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REVIEWS OF Texas Tech University IN Oklahoma

Hiron Fernando

Excellent University with great opportunities for its graduates! Lots of very quantified and caring faculty and a very good engineering college. I highly recommend Texas Tech University to anyone.

Kevin Springer

Fantastic University! Received a first class education here and have been very successful ever since. Most of the people are laid back, open, and down to earth. There's also plenty to do in the city of is what you make of it.

Hadi Rezaeilouyeh

Their computer science department is a mess. They have no funding for graduate students and expect you to go work on campus while doing research and working on your PhD thesis! Very rude and unprofessional head of the department as well. Don't count on them to keep track of your application. The electrical engineering department was a little better, but still lack of funding is a problem there. They cut their Bioengineering program's funding all of a sudden and expect you to pay out of pocket for the expensive tuition and fees! Their classes are boring and a waste of time for the main part. Overall not a pleasant experience specially if you are not a religious nutcase like the rest of the bible belt!

KeAndre Winns

I can't wait graduate high school and go to college here

James K

Great school full of great people!

Michael Randell

Went to Texas Tech from 05-09. Left with a couple business degrees and a high GPA. Business school doesn't care very much about placement. Low paying opportunities and recruitment is awful. The business school won't get you into a top firm. TTU doesn't cater to them and they don't bother with Texas Tech/Lubbock. Fun place to go to school though.

Michael Escardo

I love this school but I'm staying florida

N Leibold

Great school! Friendly people!

Matt V

Great school for engineering! The profs actually care about you! I earned my bachelor's degree in civil engineering from here and have a great career because it. Lubbock was somewhat difficult to get used to, but the university life was awesome. I can definitely say that I came out of school more prepared for structural engineering than my coworkers from other universities. If I had to make the choice again I would go back.

Reohh Om

After touring this university, I fell in love with the beauty of the school and the fact that this school number one major is Kinesiology. I had my heart set on this university, until it came to submitting in all my information to apply. I faxed in all my information (application, application fee waiver and my PTK transfer scholarship) everything was LOST! So, why should I be interested in attending if they aren't even interested in me applying as a student?! Also, when I toured the university, only one person was nice and friendly, out of everybody even the outside the university, everybody was nonchalant rude. I'll just apply somewhere else--TTU isn't the place for me.


Hard to get a hold of anyone if you have questions about anything, specially in the CMP graduate program in lubbock. Every time you call you willl get transfer by numerous people and when you finally find the right department, or person, …

Phil Jones

The University is absolutely stunning! It is one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen. The staff is the best and the professors care about their students. Top notch University! -Guns Up!

White Noise

Garbage dump filled with horrendous educators. There's a significant possibility (>50%) your foreign "professor" was sitting in your seat the previous semester learning the same material. It explains why they lost their accreditation while I was paying international tuition for the privilege of it. While the populous might not be outright racist, it would be delusional to ignore the underlying tones. With multiple Ivy league institutions offering elite online courses in any desired field for free, it takes a special breed of stupid to get an education from Texas Tech. It so coincidentally happens to be located in a bigoted, racist part of Texas known as the "bible-belt". They believe that if God didn't gift you the right skin color, you deserve to lose. So the foreign educators take it out on the students. Good luck.

James SHEN

Great university in US.

Queens Beauty Parlour

I love it all their thanks for making my dream come true in Texas grandpa

Rick Flinn

The Honors College experience is outstanding. The MBA program is also excellent.

Nicholas Gangloff

Texas Tech was on our list of Texas Universities to visit in Texas, and I was quite surprised how nice of a campus it was. Driving out to Lubbock, it seems like the place is going to be dead. But the school has a really nice layout, lots of sculptures, and nice open air. The only complaint is that the Texas heat can be overbearing, but it's easy to hop around from building to building. The best summarized feeling of Texas Tech is half A&M and half SMU in terms of design and layout.

Tyler Pohla

Just went on a tour with them, and they were so kind and friendly. I had no issues with anyone or anything at all! Great school!


