safety. I would recommend this university to any parent as long as Dr. Boren is there. Now, this is stellar and unwavering leadership. Sir, I hold you in the highest esteem. Thank you for being our exemplar of courage, honesty, decisiveness, and a true warrior for justice and right!!

Parker Wesson


William Ehouman

-The wi-fi on the 3rd floor of Bizzell library is the worst in the history of humanity. -They don't want to build more parking places but the OU parking services hand out tickets like candy. -"Every building is less than 10 mins away on feet" BS! Try going from the dorms to Sarkeys. -I don't even want to talk about the weather. If you want proof thaf global warming is real, come here. -The food is alright tho, I ain't gonna lie. They got cute shawties also. -Take your shooters with you anywhere you go on campus, just in case.. Final thoughts: Don't send your kids here unless you don't care about them. -Current undergrad

Eddie Crosby

Very helpful staff, planning on a great opportunity to do business with O.U.

Corey M

Nice people and nice campus.

Jacob Nguyen-Student

Ok donuts.

Juarez Da Silva Freitas

(Translated by Google) Good training of professionals in various specialties. (Original) Buena formación de profesionales en diversas especialidades.

Lau Rol

I will NOT be sending my daughter to this anti-American poor excuse for a school. If the people working there are not intelligent enough to know who the president of the United States is, I wouldn't let them teach kindergarten.

Jasmine H

Nice research program

T.W. Keel

for the hole in the middle aged between two different kinds of those places where you live with my stuff in a home valli and the stuff live you can follow up on US in yr hole

Kenneth Young


Gina Bundy

Football is the best season! Boomer Sooner!

Leilani Elizabeth

There's only 1

Anthony Rizzato

Wonderful experience. Beautiful grounds, buildings and exceptional educational programs. Truly enjoyed the music and other fine arts!

April Katie

Good school :) the athletic programs and athletes are the best part of this school. Outstanding players who show sportsmanship

Cintya Sánchez

OU in summer is so beautiful!


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