Took programs through this school to supplement high school credits. They have single handedly managed to be the most irritating and time wasting school I have ever had to deal with. The instructors I had were unhelpful, I don't recall ever hearing from them. The curriculum figured out how to make something as simple as tennis and bowling into rocket science and actually managed to make me HATE Latin. They also seem to love sucking every penny they can get out of you and then some. Worst college I think I will ever have to deal with. Do NOT attend this place.

Terrell Bibb

Nicest campus in the state really cool architecture really well maintained great place to visit. Lots of food shopping around and one of the best universities in the world.

Blake Williams

Great school and some amazing staff in Arts and Sciences however the school of music I would be cautious with. Too many bad things happened to my friends and I plus the professors tend to be out of touch with their students

Carl Addington

After watching the fouls perpetrated by this team while playing Baylor, not the least of which was taking out Baylors quarterback with a helmet to the face, I will actively discourage people from attending this school. I've seen it from them plenty before. Un-disciplined thugs. Not much more to say.


Awesome group of people, at TTU, very family oriented staff on campus. Out in Lubbock you'll find that West Texas is best Texas. The city has anything a large suburb of Dallas or Houston would offer. The people are very warm and friendly and the student population is large and diverse enough to fit in just about anyone. The campus amenities for students are second to none (check out the waterpark on campus at the rec. center). I graduated in chemistry and I can honestly say that even now in medical school my science education was top notch. Don't forget to bring winter clothes, it does snow from time to time out there and the campus is gorgeous under the snowfall. The on campus art pieces and Carol of Lights are unforgettable.

Abyi Alemu [STUDENT]

danny amedola


Texas Tech has a gorgeous campus. It's now a tier 1 university and has everything you need.

anthony chance

Best times of my life were made possible because of this wonderful University!

Just kamari

It's a awesome school that provides a great education

Nathaniel Ried

Top notch education...Well respected institution!

Kat Hat

Texas Tech university should not be ranked under the top tier one status. This university is terrible. They do not care about their students in any way. The university just wants to take your money, and even after you graduate through their alumni association. The professors are all foreign and you can not understand half of what they are saying. They do not help you in any kind of way to find a job after you graduate. The professors are also rude and will tell you straight up that you are worthless. Another thing is they strive off of their greek associations. If you are not involved in greek you mean nothing to the school. It is quite pathetic how they single out people and try and make them all alike. All of the other organizations they have are unorganized. They really need to get it together. I am sad to say that I have a degree from this University. I would recommend people to go to another college.

Hector M. Sanchez

I attended graduate school with TTU-School of Allied Health Sciences where the faculty members have great knowledge, expertise, and with caring attitudes that it has been a fantastic and fun experience. I would highly recommend this school and I may consider returning for my doctoral studies in the future if I decide to pursue it.

ian Frank

Received my undergraduate from here. The university is very military friendly, with a dedicated staff to helping military veterans and beneficiaries set their affairs in order to earn their degree.

Jerry Toy review

I want to go there when I go to college I love technology

Sergio Alvizo

Looks good, i might go there

Stephanie Marquez

I LOVE TEXAS TECH! It's a great school. Everyone I have met so far is so nice. There are tons of opportunities to take advantage of here. The campus is beautiful! The school pride here is huge and I love it! The professors care for their students and are willing to help them succeed. There are tons of places to eat on campus. I'm glad I attend Texas Tech University, it's my second home.

Kayla Holland

Honestly Texas Tech has the most beautiful campus. I am grateful I was able to attend college in Lubbock for that season of my life.

Mandylou Graham

It was fun for the most part, but the students need to grow up. Stop acting like immature high school adults. This is not a college. This is a university. I'll visit the city but not the school. I have better things to do than deal with a bunch of 20 year olds who act like they're 12 with all the rumors through social media. I wouldn't take back my $5,000 instead of the experience I had.

Logical Conservative

The academic advisors are absolutely dreadful. I have never had a good/easy experience when having to deal with them. I guess they don't pay them enough

Major Bob

Great place to mature and learn. Super music, athletes, engineering, law, medicine and so much more. Who knew...

Jack Anderson

Can't describe it just remarkable

Sam N.

Best school on the face of the earth.

Rute Belachew

I personally don't like the school. If you're coming from Dallas or Austin or any city, there is absolutely nothing here for you. this is a college campus and that's it. the only thing to do is go to parties but after a week or two here, it gets old really quick.

Marcelo Schmidt

Love this place!

Ben Hawkins

The honors college experience was fantastic. The engineering school had many opportunities to study abroad. I was able to get a job before my senior year ended. Over all a 5 star school.

Dom A

raider rash beware

Jamie Rodriguez

Get your guns up

Cynthia McCollum

Well it have amazing swimming pool and awesome rooms

Parker Dixon

I wouldn't be the man I am today without Texas Tech University. Love this place.

Micah Juiye

is dis place good

Gerardo Dominguez

Texas Tech Football is on the verge of a National Championship!!! Carter!! Nisby!!! #GunsUp

Its_Karla_Rae Yup

The best University. I loved my experience there. As a young single mom I found all the professors to be super supportive and wonderful. Wreck 'em Tech!

Anthony Hastings

had a trip there and it looks like a nice place to attend and very clean

Justen H

As an out of state student from virginia, I can honestly say this was a great school and it was very easy to assimilate into the texas lifestyle. If you want a good campus with a fun nightlife and an amazing sports fan base, you could do a lot worse than TTU. Guns up!

Misty Rangel

Go Red Raiders!!! This is a wonderful campus. Nearby shops and plenty of dining options.

Ronald Garren

Needs a good bird culling.

Jeffrey Z

National top ranked university with good sports teams, located in the nice city of Lubbock. The tuition and living cost are quite affordable and Lubbock is a very safe city, and folks here are very friendly. What else can you ask for? Go Raiders! Guns Up!!

Rob Jackson

This is the best university on earth!!! Had the best time here, got a great education and met amazing friends that I'll have for a lifetime. GUNS UP!!!! WRECK 'EM TECH!!!

michael H

Texas Tech University is a beautiful campus to walk around on. There are plenty of interesting things to do and see on campus. It is a very good inuversity to attend and learn a few things as well. This is the home of the Red Raiders. WRECK EM TECH!

david recendez

Good place to go for engineering especially since we just got ABET certified. Good community from local people of Lubbock. They love tech and they love the students.

Nadi Dani

missed a very important phone call because your employee refused to get off the phone and call back in a couple minutes. good to know harassing a veteran who spent a good portion of the last few years homeless is more important than letting them deal with what they need to in order to pay back your ridiculous fees

Shannon A

This review has more to do with this institution's business practices, than anything else. I was charged $97.50 for a class, I had dropped and never took. Today I found out that because the drop didn't go through, I received an "F" in that course. I got the grade removed, thanks to the awesome advisors in the Human Sciences dept. I was then charged $50.00 for them dropping me from classes. The reason: They couldn't wait less than 24hrs. for my financial aid to come in. They took longer than the 10 business days to process "missing documents" and screwed me out of those classes and charged me for their greed. They won't even rectify the situation or admit any wrongdoing on their part. Instead, I am being bounced between SBS and Financial aid, trying to get a refund or at the very least a sincere apology. Right now, the only dept. worth anything seems to be the Dept. of Human Sciences-they actually seem to care about their students and are both willing and able to assist students.

Paul D

The campus is nice. Lubbock itself leaves a lot to be desired/is very boring lol. The school is good though, was there for 6ish years, and made some of my best friends there. Profs are generally pretty good/nice, though as in all places there are a few bad eggs.

Marshal Herron

Beautiful campus with gorgeous buildings and scenery. I am also a little biased because I graduated from there in 2008

Kenneth Carter

did go cousin went w/her daughter and grand daughter...grand daughter chose her college...TEXAS TECH!!!

Joshua Arthur

Best school around!

Pulin Bhatt

Awesome school! Great professors and excellent experience.

Elaine Zuercher

I loved my years at Texas Tech. Lubbock is a wonderful college town. I had many wonderful experiences as a student in the college of music. The Goin' Band from Raiderland is the best band in the land.

Tmothy Steen

I had a great time back in the day at Tech. l became a Kappa in 1979 and an alumni in 1981.

E. Omega Cantu

Amazing experience, when it's all said and done, you make TTU all YOU expect it to be.

Dawn Savoy

My son just completed his first year at Tech! Awesome school, when I had a financial situation, the Dean emailed me and gave me an extension.. Wreck'Em Tech!

A Golden

TTU is the best school ever.


Texas Tech University has very low quality professors and has more administrators and overseers than actual academic staff. Rude admins have more power than the professors and the professors are clearly unhappy with their work and apathetic towards their students and the material they teach. The student population having come from small towns and lackluster Texan cities are also very boring, homogeneous, flat, and plain like their surroundings. The system is rife with technicalities such being marked for attendance like high school instead of mastery over the course material to online processing errors that wreak havoc and other technical problems that will unnecessarily make your academic life miserable. I am happy to have relocated to attend a better university and only remember the myriad of extraneous problems from professors not marking papers, to tedious, irrelevant assignments, and inadequate preparation for testing. Attending Tech was my worst academic mistake to date. If you are from places like Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota or any other flat boring cities in Texas then you will blend in otherwise look elsewhere.

Rebekah Wallace

Lubbock is special. I grew so much as a person and learned an incredible amount during the 5 years that I attended here. Made some of my very best friends and made some of the best memories of my life here.

Scott Ferguson

I hope you like football and/or Greek life.. If you don't, don't bother coming. The facilities for learning are mediocre, sometimes outdated, and there are a number of bureaucratic policies which hinder the students' college career. That being said, many of the teachers aren't qualified or suited for their positions. And lastly, there's a lack of compassion for students, when the classes are overwhelmingly large. I wish I had a nickle for every professor who gave me the "I-don't-care" face, email, or response. I don't hate TTU. I'm just disappointed. A devastating amount of my time here has been in discontent.


I applied to Texas Tech for grad school a few years ago. After some initial correspondence, I abruptly never heard from them again. No more emails. No acceptance/rejection letter. No nothing. They gladly took my application fees though. And all the transcripts I submitted weren't cheap either. I ended up going to a different grad school, but thinking back on what happened, isn't what Texas Tech did illegal, to take my money, but never even make any decision on my application? I still remember the name of the guy I submitted my documents to, Aaron Yoshinobu of the Department of Geosciences. Somewhere in his office, he probably still has my unprocessed application documents. Don't apply to Texas Tech.

Jessica Crunk

Pros: some decent professors schedule felxibility online classes parking connections Cons in lubbock most people just want to party horrible on campus living too many students a lot of buildings aren't kept up very well and again, it's in lubbock which is dangerous and boring

Hassan Anjum

Awesome place to study and prosper. Everything is perfect from system to facilities. Loving it.


I can't stand this effing school. Social life is pretty good. The financial aid office is SOOOO hard to make contact with unless you take time out of your day to walk to the building. You are charged for EVERYTHING! I'm surprised that I wasn't charged for using the sidewalks here. I wouldn't recommend this school to anybody I know. Unless you are a greek or in sports you are just another student.

Sue Nestler

Am I the only person who watched the NCAA Selection Show and witnessed the players from Texas Tech celebrate their seed in the Tournament? A certain player on the left side was so exuberant he grabbed his junk, over and over and over. A total of 6 times during a 12 second look-in at the team. It was vile, disgusting, disrespectful and if Bobby Knight still coached this team, this young man would find himself off the team. Are lewd displays in this manner the norm at TTU these days? Children are watching!


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